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WWF 92: What the WORLD is Watching...


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3:30 AM

Four Seasons Hotel

Phoenix, Arizona

Vince McMahon: (in bed, wakes up to the phone) What...it's 3:30 AM. You want want?

Hogan (on other line): I wanna talk. I've got a great idea about the WWF Title!

McMahon: Idea? I already told you we're giving it to Flair you already convinced me to get it off the Undertaker! What do you want?

Hogan: Alright hear me out. We have Flair win the Rumble but only after Earthquake pulls me through the middle rope. Technically I don't lose so Flair get's the belt. Then I pull the "I didn't lose card" and kill Flair at WrestleMania. But after I win Earthquake comes out and destroys me. I go to the hospital for a while and then I beat him and Typhoon in a handicap match at SummerSlam! What do ya think?

McMahon: (sarcastically) Oh yeah...why don't you main event the Survivor Series with the Gobbeldy Gooker!

Hogan: Seriously? You know we could have him come in a black egg and.....

McMahon: No! Under no circumstances is your idea ever going to take place! As a matter of fact I feel changes coming starting tomorrow! (hangs up). I've got to prepare the WWF for life after Hulk Hogan....cause it's coming sooner than later.....


January 4th 1992

After the opening video package we go straight to Office of the WWF President Jack Tunney who is sitting in his desk. Tunney discusses the WWF Title situation and that the 30 Man Royal Rumble in less than a month will determine the WWF Champion. He announces that 5 men have already been entered; The Undertaker, Nature Boy Ric Flair, Jake Roberts, Macho Man Randy Savage and Rowdy Roddy Piper! Tunney states that until the Royal Rumble he has ordered that the Macho Man and Jake Roberts not be in the same building due to the volatility and possible damage that could be done through an altercation between the two. If one ignores the ruling then they are suspended indefinitely without pay. In the upcoming weeks he will be updating you various times but for now enjoy Superstars.

Vince McMahon and Gorilla are astonished by this announcement and hype the Royal Rumble. They also hype out big main event as the Big Bossman goes toe to toe with IRS. We go to the ring for our first match as the Nasty Boys make their way down the aisle. The Nasty Boys look to get into the title hunt with a win tonight over Chris Walker and Reno Riggins. The Nasties just completely overpower their opponents with their trademark power and attitude. Vince points out that this is far from a scientific classic and he would be right, Knobbs finishes Walker off with a powerslam at about the 6 minute mark. 52-43-61

We quickly throw it backstage to Sean Mooney who is in the locker room with the WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart.

Mooney: I’m here with the WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart and Bret you just heard the announcement by President Jack Tunney, such a big oppurtunity for everyone in the WWF what are your thoughts?

Hitman: Well Sean, every wrestler’s goal here in the WWF is to one day become the World Wrestling Federation Champion. It’s the most prestigious title in the world and the one thing I have yet to accomplish in my career. As much as a I love this title, I would have no problem moving it over to my shoulder to make room for that WWF Title. Those 29 other guys better watch out because the Hitman is in the Royal Rumble to win it!

Mooney: Well, we have another entrant into the Royal Rumble, Bret Hart aspiring to be the second man to hold both the Intercontinental and WWF Championship belts...we will see if he can accomplish this in (Jimmy Hart walks into the room) now wait just a second, Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart what are you doing here?

Jimmy Hart: Oh I’m here for one thing and one thing only baby! Bret Hart! I guarantee you won’t walk out of the Royal Rumble with those two belts, matter of fact I have a feeling you’ll walk out beltless!

Hitman: And how would that work...

Jimmy Hart: Well you call yourself the “Excellence of Execution”, you’ve been defending that belt for months but you keep ducking and dodging the best wrestler in the business...you call yourself a fighting champion...well if you’re such a fighting champion then why don’t you put that title on the line at the Royal Rumble against The Mountie!!

Hitman: (laughing) Alright. You know what, you’ve been bothering me about this for months now and I’m tired of hearing your whiny little voice so go tell the Mountie it would be my pleasure to kick his butt all over the ring at the Royal Rumble!

Jimmy Hart: Oh yes baby...that’s what we like to hear. And you better watch yourself Hitman because the Mountie always gets his man! (leaves)

Mooney: Well Gorilla there you have it, apparently not only will the Hitman be in the Royal Rumble but it looks as if he will be defending his Intercontinental Title against the Mountie as well! Back to you! (85 - Jimmy Hart gained overness)

We return from commercials with the Undertaker making his way down the aisle accompanied by Paul Bearer. Cut to a little kid in the front row crying his eyes out. Gorilla complains about the constant smell of formaldehyde that the Undertaker carries. The Undertaker stares down Barry Horowitz as the bell rings. Barry gets two punches in, they don’t phase Taker and well that was the beginning of the end for Barry. Vince notes that the Undertaker feels as if he should still be WWF Champion if it were not for Hulk Hogan. Taker destroys Barry and ends it with a Tombstone at 4:21. 65-59-71

We cut backstage to Mean Gene Okerlund who is with the Immortal Hulk Hogan!

Hogan: Well you know MEAN GENE, the one thing that all the Hulkamaniacs have been asking me is ‘Hulkster, when are you gonna get the title back?” ‘Hulkster, why aren’t you the champion?” Well you know something, Jack Tunney you’ve got to make up your mind brother! I got cheated out of the title at Survivor Series, you signed the return match and I win but I’m still not the champion! That’s alright though don’t worry my little Hulkamaniacs because in less than a month, the Hulkster’s going into the Royal Rumble and he’s gonna through 29 other men up and over the top rope and after all is said and done, I’ll be in the middle of the ring with the WWF Title over my head brothers with all my Hulkamaniacs who believe in me going crazy so I got one question brother? To all those superstars in the Rumble...WHAT YA GONNA DO? When the 24 INCH PYTHONS AND HULKAMANIA RUNS WILD ON YOU!!! (92)

We cut back to the arena as Rowdy Roddy Piper is making his way down the aisle preparing to take on the Brooklyn Brawler. Vince and Gorilla discuss how that there is no favorite out of the now 7 participants in the Royal Rumble. Vince busts out ‘ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN THE WWF!” for the first time in a while. Brawler attacks Piper from behind and gets some nice offense in. Tide changes when Brawler charges the corner and eats boot. Piper goes crazy with some lefts and rights then a poke to the eye. Piper continues with the offensive leading to the Sleeper which gets him the win at 8:12. 52-51-54

After a commercial break advertising WWF action figures we head back to the arena for the main event. IRS calls us all tax cheats as the Big Bossman’s music hits to a nice pop. Vince notes how both these men will be participating in the Royal Rumble. Bossman comes out like a house of fire but a knee to the gut slows him down. IRS works him over with various sleepers and restholds. Ted DiBiase wanders out to ringside and helps IRS cheat throughout the match. IRS gets a couple near falls but Bossman comes back. He hits a couple clotheslines and goes into the ropes but DiBiase trips him. Bossman reaches for DiBiase as IRS tries to capitalize. IRS rushes in but gets caught with the Bossman Slam, giving Bossman the win! 68-65-72. DiBiase tries to get away but he backs up right into Virgil in the aisle. Virgil punches him a couple times and throws him back in the ring. Bossman goes for the nightstick but DiBiase and IRS escape. Bossman and Virgil celebrate as Vince and Gorilla hype the Royal Rumble and thank us for watching!


Nasty Boys d. Chris Walker & Reno Riggins in 5:57

The Undertaker d. Barry Horowitz in 4:21

‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper d. Brooklyn Brawler in 8:12

Big Bossman d. IRS in 12:13



Announced Particpants; Undertaker, Ric Flair, Jake Roberts, Randy Savage, Roddy Piper, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan. Big Bossman, IRS


Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart (champion) vs. The Mountie w/ Jimmy Hart

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January 5th 1992

Opening montage with Gorilla hyping the big main event of Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage teaming up to face the Beverly Brothers. We open to Gorilla and Bobby Heenan discussing the recent events with the huge Royal Rumble. Brain of course is claiming that Flair will win the Royal Rumble with ease. Gorilla says its anyones ball game as the New Foundation, Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart make their way to the ring for the opening contest. Gorilla points out how the WWF Tag Team Title match will be announced here on Wrestling Challenge, New Foundation trying to make their final case to the President. They’re in the ring to take on the team of Bob Bradley and Kevin Krueger. Neidhart uses his power with Owen using his speed to take an early advantage. Bradley rakes Owen in the eyes and takes the brief advantage. Owen fights back however and tags in Neidhart. The Anvil beats on everyone and slams Krueger in the middle of the ring. Neidhart backs up to the corner, Owen gets on his shoulder and his the Rocket Launcher. Anvil covers and they get the win at 7:21. 51-39-63

We go to the President of the WWF Jack Tunney who is at his desk with more announcements. He points out the wide openness and array of competing tag teams in the WWF. But he has chosen one team as the number one contenders and at the Royal Rumble they will challenge for the Tag Team Championship. This team is the Natural Disasters who will take on the Legion of Doom for the Tag Titles at the Rumble! Also Tunney makes the Bret Hart/Mountie match offical. Cut to commericals.

Back from commercials and Koko B Ware is flapping away in his big hammer pants. Then the Nature Boy’s music hits and the Brain goes absolutely nuts. Flair struts down the aisle and reveals the “Real World’s Championship” belt. Gorilla calls it a joke and Brain gets very very upset. Match starts out slow with Flair taunting and just being him. He gets an early advantage but Koko uses his speed to get the advantage. Flair flops galore. Flair goes up top and naturally gets slammed off. Flair begs off yelling “NOOOO!” on his knees. Koko searches the crowd for approval and Flair goes low. Flair works on the knee and gets the Figure Four for the win! 70-76-59

We go backstage to Sean Mooney who is with the ‘Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels and Sensational Sherri!

Michaels: Well before you open the ugly face of yours and try to same something smart I got an announcement to make. See this figure of beauty on your television people. Well you’re looking at the next World Wrestling Federation Champion because I’m entering the Royal Rumble and no one can beat me. Now go ahead and ask away geek.

Mooney: Well I was just going to ask how can you live with yourself after what you did to your partner and friend Marty Jannetty?

Michaels: How can I live? Easy. When you look this good life comes real easy. I mean I’ve got girls coming at me from left and right all the time so that’s now problem. Jannetty...he just wasn’t good looking enough to stick with me. I had to drop him because lets face it I’m twice the man he ever will be.

Mooney: It’s amazing the amount of disrespect that you are showing. Well I’m sure that tone will change at the Royal Rumble because you do know that you are scheduled to be in one on one competition against Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine!

Michaels: Oh...my....not....the Hammer! Haha but seriously how old is he like 63? I’ll have no problem putting him out of action just like I put Jannetty out of action and just like I’ll become the World Wrestling Federation Champion. Face it punk I’m the hottest thing going around here. And this interview is over! 79

Mooney: Quite the arrogant young man that Shawn Michaels is....what an attitude change! Well Mean Gene, I’ll throw it you and hope you’re in better luck.

Mean Gene: Well Sean you would be wrong as I am here with the Mountie! Mountie, the Hitman had some strong words for you on Superstars!

Mountie: Correction! I am the next Intercontinental Champion the Mountie get it right! I’m handsome! I’m brave! I’m strong! And THe Hitman will be in for the 'shock' (looks at tazor stick) of a lifetime. And at the Royal Rumble, Bret Hart will never know what hit him. The Mountie always gets his man! 65

Mean Gene: Well Gorilla back to you...

Gorilla is disgusted by Shawn’s actions and Brain defends him. We go to commercial. After the commercial break, Gorilla notes how the Royal Rumble is shaping up to be one of the best of all time. Gorilla adds that more men will be adding their names to the Royal Rumble in the coming week. Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts’s music hits but Jake doesn’t come out. He’s scheduled to take on Barry Hardy. Gorilla points out that the Macho Man is in the building which means Roberts can’t be! Hardy celebrates thinking he has actually won a match but the bell tolls. The Undertaker slowly makes his way down the aisle much to Hardy’s dismay. Undertaker systematically destroys Hardy and ends it with a Choke Slam at 3:21. 53-49-58

Gorilla and Bobby continue to hype the Royal Rumble and announce that the British Bulldog vs. Skinner has been signed for the Royal Rumble! They then throw it to Sean Mooney who is with the Undertaker and Paul Bearer.

Bearer: Oooooh yes Sean Mooney...what you just saw was the power of my Undertaker. And for those 29 superstars who even think they have a chance they should come again. Ooooh yes.

Undertaker: All of you....will feel the wrath of the Undertaker...you can’t hurt what is already dead....and after the Royal Rumble....my path of destruction will truely begin....(80 - Paul Bearer gains overness)

The Beverly Brothers make their way down the aisle as Gorilla and Bobby hype the Mega Powers teaming for the first time in a while. The Genius goes to start a poem but Macho Man’s music hits and out he comes. Brain wonders why they aren’t coming out together, perhaps teasing dissension. Hogan’s music hits and the roof blows off the place. Hogan and Savage make quick tags and dominate the early portion of the match. The Beverly’s cheat and cut the ring and half against Savage. False tag not seen by ref. Savage hits a double clothesline and tags in Hogan. Hogan HULKS UP and hits the Legdrop on Blake for the 1...2...3! 76-74-78

Mega Powers celebrate as Gorilla and Bobby hype Prime Time Wrestling. Fade to black.


New Foundation d. Bob Bradley and Kevin Krueger

Ric Flair d. Koko B Ware

Undertaker d. Barry Hardy

Mega Powers d. Beverly Brothers



Announced Participants: Undertaker, Ric Flair, Jake Roberts, Randy Savage, Roddy Piper, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan. Big Bossman, IRS, Ted DiBiase, The Mountie, Texas Tornado, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, The Warlord, Shawn Michaels, Sid Justice.


Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart (champion) vs. The Mountie w/ Jimmy Hart


Legion of Doom (champions) vs. Natural Disasters w/ Jimmy Hart

“Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels w/ Sensational Sherri vs. Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine

The British Bulldog vs. Skinner

Big Bossman vs. Ted DiBiase

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January 6th 1992

Opening montage and we start with a recap of the events from this weekend’s shows. Gorilla runs down the Royal Rumble card and announces that more people have entered into the Royal Rumble including the Texas Tornado who is making his way to the ring to take on the Berzerker. Tornado gets beaten on early and often. A tornado punch turns the tide. Solid offense by Tornado leads to the Claw and the victory at 8:23. 57-61-51 (Berzerker didn’t sell much which affected the match rating)

We go backstage to Sean Mooney who is with Mr. Perfect.

Perfect: You know it’s funny. I sat back this weekend, you know after my everyday workout and I watched all of these idiots every single one of thing saying that they're gonna win. And really I'm tired of everyone saying how they are gonna win so I'm gonna let my actions speak louder than my words. That's right I'll be the first to not talk about the Royal Rumble. Instead I gotta work for El Mexicano. Hey. You may be a good bullfighter but I'm perfect and this weekend on Superstars I'll show you just how good I am... 78

Cut to Mean Gene who is with Jimmy Hart and The Natural Disasters.

Jimmy Hart: Oh yeah baby! The Royal Rumble is looking like just the perfect night for the Mouth of the South baby! The Mountie is going to wipe the mat with Bret Hart and then the Legion of Doom is in for a whole lot of trouble. First they’ll be hit with the big Typhoon! And then they’ll be filled with a huge Earthquake! And the Aftershock will be sure Doom the LOD!! Haha oh yeah baby Animal, Hawk you two are not going to be able to beat the Natural Disasters you might as well hand over the belts now baby! 71

Gorilla notes that this could be the toughest challenge for the Legion of Doom so far. Brain says there is no way they can beat the Natural Disasters...they’re just too big. The Orient Express makes their way down the aisle for in-ring action as we go to commercial. We come back and bingo the Legion Of Doom is making their way down the aisle. Non-title match as Kato and Tanaka impress by cutting of the ring on Hawk. Hot tag a couple times but the ref didn’t see it. Finally Animal gets in and is on fire until Mr. Fuji hits him with the cane. Orient Express almost win but Animal tags Hawk in and he is on fire. Fuji tries to cane again but he gets knocked down. Tanaka is backdropped over the top. Doomsday Device ends it for Kato at 14:21. 75-69-94

We cut backstage to Mean Gene Okerlund who is with Hulk Hogan. Hogan starts to speak but in comes the Nature Boy. Flair proclaims that Hulkamania is in its dying days with the Royal Rumble as the nail in the coffin. Flair says not only will he win but he’ll eliminate Hogan himself. Hogan laughs and says Hulkamania can never die because of the four principles and all of the little Hulkamaniacs and that Flair is a joke. Flair states he’s the Real World’s Champ and Hogan is a has-been and leaves with a WHOO! 97

We return to the arena where the Brain is ranting and raving about Flair. “Will you stop it” from Gorilla. Hercules is in the ring with Slick and Slick is getting FUNKY! He’s dancing however quickly halts as the Hitman Bret Hart makes his way down the aisle to a nice pop. Brain questions if its smart to be fighting someone like Hercules so close to a big IC title defense. Hercules attacks from behind and uses power moves to his advantage. Hart uses his speed to fight back and takes control. He hits the five moves of doom and then locks in the Sharpshooter for the submission victory at 9:21. 65-64-67

We come back from commercial break and Gorilla recaps the events that happened on Superstars between Money Inc and Big Bossman and Virgil. Gorilla sees this is as a grudge match especially with Bossman and DiBiase fighting at the Royal Rumble in a match. Money Inc enters the ring with their usual swagger. Bossman and Virgil sprint to the ring and the Bossman really wants a piece of DiBiase. Virgil insists on starting the match and naturally gets whooped. Money Inc work on Virgil forever as Bossman gets real real antsy. Virgil finally makes the tag at the 12 minute mark and Bossman goes crazy on IRS. DiBiase is the legal man but remains on the outside. DiBiase finally comes in and tries to sneak attack but Bossman catches him. Bossman clotheslines him over the top rope and DiBiase has had enough retreating to the back! Bossman and Virgil win by countout. 76-72-80 Gorilla can’t wait for the Bossman to finally get his hands on DiBiase!

Gorilla goes over all of the participants in the Royal Rumble so far; Undertaker, Ric Flair, Jake Roberts, Randy Savage, Roddy Piper, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan. Big Bossman, IRS, Ted DiBiase, The Mountie, Texas Tornado, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, The Warlord, Shawn Michaels, Sid Justice, Mr. Perfect, Rick Martel, El Matador, Rick Martel, Earthquake, Repo Man, Virgil, British Bulldog, Berzerker.

Sid Justice’s music hits and he comes out to a large pop. Gorilla points out how Sid is undefeated and could be the favorite to win the Royal Rumble. Brain says he is the one man who scares him in the Rumble match and hopes that The Model gets Sid in the Boston Crab tonight and injures him. This is of course the main event. The Model struts around but Sid has had enough and just clotheslines the hell out of the Model. Sid pretty much kills Model save for a few moments. Powerbomb makes it a done deal as Brain has a heart attack thinking of Sid throwing Flair over the top. 71-71-72


Texas Tornado d. Berzerker

Legion of Doom d. Orient Express

Bret Hart d. Hercules

Big Bossman & Virgil d. Money Inc by countout

Sid Justice d. Rick Martel



Announced Particpants: Undertaker, Ric Flair, Jake Roberts, Randy Savage, Roddy Piper, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan. Big Bossman, IRS, Ted DiBiase, The Mountie, Texas Tornado, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, The Warlord, Shawn Michaels, Sid Justice, Mr. Perfect, Rick Martel, El Matador, Rick Martel, Earthquake, Repo Man, Virgil, British Bulldog, Berzerker.


Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart (champion) vs. The Mountie w/ Jimmy Hart


Legion of Doom (champions) vs. Natural Disasters w/ Jimmy Hart

“Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels w/ Sensational Sherri vs. Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine

The British Bulldog vs. Skinner

Big Bossman vs. Ted DiBiase

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Vince McMahon: Well I'm liking the direction we're going in and everyth...hold on one second I'm on the other line. Hello? WHAT??? TELL ME THIS IS SOME KIND OF SICK JOKE? I knew I shouldn't have put them in the ring at all! That no good backstabbing..if he thinks his little plan is going to work think again! (hangs up)

Gee...boss none to happy. Turns out at a house show which had The Undertaker & Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan & Sid Justice, Hogan injured Flair's eye and he's out for two months. Word backstage is Hogan did it on purpose after Vince's refusal to execute his plan.

WWF officials were very impressed by the Orient Express having such a great match with the Legion Of Doom. So much so that if this performance continues they may actually win a match. Not sure though...

Many have wondered why Greg Valentine is facing Shawn Michaels at the Royal Rumble and not...hmmm anyone else. Well they wanted to save up all the more over midcarders for later thus sticking Valentine in this spot. The original match was him against Koko B Ware but Koko screwed himself over by not selling for Ric Flair on Wrestling Challenge.

Management is pretty high on the British Bulldog lately so look for him to get some sort of push starting at the Rumble.

Mr. Perfect who was not supposed to return to in ring action until the winter months decided to test his back early with a few matches here and there. Officials aren't sure what to do with him but he'll be booked strongly.

McMahon was said to be irate for about 30 minutes when Flair got hurt but is now resorting to his Plan B for the Road To WrestleMania. Flair will be back by then but most likely will not have a high profile match due to a lack of build. But enough of me and my gossiping.


In the main event Mr. Perfect takes on El Matador Tito Santana!

The Undertaker takes on Virgil!

Shawn Michaels will be in action!

Jake 'The Snake' will be in action as well!

And much much more as we get closer to the Royal Rumble!

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January 11th 1992

Opening montage with an emphasis put on the main event between Mr. Perfect and El Matador Tito Santana! . We immediately begin the evening with a pre-taped message from the President of the WWF Jack Tunney who informs us that due his constant desire to continue to wear the "Real World Championship" belt that he will be suspended without pay for 2 months! This means he will not be competing in the Royal Rumble and his spot will be replaced. He throw it to Vince and Gorilla who are in shock over the events that took place. While they discuss this Virgil makes his way down the aisle to meet the Undertaker. Undertaker arrives on the scene staring a hole right through Virgil. Virgil goes on the attack but it's just not his day as the Undertaker takes the offense with ease. He systematically wears down Virgil and finishes him off with a Tombstone at 5:31. 72-75-67

We go backstage to Mean Gene Okerlund who is in the locker room.

Mean Gene: Thank you Vince and Gorilla, let me bring in a man who in just a few weeks time will meet the 'Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase at the Royal Rumble, the Big Bossman! (enter Bossman) Now Bossman you seem particularly pumped for this encounter.

Bossman: Oh you can bet that for sure Mean Gene. Ted DiBiase! You walk around with your expensive cars and your expensive clothes and you think that makes you better then everyone else! Well you gotta another thing coming boy! I'm tired of seeing you prince and prance around with that little laugh of yours, treating everyone else like crap! That's why at the Royal Rumble I can't wait to show you what Hard Times is all about!

Mean Gene: Well you have a brief encounter with DiBiase last week on PrimeTime Wrestling but it seems to not have left you satisfied.

Bossman: Oh no see that was typical sleazeball DiBiase to just run away from the beating that he deserved! Well he won't have that chance at the Rumble cause it's just gonna be me and him, one on one, face to face. And I guarantee you Teddy will be getting a major attitude adjustment....67

Mean Gene: Indeed tough words from the man from Cobb County, GA lets throw it to Mean Gene who is with the British Bulldog!

Mooney: Thanks Gene, indeed I am here with the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith and Davey Boy you look to be in the best shape of your life.

Bulldog: Thanks Sean. Well I've been training very hard the last few months trying to get back from my injuries and now that I'm fine I feel as if it is really going to be the oppurtunity for the British Bulldog to show off his skills here in the World Wrestling Federation. And to Skinner I say watch out because there is plenty of bite left in this bulldog! 69

Mooney: Well short and sweet but to the point, the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith is here to stay and he could become a force.

Vince and Gorilla agree with Mooney and discuss the talents of the Bulldog. Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring accompanied by Sensational Sherri as he is set to go one on one with Barry Hardy! They show what Michaels did to Marty Jannetty and how Jannetty may never be the same again. Gorilla calls this attitude change absolutely despicable and that he'll get a lesson in respect from The Hammer at the Royal Rumble. Vince and Gorilla don't pay much attention to the match which is Michaels strutting his stuff over an overwhelmed Hardy. Hardy gets a sunset flip but it does nothing as Michaels puts him away with his patented Side Suplex in 6:57. 58-45-71 Michaels puts the boots to Hardy after the match and so does Sherri but out comes Greg Valentine before they can do to much damage!

Back from commercials and the megaphone is blaring as the Natural Disasters make their way down to the ring accompanied by Jimmy Hart. They're warming up for their tag team title match but facing Chris Walker and Reno Riggins. Walker and Riggins are simply overmatched from the start as Earthquake and Typhoon use their power to squash them. Aftershock from Earthquake ends it for Walker at 4:22. 53-43-63 Gorilla and Vince note that the Natural Disasters are at the top of their game right now and the LOD better watch out.

Vince goes over the 30 man over the top Royal Rumble and names all 30 participants! Undertaker, Jimmy Snuka, Jake Roberts, Randy Savage, Roddy Piper, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan. Big Bossman, IRS, Ted DiBiase, The Mountie, Texas Tornado, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, The Warlord, Shawn Michaels, Sid Justice, Mr. Perfect, Rick Martel, El Matador, Rick Martel, Earthquake, Repo Man, Virgil, British Bulldog, Berzerker, Sgt. Slaughter, The Nasty Boys, The Barbarian and Jim Neidhart!

Vince and Gorilla discuss how important this Royal Rumble is as it is for the WWF Championship! Jake Roberts make his way towards ringside during all this minus his snake. Vince reminds us that Macho Man is barred from the building tonight. Gorilla states that is an explosive situation if he'd ever seen one. Jim Powers comes out aggressive against Jake but a rake to they eyes ends his moment. Jake works over Powers and hits the short arm clothesline out of nowhere. DDT puts Powers down. Jake picks Powers up and yells 'MACHO MAN' and plants him again! He picks Powers up and says 'this one is for Elizabeth' and plants Powers with a third DDT.l Jake slithers over and easily pins Powers at 5:12. 63-62-64 Vince notes how despicable Jake Roberts is and that one day the Macho Man will get his hands on Jake 'The Snake'.

Vince and Gorilla hype tomorrow's Wrestling Challenge which will have a main event of The Mountie vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan! Also Hulk Hogan will be in action as well as the Million Dollar Man. We go to the arena as we get ready for tonight's main event. El Matador enters the arena first and Vince notes just how dangerous El Matador can be. Mr. Perfect follows looking in amazing shape. El Matador is attacked from behind by Perfect who takes the advantage early. Santana comes back but Perfect takes a walk at least twice. On the third time Santana goes outside and bring Perfect back in. Santana takes control until Perfect locks in a sleeper. Santana fights out and hits the flying forearm but Perfect falls out of the ring. Santana rolls him back in but only gets two. Santana goes for it again but misses. Perfect picks him up and hits the Perfect-Plex for the pin at 13:21. 77-70-85

Vince and Gorilla thank us for tuning in and tell us to continue watching the WWF!


The Undertaker d. Virgil

Shawn Michaels d. Barry Hardy

The Natural Disasters d. Chris Walker & Reno Riggins

Jake Roberts d. Jim Powers

Mr. Perfect d. El Matador




Bret "Hitman" Hart (champion) vs. The Mountie w/ Jimmy Hart


The Legion of Doom (champions) vs. The Natural Disasters w/ Jimmy Hart


Big Bossman vs. 'Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase

Shawn Michaels w/ Sensational Sherri vs. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

The British Bulldog vs. Skinner

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Opening montage and a replay of the shocking announcement that Ric Flair has been suspended for two months! Cut to Gorilla Monsoon who introduces the show as Haku enters the arena to take on the Texas Tornado. Gorilla continues to mock the Brain who is depressed to say the least. Haku throws salt in Tornado's eyes before the match starts and dominates the entire match. Haku however gets cocky on a charge to the turnbuckle and naturally misses. The Texas Tornado locks in the Claw for the victory! 66-62-70

We go to pre-taped comments from Jake 'The Snake' Roberts.

Snake: (evil laugh)....Tunney. All i asked you to do was trust me...and you couldn't do that much. I told you the damage that I did to Randy Savage and Elizabeth wouldn't be my fault...it would be yours. And your little two month suspension..it's only helping me out buddy. Now it guarantees that I get to see Elizabeth, guarantees that I get that indescribable rush just like the last time I slapped her in her face. See Macho Man...you're nothing to me. As Macho as you say you are, I've seen you beg and plead and moan in pain too many times to believe that lie. And I know Elizabeth doesn't believe that lie either...haha Macho....trust me...76

Gorilla is disgusted and Brain is silent as Sid Justice enters into the arena. Gorilla points out that Brain's worries should be all for not and Brain snaps. Snaps just like Sid snapped the Brooklyn Brawler. Sid easily wins using his power and strength to dominate the Brawler. Sid hits the powerbomb to win as he continues his roll in the WWF! 63-55-71

We're back from commercials and Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine is making his way to the ring to take on Kato! Brain states that the Hammer doesn't know what he's getting into trying to take on Shawn Michaels. Gorilla naturally disagrees. Kato works over Valentine early but the Hammer starts dropping those Hammer like elbows and begins to work on the leg. Valentine locks in the Figure Four for the victory and as he does this Sensational Sherri walks down the aisle! Sherri gets on the apron and jaws with Valentine and slaps him! Valentine grabs her by the hair and looks around for crowd approval. As he does this Shawn Michaels comes from behind and knees him in the back to the outside. Michaels tosses Valentine into the steps at ringside and dances over him. Gorilla is disgusted. 67-53-82

We cut backstage to Sean Mooney.

Mooney: Sean Mooney here with information about our next Coliseum Video exc....wait a second Repo Man what are you doing here!

Repo Man: Haha! I'm the Repo Man! I'm doing what I do best...steal!

Mooney: Well why are you here? Obviously I'm trying to tell the great people about the next offering that Colise...

Repo Man: See I'm stealing your time! Haha! Just like tomorrow not only am I going to beat Rowdy Roddy Piper! But I'm gonna steal his kilt! Haha! And if you don't watch out Mooney I might repo your car!!

Mooney: Well lets not go that far, strong words from the Repo Man who takes on the Hot Rod tomorrow on PrimeTime! 63 - Repo Man gained overness

We cut back to the ring as Hacksaw Jim Duggan is making his way down the aisle. HOOOO! It's main event time. The Mountie enters the ring area singing to his theme music. Hacksaw gets a loud USA chant going and attacks pretty hard. Turning point comes when Jimmy Hart trips Hacksaw giving the Mountie the advantage. Hacksaw fights back however and goes for the 3 Point Stance! But he misses and Jimmy Hart tosses The Mountie the megaphone Mountie cracks Hacksaw in the head with it for the win! 64-67-58 Mountie continues the attack until the Hitman comes out from the back and saves Hacksaw!


Texas Tornado d. Haku

Sid Justice d. Brooklyn Brawler

Greg Valentine d. Kato

The Mountie d. Jim Duggan

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A huge night of action has been planned for this weeks PrimeTime! President Jack Tunney has announced the main event will be Bret 'Hitman' Hart defending his Intercontinetal Championship against the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase! This was a shocking announcement and it will be interesting to see if the Hitman can retain in such a huge main event!

Also, planned will be a special edition of the Funeral Parlor with the special guest being the Hulkster himself Hulk Hogan! What kind of evil doing could the Undertaker be up to now?

Also you will not want to miss the Hot Rod, Roddy Piper take on the Repo Man in one on one action. The British Bulldog will take on IRS and so so so much more as we continue our road to the Royal Rumble! Fans this is a PrimeTime for the ages!

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January 13th 1992

Opening montage and we go straight to the ring as Gorilla Monsoon points out that we have so much in store there is no time to waste! The Brain boldly points out that we will have a new Intercontinental champion after tonight. Gorilla still can't believe what a big main event it will be. During all this IRS enters the ring to face the British Bulldog. He of course states we're all tax cheats. Real original guy. The British Bulldog comes out to a nice reaction and looks pumped for this one. IRS seems hesitant to lock up in the beginning and gets overpowered. Good back and forth between the two with IRS cheating to gain the advantage. Late in the match IRS gets a sleeper but Davey fights out and comesback. He hits a vicious clothesline and then hits the running powerslam for the win in 8:44! 71-67-75

We go backstage to Sean Mooney.

Mooney: Thanks Gorilla, well as you can see I am here backstage with an unusually happy Slickster! Slick why so happy you've been excited all day!

Slick: Oh well let me tell you something Sean Mooney when you're the Slickster you're always happy. I mean when you look this good.....ooohwee you can't help but smile waking up being this good looking! And also I've found me a new meal ticket. That's right the Doctor of Style has found a new superstar to guide through the WWF. And here he is...

Mooney: ....my god...whats with all the smoke....what is that??

Slick: Oh this is Papa Shango! He is a master of voodoo and if you don't stop asking dumb questions I'll have him curse you and your wife. Well by the looks of you, you ain't got no wife cause you ain't a jive soul bro like me! But as I was saying with this crazy cat Papa Shango DON'T NOBODY stand a chance at stopping the Slickster now! 70 - Slick gained overness from this segment

We return to the arena where the Natural Disasters are making their way to the ring for tag team action! Jimmy Hart is being his obnoxious self until we hear HOOO and out come the duo of Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Sgt. Slaughter! Hacksaw gets in the ring and immediately goes after Jimmy Hart, payback for Hart costing Hacksaw his match against the Mountie on WC. Of course this backfires and gives the Disasters the advantage. They work over Duggan for a while who tags in Slaughter who promptly gets worked over. The faces get a slight comeback but Duggan again goes after Hart which doesn't work and Earthquake splashes him in the corner. Aftershock wins it for the Natural Disasters in 10:12 58-65-43 (Hacksaw Jim Duggan did not sell very much. Sgt. Slaughter did not sell very much.) Brain points out the roll that the Natural Disasters are on and says the LOD better beware.

We return from commercials and Hercules is in the ring flexing and playing to the crowd. Then the music of the Hulkster hits and the crowd goes crazy! Gorilla points out that Hogan may have bitten off more than he can chew by deciding to appear on the Funeral Parlor later on tonight. Hogan is on the attack early forcing Hercules to the outside. Hercules wants a test of strength but kicks Hogan in the gut instead. Hercules works over Hogan for quite awhile but the he HULKS UP! and if you don't know what that means then I shouldn't be the one telling ya. Legdrop gives Hogan the win at 6:03. 73-72-74

We go backstage to Mean Gene Okerlund.

Mean Gene: Thanks Gorilla I am here with the man who tonight will go one on one with the Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart, this is of course the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase!

DiBiase: Yeah that's right and you're looking at the next Intercontinetal champion right here. HAHAHAHAHA!

Mean Gene: I wouldn't get too far ahead of yourself there, the Hitman is one tough wrestler. Anyways not only do you have tonight's big match to worry about but at the Royal Rumble you are set to go one on one with the Big Bossman!

DiBiase: HAHAHAHA! Well you see Bossman is the least of my worries. I heard him whining on TV this weekend, saying that I treat people like crap. Well I treat people like that because that's what you all are! You're nothing, you're the gum on the bottom of my shoe! It's not my fault they call me the Million Dollar Man! I can't help that I only walk around in the finest clothes. I can''t help that I drive around in the flashiest cars. I can't help that I hang around the most beautiful women on the earth. Bossman it's not my fault that your idea of fine dining is going to KFC! Bossman since you can't be me you want to beat me and that's ok, I don't blame you but don't come crying to me after I beat you at the Royal Rumble! 81

We return from commercials to the arena where Paul Bearer is already in the Funeral Parlor. Gorilla points out that the Undertaker is not with him.

Bearer: Oooooh yes.....welcome to another edition of my Undertaker's funeral parlor...but before we begin....let me bring out our special guest...the Immortal Hulk Hogan!

Hogan comes out again to a nice pop looking a little tired from his match with Hercules.

Bearer: Oooooh yes Hogan...Hogan how does it feel...how does it feel to know that Hulkamania is on its dying days! How does it feel to know that you can't beat my Undertaker?

Hogan: Well ya see there brother that's where you've got it all wrong! The Undertaker had to cheat to beat me brother everyone around the world knows it. And you can never kill Hulkamania not as long as a I look around and I see all my little Hulkamaniacs screaming and carrying me through the toughest of times! Not as long brother as I see all the little Hulkamaniacs saying their prayers, taking their vitamins and as long as all the Hulkamaniacs keep believing brother...there's no stopping Hulkamania!

Bearer: Is that right? Well then tell me why the only way you could beat my Undertaker was to cheat? Face it Hogan...you're nowhere near as powerful as my Undertaker and you're only a shell of your former self!

Hogan: You know what brother....Paul Bearer, I'm about tired of you brother...

Hulk Hogan grabs Paul Bearer by his tie. He raises one fist and looks around the crowd as they cheer for him to hit him. Just as he goes back to hit the Undertaker attacks from behind with a steel chair! Hogan goes down and the Undertaker continues to stomp Hogan. Taker gets on one knee and chokes Hogan out. Officials come out to try and stop Taker but he continues choking Hogan. Taker gets up and scares the officals away and then continues to choke Hogan. Finally Paul Bearer pulls Taker by the hair and they leave. Gorilla notes that Bearer invited Hogan on the show for that sole reason. Hogan lies next to a casket helpless as we cut to commericals...86 - Paul Bearer gained overness from this segment.

We return from commercials with Gorilla shocked at what just took place. They cut backstage to Mean Gene.

Mean Gene: Well I'm here with Rowdy Roddy Piper and Hot Rod....can you believe what we just witnessed at the hands of the Undertaker?

Piper: Well....Mean Gene....for once I'm almost speechless. Almost. The way he manhandled Hogan like that...I've never seen that before. And I've always....well....for the most part...well moreso lately been a supporter of Hulkamania but even I don't know anymore.

Mean Gene: I never thought I'd see the day that Hulk Hogan was manhandled so easily but anyways Hot Rod you've got a match to focus on tonight you take on the Repo Man!

Piper: Oh yeah Repo Man, he's kind of a weird guy I'm not gonna lie I saw him back here earlier...you know those free buffets we got right where we can just eat whatever we want. I'm sitting down just trying to enjoy some waffles and I look over and Repo Man is sneaking up to the food and stealing the food that he can have! I mean the man is off his rocker...just a lil creepy...talking about wanting to steal my kilt WHOA there buddy now I'm a little worried. But you know what Gene? All I think he needs is a little more sleep you know that job can have late hours. So tonight I think I'll put him to sleep...it'll do him some good...76

Mean Gene: Well there you have it Gorilla back to you as the Hot Rod looks ready for action!

During all this the Repo Man made his way to the ring and is waiting. Gorilla and Brain seem distracted still in awe of the power of the Undertaker. Piper makes his way down the aisle and they still seem distant from the match. Comedy match early on as Repo tries to sneak under the ring not knowing that Piper saw him do it. He had a nice surprise when he got to the other end. Piper was hot early but a low blow turned the tide for Repo. Repo worked over Piper for a little bit but got off his game and Piper slapped on the sleeper! Piper wins in 7:48! 73-63-83

We go backstage to Sean Mooney.

Mooney: Thanks Gorilla, standing here with me are the current World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions, Hawk and Animal the Legion of Doom!

Animal: Yeah you know something? For the past couple weeks everyone has been coming up to me and Hawk wishing us luck, hoping we make it through our match at the Royal Rumble. Fans have been sending us good luck cards and praying for our well-being. The doubters have been saying that there is now way we can beat the Natural Disasters! Well they must have forgotten that we are the Legion of Doom! Jimmy Hart you've been running your mouth for weeks about how this is easy money well you better think again buddy because we're not going nowhere!

Hawk: WELL! Natural Disasters...it's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog and yeah you may be bigger than us, and yeah you may be stronger than us but you're not tougher than us! The bigger they are, the harder they fall and that's exactly what we plan on doing! Come on Animal let's go...

Mooney: Confident words from the Legion of Doom....it'll be interesting to see what happens when these two teams collide at the Royal Rumble! 64

We return to the arena where Howard Finkel inform us that the following contest, scheduled for one fall is for the Intercontinental Championship!. Gorilla and Brain have goosebumps, ready for this huge main event . The Million Dollar Man comes out first with Jimmy Hart, looking as cocky as ever . The Hitman follows with an intense look on his face. Gorilla still cannot believe that this match is even taking place tonight. Brain tells him to shut up and watch DiBiase win the gold. Classic mat wrestling as both go back and forth with no one gaining an advantage. Bret starts to outwrestle DiBiase but a thumb to the eye swings the momentum. DiBiase works over the Hitman's back and uses various holds. Everytime Hart looks to be fighting out, DiBiase brings him right back to the hold. Finally, Bret reverses a side headlock into a back suplex. Bret builds momentum but they have a double clothesline. DiBiase goes for the Million Dollar Dream but Hart escapes before it can be applied. Hitman rallies back late and locks in the Sharpshooter. Jimmy Hart gets on the apron and tosses DiBiase the megaphone! DiBiase nails Bret but the referee sees it and calls for the DQ at 20:12. 85-81-90 (The WWF Intercontinental Title has gained in image.)

DiBiase puts the boots to the Hitman as Jimmy Hart distracts the referee! Out comes the Mountie and they both go to work on the Hitman! After a little bit of this finally the Big Bossman sprints out with his nightstick and cleans hosue! Gorilla and Brain thank you for joining and promise to have an update on the condition of Hulk Hogan on Superstars!


British Bulldog d. IRS

Natural Disasters d. Duggan/Slaughter

Hulk Hogan d. Hercules

Rowdy Roddy Piper d. Repo Man

Bret Hart d. Ted DiBiase by DQ to retain IC title.

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Hmm lets see what gossip I've found out walking around here lately..

Apparently management is very upset with Jim Duggan and Sgt. Slaughter over their non cooperation with the Natural Disasters. Equally puzzling because Hacksaw had no problem selling for the Mountie. Anyways look for them to be in the doghouse for a while.

Many backstage are wondering what the long term goals for the company are. Everyone is being kept dark and many don't even think Vince knows what he wants to do. Apparently he has flip flopped who he wants to win the Rumble everyday. Many feel that Vince is tired of Hogan but knows that Hogan is the one who brought him to the dance. It will indeed be interesting to see what happens...

Many were shocked that Hulk Hogan was able to have a better match with Hercules than Bret Hart was the week before.

Papa Shango was debuted early mainly to give Slick something to do. They didn't want to pair him up with someone who was already viewed as a loser so they decided to bring in Shango early. Also debuting soon will be the Native American Tatanka and expect him to get a huge push!

Ric Flair is said to be extremely distraught at home over his injury. He feels as if he let the company down is very angry with Hulk Hogan over his carelessness.

The segment between the Undertaker and Hulk Hogan was the acceleration of the Undertaker's current push. There was talk of turning Undertaker face soon but most of that has gone to the wayside after the Hogan angle.

Many backstage are questioning the choices for the Royal Rumble. Many say that it's just a bunch of matches built around the big Royal Rumble for the title. But people also understand that it's better in the long run to have a weaker undercard with such a huge main event.

Some have noticed no change in Hulk Hogan's attitude despite him being placed in the middle of shows. Many (including Hogan) believe that Vince is trying to act like he is going to change, will lose patience and go right back to his bread and butter. Only time will tell.


New Foundation vs. Nasty Boys

Randy Savage vs. The Barabarian

Virgil in action!

And much much more

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January 18th 1992

Opening montage and we go to Vince McMahon who can't believe we are only a week away from the Royal Rumble! With this we head to the ring for our first match as 'The Model' Rick Martel makes his way down the aisle for in-ring action.

MATCH 1 - 'The Model' Rick Martel vs. Jamie Magnum

Vince immediately discusses how Hulk Hogan was decimated at the hands of the Undertaker. The Brain proclaims the death of Hulkamania. All of this while The Model dissects Jamie Magnum. Martel works over the back early and spends just as much time admiring his body as he does beating on his opponent. Magnum looks to rally back but the Model puts a stop to that quickly. The Boston Crab then gives the Model the submission victory in 4:32! 44-33-56

Vince hypes the main event for tonight which will be the Macho Man vs. The Barbarian. We then go to pre-taped comments from the Macho Man.

Savage: Ooooooh yeah.....Jake the Snake I hope you're watching...now LISTEN UP! You better be praying to the Lord, thanking Jack Tunney every single day for this little ban he put in between us, because TRUST ME you'd be in the hospital by now! Nobody and I mean NOBODY TALKS ABOUT ELIZABETH LIKE THAT. That's my wife man...(pacing)....that's my wife you're talking about....you wanna slap my wife around? FAT CHANCE SNAKE! Because you better show up late to the Rumble because I swear to you...I'll be getting to the arena at 6 IN THE MORNING and I will wait by the entrance with a baseball bat and as soon as you walk in POW LIGHTS OUT! (86)

We cut backstage to Sean Mooney.

Mooney: Thanks Vince, unfortunately I'm here with a duo that lives up to their name....the Nasty Boys.

Knobbs: Oh you say that like it's a bad thing.....ah who cares you punk!

Mooney: Well Nasty Boys, tonight you have a tough match against the New Foundation tell me your thoughts on this one.

Knobbs: HAHA our thoughts? Have you seen the New Foundation? Are we scared one bit? We are former WWF Tag Team Champions these two are a big joke.

Saggs: Yeah! We're gonna go out there and beat them easily. I hope they're ready to get Nasty-sized!! HAHAH! 56

During all this Virgil has made his way to the ring for one-on-one action.

MATCH 2 - Virgil vs. Tanaka

Tanaka tries to cheat his way through this match but Virgil uses his speed and agility to get the upper hand.

Virgil wins via the Million Dollar Dream in 7:32! 63-56-71

We return from commercials as Skinner makes his way towards ringside for our next match.

MATCH 3 - Skinner vs. Chris Walker

Skinner spits tobacco juice all in Walker's face to begin the contest. He easily dominates Walker and wins with the Backbreaker in 5:21! 52-41-63

As the Nasty Boys w/Jimmy Hart make their way to the ring, Vince takes the time to give us an update on the condition of Hulk Hogan. Word is Hulk Hogan is in a hospital with injuries that could vary from a broken back to a punctured lung. The Brain says its all over for Hulkamania! During this the New Foundation snuck out to the ringside area.

MATCH 4 - Nasty Boys vs. The New Foundation

Saggs starts with Owen and seems very overconfident. Well The New Foundation changes that as they come out firing right hands. They send the Nasties over the top rope and to the floor! The Nasties discuss strategy and re-enter the ring. Owen continues to take it to Saggs but Jimmy Hart gets on the apron allowing Knobbs to attack from behind. They switch with no tag. More double-teaming as they continue to work over Owen. Knobbs uncharacteristcally went to the top rope for a splash...and missed! Owen tags in the Anvil who goes nuts on the Nasties! He powerslams Knobbs and almost gets the win but Saggs breaks it up. Owen comes in and clotheslines Saggs over the top! Owen dives to the outside on to him! The referee tries to break them up and as he does this Jimmy Hart enters the ring! Saggs holds Anvil in place and Hart gets the megaphone...but Anvil moves and Saggs gets hit! Anvil covers for the upset win in 13:34! 76-66-86

Vince can't believe what an upset we just saw! The Nasty Boys are livid and the New Foundation are celebrating in the aisle!!

We return for commercials ready for the main event. The Macho Man makes his way to the ring with an intense look on his face!

MAIN EVENT - "Macho Man" Randy Savage vs. The Barbarian

Macho Man attacks the Barbarian before the bell rings and unleashes some vicious lefts and rights. Macho clotheslines Barabarian over the top rope and to the floor. Macho goes up top for a double axhandle but Barbarian catches him and rams him into the ring apron. Barbarian continues to work over the back for most of the match and gets Macho in a dangerous bearhug! The fans get into it and Macho fights out. Macho clotheslines Barbarian but he won't go down. Macho pokes him in the eyes which staggers him long enough to hit the double axhandle of the second rope! Macho goes up top...Flying Elbowdrop gives him the win in 9:02! 70-72-68

After the match, Macho Man celebrates by standing on the turnbuckle and giving the fans a salute. But as he comes down there is a snake in the ring. We leave as Macho is puzzled and angry...


Rick Martel d. Jamie Magnum

Virgil d. Tanaka

Skinner d. Chris Walker

New Foundation d. Nasty Boys

Randy Savage d. Barbarian

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January 19th 1992

Opening montage and we go to Gorilla Monsoon who welcomes us and hypes the main event, The Undertaker vs. Koko B. Ware. The Brain says Koko better beware after what the Undertaker did to Hulk Hogan! And now the WWF Tag Team Champions, the Legion of Doom enter the arena for our opening contest.

MATCH 1 - Legion of Doom vs. Barry Hardy & Jamie Magnum

Animal kills Hardy with a hard clothesline to start. Hardy stumbles back to his corner and tags in Magnum. Magnum charges Animal but gets backdropped. Animal tags in Hawk and they double clothesline Magnum. Hawk powerslams Magnum and tags Animal back in. Animal picks Magnum up...Doomsday Device gets the win in 1:57! 59-46-72 Gorilla points out how impressive that win was and that the Natural Disasters should be the ones watching out!

We return from commercials as Sid Justice makes his way to the ring for our next contest. Gorilla notes that Sid is unstoppable.

MATCH 2 - Sid Justice vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Iron Mike asks for a test of strength to start. He starts to lose and tries to kick Sid but Sid catches him. He turns Mike around and clotheslines him down. Sid picks Sharpe up and throws him into the corner hard. Sharpe staggers out and is met with a boot to the face. Sid picks Sharpe up and Powerbombs him for the win in 0:52! 56-51-61 Gorilla notes that he has never seen such dominant victories as the two he has just witnessed.

We go backstage to Sean Mooney.

Mooney: I'm here with Rowdy Roddy Piper and you seem to be in the best shape of your life!

Piper: Oh you got that right partner. I've been training for months and months....well actually weeks and weeks...ok I started yesterday but I've been training for the Royal Rumble! In a week, I can see it now....the Hot Rod standing in the middle of the ring, bagpipes blaring with that WWF Title raised above my head. I swear I can see it...

Mr. Perfect: (walking in) Well you better go to the eye doctor and get your vision checked out cause that ain't gonna happen.

Piper: Oh so nice of you to join us Mr. Perfecto..

Perfect: It's Perfect. And there's no way you're gonna win the Royal Rumble, if you keep talking to me like this you might not even make it to the Royal Rumble (clenches fist)

Piper: Try me Perfect....(clenches fist) come on Perfect....go ahead....

Mooney: Well we've certainly got a volatile situation back here, hopefully some officials can break this up but for now I send it out to Mean Gene Okerlund (80)

We go to Mean Gene who is in the arena on a stage set up near the entrance.

Mean Gene: Well ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the team who upset the Nasty Boys yesterday on Superstars, 'The Rocket' Owen Hart, Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart...The New Foundation!

The New Foundation enters the arena.

Mean Gene: Well how does it feel to have pulled off such a huge upset.

Owen: Well, to us we've always believed in ourselves. And it seems like all of our hard work is finally paying off. We've finally been able to come together as a team and I think the rest of the WWF should be forewarned.

Anvil: That's right. The New Foundation is here and here to stay baby!

Owen: And another thing....

The Nasty Boys come out of nowhere and attack the duo. It's a light attack mostly just a couple stomps and then they laugh.

Mean Gene: What the hell....get the hell out of here Nasty Boys! 58

We return from commercials as El Matador makes his way down the aisle for our next contest. The Mountie follows being accompanied by Jimmy Hart.

MATCH 3 - El Matador vs. The Mountie

El Matador comes out on fire quickly throwing the Mountie over the top rope and to the floor. Matador makes the mistake of chasing after Mountie. Mountie rolls back in and then puts the boot to Santana. Mountie works over Santana's neck and back. Brain notes that Bret Hart is in for one tough fight at the Rumble. Mountie goes for a piledriver but Santana reverses with a backdrop. Two dropkicks and the Mountie is reeling. El Matador goes for the flying forearm but misses! Mountie connects with a big Spinebuster for the win at 8:12!


We go to pre-taped comments from the Texas Tornado!

Tornado: Hey, Texas Tornado here. As you all know the Royal Rumble is in a week and I'm gonna go out there and do the best that I can for all you fans out there. But I got my eyes set on one fellow out there. Shawn Michaels! You know we used to friends, but after what you did to Marty Jannetty you better watch your behind buddy because I'm not having that. If 'The Hammer' wasn't already facing you at the Royal Rumble, I for sure would be the first in line! 61

We return from commercials ready for our main event.

MAIN EVENT - The Undertaker vs. Koko B Ware

Koko immediately is choked in the corner by the Undertaker. Taker continues this for a while. Koko tries to fight back but it has no effect on the Deadman. Taker continues to beat on Koko until he finally ends it with the Tombstone at 5:55! 64-70-52 (Koko B Ware did not sell very much which hurt the match rating)


Legion of Doom d. Barry Hardy/Jamie Magnum

Sid Justice d. Iron Mike Sharpe

The Mountie d. El Matador

The Undertaker d. Koko B Ware

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Guest mroniimusha

Some of this is good, but I'd like the matches to be more detailed, rather than just recaps. Obviously, writing full matches for all of them would be stupid, but maybe write out the main events or something?

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Guest Prototype

Decent shows. I know its prolly hard to write out detailed matches because back then all the shows besides the PPVs and maybe a SNME were squash matches. I like how you've improved the lay out as well.

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January 20th 1992

Opening montage and Gorilla and the Brain welcome us to Prime Time Wrestling They note that we are less than a week away from the Royal Rumble The hype the big tag team main event which will team The Undertaker and Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts against the team of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Sid Justice As this takes place Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine makes his to the ring to face IRS in our opening contest Gorilla notes that ‘The Hammer’ is not only a former Intercontinental champion but looks to be at his best lately .

MATCH 1 - IRS vs. Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine

IRS, angry that Valentine came out before he could call us all tax cheats attacks immediately. Evenly fought match with IRS using cheating and trickery while Valentine used his wiley veteran mat skills. IRS hits the Write Off clothesline but gets too cocky. He covers Valentine but picks him up after a count of two. He irish whips Valentine into the ropes and plays to the crowd. IRS charges but only eats boot . Valentine scores with a DDT! . Valentine drops multiple elbows to the knee of IRS and then locks in the Figure Four for the submission victory! 76-62-91

We go to pretaped comments from the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase.

DiBiase: HAHAHAH! As you can see simpletons, I'm here in Florida in my luxurious home nowhere near any of you never-will-be's. And I've got a message for that no good, fat slob you call the Big Bossman. Bossman! I look at you and I just say to myself; "what a shame!". Bossman you really could have been something...but you wasted your time caring about these people. And now look at you. You're nothing! Never will be anything, never was anything, you're just a big fat guy who runs around with a nightstick! HAHAHA! You're pathetic! I don't even know how your poor old mother is able to live knowing that her son is such a loser. Now at the Rumble...I show your whole family of losers and the whole entire world what success is all about....AHAHAHAHAH!

We go backstage to Mean Gene Okerlund.

Mean Gene: Thank you Gorilla, I am here with the Big Bossman and Bossman you certainly look more intense than ever!

Bossman: Well you're right about that Mean Gene! You see, Ted DiBiase he always called me fat, he's called me ugly, he's called me poor, unsophisticated whatever. But now he's done something that I just can't condone....you talked about my mother and my family . You see this was just supposed to be a match and I was gonna show you what Hard Times were all about. But no...no DiBiase you've made it much more than that. You're attacking my family and I don't take too kindly to that at all. So if you want to take my dignity away from me by talking about my family....well then at the Royal Rumble it looks like I'll be taking something of yours. You see I just heard some good news...apparently Jack Tunney did not take kindly to your leaving the tag match with me and your blatant disregard for the rules last week so at the Rumble...our match is for your Million Dollar Title! I'll see you then Teddy... 76

Mean Gene: Big news here and now we send it to you Sean Mooney!

Mooney: Thank you Mean Gene, I am again here with the Slickster and that...that monster you call Papa Shango.

Slick: What I tell you about watchin' yo mouth? Can't you see that cauldron with all that smoke coming out of it? Is this really the type of man you wanna mess with? Matter of fact is this the type of man that anyone wants to mess with? This cat is pure evil, bad to the bone, he'll curse you, yo momma, ya sister, ya daddy, ya cousin, ya dog, ya neighbor and yo neighbor's momma just because he can. And I feel bad for the 29 superstars entered into the Royal Rumble . Because I just entered my man Shango in there and boy...don't nobody wanna mess with him.

Mooney: Well how can that be? All 30 spots have been filled...you can't just do that!

Slick: You really are dumber than you look. Due to an injury there was a vacancy. A vacancy that will ensure victory for the Papa Shango. (Shango starts grumbling more smoke comes out of the cauldron) See...see you done made him mad...shoot you better get out of here before he curses you... 74 - Slick gained overness from this segment

Mooney: Well Gorilla lets send it back to you...

Gorilla is still in shock over the announcement of the Big Bossman vs. Ted DiBiase being for the Million Dollar Title! Brain is irate and says its a travesty of justice And speak of the devil out comes The Big Bossman for our next match as he will take on 'The Model' Rick Martel!

MATCH 2 - Big Boss Man vs. 'The Model' Rick Martel

The Model was very hesitant to start the match. Bossman would pursue but Martel would simply cower to the turnbuckle and demand that the referee tell the Bossman to back up . Finally they locked up with Bossman pushing Martel to the corner. Bossman cleanly broke. The locked up again with Martel pushing Bossman to the corner. Martel didn't cleanly break, instead opting to punch Bossman in the face . This gave him the advantage and he surprisingly controlled most of the match. Bossman would fight back with a couple punches but could never get a rally going. Martel played to the crowd often yelling I'M A MODEL! The Model had Bossman in a side headlock, Bossman whipped Martel into the ropes and caught him with the Bossman Slam for the win! 67-72-64

We return from commercials as Shawn Michaels is making his way down the aisle for our next contest. Sensational Sherri of course is right behind him carrying a mirror so Shawn can primp and prune and all that good stuff. Of course Shawn does this the whole time Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart is making his way down the aisle. Shawn looks in the mirror and sees the Anvil and ITS ON!

MATCH 3 - Shawn Michaels vs. Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart

Anvil dominates the early portion of the match using his power offense to send Michaels over the top and to the floor. Michaels re-enters and it's more of the same. However a poke to the eyes is always sure to change the tide. Michaels takes over using his speed and precision to gain the upperhand. Anvil makes a comeback and looks to be on his way to an upset win when Sensational Sherri jumps on the apron. Anvil being Anvil grabs her and kisses her . Michaels comes up from behind and hits the Back Suplex for the win! 64-60-54 (Jim Neidhart did not sell very much which hurt the match rating)

Gorilla recaps the events which took place with The Undertaker leaving Hulk Hogan laid out! Apparently what they have heard has not been good with a possibilty that Hogan might never wrestle again . Gorilla however notes that no one has seen or heard from Hulk Hogan since the attack and he thinks that they are all rumors. Brain disagrees and says Hulk Hogan's dead. 'Will you stop it!'

We go backstage to Sean Mooney who is with Jake ' The Snake' Roberts and The Undertaker

Mooney: Well gentlemen we are literally minutes away from your big main event tag team match against Rowdy Roddy Piper and Sid Justice . Any last words.

Roberts: Oh yeah I've got plenty of words....Macho Man! I heard your little spiel. I hope you liked your present after your match.....ha.....you see I'm not worried at all about Piper and Justice. I'm not worried about Macho Man trying to cave my head in...you see trust me Sean...I just can't wait till I can lay my hands on sweet Elizabeth and feel that soft skin...Sean it makes it so I can't sleep at night. So Macho...go ahead beat me up, put me in the hospital I don't care. As long as I get to feel that rush.....oh baby....

Mooney: God you are one sick person. Undertaker any comments?

Undertaker: ..........

Mooney: Alright well straight to you Mean Gene.... 76

Mean Gene: Well as you can see I am here with the Hot Rod and Sid Justice and gentlemen your opponents are making their way to ringside any last minute comments?

Sid: You see....Undertaker! You think you're so big and bad after that sneak attack on the Hulkster! But that's exactly what you had to do, attack him from behind! You know you may be the dead man but Sid Justice is the MASTER! THE RULER OF THE WORLD! And tonight JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!

Hot Rod: You two cowards...I'm going out there and I'm gonna kick your butt all over this arena for Macho Man, for Elizabeth and for Hulk Hogan! Let's go get em big man... 76

We go to the arena as Jake 'The Snake' and The Undertaker are already in the ring. The bagpipes hit and Sid Justice and Rowdy Roddy Piper sprint to the ring

MAIN EVENT - Jake Roberts & The Undertaker vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper & The Undertaker

Gorilla notes that all four men are heavy favorites in the Royal Rumble . Piper starts with Roberts and unloads with all sorts of lefts and rights. The ref asks for a break, gets it and Piper goes right back to the punches. Piper whips Roberts into the ropes and back body drops him! Piper with a clothesline and he is on fire! Roberts tags in the Undertaker. Piper smiles, looks around and tags in Sid Justice confidently. Sid and Taker stare at each other and this is approximately where hell breaks lose . Because as they stare each other down out from the back comes Elizabeth! Gorilla asks why in god's name is she here? Roberts drops from the apron and goes after Elizabeth but Sid sees it and jumps to the outside. He attacks Roberts before he can touch Elizabeth. Undertaker goes to grab Sid from behind but Piper attacks him on the outside! Taker chokes Piper as Piper fades. Sid and Roberts continue to brawl. The ref has lost control! All four continue brawling all the way to the back! Elizabeth is still at ringside shocked at the chaos that has ensued. Jake Roberts wanders back out towards ringside. He stops Elizabeth dead in her tracks...she backpedals towards the ring. She enters the ring and pleads for Roberts to back off Jake has the sleazy smile on as he listens to her beg Jake grabs her by the hair as officials try to make him stop. Jake kisses her and smiles....then he SLAPS HER IN THE FACE! Gorilla and even Brain are absolutely disgusted. We fade as Elizabeth is seen on her knees crying as the officials try to console her...


Greg Valentine d. IRS

Big Bossman d. Rick Martel

Shawn Michaels d. Jim Neidhart

Undertaker and Jake Roberts vs. Roddy Piper and Sid Justice went to a Double DQ

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(The Rumble is next, about everything is done except for the actual Rumble so it should be up in about 3 hours or so. Maybe. Here's the final card anyways.)


January 26th 1992

Albany, New York - Knickerbocker Arena


Scheduled Participants: Undertaker, Mr. Perfect, Papa Shango, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, Sid Justice, The British Bulldog, The Mountie, Bret 'Hitman' Hart, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Skinner, The Barbarian, Ted DiBiase, IRS, Earthquake, El Matador, 'Macho Man' Randy Savage, The Warlord, Shawn Michaels, The Texas Tornado, 'The Model' Rick Martel, Hulk Hogan, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, The Berzerker, Owen Hart, 'Superfly' Jimmy Snuka, The Brooklyn Brawler, Sgt. Slaughter, The Repo Man, Virgil and Hercules


Bret 'Hitman" Hart (champion) vs. The Mountie w/ Jimmy Hart


Legion of Doom (champion) vs. Natural Disasters


'Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase vs. The Big Bossman


Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine vs. Shawn Michaels


British Bulldog vs. Skinner

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January 26th 1992

LIVE from the Knickerbocker Arena in Albany, New York!

The World Wrestling Federation...what the WORLD is watching...

Gorilla: We are live here in Albany, New York and what a night it will be! 4 huge title matches including the big one, 30 men will enter the ring, 1 man will walk out the World Wrestling Federation Champion It could be anyone of these men, the Undertaker Rowdy Roddy Piper Sid Justice The Big Bossman Shawn Michaels Also tonight Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart will be defending his WWF Intercontinental Championship against the Mountie. The Legion of Doom put their tag team titles on the line against the Natural Disasters. The Big Bossman finally will get his hands on the Million Dollar Man for his Million Dollar Title And much much more, Brain what do you think.

Brain: Firstly it’s a travesty of justice that the REAL World’s Champion won’t be able to rightly take his place as the WWF Champion. But that aside we’ve already witnessed the death of Hulkamania...I predict that the Undertaker will walk out of here the WWF Champion

Gorilla: Well that’s your opinion, also of note that ban between Jake Roberts and Randy Savage is officially lifted all hell could indeed break lose tonight. And with that let us go down to The Fink for our opening contest.

The Fink: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Now making his toward the ring, from the Florida Everglades, Skinner

Gorilla: And here is Skinner who will have a tough task ahead of him against the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith, Brain what do you think?

Brain: I think this is not fair to Flair

Gorilla: Will you stop it with the Flair comments Face it he’s not here, he’s suspended for two months get over it Brain Now this Skinner...he disturbs me with that nasty habit of his and that bizarre alligator claw.

Brain: Eh there’s nothing wrong with a little tobacco now and then. Skinner just likes the shortcut of smoking. And that alligator claw isn’t that bizarre I mean it’s no different than your wife’s hand.

Gorilla: Will you stop it

The Fink: And his opponent from Manchester, England. Weighing in at 253 pounds, the British Bulldog!!

Gorilla: And here’s the British Bulldog out to a nice ovation and boy he looks pumped.

Brain: Well look how big he is Of course he looks pumped Monsoon. Geeze I’m having to carry you more and more these days. Psh if only you had a degree in broadcast journalism I’m just glad Bulldog doesn’t have that mutt around anymore.

Gorilla: You are one evil person you know that Brain?

Brain: Eh my shrink told me that all people who speak negatively should not be heard. Thus I’m not listening.


Bulldog seems antsy to get this match going. Bulldog starts up a clap and the fans follow along. Skinner yells for them to quiet down but they clap louder. They lock up and Bulldog pushes Skinner. Skinner goes flying from the middle of the ring to the opposite corner. He shakes his head and gets back to his feet. They lock up again with the same result. Bulldog flexes much to the crowd’s delight. Skinner gets mad and charges Bulldog but only gets a hard clothesline in return. Skinner bails to the outside for a breather. Skinner re-enters the ring and nails Bulldog with a couple hard punches but Bulldog gladly returns the favor and adds a bodyslam. Cover gets two. Skinner back up quickly but sent back down by a dropkick Skinner again goes outside for a breather. Skinner back on the apron and he headbutts Bulldog in the stomach. Skinner goes to suplex Bulldog to the outside but Bulldog blocks. Skinner tries again but its blocked. Bulldog instead goes for a suplex on Skinner and gets him in the air. Bulldog hangs Skinner up there for a while before sending him crashing down. Cover gets two. Bulldog irish whips Skinner into the turnbuckle. Bulldog charges but eats boot. Skinner takes the oppurtunity to repeatedly stomp Bulldog. Skinner slams Bulldog down and locks in a chinlock. Skinner yells, tobacco juice going all over himself. The crowd begins to clap trying to get Bulldog back into the match. He gets to one knee, elbows Skinner in the stomach twice and then hits a side suplex. Cover gets two. Skinner is the first one up and goes off the ropes but is met with a hard powerslam which only gets two. Skinner retreats to the outside but Bulldog follows him out there. Bulldog chases Skinenr around the ring. Skinner re-enters first, Bulldog rolls in as well but Skinner drops an elbow on Bulldog. Skinner is targeting the back area, hoping to set him up for the Gatorbreaker. More elbows to the back area. Skinner drops a headbutt to Bulldog’s back and covers but only gets two. Skinner tosses Bulldog to the outside. Skinner picks Bulldog up and rams his back into the apron. Skinner rolls back in as the referee counts. The count gets to 8 before Bulldog rolls back in. Skinner immediately covers but only gets two. Skinner whips Bulldog into the turnbuckle. Skinner pauses and goes for a huge splash but gets nothing! Bulldog picks Skinner up and walks to the opposite corner. Running Powerslam!! 1....2....3 ***


72, 61, 83

Gorilla: Very impressive victory by the British Bulldog, Brain we will see him later he could even walk out with the WWF Championship

Brain: Yeah I’d love to see that. A grown man walking around with braids calling himself an animal as the champion. Really great for the company.

Gorilla: Will you stop it Now we go backstage to Mean Gene Okerlund who is with the Hitman

Mean Gene: Well I am here with the reigning Intercontinental champion and in just a few minutes you will be out there defending that title against the Mountie.

Bret: That’s right Mean Gene. You know really I don’t even know what the Mountie has done to get this title shot but being the fighting champion that I am I’ll give it to him. The Mountie wants to run around talking about how he always gets his man well tonight The Mountie picked the wrong man to fight. You know he must have forgot that I’m the Excellence of Execution, that I am the Intercontinental Champion. Mountie, when I lock you in the Sharpshooter there will be nowhere for you to run, nowhere for you to hide, the only thing you can do is give up And Jimmy Hart if you get in my way you better watch out 81

The Fink: The following contest, scheduled for one fall is for World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship!!! Now introducing the challenger. Coming down the aisle, weighing in at 252 pounds, with his manager Jimmy Hart, The Mountie!!

Gorilla: There he is, the challenger in this matchup.....the Mountie.

Brain: Oh you say that with such disdain!! How could you disrespect all of our Canadian viewers like that? The audacity of this man...the Mountie is a hero in Canada! A HERO!!!

The Fink: And his opponent, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 235 pounds he is the WWF Intercontinental Champion....Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart

Gorilla: And you wanna talk about a hero...worldwide the Hitman is a hero.

Brain: Gee some kind of hero. He doesn’t even have superpowers. At least the Mountie has a shock stick.

Gorilla: Will you stop it And there you can see the Hitman giving his trademark shades to a youngster in the front row, probably making that kids day in the process.

Brain: Thank you Bret Hart for covering up that kids face..thank the LORD! I mean that is one awful looking creature.

Gorilla: ....anyone else and I would absolutely disgusted. But I expect nothing less from you Brain...


BRET ‘HITMAN’ HART (champion) vs. THE MOUNTIE w/ Jimmy Hart

The Mountie stalls a bit to start pausing to yell to the crowd I’M THE MOUNTIE . Boos for sure. They lock up and Mountie gets a side headlock. Bret sends Mountie into the ropes but gets run over by a shoulder block. Mountie raises his hands in the air. They lock up again and this time the Hitman gets a side headlock. Bret takes the Mountie down, maintaining the side headlock. Mountie fights to his feet and sends Bret into the ropes. Bret knocks the Mountie down with a shoulder block. Back up and the Hitman scores with another shoulder block. Hitman nails the Mountie with a dropkick that sends him to the outside! Mountie and Jimmy Hart attempt to have a conference but Bret Hart dives through the ropes and onto both of them Bret unleashes some punches on the Mountie and then picks him up. Hitman whips Mountie into the steel post and then rolls back in the ring. Hitman back in the ring and he poses as the crowd goes wild. Gorilla notes the intensity that the Hitman has shown so far in the early going of this match. Mountie finally rolls back in. Bret goes over to continue on the offense but gets poked in the eyes. Back on his feet and now Mountie knees Hart in the stomach. Mountie punches Hart multiple times in the corner. Mountie whips him to the opposite turnbuckle and charges but meets steel post Rollup only gets two though. Hart goes to an armbar as the Mountie looks to be in pain. Mountie gets back up to his feet and kicks Hart in the stomach. Mountie goes for a punch but Hart ducks and instead gets a backslide. It only gets 2. Hart goes right back to the armbar. This time Mountie gets to his feet and counters with a bodyslam. Mountie goes for a quick elbowdrop but Bret moves out of the way and goes back to the armbar. The Hitman whips Mountie off of the ropes and goes for a Lou Thesz press but the Mountie catches him and drops him neck first on the top rope. The Mountie distracts the referee as Jimmy Hart chokes Bret. Mountie puts Bret’s neck on the second rope and just chokes him. Mountie again distracts the ref as Jimmy Hart continues to choke Bret. Mountie whips Bret off the ropes and goes for a back body drop but the Hitman counters with a sunset flip. Or at least he almost did as the Mountie stops that with a punch to the face. Mountie picks Bret up and hits a gutwrench suplex but only gets two. Mountie off the ropes and he hits an elbowdrop. Cover only gets two. Mountie locks in a sleeper hold. Gorilla complains that it’s a chokehold, Brain says it’s a legit sleeper. Hitman fades as the Mountie looks to win the match The ref grabs Bret’s arm, raises it and it drops. He raises it again and it drops. He raises it a third time but Bret holds on The Hitman elbows the Mountie several times in the stomach and escapes the hold. Hitman off the ropes but gets caught by a knee from the Mountie. The Mountie prances around the ring as the Hitman rolls around in pain. The Mountie picks Bret up and goes for a suplex but Bret counters with a rollup!! 1....2...Mountie kicks out. Mountie charges and Bret meets him with a clothesline! Inverted atomic drop by the Hitman! Russian legsweep perfectly executed on the Mountie. Bret climbs to the second turnbuckle and drops an elbow! Cover only gets two. The Hitman picks the Mountie up and hits the Backbreaker. He now signals for the Sharpshooter! Jimmy Hart gets on the apron but before he can do anything Bret has already punched him off! Hitman with the Sharpshooter....The Mountie gives up!!! ***

WINNER: BRET ‘THE HITMAN’ HART by Submission at 10:13


Gorilla: What a big win for the Hitman Bret Hart He retains his Intercontinental gold..we’ll see if he can pull a big double duty and walk out of here with the WWF Championship too

Brain: Oh what a travesty of justice! You can’t just put your hands on managers like that! The Hitman should be fined and suspended and stripped of his belt Ric Flair gets suspended for doing nothing and the Hitman walks off free after that This is an OUTRAGE!! This is NOT FAIR TO FLAIR!!

Gorilla: Oh will you just stop it

Brain: NO I am marching down there right now and I’m gonna give Jack Tunney a piece of my mind

Gorilla: Brain you aren’t going anywhere besides it’s time for our next match!

The Fink: Introducing first, from San Antonio, Texas. Weighing in at 225 pounds and being accompanied by Sensational Sherri...Shawn Michaels.

Gorilla: And his kid has turned a complete 180, he used to be a part of one of the most popular tag teams in wrestling history and now look at him. He turned his back on Marty Jannetty, we may never see Marty again This Michaels he has no respect...

Brain: Psh....I LOVE IT Look at him He’s got the looks, the skills, the brains, the chicks, he’s got it all. And what’s Marty got? A busted up face for messing with Shawn Michaels.

Gorilla: Well I’ll tell you one thing, the Hammer is about to teach Shawn Michaels a lesson here tonight in Albany, New York!

The Fink: And his opponent, from Seattle, Washington. Weighing in at 243 pounds....Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine!

Gorilla: And here he is ‘The Hammer’ he looks ready to beat some respect into that no good Shawn Michaels. A former Intercontinental champion the Hammer is and boy he looks ready.

Brain: Psh....Gorilla he was Intercontinental champion when you were still wrestling I mean he’s gotta be at least 70 years old there is no way he can keep up with Shawn Michaels


The Hammer goes on the attack early clotheslining Michaels down. Hammer elbows Michaels in the head repeatedly and throws him over the top rope. Valentine goes outside but gets distracted by Sensational Sherri. Valentine rolls back in Michaels catches him with boots to the back. Michaels whips Valentine off the ropes and goes for a hiptoss. Valentine blocks and goes for a hiptoss of his own but Michaels lands on his feet. Michaels smiles and gets happy but Valentine knocks him down with a hard right. Valentine continues the onslaught with rights to Michaels skull and bites him in the corner. Valentine whips him to the opposite corner and hits a back body drop Michaels bails to the outside where Valentine follows. Valentine picks Michaels up but Sensational Sherri tries to attack. Valentine sees it and stalks her. Michaels comes from behind and knees Valentine who goes head first into the steel post. Michaels rolls in the ring to break the count but then rolls back out. Michaels with more boots to Valentine’s prone body as Sensational Sherri cheers on. Michaels rolls Valentine back in and covers but only gets two. Valentine punches Michaels in the face which staggers him but Michaels comes right back with a hard superkick. 1....2...Valentine kicks out. Michaels picks Valentine up and goes for a suplex but its blocked. Michaels tries again but Valentine blocks and hits his own suplex! Michaels back up and Valentine kicks him in the leg Valentine again kicks Michaels in the leg Valentine grabs Michaels knee and drops and elbow on it. Valentine signals for the Figure Four! Valentine looks to wrap around the leg but Sensational Sherri gets on the apron Michaels kicks Valentine in the butt and he runs into Sherri! Valentine staggers back..Michaels hits the back suplex! 1...2....3! ***

WINNER: SHAWN MICHAELS by pinfall at 6:38


A graphic shows the Big Bossman/Ted DiBiase match which is next. Short video highlights the events leading to this match and it being for the Million Dollar Title now. During all this Ted DiBiase has already made his way to the ring.

Brain: I just have one question...How can Jack Tunney decide when the Million Dollar Title is on the line if he doesn’t own it? I swear this guy is 30 cents away from a quarter.

The Fink: The following contest, scheduled for one fall is for the Million Dollar Title!! Introducting the challenger. From Cobb County, Georgia, weighing in at 325 pounds...the Big Bossman!!

Gorilla: And if there is ever a man who could just about win any title here in the WWF, it is this man the Big Bossman.

Brain: You’re wrong. Bossman is just too dumb to win anything, that’s why he’ll lose tonight Bossman is so dumb he said he got stabbed in a shootout.

Gorilla: Will you stop it



Bossman charges DiBiase but DiBiase wants nothing to do with him and runs to the outside. DiBiase stalls forever but finally gets in the ring. They lock up and Bossman easily overpowers DiBiase sending him flying. DiBiase gets angry and boots Bossman in the stomach. DiBiase locks in a side headlock but Bossman counters with an atomic drop. DiBiase turns around and gets hit with a clothesline!! DiBiase rolls to the outside to confer with Jimmy Hart. DiBiase back in after an 8 count and he wants a test of strength. Bossman accepts and DiBiase tries to kick him instead. Bossman catches his foot though, spins DiBiase around and nails him with a hard clothesline. Bossman whips DiBiase off the ropes and hits a back body drop. DiBiase back up but put back down by a hiptoss. Bossman clotheslines DiBiase over the top rope and to the floor! DiBiase waves it off signaling he has had enough and decides to go to the back. Bossman, not ready to call it quits follows him and pounds on him a couple times. Bossman rams DiBiase’s head into the steel pole. Bossman charges but misses and hits the steel steps hard. DiBiase rolls back in the ring as Bossman is lifeless on the outside. 1...2....3....4...5...6....7....8...9. Bossman barely beats the count DiBiase covers but only gets two. Another cover still only gets two. DiBiase sets Bossman up in the corner and his a couple chops and whips him to the opposite turnbuckle. Bossman goes down in a heap. DiBiase scores with a russian legsweep and laughs. Cover still only gets two. DiBiase picks Bossman up and scores with a snap suplex. Cover gets two. DiBiase locks in a chinlock. Bossman is struggling and can’t get out. The fans rally him back into it and he gets back to one knee. He escapes the hold and bounces off the ropes but gets knocked down by a back elbow. Cover gets two. DiBiase picks Bossman up and goes for a slam but Bossman blocks it. Bossman with hard rights that knock DiBiase down. Bossman whips DiBiase into the corner. Bossman charges and connects with a splash Bossman whips DiBiase off the ropes...Bossman Slam. He goes to cover but Jimmy Hart is already on the apron. Bossman walks over to Hart but Hart jumps down. Bossman goes to the outside, grabs Hart and nails him with a right hand! Bossman goes to re-enter the ring but IRS runs from the back and nails him from behind with the briefcase! The referee never saw it!! 1...2....3....4...5...6....7....8...9...10 The Million Dollar Man has escaped with a count out victory ***1/4

WINNER: TED DIBIASE by countout at 9:55

80, 75, 86

Gorilla: What a travesty of justice that was! The Million Dollar Man, clearly beaten but IRS and Jimmy Hart bail him out....I can’t believe it.

Brain: Finally!! I told you Bossman was dumb. He had the match won and he went to go hit poor innocent Jimmy Hart And now look at him He’s out cold on the concrete floor a loser. Nothing but a big fat loser

Gorilla: I’m not even going to respond to that...at this rate Jimmy Hart is looking to get his hands on some more gold, lets go down to the Fink

The Fink: The following contest, scheduled for one fall is for the World Wrestling Federation TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first the challengers. Weighing in at a combined weight of 846 pounds, Earthquake, Typhoon...The Natural Disasters!

Gorilla: Did you hear that? 846 pounds....I hope they reinforced the ring for this one.

Brain: Yeah that’s a whole lot of meat I’ll tell you that much. They also tell me that’s how much Bossman’s mom weighed last month.

Gorilla: Will you stop it

The Fink: And their opponents, from Chicago, Illinois. Weighing in at a combined weight of 564 pounds, they are the World Wrestling Federation TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS... Animal...Hawk...The Legion of Doom!!!

Gorilla: Tremendous ovation for the LOD here in Albany and boy are they in for a tough challenge.

Brain: You bet ya they are. See their strategy normally is just to overpower their opponents but that ain’t gonna happen here. And they aren’t that quick...I know they can't think...NOPE no way LOD can win here.



Earthquake starts the match with Hawk. They lock up and Earthquake shoves Hawk into the corner. Earthquake rams his belly into Hawk who crumples on to the mat. Earthquake with a couple stomps and he tags in Typhoon. They score with a double clothesline. Cover gets two. Typhoon with big clubbing blows to Hawk’s back. Typhoon slams Hawk to the mat and hits an elbowdrop. Cover only gets two. Typhoon whips Hawk into the turnbuckles and charges but misses. Hawk staggers out of the corner and tags in Animal. Animal comes in with hard rights to Typhoon. Animal whips Typhoon off the ropes and scores with a flying shoulder block. Earthquake tries to enter but Hawk punches him sending him to the floor! The LOD has cleaned house! Earthquake, Typhoon and Jimmy Hart all convene on the outside to discuss strategy. Typhoon rolls back in and stalls a bit playing to the crowd. Typhoon scores with a kick to the stomach and a fist to Animal’s back. Typhoon whips Animal into the ropes and catches him with a bearhug. Typhoon slowly squeezes as you can just see the life coming out of Animal. Animal fights out but Typhoon just clotheslines him and re applies the bearhug. Animal looks to be fading but again fights his way out. Animal off the ropes this time ducks the clothesline but they knock heads and they are both down. The fans start clapping as Animal looks to make it to the corner. Animal almost gets there but Earthquake enters the ring and drags Animal back Typhoon and Earthquake pick Animal up and whip him off the ropes. They look to go for a double clothesline but Animal hits one of his own!! Animal crawls over to the corner and tags in Hawk! Hawk climbs the turnbuckles and clotheslines Typhoon off the top!! 1....2...Earthquake breaks the count! Animal out of nowhere tackles Earthquake to the outside. Animal and Earthquake brawl but Earthquake wins out on that one The referee is quickly losing control of this one Typhoon and Hawk are exchanging blows in the middle of the ring when Earthquake jumps on the apron. The crowd groans as Jimmy Hart gets on the other side of the apron and throws the megaphone in But Hawk intercepts it and nails Typhoon in the head!!! Hawk covers 1....2....3 *

WINNERS: THE LEGION OF DOOM by pinfall at 15:04

64,71,47 - (Earthquake didn’t sell very much which hurt the match rating. Typhoon refused to sell which ruined the match.)

Gorilla: And the Legion of Doom in fact DO retain their Tag Team gold beating the seemingly unbeatable Natural Disasters

Brain: They CHEATED, Monsoon! I’m sure hitting someone in the head with a megaphone is up there on the list of things you can’t do

Gorilla: Well regardless of how they did it the Legion Of Doom have survived that trainwreck...what a physical contest. And now you know what’s next Brain.

Brain: Do I ever! This was supposed to be Ric Flair’s crowning moment, his ascent to the WWF title and what happened? That no good, toupee wearing, 99 year old Jack Tunney suspends him This is absolutely ridiculous Well at least I’ve still got Mr. Perfect...

Gorilla: What did I tell you about the Flair stuff...knock it off Brain he would not have won anyways. Wait one second...ladies and gentlemen we’ve just got word of a situation ...hold on there is some sort of commotion in the back...lets see if we can get our cameras back there....

Cut backstage to cameramen running around in the locker room. They open a door and there are about 20 referees and officials. Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts is in the corner trying to protect himself.

Roberts: Get him out of here....get him out of here...


Offical: You’ll have plenty of time to get him in the Rumble now just get out of here and calm down...


Roberts: Oh yeah....well trust me Macho...trust me...Elizabeth wanted more...just ask her....Ask Elizabeth she loved it...

Macho Man: OH YOU SON OF A......(Macho swings the bat and nails a referee, finally Sgt. Slaughter, Jim Duggan, Jim Neidhart, Owen Hart and others grab Macho and drag him out of the locker room) IT’S NOT OVER ROBERTS....IT’S NOT OVER BY A LONG SHOT... 92 - Jake Roberts gained overness from this segment

Gorilla: Wow....that is an extremely volatile situation, folks we apologize for the language of Macho Man Randy Savage but he is obviously upset with a valid reason...Anyways next up is the Royal Rumble, you’ve heard from all of the combatants leading up to this we will see who will walk out of here the WWF Champion

Video package shows the Undertaker pinning Hulk Hogan at the Survivor Series in 1991. It then shows Hogan cheating to win the rematch and Jack Tunney making the title vacant. Pre-recorded comments from all the superstars who all want to win.

Sid Justice: JUSTICE will be served, and I will walk out of here the WWF Champion.

Mr. Perfect: You wanna talk about a favorite....I’m perfect And tonight all 29 of those losers will be going over the top and I’ll be lying there with the perfect title....

Undertaker: The burial of Hulk Hogan was one thing.....now the WWF will feel the rage of the Undertaker.....

Shawn Michaels: I’m the hottest thing running here in the WWF, I’m the best looking, I’ve got the best body, I’m in the best shape, and tonight I’ll be the best man and walk out with that WWF Championship

Jake Roberts: Haha....trust me.....the poison of a snake can kill many with one single bite....and tonight the poison from this snake will slither through all 29 off my opponents. And it will be me....(hear Macho Man’s voice off camera - COME HERE ROBERTS..Jake sprints off)


(Rumble will be posted NEXT)

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The Fink: Ladies and gentlemen...it is now time for the 1992 ROYAL RUMBLE 30 men have entered this competition, all drawing random numbers betwee 1 and 30 which will determine their order of appearance. 2 men will start after I explain the rules and then every 2 minutes another man will be added. The only way to be eliminated is to be thrown over the top rope and both feet must hit the floor. This is every man for himself, with the last man standing being crowned the new World Wrestling Federation Champion! Now let us find out who drew number one....

Brain: Well I may not have Flair but at least I have Perfect....

Mr. Perfect’s music hits and out comes an obviously angry Mr. Perfect

Brain: .........

Gorilla: What's a matter Brain? Cat got your tongue?


The Fink: And now lets us find out....who drew number two

(The Texas Tornado’s music hits and out marches the Tornado to a nice pop )


Gorilla: Let me remind you....Tornado doesn’t like Perfect



Perfect and the Texas Tornado stare down before Tornado kills Perfect with a big clothesline. Perfect sells with a 180 flip. Tornado whips Perfect off the ropes and hits a high back body drop. Perfect back up and put back down by a hiptoss. Perfect charges at Tornado but Tornado hits him with a spinebuster and then slingshots him into the steel post Perfect turns around and gets hit by the Tornado Punch Perfect flies over the top rope but stays on the apron as Brain almost dies. Perfect rolls back in as the first count down begins. 10...9.....8....7....6....5....4...3....2...1....It’s Ted DiBiase in at number three. Brain says a couple prayers. DiBiase goes right after Tornado but Tornado powerslams him instead. Perfect is still reeling in the corner. Tornado goes for a military press slam but DiBiase rakes him in the eyes to counter. DiBiase whips Tornado into the corner and stomps him a couple times while playing to the crowd. DiBiase teases throwing Tornado over the top but he fights out. Perfect finally staggers to his feet as the clock counts back down. 10....9....8....7.....6...5...4....3....2....1....It’s Hacksaw Jim Duggan at number 4!! Duggan makes a beeline to the ring and goes right after Perfect. Duggan slams Perfect down hard after hitting him with several lefts and rights. Duggan and Tornado double team DiBiase. And then Duggan clotheslines Tornado.. Duggan lets out a huge HOOOOO as he looks to be the only one standing early. Hacksaw goes after DiBiase but DiBiase counters with a low blow. Tornado and Perfect struggle to their feet as we get to the clock again. 10....9....8....7.....6....

5....4....3....2....1....It’s The Warlord at number 5! Warlord comes and Perfect accidently bumps into him. Warlord don’t play that and decides to beat on Perfect. Warlord hits a big backbreaker and yells out loud. Warlord beats on DiBiase and Hacksaw a little bit. He turns his attention to the Texas Tornado but Tornado blocks and hits Warlord with a punch Warlord swings again but Tornado ducks and hits an atomic drop Warlord turns around and gets clotheslined over the top by the Texas Tornado! The clock counts down; 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...It’s Shawn Michaels in at number 6!!! Michaels enters the ring and he and Perfect immediately start exchanging chops with Perfect gaining the upper hand. Michaels with the Flair Flop. Not much going on as Duggan is beating on DiBiase in one corner, Perfect is staggering around and Tornado is recovering from something. Tornado sees Michaels and immediately starts to rage. Michaels turns around and gets put down by a hard right from Tornado. Tornado grabs Michaels and throws him over the top rope But Michaels skins the cat and comes back in. Michaels takes a deep breath as he re-enters the fray only to be met by a clothesline by Hacksaw Jim Duggan Michaels almost goes to the floor but remains on the apron and rolls back in the ring 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1....It’s El Matador Tito Santana in at number 7!! Santana goes right after Perfect, making Brain a not so happy man. Gorilla - ‘I guess some people hate Mr. Perfect and others just don’t like him.’ Santana continues to work over Perfect. Hacksaw works over DiBiase but is rewarded with a low blow. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...It’s The Barbarian at number 8!! Barbarian comes in and boots Michaels in the face and he goes flying. Barbarian picks Perfect and press slams him. DiBiase looks to attack Barbarian from behind but is caught and promptly beat on. Michaels is in the corner and is almost eliminated by Santana. 10....9....8...7....6...5....4...3...2....1...It’s The British Bulldog at number 9 Michaels charges him and gets back dropped for his troubles. Hacksaw continues to beat on Tornado but gets attacked by the Barbarian from behind. More brawling as the 8 men in the ring pair off into corners and just beat on each other. Gorilla notes the lack of eliminations as this Royal Rumble is for all the marbles . 10...9...8...7...6...5....4....3...2...1....It’s the Repo Man in at number 10 Repo comes in and rakes everybody in the eyes. Barbarian almost gets Perfect out. Hacksaw is almost gone by the duo of DiBiase and Tornado who afterwards decide that fighting is more of their thing. 10....9...8....7...6....5...4...3...2....1....It’s Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine at number 11 Gorilla speculates that Valentine is replacing Hulk Hogan. Valentine goes right after Shawn Michaels and chops him to death. Another Flair Flop. Perfect tries to help out but gets an elbow to the head for his troubles. Valentine almost gets Michaels out of there. 10....9....8...7....6....5....4....3....2...1....It’s The Berzerker in at number 12 Valentine and DiBiase trade blows. El Matador goes for the flying forearm on the Barbarian but gets caught and powerslammed Hacksaw clotheslines Perfect hard. Berzerker goes after the Repo Man but Repo sneaks under the clothesline attempt and throws Berzerker over the top and to the floor!!! 10...9...8...7 6....5....4....3...2.....1...It’s The Big Bossman in at number 13 Bossman sprints to the ring with an angry look on his face. He sees DiBiase and can’t wait for him to turn around. DiBiase turns around and looks as if he has seen a ghost. Bossman goes crazy with lefts and rights. DiBiase doesn’t know what’s hit him. Bossman throws DiBiase over the top rope and to the floor. Repo Man tries to attack from behind but Bossman sees him and tosses him over the top as well!! Valentine and Perfect are brawling in the corner, Perfect scores with a low blow and then dumps Valentine over the top rope! Duggan grabs Mr. Perfect and throws him over the top rope!! Perfect lands on the ring apron re-enters. Hacksaw thinking he has eliminated Perfect celebrates but Perfect comes back in and knees Hacksaw in the back sending him over the top and to the floor! 10....9...8....7....6....5...4...3....2....1...It’s Hercules in at number 14!! Perfect is down in the middle of the ring exasperated. Hercules comes in and goes after El Matador. Barbarian tries to press slam the Texas Tornado over the top but Tornado uses his weight to get out and get behind Barbarian. Tornado then tosses Barbarian over the top rope and to the floor!! Tornado and Michaels brawl in the middle of the ring Tornado sends Michaels backpedaling with punches and clotheslines Michaels sending them both over the top rope and to the floor!! Michaels is livid as they continue to brawl to the back! Bulldog sends Hercules over the top rope and to the floor!! Santana again goes for the flying forearm on Perfect but Perfect ducks and Santana just hits the ropes! Perfect dumps El Matador over the top rope!! Bossman and Bulldog are grappling by the ropes and from behind comes Mr. Perfect who almost dumps them both! . All three men are exhausted in the ring as the countdown begins 10...9...8...7...6

.5...4....3....2...1... It’s Rowdy Roddy Piper in at 15!! Piper unleashes all sorts of lefts and rights on Perfect!! Airplane spin gets a big pop! Bossman and Bulldog take turns trying to eliminate each other in the corner. Piper continues to pound on Perfect and locks in the sleeper 10...9..8....7...6....5....4....3....2.....1...It’s Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts in at 16 to HUGE boos Bossman and Bulldog are still in the corner when Jake comes from behind and dumps them both to MAJOR heat. Jake just sits in the corner as Piper demolishes Perfect. As soon as Piper is done Roberts attacks and smiles. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4.. 3...2...1... It’s Owen Hart in at number 17! The Rocket immediately attacks Roberts to a nice pop. Owen goes after Perfect but gets lowblowed Roberts goes for the short arm clothesline but Owen ducks and hits a dropkick 10....9....8....7....6...5....4....3...2....1..It’s IRS in at number 18! IRS goes after Perfect in the corner for whatever reason. Jake pokes IRS in the eyes to slow him down and the DDT’s Owen Hart out of nowhere Jake stands in the middle of the ring as the fans continue to boo. 10....9...8....7.....6...5....4...3...2....1...It’s ....well no one comes out. Gorilla sadly points out this is probably the number Hulk Hogan drew. Piper almost throws IRS out but just cant get it. Perfect looks exhausted. Owen gets Roberts in the corner and hits 10 punches as the crowd yells. 10....9...8...7...6....5...4...3...2....1....It’s The Undertaker at number 20! Undertaker slowly makes his way to the ring. Undertaker grabs IRS by his tie and throws him over the top rope to the floor! Owen Hart attacks Undertaker but Taker feels no pain and chokeslams him to the floor! Taker keeps choking people until we get 10....9...8....7...6....5....4...3....2...1....It’s MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE in at 21!! Jake The Snake rolls under the ropes and hides under the ring. Savage goes crazy on Perfect to start!! Piper gets a right Taker gets clubbed but it has no effect! Savage looks around looking for Jake The Snake! Roberts sneaked around to the other side of the ring Snake looks to attack from behind but....Savage catches him Savage goes MEDIEVAL on Roberts to a huge pop Savage hits Roberts with a high knee, sending the Snake over the top rope and to the floor!! Savage jumps over the top rope and continues to pound on Roberts! Referees come from the back and break them up and order Savage back into the ring. Apparently no one threw him over the top so he’s not out. 10....9....8....7....6...5....4...3...2....1...It’s The Mountie in at number 22 Mountie immediately goes after Piper. Taker is choking Savage in one corner. Mr. Perfect is in the opposite corner just laid out looking like he may not be able to walk again. Mountie almost eliminates Piper but doesn’t. 10....9...8....7....6.....5...4....3....2....1....It’s Virgil in at number 23 Virgil comes in and climbs to the top rope He jumps at the Undertaker but Taker catches him and tosses him over the top rope!!! 10...9....8...7....6....5...4....3...2....1...It’s Papa Shango in at number 24 Shango stumbles down the aisle with his cauldron full of smoke and another stick in his hand! Shango enters the ring and is attacked by Piper. Shango shakes his head and throws some sort of ash in Piper’s face! Shango then throws Piper through the ropes and throws him into the steel steps. Shango legdrops Piper and leaves him lying . Shango then continues to beat on Piper and then just leaves. Gorilla and Brain are stunned. Shango does not appear to be coming back but he has done a number on Roddy Piper. Macho Man throws the Mountie over the top rope and to the floor. 10...9...8....7....6....5....4....3...2....1...It’s ‘The Model’ Rick Martel in at number 25 . Nothing much happens. Martel tries to get Savage out. Then tries to get Perfect out. Then they all try to get the Undertaker out but fail...miserably. Undertaker chokeslams all three and stands in the middle of the ring as the clock begins to work itself down. 10....9...8....7....6....5....4. ..3....2....1...It’s HULK HOGAN in at number 26 The crowd goes wild as the Hulkster makes his way down the aisle. The Undertaker can’t believe it and goes to attack but Hogan blocks!!Hogan with rights and a clothesline but Taker won’t go down. Another clothesline won’t put Taker down. A third sends the big guy down hard!! Hogan rips his shirt off! Martel charges but Hogan backdrops him over the top rope and to the floor!!...9...8...7...6...5...4....3....2....1...It’s Bret Hart at number 27!! Piper finally rolls back into the ring but he looks to be out of it. Hitman attacks Perfect from the get go. Hogan and Savage double team the Undertaker in the corner trying to eliminate him but struggling. Piper is still out in the corner. 10....9....8....7.....6.....5.....4....3....2...1....It’s Sgt. Slaughter in at number 28 Undertaker escapes out of his predicament. Perfect and Piper do battle. The Hitman goes after Hulk and people are just slowly beating on each other. Gorilla points out that Perfect has got to be exhausted having been in there for nearly an hour. Brain notes he doesn’t get tired he’s Perfect 10...9....8....7....6...5....4....3...2....1....It’s Sid Justice in at number 29!! The fans have been waiting for him! Sid immediately grabs Slaughter and throws him over the top rope to the floor!! Piper and Hart team up against Hogan but it doesn’t work. So Piper fakes a high five and instead clotheslines Bret over the top rope and to the floor!! Bret is none to pleased with this as he and Piper exchange words. Piper waves bye bye but Sid Justice comes from behind and throws Piper out!! Hart and Piper exchange words as the referees hold them back. 10....9....8...7....6....5....4....3....2...1....It’s Earthquake is the final participant!! We are down to six men, Mr. Perfect, Undertaker, Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Sid and Earthquake Hulk Hogan bodyslams the Undertaker! Hogan, Savage, Sid and Perfect all see Earthquake and look at each other. All four men attack Earthquake!! They team up and try and get him out but they can’t. Undertaker comes out of nowhere and attacks everyone. Earthquake pats Taker on the back. Taker shakes his head and kicks Quake in the stomach. Taker then clotheslines Earthquake over the top rope and to the floor!!! Sid Justice hits a devastating powerbomb on Mr. Perfect!! Taker chokes the life out of Hulk Hogan and looks to eliminate him. He fails and goes after Sid who is stomping away at Mr. Perfect. Sid fights back with hard right hands staggering the big man. Taker kicks him in the stomach and goes for a tombstone but Sid slithers out. Sid boots Taker in the gut and clotheslines him. Taker doesn’t move. Sid and Hogan team up and clothesline The Undertaker over the top rope and to the floor!! Taker lands on his feet!! Hogan laughs at Undertaker who wants some more but is being held back. Sid sees this and dumps Hogan over the top rope!!! The crowd cheers as Hogan can’t believe it! Sid says ‘every man for himself!’. Hogan gets mad and grabs Sid’s arm! Hogan won’t let go!! Mr. Perfect comes from behind and throws Sid over the top and to the floor!! . Sid and Hogan have words on the outside while the referees hold them from fighting. We are down to two men for the WWF Championship! Perfect and Savage slug it out in the middle of the ring, neither gaining an advantage. Savage begins to score with multiple right hands sending Perfect back. Perfect staggers back to the ropes...Savage charges but Perfect ducks!! Savage goes over the top rope but lands on the apron!! . Perfect thinks he’s won!! Perfect turns around and this time he clotheslines Perfect over the top rope!! But somehow Perfect hangs on!! Both men back in and they go back to slugging it out in the middle of the ring. Perfect goes for a bodyslam but Savage blocks it. Savage pushes Perfect and tries to throw him over the top rope but they both go over the top rope!! Savage holds on to the bottom rope and stays on the apron as Perfect goes flying to the floor!Savage rolls back in the ring the winner!!! **1/2



Macho Man celebrates the win as the crowd goes crazy!! He stands in the middle of the ring as the referee straps the WWF Championship around his waist!!


Gorilla: The Macho Man has done it!! He has overcome all the odds and is the NEW World Wrestling Federation Champion...

Brain: NO NO NO! NO! NO! NO!

Gorilla: What a touching moment!! Elizabeth has joined him in the ring as they celebrate!! Macho Madness is running wild here in Albany....what a moment....what a Royal Rumble...

Brain: DAMNIT NO....

Fade to black....

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