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WWE: Where It All Begins Again

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Guest gangsta

WWE: Where It All Begins Again

Welcome everyone to a new Gangsta diary! This diary will be taking place right after Wrestlamania 20. I've decided to hold the re-draft right after Mania, so I'll be starting this from RAW 3/15. Some things may be alike, but much will be different. Hope you enjoy!

Wrestlemania XX: Where It All Begins Again

-John Cena defeated Big Show© to capture the United States Title. It took two F-U's and a hit with the chain to do so, but John Cena still prevailed with the gold! ***.

-Booker T & Rob Van Dam© defeated La Resistance, Jindrak & Cade, and The Dudleyz to retain the World Tag Team Titles. Rob Van Dam pinned Conway with the 5* in a "eh" match. **.

-Christian defeated Chris Jericho after Trish accidentally hit Jericho. Christian rolled up Jericho for the win, and after the match, Trish turned on Jericho and went with Christian. ***.

-Batista, Flair, & Orton defeated Mick Foley & The Rock after Orton RKOed Foley. Foley was ready to lock the Mandible Claw on Orton when he got up out of nowhere and RKOed Foley to get the pinfall. ***1/2.

-Sable & Torrie defeated Miss Jackie and Stacy Keibler when Torrie pinned Miss Jackie. DUD.

-Chavo Guerrero© retained his Cruiserweight Championship in the Cruiserweight Open by pinning Rey Mysterio last with help from his father. Other particpants included Ultimo Dragon, Shannon Moore, Jamie Noble, Funaki, Nunzio, and Kidman. **1/2.

-Bill Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar after a Jackhammer. The chants of "You Sold Out" were defeaning here. Both men got Stunners after the match. *.

-Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty© defeated the APA, Haas & Benjamin, and the Basham Brothers to retain their WWE Tag Team Titles after Rikishi hit the Bonzai Drop on one of the Bashams to get the victory. **.

-Victoria© defeated Molly Holly to retain her Women's Title. Because of the stipulation, Victoria was able to shave Molly's head after the match! Victoria won with a Widow's Peak. *.

-Eddie Guerrero© defeated Kurt Angle to retain the WWE Championship. Awesome match by these two. Guerrero managed to outsmart Angle in the end and roll him up while grabbing the ropes to win the match! ****1/2.

-The Undertaker defeated Kane in a good match. The crowd was hot for the return of the Deadman, who pinned Kane after a Tombstone. Not much from these two. *1/2.

-Chris Benoit defeated Triple H© & Shawn Michaels in perhaps the match of the year. There were a bunch of crazy spots, including Benoit being double suplexed through an announce table. HBK got thrown out of the ring after a failed attempt of a Superkick. Triple H went to Pedigree Benoit, only to be taken down into the Crossface! HHH tapped, and Benoit finally realized his dream by becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. *****.

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Guest gangsta


Main Eventers

Chris Benoit

Shawn Michaels

The Rock

Triple H

Upper Midcarders

John Cena


Rob Van Dam




Randy Orton

Scott Steiner


Billy Gunn

Bubba Ray Dudley

D-Von Dudley

Lance Storm

Al Snow

Doug Basham

Matt Hardy


Rene Dupree


Lower Midcarders


Orlando Jordan

Spike Dudley

Steven Richards

Tommy Dreamer

Christopher Nowinski

Chuck Palumbo

Garrison Cade

Johnny Stamboli

Mark Jindrak

Rodney Mack





Trish Stratus


Gail Kim


Molly Holly


Stacy Keibler

Dawn Marie

Ric Flair [Evolution]

Theodore Long [Mack]

Tag Teams

The Dudley Boyz [bubba & D-Von]

Genetic Freaks [steiner & Test]

La Resistance [Dupree & Grenier]

The Perfect Pair [Cade & Jindrak]

Authority Figure(s)

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Eric Bischoff


World Heavyweight: Chris Benoit

Intercontinental: Randy Orton

World Tag Team: La Resistance

Women's: Victoria


Main Eventers

Eddie Guerrero

The Undertaker

Big Show

Kurt Angle

Upper Midcarders

Chris Jericho


Booker T


Billy Kidman



Hardcore Holly

Rey Mysterio


The Hurricane

Val Venis

Ultimo Dragon


Charlie Haas

Chavo Guerrero

Matt Morgan

Rob Conway

Shelton Benjamin


Lower Midcarders


Paul London


Scotty 2 Hotty

Shannon Moore


Danny Basham

Jamie Noble





Torrie Wilson

Miss Jackie [Rico]

Sable [A-Train]

Tag Teams

A.P.A [Faarooq & Bradshaw]

2Cool [Rikishi & Scotty]

F.B.I. [stamboli & Palumbo]

Kyo Dai [Akio & Sakoda]

World's Greatest Tag Team [benjamin & Haas]

Authority Figure(s)

Paul Heyman


WWE Championship: Eddie Guerrero

United States: John Cena

WWE Tag Team: 2Cool

Cruiserweight: Chavo Guerrero

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Guest gangsta

RAW Preview

March 15th


Yesterday was one of the biggest if not the biggest PPV of all time; Wrestlemania XX! A lot went down, what will everyones reactions be?

Vince McMahon has decided to do a re-draft, and it will take place tonight! Both Heyman and Bischoff will draw 5 names, and those names will be put on their shows! Everyone is sure to be nervous tonight!

Chris Benoit realized his dream last nite and made Triple H tap to win what he's been living his life for; the World Heavyweight Title. What will Benoit's words be tonight after he finally lived his dream?

Kane lost to his brother the Undertaker last night. All Smackdown! stars are confirmed to be at RAW tonight, will Kane be seeking revenge?

In action, Booker T & RVD defend their tag team titles against La Resistance! La Resistance was one of the teams in that huge 4 way tag match last night, and they will definitley be looking for gold!

Also last night, Trish Stratus turned on Chris Jericho. What will Jericho's words be about being screwed last night?

Randy Orton, who managed to add a legend to his "legend killer" list last night defends his Intercontinental Title against Val Venis. Venis is a veteran, does he have to upper hand on the rookie? Will Foley be involved in this match?

With both brands on one show, RAW is sure to be an explosive night! Which 10 superstars will see new brands and new futures?!

Find out on RAW, 9pm only on SpikeTV!

Confirmed Matches:

World Tag Team Titles: Booker T & RVD© vs. La Resistance

Intercontinental Title: Randy Orton© vs. Val Venis

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Guest gangsta



[The red strobe lights hit the arena, and RAW is officially underway! The crowd is on it's feet, still in amazement from last nights PPV. The cameras pan over to the announce table where JR and The King are sitting.]

JR: "Welcome everyone to RAW! Folks, 24 hours have been removed from WWE's PPV extranvaganza; Wrestlemania XX, where it all began again!'

King: "That was the greatest show ever JR! I mean, Orton pinned Foley! That was great!'

JR: "And Benoit finally realized his dream, making HHH tap to the Crippler Crossface to win the World Heavyweight Title!"

King: "Enough about Benoit! Tonight, we have the re-draft brand lottery! JR I don't like this idea! What if Evolution is broken up??"

JR: "That'd surley be interesting, but now we got the chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon coming down!"


The Lottery [Pt. 1]

[Vince McMahon stands on the ramp with a drawing box to either side of him.]

Vince McMahon: "Last nite was Wrestlemania 20, where it all began again, and it really did. But tonight, it will also begin again for 10 new superstars. As I said a few weeks before, the RAW GM, Eric Bischoff, and the Smackdown! GM, Paul Heyman, will both pick 5 new superstars to have on their show! But it's not gonna be that easy. I've composed two boxes as you can see to the side of me with every superstars name on it. You pick that superstar, and he's yours! Now lets get this going, Paul Heyman, Eric Bischoff, get out here!"

[both GMs come out and get to their respective boxes.]

Vince McMahon: "So via a coinflip backstage, Paul Heyman & Smackdown! will have the first pick!"

[Heyman reaches into the box and pulls out a ball. He opens up the ball and smirks a bit.]

Paul Heyman: "Well would ya look at this? The RAW is Jericho era is now over, because Jericho is now with Smackdown!"

[The camera cuts to the RAW superstars locker room, where Jericho smiles before ripping off his RAW shirt!]

Vince McMahon: "Imperssive pick, Paul! Now Eric, if you would."

[Eric reaches into his box and opens up his ball. He looks rather happy as he reads out the name.]

Eric Bischoff: "Well, I've just broken up one of Smackdown!'s dominant teams! Because Doug Basham is now on RAW!"

[The camera cuts backstage to where they see Doug hugging his brother Danny before putting on a RAW t-shirt!]

Vince McMahon: "And we'll continue this throughout the night!"


JR: "What a loss King, there is no more Y2J on RAW!"

King: "Who cared about him anyway, JR! We have Doug Basham!"

JR: "Folks, coming up next, Booker T & RVD defend their tag gold against La Resistance!"


He Ain't Here, Dude

[backstage, RVD approaches Eric Bischoff.]

RVD: "Bischoff, dude, Booker T ain't in the arena. I've been looking all over and I can't find him!"

Eric Bischoff: "Tough luck isn't it, Rob?"

RVD: "But what should I do bro? I have a match coming up with La Resistance!"

Eric Bischoff: "Well, if you can't find Booker T by then, looks like it'll be a handicapped match!"

[bischoff walks off, as RVD looks pissed.]


RVD© vs. La Resistance w/ Rob Conway

Handicapped Match, World Tag Titles on the line. So, RVD is fighting for himself here. RVD put up quite a fight versus the two frenchmen, giving it his all. RVD hit a nice split legged moonsault on Grenier, but Dupree broke it up. Dupree and Grenier then began double teaming RVD. RVD fought back and knocked both men down! Conway then got on the apron but the ref told him to get off. Dupree then ran over to RVD and low blowed him! RVD then stumbled into the Au Revoir Double Flapjack, and Dupree pinned and got the three! *1/2. Not much here, Grenier is still looking green and RVD had trouble carrying him. This title change is good too.


JR: "What a cheap win! They had to cheat against a one man team there!"

King: "It's RVD's fault that Book didn't show up! La Resistance are once again champs!"

JR: "Stop shoving it in, King!"


Words From The Champ

[backstage, The Coach is with your new World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit, who gets HUGE pop!]

Coach: "Chris Benoit, just 24 hours ago, you made Triple H tap out to that Crossface. Your 18 years have finally payed off, as you won the biggest prize in wrestling. Your comments?"

Chris Benoit: "Yesterday was the greatest day of my life. I have finally climbed to the top of the ladder and claimed what was mine; the World Heavyweight Title! But it wasn't easy, Coach. Oh hell no. I had to go through 2 of the greatest WWE superstars ever. Triple H & HBK. But I pulled off the impossible; I did it! I made Triple H tap out in the center of the ring!"

[suddenly, Shawn Michaels enters the scene.]

Shawn Michaels: "Benoit, first off, congratulations man. I know what it's like winning the World Heavyweight Title for the first time. But Benoit, don't think this is the end of my hunt. Ya know, you may have made Triple H tap, but you never made me tap! Benoit, don't get me wrong, you are one of the greatest wrestlers ever, but last night was my night. Last night, you took away what I was supposed to win. So Beniot, I'm demanding a rematch at Backlash!"

[Triple H rushes onto the scene, furious.]

Triple H: "HBK, you want a shot?! You didn't even deserve to be in that triple threat match last night! If anyone deserves a rematch at that title belt; it's gonna be me! Yeah, I may have tapped, but HBK, you did nothing to get your title shot last night! You shouldn't even be in the run Michaels!"

[bischoff walks onto the scene.]

Eric Bischoff: "Gentlemen, gentlemen, calm down. I've made my decision as to what's going down tonight. At Backlash, Chris Benoit will defend his championship. But who is he gonna defend it against? The both of you! At Backlash, we are gonna have a triple threat grudge match. Benoit defending against Michaels and Triple H! Oh, that is, if you guys don't get drafted to Smackdown!"

[A staredown ignites as Bischoff smiles.]


JR: "A rematch! A triple threat rematch at Backlash!"

King: "But what if Triple H gets drafted?! Evolution will fall apart and he wont get his shot!"

JR: "That'l surely be interesting King, and we're just about ready for part 2 of the re-draft!"


The Lottery [Pt. 2]

[McMahon stands on the apron with Bischoff and Heyman.]

Vince McMahon: "So, we got through the first round! Doug Basham will be heading to RAW and Jericho is going to Smackdown! But now it's time for part 2! Heyman, if you will please."

[Heyman reaches in and grabs out a ball. He opens it up and reads it out loud.]

Paul Heyman: "It looks like Smackdown! is now going to have some rated X videos! Ladies and gentleman, coming to Smackdown!, Val Venis!"

[Venis is shown backstage with two ladies to either side of him, as he smirks.]

Eric Bischoff: "Val Venis?! Well, since you took Orton's challenger tonight, I guess he'll face someone else.."

[bischoff reaches in and grabs a ball.]

Eric Bischoff: "Wow. Would ya look at this? Coming to RAW is Smackdown! US Champ, John Cena!"

[The crowd pops,a s Cena is abckstage with a confused expression on his face, pointing to his US Title.]

Vince McMahon: "Well, it looks as if RAW has drafted a Smackdown! champion. In this case, it is up to Paul Heyman to make his decision on his own show! We'll be back later folks!"

[Everyone leaves.]


JR: "My God King! We now have John Cena!"

King: "But what about Venis?! Now I can no longer get the inside peek on his new movies!"

JR: "Like you did anyways, King. Well folks, coming up later on, Randy Orton verse an opponent to be named!"


The Fire Still Burns

[Kane is seen sitting backstage on a crate.]

Kane: "The Undertaker..the man who I killed at Survivor Series..my own brother..HOW DID HE COME BACK?! It had to be a dream. The Undertaker is dead! But ya know, as long as he isn't on the same show as me..It's fine. But Taker, listen to me now! I will come back for your soul, and this time, I'll be sure to kill you!"

[Kane manically laughs.]


Batista w/ Ric Flair vs. The Hurricane

Batista was pretty impressive here, bringing out his inner monster. Flair rooted on Batista throughout the match, which got him more pumped. Hurricane got in a bit of offense, but it wasn't enough to take down the big man. Batista went for a spinebuster, but Hurricane actually reversed into a flying DDT! Hurricane then went for the Eye of the Hurricane, but Batista got up and caught him in mid air, drilling him with a Batista Bomb. Batista got the win as he taunted to the crowd. *3/4. A usual squash, but it was cool to see Hurricane almost get an upset.


JR: "Batista looking impressive as ever!"

King: "Yeha, that animal just destroyed the Hurricane. Psh..superpowers."

JR: "But here we go for part 3!"


The Lottery [Pt. 3]

[McMahon, Heyman, & Bischoff take their spots.]

Vince McMahon: "Guys, you know the drill. Mr. Heyman, go ahead."

[Heyman reaches in and grabs a ball.]

Paul Heyman: "Hurricane, I hope you liked your last match on RAW, because now, The Hurricane is back with Smackdown!"

[Hurricane embraces with Rosey, as he looks pretty upset.]

Eric Bischoff: "Good! I didn't want him anyway."

[bischoff reaches in.]

Eric Bischoff: "Coming to RAW is a monster, a beast, A-TRAIN!"

[A-Train smirks in the back, as they cut back to the entrance.]

Vince McMahon: "Interesting picks folks!"


JR: "We have A-Train now!"

King: "I just hope he shaves his back and gets in shape for RAW!"

JR: "As do I King!"


Where Were You Dude?

[backstage, RVD approaches Booker T who is entering with his bags.]

RVD: "Dude, what happened to you? I mean, I had to defend the tag titles by myself!"

Booker T: "I saw man, you don't gotta remind me."

RVD: "What's wrong with you, dude?"

Booker T: "What's wrong with me? I ain't wanna risk getting drafted to that B-Show Smackdown! man. I souldn't have came tonight period!"

RVD: "So you didn't defend our titles because you don't wanna goto Smackdown!?"

Booker T: "Rather risk 'dem titles instead of getting sent to Smackdown!. But I ain't get called yet, so lets go get our rematch."

[booker T & RVD leave.]


Randy Orton© vs. Maven

Intercontinental Title. So, it turns out Maven is replacing Venis. A decent little match here, both men seemed to be showing a bit of technical skill. Maven had Randy looked in a nice leglock at one point, but Orton managed to get to the ropes. Maven then waited for Orton to get up after a dropkick attempt and went for a double underhooker DDT, but Orton pushed him away. Maven then ran right into an RKO which gave Orton the three! Afterwards, Foley came out of the crowd and started brawling with Orton! **1/4. Good little match, Maven seems to be improving, and Orton is getting graetest by the day.


JR: "Orton with an impressive victory there over Maven!"

King: "Impressive? Orotn destroyed him!"

JR: "But now the tables have turned, as Foley has destroyed Orton!"


The Lottery [Pt. 4]

[bischoff and Heyman get to their respective boxes.]

Paul Heyman: "Ready for my first pick, Bitchoff?"

Eric Bischoff: "Shut up and pick baldie!"

[Heyman reaches in and garbs a ball, and a smirk comes across his face.]

Paul Heyman: "Well, look who it is! The man who claimed Smackdown! is a b-show. Coming to Smackdown!, BOOKER T!"

[The camera cuts to the RAW locker room, where Booker T has a very angry expression on his face.]

Eric Bischoff: "What?! You can't do that!"

Paul Heyman: "I just did!"

[bischoff wildly pulls a ball out, as he looks pissed. His bad attitude then turns good.]

Eric Bischoff: "Heh. RAW just got a hell of a lot bigger! Coming to RAW is RHYNO!"

[Heyman looks really mad, as Bischoff simles and says 'paybacks a bitch'.]


JR: "We lost Booker T but gained Rhyno!"

King: "Good! Booker can have fun on that B-Show!"

JR: "Folks, we are getting word that Booker T is in the back now.."


I Need A Favor Dawg

[backstage, Booker T furiously runs up to Bischoff.]

Booker T: "Bischoff, dawg, I need to stay on RAW! Listen, book me in 'dis match. Me versus Benoit tonight for the title, and if I win, I stay!"

Eric Bischoff: "That sounds like a great idea! Benoit vs. Booker T tonight, and Heyman can't do anything about it!"

[booker T and Eric then smile. Has Booker made a turn?]


Take Care of Him!

[backstage, Orton is seen bloodied up as he enters Evolution's locker room.]

Randy Orton: "We need to get rid of Foley! He's a man possesed!"

Triple H: "Don't worry about Foley yet! We still have one more round to get past!"

[Evolution look worried backstage as the cameras fade.]


JR: "Evolution is getting worried now!"

King: "So am I JR!"

JR: "Folks, coming up next, Christian takes on Rosey!"


Christian w/ Trish Stratus vs. Rosey

Pretty funny stuff here, Rosey was doing some superhero poses while Christian looked at him weird and did some of his own. Trish is now in Christian's corner from her actions last night. This was a fun little match. Rosey went for his big splash off the ropes, but Christian was able to move and roll up Rosey while grabbing Trish's hand for the 3. **2/3. Fun stuff, Christian should be in line for a push now that he's with Trish.


JR: "That jezebel Trish helping Christian to a victory!"

King: "That Trish is so hot JR! Christian is a lucky guy!"

JR: "Is that all you ever think about?"


Warming Up..

[benoit is shown in the back, warming up for his big title match with Booker T. Benoit takes a look at his belt before leaving.]


The Lottery [Final Part]

[Heyman grabs his first ball and smiles widely.]

Paul Heyman: "Well would ya look at this, it looks like Smackdoown! has broken up one of RAW's most dominant stables!"

[A camera cuts to the back to see Evolution looking on.]

Paul Heyman: "Coming to Smackdown! is....Rob Conway!"

[Evolution then all smile, as they have managed to stay on the same show. Eric then grabs a ball.]

Eric Bischoff: "Coming over from Smackdown! to RAW is the full blooded Italian, the mob boss himself, Nunzio!"

[The two men then leave, and talk some trash to each other.]


JR: "We got Nunzio!"

King: "Nunzio is gonna be sure to whack some people here on RAW!"

JR: "King, coming up now, it's Booker T versus Chris Benoit!"


Chris Benoit© vs. Booker T

World Heavyweight Title matchup. If Booker wins, he stays on RAW. This match was awesome, Booker T seemed to be playing the heel here, as the crowd was booing for him big time. Booker T managed to even hit a Harlem Hangover from the top onto Benoit, but Benoit managed to kick out after 2. Booker T then lifted up Benoit and kicked him in the gut for a Scissor Kick, but Benoit held his leg and locked him in a Sharpshooter! Booker T crawled over to the ropes. As Book got up, Benoit grabbed him from behind and went for a German, but Booker reversed the waistlock and rolled up Benoit with the ropes! 1...2...but Benoit managed to kick out. Booker T then went for his Harlem Spinebuster, but Benoit reversed into a Crossface! Booker was about to tap when Triple H ran in and kicked him off! Evolution then started beating on Benoit when HBK came down! Out of nowhere from another brand was Angle! Angle started beating up HBK when numerous superstars from both brands came down! It turned into a huge Smackdown! vs. RAW brawl. Booker managed to get to his feet with help from RVD. RVD raised his arm, but Booker T turned him around into a spinkick! Booker T then left and spit on RVD, as the brawl continued. ***2/3. Awesome match, PPV-calibur. Booker should be interesting on Smackdown! now that he's a heel.


JR: "A huge brawl between both brands! Folks, join us next week for another edition of RAW!"


Biggest Pops:

1. Chris Benoit

2. RVD

3. Cena coming to RAW

4. Booker T [before the turn]

5. The huge brawl at the end

Most Heat:

1. Booker T [Afterwards]

2. Randy Orton

3. Evolution [in the back]

4. Christian

5. La Resistance [Cheating to win]

To Smackdown!: Rob Conway, Chris Jericho, Val Venis, The Hurricane, and Booker T

To RAW: Nunzio, A-Train, John Cena, Doug Basham, and Rhyno

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Guest gangsta

source: wwe.com

Trades Announced!

A few trades have been announced between RAW and Smackdown! Chuck Palumbo, Johnny Stamboli, and Dawn Marie will be heading over to RAW for Rico, Rosey, and Miss Jackie! We wish all these superstars best of wish on their new brands.

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Guest gangsta

Smackdown! Preview

March 18th


It's time to find out the fallout from Wrestlemania 20 on the Smackdown! side!

Booker T is pissed about being on Smackdown!, which was evident on RAW. How will Booker react to the other superstars on Smackdown! Will Heyman take him nicely?

The WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero is scheduled to be in the building, but Kurt Angle is not. Angle has been sidelined with an injury. Who will be coming for Guerrero's title?

John Cena has been drafted to RAW. What will Paul Heyman make of the title situation? Will it be settled on Smackdown!?

Also, Chris Jericho has been drafted here to Smackdown! Jericho has his first matchup here, as he goes one on one with half of the world's greatest tag team; Charlie Haas! How will this match play out tonight for Jericho? Where will Benjamin lie?

In other action, new Smackdown! talent Rob Conway faces Orlando Jordan!

All this and more, coming to you on Smackdown! on UPN!

Confirmed Matches:

Chris Jericho vs. Charlie Haas

Rob Conway vs. Orlando Jordan

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Guest MrBenjamin

cOOl diary gangsta...I like the New Changes....Jericho heading to Smackdown is really cool!!....Cena on Raw should be good as well....I think Booker's going for the WWE Title!!...Cant wait for Smackdown..

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Guest gangsta



[The opening pyros go off, as Smackdown! is underway. The cameras pan throughout the arena, with every fan on their feet, ready for an exiciting addition of Smackdown!]

Michael Cole: "Welcome everyone to Smackdown! Tonight Tazz, what an explosive night it's gonna be!"

Tazz: "Hell yeah Cole, we got the fallout from Wrestlemania 20 right here tonight!"

Michael Cole: 'That's not all- we also have the fallout form the lottery that took place this monday on RAW!"

Tazz: "Yeah, I'm wondering how some of the superstars will react being here on Smackdown!"

Michael Cole: "Especially the Book Man, Tazz! Did you see him on RAW?!"

Tazz: "Yeah, insulting Smackdown! and all!"



[The crowds cheers immediatley go to boos, as Booker T's music plays. Booker T comes out in street clothes, with a pissed off expression on his face. He just looks at the fans and nods his head as he walks down the ramp. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic.]

Booker T: "You know suckas, I was havin' the time of my life back on RAW man. And then Paul Heyman drafts me to these minor leagues! I mean, you guys actually call this a credible show dawg? Heat is better then this man! And now I'm stuck on this dummp that they call a show. But you know man, now that I'm here, I might as well make the best of it. The Book Man might as well stomp over the whole Smackdown! roster before winning the WWE Championship!"

[suddenly, Viva La Raza is heard, and out comes Guerrero! Booker turns around and sees Eddie walking down the ramp with the WWE Title on his shoulder. Eddie slides into the ring and grabs a mic of his own.]

Eddie Guerrero: "Odale holmes! Now listen man, I don't like you comin' out here, calling Smackdown! a B-Show! Because holmes it's far form a b-show, and if you want me to prove it, I will, right now!"

[The crowd cheers, as Eddie is ready to fight, but Booker just puts his head down.]

Booker T: "Man, don't make me laugh. You come out here, actin like tough crap, meanwhile you go a minor leagues title on your shoulder dawg! You ain't nothin' compared to the Book Man!"

Eddie Guerrero: "Oh is that so esse? Then why don't we fight right now and then see whos compared to who?!"

Booker T: "Man, you wanna fight me? Yuo ain't worth my time sucka, now I'm outta this joint!"

[booker T then rolls out of the ring as the crowd boos his cowardness. Eddie just stares at Booker as he walks up the ramp staring back.]


Michael Cole: "We ain't no B-Show!"

Tazz: "That's right! Go fight him Cole and show him whos boss!"

Michael Cole: "Are you crazy?!"

Tazz: "I used to be.."

Michael Cole: "Well anyways folks coming up next, Rob Conway takes on Orlando Jordan in a match of the rookies! How will Conway fare in his first matchup here?"


Orlando Jordan vs. Rob Conway

This wasn't too good of a match. Conway came out in some new tights which read "MVP" on the back. Conway dominated Jordan for most of the match til he came back in the end. Jordan hit a flurry of punches and went to finish him combo with a kick, but Conway managed to duck that and nail the Conway Cutter [sit-down neckbreaker] and get the three count. Conway taunted afterwards to some boos. **1/4. Conway's new MVP gimmick should be good. Jordan put up a bit of a fight, but seems to be nothing more than a jobber these days..


Michael Cole: "And Rob Conway wins his debut here"

Tazz: "Yeah, Conway is now the MVP of Smackdown!, and don't you agree Cole?"

Michael Cole: "I don't, Tazz! He hasn't done anything here to become MVP, so why should he be?"

Tazz: "Because he's Rob Conway!"

Michael Cole: "Whatever you say.."


US Title Situation

[backstage, Paul Heyman sits at his desk with the United States Title on his desk.]

Paul Heyman: "John Cena has been traded to RAW, and he was the US Champ at the time. So what I've decided to do is set up a mini battle royal next week on Smackdown! The two men left standing in that battle royal will fight it out in 2 weeks for the US Championship!"

[Cameras fade.]


Michael Cole: "Wow! A mini battle royal next week, then a singles match in 2 weeks!"

Tazz: "Yeah, there are a lot of names who I think are gonna win that battle royal, I can't wait!"

Michael Cole: "Yeah folks, and coming up next, that flamboyant Rico will go one on one with a new Smackdown! star, Rosey!"


Rico w/ Miss Jackie vs. Rosey w/ The Hurricane

This was a very fun match, both men were very funny during this encounter. At one point of the match, Rico went for a German Suplex, but Rosey was too heavy and Hurricane looked like he was..well ya know. As the match went on, Rosey pinned Rico after a Samoan Drop. The Hurricane celebrated with him shortly after. **1/2. The wrestling pretyt much sucked, but there comedy made up for it.


Michael Cole: "Rosey victorious here on Smackdown!"

Tazz: "Yeah, Rosey with those superpowers are victorious!"

Michael Cole: "And folks we just got word that later on Rikishi & Scotty will defend their titles against the APA!"

Tazz: "That definitley should be one hell of a match."


The Dead Rises

[backstage, the camera cuts to a dark room, where not much can be seen.]

The Undertaker: "I told you all that at Wrestlemania XX, it would all begin again for teh Undertaker. The deadman is back, and I made that said 4 days ago at Wrestlemania. I destroyed my brother! My brother buried me alive a few months back at Survivor Series. But I got my revenge. I showed Kane what happens when you mess with the dead! And if anyone else wants to mess with me, they'll suffer the same fate as Kane!"

[The cameras fade.]


Big Show vs. Hardcore Holly

This match was not too good, it was just a usual brawl. Holly was not intimidated by the big man, even though Show destroyed him for the most part. Holly actually managed to get a bit of defense, dropkicking Show who bumped into the ref. Show then grabbed Holly by the throat and went for a Chokeslam, but Holly kicked him below the buckle! Holly then went for an Alabama Slam, but Show wouldn't let him lift him. Show then nailed a powerbomb, and then nailed a Chokeslam for the 3. *1/2. A so-so brawl from these two, I'm wondering where Show will go from here.


Michael Cole: "Big Show picks up a big win here over Holly!"

Tazz: "Yeah, Show is definitley looking fore revenge on Cena, but Cena is no longer here!"

Michael Cole: "Speaking of which, the US Title will be decided in 2 weeks when the 2 winners of that battle royal next week duke it out!"


Smackdown! Is Jericho

[backstage, Josh Matthews meets up with Jericho, who is perparing for his first match on Smackdown! in a loooong time.]

Josh Matthews: "Well Chris, later on tonight, you will go one on one with Charlie Haas. How's it feel to be on Smackdown!?"

Chris Jericho: "Oh it feels great Josh, because now Smackdown! is Jericho! RAW was getting bad, I mena, Trish turned on me, but it doens't matter since she's a dirty little slut! But enough about RAW, tonight, I have to debut big Josh. I have to go into that ring in front of the millions of Jerichoholics and show them what I'm all about. And as for that assclown I'm facing, he better be ready for tap to Y2J Chris Jericho!"

[Jericho then walks off, as he adjusts his wristband.]


2Cool© vs. APA

WWE Tag Team Titles on the line. This match sucked to say the least. Simmons was slow in the ring and could barley even move, so Bradshaw stayed in for the most part which also sucked. The two legal men in the end were Simmons and Rikishi after Scotty crossbodied himself and Bradshaw out of the ring. The big boot from Simmons was ducked, and Rikishi turned Simmons around into a Rikisi Driver for the 3. *1/4. Crappy match, Simmons looks to be retiiring soon after that performance.


Michael Cole: "2Cool retain there championships right there!"

Tazz: "Yeah, that APA seems to be falling apart!"

Michael Cole: "But folks coming up later on, Jericho goes one on one with Haas!"


You Lose, Your Fired

[backstage, we see Simmons walking with his head down and Bradshaw trying to talk to him. Simmons bumps into Heyman.]

Paul Heyman: "Ron Simmons. What happened to you? You were the first ever black champion in wrestling! And now you can't even beat two dancing fools!"

Ron Simmons: "Damn! I can't do this anymore!"

Paul Heyman: "I know you can't! Thats why next week, you go one on one with the returning Kurt Angle. Should you lose? Your fired!"

[simmons just walks away with his head down as Bradshaw smirks.]


Michael Cole: "That was..harsh!"

Tazz: "Yeah, Simmons lost that fuel he once had, and Heyman plans to shut him down next week!"

Michael Cole: "Yeah, but I believe Simmons is still great, and he'll give Angle a fight!"


Remember These Guys?

[backstage, Booker T walks into Eddie Guerreros locker room.]

Booker T: "Oh, what up dawg?"

Eddie Guerrero: "Man what you want holmes?"

Booker T: "What I want? I wanna introduce you to one man and his boys who never deaded their beef with you.."

[Eddie looks at Booker confused, when out of nowhere Tajiri blasts Eddie in the back with a chair! Akio and Sakoda then begin stomping Eddie out as all four men laugh.]

Booker T: "Man, remember when you slammed Tajiri into a windshield?! His beef wit you ain't ova yet, SUCKA!"

[All four men then leave the room as the crowd boos.]


Michael Cole: "What a heinous attack!"

Tazz: "Booker's got a point though, Cole!"

Michael Cole: "Yeah, but that happened nearly 9 months ago! Why did he have to bring it up now?"


Billy Gunn vs. Chavo Guerrero© w/ Sr.

Non-Title. This was a clash of styles that didn't go too well. Chavo relied on his speed-based moves, while Gunn went with his pure strength. Sr got involved many times, but Gunn kept knocking him off the apron. Gunn then kickd Chavo in the gut looking for a Fameasser, but Chavo moved out of the way and rolled up Gunn, holding his Chavo Sr's hands for leverage for the 3. Afterwards, Rey Mysterio ran down and chased the Chavo's away. **3/4. Chavo made the match better than it looked which is good. Don't know why a Cruiser champ is fighting heavyweights, though.


Michael Cole: "Chavo cheats to win again!"

Tazz: "Yeah, but Mysterio coming to chase them away!"

Michael Cole: "Mysterio still looking for revenge on those damn Chavo's!"


Angle's Words

[backstage, Matthews catches up with Kurt Angle, who is in dressy clothes.]

Josh Matthews: "Well Kurt, confirmed next week is you against Simmons.."

Kurt Angle: "First of all, it's Mr. Angle to you. Second of all, I know who I'm fighting next week. I've ended many careers in my pro wrestling career, and I'll end Ron Simmons' next week! Sure, he's big bad and black, but he doesn't intimidate me! I mean, the guy can't even beat Scotty 2 Hotty! Give me a freakin' break! And he thinks he has a shot agaisnt Angle? Everyone says Simmons doesnt have that fuel he used to have. He never had that fuel! I was winning gold medals with a broken freakin' neck and he was losing in low card tag matches! I was winning 3 World Titles in WWE and he was doing nothing! And next week, I shut down the career of Simmons that never even began! And I know at WrestlemaniaXX I lost to Eddie, but after I get in the ring with Simmons next week, Eddie will be lucky that he don't have to face me again! And that is damn true!"

[Angle walks off.]


Charlie Haas w/ Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Jericho

This was a awesome, technical matchup here. There were some awesome reversals, as well as submissions. Benjamin tried to get involved, but the veteran Jericho knew all of the WGTT's tricks. Toward the end, Haas went for a clothesline, but Jericho ducked and nailed a running bulldog. Jericho then ran into the ropes for a Lionsault, but Benjamin tripped up Jericho! Jericho then got up as Benjamin got on the apron. Jericho saw Haas running at him and moved, causing them to collide! Haas then stumbled into a running enziguri. Jericho then followed it up with a Lionsault to get the three count and the victory! Afterwards, Benjamin helped up Haas as Jericho celebrated his victory. ***3/4. Awesome match, Has showed everyone what he can do in the ring and Jericho looked awesome as always. Great debut for Jericho also.


Michael Cole: "That's it for Smackdown! Tune in this Saturady for Velocity!"


Biggest Pops:

1. Eddie Guerrero

2. Chris Jericho

3. The Undertaker

4. Rosey & Hurricane

5. APA

Most Heat:

1. Kurt Angle

2. Big Show

3. Booker T

4. Haas & Benjamin

5. Tajiri, Akio, & Sakoda

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Guest gangsta


March 20th

Funaki defeated Rico

Funny matchup here. Both men showed their speed here in this match. Rico's spinning heel kick was ducked, and Funaki grabbed him by the head and delivered a flying DDT for the 3.

Rey Mysterio defeated Jamie Noble

Great match here, suprised it was on Velocity. Noble went to give Rey a Tiger Driver, but Rey reversed into a Hurricanrana for a two. Later on, Noble went for it again, but Rey took him down by his legs and rolled through to get the 3.

Smackdown! Rebound

We are then shown the Smackdown! rebound. It shows Heyman approaching Simmons and telling him what'll happen to him as well as Angle's promo on him. It also shows Kyo Dai attacking Eddie as well as Jericho vs. Haas.

Hardcore Holly defeated Brent Clifton

Just your typical squash match, not much about it. Holly stiffed up Clifton it looked like, and finished him off with an Alabama Slam to get the 3.

Shelton Benjamin defeated The Hurricane

Excellent match to end Velocity here. Both men showed their great technical ability here as well as some highflying mixed in. The Eye of the Hurricane was countered into a german suplex but for only a two count. Both men got back to their feet. Hurricane tried to deliver a Shining Wizard, but Benjamin blocked it and hit the Superkick for the 3.

Edited by gangsta
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Guest gangsta


March 21st

Garrison Cade defeated Spike Dudley

A boring match from these two. Big clash of styles here. Cade hit an impressive powerslam but it only got a 2. Spike tried for a Dudley Dog, but Cade slammed him instead. Cade then hit Spike with a reverse DDT for the win.

Maven defeated Aaron Howard

The jobber actually got some offense here. He taunted a bunch of times to some heel heat. Maven would be able to gain some offense, and later on hit a top-rope bulldog for the win.

RAW Rebound

The RAW Rebound covered the brand lottery that took place last week. Also showed Evolution's concern throughout the night as well as Foley attacking Orton. A big clip here was Bischoff making the triple threat for Backlash!

Doug Basham defeated Tommy Dreamer

Pretty good brawl from these two. Basham used some innovative moves and has some new tights and new music. Basham ended up nailing Dreamer with the Basham Buster to win the match. Afterwards, Basham continued his assault until Steven Richards made the save!

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Guest gangsta

RAW Preview

March 22nd


Last week was a lottery between the two brands. How will these new superstars fare on RAW? Will anyone make an early impact on RAW?

Last week, Bischoff announced the huge Backlash main event. It's gonna be Chris Benoit defending his World Heavyweight Title against Triple H and Shawn Michaels! Tonight, these 3 men will all be together in the same match, as Chris Benoit teams up with Rob Van Dam and Shawn Michaels to take on Batista, Randy Orton, and Triple H!

John Cena will be involved in his first ever match on RAW as he goes up against Mark Jindrak! Jindrak will definitley have Cade in his corner, can Jindrak pull an upset?

Also announced, there will be a big triple threat matchup to determine the #1 contender for Randy Orton's title next week! The returning William Regal will face off against Christian and Rhyno. Who gets a shot at Orton next week?

Will Mick Foley be in the building like last week? What will Orton's words be about Foley attacking him last week?

All this and much more on RAW, 9pm only on SpikeTV!

Confirmed Matches:

6-Man Tag: Chris Benoit, Rob Van Dam, & Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H, Randy Orton, & Batista

John Cena vs. Mark Jindrak

#1 Contendership to the IC Title Next Week: Christian vs. Rhyno vs. William Regal

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Guest gangsta



[The crowd jumps to their feet as we hear the opening theme music for RAW! The fans are wild and yelling, as the cameras pan over to the announce booth..]

JR: "Welcome to RAW! Folks, what an action packed night we have tonight!"

King: "Yeah JR, we have a huge 6 man tag match in which Evolution takes on RVD, Benoit, and HBK! I can't wait to see Evolution win JR!"

JR: "I wouldn't be so sure King, and also later on, John Cena debuts here on RAW as he takes on Mark Jindrak!"

King: "John Cena is some black guy wannabe, I wanna see him get his ass kicked!"

JR: "But coming up now folks, we have a triple threat match to determine the #1 contender for the IC Title next week!"


Christian w/ Trish vs. Rhyno vs. William Regal

Winner gets an IC Title shot next week. This match was awesome from start to finish. Regal looked really good on his return, a bit rusty, but still the mat-messiah he always was. Christian was quite entertaining, as he was encouraging Rhyno and Regal to fight, but the two good guys would team up on Christian. Rhyno would go for the Gore on Christian, but Christian would slip away and cause Rhyno to go crashing into the turnbuckle. He rolled up with the tights but only for a 2 count. Christian then argued with the ref, only to be turned around into a Regal Butterfly Powerbomb! Regal was able to cover and get the 3, earning him a shot! ***1/4. Entertaining, solid matchup. Regal made a nice comeback and the fans went wild from both him and Rhyno here.


JR: "My God! Regal is back and he's got a shot against Orton next week!"

King: "Yeah, but Christian got cheated! Him and Trish are the best couple here!"

JR: "Trish is a straight up jezebel, she showed her true colors at Wrestlemania!"

King: "A hot jezebel.."


Change of Plans

[shortly after our last matchup, we hear the Evolution music hit. Out comes the whole foursome, Triple H, Batista, Flair, and the IC Champ, Orton. The four men are wearing their dressy clothes and get into the ring.]

Triple H: "Listen up! Tonight's a big night for Evolution! Ya see, we got 3 clowns in the main event we're facing. Ya got RVD, Mr. Monday Night. Hey RVD, here's a little wakeup call! 1999 called and they said they want you back! Yeah RVD, you were extreme in ECW, well buddy, this isn't ECW! This is WWE, where the big boys play! And RVD, you haven't proved anything to me yet! Then ya got the Showstopper, the man who used to be my best friend. Shawn our rivalry has been going on way too long, and tonight, I'll be sure to end you once and for all. And Benoit, I'm coming for you. I'm coming for that World Heavyweight Title. Ya see Benoit, there are things called flukes. And you accomplished one at Wrestlemania. But I can assure you Benoit, come Backlash, that title will come back in my hands! In Evolution's hands!"

Randy Orton: "Listen to this man! He's right! Tonight, after we defeat those 3 fools, I hope Foley will be watching. It's gonna be a message to him to never mess with the Legend Killer!"

[Orton is then cut off by the cars crashing! Mick Foley comes down to the ring to a huge pop. He has a mic in his hand as he stands on the ramp.]

Mick Foley: "Randy Orton, you want me to watch tonight huh? You want me to see the ebating you give those 3 guys?! Well, I'll be there Randy, and I'll be watching real close. You're probably wondering; how? Well, I convinced Bischoff, and in tonights main event, it's gonna be Evolution, this time including Flair, against RVD, Benoit, and HBK!"

[Evolution then smiles, as they think it was a handicapped match.]

Mick Foley: "And me! Have a nice day!"

[Orton's jaw drops as Foley heads to the back!]


JR: "My god! Foley and Flair are now added to that huge main event!"

King: "Yeah, I don't have a good feeling about this thuogh JR!"

JR: "I do! Evolution talks all smack, so lets see if they can back it up!"


The New Doug Basham

[backstage, we see Doug Basham. However, it's not the old Doug we know.]

Doug Basham: "Oh, I'm just oh-so delicious!"

[basham gets up and adjusts his hoodie-like jacket to reveal "Delicious" Doug Basham on the back.]

Doug Basham: "Hey ladies..wanna get a peice of this Delicious meat?"

[Two sluttly-type girls walk over and sit on Doug's lap.]

Doug Basham: "And guys, there's no need to be jealous of Declicious Doug Basham! Just because I'm better looking and I've modeled almost every magazine, ou don't have to be jealous!"

[Doug then sits with the girls as the cameras fade!]


JR: "Delicious Doug? What the hell is that?"

King: "Jealous already JR? It's only his second week on RAW, don't be jealous so quickly!"

JR: "King, you know what I mean!"


Maven & Orlando Jordan vs. The F.B.I w/ Nunzio

F.B.I on RAW can be very interesting. This match was OK, Jordan and Maven actually made a cool team. Both men hit an awesome double dropkick on Stamboli, knocking him out of the ring in the early going. F.B.I later on isolated Jordan, until he managed to get the hot tag to Maven. Maven knocked down both Palumbo and Stamboli but got tripped up by Nunzio on the outside. As Maven turned back around, he got Whacked by Palumbo for the three. **1/4. An acceptable tag team match from these youngsters. Maven & Jordan came make a cool team if they get established.


King: "Haha, looks like Maven got whacked!"

JR: "C'mon! He got distratced by Nunzio!"

King: "Ya win some, ya lose some JR."


Prove It

[backstage, Tommy Dreamer and Steven Richards are lacing up their boots when La Resistance walk past.]

Rene Dupree: "Psh..typical second class Americans.."

[La Resistance keep walking shining their belts until Dreamer hears the comment.]

Tommy Dreamer: "Hey, why don't you say it to my face?"

[La Resistance keep walking and shout something.]

Sylvan Grenier: "Because we don't wanna get that close to you Americans, we might get a disease!"

[Dreamer and Steven Richards then run over and Dreamer whacks them over the head with kendo sticks!]

Steven Richards: "Second class Americans? Me and you tonight in the ring, Dupree! Bring your French peice of sh*t buddy along becuase I'll have Dreamer with me!"

[Dreamer and Richards then walk away smiling.]


JR: "Richards vs. Dupree here tonight!"

King: "How can we disrespect La Resistance? They are our tag champs JR!"

JR: "La Resistance disrespected them King!"


The Gangstas on RAW

[John Cena is shown standing next to Coach backstage.]

Coach: "John Cena, first off welcome on RAW, second.."

John Cena: "Welcome to RAW? That's all a G gets? Man Coach, get outta my face!"

[Cena pushes Coach out of the way to some big pops.]

John Cena: "Aight yo check it. Cena is now here on RAW baby! Ya know back on Smackdown!, I just won the US Title, but that ain't bug me kid. Because tonight here on RAW, starts the era of the true gangsta! I'm takin' on some whiteboy called Mark Jindrak? I'ma show him what its like when you step into the ring with a real G! Cena's ready on RAW baby so make some noise! Word Life!"

[The crowd cheers loud for Cena as the cameras fade.]


John Cena vs. Mark Jindrak w/ Garrison Cade

A decent matchup from these two youngsters, not much though. An all out brawl pretty much for the whole match that Cena made interesting. Cena had Jindrak hoisted up for an F-U when Cade got on the apron. Cena put Jindrak back donw and knocked Cade off! Jindrak then went for his reverse spinning powerbomb, but Cena landed on his feet and hit an F-U! He covered this time without any interference from Cade, and got the 3! *1/2. Not so good, but it wasn't horrible to watch. The crowd loves Cena on RAW, he should do good.


JR: "Cena wins it! A nice debut there for the gangster."

King: "Please never say that word as long as your living JR."

JR: "Why? Well folks don't forget, coming up later, we got that huge 8 man tag match! It started out as a 6-man, now it's an 8-man!"


You Guys Ready?

[backstage, RVD is shown doing splits while HBK is doing some stretching as well. Benoit is pacing back and forth in front of them holding his World Heavyweight Title.]

RVD: "Dude Benoit what's goin' on wit' you man?"

Chris Benoit: "I'm thinking Rob. Ya see, it's not hard being on the same side as the man you'll be facing at the PPV in just a few weeks!"

Shawn Michaels: "Well excuse me Mr. Benoit, it's not my fault that Bischoff put me in the match! And Chris, you're gonna tell me if Bischoff gave you an oppurtunity to wrestler for the title if you lost it you wouldn't take it?"

[suddenly, Mick Foley walks in.]

Mick Foley: "Listen guys, save the chit-chat for later. Look, we gotta face Evolution. There some pretty tough guys, so there's no time for this argueing! We gotta take them out once and for all!"

Chris Benoit: "Ya know what Mick, you're right. Lets do this!"

[All four men continue talking.]


D-Von Dudley w/ Bubba vs. "Delicious" Doug Basham

Basham now has some new ravishing music and tights and a sweatjacket to go along with it. He actually works the gimmick pretty good. Anyways, for the match, it wasn't that good of a match. Basham would often take breaks to look in the mirror and stuff. D-Von tried to nail him with the Saving Grace, but Doug slipped out and turned him around, planting him with the Basham Buster [screwdriver Suplex]. Basham then got the three as he walked backstage, celebrating. *1/4. Pretty crappy, although the Delicious gimmick is cool. The Dudz seem to have nothing going for them.


King: "Yes! Delicious Doug won!"

JR: "I'll admit it, and he did it without cheating!"

King: "Now what JR?!"


The Monsters Unleashed

[Kane is shown backstage, fixing his glove.]

Kane: "Ya know 2 weeks ago at Wrestlemania, I found out what I'm really made of. The Undertakre pinned me in that ring, but I killed him! He came back from the dead! But the Undertaker now done with. I can stop worrying about him. But I gotta thank the Undertaker for one thing. He unleashed the monset inside of me! The fire still burns inside my body. I cannot and I will not ever be stopped. The true Kane is.."

[Rhyno then walks past Kane as if he weren't there. However, Kane blindsides im, knocking him down with a boot to the head. Kane then picks up Rhyno and throws him into the nearby crates! He lifts Rhyno up and gives him a Chokeslam onto the hard concrete floor!]

Kane: "Let this be a message to everyone on the RAW roster! You mess with me, you'll suffer the same fate as Rhyno! The fire still burns!]

[Kane then walks away, scaring off some nearby staff. Rhyno then slowly gets back to his feet.]

Rhyno: "He thinks he can use me as an example? Heh."

[Rhyno then goes off in the same direction as Kane!"


JR: "Wow! Kane Chokeslammed Rhyno but Rhyno's going back for more!"

King: "Doesn't that Rhyno know that the true Kane has been unleashed?!"

JR: "I'd be damn scared if I was Rhyno!"


4 Legends Killed?

[Evolution is seen sitting in there lockerroom, Orton and H on one couch and Batista and Naitch on another.]

Triple H: "How did Foley get Bischoff to change that match?! This isn't fair!"

Randy Orton: "H, bro, calm down. 2 weeks ago, Batista, Naitch and myself defeated Foley and Rock! Tonight is gonna be no different!"

Triple H: "Yeah, and also 2 weeks ago I lost my World Heavyweight Title!"

Randy Orton: "You'll get it back at Backlash Triple H. Ya got Evolution backing you up! And tonight, H, I'm gonna add 4 legends on my "legend killer" list!"

[Orton smiles with the rest of them as the cameras fade.]


Steven Richards w/ Tommy Dreamer vs. Rene Dupree w/ Sylvan Grenier

An ok match from these two, pretty good to watch. Richards used his brawling skill in this one mixed with some technical moves here and there. Dupree however was just concentrated on cheating and getting the hell out of there. Grenier tried to interfere, but got a shot to the head with Dreamer's cane for it! In the ring, Richards was able to hit Dupree with a Stevie T to pick up an impressive win! **1/4. Perfectly acceptable brawl from these two, which furtens the feud.


JR: "Richards with a big win over the tag champ!"

King: "They cheated again!"

JR: "Dreamer was preventing them from cheating King, what are you talking about?!"


Settle it Next Week

[backstage, we see Trish, Lita, Gail Kim, and Molly Holly argueing over who should be #1 contender.]

Molly Holly: "I just lost the title and I deserve a rematch!"

Trish Stratus: "You lost so you move to the bottom of the ranks smart one!"

Lita: "If anyones getting a title shot around here, it's gonna be me! I haven't got one in so long!"

Gail Kim: "That's because you don't deserve one! It's gonna be Gail Kim getting the next shot at Victoria's belt!"

[bischoff then walks in.]

Eric Bischoff: "Ladies, ladies. You'll settle this next week in a fatal 4 way elimination match, winner goes to face Victoria at Backlash!"

[The four girls smiles but soon continue argueing!]


Evolution vs. Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, & Rob Van Dam

Pretty awesome match here, the crowd was intense for this one. RVD got isolated early but turned that around with a desperation spinkick. Benoit came in and cleaned house which got a huge pop. Everytime Foley would be the legal man with Orton, Orton would tag in someone else. The two legal men at the end were Orton and Benoit. Orton went for an RKO, but Benoit pushed Orton right into the ref! All hell then broke loose at this point, everyone brawling all over the place. Weirdly enough, "Delicious" Doug Basham came down to the ring. He took down RVD with a clothesline, but got a Sweet Chin Music for his efforts! While the ref was still knocked out, John Cena ran down to ringside! Cena lifted up Orton and hit an F-U. He hit HHH and Flair with double clotheslines. Batista got to his feet and Cena did the "you can't see me" taunt and gave Batista and F-U! Cena then grabbed Delicious Doug and took him backstage with him. In the ring, Benoit had Orton in the Crossface! The ref woke up at just the right time to see Orton tapping, giving Team Benoit a big victory! ****1/4. Best match on RAW in a while, the ending was great with Cena taking out Evolution. The faces looked great in this one as did Evolution.


JR: "Benoit makes Orton tap after some John Cena interference! Folks, tune in next week for some more RAW!"


Biggest Pops:

1. Chris Benoit

2. Mick Foley

3. Shawn Michaels

4. John Cena

5. RVD / William Regal

Most Heat:

1. Evolution

2. Kane

3. Doug Basham

5. Christian

Edited by gangsta
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