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Resident Evil 4 is the best game of 2005 so far


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This is the second best game I've played recently, and second only to MGS3, so that's saying something.

When I first started, I thought: "Wow, the aiming is this game sucks ass." But ten minutes later it was: "Holy shit, I just popped his head off in one shot, I rule!"

The story was great, but the ending sucked admittedly. We need a surprise ending, where Ashley was still infected, and is returned to the US, and is a great danger to everyone and everything. My only other complaint is that Saddler was too easy, and Krauser was harder.

Friggin great game though...

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The story was great, but the ending sucked admittedly.  We need a surprise ending

Operation: Ada.

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I don't understand how you guys play with Krauser...

And considering how in the story you were told Ada hates Wesker, Ada hates Wesker, Ada hates Wesker, to see her fly off into the sunset with Wesker was not what was to be expected.

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