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  1. IDOL

    Happy Birthday Papa Teej!

  2. Didn't that come out in like 2010? Or am I forgetting something? Yeah. I meant Interstellar. Too many I movies from Nolan. Probably lucky I didn't call it Insomnia. Editing now. Thanks.
  3. 1. Guardians Of The Galaxy 2. Captain America 3. Interstellar 4. Gone Girl 5. 22 Jump Street 6. The Judge 7. John Wick 8. X-Men 9. Edge Of Tomorrow 10. The Equalizer Really need to see some of the Oscar nominated films.
  4. The final season of HIMYM was the most atrocious pile of crap I have ever seen not names Two Broke Girls or any new show about a man and a woman meeting this season.
  5. 1. True Detective 2. The Walking Dead 3. Flash 4. Arrow 5. Brooklyn Nine Nine 6. Surviving Jack (wasted vote I realize since nobody but me remembers how great this FOX comedy was) 7. The Newsroom 8. The Strain 9. Last Week Tonight 10. Silicon Valley 11. Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD 12. Constantine 13. The Blacklist 14. Survivor 15. Justified Gotham would be 16. It's okay, but it is not good. How did I forget The Newsroom?? Cya SHIELD! You are now 16 and Gotham would have been 17! And I got all caught up on SHIELD and it redeemed itself a lot in the last three episodes or so. Pretty much when Bobbi Morse (Mockingbird) showed up it started to improve. So it makes the list again. Sorry Doctor Who. I love Capaldi's Doctor, but between the annoyance of Clara and a lot of bad episodes (for the second year in a row) you do not make the cut anymore.
  6. Man I wish there was something exciting to talk about in my life...

    1. Rocky


      Remember that thing? Y'know that happened when you and wotsitsname went to that place? at that time?

      No? Might have been someone else :/

    2. JasonM


      Like Oh My God, Becky!

  7. My wife is slowly getting caught up on all the past seasons and as such I didn't watch last year yet. I am a miserable failure
  8. 1. Breaking Bad 2. Person Of Interest 3. Doctor Who 4. Walking Dead 5. The Newsroom 6. Survivor 7. Fringe 8. Arrow 9. The Daily Show 10. Brooklyn Nine Nine 11. Misfits 12. The Colbert Report 13. The Blacklist 14. Dexter 15. Ray
  9. To be fair, Amanda Palmer also had Neil Gaiman tweeting and blogging and plugging her KS a lot. That surely helped.
  10. You know me well Oboh! I truly suspect when this succeeds and a movie is made, regardless of financial success or not, Firefly fans will jump on Whedon and company to try the same thing.
  11. I don't come here much anymore but this great little community is where I first learned of Veronica Mars. Somewhere in this section is the VM thread where I gushed like a little school girl over seasons one and two as I watched them over the span of a few weeks on my computer. Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell, along with Enrico and the rest of the main cast, are trying to finally get the VM Movie made via Kickstarter. It's all in the link I am providing below http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/559914737/the-veronica-mars-movie-project If anyone is interested I thought I'd post this to make you all aware. If nothing else, watch the very funny video they made for the KS project. I admit, I donated. Too bad Fitzy and Ringy are both dead they would have maybe loved this idea.
  12. Random Thoughts on random numbers: -Person Of Interest, which I admit I love and is one of only two shows on CBS I have any patience for, is Batman without the costume pretty much. It has the same computer from The Dark Knight essentially, John is Bruce, and Alfred is there except he created the computer and walks with a limp. I really love the show even if it does stray into CBS Procedural territory with maybe half the episodes. -True Blood was great, until halfway through Season 2. After that it has been in a steady decline towards self mockery. The only saving grace for the previous season was seeing Christopher Meloni in maybe 5 or 6 episodes. After his early exit from the show I didn't even bother going forward even though I have the rest of the season. -My girlfriend loves Castle, so even though I tried the pilot 5 years ago and despised it I sat through one with her this year and I love it. It's silly, easy to predict almost all of the outcomes, and not all that spectacular, but it makes me laugh. -I need to finish the last two seasons of Chuck.
  13. Avenging Spider-Man 15.1 is pretty much the next issue of Amazing. It picks up the threads left at the end of Amazing 700 immediately and bridges the gap to Superior 1.
  14. Man I didn't expect Fringe to crack the Top 20, but that was a sad placement. I will admit the quality of the last season was very hit and miss, but so far, in its final season it has been spot on perfect and of the highest quality. Glad Girls made it at all, and surprised it made it that high. It's not a terribly funny show, although it had moments where I was quite amused. I would count it as a dramedy as Pizza said, but one that works better than most of them do. I totally understand the criticisms of the show and understand why people hate it. I can't even explain why I enjoyed it as much as I did. I tried her movie and didn't make it 20 minutes into it before I was annoyed, bored, and hating everything about it. I am looking forward to season 2 here in a few weeks, although I wonder if I will still like it as much going forward, or if it was more of a lack of anything else to watch that I really enjoyed this past summer. I tried the pilot of Revolution (quite liked it) and the second episode (quite bored by it as nothing happened at all other than a last minute reveal that made no sense and seemed to just exist because). I never went back. Between other new shows I enjoyed far more like Arrow and Mindy, and rewatching shows like Community, Misfits, and Doctor Who with my girlfriend who has never seen them, I always just figured if I heard it got better and it didn't get cancelled then I'd give it a shot this summer.
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