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Anybody seen what happened over at hitemup.com?

Guest BacknBlackHoez

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Yeah, I'm still not entirely sure what the hell was going on.

3 days worth of posts disappeared, which was blamed on a database error.

Then people started posting links to www.mixtapemp3.com, which had the forum complete with missing posts, saying that the board had been hacked

THEN people on hitemup said it was a scam to steal peoples passwords

*THEN* the old admins contacted people informing them that the board HAD been hacked, and that a new board would be set up at http://2pacboard.com

Very confusing, hopefully the new forum will be up soon. My board name on there was Illuminattile, by the way.

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Guest MystikalityIX

HitEmUp.com’s legal team will be filing legal action against the bootlegger for control of the site and punitive damages, as will a number of artists and record labels whom hosted their official forum on HitEmUp’s message board...
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