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Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth

The Quasi Juice

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is having played it enough ? :shifty:

annyway, i dident like it that much, to manny restrictions in manpower, to manny restrictions to the story (in terms of were and wen to fight) and were to build your buildings, in the end, just another real time strategy game, i was hoping for something a bit more like total war.

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Yeah, got it at Christmas. Great game, in my opinion, but then again, I'm a Lord Of The Ring's fanboy. My username on that is Downie.

Don't mind my 2 player rank though ;) Half of my losses have come from either:

1) Me quitting, because my partner sucks

2) My partner quitting half-way through, so then I quit cause I can't play 1-on-2 :(

However, apart from that; people disconnecting when they're losing (and, therefore me not getting the win) and the cheats (eg. someone 'magically' getting all their Evenstar abilities about 5 minutes into the game), 'tis a great game.

And Matzat, the limits to where you can build just adds to the strategy of it, in my opinion.

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I got it the other day to tide me over until WoW comes out, thinking I could always trade it in again to get WoW.

There's no fucking way I'm trading this baby in! It's awesome. It sits right in between the Total War games and Dawn of War for Best RTS Evar~!

Who's your favourite army?

Mine has to be Isengard, followed by Gondor. I'm a bit dissapointed that there isn't an Elven army though, even if it was just in Multiplayer. Elrond, Arwen and Haldir as heroes. Units of Warriors and Spearmen and Rangers (with bows/swords and an option to make them mounted, like Eomer)..would be cool.

Oh well, still an awesome game.

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