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How Will RAW go after WMXXI?

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Wrestlemania XXI Results (April 3)

World Heavyweight Title Match: Chris Jericho© defeated Chris Benoit in a Submission Match

(History: Jericho won the Elimination Chamber Match, Benoit won the Rumble Match again and that´s how this match came about, WWE didn´t want to put much effort between these to, was a awesome 5 Star Match.)

WWE Heavyweight Title Match: John Cena defeated John Bradshaw Layfield© in a brutal Cage Match

(History: Finally Cena has won the WWE title and the crowd was totally behind Cena, this all started back at no way out when won a number 1 contender match against the UnderTaker. JBL ever since that attacked Cena but Cena overcame Bradshaw in a cage match, very smart of Long because Jordon couldn´t interfere )

Kane defeated Gene Snitsky in a Loser leaves the WWE forever Match

(History: You all know how this went, stupidiest fued ever, im glad the Snitsky is gone, horrible match)

United States Title Match: Carlito Carribean Cool© defeated Charlie Haas and Booker T

(History: Carlito said that Booker wasn´t cool enough and the bookman didn´t take that and the feud begun, Charlie Haas was just put in the match stupid WWE)

Batista & Randy Orton defeated Triple H & Ric Flair

(History: This al started when Batista helped Orton in the Elimination Chamer at New Years Revolution, when he pinned Batista hitted HHH with the Sitout Powerbomb and he let Orton pin HHH, the next show HHH kicked Batista out of Evolution and Evolution ended, Flair stood behind HHH and the feud began between these 4 and ended here)

Eddie Guerrero defeated Chavo Guerrero in a Hardcore Match

(History: The family feud between these 2 started again at the Royal Rumble when Eddie eliminated Chavo and chavo came back in the ring and knocked Eddie out cold, Eddie returned 1 week before WM and challenged Chavo. Eddie won a cool match)

World Tag Team Titles Match: 3 Minute Warning© retained against La Resistance, The Basham Brothers and Eugene and William Regal

(History: Just like the match before this. was a decent match to watch)

WWE Tag Team Titles Match: RVD and Mysterio© defeated Paul London & Shannon Moore in a High Flying Tag Match

(History: No real history again just pasted in the card but it was a awesome match)

IC Title Match: Shelton Benjamin© retained against Christian

(History: The fued between these to began all the way back in 2004, Shelton Benjamin won against Tomko at the Rubmle and the Enforcer had to leave the WWE as a stipultation in the match, ever since that Christian wanted to defeated Benjamin more than ever. Benjamin won after the T-Bone )

Cruiserweight Title Match: Ultimo Dragon won a 10 Man Cruiserweight Battle Royal to win the Cruiserweight Title.

(History: There is no real histroy in this match)

Vince McMahon made an announcement that he would put more effort in RAW after Wrestlemania and said that RAW will run wild after WMXXI.

Well I´m glad thats done so the roster will be posted tomorrow and maybe the first show.

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Chris Jericho as World Champion sounds REALLY good. Jericho versus Benoit is awesome but it shouldn't have been a Submission match. Too many gimmick matches but that's okay. Just a question: I take it that Jamal is back because you have 3 Minute Warning again.

Yeah Jamal is back, I just needed to just sorta restore the tag division.

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Here is the Roster



Chris Benoit

Ekmo (World Tag Team Champion)


Jerry Lawler


Matt Hardy


Randy Orton


Rosey (World Tag Team Champion)

Shawn Michaels

Shelton Benjamin (WWE Intercontinental Champion)

Stacy Keibler


The Hurricane

The Rock

Val Venis


William Regal


Chris Jericho (World Heavyweight Champion)


Danny Basham

Doug Basham


Eric Bischoff (General Manager)

Garrison Cade

Khosrow Daivari

Molly Holly

Muhammed Hussan

Ric Flair

Robert Conway

Simon Dean

Sylvan Grenier

Triple H

Trish Stratus (WWE Women's Champion)



Steven Richards

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Results, 04 April 2005

Matt Hardy vs. Steven Richards

RAW starts off with Matt Hardy making his entrance for the opening match. Then Richards music hits and he makes his entrance. In the beginning of the Matt Hardy took control of Steven Richards with some armdrags and dropkicks. 2 minutes in the match, Richards whips Hardy in the corner and charges at Hardy. But Hardy blocks Richards with an elbow to the face. Matt jumps on the second rope and hits the stunned Richards with a Tornado DDT! Matt only got a 2 count. Matt Hardy picked Steven Richards up and tries to go for the Twist of Fate but Richards counters and hits Hardy with a clothesline followed up by and Legdrop. At 5:22 Hardy knocked Richards down with a nice looking Snap Suplex. Matt Hardy goes on top and the crowd begins to cheer because they know Matt goes for his Second Rope Legdrop. Hardy jumps but Richards got out of the way just in time and gets up quickly. When Matt stands up and goes for a clothesline, Richards ducks and nails Hardy with the Stevie Kick! Steven Richards taunts to the crowd and waits for Matt Hardy to stand up. When Matt finally got up his feet Richards took him down with the Stevie T. Steven Richards coves Matt and got the 3 count!

Winner: Steven Richards


Edge wants his title shot?

Maria Kanellis is standing next to Chris Benoit.

Maria: Benoit you lost your Title Match yesterday at Wrestlemania against the World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Jericho. What do you have to say about it?

Benoit: Well Maria, He won with luck. The next time I face he will be crippled after I locked him in the Crippler Crossface. And he won’t be so…..

Suddenly Edge comes across and sees Benoit.

Edge: Chris do you really think you will ever get another title shot? You f*cked it up at Wrestlemania now it’s my turn to get my title shot and I will show you how I will become the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Benoit: You really think you can defeat Jericho? Don’t make me laugh.

Edge: You better not laugh because tonight…

Benoit: What tonight? You wanted to say, you and me tonight, one on one?

Edge: Yeah, you and me, one on one.

Benoit smiles as Edge walks off.


Commercial Break

Eugene & Regal vs. La Resistance

After the commercial break we see La Resistance making their entrance. This match starts off with Eugene and Sylvan Grenier in the ring. Eugene nails Grenier with a dropkick followed by a hiptoss and an armdrag into a wristlock. Grenier gets out of the wristlock and whips Eugene into the ropes but when Eugene comes he back knocks Grenier down with a shoulder block. At 3:11 both men make a tag. Regal runs at Conway and takes him down with a clothesline. Meanwhile Grenier walked over to Eugene and knocks him off the apron. Grenier grabs Eugene by the hair and smashes him head first into the ringpost. The referee says that Grenier has to go back to his corner. When the referee checks on Eugene, Grenier walks in the ring and knocks Regal down. Then Conway and Grenier hit the Au Revoir on Regal as Conway makes the cover Grenier calls the referee over and they got the 3 count.

Winners: La Resistance


What happened to Eugene

When La Resistance got out the ring, Regal was still lying in the ring. On the outside of the ring, Eugene slowly got up his feet and entered the ring. Eugene helped his mentor William Regal up to his feet but when he helped Regal up he knocked him down with a clothesline!

Regal got up but only to get knocked down again with German Suplex. Eugene laughed at Regal before he spit on him. The crowd booed as Eugene got to the back.


Jericho’s Highlight Reel

Chris Jericho’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring because it’s time for the Highlight Reel.

Jericho: Everyone saw it I, Y2J, defeated Benoit at Wrestlemania XXI to retain my gold, the World Heavyweight Title. Role the video and we will see how! I retained my gold.

We see a video at the Titantron how Jericho made Benoit tape to the Walls of Jericho.

Jericho: I defeated 6 men at the elimination chamber to win this title. I beat Randy Orton at No Way Out. And hell I even beat Benoit at Wrestlemania. Who can beat this man? Y2J

When Jericho said that music starts playing and the crowd goes nuts! The man standing on the ramp begins to talk.

HBK: Chris, you have not forgotten me right? Because you never beat me, I beat you 2 years ago remember? Now I’m back to take that title from your waist.

As HBK talks he walks to the ring and enters the ring. Chris Jericho grabs chair and tries to hit HBK with it but Shawn Michaels ducks and nails Jericho with the Sweet Chin Music.

HBK: Sorry, for interrupting your highlight reel. But who cares.

Shawn Michaels points at Jericho and says that the title is his as we go to the commercial break.


Commercial Break

Batista vs. Rhyno

Both men are already in the ring as we come back from the Commercials. The ring bells and the match starts. Rhyno runs at Batista but only to be taken down with a Powerslam. Batista picks Rhyno up and lifts him up above his head and throws him down. Batista throws Rhyno in the corner and hits him with some shoulderblocks to the stomach. Batista Irish whips Rhyno to the other corner followed by a Backbody drop. Batista makes the cover for a 2 count. Batista looks at the crowd and yells that he is going to finish Rhyno off. But Triple H appears on the stage. Batista turns his attention to Triple H not knowing that Rhyno has got to his feet. When Batista turn around he got knocked down the GORE! Rhyno makes the cover for the 3 count. After the match is over Triple H walks to the ring. He looks under the ring and grabs a sledgehammer! Triple H slides in the ring and nails Batista down with the Sledgehammer. Triple H laughs before hitting Batista again with the sledgehammer. Triple H laughs as he grabs a microphone.

Triple H: Batista, you may have won from Ric and I but you haven’t won the war yet.

Winner: Rhyno


What’s going on?

When Triple H is still in the ring and Batista is still lying in the ring Orton comes to the ring and the brawl starts between Orton and Triple H. Also Ric Flair comes running down to the ring. Batista stood up and begins to brawl with Flair. Orton and Batista getting the advantage of the brawl. They send Flair and HHH to the outside of the ring.


Bischoff has an announcement

I’m Back hits the P.A. System as Eric Bischoff comes out and in the all 4 four are still standing by the ring or in the ring.

Eric Bischoff: Guys take it easy, you guys can’t settle it like this. I will make a rematch next week, Batista and Randy Orton versus Triple H and Ric Flair.

Batista and Randy Orton are smiling, but Triple H and Ric Flair don’t seem to be happy with the decision of Eric Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Now get out of the ring, the Mainevent is about to begin!

First Triple H and Ric Flair walk off as Randy Orton and Batista are playing the crowd.


Edge vs. Chris Benoit

Edge his music hits and he makes it to the ring with a lot of boo’s from the crowd. Then Benoit’s music hits and when he goes to the ring he gets a lot of cheers from this live crowd. Both men are in the ring and the bell rings and the match is underway. When Benoit and Edge are fighting in the ring. Jericho appears on stage with a chair. Jericho sets down the chair and sits on to watch the match. Benoit taking control of the match early on. Benoit hits Edge with some Suplexes, Armdrags and a bodyslam. Benoit picks Edge up and nails him with a Bridging German Suplex but Edge kicked out at 2. Benoit tries to irish whip Edge into the ropes but Edge counters and Benoit is send in the ropes. When Benoit bounces back Edge throws Benoit to the outside. Edge goes to the outside to, and throws Benoit into the steel steps. At 6:57 Edge and Benoit are fighting back in the ring. Benoit Irish whips Edge in the ropes but when Edge bounces back he hits Benoit with The Spear! Edge goes for the cover 1..2.. Kick Out! Edge picks Benoit up, but Benoit reacts and nailed Edge with a German Suplex but Benoit hold on for 2 other German Suplexes. Benoit makes the cover 1…2… Kick out. When Benoit tries to pick up Edge, Edge grabs his legs and locks Benoit in the Edgeacator! Benoit is holding in pain but wait a minute Jericho has grabbed the chair he was sitting on and he runs to the ring and nails Edge over the head. Then he nails Benoit over the head. The referee has no choice but to call this match into a draw. Hell really break loose here because all 3 man are brawling!

Winner: Draw



Shawn Michaels comes running down to the ring and he nails Jericho down! Then he hits Edge with the Sweet Chin Music. Chris Benoit comes behind Shawn Michaels and nails him with a Dragon Suplex. Jericho has stand up to and nails HBK with the Lionsault! But Benoit locks Jericho in the Crippler Crossface. Edge has gone to the outside and grabbed a chair as he slides into the ring and knocks down all 3 men. And Edge is the last man standing.


Edge smiles as RAW goes off air.

RAW got an overall rating of 5.92.

The Attendance level was 7561 people.

We made $300825 from ticket sales.

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Results, 10 April 2005

Muhammed Hussan & Khosrow Daivari vs. Garrison Cade & Val Venis

When Hussan & Daivari had the upper hand in this match the crowd yelled USA! USA! The crowd really hated Hussan & Daivari. About the match itself it was a nice back and forth match. Val Venis even hits the Money Shot at Daivari but Hussan broke up the pin. After 6 minutes Hussan threw Venis out of the ring and Daivari & Hussan nailed Cade down with the Arabian Carpet Ride to get the 3 count.

Winners: Muhammed Hussan & Khosrow Daivari


Some Arabic words from Daivari & Hussan

After the match Khosrow Daivari grabbed a microphone and begun to talk.

Daivari: [وّ] نظرة خارجا ، نحن هنا أن يستلم العالم بطاقة فريق عناوين تقسيم ويذهب نحن أن يرفس [إفربود'س] حمار الذي يقف في طريقنا!

After these words Daivari gave the microphone to Hussan.

Hussan: You all understood him, World Tag Team Titles here we come!


Tag Match Video

A video is shown of last week’s RAW featuring Batista, Flair, Orton and Triple H. It is also hyping up there Tag Match on next week’s RAW. On the video we see all the happenings between these 4 man on the last RAW.


Commercial Break

Molly Holly vs. Victoria vs. Lita

This was a nice three way but Molly Holly and Victoria mostly knocked Lita down every time she tried to be involved in this match. On the end of the match Lita hits a moonsault on Molly Holly, Lita covered Molly Holly but Victoria picked here up and finished Lita of for 3 count after the Widow’s Peak.

Winner: Victoria



We see a video recapping everything from last weeks Wrestlemania. We see Jericho beating Benoit, 3 Minute Warning winning the Tag Match, Batista & Randy Orton defeat Triple H & Ric Flair and Shelton Benjamin retains against Christian.


Maven vs. Rhyno

Rhyno controlled Maven this whole match. It looks like the booking team of RAW really wants Rhyno to go in higher Profile matches. Rhyno finished this squash match with a vicious looking GORE!

Winner: Rhyno


Last Video of the Night

The last video of the night is shown. It is about what happened in the main event of RAW this past week. We see the chaos in the ring with Jericho, Benoit, Michaels and Edge. We see Michaels hitting the Sweet Chin Music, Benoit locking in the Crossface, Jericho hitting the Lionsault and Edge go crazy with the steel chair.


The Hurricane vs. Simon Dean

This was the best match of this edition of Sunday Night Heat in my eyes. We saw Dean hitting some nice moves on The Hurricane and we saw it also the other way. The highspot of the match would be when the Hurricane did a Springboard Moonsault on Dean but Dean got out of the way quick. In the end of the match The Hurricane won after hitting The Vertebreaker. Yeah the WWE allowed him to use this move again. After the match Dean attacked The Hurricane just to make sure the people knew he was playing the Heel.

Winner: The Hurricane


Heat goes of air with the crowd booing Simon Dean.

Heat got an overall rating of 4.91

The Attendance level was 7546 people.

We made $301840 from ticket sales.

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Daivari talking Arabian is awesome, you should do that more often. The Women's Triple Threat match should have been on RAW, it just doesn't seem like a match that would happen on Heat. Also the match served no purpose while 3 of the 4 women wrestlers on the WWE roster fought against each other which should have been big. Maven versus Rhyno is great but again; this should have been on RAW. This is no Heat match, I mean where has Maven's push gone? I like the fact that you are pushing Rhyno though. But if you really want to push somebody, use him on RAW. Hurricane vs. Simon Dean sounds like a typical Heat Main Event match so that's good.

You need to think before you act but this diary has potential. Keep it up :thumbsup:

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user posted image


Last week at RAW it was a mayhem. What will happen next between Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels and Edge? Also Eugene will try to explain why he disrespected Regal Last week. But there is more, there are already 4 matches made and 2 of them are title defenses!

World Tag Team Titles Match

3 Minute Warning© vs. The Basham Brothers

WWE Intercontinental Title Match

Shelton Benjamin© vs. 'Captain Charisma' Christian

in non title action:

Triple H and Ric Flair vs. Batista and Randy Orton


Chris Jericho and Edge vs. Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit

Now be sure you won't miss this next RAW!!!

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Results, 11 April 2005

World Tag Team Titles Match

3 Minute Warning© vs. The Basham Brothers

3 Minute Warning made their way to their ring with their new awesome theme music. Since this team turned face at No Way Out the crowd really loves them. After 3 Minute Warning The Basham Brothers make their entrance with some mixed reactions from the crowd. Rosey started the match of with Danny Basham. Rosey got his seize advantage and controlled the match early on. At 2:34 Rosey threw Danny into the ropes and follows it up with a Samoan Drop to get the 2 count. Rosey tagged to Ekmo who runs at Danny and takes him down with vicious clothesline. Khosrow Daivari and Muhammed Hussan are coming to ringside. Ekmo runs into the ropes but Hussan grabs his leg and pulls him out of the ring. Hussan and Daivari then nail Ekmo with The Arabian Carpet Ride! The referee has no choice but to call for a Disqualification. Rosey runs to Daivari and Hussan but also got knocked down with The Arabian Carpet Ride!

Winners: 3 Minute Warning


Did we make our point!

Muhammed Hussan picks up a microphone and gives Khosrow Daivari the microphone and Daivari begins to speak.

Daivari: نحن [دمنت] نريد طلقة خردق في البطاقة فريق عناوين ، و [بيسكهوفّ] إن أنت لا تعطي هو إلى نا. نحن سنضرب الجحيم حيّة من أنت!

Daivari gives the microphone to Muhammed Hussan.

Hussan: You heard him Bischoff! Just give us our title match and we will not beat you up.

‘I’m Back’ hits the P.A. System and Eric Bischoff walks out and is standing on the ramp with a microphone in his hand.

Bischoff: I will not give you guys your title shot that easy, you guys will have to earn it next week!. If you win, you will face Ekmo and Rosey at Backlash. If you lose, La Resistance will face 3 Minute Warning at Backlash!

Muhammed Hussan and Khosrow Daivari are smiling as Daivari has 1 thing left to say.

Daivari: نحن سنرفس أنّ أحمرة فرنسيّة أسبوع تالية!

Hussan: Yeah, we will kick their asses Khosrow.


Commercial break

Don’t call me Eugene anymore!

When we come back from the commercials we see Eugene standing in the ring with a evil look on his face.

Eugene: First of all, I don’t go by the name of Eugene anymore because from now on my name is: Nick Dinsmore The Technical Wonderkid! You want to know why I changed? Let’s see the video tape from last week’s RAW.

We see Eugene, I mean Nick Dinsmore getting thrown headfirst into the steel ringpost.

Dinsmore: You see that? That’s how it happened I’m not a doctor so I can’t really explain what happened in my brain but what I can say is that I’m happy with, because now I can show you my real talent. And I know that I can defeat every superstar back there in the locker room.

For I forget about this, I attacked Regal because he cost us our match yesterday. And I don’t need him as my partner anymore I’m going solo.

Suddenly William Regal music hits as he walks up to the ramp with a microphone in his hand.

Regal: Like you said Nick, you can defeat every single superstar. Well prove it at Backlash because it will be you and me, one on one at Backlash.

Nick Dinsmore smiles as he begins to speak again.

Dinsmore: Alright Regal, you are on.


Lita vs. Victoria

The match started of with both women trading punches until Lita kicks Victoria in the guts and knocks here down with a dropkick to the jaw. Lita then connected with a DDT. Lita goes for a cover but only got a 2 count. Later in the match at 5:17 Lita hits Victoria with the Litacanrana! Lita makes the cover but Victoria put here foot on the bottom rope. Lita picked Victoria up but Victoria nailed here down with a clothesline. Victoria looked up and got on the top rope. She went for a moonsault but Lita rolled out of the way but Victoria landed on here feet. Lita turned around but got nailed with a kick to the head. Victoria says its over and picked Lita up and knocked here down with the Widows Peak and she got the 3 count.

Winner: Victoria


RAW Recap Video

We see a recap video of last weeks RAW and it’s hyping up the main event of this weeks RAW with Jericho and Edge facing of against HBK and Benoit.


Commercial Break

WWE Intercontinental Title Match

Shelton Benjamin© vs. Christian

Both men were in the ring when we came back from the commercials. Shelton Benjamin started the match with some nice suplexes. But Christian fought back with some shots to the head and a Powerslam. At 4.33 Shelton tries to kick Christian but Christian caught his foot and spins him around but only to get hit by the Dragon Whip! Benjamin makes the cover but Christian kicks out at 2. Benjamin picks Christian up and goes for the Exploder Powerslam but Christian counters it and nails Benjamin with the Inverted Facelock Backbreaker. Christian goes for the cover but only gets a 2 count. At 7:57 Christian picks Benjamin up and nails him down with the Unprettier. Christian makes the cover, but Shelton Benjamin kicks out! Christian gets frustrated and slides out of the ring and grabs a chair and wham nails Benjamin over the head with it. The referee sees this and Disqualifies Christian. Christian is angry picks up Benjamin and nails him down with another Unprettier.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin


Another Match is made by Bischoff

Christian is still in the ring as Bischoff stands on the ramp.

Bischoff: Christian! I will give you one more chance to win that title, but only if you win the 10 men battle royal match I made for next weeks RAW to determinate the number 1 contender for the Intercontinental Title. If you win it, Benjamin is all yours.

Christian has a scary look in his face as Eric Bischoff laughs.

Bischoff: Good luck Christian, you need it.


Interview with Orton

Maria Kanellis is standing next to Randy Orton.

Kanellis: Randy, do you think you will beat Triple H and Ric Flair tonight with your partner Batista?

Orton: Off course I will beat them, I even could beat them on my own. First of all I am the Legend Killer and there is a legend in the ring so I am at my best. And Triple H yeah he is out of his prime. I will have no problem beating them and it’s all over before they can say R K

Suddenly Batista is standing behind Randy Orton.

Batista: Triple H! I will beat the living crap out of you right now!

Batista breaths loud as his Orton’s theme music hits and they go but Orton had one thing left to say.

Orton: It’s over before they can say R K O

Randy Orton and Batista walks to the ring and when their in the Ring HHH’s music hits and he and Flair come out.


Randy Orton and Batista vs. Triple H and Ric Flair

Batista begins the match by knocking down Flair with 1 punch but Ric Flair fights back with some jackknife chops as the crowds yells Woooo! By every chop Ric Flair does. Flair tries to make a tag to HHH but Triple H backs off. Batista made the tag to Orton who runs at Flair and takes him down. At 5:36 we see Triple H finally in the ring fighting it off with Batista. Triple H goes for the Pedigree but Batista counters it with a backdrop. Batista picks Triple H up and nails him with a vicious looking Spinebuster! Batista makes the cover but Flair breaks it up. Batista makes the tag to Orton. At 10:55 Orton is fight Triple H in the ring and Batista is brawling with Flair on the outside. Triple H went for a clothesline but Orton ducks and nails HHH down with the RKO. On the outside Batista knocks down Flair and Orton makes the cover one HHH and gets the 3 count. Triple H slowly got up his feet and he knocks down Orton from behind but Triple H forgot about Batista and got knocked out with the Batista Bomb.

Winners: Randy Orton and Batista


Chris Jericho and Edge vs. Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels

As Benoit and Michaels made their entrance they got attacked in the back by Edge and Jericho. All 4 man are fighting as we see Benoit hitting a German Suplex right on Edge, Jericho then runs at Benoit and nails him down with a running enzuiguri kick! Shawn Michaels then nails Jericho down with the Sweet Chin Music. It looks like this time Shawn Michaels is the Last Man Standing!

Winners: Draw


Bischoff’s announcement

As all four men are still on the ramp Bischoff came out once again.

Bischoff: I have a huge announcement to make, It’s official I made 3 matches for Backlash. Here they come. First of all it will be Triple H facing Randy Orton one on one in a Hardcore Match! Also Batista will face Ric Flair. And now the main event we all have been waiting for in years.

Eric Bischoff laughs as the crowd waits in excitement.

Bischoff: Chris Jericho will defend his World Heavyweight Title against, Chris Benoit.

Benoit smiles.

Bischoff: against Edge and against Shawn Michaels in a Fatal Four Way with the first man who gets pin will be the World Heavyweight Champion!


Eric Bischoff laughs as Chris Jericho has a scary look on his face because he needs to defend his title against 3 very talented wrestlers. We take a look at the 4 man who are in the mainevent of Backlash as we go off air.

RAW got an overall rating of 5.74

The Attendance level was 7514 people

We made $300560 from ticket sales.

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The Backlash card looks like this so far.

William Regal vs. Nick Dinsmore

Batista vs. Ric Flair

Triple H vs. Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Title Match

Chris Jericho© vs. Edge vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Benoit

More matches will be added at the next RAW

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Results, 17 April 2005

Garrison Cade vs. Paul Birchall

Nice match we got on here, Birchall showed us he has real talent, it will not take long before we see this kid on RAW, Garrison Cade showed a side we have never seen before of him. He used every dirty trick from the book just to make sure Paul Birchall couldn’t control the match. Garrison Cade nailed Birchall down with a Low Blow, the referee did not see it because he was out of position. Cade got on the top rope and nailed the Elbow Drop from there and it was all over.

Winner: Garrison Cade


Video Recap #1

They showed us a video where we see William Regal and Nick Dinsmore talking to each other from last weeks RAW. We also see a little video hyping up the new Nick Dinsmore.


Tajiri vs. The Hurricane

This was probably the best match of the night, the crowd really was into it. And it’s the second time in 2 weeks that The Hurricane is in a show stealing match. Will we see more of this talent in the future? Also Tajiri got some nice offense and showed us his talent to. Damn maybe we have to hire new heat wrestlers because all of the heat wrestlers now show all of their talent. The Hurricane won the match after the Vertebreaker.

Winner: The Hurricane


Video Recap #2

In this video we see the happening from the main event from last weeks RAW we see the brawling over the whole arena from Edge, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels. We see them all hitting their signature moves and then we go to the commercials.


Commercial Break

Robert Conway vs. Danny Basham

In this match we saw some good technical moves from both wrestlers. Also the crowd was into this, poor Conway every time he had the upperhand the crowd yelled USA! USA! Danny Basham made a stupid mistake in the match when he tries to splash Conway from the top rope but Conway got out of the way in the and nailed Basham with the Iron Fist for the 3 count.

Winner: Robert Conway


Backlash Video

In this last video of the night we see that they are hyping up Backlash, we see them hyping up the backlash matches, these matches they are hyping up: William Regal vs. Nick Dinsmore, Batista vs. Ric Flair, Triple H vs. Randy Orton and Chris Jericho vs. Edge vs. Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels.


Val Venis vs. Simon Dean

In this last match from Heat we saw Val Venis take on Simon Dean. Val Venis made the women in the crowd crazy with his usual towel act but he also made some men in the crowd crazy when he did some nice moves. Simon Dean just hyping up his fitness products but the crowd yelled bankrupt at him. In the end of the match Dean tried to hit Venis with the Spin Doctor but Venis countered it into a Powerbomb followed by the Money Shot and it was all over.

Winner: Val Venis


Heat got an overall rating of 5.23

The Attendance level was 7522 people

We made $300880 from ticket sales

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We just got emailed by Matt Hardy who likes to work with Simon Dean

user posted image

Matt Hardy

user posted image

Simon Dean

Next week we will contact Simon Dean, and ask him if he would like to work with Matt Hardy. if Both men agree then We think we will have a program between these to talented workers.

In other news Smackdown! got a 1.63 buyrate for their April PPV called Unholy!

The event was attended by 16765 people. The Card looked like this:

WWE Smackdown! Unholy!

John Cena retained the WWE Heavyweight Title in a hardcore match against JBL

Carlito Carribean Cool retained his US Title against The Undertaker

Rob van Dam and Rey Mysterio lost their tag titles against Los Guerreros

Booker T defeated Charlie Haas

Ultimo Dragon retained his cruiserweight gold against Funaki

John Heidenreich defeated Kenzo Suzuki

Hardcore Holly defeated Shannon Moore

Also WLW TV has been dropped by PAX TV

For more news always go to www.RAW.com

And be sure to check Backlash because it will be an awesome show

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RAW Preview

This will be the last RAW before Backlash and Eric Bischoff has a nice suprise for

Trish Stratus because she will defend her Women's Title against someone who will make her debut this RAW can she make an impact?

Also in other action there is a 10 Men Battle Royal to determinate the number one contender for the Intercontinental Title. Will Christian Survive 10 men? because he is the first entrant.

And Daivari and Hussan must fight against La Resistance and the winner will face 3 Minute Warning at Backlash.

But what will happen between Edge, HBK, Jericho and Benoit? and between Flair, Triple H, Batista and Orton? Wanna find out? Tune in on RAW!!!

Confirmed matches

10 Men Battle Royal, winner will face Benjamin for the IC title at Backlash.

La Resistance vs. Daivari and Hussan

???? vs. Molly Holly

Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton

and Batista vs. Triple H

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