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Fight Night


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Well, i have some spare cash from Christmas and im thinking about getting an X-Box game, but WHAT~

I looked on a few websites and Fight Night 2004 is supposed to be pretty good, im thinking about getting it. Is it a good game then or not

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Guest Pirate Chasin' Booty

Its alright for like 5 minutes, the career mode is pretty repetitive, once you've got the hang of things its easy as shit, then it stops being easy and starts getting boring, 2005 might be better.

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I just got it anyway and played on it. it is quite hard at the start but once you get the hang of it it's quite easy to do, although it can make me pissed off quite easy, i knocked a guy down 3 times. All of a sudden he knocks me down and i aint that good at lining up the referees and he beat me by KO, how gay is that

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The new one is suposed to be deeper, as you can change weight classes and go for different titles, and the training is going to be your choice so you can make a slow bruiser type or a speedy hit-and-run fighter.

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