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Question about Ultimate Spiderman

Guest raze0811

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Guest raze0811

Does anybody know why issue 46 is not included in any of the collected works? The hardcover edition volume 4 covers 40-45 & 47-53 evidently, while the TPBs skip it over as well.

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Ultimate Spiderman #46 Review

Posted By Kyle Litke on 09.18.03

More quality work from Bendis

Reviewer: Kyle Litke

Story Title: Afterwards…

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis

Penciled by: Mark Bagley

Inked by: Art Thibert

Colored by: Transparency Digital

Lettered by: Chris Eliopoulos

Editor: Ralph Macchio

Publisher: Marvel

Brian Michael Bendis is generally considered one of the best writers in comics today. While his work on Powers made that perfectly clear, his work on Ultimate Spiderman showed exactly what he could do to an even larger audience. It comes as no surprise that he’s writing so many titles at a time, since having Bendis writing is a surefire way of getting a good story. Sure, occasionally he writes an issue consisting entirely of monkeys having sex, but really, look at the number of titles he has to write. Can you blame him??

Ultimate Spiderman #46 revealed what happened after Spiderman’s battle with Otto Octavius quite a while ago. In actuality, it mainly seemed to be setting up for Ultimate Six, as this issue dealt with the Sandman’s escape from the scientists holding him, which directly leads into the beginning of Ultimate Six. Even if it didn’t quite continue the story from recent issues, it was still written well.

The art is, as always, excellent. I’m very impressed with Mark Bagley’s work, especially since Ultimate Spiderman is released more than 12 times a year. For many pencillers, their work would suffer from being forced into a schedule like that, but if Mark’s work suffers at all, it doesn’t show. It’s hard to imagine anyone else penciling this book. Art Thibert also did a great job inking Mark’s work.

Overall, this was another great issue of Ultimate Spiderman. My only real complaint right now is concerning that minor storyline in the background, with Flash Thompson. It’s been hinted at for a long time now, and I’ve been waiting for something to at least hint at what’s going on. There hasn’t been anything as of yet though. Really, that’s only a minor complaint, as the book continues to give a great read every month.

The 411 .::. Another great issue, par for the course where Ultimate Spiderman is concerned.

Final Score: 9.0

From 411Mania comics section.


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