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GCN/N64 Question...

Dr. Rated-R

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Okay. I've got my Gamecube turned on now, and have thought of playing the N64 instead. However, I'm not going to bother with finding it, and hooking it up, unless the answer to my question is 'yes.' Okay, the question is, can I use the GCN VCR cord (The three cords, red, yellow, and white, that you plug into your VCR) with the N64? I know that you can do it with PS1 and PS2, and I know that the cords are made similarly. So, will it work? The answer will save me the frustration of finding the N64, only to find out that I have to mess with a million cords to hook it up.

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The answer is yes. The cord has been the same since the Super Nintendo, with only the screw onto the cable hook video input switching, which has switched with each system.

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