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  1. Yeah, man, that was awesome. I always went after the guy when he sucked, but when he was on, dude was great, and the Pens wouldn't have gotten those three cups without him. (Less so 2016, but he did carry the team while they sucked, and while they were adjusting to a new coach)
  2. Fleury's first trip back to Pittsburgh is tonight, man, been looking forward to this.
  3. Penguins finally seem to be getting it together, but I'd like to see them get a proper 3C and another defenseman before the playoffs
  4. Pittsburgh gave up a first for Reaves wtf?!
  5. As good as Fleury was, Malkin was the rightful winner that year.
  6. Oh for sure, the save in game 7 secured the cup, the great save on Ovi in game 7 that year, his game 4 against Philly, etc he had a great run that year.
  7. Rutherford is looking like a genius for having made that deal and keeping Fleury past the deadline more and more.
  8. As much as I cursed at him for some of his past failures, I am so sad to see Flower go. It is going to be so different seeing this team without Fleury, and man, his first game back in Pittsburgh is gonna hit me hard. And despite some bad playoffs, they wouldn't have gotten to win the cup without him this year, and people forget he carried the team during the dark Johnston days before the coaching change. Hope for nothing but the best for him, and I hope they retire his jersey in Pittsburgh someday when he retires.
  9. I read that Oshie was gonna end up staying in Washington, don't know what kind of deal they work out, but he apparently likes it there. Shattenkirk is probably Rangers bound. But yeah, some good options for Vegas. If they put together a good team and get good goaltending, I don't see them being bottom dwellers. I don't think they will be a playoff team or anything like that, but definitely not Arizona bad.
  10. James Neal for Nashville is a big surprise, betting Vegas picks him up for sure.
  11. I think Vegas takes Fleury, but I could see them flipping him to a contender during the trade deadline.
  12. Between Hainsey, Fleury and Cullen, I was pretty emotional. Not to mention, Kunitz, since he's most likely gone next year too.
  13. Back to back baby! Wooooooooooooooo! I can't believe it, I'm fucking speechless!
  14. Agreed so much, Christ, people are whining so much about Sid tonight, and want him to get suspended, even though Subban has cheap shotting him all series long. The hatred for Pittsburgh is ridiculous, people act like they get away with everything when they see fit, even though, they take their share of dirty hits, cheap shots etc. Also, not as worried Forky, though, I do not want a game 7. They need to finish it on Sunday. I wanna see them raise the cup in front of the sad Nashville crowd.
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