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I hate VHS, i hate FOX, i love X-Files

Herr Matzat

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i just dusted of my good old X-Files season Box sets i got from england during a time were i neither had monney or anny knowledge of english besides the school english (and you guys tring to fool around with school german show me that school language means shit ;) ) so it shows you how desperat i loved that show and were i learned my english . . . :unsure: well annyway, i am used to only whatching digital tv, dvd or dvd rip qualety downloads nowersdays, AND HOLLY SHIT DID THE VHS PICTURE EVER SHOCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME, my good old X-Files, in that crapy of qualety, TEARS IN MY EYES, NEED TO GET THE FIRST FEW SEASONS ON DVD - so i am furisuly klicking on amazon.de, and what do i see ?! thes fucks, thes bastards, wors than koby on his evielest day, A HUNDRETFUCKINGSIX EURO FOR ONE SEASON, . . . SHALL I BEND OVER TO RECIVE SOME ANALL ASWELL IF I REALY WANT THE BOX ? HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE

Someone plz tell me were i can get the first 3 seasons of X-Files on DVD for a sane price, english audio is required, i don´t care about the german version, RC2 is neccesary becaus i don´t own a RC1 player, sinc i already payed a shitload of Monney on that stuff i wouldent mind if someone...

Annyway, i saw Chines code free box sets on ebay, they sell for almost no monney, 62 dvds, all 9 seasons, they claim to have english audio and so on, the question is, is this a real Chines set releas or a fucked up HK piracy deal as with Animes (if you ever saw a HK pirated anime dvd you know why i would not want something on that qualety level)

i don´t give a fuck about extras, i just want the show in english and with subtitle free picture, so if there is some kind of 62 DVD set from china that has the usual DVD qualety picture (as it would be on our original dvds) but no interviwews with carter tring to tell me why the later seasons werent fucked up i´ed still be happy

Tooms is the Man, THE MAN i say.

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Season 1/2/3 - £30.79/44.29 euros

Season 4/5/6 - £26.24/37.74 euros

Season 7/8/9 - £28.69/41.26 euros (these are different sets to the previous ones. These are older boxsets. 7/8/9 of the newer ones come out in March)

Also, I have a 10% discount on any DVD orders, so that comes in handy :D.

The newest releases come in a box, sorta like a box for VHS's but it has 7 disks in and one is a bonus disk. Not much in special features, but has some commentary and deleted scenes and stuff.


Small, but that's what it looks like.

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i think the show started to stink after (ore somewere in) the thrid season, i, for some reason, think about getting the rest to if the price ever turns right but overall 1 2 3 would be all i need in the forseabell future - also i am asking around on several german dvd boars at the moment to see if i can get a good value somewere, thanks for the offer i might get back on it in a few days.

why do they rerelease the last 3 seasons ? wassent 9 just released last summer ?

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Well, it's different boxsets I think. There are two different boxsets, and one is that video-looking one (the newest ones) and I don't know what the older one's looked like.

I only saw about, 2/3 re-run episodes when I got hooked, so I started to order them. I love the show, so it's all good for me.

Just PM me if ya want me to help ya.

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