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Punisher for the PS2


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I rented it today and I must say I'm suprised. the game is great , at the beginning it has the feeling of a wannabe max payne but it quickly out classes itself. If you want action then at least rent this game because it is full of action . This game keeps to its roots with violent action. Nothings better than than punching a guy in the balls until he spills his guts , or popping a guy with the butt of a gun and shoving a grenade down their mouth. That's just the beginning though , The game is filled with gruesom interrogations and some really special ones that are amazing.

The camera control can be a bit edgy at times and I'm not to fond of the way the character dives , but thats minor stuff. Controlling the interrogations can be a bit tricky because you have to use the analog stick , too much pressure to the stick and bye bye thug.

the graphics for the ps2 version are pretty good , I've noticed a few problems here and there but its normal in most ps2 games.

This is one game I'm definetly adding to my collection. the best Comic - to movie - to game - game ever made in my opinion.

I haven't beat it yet , in fact I'm friggin stuck at the zoo , if anyone has played can you give me some advice to pass this stage.

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