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The Movies (Game)

Herr Matzat

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As you know, i am egaly waiting for a new good movie making game, and as you know aswell i have been very sceptical about the movies from what i have seen up untill now, i dunno how old this FAQ is, but i cannot remember it being posted here before, there are some things in that give me a lot of hope, so just give it a read. (ok, it actualy is very old, but gets constantly updated, and sinc i ranted about a few things i expected this game to be i don´t think you guys have seen this sinc you would have brought it up against my fear)


On which formats will this game be released?

The Movies will be available on all formats; PC, Xbox, PS2 and Nintendo Gamecube. The Movies will take advantage of each console’s strengths. This means each system on which the game is released, will vary in interface. We are not talking about ports; every version is done by a different team.

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I'll pay attention, but like Molyneux's last project, the ill-fated Fable, all of these crafty features mentioned could be going by the waysider. Still, if his company manages to do it, it could be awesome.

Also, Matzat, GameFAQs is saying Winter 2005 for Europe and June 15 for the US release.

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Because somebody will say it eventually:

Bewaaaaaaare the IIIIIdes of Maaaaaaaarch~!

And there isn't a SOLID release date, because the game's been pushed back eight dozen times.

The official website (themoviesgame.com) hasn't had a news update since November. Not a good sign.

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