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World Wrestling Federation- From November 1997

Guest Cool Xtreme Dude

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Guest Cool Xtreme Dude

We all know what happened on November 9, 1997. The Montreal Screwjob is forever etched in the mind of wrestling fans everywhere. But what if? What if Bret had decided to resign with the WWF and Survivor Series ended with Bret Hart as WWF Champion marching forward. What if Vince had taken the extra step to get Bret to stay? What if? Well, in my universe. Bret and Vince negotiated a deal. Well, just read on to find out.

To aid me in the my story. I present excerpts from Dave Meltzer (of Wrestling Observer fame)'s report of the incident. I will only use the incidents that are most important to my story. My changes are in bold.

October 20, 1996 - Bret Hart was in a hotel room in San Jose, Ca, hours from making the biggest decision of his life - who would win the biggest bidding war in the history of pro wrestling. He had pretty well leaned toward staying with the World Wrestling Federation despite a much larger offer from World Championship Wrestling, but had changed his mind a few times over the previous two weeks as each side presented new offers. In the waning hours, Eric Bischoff and Kevin Nash were trying to convince him to change his mind and how great life was with an easier schedule. Bischoff was offering big money and a shot at becoming a movie star, a goal Hart had been pursuing while on semince McMahon was offering him, in the now immortal words of Arn Anderson, not just a spot but the top spot in the company, and almost literally to be WWF 4 life. Many close advisers of Hart's tried to tell him going to WCW was the best move for his present, and more importantly his future after wrestling. But largely out of loyalty, and that obviously wasn't the only factor involved, he declined the offer. McMahon, not to lose a very public fight, offered him the famous 20-year contract where he'd, after retirement in about three years, become almost a first lieutenant when it came to the booking process. Hart would earn somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.5 million per year as an active wrestler, and a healthy but far lesser figure working in the front office for the 17 years after retirement as an active wrestler. As part of McMahon's offer, he also was going to allow Hart to explain live on television his decision making process, should he sign with WCW. Hart flew to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where the WWF was holding it's live Raw taping after having already verbally agreed to the deal, signed the contract, and gave the interview saying basically that he would be in the WWF forever, figuring to be positioned as the top babyface and perennial champion until he finished his active career riding off into the sunset in a blaze of glory, like Hogan and Savage and the rest of the Superstars before him didn't. As is the case in wrestling, not all the promised scenarios that everyone believed were going to happen transpire as originally planned. And just over one year later, the feelings between McMahon and Bret Hart had taken a 180 degree turn, to the degree nobody would have ever believed.

March 10, 1997 - Top babyface didn't last long as McMahon asked him to turn heel. At first Hart balked at the idea but after three days, McMahon presented him with two lists. One list was his prospective opponents as a babyface - Vader, Mankind, and Steve Austin. the other list was his prospective opponents as a heel, Undertaker, Michaels, and Austin. Hart agreed for drawing money. His opponents as a heel made up a better list and he and McMahon agreed that he would turn back babyface over the last few months of his contract and end his career on a positive note. He and Steve Austin did the double-turn at Wrestlemania. Hart himself then came up with the Anti-American angle, where he would remain a babyface in Canada and Europe and do interviews that would for the most part speak the truth, so he could, when the time came to turn back in the U.S., have a reasonable explanation.

September 8, 1997 - Vince McMahon and Bret Hart had their first meeting where McMahon seriously approached Hart about his contract. About three months earlier, McMahon had told Hart that the company was in bad financial straights and that they might have to defer some of the money until later in the contract. This time his approach was more than point blank. He wanted to cut Hart's regular salary, around $30,000 per week, more than in half and defer the rest of the money until later in the contract period when hopefully the company would be in better shape financially. Hart declined the suggestion, because he didn't want to risk not getting the money in the future after he was through taking all the bumps.

September 20, 1997 - About one hour before the beginning of the PPV show in Birmingham, England, McMahon approached Davey Boy Smith and asked him to put over Shawn Michaels that night for the European title. Smith was apparently shocked, having been told all along in the build-up of the show, that Michaels was going to do a job for him, since Europe was promised to be "his territory." The explanation, which made and still makes logical business sense, is that they wanted to build for a bigger show - a second PPV show from Manchester, England, Smith's former home town, where Smith would regain the title - the same scenario the WWF did to draw 60,000 fans in San Antonio with Michaels in the other role working a program with Sycho Sid. So while it all made sense, it was rather strange he wasn't approached with this idea until just before the start of the show. At around this same time period, McMahon approached Hart about working with Michaels. Hart said that he had a problem with that since Michaels had still never really apologized to him for the Sunny days comment, and said it would be hard to trust somebody like that in the ring due to their past, and told McMahon that he would figure that Michaels would have the same concerns, since a few weeks earlier after first making it clear he would never work with anyone in the Hart Foundation, Michaels had finally agreed to work with only Smith, saying he still couldn't trust Bret or Owen.

September 22, 1997 - On the day of the Raw taping at Madison Square Garden, McMahon told Bret Hart flat out that they were going to intentionally breach his contract because they couldn't afford the deal. He told a shocked Hart that he should go to World Championship Wrestling and make whatever deal he could with that group. "I didn't feel comfortable doing it," Hart said of the suggestion. "I feel like an old prisoner in a prison where I know all the guards and all the inmates and i have the best cell. Why would I want to move to a new prison where I don't know the guards and the inmates and I no longer have the best cell? I felt really bad after all the years of working for the WWF." Hart had an escape clause in his contract since he had so much negotiating leverage when making his WWF deal 11 months earlier, in that he could leave the company giving 30 days notice and that he would have what the contract called "reasonable creative control" of his character during that lame duck period so that he couldn't be unreasonably buried on the way out. There was a window period for giving that notice and negotiating elsewhere that hadn't begun yet, so McMahon, showing he was serious, gave Hart written permission to begin negotiating with WCW and Hart contacted Eric Bischoff.

The same day, during a meeting with Hart, Michaels, and McMahon - Michaels told both of them point blank that he wouldn't do any jobs for anyone in the territory, word that when it got out made most of the other top wrestlers feel even more warmly than usual toward Michaels. Michaels later reiterated that statement to Hart on 10/4 in St. Paul when the two agreed that for the good of the business that they'd work together. At a meeting, McMahon proposed a scenario where the two would have their first singles match in Montreal, where Undertaker would interfere causing a non-finish. This would lead to Hart wrestling Undertaker on the 12/7 PPV in Springfield, Ma., where Michaels would interfere causing Bret to win the title, which was poetic justice since it was his interference that caused Bret to win the title in the first place, and that Royal Rumble on 1/8, in San Jose, would be headlined by Undertaker vs. Michaels. During the meeting, Hart told Michaels that he'd be happy to put him over at the end of the run, but Michaels told Hart flat out that he wouldn't return the favor to him. Michaels and Hart spoke again on the subject on 10/12 in San Jose, when once again Michaels told Hart that he wasn't going to do a job for him.

October 21, 1997 - McMahon approached Hart wit the idea of losing the title to Michaels in Montreal but promised that he would win it back on 12/7. Hart, remembering his conversations where Michaels was adamant about not doing any more jobs in the territory, was reluctant, saying after the way the angle had been done with him representing Canada and it becoming a big patriotic deal, that he didn't want to lose the title in Canada. He was then asked to lose to Michaels on 12/7 in Springfield, Ma. Hart told McMahon that since Michaels had told both of them that he wasn't doing any more jobs in the territory, that he had a problem doing a job for somebody who wouldn't do a job back. He told McMahon that he didn't want to drop the title in Montreal. Later, McMahon, Pat Patterson, Michaels, and Hart had another meeting where Michaels, teary eyes, said that he was looking forward to returning the favor to Bret and once again talked about his mouth saying the stupidest things. Hart still refused to lose the title in Montreal.

The night before, he had been asked to put Hunter Heart Helmseley over in Oklahoma City via pin fall due to Michaels' interference, but changed the finish to a count out. On this night he was asked to tap out to Ken Shamrock, before the DQ ending involving Michaels, which he had no problem doing because he liked and respected Shamrock and wanted to help elevate him. The personal problems with himself and Michaels, which had become legendary in the business, resurfaced once again when the two and McMahon made an agreement to work together but to leave their respective families out of their interviews. It took just one week before Michaels did the interview talking about Stu Hart being dead but walking around Calgary because his body and brain hadn't figured it out yet. By this point, Hart had already stopped watching Raw because he had problems wit the content of the show because he has four children that were wrestling fans that he didn't want seeing the direction it was going, so he was reacting to the remark based on the fact that his father and brother Owen heard the remarks and were upset about them.

October 24, 1997 - McMahon, before the show at Nassau Coliseum, told Hart that the money situation in the company had changed and they would have no problems paying him everything promised in his contract. Hart told McMahon that WCW really hadn't made him a serious offer and that he really didn't want to leave but that he was still uncomfortable doing the job for Michaels in that situation. He left the country for the tour of Oman with the idea that he was staying with the WWF, but knowing due to his window in his contract, he had to make the decision to give notice by midnight on 11/1.

October 31, 1997 - Never one to work without a flair for the dramatics, Bischoff finally caught up with Hart who was basically incommunicado in a foreign land most of the week. Just one day before Hart had to either give notice or stay for another year, Bischoff made a huge concrete offer. We don't know the exact terms of the offer, only that Hart said of the $3 million per year figure that both Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler talked about on the 11/10 Raw, that "they don't have any idea what I was offered", but other close to the situation say that figure is "close enough that you couldn't call it wrong". Hart neither agreed nor turned down the deal, but gave the impression to WCW that they had a great shot at getting him.

November 1, 1997 - Hart had until midnight to make up his mind. He called McMahon and told him about the WCW offer and said that he wasn't asking for anymore money to stay, but that he wanted to know what his future in the WWF would be over the next two years as an active wrestler and that at this point he was leaning toward accepting the WCW offer. McMahon said he'd think about it and call him back in an hour with some scenarios. Before McMahon called back, Bischoff called again trying to solidify the deal. McMahon ended up calling back four hours later from his barber shop and told Hart he didn't know what he was going to do with him but that he should trust his judgment because of their past relationship. That he had made him into a superstar and he wanted him to stay and that he should trust him and asked Hart to give him idea of where he wanted to go. During the conversation, McMahon still brought up the scenario of wanting Hart to drop the title in Montreal, but promised that he would get it back in Springfield. "I realized he had given the top heel spot to Shawn, but to turn back babyface it was too soon," Hart said. Like in the negotiations one year earlier, it was going down to the wire and he had until midnight t make up his mind. When he was talking to McMahon, McMahon told him he could extend the deadline for giving notice. Hart asked for the permission in writing but McMahon told him that he was going out to a movie that night with his wife and said he was verbally giving permission to extend it and to get written permission from the chief financial officer of the company.

When Hart called to get the written notice he wasn't given it because he was told he couldn't get it in writing in such short notice. At 7pm Bischoff called again and presented a deal that, according to Hart, "would have been insane not to be taken". At that point Hart was really having mixed emotions. He somehow felt bad about leaving the WWF and was hoping McMahon would lay out a good set of scenarios for him and convince him to stay. At 9pm, McMahon called and began laying out scenarios to get Bret to stay.

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Guest Cool Xtreme Dude

November 3, 1997 Edition of Monday Night RAW

HOUR ONE Hosted By: Jim Ross and Jim Cornette.

- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin comes out and tells Vince McMahon that he's

eager to kick Owen Hart's ass. He then addresses the Ahmed Johnson

situation (as clips are shown).

Out comes Ahmed to challenge Austin. Austin accepts, and the stage is set

for a match later in the show.

(I know I'm really blowing through this. The Recap is already a day late

as I write this, with lots more to come).

On the way to break Ross announces that Goldust has thrown his marriage

away. Huh ... whuzzat?

- Karate Fighters crap. This one was actually funny. Dumb, but funny.

- Sunny comes to the ring to announce the next match.


This is the first match of the Light Heavyweight Title Tournament. Aguila

looks a lot like Juventud Guerrera. No, I mean a LOT like Juventud

Guerrera. Here's the brackets for the 8 man tournament:

Super Loco vs Aguila

Taka Michinoku vs. Devon Storm

Jerry Lynn vs. Eric Shelly

Brian Christopher vs. Flash Flanagan

Good, not great. At one match a week they should be ready for the

final on the December 15th RAW. However, the final is supposedly set for

the Royal Rumble, which is in January. It would probably make more sense

to double some of the matches up and hold the final at the next In Your

House on December 7th. Brian Christopher sits in for color commentary.

This was a good match, only marred by several flubbed spots on Loco's

part. The WWF's Light Heavyweight matches are also hampered by the setup

of their ring, which forces all their floor spots to take place at the

open end by the ramp (making them look very choreographed ... and

telegraphed for that matter). Aguila does a backflip off the top into an

armdrag, then an even more impressive double springboard off the ropes

into and armdrag. Loco flubbed a flip into the ropes (where the wrestler

is supposed to bounce off, then land on his feet and point to his head,

showing his opponent that he outsmarted him by not jumping to the floor).

Loco instead gets hung up in the ropes, drawing a laugh from the crowd.

Loco jumps to the floor, but hits the rail. Aguila enters the ring and

comes back out with a plancha into a half twist, which I don't think I've

seen before. Moments later Loco drops Aguila across the ropes, straddling

them and springboards into a flying spinning heel kick, which looked

great, but didn't connect. Aguila's left sitting on the ropes untouched.

Loco recovers and clotheslines him to the mat. After he's sends Aguila to

the floor, Loco nails him with a Flying Space Tiger Drop (handspring

cartwheel backflip over the ropes). Aguila sends Loco to the floor and

hits him with a moonsault off the top. Aguila gets the pin after an

almost "mundane" splash off the top (with a 180 degree rotation).

- Jim Ross interviews Goldust and Marlena in a pre-taped sitdown interview.

(I'd like to have done a transcript of this, but it would delay the Recap

even longer. I may do it some day for the website). Things start off okay

with Marlena saying how glad she is to be back with her family. Goldust,

(or I should say Dustin), interrupts saying he can't go on with the

interview. He says she's making him sick. Dustin says for so long he's

lived for her and his father. He says his father wrecked his life for 25

years, but that Terri has made his last seven miserable as well. He tells

her she doesn't even know him. She starts to cry as he admits that he

wasn't alone for that month she was gone. He says he reached out and

found somebody who understands him. "What are you talking about?" she

asks. Dustin tosses his wedding ring at her and says she and take it and

their marriage and, well ... you know. Snatches of profanity have to be

bleeped. Dustin says he's starting his life over for himself and walks

out of the interview.

Back from the break Jim Ross takes a shot at Dustin, saying he's never

taken responsibility for his past failures (always blaming his dad and


- They run a highlights package to hype the Hart/Michaels match at

Survivor Series. You know, Hogan vs. Sting may be the most anticipated

match in the entire world of wrestling, but it definitely doesn't have

a tenth the degree of depth and passion this match has. Seriously, why is

Sting even mad at Hogan? What has Hogan done to him? It was WCW that

turned their back on him.

- Ahmed Johnson makes his way to the ring, much to the ire of the

announcers. ("Can't he wait!") They take a quick commercial.

The lights go out and out comes Kane and Paul Bearer. Ahmed stares at him

a bit, then takes a shot at him. Kane doesn't react and delivers a

chokeslam, followed by a pair of Tombstone Piledrivers.

In comes Mankind, carrying a huge turnbuckle bolt, which they use to

attach the ring ropes to the corner post. He drops Paul Bearer with the

Mandible Claw, then wraps the huge bolt around Kane's skull. Kane drops

like a sack of fish, only to sit up (like the Undertaker) a few moments

later. Mankind grabs a chair and protects the groggy Ahmed as people come

out to help Ahmed.

It may be goofy, but the crowd was digging it.

- Steve Austin comes back out and says Ahmed got off light. He challenges

Ahmed, or anyone else, to come out and fight him.

The Nation of Domination gathers at the top of the ramp. They debate

amongst themselves, then send Kama to the ring. "Rocky sucks!" is chanted

in tune with the NOD's music. No match takes place, as the Legion of Doom

jumps the NOD as Austin takes out Kama with the Stone Cold Stunner. The

crowd noise dips a bit as Austin strolls from the ring (probably

realizing they aren't actually going to see Austin in a match).

- They replay earlier highlights to close out the hour.

HOUR TWO Hosted By: Vince McMahon, Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler.

- Michael Cole waits in the ring to interview Degeneration X. Rick Rude

comes out to do the intro's. Shawn and Hunter come to the ring with Chyna

carrying shopping bags. McMahon says that Bret Hart isn't in the building

tonight because he refused to appear (due to comments by Shawn last


Cole says Michaels cost Ken Shamrock the WWF Title last week. Shawn gives

Hunter a quick kiss (ewwwww!)Hunter takes the mic away and-after a bit of

setup-trips him over Chyna (who's behind him on her hands and knees).

Shawn then says he's not only wrestling's "show stopper and Icon", but

is also the-

"Wait a minute, Shawn!" Hunter cuts him off, saying he knows what Shawn

was going to say. Shawn starts playing his belt like a guitar (a la

"Hollywood" Hogan). Hunter says Shawn would have to be old as God to be

the God of wrestling (and compete in an "Age in the Cage" match). Shawn

then vows that next week he'll come out on RAW wearing the World

Heavyweight Title belt ... and nothing else. Shawn says he wants a match

with Ken Shamrock then.

Here comes Commissioner Slaughter. He starts to bark at them, which

prompts Shawn and Hunter to pull welders helmets out of the shopping

bags. A few more barks and they each pull out a pair of tiny windshield

wipers, which they attach to the helmets. Slaughter gives them a smug

look and tells Shawn he'll get a match with Shamrock, but that it'll take

place tonight. The bit ends with Shawn giving a clueless look and saying

"you can't talk to me that way ... I'm Shawn Michaels!"

They hype the next match as they head into a break. Marc Mero is shown in

a back hallway. He pushes aside a cameraman, yelling for Sable to hurry

up and get ready. He shoves the door to her dressing room open and the

camera picks up quite a bit more of Sable than you'd normally expect.


- MARC MERO (w/ Sable) vs. SAVIO VEGA

Savio does the spinning heel kick into the corner, which is a nice move.

Other than that, there was nothing to this match. Mero wins after a low

blow followed by the TKO. After the match Michael Cole tries to get a

word with Sable, which cheeses off Mero.

- VADER vs. THE BRITISH BULLDOG (w/ the Hart Foundation)

The Bulldog is accompanied by Jim Neidhart, Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon.

This was a "Dog Collar" match, and a pretty bad one at that. The only way

someone could win was to touch all four corners (like a strap match). It

was also "no DQ", meaning the Hart Foundation had free reign to

interfere. Michael Cole gets comments from Furnas and LaFon during the

match. Everyone's so busy paying attention to the interview that Vader

getting the win is almost missed. Vader touches the fourth turnbuckle,

then is jumped by the non-Canadians. (Well, LaFon DOES live in Canada).

In comes a fan. Make that a "fan", who takes out Furnas and LaFon with

karate kicks. The Hart Foundation stomps on the guy until Vader covers

him, protecting him. McMahon and Ross make it clear this "fan" will spend

a night in the pokey for running into the ring (as he's escorted out by

security). Turns out this fan is a martial arts instructor (whose name I

forget). He'll may be on "Team USA" at the PPV this Sunday. A new star is

introduced in the tradition of Ernest Miller, Savio Vega and Miguel


Enough with the "fans" already.


Ross announces that Commissioner Slaughter has had an "altercation" with

the LOD and they were asked to leave the building. Yeaaaaaah ....


Not a terrible match, but it's hard to give a rat's ass when the match is

between to teams you don't give damn about and the outcome is never in

doubt. Road Dog gets the pin with some help from Billy. They didn't even

bother to use a foreign object this time.

- SHAWN MICHAELS (w/ Degeneration X) vs. KEN SHAMROCK

You know what? I liked this match. Sure, it had a few problems: the

finish was weak and rushed due to time, as well as Shawn's calling out a

few spots too loudly which the microphones picked up a few times (and

which the WWF censors tried to bleep, with varying levels of success).

The actual match itself, though, wasn't all that bad.

Shamrock sends Shawn bouncing around like a pinball. Shawn comes back

during the middle segment, at one point catching him with a sweet drop-

kick to the mush. Ken stages a comeback during a nice sequence where they

go into the ropes-Shamrock nailing Shawn more than once with a flying

shoulder, which sends Shawn tumbling each time. They slightly blow a spot

where Ken is supposed to legwhip Shawn, but Shawn raises his keg too soon

(or Ken takes too long to grab it) and for a split second it looks like

Shawn is standing there waiting to be grabbed. Time is starting to run

really short as Shawn rushes a Superkick, but Ken ducks it and nails a

belly-to-belly suplex. Shamrock then takes him down by the leg and slaps

on a submission hold. But wouldn't you know it, the ref is tied up with

Chyna on the apron. In comes the Ravishing one, who lays in a rude

Haliburton shot to the back of the head. The ref signals for the bell as

DX pounds on Shamrock. The show ends with Hunter Pedigree'ing Shamrock's

face onto the briefcase.

- Next week: Nothing announced.

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Guest Cool Xtreme Dude


November 10, 1997

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Commentators: Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler

(A recap of Survivor Series plays with HHH jumping in and getting HBK disqualified The RAW video plays with music and all. Instead of the music continuing in the arena, we cut to Jim Cornette standing in the the ring)

Jim Cornette interviews Bret Hart

Jim Cornette: Welcome everyone to RAW IS WAR. Tonight, we have a good show planned but first, last night at Survivor Series, Bret Hart retained the World Wrestling Federation Title. He didn't retain it by pinfall but by disqualification. Forget those oldies over at Wheel Chair Wrestling, we have a real icon as champion. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the World Wrestling Federation Champion, Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

(The guitar shrieks as the familiar music of the Hitman hits. The Ottawa crowd goes crazy. The camera pans the crowd, we see several Canadian flags raised in the crowd. Bret Hart walks out sporting sunglasses, wearing jeans, a t-shirt and his familiar leather jacket over his shirt. The WWF Championship is around his waist. Bret enters the ring and walks over to Jim Cornette)

Jim Cornette: What a reception for the champion. Bret, how are you feeling?

Bret Hart: I'm feeling great Jim. Last night, I came close to losing the belt but I retained it. Triple H had to get involved and get Shawn disqualified. This match came at a very troubling time for me. As many of you may know, I came close to going to WCW. I had just agreed to stay here. I'm glad that I decided to. All of my fans are here, I am the champion here. My Canadians fans showed me thought that the World Wrestling Federation is the place to be. You guys truly are the greatest fans on Earth and I'm glad to be your champion *crowd pops and starts chanting "Hitman"

(Bret Hart turns around to play to the crowd. The camera cuts back to Jim Cornette)

Jim Cornette: The fans here absolutely love The Hitman.

(Bret walks back to the center)

Bret Hart: Let me tell you something Cornette, I'm going to be with the World Wrestling Federation for life. I've been here for 13 years seen them all. I was here when Hulk Hogan left, I picked up the ball and ran with it. I defeated Yokozuna, I defeated Diesel, I defeated Shawn Michaels, I defeated my brother Owen. I consider Owen to be one of my toughest opponents. I've seen and wrestled them all. I have proved over and over again that I am the best there is, the best there was and the best that there ever will be. Cornette, I am the champion for a reason and that is because I am the best. My Canadian fans know it, the US fans are too dillusional to figure it out but deep down, those American idiots know that I am the Excellence of Execution, that I am the greatest wrestler to ever step foot on American soil and the best champion of all time. I am here to stay and will be for several years to come.

Jim Cornette: Well Bret......................

("Sexy Boy" hits and the crowd starts booing frantically. Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Chyna and Rick Rude make their way down. Shawn enters the ring and tells Triple H, Chyna and Rude to stay outside. HBK taunts the fans. He gets a microphone from Howard Finkel. Shawn taunts the fans as Bret removes his sunglasses. Shawn moves the microphone to his mouth)

Shawn Michaels: Hello Bret, how ya doin'?

(Shawn is leaning against the ropes with his back to the entrance. Bret is in the center of the ring)

Shawn Michaels: I hear ya out here braggin' about beatin' Shawn Michaels but you ain't dunnit yet. You never pinned me Bret. At Wrestlemania 12, I beat you in the Iron Man Match and last night, I got disqualified. Hunter ran in to the ring to help me win but obviously, Earl Hebner is an idiot. He screwed the Heartbreak Kid. There's no way that he could had seen Hunter attack you. I've got footage to prove it.

(We interrupt where Bret has Shawn in the Sharpshooter. Earl Hebner is down and completely out of the picture. HHH grabs a chair and slides into the ring. He hits Bret with the steel chair forcing him to break the hold. HHH then picks up Bret and connects with a Pedigree. He turns Bret over and puts Shawn on top. Hebner rolls over and calls for the bell)
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Guest Cool Xtreme Dude

WWFHeadlines.com News

WCW announces roster cuts

While we normally don't report on WCW. This is of significence. This is a major roster cut.

1. Jeff Farmer (nWo Sting)

2. Ralphus

3. Big Titan (Known to WWF fans as Fake Razor)

4. Hiroyoshi Tenzan

5. Michael Wallstreet (Known to WWF fans as IRS)

6. Masahiro Chono

7. Stevie Richards

8. Scott Armstrong

9. Scott Norton

10. Hardwork Bobby Walker

11. Bobby Blaze

12. Mike Starr

13. Steve Armstrong

14. Rick Fuller

15. Villano V

16. Villano IV

17. Robbie Rage

18. Jerry Flynn

19. Roadblock

20. Kendall Windham

21. Kenny Kaos

22. Super Calo

23. The Great Muta

24. CW Anderson

25. El Dandy

26. Wayne Bloom

27. Lizmark Jr.

28. The Barbarian

29. Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker

30. Reese

31. Damien

32. Joey Maggs

33. Miss Jacqueline

34. Jim Powers

35. Horace Hogan

36. Silver King

37. Prince Iaukea

38. Barry Horowitz

39. Meng

40. Mike Enos

41. The Renegade

42. Hector Garza

43. Brad Armstrong

44. Johnny Swinger

45. Sick Boy

46. Yuji Nagata

47. Louie Spicolli

48. David Flair

49. Van Hammer

50. La Parka

51. Chris Adams

52. Lenny Lane

53. Greg Valentine

54. Steve McMichael

55. Sonny Oono

56. Stevie Ray

57. Lanny Poffo

WWF announces new hirings

Based off of WCW's recent rosters cuts. WWF has elected to hire David Flair and Horace Hogan. David Flair just turned 18 this year and was released by WCW's developmental program along with Horace. Unlike Horace though, Flair hasn't had a lot of training. WWF decided to take him on because of his famous upbringing. Both men are expected to be in Memphis Championship Wrestling to get further training. This will help both Flair and Hogan in the long run. We wish them luck in their WWF runs.

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Guest Cool Xtreme Dude


November 17, 1997

Mobile Civic Center

Mobile, Alabama


RAW kicks us off from Alabama with an explosive night planned. The World Wrestling Federation Championship will be on the line as Bret Hart defends against the monster Kane. Can Kane take advantage of the opportunity and become champion. Also, Stone Cold Steve Austin is going to be in Mobile tonight. He won't be in the ring but he nemesis Owen Hart will be. Owen Hart and British Bulldog team up to face Marc Mero and Steve Blackman. Also in action tonight, we will see a #1 Contender's match as Commissioner Slaughter said last week. It will be Triple H, Rocky Maivia, Ken Shamrock and Faarooq squaring off for a title shot. What happened to Undertaker and Shawn Michaels? Shawn Michaels ran from The Undertaker last week. Will Shawn Michaels finally get his due or will he continue to evade trouble? Also, we will continue in the Light Heavyweight Tournament as Brian Christopher takes on Flash Flanagan. Jeff Jarrett said last week that he will be in Mobile negotiating with the WWF to get a contract. Will Double J get his wish? Also, Dustin Rhodes promised us that we will find out who he meant what he said that he found someone last week. RAW promises to be exciting so tune in tonight at 9/8 Central only on USA Network.

1. WWF Championship- Bret Hart (Champion) vs. Kane

2. Owen Hart and British Bulldog vs. Marc Mero and Steve Blackman

3. #1 Contender for the WWF Title- HHH vs. Faarooq vs. Ken Shamrock vs. Rocky Maivia

4. Light Heavyweight Title Tournament- Brian Christopher vs. Flash Flanagan

(BTW, for those of you wondering why the house show results are in color. That's because the quote function messed up. They should be in quotes next time)

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Saturday, November 15, 1997

Orlando Arena, Orlando, Florida

1. WWF Champion Bret Hart defeated The Undertaker to retain the title with a chairshot at 15:57

2. Ken Shamrock defeated WWF European Champion Shawn Michaels at 20:45 by disqualification when Hunter interfered. The Undertaker came down and chased Shawn away. Taker stayed out for his match.

3. Billy Gunn defeated Road Warrior Hawk at 10:09 after a shot with the tag team championship.

4. Kane defeated Mr. Aguila at 0:45 with a tombstone

Paul Bearer cut a prematch promo hyping Kane as the next WWF Champion. Paul said that he was hoping to Taker to win tonight so Kane could face his brother.


5. Jerry Lawler defeated Jeff Jarrett at 15:09 with a piledriver

A special King's Court was held in Orlando as Jerry Lawler interviewed WWF's special guest Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett said that he would like to get his hands on all of those old farts. Lawler took exception and said that he signed a one night clause allowing Jarrett to wrestle if it came down to it (how Jerry Lawler has this power is mind-boggling).

6. Ken Shamrock & Ahmed Johnson defeated Faarooq & Kama at 18:09 when Faarooq submitted to Shamrock's ankle lock

7. The New Blackjacks, Skull and 8-Ball defeated Truth Commission at 15:56 when Skull chokeslammed Recon.

8. TAKA Michinoku defeated Brian Christopher at 17:48 with a Michinoku Driver

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Guest Cool Xtreme Dude


November 17, 1997

Mobile Civic Center

Mobile, Alabama

Commentators: Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler

(The RAW IS WAR opening plays and we cut to the arena for the pyro as Vince screams loudly and welcomes us to RAW. Vince's screaming is interrupted by Bret Hart's theme song)

Damn rednecks

(Bret Hart walks out carrying the Canadian flag over his shoulder. Behind him come British Bulldog and Owen Hart. Jim Neidhart brings the rear. Neidhart carries out a second Canadian flag. The Hart Foundation enters the ring and Neidhart begins to frantically wave his flag. Bret Hart gets a microphone and starts to move it to his mouth but the fans interrupt with a "USA" chant. Bret decides to take this opportunity to hand the flag to Owen. Owen and Neidhart walk up and start waving their flags while Bret stays in the center. Bulldog screams "Canada is better than here" while the flags are being waved. The "USA" chants get louder. Bret decides to call The Foundation back. Owen and Neidhart put their flags on their shoulder. Owen and Bulldog go to the right of Bret while Neidhart heads to the left.)

Bret Hart: You people really are stupid. We walk out here displaying our flag and you show your bigotry by chanting "USA." I am under a lot of stress, I have to defend my championship for the second time in 8 days. I have to defend against Kane no less. That's not even the worst part. I have to defend my title in front of vile pieces of garbage like you. You people are the epitome of the American white trash garbage. You people don't even deserve to see the Excellence of Execution in action. Much less, a World Wrestling Federation Title match. You know, I spent the weekend at home in Calgary. I spent the weekend talking to my dad Stu and he gave me some tips on how to beat a monster like Kane. It all comes down to the way I was trained in the Dungeon. Wearing Kane down through submission wrestling. My dad and I did extensive workouts and I am ready to face you Kane and I can't wait to show these rednecks how to wrestle. I will walk out here as....................

(The "USA" chants start up again.)

Bret Hart: Shut up, I am the World Wrestling Federation Champion and I'm Canadian. The WWF Championship is in a CANADIAN's custody. Your precious Americans can't take this from me. Camera man zoom in on this championship that sits around MY waist.

(We get a zoom in on the WWF Championship belt. We hear Bret's voice in the background)

Bret Hart: Look at that, look at the titantron. That's right, that's around MY waist. Not some American, not Kane, but ME.

(The camera view goes back to normal)

Bret Hart: You can take your USA chants and shove 'em. For you Slaughter, you took me out of the main event with my permission and ordered me to leave the building for "my own safety." I don't need your help Slaughter and I don't deserve your punishment. That burned freak disrespected the Maple Leaf. I had my head drilled into the flag that I love. I lay atop that flag as my fellow Canadians watched in disgust. I apologize to that fan who did her flag back as I was being helped backstage. I apologize that you had to sit there helplessly as those ingrates disgraced my flag. The greatest flag on the face of the Earth. The greatest looking flag on the face of the Earth. Chant "USA" all you want but you refuse to see your bigotry and hypocrisy in booing someone because they come from another country, get mad because I speak the truth and then cheer whenever my country is disgraced. How do you rednecks even sleep at night? Canada stands for purity while Alabama stands for marrying cousins and getting pregnant when you are a teenager. You people are dirty and vile. I rode down the street today and I saw trash on the side of the road, people outside walking with no shirt on, kids playing in dirt and mobile homes. People, Canadians actually own shirts, we don't litter and our homes are built into the ground. We also don't fight on the street and get drunk like you people do. You people are an embarrassment to the North American continent. Rednecks are............

(The Glass Shatters and the arena explodes. Stone Cold Steve Austin walks out wearing an Austin 3:16 shirt and blue jeans with the Intercontinental Champion over his shoulder. Austin does his BMF walk. Steve Austin tosses the Intercontinental Title in the ring. Bret Hart has to move back to avoid getting hit. Austin enters the ring and walks over to his championship. Austin picks it up and heads to the turnbuckle to show it off. Austin moves to the side of the ring closest to the entrance where a WWF official hands him a microphone from the outside.)

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Bret Hart, I'm sittin' backstage and I see ya flappin' your gums. You ain't out whinin' about having the World Wrestling Federation Champion and son you ain't nothin' special, I've beat your ass before. Hell, you couldn't even make me submit to the sharpshooter. I had to black out for you to win the damn match. Now, you're out here talkin' some more about how Canada is so superior. Everything that you just said is a bunch of BS Loud Pop. I've kicked everyone of the Foundation's asses before and I'll do it again. Davey and Owen know what it's like for me to kick their asses especially. I just opened a can of whoop ass on them last week and I'll do it again if you cross me. You wanna talk about rednecks.

Bret Hart: Yes I do Austin. You are an embarrassment. Look at you, you throw your belt around. A real champion wears his belt around his waist and treats it with respect while out in the ring. You can wear the belt on your shoulder during a backstage interview to call attention to the belt because they may not see it otherwise.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: I don't need to be told how to hold a damn belt. I do what I want and if you don't like it, I'll open up a can of whoop ass on you.

(Bret catches Austin with a kick to the ribs causing him to hunch over. Austin drops the Intercontinental Title as he drops to one knee. Bret picks the championship up and nails Austin with his own belt as he straightened up. Bret gives the Intercontinental Championship to British Bulldog. Bret picks up Austin and whips him into Bulldog who nails him full force with the championship. Bret tells Owen to go up top and for Bulldog to pick up Austin. Bulldog sets Austin up and connects with a running powerslam. Owen comes flying off with an elbow drop as soon as Austin drops. Bret Hart removes his jacket and championship belt. He hands both to Owen. Bret grabs Austin's legs and turns him for the sharpshooter. Austin is stuck in the sharpshooter. Jim Neidhart comes flying off of the middle rope with an elbow to the back of Austin's head thus knocking Austin out. Security runs down and gets The Hart Foundation off of Austin. JR defend Austin's actions by saying that Austin came out to defend the honor of his people.)

OR: 98

Owen Hart gained overness from this segment.

Commercial Break

Light Heavyweight Title Tournament- Brian Christopher vs. Flash Flanagan

Brian Christopher dominated this match with Flash having no chance of ever returning to the WWF. The fans were silent and probably used this match as a break after the big segment. As with what happened last week, the announcers spent time discussing the first segment. This was used as an attempt to get Brian over as a legit contender. This was on the match all of the time with Brian pretty much brawling. Flash got some advantage when Brian missed the legdrop from the top. Flash jumped on top of Brian for two but Brian immediately regained the advantage and hit the legdrop on his second try for the 1-2-3.

Brian Christopher wins at 5:23 with a Tennessee Jam

(60, 42, 78)

Commercial Break

Dustin's new friend

(Generic cowboy music hit as Dustin Rhodes walks out wearing a plain black t-shirt and blue jeans. JR warns us that you may want to put the kids to bed now. Fans are to decide whether that means that Vader will tear Dustin apart or something else will happen. Dustin enters the ring and asks for the microphone)

Dustin Rhodes: Well, I'm here. boos come from the crowd. Aw shut up, you people are embarrassments to the South. Go marry your damn cousin or something. Texas is the real south and if Texas would had been in the Confederacy then the South would had won the Civil War. At least I'm not getting divorced from my cousin. Anyway, back to the real business. Marlena, last week, I told you that I was going to bring who I found. You took your fat piece of crap Vader and speculated. Vader, this ain't any of your business. I was injured and I'm sorry for that. Now let me settle my issues with my wife alone. Marlena, I was going to reveal her to you in private before the interview. I have a confession to make, I've been having an affair. Crowd boos, you know I never felt bad about it either. This girl is better in bed and a helluva a lot better looking than Marlena. Hell she's nicer and caters to my needs. This is the ultimate girl and Marlena, don't get jealous when you see her. Now, I bet that you're wonderin'. Who's Dustin's dream girl? Well, let me introduce you to her. Come on baby.

("I Know You Want Me" hits as Sunny walks from the backstage area. She's wearing tight black leather pants and a black leather top showing off her belly. Sunny enters the ring and Dustin and Sunny embrace while entering into a liplock. They hold their kiss for a few seconds. Dustin and Sunny break the kiss but she stays in his arms. Dustin keeps Sunny pulled to his body with his left arm and has the microphone in his right hand.)

Dustin Rhodes: Hey baby

Sunny: Hey Dustin

(They give each other another peck on the lips)

Dustin Rhodes: Ladies and gentlemen, this................

(Vader's theme hits as Vader and Marlena walk out. Marlena has pissed off look on her face as she makes a beeline for her estranged husband and his mistress. She enters the ring and Dustin tries to calm her down)

Dustin Rhodes: Cool your horses, Marlena.

(Dustin pulls Sunny closer as Sunny rests her head on Dustin's chest. Marlena gets a mic as Vader enters the ring)

Marlena: Screaming You bi<bleep>, you whore. You dirty skank, how dare you steal my husband? Dustin, how could you. She's a whore, she's slept with every wrestler in the damn locker room. I can't believe you, Dustin Tears start to come up in Marlena's eyes. You know what, I confess. I did pay Vader to protect me. I need a man to protect me and comfort me. Vader is that kind of man. You may have <bleep>ed Sunny for that month that I was gone but there's no way that her body compares to mine. You think that you can cheat? Well so can I.

(Suddenly Marlena jumps into Vader's arms and starts kissing him. Vader falls back into the corner holding Marlena up as their lips finally meet and they have a quick kiss. No tongue was shared. Vader puts Marlena down and starts breathing heavily as she bends down her cleavage being exposed to Vader to pick up the microphone. The camera was on the opposite side so Marlena's ass was to the camera)

Dustin Rhodes: What in the hell is wrong with you? I dumped you. Get over it. There are kids at home watching this show and they don't need to see you doing this kind of crap. You're not some cheap whore, I've give you that much.

Marlena: Do you want me to expose my breasts? Will that make you dump her? My breasts are definately bigger than hers.

(Marlena removes one strap of her golden dress but before her breast could be exposed. Dustin interrupts)

Dustin Rhodes: Don't do that Marlena. These people don't deserve to see breasts unless they are attached to a cousin and plus, you're embarrassing yourself. Put your damn strap back on and act like a human being.

(Marlena puts her strap back on)

Marlena: How about this? At In Your House: DX, Vader and I challenge you and Sunny to a Mixed Tag Team Match. I want to get my hands on that whore.

Dustin Rhodes: You know what, we accept your challenge.

(Sunny pulls the mic down to her)

Sunny: O yeah and I'll take your ass on right now.

(Dustin lets Sunny go and Marlena takes her down with a spear. The ladies roll around the ring catfighting. Dustin gets tired and grabs Marlena's hair and pulls her off. Dustin throws Marlena to the side and bends down to check on Sunny. Vader bends down gets a grip on Dustin's neck. Dustin tip toes back but suddenly lands a swift back kick to Vader's nads. Vader stumbles around hunched over and goes back to the corner. Dustin stomps the ribs of Vader in the corner. Dustin sets Vader's legs up in a Shattered Dreams position. Instead of doing the taunt, Dustin just runs in with a lowblow. Vader comes out hunched over. Dustin uses this as an opportunity to connect with a DDT. Dustin and Sunny flee the scene as the fans boo.)

OR: 73

Commercial Break

(We return at the announce table with Vince, JR and King)

Jim Ross: Welcome back to RAW and I would like to issue an apology to our fans for Marlena's language and our tardiness to censor her first offensive word effectively. We feel that RAW IS WAR is a program that the family can enjoy. As I warned you before, this wasn't going to be pretty and to send the kids out of the room. We here at the World Wrestling Federation try to create the best family viewing environment possible by providing sufficent warnings before questionable content airs thus allowing you to shield the ones that may be easily offended or too young to view that content. Thank you for supporting the World Wrestling Federation during this time and we hope that you continue to watch our programming.

(The camera immediately cuts to the crowd as Jeff Jarrett takes a front row seat. Jarrett shows his ticket stub to a security guard)

Vince McMahon: IT'S JEFF JARRETT. What's he doing here?

Jerry Lawler: Why don't you go ask him McMahon?

Vince McMahon: I think I will.

(Vince removes his headset and starts walking towards Jeff Jarrett. Vince arrives at Jeff Jarrett and begins to speak)

Vince McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a special guest here. It's Double J Jeff Jarrett. Jeff, you are a paying customer but you are a bit of a celebrity especially after what happened last week with Mankind. Jeff Jarrett's expression turns from smiling to a serious expression. So I have to ask, why'd you get here so late?

Jeff Jarrett: Let me tell you Vince, I bought a ticket for this show back when I was in Atlanta. I was going to come here to see how the competition is doing. Now that I'm unemployed I can go where I want. I spent the last 2 hours trying to get into the arena to talk to Commissioner Slaughter but no one will let me so I decided to just come in and watch the show. I'm looking forward to seeing Bret Hart vs. Kane tonight as well.

Vince McMahon: Well have fun and enjoy WWF RAW.

Jeff Jarrett: Bet your ass, I will.

OR: 79

(Owen Hart's theme song hits as Vince begins walking back to the table)

Owen Hart and British Bulldog vs. Marc Mero and Steve Blackman

Owen Hart and Marc Mero start us off. Owen Hart uses technical wrestling tactics to take down Mero. He begins working on the leg setting up for the sharpshooter. He keeps Mero trapped in their corner by taking quick tags. British Bulldog entered and connected with power moves such as a gorilla press slams. The first big near fall of the match came after a running powerslam. Bulldog covered Mero and Blackman tried running in. The referee was distracted thus allowing Owen and Bulldog to double team Mero. They connected with a double backbody drop followed by Owen coming off of the top with an elbow drop. Big mistake comes as Mero's foot is near the bottom rope. Bulldog with a cover and the referee gets to two before Mero's foot gets on the bottom rope. Bulldog gets a quick tag into Owen. Owen comes in and whips Mero. Mero comes back and Owen ducks too early so Mero kicks him in the face. Mero follows this up by using all of his energy to introduce a new move to his arsenal, an Arn Anderson like Spinebuster. Mero and Owen are down. Mero gets to Blackman for a hot tag. Blackman clears house. Owen managed to tag Bulldog before Blackman ran in. As Blackman throws Owen out, Bulldog recovers from the kick that he recieved and attacks from behind. Bulldog connects with a running powerslam as the Glass Shatters. Stone Cold runs down with a steel chair. He connects with a steel chair shot to Bulldog and then leaves the ring to hit Owen with it. The referee calls for the bell and Bulldog and Owen win via DQ. Austin stuns the referee for good measure.

Bulldog and Owen win via Disqualification at 12:34

(80, 76, 84)

Commercial Break

(We return from commercial to hear the music of D-Generation X. They are debuting their group music for the first time. Rude, Chyna, HHH and Shawn make their way down to the ring. Shawn and HHH are wearing DX shirts. Shawn has his European Championship over his shoulder. Rick Rude is carrying a duffel bag and a bowling bag. All of them enter the ring. HBK gets a microphone.)

Shawn Michaels: Hello Alabama. The DX Tour lands in the Bible Belt. Now of course, I hear that you people don't like D-Generation X because it's bad being like us. I don't know. But anyway, I came out here tonight to gloat. I managed to evade The Undertaker. My escape last week was mastefully done and well plotted. I haven't seen The Undertaker since last week. We left him in Canada. You see, I am the showstoppa and the main event and I'm not scared of The Undertaker. I ran last week because someone told me that my sister had fallen down. I needed to get to the phone so what do I do? I run. I run to help my family, I don't marry my family like you people so I am not in constant contact with them. So, it turns out that my sister fell down getting into her car. I'm fine, she's fine, we'll all fine, isn't that right Hunter?

Triple H:: Phrasing this as a question You have a sis.......................

Shawn Michaels: Interrupting OKAY, movin' on. Tonight, I am out here to meet and greet my Alabama fans but sadly, I can't speak your language but luckily, my friend Hunter is bilingual. He can speak Idiot and English. So, Hunter please greet these people for us.

(Triple H removes his shirt and reaches into the duffel bag. He pulls out a Lynyrd Synyrd t-shirt and puts it on. Triple H also pulls Dudley like glasses; complete with tape down the middle and puts them on. He removes a straw hat from the duffel bag. He puts it on)

Triple H: How do I look Shawn?

(Shawn bends down to start to Shawn)

Shawn Michaels: Like an idiot.

Triple H: Good

Shawn Michaels: Ready to start?

Triple H: Sure.

(Shawn Michaels stands up straight.)

Shawn Michaels: Now ladies and gentlemen, Triple H will now greet you in your native language.

(The camera moves to HHH clad in straw hat, rock and roll t-shirt and Dudley glasses)

Triple H: Speaking in a country accent Howdy y'all, I came out here to say hello. Uncle Jethro and Billy Bob are at home screwing Cousin Mae and I'm here watching wrasslin.' You is happy to see us, right? Jessie Bell and Bobbie Jo is out here watchin' DX and they really want to Return to normal voice SUCK IT!!!!! Return to accent This is better than grandpa's trailer. Hot Damn, you better had hung your clothes durin' the TAKA match because you can't afford one of them fancy dryin' machines. This is Sweet Home Alabama and we marry our cousins here. Now ain't that right? Shawn has no idea what we bees sayin' The camera cuts to Shawn who has a puzzled look on his face. Shawn pulls his microphone up

Shawn Michaels: Come on now, stop I'm losing intelligence. Hell, I'm losing intelligence by just being in the same room as these people. But....................

(Shawn is interrupted by Sgt. Slaughter's theme. The crowd cheers Sarge as he comes down wearing a suit. Sarge enters the ring. He has a mic in hand)

Sgt. Slaughter: SHUT UP MAGGOT! Hunter, remove that ridiculous outfit.

Triple H: O wait, is it yours?

Sgt. Slaughter: Yelling Get the outfit off.

(HHH throws the hat and glasses the crowd. He hands the shirt back to Rude which prompts boos from that section of the crowd.)

Sgt. Slaughter: Now, you come out here and bore the fans by making fun of them. Then you expect me to sit back and take it? I am the Commissioner, I can't take people like you sitting out here wasting TV time.

(Shawn starts fanning his nose)

Shawn Michaels: Damn Sarge, take a tic tac. I think you've been breathing in Alabama air for too long.

Sgt. Slaughter: For that comment, you've earned yourself a match tonight. You will defend that European Championship against a man whom I owe a favor to thanks to the behavior of your guest last week. That's right, Shawn you will defend that championship against Mankind. Don't worry about changing because your match starts now.

(Mankind's theme hits and Sarge leaves as Mankind comes out. HBK removes his shirt and prepares to wrestle in jeans)

OR: 76

Commercial Break

WWF European Championship- Shawn Michaels (Champion) vs. Mankind

We return in progress, Shawn Michaels is hammering away with rights to Mankind's head. Mankind backs into the corner and Mankind climbs for the 10 punch. Shawn tries to whip Mankind out and Mankind counters. Mankind runs in with a clothesline. Mankind takes advantage temporarily with right hands. Mankind keeps going crazy with right hands. King defends Shawn by saying that Shawn can't move due to his jeans. Mankind gets distracted when Jeff Jarrett starts screaming comments. This prompts the referee to run over and tell Jeff Jarrett to leave the wrestler alone. The distraction allows Shawn to nail Mankind with the European Title. Shawn pins for a nearfall. Shawn remains on the advantage until Shawn whips Mankind into the ropes and ducks early. Mankind catches Shawn with a Double Arm DDT. Mankind into a cover but Jeff Jarrett screaming at Mankind distracts him. Mankind argues with Jarrett leading to Shawn rolling over and rolling up Mankind for the 1-2-3. DX flees the scene.

Shawn Michaels retains the European Title by pinning Mankind at 8:04

(88, 90, 86)

The WWF European Title has gained in image.

Mankind leaves the ring and goes over to Jeff Jarrett. Mankind punches Jeff Jarrett back down into his seat. Jarrett stands up and gets pulled over the rail by Mankind. Mankind grabs Jarrett's head and shoves it into the ring post 3 times. Jarrett stumbles over to the ring steps. We see that Jeff Jarrett is bleeding. Mankind grabs Jarrett by his hair and slams Jarrett's head against the steel steps. Jarrett leans against the ring and uses the middle rope as crutch. This leaves Jarrett's midsection open and Mankind punches Jarrett in the gut causing him to fall onto the arena floor in the fetal position. Security rushes down and escort Mankind away. We see Mankind leave and on the ramp, DX still stands. They clap and wave goodbye to Mankind. They begin to treat Jeff Jarrett carefully. Sgt. Slaughter runs down past DX. Security carefully lifts Jarrett. Sarge and a security guard help Jarrett walk to the locker room. They walk past DX. DX turns around to leave behind Jarrett but a a lightning bolt strikes, stopping DX in their tracks. The lights go out.

The Undertaker is here

(The arena is pitch black as the thunder rolls. Taker's voice rings out of nowhere. We see Taker on the Titantron in a dark room. His head is only visible)

The Undertaker: Shawn Michaels, you thought that you could get rid of Lord of Darkness..........Your time is up the soon Shawn.........I will round up my creatures of the night................we will make you REST...... IN...... PEACE!

(The lights cut back on and Shawn is looking up to the titantron frozen in fear. HHH and Rude try to snap him out of it. We fade out on Shawn frozen in fear)

OR: 88

Commercial Break

#1 Contender for the WWF Title- Triple H vs. Rocky Maivia vs. Faarooq vs. Ken Shamrock

Hunter remains out from the last segment. JR says the rest of DX went back to make sure that Shawn is okay. Rocky and Faarooq enter seperately and Shamrock gets the louder pop. Shamrock enters the ring and clears it. All 4 men are in at the same time. The 3 heels triple team Shamrock to start but eventually fall apart when it comes down to pinfalls after a HHH pedigree. It turns into The Nation double teaming HHH. The teams continue to fall apart as Faarooq and Rock argue after a Rock Bottom to HHH. Rock and Faarooq get into a fist fight. Ending with Rock lowblowing Faarooq and rolling him up. The Rock gets his foot on the ropes for the 1-2-3.

Elimination #1 at 7:49- Faarooq via pinfall from Rock after a Rock Bottom.

Faarooq immediately leaves the ring and screams at Rock. Rock is distracted long enough for HHH to roll him up for the 1-2-3.

Elimination #2 at 8:12- The Rock via pinfall from Triple H after a rollup

Triple H and Shamrock rise at the same time and Shamrock catches Hunter with a belly to belly. Shamrock begins to go to work on the ankle. Triple H mounts a comeback with a kick to the ribs followed by a clothesline but Hunter favors his ankle. Shamrock takes advantage of this and works on it for another minute or two. Shamrock gets HHH into the ankle lock. Chyna runs down and distracts the referee while Hunter taps out. Rick Rude enters the ring and nails Shamrock in the back with a chair. Shamrock doesn't feel it. Shamrock does feel the chairshot that Rude delivers. HHH stands up with Shamrock and connects with a Pedigree. HHH pins Shamrock for the 1-2-3. HHH is the #1 Contender.

Triple H wins at 16:45 via pinfall with a Pedigree

(82, 80, 85)

Settle down Jeff

(We cut away from HHH to Sgt. Slaughter in the trainer's room with Jeff Jarrett. He walks in as Jeff Jarrett is getting up. Jeff Jarrett is wearing a band-aid)

Sgt. Slaughter: How are you feeling?

(Jeff Jarrett is pissed)

Jeff Jarrett: Look, I come to an event and expect to be safe. I still expect that and if you don't pay me or give me a contract. I'm suing the World Wrestling Federation.

Sgt. Slaughter: Look maggot, you provoked him. Your case won't hold up.

Jeff Jarrett: Really I was being a fan and yelling at a wrestler that I dislike. If you don't give me a contract, my lawyer and I will be back next week.

Sgt. Slaughter: See you next week.

Jeff Jarrett: When I get finished with you, I'll own part of this company.

(Jeff Jarrett walks out of the room)

Sgt. Slaughter: Goodbye.

OR: 67

Commercial Break

WWF Championship- Bret Hart (Champion) vs. Kane (w/Paul Bearer)

We return and the announcers recap what Jarrett just did. Kane gets a mixed reaction while Bret gets booed out of the arena. Bret and Kane do some brawling to start with Bret getting the advantage with a lowblow but Kane doesn't feel it. Bret Hart tries punching Kane but Kane doesn't flinch. Bret Hart runs over and nails Kane with a Russian legsweep. Kane doesn't try to reverse it. Bret Hart walks around the ring in triumph. Kane sits up almost immediately. Bret is shocked. Bret walks over and tries to get the monster to lay back down but Kane puts an arm around Bret's neck and stands up. He connects with a chokeslam. Kane signals for a tombstone. Kane connects, one-two- Jim Neidhart pulls the referee out. He hits Kane in the head with a chair. Kane stands up as if he didn't feel it. He takes the chair from Jim and hits him in the head with it. Kane rolls Jim out and turns around. He picks up Bret as the Glass Shatters and Austin runs down with a chair. Austin slides into the ring with steel chair. He asks Kane to pick up Bret but instead Kane chokeslams Austin. Kane goes over to Bret Hart and lifts him up. Bulldog and Owen run down and nail Kane from behind with forearms, the ref finally calls for the bell. Kane nails Bulldog and Owen with a double chokeslam. Kane stands tall as RAW fades out as Finkel announces Kane as the winner by DQ and Kane's music plays.

Winner by disqualification, Kane at 10:47

(88, 92, 79)

The WWF World Title has gained in image

WWF Shotgun and Dark Match Report from WWFHeadlines.com

Reported by Mike from Mobile, Alabama

Dark Match

Skull & 8-Ball squashed two local jobbers

WWF Shotgun Saturday Night, commentated by Michael Cole and Kevin Kelly.

Chainz and Crush over Sniper and Recon

Pretty bland match. Crush pins Sniper after a powerbomb

The New Age Outlaws cut a promo on the Titantron making fun of the Legion of Doom for their age.

The New Blackjacks over The Quebecers

Not much to talk about here, Barry pinned Jacques after a clothesline

Honky Tonk Man over Flash Funk

Honky Tonk Man wins with a guitar shot in a relatively short match

New Age Outlaws over Savio Vega and Jesus Castillo

New Age Outlaws go over in the longest match when Road Dogg nails a pumphandle slam to Savio Vega

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November 24, 1997

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RAW kicks off live from the home of Wrestlemania 13. The WWF Champion Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin will be returning to the place of their classic I Quit Match took place. The WWF will present not one but two matches in the Light Heavyweight Championship tournament. To kick us off, Jerry Lynn will take on Scott Taylor and our first semifinal matchup will happen tonight. TAKA Michinoku will take on Aguila to decide who will advance. No doubt that Brian Christopher will be in attendance to scout his semifinal opponent. That match will happen next week on RAW. Jeff Jarrett has agreed to show up in Chicago with his lawyer. Will Sarge relent? Also, we will have a battle of the big men. Kurrgan The Interrogator with Jackyl at ringside will take on Crush from DOA.

Our main event for the evening came about as punishment to Triple H for his behavior last week. Tonight, Triple H will take on The Undertaker. Will Taker finally get his hands on Shawn Michaels or will Shawn once again evade the Deadman? Also, what's next for Dustin Rhodes and Marlena? So many superstars will be in the house so anything can happen. Join us live at 9/8 Central only on USA Network.

Match List

Light Heavyweight Championship Tournament

1. Jerry Lynn vs. Scott Taylor

Light Heavyweight Championship Tournament- Semi Finals

2. TAKA Michinoku vs. Aguila

3. Kurrgan The Interrgator (w/Jackyl) vs. Crush

4. The Undertaker vs. Triple H

(I decided to put the House Show Update on hiatus due to my time constraints in order to keep RAW as an almost dailly occurance. Hope you guys have enjoyed it thus far.)

WWF News and Notes- WWFHeadlines.com

Marc Mero fired after failing drug test; enters rehab

The World Wrestling Federation popped a surprise drug test on WWF Superstars after RAW on Monday Night. When test results came in on Tuesday, Marc Mero was called and made aware on the results. WWF officials informed Mero that he was being let go because of the painkillers found in his system. Marc Mero was in line for a tag team push with Steve Blackman but obviously that is dead. Mero was beside his wife Sable back in their home in Florida where he was going to spend the week before going back on the road with the WWF on Thursday. Marc Mero checked into drug rehab on Wednesday to get treatment for his problem thanks to the advice of his wife Sable. The WWF has stated that they hope to do business with Marc when he sobers up and they are happy that he is seeking help.

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Guest Cool Xtreme Dude


November 24, 1997

Rosemont Horizon

Chicago, Illinois

(The usual videos play as we cut the arena for the pyro show. Before we can cut to ringside, the Glass Shatters and the crowd explodes. Steve Austin walks out wearing an Austin 3:16 shirt and jeans. Austin grabs a microphone)

Get out here ya burned freak

Steve Austin: Now I ain't happy. Kane, last week you chokeslamed me when I tried to get revenge on Bret Hart. Kane, I ain't some jabroni that you can throw around. I know you're new so I'm gonna make this simple. My name is Stone Cold Steve Austin and I am toughest SOB in the WWF and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it. I don't give a damn what your brother did to you. Cause whatever he did to you, I can do 10 times worse. You think you're special because you're burned? This ain't some damn charity, this is the World Wrestling Federation and you expect to be treated special then you need to get out. I bleed and sweated for the last 8 years and I ain't gonna step aside for some burned freak with an attitude problem. Kane, I'll open up a can of whoop ass on you and send you back to the damn asylum. That ain't no threat son that's a promise. I want to bring your little carcus to the ring now.

(The lights go out and Kane's opening plays. The pyro shoots off and behind it walks Kane and Paul Bearer. Kane slowly makes his way to the ring When Kane is halfway, Austin takes the liberty of saying something)

Steve Austin: Hurry the hell up, I ain't got all day.

(Kane makes it to the ring. Kane steps over the ropes and stands there. Paul Bearer gets a microphone)

Paul Bearer: In his usual whiny voice Austin, you are making a big mistake. Kane will destroy you.

(Austin looks at Kane)

Steve Austin: Hell son, can't you speak?

(Paul Bearer keeps going)

Paul Bearer: Kane was disfigured in a fire. He can't speak thanks to The Undertaker.

Steve Austin: I really don't give a damn about what happened with him and The Undertaker because Kane, you cost me my revenge against those damn Canadians. So you Big Red Bastard, I'm gonna open a can of whoop ass on you.

Paul Bearer: Austin...............

Steve Austin: Interrupting Shut up! I don't really give a damn what you got to say and neither do these people in Chicago. Hell, let's ask them.

If ya want Paul Bearer to shut the hell up, gimmie a hell yeah

(Crowd yells "HELL YEAH")

Paul Bearer: Austin............

Steve Austin: Interrupting again Damn son, are ya deaf? They want you to shut the hell up.

(Austin turns around and looks to the fans. Austin turns back around and is caught with a big boot from Kane. Kane picks up Austin and whips him into the ropes but Austin comes back with a Lou Thesz Press to Kane. He hammers away on Kane. Austin promptly gets up and so does Kane. Austin with a kick and a Stunner to Kane. Austin promptly leaves the ring as his theme plays. Austin makes it to the top of the ramp an Kane sits up. Seemingly not feeling a thing. Austin gives Kane a middle finger before going behind the curtain.)

OR: 96

Kane gained overness from this segment.

Commercial Break

Jerry Lynn vs. Scott Taylor- Light Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Match starts off with some mat wrestling. The match is really back and forth with Taylor nearly getting a pinfall after a DDT. Jerry Lynn got back on the advantage however and won with a Cradle Piledriver. The crowd wasn't really into the match at the beginning but got into it towards the end. Scott Taylor pulled it all out but fell short in the end to the Cradle Piledriver.

Jerry Lynn advances in the tournament with a Cradle Piledriver at 14:58

(71, 50, 92)

Commercial Break

What happened between Rock and Faarooq

(We return from commercial to see The Nation of Domination making their way to the ring. Faarooq brings them out with Rock bringing the rear. JR mentions last weeks' fatal four way. The Nation enters the ring and Faarooq grabs a microphone)

Faarooq: The Nation is starting to look weak. People have been talking about problems within our members. You know what I ain't buying it. The only problem is in here is Rocky. Rocky, you pinned me last week and cost me a shot at the WWF Championship and then you got yourself pinned and cost The Nation a shot at the championship. Boy, you need to get your ego in check because we need to stick together to find the oppressive society of America. They want the black man to fight each other. It's a fact of life and Rock, you are falling into that trap. We need to stay unified so Rock, I want you to apologize to me and your black brothers right now.

(Rock steps forward and takes the microphone)

Rocky Maivia: Let The Rock tell you something Faarooq, The Rock is not sorry for what he did. We all want a shot at the World Wrestling Federation Championship and The Rock was seizing the opportunity. The Rock didn't think you'd have a problem with it.

Faarooq: Boy, speak normal. You ain't nothing to be speaking in third person. You don't hear D'Lo, Kama or Mark speakin' in third person do ya?

Rocky Maivia: Faarooq, what are you talking about that The Rock cost himself the fall? You were screaming at him. He had to turn around and look at you and that allowed Triple H to roll me up.

Faarooq: That was a rookie mistake, Rookie. You're gettin' too big for your shoes. You need to calm down. Remember what our agreement was last week? If it was me and you in the final two, you lay down and I pin you. But no, you went against our plan and eliminated me. I ain't no Einstein but it seems like you are deserting The Nation. You are trying to be like Ahmed and enter a white man's world as a black man. We need to stick together, Rock and don't you forget it.

(Rock is starting to look irritated)

Rocky Maivia: The Rock did what he had to do and that is do anything to become World Wrestling Federation Champion. The Rock grew up in this business. His dad, Rocky Johnson is a former Tag Team Champion. He always told The Rock to aspire to be WWF Champion.

Faarooq: Your daddy can also clearly go to hell. You need to be a team player in wrestling and you ain't being one.

Rocky Maivia: Looking pissed What did you say about my dad?

The crowd pops at this "breaking of character"

Faarooq: I said that he can go to hell. Forget him, I've been World Champion before. He ain't never done it. Take my advice before his.

Rocky Maivia: No one talks about my dad like that.

(Rock comes up with a right hand to Faarooq knocking him backwards against the ropes. Faarooq fires back by tackling Rock and going to work with right hands. Both men roll around the ring on top of each other punching each other. The Nation comes in, D'Lo and Henry pull Rock off of the top of Faarooq while Kama tries to talk to the veteran Faarooq. Both men are pissed. It doesn't help their anger when the music of Ken Shamrock hits. Shamrock and Ahmed Johnson appear on the stage. Shamrock has a mic)

Ken Shamrock: Sorry to hear about your problems but I have something that may not help matters much. I just got back from Commissioner Slaughter's office and he made a match for us. It'll be me and Ahmed against Rock and Faarooq. You think that we forgot about what you did? Hardly, The World's Most Dangerous Man and The World's Strongest Man will take down both of you.

(Shamrock and Ahmed head behind the curtain as the Nation struggles to keep Rock and Faarooq apart)

OR: 70

Rocky Miavia lost overness from this segment.

Commercial Break

The Foundation is in Chi-Town

(We return to hear the music of The Hart Foundation. The Hart Foundation makes their way to the ring with Bret leading the charge. Owen and Bulldog are the designated Canadian Flag carriers this week. Bret enters the ring asks for a microphone. They get into position with Owen on the left and Bulldog on the right of Bret displaying the Canadian flag. Jim Neidhart stands over to the side facing Bret)

Bret Hart: The Hart Foundation is back in Chicago. We all remember what happened the last time I was here. It was WrestleMania and I had Austin in the Sharpshooter and he passed out. I walked out of Chicago as the winner of the I Quit Match. It was also in this city that I found out that American fans are scum. You people booed me and cheered Steve Austin? Of course, what can I expect from Chicago fans? They haven't won a World Series since 1908. Hell, you guys can't even celebrate a win when you get one. When The Bears won the Super Bowl in 1986, you had the Quarterback make a rap video. That's not how you celebrate. That's not how Canadians celebrate at least. You don't see Wayne Gretzky going out and rapping about being the greatest hockey player. Do I go out and rap about being the best there is, the best there was and the best that there ever will be? No. Real athletes don't do that. Chicago is a town full of losers and will remain that way forever. Now, I am aware that you Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving this week. Now, Thanksgiving in America is basically a celebration of the oppression of Native Americans right? I mean, you come in and kill them and give them nothing back but a freakin' holiday where you all sit around and get even fatter. What kind of sick people are you? You have a holiday dedicated to eating. In Canada, we have Thanksgiving to give thanks. You people use it to get even fatter. You people also never gave back to the Native Americans that help you establish your holiday. What do you give them? You take their lands and you eat all day. Americans are nothing but fat slobs and Chicago is a step below that because it's full of fat slobs that also happen to be losers. Now onto Triple H. Triple H, I am ready for D-Generation X and I am going to put my championship on the line against you. You better bring your entire army because you aren't going to take this belt from me.

(Bret Hart passes the microphone to Owen)

Owen Hart: My brother Bret has a point, you people really are losers. Davey and I are angry right now. We want a shot at the Intercontinental Championship at D-Generation X. I asked for a Triple Threat match but I was denied by Commissioner Slaughter and he said that he'd let know his decision. I am angry because he nullified my 30 day rematch clause. Davey and I will beat Austin down and then decide who is the better man. We want to bring that belt back to the Foundation and................

(The theme of Sgt. Slaughter interrupts Owen. Sgt. Slaughter appears on stage)

Sgt. Slaughter: Silence you maggot. Now, I've got a plan to decide who faces Steve Austin at D-Generation X. How about you two go at it to decide the Number One Contender? As a fair Commissioner, I can't put Austin at a disadvantage like that. O yeah, your match starts after the break.

(Slaughter goes behind the curtain. Owen and removes his shirt to reveal his singlet underneath. Bulldog also appeared to have his gear on.)

OR: 65

Commercial Break

#1 Contender for Intercontinental Championship- Owen Hart vs. British Bulldog

We return to see Owen and Bulldog set to lock up. Bret and Neidhart are at ringside. A referee has run down. Owen and Bulldog lock up with Owen getting Davey into a side headlock. Bulldog pushes Owen off into the ropes and catches him coming with a kick to the gut. This leads to a vertical suplex attempt that Owen counters. Owen went for the cover for two. Owen and Bulldog start wrestling each other cleanly. Owen gets the advantage by using some amateur wrestling moves on Bulldog. Bulldog was clearly beaten there. He backed off and locked up with Owen. He got Owen in an armbar. Owen got his other arm on the ropes. Bret and Neidhart applaud the wrestling. Owen and Bulldog lock up again with Bulldog going to the back and bringing Owen over onto his stomach. Bulldog immediately climbs onto Owen with a front face lock. JR points out that this old style wrestling. Not a closed fist thrown so far. Just mat wrestling. Bulldog holds the front face lock until Owen powers out of it and turns it into a Northern Lights Suplex for two. They clean break again. The fans are into the match but some "Boring" chants come. Bret yells at the crowd to silence the "Boring" chants. Owen and Bulldog circled the ring again before locking up again. Bulldog gets to the back again and hits a German Suplex with a bridge for two. Both men clean break again. The crowd boos that. Owen locks up with Bulldog again with Owen getting a back suplex to Bulldog. Owen goes to Bulldog's legs and begins to lock on the Figure 4 leg lock. Bulldog is in the center with Owen holding it tightly. Bulldog eventually turns it over. Owen breaks it. Another clean break and the fans boo. Bulldog and Owen lock up AGAIN with Owen going to Davey's knees to get him down on his stomach. Owen uses this opportunity to apply a surfboard. Davey's back is bent over Owen's knees and he looks to be in pain. Bulldog reaches out and touches the ropes. After the break, Owen helps him up and they shakes hands to reassure us of their alliance. Owen and Bulldog lock up again with Bulldog catching Owen with a bodyslam. Bulldog into the cover after the weak maneuver and to no one's shock gets one. As Bulldog picks up Owen, the lights go out and Kane's music plays. Kane walks out and knocks down Bret with a big boot and he tosses Neidhart into the steel steps. Kane enters the ring and no-sells a double kick to the gut from Owen and Bulldog. He nails both with a double chokeslam. The referee calls for the bell. Kane pins Bulldog and Bearer orders the referee to count to three.

No Contest through Interference at 10:03

Paul Bearer gets a microphone)

Paul Bearer: Your winner and #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Title, Kane. Austin, we are coming for you.

(Bearer and Kane leave the ring and leave it at that)

(85, 84, 87)

Commercial Break

What's going on?

(We see Bulldog and Owen stumbling backstage. Bulldog and Owen run into Slaughter)

Sgt. Slaughter: Looks like you boys lost.

British Bulldog: No we didn't, Kane wasn't even in the match.

Sgt. Slaughter: Yes he was, I added him in the middle of your match because you were boring me to tears.

Owen Hart: Grabbing Slaughter by the collar Look here, I'm not happy with what happened out there. If you don't give us a rematch, I'm going to......I'm going to kick your butt.

Sgt. Slaughter: Calm down, Owen. I have a solution. Owen you get a match against Shawn Michaels next week for the European Title. Don't worry Owen, Shawn will be scared out of his mind because of his match this Sunday with The Undertaker Crowd Pops.

Owen releases Slaughter's collar Don't worry though, this match between Shawn and Taker won't be any ordinary match, it'll be a match designed to keep Shawn Michaels inside. No, not Hell in a Cell but something a little less escapeable. Let's try a CAGE MATCH. But not an ordinary cage match. There will be three lines of barbwire circling the top of the cage and no door will exist on the cage. There's no escape Shawn.

(By this point, we see that Owen and Bulldog have left.)

OR: 73

TAKA Michinoku vs. Aguila

This match really suffered because the crowd was pumped from the last few segments. TAKA and Aguila try to win the crowd back but it seems like a hard task. Aguila and TAKA do some highflying with Aguila even hitting a super hurricarana on TAKA. The crowd doesn't wake up until TAKA pins Aguila after a Michinoku Driver at 7:43.

TAKA Michinoku advances to the finals at 7:43 with a Michinoku Driver

OR: 51 (Lost match ratings and I'm sorry about the shortness of the match. I'd rather spend more time on the important matches and gloss over the undercard on TV shows. If you don't like this, tell me and I'll try to adjust)

Commercial Break

Jeff Jarrett and his lawyer are here

(We return to RAW to see Jeff Jarrett and a lawyer [Harvey Whippleman] standing in the ring. Jarrett has a mic in his hand and backstage pass around his neck)

Jeff Jarrett: I'm here and Slaughter I am ready to officially file my papers for my lawsuit with the World Wrestling Federation for assault and endangerment but I'm gonna allow you to speak your mind to try and stop me. So, Sarge, come on down.

(Sgt. Slaughter's theme hits as Sarge makes his way down the aisle. Sarge enters the ring and shakes hands with Jarrett's lawyer)

Sgt. Slaughter: Okay, I'm here. Jarrett, you were taunting Mick Foley and that prompted him to take the action that he took. The World Wrestling Federation is not liable if a wrestler attacks a fan when provoked. It's that simple.

(Jarrett looks disgusted)

Jeff Jarrett: I didn't provoke him. I was only booing him. If Bret or Shawn attacked every fan tha booed them then we'd have no fans left. I came to the event as a fan and nothing more but Mick couldn't treat me like that. After I get done with you, I'll own part of the World Wrestling Federation and I can't wait until that day. O yeah and by the way, I am never spending another dime on this company for as long as I live. Let's go Harvey, this guy is an idiot.

(Jeff Jarrett turns to leave the ring but Sarge stops him)

Sgt. Slaughter: Okay, Jarrett let's make a deal. You drop the suit if I give you a WWF contract.

(A smile comes onto Jarrett's face as he turns around)

Jeff Jarrett: Really?

Sgt. Slaughter: But first, you must beat Mankind at D-Generation X. If you can beat Mankind, not only do you get a WWF contract but you get a WWF Championship shot that you can use at any time. If you lose, then you can sue us.

(Jarrett shakes Slaughter's hand)

Jeff Jarrett: You've got a deal but to make sure that there's no loophole that you can use. I have two conditions. We sign a contract to make this official and my lawyer, Harvey has to be the guest referee. He has wrestling experience. Remember? He used to work for you guys. He left and made something of himself. Let me introduce you to my lawyer, Harvey Whippleman.

Sgt. Slaughter: Okay, I'm fine with that. See you at DX.

(Slaughter leaves the ring as Jarrett and Harvey flash smiles at each other)

OR: 72

Commercial Break

Kurrgan vs. Crush

Generic hoss match. Pretty quick match actually. Crush and Kurrgan brawl for a bit before Jackyl hopes onto the apron and distracts Crush. This allows Kurrgan to come up from behind and catch Crush with a sidewalk slam. Kurrgan went into the cover for the 1-2-3. Crush immediately stands up and starts chasing Jackyl around the ring but Sniper and Recon come down and attack Crush. It's a 4 on 1 before the DOA come down and chase them away. Truth Commission makes a getaway through the crowd. The DOA stands tall.

Kurrgan wins at 4:01 with a Sidewalk Slam

(66, 56, 77)

Kurrgan gained overness from this match.

Commercial Break

The Saga Continues

(Michael Cole is backstage with Vader and Marlena)

Michael Cole: Welcome back to RAW and I am standing by with Vader and Marlena. Marlena, how do you feel about your estranged husband's actions?

Marlena: Michael, I am very disgusted. How could he give this body for that tramp? I mean Michael, aren't I sexier than Sunny?

Michael Cole: I mean..........I guess so. Vader threatens Cole Yes you are.

Marlena: Look at these breasts. Look Michael.

(Michael Cole looks down at Marlena's cleavage)

Marlena: Would you like to sleep with me?

Michael Cole: WHAT? I mean, I can't. I have a job to do.

(Marlena plants a liplock on Michael Cole)

Marlena: Dustin, you want to sleep with Sunny? I can sleep with Michael Cole. Isn't that right, Mike?

Michael Cole: I do not want to get involved.

(Dustin and Sunny enter in the picture)

Dustin Rhodes: You want to sleep with that scrawny bastard? You can't compare me dumping you for Sunny to you sleeping with Michael Cole. No man can match up to me. I am God's gift to woman and the best thing to ever happen to you and now I am with the hottest woman on Earth.

(Dustin leans in and gives Sunny a passionate kiss with prompts Marlena to kiss Michael Cole again. Michael Cole isn't so willing.)

Sunny: How about this? You put your goods against mine in a Bikini contest next week. Then we'll see who has the better body.

(Dustin then grabs Michael Cole by the collar)

Dustin Rhodes: I won't even bother with you but you can go sleep with my ex-wife. She's a little slut if she wants a fruitcake like you anyway.

(He lets Cole go and walks off with Sunny. He turns around into Vader's face. Marlena steps infront of Vader)

Marlena: Vader, honey while Michael and I are doing it. You'll need to go elsewhere. Here's 20 dollars, go to the local bar and kick somebody's ass.

(Marlena hands Vader 20 dollars and he walks off. Marlena grabs Michael Cole's hand and he reluctantly walks with Marlena.)

OR: 71

Match? What Match?

(We cut back to the arena to hear DX music. Hunter Hearst Helmsley walks out wheeling Shawn in a wheelchair. They reach the ringside area. HHH enters the ring as the ring announcer introduces him. Chyna and Rude stand outside to keep him company. HHH gets a microphone)

Triple H: You see that? Shawn Michaels is in a wheelchair because of the actions of a drunk driver. Shawn was on the way to the arena and some drunk knocked him into a tree. Therefore, Shawn can't wrestle anymore. I'll take his place. Good luck on your post-career Shawn.

(Shawn claps for Hunter. JR, King and Vince question the legitmacy of the whole thing due to Hunter's fast talking demeanor and how no one would be allowed out of a hospital that quickly after a car crash. Hunter removes his shirt and waits for The Undertaker. The Undertaker makes his way to the ring. Undertaker enters the ring and stalks Hunter. The bell rings. Hunter leaves the ring and The Undertaker chases him around the ring a few times. Shawn Michaels rises from the wheelchair. on the third go around. Hunter runs past Shawn but he blindsides The Undertaker with Sweet Chin Music. Shawn tosses Undertaker into the ring and follows him. Hunter get a microphone)

Triple H: OH MY GOD! Shawn Michaels just made the fastest recovery in the history of medicine. He can walk again. OH MY GOD! I can't believe it.

(Hunter hands the microphone to Shawn and Hunter sets up The Undertaker for a Pedigree)

Shawn Michaels: You betta believe it. If a car accident can't keep me down then neither can The Undertaker.

(HHH connects with the Pedigree)

Triple H: See, Shawn. Undertaker is down after two moves but you can walk after a car accident. Isn't that remarkable?

Shawn Michaels: Yes it is, Hunter. See Hunter, after you become WWF Champion in 13 days. Who's gonna be the first person that you defend against?

Triple H: You, Shawn because we here at DX are not selfish. O yeah Undertaker, we've got two words fo ya, SUCK IT!

(They do the crotch chops all around as we fade out.)

OR: 83

WWF Shotgun and Dark Match Report- WWFHeadlines.com

Hi, this is Jeff and here is your report

Dark Match

Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon defeated two local jobbers

Shotgun Saturday Night hosted by Michael Cole and Kevin Kelly

Mankind opened Shotgun and defeated Salvador Sincere in a squash with the Mandible Claw. Short Match

The New Age Outlaws come out with walkers did a funny skit and did a funny skit about the Legion of Doom. They had replica WWF Tag Team Titles and they wearing the LOD facepaint and gray wigs. Road Dogg played "Hawk" and Billy Gunn played "Animal." Road Dogg's character had a heart attack after yelling "WHAT A RUSH!!!!!!" "Hawk" no sold the Heart Attack. "Animal" asked why and "Hawk" made a joke about no-selling Piledrivers. Funny skit. Ended with the real LOD running down and chasing them off.

The New Blackjacks over The Quebecers when Windham powerboms Jacques. Basic semi-squash with The Quebecers getting in some offense.

Ahmed Johnson over Brian Christopher in a restarted match. Two endings were taped in this. First one taped was Jerry Lynn running down while the referee was knocked down and nailing Brian Christopher with a cradle piledriver. Ahmed Johnson picks up Christopher and hits a Pearl River Plunge for 3. Slaughter comes down and restarts the match. The referee gets up and Ahmed Johnson and Brian Christopher resume the position that they were in and redo the SAME EXACT ref bump spot with Brian running Ahmed into the referee. Scott Taylor runs down in this and nails Brian with a chair allowing Ahmed to do the Pearl River Plunge. We all know which finish will get used and that will be the Lynn one with Slaughter and Taylor's parts cut. It was nice to see two different finishes filmed. 

The New Age Outlaws over The Godwinns in a relatively short match. Road Dogg hit a pumphandle slam onto Henry to win. LOD ran down after the match and nailed Road Dogg with a doomsday device while Billy was tied into the ropes. LOD eventually nailed him with a spike piledriver.

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Guest Cool Xtreme Dude


December 1, 1997

The Pyramid

Memphis, Tennessee


RAW kicks off the month of December in Memphis and what a night we have planned. We have a great main event planned for tonight. In action, we will have Shawn Michaels defending the European Championship against Owen Hart. However, Sgt. Slaughter decided to also to let British Bulldog get his fair due as he will take on Steve Blackman to decide who will go to IYH: D-Generation X to fight for the WWF European Championship. If Shawn retains the championship then Shawn will wrestle twice in one night. Also we will have the semi-finals of the Light Heavyweight Championship Tourmanent featuring Jerry Lynn and Brian Christopher. After what happened on Shotgun Saturday Night, Hawk has demanded with the Road Dogg and he has recieved it. WWF Champion Bret Hart will be in action tonight as he tags with Jim Neidhart to take on Triple H and Chyna. Is HHH at a disadvantage or can HHH get some momentum heading into his big night? We will have this and so much more tonight a 9/8 Central on USA Network.

Match List

1. WWF European Championship- Shawn Michaels (Champion) vs. Owen Hart

2. #1 Contender for the WWF European Championship- British Bulldog vs. Steve Blackman

3. Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart vs. Triple H & Chyna

4. Road Dogg vs. Hawk

5. WWF Light Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi Final- Jerry Lynn vs. Brian Christopher

End of the Month Update- WWFHeadlines.com

The Following WCW wrestlers are nearing the end of their contracts

1. Chris Jericho

2. Chris Benoit

3. Konnan

4. Johnny Grunge

5. Bill Goldberg

6. Larry Zybysko

Chris Jericho has been the most vocal about wanting out of his contract and wanting to come to the WWF. Whether or not WWF returns the interest is still to be seen. Many are also saying that The Hart Foundation are pushing for Chris Benoit to be signed. Both of these men would make great additions to the WWF roster.

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Guest Cool Xtreme Dude


December 1, 1997

The Pyramid

Memphis, Tennessee

Commentators: Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler

(The RAW video and pyro goes off. Vince, JR and King have time to rundown the card this week. Before they are cut off by Bret Hart's theme. Bret Hart walks out carrying a Canadian flag with Jim Neidhart following behind. Owen and Bulldog are missing. The WWF Champion enters the ring and asks for a microphone)

Bret Hart: I bet you're wondering where Davey and Owen are. Well, they are backstage talking strategy so we can bring the European Title back to the Hart Foundation. Jim and I came out here to address my title match this Sunday. Hunter, I have respect for what you've done and the fact that you are a former Intercontinental Champion. I also know that you are the underdog in this match but so was I when I faced Ric Flair in 1992. I walked out as champion so I wouldn't dismiss you yet. The only problem I have with you is the people that you surround yourself with. That being Shawn Michaels, otherwise I've had no reason to have any problems with you. I do feel that my title as "Excellence of Execution" will prevail this Sunday. My only problem with you Hunter is the fact that you are American. You used to carry yourself with dignity and class, you used to come out here in a suit and bow to the fans but then you started to associate yourself with low-class scum like Shawn Michaels and became just like all of these pieces of garbage here in Memphis. Crowd boos Don't boo me, you know that it's true. You guys may have Elvis but he's the biggest fraud ever. What did he ever do? Sing horrible music, get hooked on drugs and turn into a fat piece of crap? Canadians have turned out Shania Twain and Celine Dion, now that's real music. You Memphis people have Jerry Lawler, The camera points to Jerry at the announce table. I made him kiss my feet at King of the Ring 2 years ago. He's a hasbeen now sitting next to a cowboy and a dork. I am the best there is, best there was and best there ever will be and I come from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. That's right Canada. I am a 5 time World Wrestling Federation Champion, tied only with Hulk Hogan for most all time. I have defeated them all and you can't name one WWF main eventer that I have not beaten. Canadians are clearly better than Americans and I will show this Sunday when I made Triple H submit. Hunter, you may be a great athlete but I'm Canadian and that puts me a step above the rest. Americans are horrible at wrestling and hockey and always have been. Making it to the top was easy for me. Jim and I dominated the Tag Team ranks, I moved up to Intercontinental while Jim took a break, I dominated that, I then became WWF Champion, DESPITE being the underdog, I dominated that. No other WWF Superstar in the history of the company can say that the rose throw the ranks so effortlessly. Everything that Jack Tunney put infront of me back in the days, I beat it before I made to being the World Wrestling Federation Champion. During my reign, I had to put up with Gorilla Monsoon taking over for Tunney and then getting attacked by Vader. That nutcase Roddy Piper forces me into an I Quit Match with Shawn Michaels and DESPITE not losing in regulation time. Monsoon returns and restarts the match and Shawn wins in overtime. Shawn Michaels shouldn't had been champion that night. Then I had to put with Steve Austin, I blew through him like a hurricane. Now, Hunter I'm not saying that you don't have same ability but it's going to be hard for you to beat someone of my caliber. Hunter...........

(DX's theme hits as Triple H, Rick Rude and Chyna walk from behind the curtain to a pop. Triple H makes a beeline for the ring. Triple H is wearing a D-Generation X t-shirt. HHH grabs a microphone)

Triple H: Are you finished yet? Man, what did you just say? You were rambling about Elvis, Jack Tunney, me being American and how you dominated the World Wrestling Federation but Bret, you are a FIVE time champion right? That means that you lost the belt four other times. One of your reigns lasted one day.

Bret Hart: And how many of them were lost cleanly? I'd hate to do another clip show but I knew you were going to do this so I prepared short clipping of each of my title loses. Introducing first, my first title loss to Yokozuna.

We see Bret Hart with Yokozuna in the Sharpshooter. Mr. Fuji tosses powder into the eyes of Bret Hart.
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Guest Prototype

Good show. I was surprised to see HBK lose somewhat cleanly to Owen. I would have had Undertaker interfere if he was to lose the title. The HHH/Bret segment was good and Im looking forward to IYH.

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