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Professional Wrestling Alliance: October '05

Troy Maskell

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Picture if you will a darkened room. You wake up and you don't know where you are and how you got here. What goes through your mind? I'll never drink again? Please don't let me die? I hope I had hot sex? It's a story I know all too well. I had been out at the local pub, sampling the local brew as I usually do, one or two samples led to five or six, five or six lead to ten or twelve and then all of a sudden Boom! You don't know what happened to you. It didn't help matters that I woke up with a twelve alarm bell hangover at the time that my life changed, a time I learnt that everything I'd ever wanted in life was about to come true. But that's in the future, first let me explain who I am. I'm Troy, for years professional wrestling has ruled my life like a bondage mistress. She is my pimp and I am her whore, from the days of watching Savage and Steamboat at Wrestlemania 3 to Whooing along with Ric Flair in NWA and WCW, wrestling was there for me.

As time went on I would take a number of jobs just to stay close to the thing I loved, from recapping Raw shows through their darkest era to appearing on Local television bringing wrestling to the masses. I did almost everything a person could do, but I was never the man in charge, I knew what went on behind the curtain yes, I was a welcome face back there but I was never the person deciding directions......which brings me back to the darkened room. I sat up on the bed I was on only to see a shadowed figure there in the dark, needless to say I was now praying to whatever deity would hear me to please make sure this was not my final resting place. Then he spoke

Who are you?

Ok so I told him, I thought it might get me out of trouble.

Where are you going

Home hopefully, after you let me go.

Who do you serve and Who do you trust?

AHA! Now I have him

Dude cut it with the Crusade bullshit man! You know it got axed after one season right?

Naturally.....I was just making sure you still had your mental faculties Troy And that's when he showed himself from the shadows. Despite the drama I had to laugh

Henry you son of a bitch! You scared me half to death you know?

That WAS the plan when I brought you here Troy

Ok I should inturrupt here and let you know who Henry is cause I'm sure you're all scratching your heads. Henry I'd met during my local TV days, he was running a small promotion called the Professional Wrestling Alliance. A lot of people may know him better as Lobo, one of the top Australian Wrestlers out there.

So what's with the cloak and dagger stuff Henry? I thought you were normally a....well.....Sane person

It had to be this way Troy. I need your help

You know you always had it. What do you need?

I'm taking the PWA Global. I have done for the past eight or is it nine months but the wrestling world doesn't want a little promotion in their ranks anymore. If Jerry Jarrett and Vince McMahon knew I was seeing you they'd moneywhip you into their feds and I can't have that. I need you to run this ship Troy

Run the ship? Now I knew I was still drunk

You mean you want me to book PWA with the hope of bringing it up to speed?

I know it sounds insane but the offer is genuine. I wouldn't have gone to this length if it wasn't Troy

Okay, okay. What do I need to know?

My life would never be the same

Backstory to be continued

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Okay, okay what do I need to know?

It seemed Henry was going to stop at nothing to make sure I was prepared to take the reigns of his baby. He left the room for only a minute only to come back with a swag of tapes and folders. Placing them on the bed.

Where shall we start? The History or the Roster?

Maybe the Roster would be the best idea Henry

You got it. Here you go

He handed me a large folder filled with profiles, each and every member of the PWA roster. Or the New PWA roster.

"The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal

Notes: Cade's done a magnificent job getting on the map with us. He made the finals of our Australian (World) title tournament, beating more fancied opposition along the way. I think he's really going to blossom in the next year and become a franchise player for our company.

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Henry then went to the tapes showing me every show in PWA's new history

This won't be indicative of the way I'll do the shows when I start doing new ones by the way. This is just the runthrough


The show was Rebirth on the Old Turf and it was a series of qualifying matches for a six man tournament for the Australian title at next month's show. It opened with an interview with "The Canadian Hellraiser" Jason Helton, talking about how he was the man to pick, that is if he were in the tournament, he took the opportunity to put himself over as the first challenger to whoever the champion may be

In the first qualifying match. Slex defeated Consortium of Cash member Taylor Baines via his devestating Slexecution kick to the head. That led into an interview with Consortium of Cash member Trikki D where he ripped into Lobo and hype their upcoming match.

The second qualifying match saw the first semi final of three set as Lobo defeated Trikki D despite the best efforts of Daniel Swagger. Lobo moves on to face Slex but had to face a terrible beatdown by all three members of the Consortium of Cash who took mic time to gloat afterwards.

The third qualifying match saw "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal defeat Michael Foster after hitting the Hang Over in what was a very one sided affair.

His opponent in the Semi Finals would be Heath Fury who caused a major upset by defeating Cremator in his qualifying match. Heathamania was truly running wild this night as Heath hit the Big Legdrop to advance.

Consortium of Cash leader Daniel Swagger would win his way through to the semis with a polished display against Foxx. After a good 10 minute match Swagger applied the Kimura for a tapout win.

The final match of the evening saw the match of the night as Laser defeated Cletus Blood to advance. The match was a thirty minute marathon that had fans on the edge of their seats before Laser finally prevailed after hitting the Laser Death Drop


In March the show was The Era of Slexelence and was the culmination of the Australian Title Tournamet.

However it opened with a debut by "Mr Natural" Andy Douglas who in a hate filled spray denounced TNA and the Jarretts and claimed he was going to redeem himself by destroying all comers in the PWA beginning that very night.

Semi Final One saw the match of the night as Slex took on Lobo. For 35 minutes the two traded move after move including both their finishers but nothing seemed to put them away. Finally exhausted Lobo went for his Top Rope Legdrop but missed allowing Slex to lock in the Slex Machine for the tapout win. The two shook hands after the match to the roar of the crowd.

Cade Sydal was next to book a spot in the final with a clinical display over Heath Fury. Heathamania never got a chance to start as Cade locked in the 69 stretch for the tapout.

Semi Final 3 saw Laser advance over Daniel Swagger. Swagger tried every dirty tactic in the book but it wasn't enough as Laser hit the Laser Death Drop to advance.

In undercard matches. "The Canadian Hellraiser" Jason Helton had it all his own way against Segun Carter. A devistating technical display from Helton led to the Fisherman's Buster for an easy win.

"Mr Natural" Andy Douglas lived up to his name by easily handling Michael Foster with the Natural Selection.

Then backstage there was a commotion, the Consortium of Cash had taked revenge on Laser for his victory earlier in the night and left him down and bleeding. "The People's Boss" Jonny C had seen enough, telling Trikki D to get to the ring right now for a match. When asked by Trikki who would be facing him Jonny simply replied "Me"

Jonny C taught Trikki D a lesson in pain in their match. Locking on the Sharpshooter and holding it in for a good three minutes Jonny was out to prove a point to the Consortium.

In the final of the Australian Title tournament a gruelling match went on without Laser who was too badly hurt. Slex and Cade Sydal traded blows for 45 minutes. Just when it looked like Cade was going to win the gold, Slex hit the Slexecution out of nowhere to get the pinfall and become the first PWA Australian Champion


The Show was Rosebud Rumble and in it we saw Cletus Blood challenge Slex and defeat him in a non title affair as "Mr Natural" Andy Douglas interfered. "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal had an easy time with Foxx then introduced the world to his new manager "The Teen Queen" Jamie Koeppe. Daniel Swagger once again defeated Segun Carter but Lobo got some measure of revenge by defeating the Consortiums Enforcer Taylor Baines. Madison made her debut as Slex's manager and Cremator got back on track with a win over Michael Foster.


The show was The Natural SelSlexion and the main event was the long awaited match up between PWA Australian Champion Slex and "Mr Natural" Andy Douglas. The setup called for a classic and the two obliged with a 56 minute marathon before Slex won and retained via the Slexecution. We saw the debut of "The Degenerate" Austin Lee as he dismantled "Mr Good Time" John Simmons. Daniel Swagger continued on his winning ways over Michael Foster. It was a good night for the Consortium as Taylor Baines stopped Heathamania dead in its tracks. "The People's Boss" Jonny C set a match up for the following month which would see "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal take on Laser and in a Number 1 Contenders Match "The Canadian Hellraiser" Jason Helton defeated Lobo to set up a rematch with Slex.


The show was Raising Hell and it was indeed a hellacious main event which saw Slex once again stave off the challenge of "The Canadian Hellraiser" Jason Helton in another classic match. Madison defeated Vida Loca in a bra and panties match. "Mr Good Time" John Simmons got the better of Cremator. Daniel Swagger took advantage of an injured Segun Carter to chalk up another win. "The People's Boss" Jonny C got into the ring to teach Trikki D some manners again. Cletus Blood got an easy win over Foxx and in an upset "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal got the win over Laser with help from "The Teen Queen" Jamie Koeppe.


The show was Blood Reign and this time Cletus Blood got the title he craved against Australian Champion Slex. Slex however would find it in him to suck it up and defeat Cletus to retain. D-Ray 3000 made his debut in a win over Trikki D of the Consortium. Taylor Baines defeated Segun Carter who was still carrying an injury. "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal defeated Laser for the second month in a row, using the ropes as his friend this time. In an upset the Leader of the Consortium of Cash Daniel Swagger defeated Lobo with a huge assist to Cremator. "Mr Natural" Andy Douglas was forced into a match as well, his opponent none other than "Sick" Nick Mondo. Mondo winning a brutal war with the Mondo Sledge.


The show was Run but You Can't Hide and featured a One Night Only appearance by "The Enforcer" C.W Anderson as he took on PWA Australian Champion Slex. C.W used all his experience and dirty tricks but it wasn't enough as Slex hit the Slexecution to retain his gold. Trikki D got on the winner's list with a win over Michael Foster in his last match before admitting he had an alcohol addiction. Quiet Storm made his debut with a win over "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal. Lobo finally got some revenge on Cremator for costing him a win last month by defeating the Monster in the middle of the ring, however he would fall prey to a Consortium of Cash attack and in a shock Leader Daniel Swagger revealed to the world that Cremator was the newest member of the Consortium. "Mr Natural" Andy Douglas got a well deserved win over "The People's Boss" Jonny C and "Sick" Nick Mondo won a brutal war with Cletus Blood. Winning with the Mondo Sledge.


The Show was Slexcution Time and it was capped off by "The Candian Hellraiser" Jason Helton winning the PWA Australian Title in a Match of the Year candidate with Slex, Helton using his Fisherman's Buster in his first match back from a Triceps Strain to win the gold. Youthanazia debuted on this show, "The People's Boss" Jonny C shocking PWA by revealing Josh Prohibition, M-Dogg 20 and "C-Funk" Sean Casey were the newest members of PWA and were there to combat the Consortium of Cash. "The Degenerate" Austin Lee made a welcome comeback to PWA with a win over Foxx. "Mr Natural" Andy Douglas used his Natural Selection to beat Segun Carter. Cremator won his first official match as a member of the Consortium of Cash by defeating Heath Fury. In the first ever 6 man tag team match in PWA history. Youthanzia and "C-Funk" Sean Casey defeated Consortium of Cash members Taylor Baines, Trikki D and Daniel Swagger when Josh Prohibition pinned Trikki D and in what some called the upset of the year so far "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal defeated Lobo cleanly in the centre of the ring with the Hang Over.

I certainly was impressed. The talent that Henry had put together was amazing.

I think this is really going to work Henry. You've done well

But Henry wasn't finished with the shocks

There's more to it Troy. You see I got off the phone not an hour before I got you and the PWA is going on the Playboy Channel Tuesday Night in PrimefuckingTime man. It's the perfect day for us, no competition, no hassles and the chance to showcase the PWA to the world

You mean to a bunch of perverts wondering why 7 Lifes Exposed was yanked for this crap......Well it's a start I'll admit that. We'd better get to work then Henry....After we go to the Bottle Shop

So it begins

Edited by Troy Maskell
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user posted image

It's the first ever episode of Legends of the Ring this Tuesday Night on the Playboy Channel and the PWA are here to make sure you and all wrestling fans feel the impact of the NEW driving force in Sports Entertainment

- "The Canadian Hellraiser" Jason Helton will be in the house, no doubt with something to say to the PWA Fans fresh off of winning the PWA Australian Championship at Slexecution Time.

- The Former Champion Slex will be there too, not wasting any time in his quest to regain the gold he will go one on one with The Consortium of Cash Enforcer Taylor Baines.

- "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal shocked the PWA at Slexcution Time with a victory over Lobo but on Legends of the Ring he steps into the ring for a match that YOU, the PWA fans have demanded as he takes on Laser.

- Youthanazia and Sean Casey burst onto the scene with a bang at Slexecution Time and look to back it up here as Josh Prohibition goes into singles competion with "Mr Natural" Andy Douglas.

- Also on the show we will see the debut of the latest PWA signing Roderick Strong, not much is known around the PWA world about this new superstar but I'm sure the fans will be impressed.

Plus Lobo, Daniel Swagger, Cremator and "The Degenerate" Austin Lee

It all begins live from The Italian Club at 8PM on the Playboy Channel. If you don't have it DEMAND your cable provider get it but do not miss out on history in the making

The Professional Wrestling Alliance. The NEW Driving Force in Sports Entertainment

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Legends of the Ring


The fans are in place, the show is ready to go. It's time for Legends of the Ring as the scene for the fans at home shows highlights from all the PWA shows and all the PWA stars looking to the skies as if this was their destiny as the theme song of Legends of the Ring, Actions by Halitosis plays.

If the world is an open stage

Then I've forgotten all my lines

What's my motivation?

And where's the scene where I'm supposed to die?

If the world says honesty is the best policy

Then to whom should I lie?

Was that my cue?

Well at least I tried

I want to be free.....so let be....me

I don't want to be....someone who gives it up and runs

Cause actions say who...we are

I will never....give up

Can't stop this world....can't stop this world

The fans explode as one as the shows opens, not with the pyro of the WWE but a genuine feeling of excitement as we hear from our announcers.

Annoucer 1: Tonight you are part of history in the making as a new force in sports entertainment takes to the airwaves here on the Playboy Channel. This is the PWA and this is Legends of the Ring. Welcome everyone I am "Iron" Mike Stevens at ringside and I'm joined by "R.C" Ricky Carmichael and Ricky we are just a few short weeks removed from Slexecution Time where "The Canadian Hellraiser" Jason Helton took the Australian title from our long time champion Slex and you know he's going to have words to say tonight.

R.C: You know people here in the PWA Mike are still talking about it. Slex seemed unstoppable when he defended that Australian Title but Jason Helton proved to a lot of people that not only is he a great wrestler but proved that Slex is vulnerable, I don't think his head is in the game anymore. And I think the fact that he pulled out like a wimp tonight proves it.

Behind the two announcers the lights in the entranceway spring to life and over the PA System we can hear AC/DC's Highway to Hell playing, heralding the arrival of the Australian Champion Jason Helton (With helpful graphic for those who don't know him)

Mike: Well we may not have to wait long at all as "The Candian Hellraiser" Jason Helton makes his way to the ring. He is your Australian Champion and no doubt is here to gloat

1. Helton talks on the gold

Jason Helton enters the ring, taking the time to soak in the boos from the crowd before grabbing a mic.

Jason: Tonight....is a night of celebration. Tonight I stand before the great unwashed that are the PWA fans on the first ever edition of PWA TV as not only your Australian Champion, not only as the man who defeated the undefeatable warrior Slex. No, tonight I stand before you as the only true legend of the PWA and I stand before you as a man that everyone here can look up to as a role model.

Mike: What an ego. You'd think he'd created the PWA.

Jason: I mean let's face facts. Tumor on the brain? Beat it. Coming back to this very ring just two months after damn near ripping my Tricep muscle right off the bone of my arm? I did it. The unstoppable former Australian Champion Slex? Pinned him 1, 2, 3. And with that I became the hottest commodity the PWA has. I am bigger that this two dollar federation. I am bigger than this business. I am the man who you come to see. I am the only legend there is in the PWA. And if you disagree? Prove...me...wrong.

As if on cue as Helton soaks in the boos of the crowd, Fear Factorys Edgecrusher plays over the PA. Helton looks shocked as his interview time has been inturrupted.

Mike: It's Lobo! It's Lobo! The one and only living legend of the PWA is here and I don't think he's happy R.C

R.C: And this is an absolute travesty! For a man as experienced as Lobo to come out here and inturrupt Jason Heltons interview time is just plain wrong

The fans stand and chant Lobo's name as he grabs a mic and climbs into the ring.

Lobo: So you're the only legend here in PWA huh? Jason Helton, you win one match, one belt and suddenly you think you're the only thing that matters here? Well I don't buy it, the guys in the back don't buy it and the fans sure as hell don't buy it. You said however, that if anyone disagreed to prove you wrong, well how about tonight you put that Australian title on the line and defend it against the True Legend around these parts, Me?

Jason thinks about it for a moment before answering.

You know Lobo, I've never liked you. You are the embodyment of everythings that's wrong with the PWA and the best thing I can do is take you out. But it's not going to happen (The crowd boo) You see Lobo the last I checked you got beat in this ring by Cade Sydal, and that's not championship caliber Lobo so you're not going to get a shot at this gold, not now, not ever.

Then suddenly another theme plays. Back in Black by AC/DC and the crowd go nuts for "The People's Boss" Jonny C as he walks out onto the entranceway.

Hold on a second. Hold on a second. Jason Helton what you fail to realise is you don't book your title defences around here. I BOOK your title defences (Crowd Pop). But I'll concede you something, Lobo your request for a title shot is denied (The crowd boo this decision as Helton looks smug) because he is right, you're not in the best of form. However tonight I am going to grant you a Number 1 Contenders match in that very ring. Tonight Lobo, you go one on one with Cletus Blood (The fans pop at that as Lobo looks happy) and Helton, you've raised my ire, tonight you defend the Australian Title against D-Ray 3000 and Jason you better get prepared cause that match is coming sooner than you think

Mike: What an bombshell by Jonny C. What a main event we've got in store. Folks you do not want to miss this. Stay right where you are.


2. Cade and Jamie plot

Backstage we return in the locker room of "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal with "The Teen Queen" Jamie Koeppe.

Cade: What do I have to prove out there? Everyone has seen I have Lasers number Jamie. I'm 2-0 against the guy and yet they want me to go out there and waste my time again.

Jamie: Look I know baby. Think of it this way. If you beat Laser for a third time, something noone has done then you can go to Jonny C and he'll have to give you another title shot.

Cade: Yeah.....Laser is nothing to me but getting the gold around my waist. That would truly be a great thing. (Turning to camera) It's nothing personal Laser, I just don't like you

Mike: Well it's the grudge match later on tonight. "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal vs Laser because the fans demanded to see it and we listen to our fans unlike some other places.

R.C: But Cade's got a point Mike. He's proven time and again he has Lasers number and I don't expect tonight to be any different.

Mike: Let's go to Jack Douglas for the first match. You are unbelievable R.C

Jack Douglas: Ladies and Gentleman. The Playboy Channel and the Professional Wrestling Alliance welcome you to Legends of the Ring. (Crowd pop) We open this evening with a singles contest, scheduled for One Fall and a 20 minute time limit

Over the PA the song Not Many by Scribe plays throughout the arena, the song of the Consortium of Cash.

Jack Douglas: Coming down the aisle, to be accompanied by Vida Loca (Boos echo for that). He is a member of the Consortium of Cash and weighs in at 325 pounds. This is...Cremator.

Cremator heads down the aisle to the boos of the crowd with Vida Loca beside him. As he gets in the ring and taunts to the crowd Click Click Boom by Saliva plays throughout the arena as Jack Douglas speaks again

And his opponent, from London, England he weighs in at 269 pounds. Segun...Carter

Small pop for Segun as he enters the ring.

3.Cremator V Segun Carter

Carter tries to attack from the opening bell with a stinger splash but Cremator moves well out of the way and lets Carter slam into the turnbuckles and walk back into a huge sidewalk slam, a cover gets two as Carter slides out the backdoor. Cremator whips Carter to the buckle and charges in with a clothesline to have Carter down and hurt, Cremator disracts the ref so Vida Loca can get in a few shots of her own. Military Press by Cremator gets two as Carter is being thrown around like a pinball. Cremator goes for a powerbomb but Carter rains blows down as he's lifted up and gets a two count as Cremator falls back onto the mat. Carter hits a DDT in the centre of the ring for another long two count and looks to capitalise. He can't lift Cremator up for a powerslam however and Cremator hits his Asylum Chokeslam for the three count.

Mike: Too big, too strong. Carter just wasn't in Cremators league.

R.C: I'm telling you Mike Daniel Swagger is happy Cremator is on his side.


4. Trikki D arrives

Obviously not knowing what time the show starts Trikki D is just arriving in the back, a man obviously of Japanesse decent is also there.

Trikki: Get the bags

The Japanese man is obviously upset by this.

Trikki: Hey get the bags or I'll get you fired hey? Try going home to your geisha girl without fresh sushi huh?

The Japanese man storms off as Trikki laughs at his own joke

Mike: Folks we apologize to anyone who was offended by Trikki D's words there. He's just an asshole who deserves everything he gets.

R.C: Would you calm down Mike jeez it's a joke. Besides if people are easily offended what are they doing watching the Playboy Channel? Now let's see some action

Jack: Ladies and Gentleman. This contest is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit.

The Bee Gees Mr Natural plays over the PA. That could mean only one man.

Jack: Coming down the aisle. He is the self proclaimed purest athlete in the PWA today. This is "Mr Natural" Andy Douglas.

The crowd boo loudly as Douglas enters the ring. Then over the PA we hear


An unknown guitar riff plays as Josh Prohibiton heads down the aisle to the cheers of the crowd.

Jack: And his opponent, representing Youthanazia. He is Josh Pro-hib-ition!

5. J-Pro V "Mr Natural

A close match between two greats of the PWA. J-Pro takes control early, sending Douglas to the outside and hitting a high somersault plancha as Douglas tries to recover. Back in, J-Pro hits a DDT for two before leaving his head down on an irish whip allowing Douglas to slow the pace.

Douglas went technical with an array of holds. deliberately slowing the pace before Prohibition fought back when Douglas looked to finish with a figure four Prohibition pushed him into the corner. Prohibition looked to use his speed to his advantage, sticking and moving with fast pinning combinations getting a number of two counts before Douglas floored him again. Douglas looked for his Natural Selection but a series of reversals led to Prohibition hitting the Drunken Driver and falling on top for the three count.

Mike: Josh did it! What an upset! Youthanazia is on the way


6. Introducing Roderick Strong

We cut to the office of "The People's Boss" Jonny C as we see a new face on PWA broadcasting. It can only be Roderick Strong.

Roderick: I came here tonight for a match with Nick Mondo and now you're telling me it's not going to happen. I fought Kurt Angle I'm not scared of him. I'm standing here where is he?

Jonny: I tried to call you Roderick I've got off the phone with Nick's Doctors and they say he was attacked by someone just a few short hours ago. But you wouldn't know anything about that would you?

Roderick: Are you accusing me of deliberately hurting him? I don't need to go around knifing people cause I'm afraid. I'm my own man. Now are you going to put on this show or not?

Jonny: Hey I can't help it if your opponent just somehow doesn't show Roderick. I've got a show to run and I have to find a replacment for your match. Now get out of my office

Mike: Folks if we get an update on Nick Mondo's condition we'll let you know.

Jack: Ladies and Gentlemen. The following contest, scheduled for one fall is for the PWA Australian Championship.

Guns and Roses Paradise City plays over the PA as D-Ray 3000 comes out and electrifys the fans.

Jack: Introducing first the challenger, from the boiler room and the TNA promotion this is D-Ray 3000

The fans stand and cheer as one, hopeful D-Ray can do it as Highway to Hell plays again to the boos of the crowd

And his opponent, originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is the current PWA Australian Champion. "The Canadian Hellraiser" Jason Helton

More boos from the crowd as Helton enters the ring.

7. The Title is on the line

Helton is all over D-Ray to start with a huge overhead belly to belly and a martial arts kick to the head for a two count. He bounces D-Ray off the ropes but D-Ray comes back with a flying forearm. D-Ray then lifts up Helton and nails the D-Ray Drop to the huge cheer from the fans but the cover only gets two as Helton gets his foot on the ropes. D-Ray signals for the Drop again but walks into a Helton jambreaker and Helton quickly hits the Fishermans Buster to retain the title.

Mike: And Helton survives. But D-Ray 3000 was half a count away from becoming Australian Champion.

R.C: Half, Quarter, eighth. It doesn't matter. Who won the match Mike?


8. Jonny C makes a match for next week

In Jonny C's office we see Jonny there, the camera pans out to show Trikki D there with him.

Trikki: What is it...Jonny....I'm a busy man. The Consortium is busy and you're bugging me with your trivial callings. What do you want?

Jonny: Get my bags?....Get my bags? You're lucky I'm not going to fine and suspend you Trikki D. I mean I could for your treatment of our japanese friend tonight. But you see I've got a dilema Trikki because Our Japanese friend wants to face you right here on Legends of the Ring next week.

Trikki suddenly starts laughing

Trikki: The Bellboy.......wants to face me......in the ring? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I accept the challenge Jonny. Heaven knows I could use a laugh.

Trikki goes to leave but Jonny stops him

Jonny: I'm glad you're so eager Trikki. But there's just one thing, I thought I'd give you his file. In case.....you know you still want to make a complaint.

Trikki: (After opening the page and seeing the name of the person, something we can't see.) Uhhhh......No.....No that'll be fine Jonny

Mike: Trikki D looks like he's seen a ghost!

R.C: What the heck was in that file?

Jack: Ladies and Gentlemen. This match is a fans demand grudge match (The crowd pop as they know the match coming) scheduled for one fall.

Guns And Roses song Welcome to the Jungle plays over the PA as "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal and "The Teen Queen" Jamie Koeppe head down to the ring to the boos of the crowd.

Jack: Coming down the aisle. Accompianed by "The Teen Queen" Jamie Koeppe (Crowd boo louder). He is from Sapalua, Oklahoma and is a former member of the Fraternity of Sin. (Cade then slides into the ring and whispers something in Jack's ear....then threatens to hit him unless he says it) Boasting a 2-0 record against his opponent this evening. He is "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal

Heavy booing as Cade soaks it up. Sandstorm by Derude comes on over the PA as the crowd cheer loudly for the entrance of Laser.

Jack: And his opponent, from Lasertown. This is Laser

9. Fans Demand Grudge Match

That's all Jack can say as Cade charges Laser as he enters, Laser ducks a clothesline from Cade and comes back with a beautiful spinning heel kick before climbing the ropes. Cade gets up slowly only to walk into a cross body from the top by Laser who gets two. Irish whip by Laser is reversed by Cade who hits a magnificent High Dropkick and takes the time to get up and taunt the fans who boo him and get on his case. Cade then badmouths Laser and hits a standing dropkick as the fans boo again as Cade flips them off and showboats. He takes too long to cover as a result and Laser gets out at 2. Cade then sets Laser up on the top rope and follows up with a delayed superplex showing off his deceptive power. Cade once again showboats however and only gets two on the cover. Cade wastes no time hitting a Shining Wizard as Laser tries to pull himself up. But that only gets two and Cade starts to get frustrated. Irish whip by Cade but Laser ducks the clothesline and hits one of his own coming back. Laser then goes to the top again and hits a Senton bomb from the top but that only gets two. Tornado DDT from Laser and it looks to be over but Jamie Koeppe puts Cade's foot on the ropes at two. Laser goes to knock her off the apron as the ref deals with her. Laser goes for the Laser Death Drop but Cade gets a low blow behind the Ref's back and hits the Hang Over for the three count.

Mike: He did it again! He screwed Laser for a third time

R.C: He WON for a third time Iron Mike get it right!

Mike: Folks we still have our main event to come so stay tuned.


Jack: Ladies and Gentlemen. The following contest is scheduled for One Fall with TV Time remaining and it is a Number 1 Contenders Match.

"Master of Puppets" by Metallica plays throughout the arena as the crowd boo the arrival of Cletus Blood

Jack: Coming Down the aisle. He is from The Mallee Region of Victoria Australia. He is Cletus Blood.

The crowd boo just at his name as Cletus taunts the crowd as Edgecrusher comes on the PA for the second time tonight and the fans go nuts.

Jack: And his opponent. He is the living legend of the PWA. The One. The Only. LOBO!

The crowd roar as Lobo enters the ring

10. Number 1 Contenders Match

Cletus took advantage as Lobo accepted the cheers of the fans to hit a running neckbreaker before going up and looking to end it quick. The Shooting Star Press missed however as Lobo just rolled out of the way in time. Irish whip by Lobo and Cletus attempts a crossbody but Lobo just catches him and casually hits a fallaway slam for a long two count. Lobo scoops up Cletus and hits a Death Valley Driver but Cletus just gets his foot on the ropes in time. Lobo then hits a delayed brainbuster and goes up signalling for the finish, but this time he misses the top rope legdrop allowing Cletus to hit a Lionsault for two. Buzzsaw kick to the teeth by Cletus gets two again as he gets frustrated. He goes for a bodyslam but Lobo slides down his back and spins around. A kick to the gut sets up the Burning Hammer from Lobo who plants Cletus and goes up and this time the Top Rope Legdrop hits for the 3 count.

Mike: He did it! Lobo is the number 1 contender! What a grueling match!

R.C: You know Mike I didn't think he had it in him and it's just a shame to know he's going to be destroyed by the Canadian Hellraiser

As if on cue the camera shows Jason Helton at the top of the ramp. Sarcastically applauding Lobo on his victory.

Mike: We'll soon see R.C. We'll soon see. Folks we're out of time see you next week right here at Legends of the Ring

The show closes with a disclaimer. The Professional Wrestling Alliance apologises to anyone who was hoping to see the Slex v Taylor Baines match. Slex had a personal matter to deal with and was unable to attend tonight's show

The end of the first show brings the first Interactive Corner. You see I have a place on my roster to fill in place of Michael Foster and I thought I'd fill it with an EWB Member.

Here's what you need to do. I made a match next week between Trikki D and "Our Japanese Friend". But who's our Japanese friend? If you're the first to guess right you're into the diary. It's that simple

Edited by Troy Maskell
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- The First Ever episode of Legends of the Ring was a success for the PWA, doing a very impressive 0.72 rating. Playboy Channel exectutives are said to be very pleased their gamble to put us on the air has paid off.

- Match of the night honors as voted by you, the PWA fans was a tie between the Main Event #1 contenders match between Lobo and Cletus Blood and Josh Prohibition's win over "Mr Natural" Andy Douglas.

- However the debut of the man only known to us at the moment as "Our Japanese Friend" was a huge success with 76% of the PWA fans believing that his debut in the ring next week will help the PWA.

- On "Our Japanese Friend" Don't forget the PWA competition currently running, if you can guess the star who will debut on the show Next week you will win a training package in Our PWA camp and a GUARANTEED match live on Legends of the Ring.

- Slex wasn't at the taping last night due to a personal matter in his family. We hope all goes well and he'll be back on Legends of the Ring this week for his scheduled match with Taylor Baines.

- Don't forget coming up we have "Outside the Square" a special one night only event where you call the shots on what matches you want to see. This unbelievable Interactive event is live from the Viking Hall in Philladelphia on November 19 with your votes coming in from November 1. Do not miss out on this opportunity to make the matches you want to see.

- Meanwhile the Fans Demand Grudge Match between "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal and Laser finished in controversial circumstances. As a result "The People's Boss" Jonny C has booked a Last Man Standing match for our big show "Ultraclash" on October 15. There will be a winner.

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Legends of the Ring


The show opens once again with the familiar PWA montage of events but instead of Halitosis's Actions playing over the screens the shot fades into a shot of the GM's office as we see "The People's Boss" Jonny C sitting behind his desk preparing to speak.

Good evening PWA Fans. Last week we saw once again a heinous act by "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal in the Fans Demand Grudge Match with Laser (As highlights of the finish of the match are shown on the screen) as for the third time Cade Sydal cheated his way to a victory over Laser (As the camera comes back to Jonny) Well as the voice of you the PWA fans I will not allow this to stand, which is why this Saturday Night at the Murphy Rec Center live for our big monthly show Ultraclash I have booked "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal to face Laser in The Brawl to Settle it All. A last man standing match, no pinfalls, no countouts, no submissions. We will finally see if Cade Sydal is the man he claims to be. Also later on this evening I will make an announcement concerning Ultraclash. Tonight I book a match that will shock the PWA world.. Tonight I will give you, the PWA fans a match you can be proud of. Tonight I will make a match that divide the PWA. Now with that said it's on with the show.

The crowd cheers and stands as one as the camera sweeps over them as we come into our announcers as they sell being shocked.

Mike: Welcome to Legends of the Ring everyone. I'm "Iron" Mike Stevens and with me as always with me is the one and only "R.C" Ricky Carmichael. And R.C I mean we're in shock here. Jonny C has promised to deliver a huge match before Ultraclash.

R.C: Well Mike he's already meddled in one match by forcing Jason Helton to defend the PWA Australian title against Lobo. Now he's going to interfere in PWA business again.

Mike: You know what they say though R.C. He always makes waves love him or hate him. But let's talk about tonight and our big main event tag match Laser teams up with Lobo to face "The Canadian Hellraiser" Jason Helton and "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal as all the wars come to a head just five days away from Ultraclash.

R.C: And you just know that tonight everyone is going all out to try and stop their opponent from getting to Ultraclash. It's going to be a wild brawl here.

Behind the pair Scribes Not Many plays over the P.A System as the Consortium of Cash head out and down to ringside to the boos of the crowd, led as always by Daniel Swagger. But Trikki D is still looking sick

Mike: Well here comes the Consortium of Cash. Trikki D especially looks almost ill here as he has to face Our Japanese Friend tonight.

R.C: And he's still got that file. What is in that file?

Daniel Swagger picks up the mic and prepares to speak. Letting the last few boos of the crowd sink in.

Swagger: Tonight is the dawning of the era of the Consortium. For too long we have allowed Jonny C to push us around. Setting up matches that he has no right to do. Making our lives a living hell. Tonight is the night we say no more. Tonight is the night that we take out our anger on those who dare defy the Consortium

Taylor: You know Slex. I thought you were supposed to be this unstoppable god of a wrestler here in the PWA. But it seems to me that you lose one match and you go to water. For the past week you've been ducking Taylor Baines. Oh sure you may say it was a "Personal Matter" but the truth is you're afraid of me. And tonight I know you're in the back so let me tell you that later tonight I'm going to show you the reason why you should be.

Trikki: Well I want to make something perfectly clear to that Japanese....bellboy I talked to last night. Let me tell you some thing boy. If you think for one second that I'm scared of you........(suddenly he looks on the point of tears) YOU'RE RIGHT! I'm gonna to get killed! This is not fair.....(looking to his stablemates who looked stunned) Don't make me get in there against him!

Suddenly Swagger steps forth and slaps Trikki across the face

Swagger: Snap out of it! You know you're better than any person that Jonny C wants to bring in. That's the consortium way. We are bigger than this business. We are bigger than anything they throw at us. Now calm down

Suddenly Pearl Jams Evenflow plays over the PA system as the fans stand up and roar as one as the new man makes his way to the ring. With his valet of course

Mike: It's Slex! The former champion is here and he's making a beeline right for Taylor Baines.

Slex slides into the ring and we're at a standoff as the Consortium closes ranks around it's enforcer. But Madison isn't fazed.....she and Vida Loca eyeball each other before suddenly charging at each other and brawling in a cliche.....


R.C: Well look at that. I came to Helton and I might just've seen Bush.

After a number of exposing camera angles (We ARE on the Playboy Channel after all) the Consortium moves in to get Madison. Slex goes to protect his valet but falls victim to a 4 on 1 assault before suddenly Things You Say by Halitosis plays and three more guys come down to help

Mike: It's Youthanazia. Youthanazia has come to save Slex!

And that they do. After a couple of minutes wild brawling the Consortium is driven out of the ring to the roars of the crowd as Youthanazia, Slex and Madison stand tall

Mike: This war of factions is tearing the PWA apart and it's only going to get worse as time goes on. This night is already running on high adrenaline and we're not even a quarter of the way through.

R.C: If that's indictative of how the night's going to go then god help the Consortium.


Coming back from commercial we are shown a shot of a unknown man flexing with our interview guy Jack Douglas.

Jack: I'm standing by here with....shall we say one of the more.....charismatic (raises eyebrow) Wrestlers on the PWA Roster...He (being cut off by the man who you'll soon find out is Heath Fury)

Heath: Well you know something Mean Gene as the Heathster surveys the scene that is the Professional Wrestling Alliance. The Heathster has to sit back and wonder brother. You see brother when the Heathster has been one of the mainstays of wrestling Mean Gene.....and when I look on the card tonight I don't see the Heathster's name there brother. But you see Mean Gene that's okay brother because I've just come from Jonny C's office brother and he's given the Heathster the right this Saturday at Ultraclash a chance at the Australian Championship brother.

Jack: But how can that be? I mean Lobo is the Number 1

Heath: You see Mean Gene the Heathster isn't taking Lobo's place Mean Gene. Far from it. Later on tonight you will see exactly what I mean. But to all the people who think Heathamania is dead come to Ultraclash and try me on cause the 24 inch pythons are ready for action brother. Now whatcha gonna do when the Pythons. The Heathamaniacs and Heathamania rumble all over you?

Coming back to the announcers we see R.C shaking his head.

R.C: I've said it before, I'm sure I'll say it again. That guys a nutcase.

Mike: It's time for our first match here at Legends of the Ring. Jack has run out to the ring from the back so let's throw it up to him

Jack: Ladies and Gentlemen. The Professional Wrestling Alliance and the Playboy Channel welcome you live to the Italian Club for another exciting episode of Legends of the Ring (Crowd pop loudly) our in ring entertainment tonight opens up with this singles contest. It is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit.

The Bee Gees Mr Natural plays over the PA system as the cheers turn to loud booing as the new arrival heads out.

Jack: Coming down the aisle. He is the self proclaimed purest athlete in the PWA today. This is "Mr Natural" Andy Douglas.

The crowd boo loudly as Douglas soaks it all up. Then over the PA we hear the music change and build to a cresendo as AC/DC's Thunderstruck plays out as the crowd pop loudly at it.

Jack: And his opponent. From the Ring of Honor Promotion in Philladelphia, Pennsylvania. This is Quiet Storm!

Storm enters the ring and shows off to the fans only to turn right into a Douglas dropkick before the bell is even rung. Irish whip from Douglas is reversed by Storm who nails a big backbody drop as Douglas comes back before going to work on the leg, stomping and kicking away before a facecrusher gets him a two count. Douglas fights Storm off with a shot to the throat behind the refs back and whips Storm hard to the buckle before sinching Storm up and hitting a superplex for two. Douglas picks Storm back up and nails a piledriver for two. Douglas sets Storm up again on the top but this time Storm fights him off and hits a crossbody from the top for two. Storm sets up for Spinal Shock but Douglas reverses into the Natural Selection for the three count.

Mike: Damn him. I thought Storm had it.

R.C: Once again Mike you back a loser.


Mike: We're still waiting to hear what that annoucement from Jonny C regarding Ultraclash could be but for now it's time for our next match. Take it away Jack

Jack: Ladies and Gentlemen. The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit.

Scribes Not Many plays over the PA system as the crowd boo as the enforcer of the Consortium comes out

Jack: Coming down the isle, he is from Six Mile Island New Zealand and represents the Consortium of Cash. This is the Enforcer. Taylor Baines!

More loud booing starts as Baines flips off the crowd. They don't have to wait long before Pearl Jams Evenflow plays for the second time tonight as the crowd explode as one.

Jack: And his opponent. To be accompianed by the 6 foot 1 Bombshell Madison (More cheers from the males) from Rowville. He is a former PWA Australian Champion. This is Slex!

Slex shows off to the crowd as they chant "Welcome Back....Welcome back" at him. He escorts Madison out of the ring, keeping one eye on Baines as we are under way.

Slex opens with his martial arts to start. Kicks and chops drive Baines back before a huge roundhouse kick in the corner sends him down. Slex immediately sets up for the Slexecution but Baines ducks out of the way at the last possible second and backs up. Baines gets up and rethinks his strategy, lifting a knee into Slex's gut as he comes in again and then hits a rolling belly to belly to send Slex down. Baines also goes for the quick win as he sets Slex up and uses the ropes to take him down in a rope assisted Burning Hammer. The count gets to two before Slex gets his foot on the bottom rope at the last possible second. Baines bounces Slex off the ropes but Slex reverses to a flying forearm that gets two for him. Armwringer by Slex and he takes Baines to the corner, climbing up the turnbuckles and walking across he takes Baines over in a hurricanrana. That gets two before Baines slips out. Slex sets himself in the corner again as Baines pulls himself up. When he does Slex springboards off the second turnbuckle and hits a martial arts thrust kick to the head of Baines as he pulls out all the stops. Cover but once again Baines gets out at two. Slex comes in again to attack but gets caught by Baines who hits a gutwrench powerbomb for two. Baines goes for the Inferiority Complex but Slex kicks Baines in the back of the knee to block and as he goes to a knee hits the Slexecution for the three count.

Mike: Slex did it! He gets over Taylor Baines finally

R.C: But make no mistake Mike it took everything he had to put Baines away tonight. Baines can hold his head high.

Backstage we see "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal and "The Teen Queen" Jamie Koeppe in their dressing room

Cade: I tell you he was impressed Jamie. Our plan is foolproof and tonight not only do I stop this legend of Laser but Jason Helton puts the beloved Lobo on the shelf.

Jamie: Do you think Jonny will go for it though Cade? We're not exactly flavor of the month with him

Cade: He won't have a choice. Lobo's pride will make him take the match and then I take care of Laser and Helton destroys Lobo. (Turning to camera) It's nothing personal guys. I just don't like you.


Mike: That scheming son of a bitch! What in the world could those two possibly be planning.

R.C: All I know Mike is I wouldn't want to be Laser and Lobo right now.

Jack: Ladies and Gentlemen. The following contest is a tag team attraction scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit

Scribes Not Many plays again as the Consortium is back in another match. And still the crowd boo them

Jack: Coming down the aisle, accompianed by Vida Loca (more boos) They represent the Consortium of Cash. At a total combined weight of 585 pounds. The team of Cremator and the leader of the Consortium. Daniel Swagger

More loud booing from the crowd as the three taunt the crowd. Suddenly Things You Say by Halitosis plays for the second time tonight as the most established tag team in the PWA head out

Jack: And their opponents. At a total combined weight of 457 pounds. Josh Prohibition. M-Dogg 20. Youthanazia!

The pair slide into the ring as the fans cheer loudly for them.

M-Dogg 20 takes it upon himself to start, charging across the ring and hitting the 320 pound Cremator with a spinning heel kick. Cremator shrugs it off and charges M-Dogg as he gets up but M-Dogg nails him with a deep armdrag for two. M-Dogg tags in J-Pro and the two combine with a double dropkick to knock the big man down. J-Pro goes to the top rope and hits a legdrop from there for two. J-Pro whips Cremator to the corner but the big man reverses and charges and spears J-Pro in the corner to really knock the wind out of him. Cremator tags in Daniel Swagger who takes full advantage with a thrust kick to the chest as J-Pro clutches his ribs. Swagger picks up J-Pro and delivers a DDT for two. J-Pro uses Swaggers Momentum against him as he drops under out of another attempt to pick him and he makes the tag to M-Dogg, who comes in a house afire. M-Dogg ducks a Swagger clothesline and knocks Cremator off the apron. Swagger goes for a bossman slam but M-Dogg ducks again and hits a springboard dropkick coming back for two. M-Dogg hits a Spinning heel kick from the top but Cremator breaks up the count at two. J-Pro and M-Dogg combine to drive him out, J-Pro goes after Vida Loca. Meanwhile M-Dogg turns around to a boot to the gut and a tiger bomb by Swagger who quickly follows up with the Kimura Lock for the tapout as J-Pro gets detained outside.

Mike: And the Consortium Steals one. Absolutely Steals one.

R.C: If there were tag belts I'd say give them to them.


Mike: This should be intresting folks as our next match begins. Take it away Jack

Jack: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit.

A heavy guitar and drum beat plays over the PA as the combantant walks out to the boos of the crowd.

Jack: Coming down the aisle, from Tampa, Florida. Making his debut in the PWA. This is Roderick Strong.

Roderick looks into the camera and says "Watch this Mondo" as the crowd boos. Suddenly Things You Say plays again as the crowd cheer as one.

Jack: And his opponent, He represents Youthanazia. This is "C-Funk" Sean Casey

The crowd roar as he enters the ring but Strong stomps away as he slides in to take control straight away.

Strong tries to whip Casey to the buckle but Casey flips over the top of Storng as he charges in and hits a super kick as Strong turns back around. That gets two. Casey goes for a lionsault but Strong gets the knees up just in the nick of time. Scoop Slam by Strong sets up the Shining Wizard for two. He scoops Casey back up and holds him up in a suplex ala Davey Boy Smith before slamming Casey's head into the mat in a delayed brainbuster. The count goes for two but somehow Casey gets his shoulder up. Strong is upset and legdrops Casey in the back of the head as he tries to get up. Casey fights back as Strong takes too long on a second rope elbow. Setting Strong up in the corner he hits a rolling powerbomb from the top that gets two. Casey looks to finish with a Tombstone but Strong slides out of it and hits a DDT for two. Strong goes to the top and Spears Casey from the top for another long two count. Casey gets up dazed and walks right into the CX '03 for the three count. Strong isn't finished though and begins to lay a beatdown on Casey. Another CX '03 leaves Casey in pain. Strong grins and says One more. Setting him up, suddenly the PA system springs into life again


Mike: It's Nick Mondo! Mondo is here! He's not on the shelf.

And indeed it is Nick Mondo as he comes out with a huge bandage around his midsection. Strong drops Casey and is ready for him. The brawl begins with neither man giving an inch before Mondo finally gets control and takes him down. Casey slides him in a steel chair as the crowd roar. Strong gets up. Only to be felled by a massive chair shot by Mondo that busts him open. He then asks for a mic.

Mondo: Strong! You tried to put me in a wheelchair for life. You failed! Ultraclash Saturday Night. Anything goes. I do to you what I want. Then Roderick.....you'll know the true meaning of "Sick" Nick Mondo

Mike: Oh my God! An anything goes match this Saturday at Ultraclash. Someone is not walking away R.C

R.C: If I'm Roderick Strong I'd be fearing for my life about now.


We come back with Jonny C back at his desk in the GM's office

Jonny: What I'm about to say is going to shock some people. But you the PWA fans deserve the very best. Next month our show is called Outside the Square. This show will be fully interactive (Crowd roar) That's right. You choose the matches, the stipulations, the combatants. From November 1 we will hold a poll on the PWA website, where YOU, the PWA fans can insert your cards for the big event.

However this brings me to Ultraclash. The main event as you know is a match between Jason Helton and Lobo for the PWA Australian Title. However also on this card I am booking a match I like to call "The Ultimate Jeopardy" match. In this match. Everyone else on the PWA roster will fight in a gauntlet battle royale along with two new signings for the PWA. One is a former ECW allumni. The other was a tag partner of one of our current roster. The winner of this match has the power to overturn the fans vote on one thing. Be it stipulation, the person he or she faces or whether he or she wants to wrestle for the gold. It is up to them. Ultraclash this Saturday Night is going to be the best show the PWA has ever put on.

Mike: I know I'm beginning to sound like an ECW announcer but...Oh my God! What a match to be determined at Ultraclash.

R.C: Where's the contract? I want in! Maybe after I ri.....er.....win the match I won't have to sit next to you

Jack: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a one hour time limit.

Scribes Not Many plays over the PA as Trikki D heads down to ringside. Slowly.

Jack: Coming down the aisle. Representing the Consortium of Cash. He weighs in at 275 pounds. Trikki D

Mike: He looks scared to death!

Trikki after about two minutes finally gets into the ring as the PA system plays some techno music and some dancers come out on stage.

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Jack: And his opponent. Comes to us from the Dragon's Gate promotion in Japan. A former WCW allumni. This is Magnum TOKYO!

The crowd roar as Tokyo comes out and dances with the dancers before heading down to the ring

Mike: Now we know why Trikki was so scared. What a coup Jonny C has pulled off

R.C: What a cheat you mean! This isn't fair to Trikki D!

Trikki D backs off to start almost begging Tokyo not to hit him. Tokyo offers a handshake....Trikki slowly walks over and shakes the offered hand....only to be met by a back heel kick by Tokyo who slaps on a side headlock. Trikki fights out and fires off some big right hands turning Tokyo around and allowing him to hit a german suplex, spiking Tokyo on his head. Trikki gets up and gets excited, "I'm winning!" Some of the cockyness starts coming back as Trikki slaps on an armbar but this time Tokyo fights out and hits a belly to back suplex for two. Tokyo goes up to the top and hits a Senton from the top for another long two count. X-Factor by Tokyo gets another long two count.Tokyo goes up again but the somersault legdrop misses. Allowing Trikki to hit a spear for two. Trikki goes for Trikki Times but Tokyo reverses to the Egotist Driver and that gets him the three.

Mike: Well the shocks keep coming. Magnum Tokyo wins here on Legends of the Ring.


Mike: It is main event time here on Legends of the Ring. Let's kick it up to Jack Douglas.

Jack: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the main event of the evening. (Crowd pop) It is a tag team attraction, scheduled for TV Time remaining and will now be contested under No Disqualification, Tornado Tag Team Rules.

Guns and Roses Welcome to the Jungle plays over the PA system as the crowd boo as one.

Jack: Coming down the aisle, to be accompianied by "The Teen Queen" Jamie Koeppe (Crowd boo) from Sapalua, Oklahoma, he is a former member of the Fraternity of Sin. He is "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal.

Crowd boos as one as Cade enters the ring. And it only gets louder as AC/DCs Highway to Hell plays next.

Jack: And his tag team partner. Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is the Current PWA Australian Champion. "The Canadian Hellraiser" Jason Helton

Jason and Cade high five as they soak in the heat from the crowd. Suddenly Derudes Sandstorm plays over the PA system as the crowd roar.

Jack: And their opponents. First. From Lasertown. This is Laser

The crowd cheer as Laser stops at the bottom of the ramp. Suddenly Fear Factorys Edgecrusher plays over the PA system as the crowd go nuts.

Jack: And his tag team partner. He is the One. The Only....He is LOBO!

The crowd roar as the faces slide into the ring. Driving the heels out.

Laser tries charging but runs right in to a tilt a whirl gutbuster by Cade who follows up with an FU elbow for two. Helton meanwhile whips Lobo to the buckle who flips over and goes all the way to the outside. Helton grabs a table and then slides in with it as he teams up with Cade and they use the table to their advantage by clotheslining Laser with it. Helton then rams Lobo off the apron with it as he tried to get back into the ring. Cade sets up the table next and puts Laser on it. He goes to the top rope, shows off to the ladies in the audience and comes off with an elbow. But Laser moves and Cade goes through the table alone. Helton goes over to help only to be met with a fierce tackle from the side by Lobo as he slingshots back in. Lobo then picks up Helton and slams him onto the top of the prone Cade. Laser meanwhile climbs to the top. Lobo picks up Cade and whips him to that buckle allowing Laser to come off with Diamond Dust on Cade and leave him laying. Meanwhile Lobo climbs to the top on the other side and comes off with his top rope legdrop onto Helton. He covers him and gets the one, two, three.

Mike: Lobo just pinned the Champion! Lobo just pinned the champ five days from Ultraclash.

R.c: With the beating they took will Cade and Helton be ready for Ultraclash.

Mike: Folks we're out of time. check the website for all the details on Ultraclash. For R.C I'm "Iron" Mike Stevens. So long everyone

We fade out with Lobo and Laser celebrating in the ring together.

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News and Notes

- Another succesful week here for Legends of the Ring. It did a provisional 0.79 rating to be the number one rater on the Playboy Channel for the night.

- Match of the night honors overwhelmingly went to the Magnum TOKYO V Trikki D match gaining 69% of the vote from you, the PWA fans.

- Tickets are still available for Ultraclash this Saturday night at the Murphy Rec Center. They're just $25 and you can still make booking on 555-Pwatics to make sure you're in the house for this big event.

- Everyone is talking about "Ultimate Jeopardy". The 30 man Rumble Royale style match. Who will be out there making their debut in that match. One a former ECW wrestler, one a former tag partner of the current roster. Plus the big main event with "The Canadian Hellraiser" Jason Helton defending the PWA Australian Title against Lobo.

- Two matches have been added to the four match card so far. After their catfight on Legends of the Ring. Madison will step in battle against Vida Loca and also "The Degenerate" Austin Lee will step into the ring for a battle with Quiet Storm. You can see the full card with preview by clicking the Ultraclash link.

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Guest U.s_Champ_Mysterio

PWA Australian Title

"The Canadian Hellraiser" Jason Helton © V Lobo

"Ultimate Jeopardy

30 man Royal Rumble style battle royal. Pick the winner of the match


The Brawl to Settle it All

"The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal (W/ "The Teen Queen" Jamie Koeppe) V Laser

No Disqualifiacation Street Fight

"Sick" Nick Mondo V Roderick Strong

Madison V Vida Loca

"The Degenerate" Austin Lee V Quiet Storm


1. Who are the two mystery combatants in the Ultimate Jeopardy match? (1 point for each correct)

2. Which match will open the show?

Madison vs Vida Loca

3. Will I add any more matches to the card?No

Since noone got Our Japanese Friends identity right. The prize carries over to here. The winner will be the first graduate out of the PWA Training Camp and will appear guaranteed on a Legends of the Ring episode. So get to it. And join the PWA for Ultraclash to see who wins.

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I like the write-up format, it's brief and to the point, hitting the bigger stuff done.

That said...I'm not from "Sapalua"...there's not even a Sapalua in Oklahoma. If it's realism you're after, as in where I actually live, it's Ponca City, Oklahoma. But, Oklahoma's not exactly a very "teen idol" kind of place, know what I mean?

So I demand you change it to Southport, North Carolina.



PWA Australian Title

"The Canadian Hellraiser" Jason Helton © V Lobo -- He needs to keep the belt, otherwise his title reign has been quite subpar

"Ultimate Jeopardy

30 man Royal Rumble style battle royal. Pick the winner of the match Pass, I don't know who all is in it, so yeah.

The Brawl to Settle it All

"The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal (W/ "The Teen Queen" Jamie Koeppe) V Laser he needs his win

No Disqualifiacation Street Fight

"Sick" Nick Mondo V Roderick Strong

Madison V Vida Loca

"The Degenerate" Austin Lee V Quiet Storm


1. Who are the two mystery combatants in the Ultimate Jeopardy match? (1 point for each correct)

2. Which match will open the show? Quiet Storm d. Austin Lee

3. Will I add any more matches to the card? Sure, why not?

Since noone got Our Japanese Friends identity right. The prize carries over to here. The winner will be the first graduate out of the PWA Training Camp and will appear guaranteed on a Legends of the Ring episode. So get to it. And join the PWA for Ultraclash to see who wins.

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I like the write-up format, it's brief and to the point, hitting the bigger stuff done.

That said...I'm not from "Sapalua"...there's not even a Sapalua in Oklahoma. If it's realism you're after, as in where I actually live, it's Ponca City, Oklahoma. But, Oklahoma's not exactly a very "teen idol" kind of place, know what I mean?

So I demand you change it to Southport, North Carolina.



PWA Australian Title

"The Canadian Hellraiser" Jason Helton © V Lobo -- He needs to keep the belt, otherwise his title reign has been quite subpar

"Ultimate Jeopardy

30 man Royal Rumble style battle royal. Pick the winner of the match Pass, I don't know who all is in it, so yeah.

The Brawl to Settle it All

"The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal (W/ "The Teen Queen" Jamie Koeppe) V Laser he needs his win

No Disqualifiacation Street Fight

"Sick" Nick Mondo V Roderick Strong

Madison V Vida Loca

"The Degenerate" Austin Lee V Quiet Storm


1. Who are the two mystery combatants in the Ultimate Jeopardy match? (1 point for each correct)

2. Which match will open the show? Quiet Storm d. Austin Lee

3. Will I add any more matches to the card? Sure, why not?

Since noone got Our Japanese Friends identity right. The prize carries over to here. The winner will be the first graduate out of the PWA Training Camp and will appear guaranteed on a Legends of the Ring episode. So get to it. And join the PWA for Ultraclash to see who wins.

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PWA Australian Title

"The Canadian Hellraiser" Jason Helton wins

"Ultimate Jeopardy

30 man Royal Rumble style battle royal. Pick the winner of the match

The Cremator

The Brawl to Settle it All

"The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal (W/ "The Teen Queen" Jamie Koeppe) with the W

No Disqualifiacation Street Fight

Something tells me Roderick Strong will win here

Madison defeats Vida Loca

"The Degenerate" Austin Lee loses to Quiet Storm


1. Who are the two mystery combatants in the Ultimate Jeopardy match? (1 point for each correct)

2. Which match will open the show?

Madison vs Vida Loca or Lee vs Storm

(My pick is the ladies first)

3. Will I add any more matches to the card? Yes

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  • 3 weeks later...

Ok so I've come to the Conclusion that I'm never going to get through Ultraclash the way I want in one sitting. So what I'm going to do is start posting it till I've had enough and edit the rest in later. Fair enough? Fair Enough

user posted image

As we fade into the Murphy Rec Centre before we hear anyone else. AC/DC's Highway to Hell plays over the PA. The crowd immediately turn to heavy booing as "The Canadian Hellraiser" and Current PWA Australian Champion Jason Helton comes down towards the ring. Soaking up the boos as he steps into the ring he walks over and grabs a microphone, obviously with something to say.

Helton: I just wanted to be the first to welcome you to a night of history. By coming out here tonight you've have got a front row seat to a historical event. Because later on tonight you are going to see two things happen. Number one you're finally going to see the so called legend that is Lobo buried once and for all right in the centre of this ring. Number two you're going to see Jason Helton cement his place as the only living legend of the PWA. Now you all saw last Tuesday Lobo pin me (The crowd pop at this). And Lobo you probably thought you were going to have it easy but I'm going to be the first to tell you that you're wrong. Jason Helton is 100% ready to go. And tonight I've got your number. Tonight Lobo your legend, if you can call it that dies once and for all because to beat me. You'll have to raise Hell with me.

The Crowd boo loudly as Highway to Hell starts up again and we go into a video package

Lobo: I've been here before .Tonight is my last shot at glory.

Helton: Tonight I bury the legend of Lobo once and for all

Lobo: Backed up against a wall having to fight for survival.

Helton: Let's face facts. Brain Tumor? Beat it.

Lobo: My whole career has primed for this one moment.

Helton: Damn near ripping the tricep muscle off my arm? Beat it

Lobo: I will not let him come and take my moment away from me

Helton: The Unstoppable champion Slex? Pinned him 1....2....3

Cade Sydal: I've been here before

Laser: Every time I get close he cheats to win

Cade: Beat the man down. Boom. Hangover. 1....2....3

Laser: It will not happen again

Cade: And remain the one and only Teen Idol in the PWA.

Laser: Tonight it's Last Man Standing

Cade: And tonight won't be any different

Laser: What doesn't kill me makes me stronger

Cade: He doesn't have what it takes.

Laser: And he will have to kill me to defeat me

Roderick Strong: Oh yes I've been here before

Nick Mondo: He tried to take my career.

Roderick: Beat another over the hill wrestler

Nick: Put me in a wheelchair for life

Roderick: Show him he doesn't have it anymore

Nick: But tonight the tables are turned

Jonny C: I've been here before. Listening to the fans. Providing the matches they want to see. But tonight is different. Tonight is Ultimate Jeopardy. Whoever wins will go against the fans. Tonight is not a night for the faint hearted. Tonight is not a night for the weak. It's total warfare. It's careers and blood fueds. It's the Ultimate night of Wrestling action. It's ULTRACLASH!

The Fans roar as the arena plays the song of the show (Seek and Destroy by our house band Halitosis in case you wondered) plays throughout the arena and we turn to our announcers.

Mike: The time for talking is over. Tonight we're going to see who the strongest forces are in the PWA. Hello once again everyone I am "Iron" Mike Stevens and once again I'm joined by the one and only "R.C" Ricky Charmichael and R.C Tonight we see the legend Lobo take on Jason Helton for the Australian Championship in a match that is almost guaranteed to be brutal.

R.C: Tonight Mike is not about the belt it's about the word legend. Who is the true legend in the PWA? Who is the franchise? Who is the man? Tonight when Jason Helton finally buries Lobo we'll know.

Mike: Well despite the obvoiously trying to put yourself over. Let's talk about Ultimate Jeopardy. 30 man Rumble Royale style rules. The winner gets to pick his match next month at outside the square.

R.C: One of the greatest incentives to win Mike. Plus we have now Five wildcards. Five men who noone in the PWA knows. And we have to find out who goes into where. Will stables hold together or will it be every man for himself?

Mike: Well folks it's time to find out all this and more as we kick it up to our broadcast colleague Jack Douglas for our first match of the night.

Jack: Ladies and Gentlemen. The Professional Wrestling Alliance welcomes you to the sold out Murphy Rec Centre for PWA Ultraclash 2005 (Crowd pop loudly) The show opens with this contest. It is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit.

A guitar riff that sounds very similar to an old WWF track plays but with enough suttle changes to keep us from getting sued as the crowd boo the entrant

Jack: Coming down the aisle. From South Bend, Louisiana. He weighs in tonight at 290 pounds. This is "The Degenerate" Austin....Lee

The crowd boo loudly as Austin enters the ring and taunts the crowd. Suddenly the music builds on the PA. AC/DC's Thunderstruck playing as the crowd get into it. Then they cheer as the opponent comes out.

Jack: And his opponent. From the Ring of Honor promotion right here in Philladelphia (Cheap pop). This is Quiet Storm.

Quiet Storm walks to the ring to the cheers of the crowd

The match begins with a test of strength won by Austin who pushes Storm back to the corner and unloads with chops. An irish whip to the otherside and Storm takes it chestfirst for a long two count. Lee bounces off the ropes and goes for a legdrop but Storm rolls out of the way in the nick of time. Storm goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a missile dropkick as Lee goes down again. Storm picks him up and throws him in the ropes and dropkicks Lee down again and covers for a two count.

Storm bounces Lee off the ropes again and goes for a hurricanrana but this time Lee counters to a powerbomb before lifting him up in a display of power and powerbombs him again but once again he holds on and lifts him up and then hits a running powerbomb, spiking Storm into the mat. Lee picks Storm up and nails the Degenerate Sweep, planting Storm on his face for a long two count. He goes to Storm's legs and tries to put on the Degenerate Destruction Device but Storm kicks him off. Lee tries again and once again Storm kicks him off. Lee charges for it a third time but this time Storm kips up and uses his boots to connect with the butt of Lee's jaw. He covers for a two count before Lee puts his foot on the ropes.

Storm whips Lee to the buckle and climbs up for a 10 punch combo as the crowd counts along. Lee staggers out of the corner allowing Storm to bounce off the ropes and drive Lee's head in the mat in a bulldog. He covers again but Lee is out at two. Storm pulls Lee up again and bounces him off the ropes looking for that dropkick again but Lee is onto him this time and holds onto the ropes. Lee makes a cutthroat guesture and lifts Storm up for a tombstone piledriver but this time Storm shifts his weight and goes over. Lee grabs a leg to try and block but Storm lifts him up into a hangmans position and takes him down with Spinal Shock. Storm covers Lee and gets the 3 count.

Mike: What a display from Quiet Storm! He had to pull out everything to win here tonight.

R.C: But these two now to suck it in. They have the Ultimate Jeopardy match coming up later.

Backstage we see the Consortium of Cash hanging out and talking strategy for tonight

Swagger: Let's all check our numbers for tonight.

Trikki: What if I run in Magnum again?

Swagger: Will you stop worrying about Magnum Tokyo for once Trikki? We have the Cremator. We have you. We have the enforcer Taylor Baines. We've got this match. Now here's the plan

Mike: They could be cooking up anything in their heads.

R.C: Cremator's my pick Mike I told you earlier.

Mike: Let's just kick it up to Jack for our next match

Jack: Ladies and Gentlemen. This contest is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit.

Scribe's Not Many begins to play throughout the arena as the crowd start booing loudly.

Jack: Coming down the aisle. Representing the Consortium of Cash. She's manipulative. She's psychotic. She's Vida Loca

Vida Loca starts threatening Jack with the cat o'nine tails she always carrys but then suddenly Pearl Jam's Evenflow starts playing and taking her attention as the crowd roar

Jack: And her opponent. From Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. This is the Six Foot One Bombshell. This is Madison.

The crowd cheer loudly as Madi slides into the ring. The two stare down each other. Which can only mean one thing as they charge each other.

Mike: Catfight! Catfight!

R.C: Have I mentioned lately what a fine job Jonny C does in booking these matches.

After finally being broken up the referee (much to the boos of the crowd) Madison hits a big boot on Vida Loca for a two count. Madison bounces Vida Loca off the ropes but Madi's attempted clothesline is countered by an arm drag and Vida Loca bashes away. Vida Loca drops the elbow on Madi for a two count. Loca goes for a bodyslam but Madi holds on into a small package for a two count. Madison goes to the top rope after slamming Loca and comes off with a double axe-handle right between the eyes for another two count. Loca staggers to her feet but walks right into a spinebuster by Madi who covers for another two count. Loca fights back with a rake to the eyes. The Roll the Dice is countered though by Madi with a dragon screw legwhip and Madi then hits a chokeslam and that's enough for the three count.

Mike: Well Madison wins. She's the only girl in the Ultimate Jeopardy match a little later and R.C she's going to have her work cut out for her.

R.C: You've got that right Mike. I don't think Slex can protect her all night.

Mike: Well folks it's time for the first of four big matches here at Ultraclash let's once again kick it up to Jack Douglas.

Jack: Ladies and Gentlemen. The following contest is a Street Fight scheduled for One Fall to a finish. And in this match falls will count anywhere within the building.

A heavy guitar and drum riff plays as the first combatant walks down to the ring. The crowd booing him all the way.

Jack: Coming down the aisle. From Tampa, Florida. This is Roderick Strong.

The crowd boo heavily as Roderick brushes them off. Suddenly the music we know so well starts to the cheers of the crowd


Jack: And his opponent. He is one of the best known hardcore wrestlers today. This is "Sick" Nick Mondo

The crowd roar as Nick comes out. But he's got toys to play with.

Strong tries to keep it to wrestling early, pummeling Mondo down and using a back suplex to ground him. It doesn't take long however for him to throw Nick to the outside and find a weapon, in this case a steel chair. He sets Nick's head up in it and tries to ram the chair into the post but Mondo escapes and pounds away. He reaches for a Singapore Cane and cracks Strong over the head with it. He soaks in the cheers of the fans and swings again but this time Strong ducks and when Mondo turns he picks him and overhead belly to belly suplexes him through the Announce Table. Strong pulls apart the debris and covers but only gets two. Strong picks Mondo up and whips him into the steel steps, he then pulls the matting back and grabs Mondo but this time Mondo fights back and kicks Strong to the gut before hooking him up and piledriving him on the exposed floor. He covers but this time Strong is out at two. Mondo goes about setting up some tables at ringside as Strong seems out of it. Mondo comes back around only to walk into a low blow and DDT from Strong for a two count. Strong looks under the ring and pulls out a ladder, sliding it into the ring before throwing Mondo in there as well. Mondo fights back but this time walks into a sidewalk slam on the ladder by Strong. He covers but again Mondo is able to kick out. Strong pulls the ladder into place and sets Mondo up on the turnbuckle. He tries for a superplex but Mondo blocks. Another try is blocked but this time Mondo lifts Strong up and front suplexes him onto the ladder. Mondo sets up the ladder and starts climbing but Strong is onto him. He sacrifices his own body to shoulderblock the ladder. Mondo falls over the top and goes sailing into the table stack set up earlier. Strong looks stunned as Mondo goes limp. He slides out of the ring and walks over, scarcely believing it then the cockyness returns. He shows off and rolls into the cover but Mondo again gets out at two. Strong can't believe it. He pummels Mondo down again and covers but Mondo gets out at two again. Mondo fights back and throws Strong into the crowd. They brawl through the stands for a while to the roars of the crowd before coming back to ringside. Mondo takes Strong down and covers but only gets two. Strong counters a singapore cane shot with a low blow and grabs a chair. He swings and nails Mondo right between the eyes but Mondo won't fall. Another but Mondo staggers again. A third and Mondo goes slowly down to a knee. Strong just keeps swinging away with the chair till finally Mondo lies flat on the ground. A cover but Mondo is again out at two. The fans start cheering for Mondo wildly but this time Strong picks him up and DDT's on the edge of the chair and finally that's enough for the three count.

Mike: What a hellacious brawl. Strong is a sick man

R.C: But he's a winner. He's my pick for Ultimate Jeopardy you know Mike.

Mike: You said......you're unbelieveable you know that. (As we see the EMT's tend to Mondo) we may have a man seriously hurt.....If we get an update folks we'll let you know.

Jack: Ladies and Gentleman it is now time for the Last Man Standing Brawl to Settle it All. (Crowd pop loudly)

Guns and Roses Welcome to the Jungle plays over the PA as the crowd boo the first entrant. He is the one they hate after all.

Jack: Coming down the aisle. To be accompianed by "The Teen Queen" Jamie Koeppe (Crowd booing). Now making his residence in Southport, North Carolina. This is "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal

More loud booing as Cade flips off the fans. As the music fades. Derudes Sandstorm plays over the PA as the crowd stand and roar

Jack: And his opponent. From Lasertown. This is Laser

Laser brings a friend with him to the ring in a bag. Cade attacks before the bell rings but Laser ducks the clothesline and hits a standing leg lariat as Cade turns. Laser reaches into his bag and brings out his friend. A kitchen sink, which he uses to nail Cade between the eyes with before lifting him up and DDTing Cade on it, Cade takes one for the team and blades up. Laser bounces Cade off the ropes and hits a beautiful spinning heel kick and counts along with the ref. At 7 Cade finally gets up with the help of the ropes. Jamie Koeppe slides in a table as Laser continues the assault with a Stinger Splash in the corner. He sets Cade up in the corner and sets up the table but the top rope hurricanrana is countered by a top rope powerbomb by Cade and both men are out. The ref starts counting. 1.....2......3...Cade begins to stir.....4......5.....6, Cade climbs slowly to his feet.....7....8...Laser stirs....9....Laser gets up just as the ref was about to count 10.

Cade calls for another table and goes to slam Laser through it but Laser counters and shoves him off. Cade charges but Laser ducks a clothesline. Cade bounces off the ropes and Laser's there to meet him with a backdrop through the table......The crowd counts along....1...2....3....4.....5....6....7....8 Cade's back up to a knee again. How did he manage it. Laser meets him as he pulls himself up with a buzzsaw kick to the head and Cade's down again.....but again just manages to be the ref's count at nine. Laser slides out and gets a third table, setting it up in the ring. Cade fights back through with a vicious kick right to the side of the head. He then points the table and looks for the Hangover. Three elbows by Laser break it and he's able to hit a dropkick. A series of reversals near the table is finally won by Laser who gets Cade into position and hits the Laser Death Drop right through the table and this time for Cade there's no getting up.

Mike: At long last Laser did it. He finally beat Cade Sydal. What a match and now these two have to go to Ultimate Jeopardy.

And that comes in part two. Which'll be up soon.

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Mike: Well the time for talking is done. This is the Ultimate Jeopardy match. Let's throw it up to Jack Douglas to introduce it.

Jack: Ladies and Gentlemen it is now time for the Ultimate Jeopardy Match. Let me briefly explain the rules. In just a moment the individuals who drew numbers 1&2 will enter the ring and the match will begin. Every 75 seconds thereafter another idividual will enter the match. Elimination is strictly over the top rope. The individual who remains after all 30 participants have entered will win and gain the ability to choose his own match at Outside the Square. Without further ado let's find out the indivdual who drew number 1.


R.C: What?

Mike: It can't be

But sure enough it is. Nick Mondo who against the doctors orders staggers out down to the ring to take part in this match

Jack: (Breaking kayfabe for a moment) He is the toughest son of a bitch I've ever seen. This is "Sick" Nick Mondo.

The crowd roar as Mondo climbs into the ring.

Jack: And now the individual who drew Number 2.

Intergalatic by the Beastie Boys plays over the PA system as our first mystery entrant slides into the ring

Jack: He is a former ECW House of Hardcore Graduate. This is Chris Chetti

Mike: Well shock number 1. Chris Chetti is here in the PWA.

The bell rings and Chetti attacks Mondo right off the bat, pushing him back into the corner and pounding away as the crowd get right behind Mondo. Chetti stomps away in the corner before picking Mondo up and firing him into the ropes but Mondo ducks the clothesline and comes off with a flying shoulder tackle and he pounds away. Mondo picks Chetti up and moves to try and throw him out as the countdown timer counts down to zero for the first time tonight.

As it does the same guitar and drum riff from earlier plays over the P.A.

Mike: Well it's Roderick Strong at #3 and I don't like Mondo's chances.

Strong comes in and pounds Mondo across the back to stop Chetti from being eliminated. Strong picks Mondo up and hits a huge powerslam as Chetti sits back and watches. Strong whips Mondo off the ropes and hits a huge samoan drop before Chetti comes in and picks Mondo up and hits him with the Amittyville Horror as the crowd boo. Strong tells Chetti to stay back wanting the glory to himself and he whips Mondo to the corner. Strong poses and charges away but Mondo moves and Strong hits the buckle sternum first, taking a few steps back staggered which is enough for Mondo to grab him and throw him out as the crowd roar and the countdown clock expires again.

Elimination #1: Roderick Strong by Nick Mondo

The UFC fight song plays over the PA as our next combatant comes to the ring

Mike: It's Foxx. The former Ultimate member and what a chance he has.

Foxx and Mondo do the staredown in the middle of the ring before stopping and nailing Chetti as he comes in. The two then start trading blows in the centre of the ring before Foxx wins that and takes Mondo down. Foxx, a high flyer goes for a lionsault but it meets knees. Mondo charging and delivering a knee to the head in the corner as Chetti intervenes. Chetti whips Mondo off the ropes but puts his head down too early allowing Mondo to hit a facecrusher to set up a flying forearm from Foxx. The two faces combine to throw Chetti over the top before going back to their brawl but Chetti lands on the apron and slides back in as the countdown shows it's time for another entrant.

Becks Loser plays throughout the arena as the crowd stand as one. Could it be. The roar will tell you the story.

Mike: It's Mikey Whipwreck! Mikey Whipwreck is here in Ultimate Jeopardy.

Mikey slides into the ring and goes right after Nick Mondo with punches and kicks. Foxx tries to interfene but gets a Whippersnapper for his troubles. Mikey goes for the kill on Mondo pushing him back into the corner and stomping away before trying to throw him out. Meanwhile Foxx staggers up only to walk into a stiff high kick by Chetti who then throws him to the buckle and nails the Amityville Horror before going to try and help Mikey. Mondo is hanging onto the bottom rope but it looks like he's going....going....Foxx makes the save just in the nick of time as it's time for our sixth entrant.

Scribes Not Many plays throughout the arena as the crowd immediately turns to heavy booing as one of the Consortium Members heads to the ring

Mike: Daniel Swagger. The leader of the consortium did not fare well at all

Swagger steps in and goes after Foxx nailing a series of stiff right hands in the corner before Mondo comes over to intervene as he and Foxx seems to have made at least a temporary alliance to double team the Consortium member with chops and kicks in the corner. Meanwhile Whipwreck and Chetti pair off. Chetti gets a headlock but Mikey pushes him off and clotheslines him down. Whipwreck goes for the Whippersnapper but Chetti counters and goes for the Amityville Horror but Mikey slides down his back and kicks him to the guy and hits a DDT. Meanwhile the countdown clock counts down again.

Real American plays throughout the arena (We had to have or the gimmick doesn't work) as the crowd cheer loudly

Mike: It's Heath Fury and from the sounds of things Heathamania is definately running wild in the Rec Centre

Heath goes directly for Foxx and nails a series of right hands. Foxx battles back however by going low and hitting a lionsault before taking the opportunity to taunt the fans. But we should know what's coming as Heath starts Heathing up to the roar of the crowd. Foxx's punches have no effect and Heath sticks the finger right in his face. Right hand blocked by Heath who hits three of his own. He bounces Foxx off the ropes and hits the big boot before showing off to the fans, asking if they want to see it. The fans roar their approval as Heath bounces off the ropes and drops the big leg. I could tell you what the others were doing but besides Whipwreck trying to throw Chetti out there wasn't a lot happening as the clock expires again.

Some more music we'd know from the WWE plays again as the crowd stand and cheer.

Mike: It's Spanky! It's Spanky! The surprises keep coming.

Spanky goes right after Mikey Whipwreck and saves Chetti from elimination. Spanky takes control quickly of Whipwreck after a quick exchange and hits Sliced Bread #2. Daniel Swagger comes out of the corner though and pounds him down before slapping on the Kimura lock only to have it broken up by Mondo. Meanwhile Chetti attacks Heath Fury who was posing for the fans and hits his third Amityville Horror in the match. Heath starts Heathing up again but at the finger point Foxx crawls over and hits a low blow on him allowing Chetti to hit a piledriver. Foxx and Chetti team up and put the boots to Heath before picking him up. Chetti holds Heath allowing Foxx to hit a superkick right on the money before Chetti throws him over the top rope.

Elimination #2: Heath Fury by Chris Chetti

Spanky and Mondo double team Swagger as Whipwreck and Chetti square off again. Foxx takes a breather as time runs down again.

Guns and Roses Welcome to the Jungle plays throughout the arena but it isn't Cade Sydal who comes down the aisle.

Mike: Who is that. Look at the size of him!

R.C: That's...That's Burchill Iron Mike.....The former OVW superstar

Burchill comes in and grabs Foxx, bouncing him off the ropes and hitting a military press slam before standing, taunting and hitting a Standing Shooting Star Press. Spanky meanwhile goes after Chris Chetti who's taken Whipwreck down in the corner. They both work over him and try to throw him over. Mondo and Swagger are having a huge brawl in the corner, Swagger goes to the eyes and whips Mondo to the opposite side. He charges but Mondo gets his foot up and hits the Mondo Sledge before picking up the Consortium Leader and throwing him over and out of the match.

Elimination #3: Daniel Swagger by Nick Mondo

Burchill sneaks up on Mondo from behind and hits a beautiful backdrop suplex. Whipwreck decides to have a go against the big man. He hits a few right hands and goes for the Whippersnapper but Burchill shoves him off and rips Mikeys head off with a clothesline as the countdown clock tells us we're one third of the way through.

Some more generic music plays as we try to save on royalties

Mike: It's D-Ray 3000. The man from the TNA promotion.

D-Ray decides to take on the big man Burchill and jumps onto his back with a sleeper hold. Burchill staggers around a bit before charging and slamming D-Ray back first into the corner. Mondo and Whipwreck go at it. Whipwreck whipping Mondo to the buckle then charging in with a clothesline. Meanwhile Spanky and Chetti continue their war. Chetti tries to send Spanky to the ropes but Spanky reverses and hits a beautiful dropkick before zoning in on Chetti's leg with a kneedrop. Spanky turns and slaps on the figure four as Chetti cries out before Burchill charges out and drops an elbow. Burchill meanwhile gets hit with a neckbreaker by Foxx as the big man finally goes down. Speaking of going down, the clock does as well.

Panteras Fucking Hostile plays throughout the arena as the next entrant comes down.

Mike: It's Cletus Blood. The ring is really starting to fill up with talent

Cletus goes straight for Spanky as the battle of the high flyers comes out. It soon becomes a three way as Foxx joins in. They battle three way for a while before Spanky and Foxx get smart and start double teaming the new entrant. Spanky grabs Cletus and nails Sliced Bread #2 before Foxx goes up and nails the Frog Splash to the cheers of the fans before they pick him up and try to eliminate him but Cletus hangs on. Meanwhile Mondo tries his luck with Burchill. Burchill takes control and pounds away before Mondo battles back with a thumb to the eye and a hangmans Neckbreaker. Mondo picks up Burchill and delivers a series of headbutts as the crowd start to get into it. Whipwreck tries once again to eliminate Chetti. D-Ray comes over and breaks it up but gets Whippersnappered for his troubles as the clock runs down again.

The Bee Gees Mr Natural plays as the crowd boo loudly.

Mike: It's Andy Douglas. And the crowd isn't happy

Andy goes straight for D-Ray who staggers right into the Natural Selection. Andy then goes for Mondo who's more than willing to oblige in a brawl. Chetti and Whipwreck pair off for the third time. Chetti reverses the irish whip and hits an beautiful dropkick. A series of martial arts kicks by Chetti is ended by one to the face. Chetti scoops up Mikey and hits the Amityville Horror again. Chetti gets him up and throws him over the top but Mikey hangs on and slides back in under the bottom rope. Meanwhile Burchill pounds away on Foxx in the corner with a series of shoulderblocks to the ribs. The clock counts down once again to our next entrant.

Pearl Jams Evenflow plays throughout the arena as the crowd explodes

Mike: It's Slex! It's Slex! The former Australian Champion wants to get his belt back and this is the way to do it

Slex slides in and delivers the Slexecution to poor D-Ray who was just getting up again. He then goes after Spanky and the two engage in a huge battle, trading kicks and punches. Spanky gets a kick to the gut and goes for Sliced Bread #2 but Slex blocks and pounds him down. Slexecution is ducked by Spanky before Cletus Blood hits a bulldog to break it up. Cletus then goes up and hits the Shooting Star Press as the crowd pop only for Cletus to flip them off. Burchill whips Foxx over the other side and hits a massive backbody drop as Foxx charges back. Meanwhile the clock counts down for another entrant.

Things You Say by Halitosis plays as the crowd pop

Mike: It's M-Dogg 20. And we are at the half way point.

M-Dogg slides in and tries the massive Burchill on for size, using his speed to keep away and hit a springboard dropkick. Meanwhile D-Ray staggers up again only to meet the Mondo Sledge this time and this time Mondo picks him up and throws him out to put him out of his misery.

Elimination #4: D-Ray 3000 by Nick Mondo

Cletus tries to eliminate Slex as Foxx and Spanky resume their war. Foxx bounces Spanky off the ropes and hits a beautiful dropkick as he comes back. Douglas takes down Mondo from behind and pounds away chopping him down in the corner and then stomping away. Meanwhile the clock counts down again as Slex goes after Douglas.

Guns and Roses Welcome to the Jungle plays again as the crowd boo a now banadaged

Mike: It's Cade Sydal! You know he has to be steaming over his loss

And Cade decides to take his frustrations out on Slex sneaking up from behind and hitting the Hangover to the boos of the crowd. Cade and Douglas work together to pummel Slex before they try to eliminate him, Slex trying desperately to hang on. Meanwhile Whipwreck and Chetti continued their own private war. Chetti tried to whip Mikey to the ropes but Mikey reversed and hit a beautiful spinning heel kick. Chetti staggered to his feet only to walk into the Whippersnapper. Whipwreck called for the top rope but as he went to throw Chetti out he was cut off at the pass by Burchill who hit a big boot to the face. Cade walked over and high fived the big man, for the totally stupid who didn't get by them having the same music they were in this together. Cade went after Spanky while Burchill went to work on Mondo as the crowd booed their deal. Meanwhile the countdown clock goes on.

Generic Jobber music plays over the Pa

Mike: It's Segun Carter. What an opportunity for the big guy.

Carter immediately went for Burchill, hitting a series of forearms to back the big man into the corner before trying to whip him to the opposite side. Burchill reversed however and charged in and nailed a huge clothesline. Burchill stepped back admiring his handiwork only to get caught in a hangmans neck breaker by Mondo. Mondo signalled to the crowd he was going to throw the big man out but Cade came over and hit the Hangover to stop that idea as the crowd booed. Meanwhile Cletus and Slex traded blows in the corner. Slex booted Cletus in the face and hit a Tornado DDT out of it only to get legdropped to the back of the head by Douglas. Whipwreck and Chetti continued their war. Foxx came over to intervene but Whipwreck hit the Whippersnapper into a Chetti Amityvilly Horror to stop that. The two then went right back to brawling with each other as the clock ran down.

AC/DC's Thunderstruck built to a cresendo as the next entrant came in

Mike: It's Quiet Storm! He's already won once tonight can he do it again.

Storm went right after Douglas and the two traded stiff shots before a thumb to the eye from Douglas stopped it. He went for the Natural Selection but Storm reversed and went for Spinal Shock only to nailed with a standing Slexecution by Slex and both went down. Spanky grabbed Slex and hit Sliced Bread #2 and turned right into a Mondo clothesline. Meanwhile Burchill had settled his sights on Cletus Blood. He picked Cletus up in a military press and prepared to throw him over the top but Cletus slid down Burchill's back and nail a wicked spin kick to the jaw. He picked Burchill up and nailed Roll the Dice. Blood then picked the big man up one more time and threw him over the top rope and out.

Elimination #5: Burchill by Cletus Blood

Blood celebrated only to walk in a tiger bomb from M-Dogg who had actually done well of fading into the match up till that point, Meanwhile there were still more entrants to come.

AC/DC's Back in Black plays as the crowd stand and roar

Mike: It's Jonny C! Could the man who put the match together actually win it?

Jonny slid in and went right after Cade much to the delight of the crowd. Pounding him down to the ground and whipping him hard to the buckle. Meanwhile Spanky and Douglas paired off. Spanky won the brawl and went for Sliced Bread #2 but Douglas blocked and hit a superkick right on the jaw which set up the Natural Selection. He stopped to pose only to get nailed by the Slexecution. Meanwhile Whipwreck and Chetti just kept going on, combining whenever some come in. In this case M-Dogg who got nailed with a double suplex. Meanwhile the countdown clock went down once again.

Scribe's Not Many played again much to the disgust of the fans as the next consortium member walked down the aisle

Mike: It's Cremator! Oh boy did he luck out in the numbers here at number 19.

R.C: I told you Mike he's my pick

M-Dogg was the first man to attack the big guy. Cremator threw him off into the ropes and caught him with a huge spinebuster. Cremator signalled for the Asylum Chokeslam and nailed Cletus with it when he tried to make a move but this allowed M-Dogg to hit a desperation low blow and stagger away into the corner. Cremator charged but only got booted in the chest twice. M-Dogg went for a Tornado DDT only to get thrown off by Cremator who calmly ripped M-Doggs head off with a clothesline. Jonny C went after him to the roar of the crowd as Cade and Slex now settled in for a battle. Slex went for the Slexecution but that was countered by Cade who swept the legs and locked in the 69 Stretch. Meanwhile the clock counted down again.

Pearl Jams Evenflow plays again as the crowd cheer

Mike: It's Madison at 20. I just pray to go she knows what she's getting herself into.

No prizes for guessing it was Cade who wanted to take first shot at Madi. He turned on the charm and offered Madi a night out but suddenly felt a huge pain when Madi hit a kick down south which allowed Slex to hit the Slexecution for real this time. The two embraced to the cheers of the crowd before turning their attentions on Cletus. Meanwhile Cremator decided to go after Douglas. He went for the Chokeslam but Doublas countered with a dropkick to the knee and a dropkick to the head to take the big man down to pound away. Meanwhile Foxx and Storm had paired off, Storm went for Spinal Shock but it was countered into a DDT and lionsault by Foxx who picked Storm up and was about to go for the elimination when the Countdown clock expired.

AC/DC's Thunderstruck hit again as the crowd cheered.

Mike: That's Chris Devine. Quiet Storms old tag team partner.

Devine blocked Foxx's elimination attempt with a back heel kick to the gut allowing Storm to hit Spinal Shock. Devine then picked up Foxx and sent him sailing over the top rope.

Elimination #6: Foxx by Chris Devine

Devine Storm reunited in the ring with a hug and they showed off to the crowd.....before Devine waffled Storm with a clothesline and stomped away much to the booing of the fans. Meanwhile Cremator and Douglas continued their war. Cremator getting the chokeslam this time as the clock counted down again.

That strange sounding WWE like music plays again

Mike: It's Austin Lee

Lee decided to help out Devine for a little double team action on Storm. Devine and Lee set Storm up and hit Total Elimination to set up the Degenerate Sweep before Lee locks Storm into the Degenerate Destruction Device. Meanwhile Cletus decided to make war with Cremator, elbowing out of a chokeslam attempt and hitting a dropkick that put the big man in the corner allowing Cletus to hit a sweet looking tornado DDT out of the corner as the clock counted down again.

Scribes Not Many played throughout the arena as the fans booed again

Mike: Well well well it's Trikki D

Trikki slid in and immediately went for Cletus, however Cletus was able to duck the clothesline and hit a spinning heel kick. He picked Trikki off and bounced him off the ropes and hit another beautiful spinning heel kick. A lot of the people were starting to tire now and as such the action was slowing down. Slex was playing the role of protector for Madison, facing all comers who wanted to face her. Cade was about to make another attempt as the clock counted down again.

Derudes Sandstorm plays as the crowd stand and cheer again

Mike: It's Laser! It's Laser! Oh come on and get some now Cade!

Sure enough Laser went right for Cade but walked right into a Devine superkick and went down. Devine took a moment to admire his handiwork and high five Cade who then turned on him with a standing leg lariat. Devine scrambled quickly to his feet but Cade hit a dropkick to the knee to put him down. Then finally the Cade-Laser war was on as the two traded blows and the crowd got right back in it. Like Whipwreck and Chetti before them the two would team up whenever someone tried to pick a fight with them. Meanwhile that clock ticked away again.

Things You Say by Halitosis once again plays

Mike: It's Sean Casey and now with him at 25 we're really getting to the stage where you've had some luck with the numbers.

Casey came in and immediately helped his Youthanazia partner M-Dogg as they squared off against Cremator and Trikki. The crowd really getting into their brawl. Meanwhile Lee and Spanky were having a dice. Lee went for an irish whip but Spanky reversed and hit a spinning back kick to set up Sliced Bread #2. The crowd pooped as Spanky then picked up The Degenerate and bundled him out of the match.

Elimination #7: "The Degenerate" Austin Lee by Spanky

Spanky turned after celebating the elimination right into the Hangover of Cade as the crowd booed him some more. Meanwhile. You guessed it.

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor plays

Mike: That's Billy Reil! The surprises keep coming!

Reil went right after Slex who had to leave Madi's side to deal with him. Meanwhile Chetti and Whipwreck had finally been broken up by Storm who hit Chetti with a beautiful high dropkick and a Tiger bomb to set up Spinal Shock but it got stopped by a Whippersnapper as Chetti and Whipwreck once again renewed their war.


The crowd popped as J-Pro slid into the ring and immediately went to help his Youthanazia brothers who were starting to get on the losing side of Trikki and Cremator. Meanwhile Madi had been left without a protector and Segun Carter decided to take full advantage, scooping Madi up and delievering a flawless tombstone piledriver before uncerimoniously dumping the girl over the top rope to get heat from the crowd for the first time in the PWA.

Elimination #8: Madison by Segun Carter

Carter celebrated like he'd won the match.......then immediately turned around into a Laser Death Drop like a good jobber should as the clock wound down.

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Mike: It's Magnum Tokyo!

Tokyo slid in and went right for Trikki who ran like hell around the ring, leaving his partner Cremator to a three on one assault by Youthanazia. Meanwhile Cletus and Jonny had paired off. Cletus slammed Jonny and went up.....but Jonny popped up as Cletus was about to hit a moonsault and pushed him over the top rope and out.

Elimination #9: Cletus Blood by "The People's Boss" Jonny C

Everyone began to pair off as the end of the thirty men was in sight. The penultimate guy was about to make his entrance

Are you ready for a good time plays over the PA

Mike: It's John Simmons. This is a big wild card

John came in and.....didn't really do anything of note. He went after Cremator but Cremator slugged him down and chokeslammed him. John doesn't win much. Meanwhile Cade had paired off with J-Pro. Cade took control with a facecrusher and locked on the 69 Stretch. Meanwhile Mondo was still fighting, now with Douglas he battled up again and hit the Mondo Sledge. Meanwhile the clock counted down for the 30th and final man.

Scribes Not Many plays through the PA as the crowd boo again.

Mike: It's Taylor Baines. Oh boy the Enforcer got the pick.

Taylor took his time getting to the ring and went after Slex as they continued their war from Legends of the Ring. Meanwhile M-Dogg and Devine went at it. M-Dogg went for a piledriver but Devine shoved him off and hit a beautiful dropkick as M-Dogg bounced off the ropes. This set up the Devine Intervention by Chris and he nailed it with precision, M-Dogg was left down. Devine would finish the job as he picked up M-Dogg and threw him out.

Elimination #10: M-Dogg 20 by Chris Devine

Devine celebrated a job well done only to turn into the waiting clutches of Cremator who scooped him up and hit a fallaway slam. But Cremator wasn't done, he picked up Devine again, grabbed him by the throat and chokeslammed him over the top and out. Devine took a hard fall landing.

Elimination #11: Chris Devine by Cremator

Cade saw an opportunity and took it with both hands. Dropkicking Cremator in the small of the back and sending him packing.

Elimination #12: Cremator by "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal

Meanwhile on the other side of the ring Trikki whipped Spanky to the ropes but Spanky reversed and hit a beautiful dropkick that landed right on the point of the jaw. Spanky grabbed Trikki and hit Sliced Bread #2. From there the elimination was academic.

Elimination #13: Trikki D by Spanky

Spanky was then confronted by Taylor. Taylor pounded away and went to whip Spanky in but Spanky reversed into another dropkick. Spanky went to the top turnbuckle and nailed a double axe handle. He signalled for Sliced Bread #2 but was caught and nailed with the Laser Death Drop. Laser then picked up Baines for the Laser Death Drop but Baines countered right into the Sucks to Be You. Baines then picked up Laser in a military press and lawndarted him to the outside.

Elimination #14: Laser by Taylor Baines

Meanwhile Storm, Casey and Douglas were having their own private dice. Douglas held Casey for a beautiful spin kick by Storm. Storm then held Casey but the dropkick by Douglas hit him when Casey ducked. Casey then attacked Douglas with wicked chops to light him up and then a fisherman's suplex. Meanwhile Storm had gotten slowly to his feet only to be hit with Sliced Bread #2 from Spanky who picked Storm up and bundled him out.

Elimination #15: Quiet Storm by Spanky

J-Pro came off the second turnbuckle with an axehandle onto his own Youthanazia partner Casey. He bounced Casey off the ropes and hit a beautiful spinning heel kick. Meanwhile Simmons had taken on Mondo but Mondo came back again and hit the Mondo Sledge and then picked up Simmons and hit a fallaway slam that propelled Simmons all the way up and out.

Elimination #16: "Mr Good Time" John Simmons by "Sick" Nick Mondo

Carter tried to pick another fight. He'd done well so far. He attacked J-Pro but walked into a T-Bone Prohibition Suplex and got dumped.

Elimination #17: Segun Carter by Josh Prohibition

The eliminations were coming thick and fast. J-Pro next turned his attention to Whipwreck who was still tied up with Chetti. Mikey turned around into another T-Bone. J-Pro went for the throwout but Chetti cut him off at the pass. Casey came to help hitting Whipwreck with a DDT. He then picked Mikey up, who seemed out of it but once again Chetti made the save. Cade came in and went after Casey who lit him up and tossed him but Cade skinned the cat and got back into the battle. Mondo entered the fray on J-Pro with hard rights and a death valley driver. He then turned on Casey and lit him up with Stiff shots to the chest. A boot to the gut and and Mondo then hit Casey with a running kneelift. Tokyo went after J-Pro only to walk into a dropkick. J-Pro went to the second turnbuckle and hit an elbowdrop as Casey attacked Baines with the stiffness. Casey then ripped Baines head off with a clothesline. Reil came into the fray but got DDT for his trouble. Casey went to throw Reil out only to get stopped by Taylor. Meanwhile in another corner Douglas and Slex were battling. A charge from Douglas missed as Slex hit a a springboard dropkick. Cade went after Slex but got caught with a full nelson slam by Mondo. Mondo went to throw Cade out to the roar of the fans but Chetti cut him off. Spanky came in for some fun against Douglas hitting a dropkick to the knee and a seated dropkick to set up the Slexecution but Douglas countered with a dragon screw legwhip to set up the Natural Selection. Meanwhile Mondo nailed the Mondo Sledge on Casey and put him out.

Elimination #18: "C-Funk" Sean Casey by "Sick" Nick Mondo

Jonny hit Cade with a running forearm as Chetti nailed Whipwreck with a backbody drop. Mondo hits a flying shoulder block on Baines and lights him up with stiff chops but Cade stops that with a dropkick to the knee and legdrop to the back of the head before slapping on the 69 Stretch. Baines staggered into the Natural Selection. Meanwhile J-Pro and Spanky had a battle. T-Bone was countered by Spanky with a kick to the gut and Sliced Bread #2. He picked J-Pro up and ended his night.

Elimination #19: Josh Prohibition by Spanky

Meanwhile Jonny C snuck up and tried to throw Mondo out. Mondo managed to hang on the apron and slide back in. Cade hits a beautiful spinning heel kick on Whipwreck to set up the Hangover. Cade then went to throw Mikey out but he got caught with the Amityville Horror. Jonny comes over and rips Chettis head off with a clothesline to set up a tombstone from him. Meanwhile Reil and Tokyo had teamed up on Taylor, hitting a double chopblock and both pairing up to toss Baines over the top rope.

Elimination #20: Taylor Baines by Magnum Tokyo and Billy Reil.

Cade walked into a beautiful dropkick from Spanky that sent him over the top but Cade was able to scramble in just in the nick of time. Meanwhile Douglas and Slex had teamed up against Reil. The Natural Selection lead to the Slexecution and Slex went for the elimination but Reil hung on and stood up, only to be superkicked off by Douglas and eliminated.

Elimination #21: Billy Reil by Slex and "Mr Natural" Andy Douglas

Cade was once again in trouble as Slex came after him but found an ally in Jonny. Cade went for the Hangover but got nailed with a standing Slexecution. Jonny pummeled away but he would be speared by Slex who pushed him against the ropes. Slex for an irish whip but Jonny reversed it and Cade lowbridged the ropes to send Slex flying.

Elimination #22: Slex by "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal

Meanwhile Spanky and Tokyo had fought. Spanky caught a Tokyo high crossbody and bundled him out.

Elimination #23: Magnum Tokyo by Spanky

Chetti and Whipwreck once again had a war. Chetti nailed the Amittyville Horror and went for the elimination but once again Whipwreck managed to avoid it thanks to Cade, who got an Amittyville Horror for his troubles. Meanwhile Douglas and Mondo traded blows. Cade staggered into the battle and got headbutted by Mondo who then nailed Douglas with a clothesline. Meanwhile Spanky managed to hit a massive spinning heel kick and send Jonny over the top and out.

Elimination #24: "The People's Boss" Jonny C by Spanky

Douglas meanwhile staggered into the Amityville Horror and got tossed by Chetti.

Elimination #25: "Mr Natural" Andy Douglas by Chris Chetti

Spanky immediately caught Chetti and nailed him down with a slam before hitting the Left Turn at Alberqueque and tossing him out.

Elimination #26: Chris Chetti by Spanky

Down to four and it seemed quick alliances were made between Whipwreck and Cade and Spanky and Mondo. That wwas ended almost immediately when Spanky went for a back heel kick to put Mondo out. Cade moved in and planted Mondo with a DDT as Spanky lit up Whipwreck. Cade attacks but Spanky ducks the clothesline and Bulldogs Mondo down. He then picks Mondo up and throws him out.

Elimination #27: "Sick" Nick Mondo by Spanky

Spanky then turned his attention to Cade. He kicked Cade to the gut and went for Sliced Bread #2 but Cade held on and countered by throwing him to the outside.

Elimination #28: Spanky by "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal

It was down to two. Mikey spun Cade around and went for the Whippersnapper but Cade blocked. Hangover attempt was blocked. Mikey went for the Whippersnapper again but Cade countered to the Hangover and then went on to pick up Mikey and dump him out to win the match.

Elimination #29: Mikey Whipwreck by "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal

Mike: Well you never would've believed it in a million years but Cade Sydal, love him or hate him you have to respect him and he survived to win this match.

R.C: That was my pick Mike I told you Cade would win.

Mike: Well it seems like the end but unlike other places we finish the show the way it should be finished. With a title match. It's time for the Australian Title match so let's go to Jack Douglas

Jack: Ladies and Gentlemen. It is now time for our Main Event of the evening (Crowd pop loudly) It is scheduled for one fall and it is for the PWA Australian Championship

Fear Factory's Edgecrusher plays throughout the Arena as the crowd roar loudly to make it sound like the roof is blowing off the place

Jack: Introducing first the Challenger: He is the living legend of the PWA....He is the one....The Only....LOBO

The crowd roar their approval as Lobo climbs all four buckles and thanks the crowd. Suddenly AC/DC's Highway to Hell plays throughout the arena as the cheers immiediately turning to loud booing as the champion makes his entrance

Jack: And his opponent. From Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is the Current PWA Australian Champion and self-proclaimed "Living Legend of the PWA". This is "The Canadian Hellraiser" Jason Helton

The crowd boo Helton out of the building as he enters the ring and takes the Australian Title off, handing it to the referee

Lobo knows he has to take every advantage and backs Helton up to the ropes, bouncing him off for a huge clothesline as Helton flips in midair and lands hard. Lobo picks up the champion again and whips him hard to the buckle, Helton staggers out only to get claimed and slammed down in a huge Spinebuster. Lobo hooks the leg but only gets a two count. Lobo whips Helton to the buckle again and climbs looking for the 10 punch pummel but at 5 Helton takes Lobo out and hits an inverted atomic drop. Helton bounces Lobo off the ropes and hits a high Samoan drop for a long two. Helton picks Lobo up, Lobo swings away but Helton captures the head and arm and flings him overhead in a suplex as Lobo lands on the mat hard. Helton covers for another long two count before Lobo gets out the back door. Helton picks Lobo up again and sets him on the turnbuckle, before hitting a back superplex to take him down. Cover gets two but again Lobo gets his shoulder up. The crowd gets behind Lobo as Helton goes for a Fishermans suplex but Lobo blocks with a knee to the gut and hits a delayed brainbuster for a double KO. The ref counts both men down but both are up at 9. Helton swings for Lobo who ducks and hits the Lobo Bomb (Bubba Bomb) and covers. The ref counts 1....2...but Helton gets his foot on the bottom rope. Lobo sets into a three point stance as Helton gets up. Lobo charges and drives Helton back into the corner before driving a series of shoulders into the chest and then grabbing Heltons head and driving it down in a running diamond cutter. The cover goes 1.....2....but Helton gets out again. Lobo gets up again and slams Helton down before signalling to the crowd for the Top Rope Legdrop. Lobo climbs but Helton pops up and cuts him off. Helton wraps Lobo up in a move and hits a Top Rope Fisherman's Buster and Lobo crashes into the mat. Helton covers but Lobo somehow finds it in him to kick out at two as the crowd explode. Helton can't believe it. He picks Lobo up and slams him across the knee in a Gutbuster before picking Lobo up and hitting the Fishermans Buster again. 1.....2....But Lobo kicks out again. Helton pounds the mat in frustration as the crowd chants Lobos name. Helton picks him up and whips Lobo to the ropes. Lobo reverses and goes for a frankensteiner but Helton holds on and picks him back up and jumps up for extra height as he delivers a powerbomb and dumps Lobo on the back of his head. Helton picks up Lobo again and delievers a third Fisherman's buster and finally there is no getting up for Lobo as Helton gets the 3 count and retains the PWA Australian Title

Mike: You cannot fault him R.C. Lobo threw everything at Jason Helton but Helton stayed true but it took everything Helton had to finally put Lobo away.

R.C: It was a setup that demanded a huge main event and it delievered Mike but Helton is still the champ and that's all that matters

The show fades out with Helton on the turnbuckles soaking in the boos of the crowd as he celebrates with his belt

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user posted image

Legends of the Ring is sure to be wild just three days after the show everyone is talking about. Ultraclash.

- "The Canadian Hellraiser" Jason Helton will no doubt have something to say after defeating Lobo at Ultraclash but he'll have a hard defence in store as he has to handle a red hot Quiet Storm who also picked up a duece at Ultraclash

- "The Teen Idol" Cade Sydal won Ultimate Jeopardy after losing to Laser. The last man eliminated Mikey Whipwreck has demanded a one on one match for Legends of the Ring and we'll see these two stars square up and hopefully learn more of the relationship between Cade and the Monster Burchill.

- It was not a good night for the Consortium to say the least at Ultraclash. They'll be looking to start afresh as their leader Daniel Swagger takes on Foxx.

- Slex, the former champion remains on the Road to Remdeption. He'll step into the ring this Tuesday to face Chris Chetti who nearly ran coast to coast in Ultimate Jeopardy.

Plus "Mr Natural" Andy Douglas, Josh Prohibition and Roderick Strong

Make sure you're tuned into the Playboy Channel or come see it live in person at the Italian Club. Tickets are just $15 at the door. Whatever you do, do not miss Legends of the Ring

I almost forgot. The prediction contest. The final result saw CadeSydal win it with five from six (He passed on Ultimate Jeopardy). But then he's already in the diary so that's no fun. So the official winner with 4 from the 6 is.....StevenRichardsRules. Steven, send me a PM and let me know your wrestler name and primary and secondary finisher names and what they are and soon you too will be a part of the PWA. Thank you to all that entered, I hope you'll stick with the diary. Feedback as always is welcome.

Edited by Troy Maskell
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