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TPW: Toronto Pro Wrestling

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Guest sxe_skankin

TPW: The Beginning

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a pro wrestler…I remember play fighting with my friends in my backyard…I remember trying to doing frog splashes into pools thinking I could make it big time…But that was when I was younger and things were easy.

Now in done university. I have 100,000 in the bank…..and my dream is to start a wrestling promotion. 100,000 Hardly enough to get off the ground, but then I met Lance. I met him in the video store looking over some old ECW tapes. “You’re an ECW fan huh?” I said to him as I glanced at the copy of Barley Legal’99. “Ya, I love how raw it is, it like the people really care about what’s going on not, there not just in it for the Money”. So I’m thinking to myself, Maybe he will want to do this. I turn to him and ask “Look, I’m thinking about opening a wrestling promotion. I need a partner, you want to do this?” He looked at me with a smile “It’s been my dream” I Walk over to the counter and hand over the five dollars for the video. I walk back over to lance and tell him “call me in the morning.” I write my number on a piece of paper and give it to him. Tomorrow might be a good day

< The Next Day>

I Wake up to the ringing of the phone. I pick up and its lance. I tell him to meet me in 20 minuets. I walk down to the coffee shop and see lance sitting down. I sit down beside him and say “I’ve got 100,000$. I know its not much but it’s a start. So you still want to do this” Lance turns to me and says “Of Course, let’s find a place to hold events.”

The rest of the day I spend looking for a place that will rent out to a backyard wrestling promotion. Yes a backyard promotion indoors. At Last I find Scarborough Village Arena. I go home happy about finding a place to hold the shows. All I need now are some guys that will work dirt cheap. Its Hard Finding People in Toronto.

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Guest sxe_skankin

Finding the Workers

Lance called me the next day and told me he found a couple of guys that could do the announcing for our events, Jerry Jones and Tom Barker. And a Ref, Billy Smith and lance would do the Writing. So here I am with all the staff I need for the time being. All I need now are some guys to wrestle.

So Here It Is TPW

Owner: Kevin Guertin

Size: Backyard

Risk: 85%

PI: 0%

Starting Money: 100,000$

*roster comming soon*

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Guest sxe_skankin

I just realized I took someones topic description I am very sorry. I guess I didn’t think about the money and such but it was the lowest amount I could put it to. As I said its my first

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Guest sxe_skankin

Lance Gets the Roster Together

I Get a call from lance tell me he found some people to wrestle for us

So here it the TPW Roster:

Los Jalepeno-Face-3 over: I found this guy looking for Lucha tapes down at the video store. I told him about the promotion and he said he wanted to work for us. He’s going to work the Luchadore gimmick. He’s decent on the mic. I guess that’s all we know about him

Bear-Face-2 over: We found this guy working out at the gym. He’s built like a tank and he’s a slow as one too. He is alright on the mic. But hey he works for cheap so I guess we can’t complain. I’m going to rename him Jeff “The Bear” Wetmore.

Dan McGuire-Face-2 Over: This Guy was running laps at the same gym we found Bear. He’s quick as hell, but he’s a little stiff. He’s going to be using the Fun Drunk Gimmick.

Scar-Heel-6 Over: We found him at the local pub. We started talking about the state of the WWE. He told us he wanted to be a wrestler in the WWE, but how he could never make it. So we told him about TPW. He joined on the spot. He uses the crazy gimmick

Hypnosis-Heel-2 over: Scar told us about him. He said he was one of the fastest local wrestlers in Toronto. He uses the old school heel gimmick.

Stryc-9-Heel-4 over: This guy was an old buddy of mine back in high school. He’s great on the mic and is a good brawler. He uses the machine gimmick.

Lance aslo tells me he got us 4 Sponsors. They will pay 17,000 per show in total

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Guest sxe_skankin

First Show

Its time to get down to business, we have the staff, we have the workers and we have a place for a show. So Here it is the preview for TPW’s first ever event

TPW: Opening Night @ Scarborough Village Arena.

February 27th 2005

Price to get it: Its Free so come on down.

The Card:

Hypnosis vs. Dan McGuire

TPW City Championship Qualifying match

Los Jalepeno vs. Scar

TPW City Championship Qualifying match

Jeff “The Bear” Wetmore vs. Stryc-9

TPW City Championship Qualifying match

Winner #1 vs. Winner #2 vs. Winner #3

TPW City Championship match

Plus: Kevin Guertin on the direction of the TPW

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Guest sxe_skankin

TPW: Opening Night @Scarborough Village Arena.

The ring is old and run down, the ramp is made out of some plywood, but the people are not there to see flashy pyro’s or bright lights. There there to see some raw wrestling, wrestling for the love of wrestling. Two microphones are set up on a folding table were the announcers, Jerry Jones and Tom Barker are sitting.

Jerry: Welcome to Toronto Pro Wrestling all. Its Our First Show Ever and boy are we excited.

Tom: Tonight we will have our First ever… TPW City Champion. And boy are we excited.

Jerry: I just said that you idiot. Well Anyway here’s our commissioner/owner…..KEVIN GUERTIN

*Kevin Guertin walks down to the ring, talking to the few people that turned up. He slides in to the ring and starts talking*

Kevin: Welcome to the first ever Toronto Pro Wrestling Event. Tonight we will have Our First Ever TPW City Champion. Tonight we start a long era of Toronto wrestling, but most importantly we have a great time watching great wrestling. Toronto Pro Wrestling is going to be here for the long haul and I hope each and every one of you here tonight are here with us. Toronto Pro Wrestling is about the style, it’s about wrestling NOT money, and most importantly it’s about the people. It’s about you. Well now I’m sure you want to see some Wrestling TPW style. So without further ado, Tonight’s first match ….. Hypnosis vs. Dan McGuire

*Kevin Walks Out of the ring and up the make shift ramp. He walks around and takes a seat beside some of the people around the ring*

Rating: 51%

Hypnosis vs. Dan McGuire

*Hypnosis walks down the makeshift ramp, not even bothering to look at the people that showed up to see the show. He stands in the ring waiting for his opponent. Dam McGuire walks down the ramp smiling at the crowd and shaking hands. The Crowd instantly take a liking to him. He rolls into the ring and stand in his corner. The Bell Rings and The First Ever TPW Match is under way.*

The match starts off with Hypnosis staring down Dan McGuire. McGuire goes for a quick jab but Hypnosis catches the fist and slaps McGuire in the face. Hypnosis bounces off the ropes and hits a drop kick on a still shocked McGuire. Hypnosis goes for an elbow drop when McGuire is on the ground but McGuire rolls out of the way. McGuire gets on his feet and waits for Hypnosis to get up. Hypnosis gets to his feet and McGuire hits a suplex on Hypnosis. McGuire goes to the top rope and hits a Diving elbow drop. He goes for the cover 1…2…Kick out by hypnosis. McGuire picks up hypnosis and Irish whips him into the corner. McGuire starts running towards Hypnosis, he’s going for the spear, Hypnosis moves out of the way. McGuire just hit his shoulder on the post. He Looks Hurt. Hypnosis pulls some Brass Knuckles out of his trunks. He Nails McGuire in the face. McGuire is out of it. Hypnosis picks him up and…..Oh My God he hit the Deep Sleep. Hypnosis Covers McGuire, 1…..2….3. Folks we have the first participant in our three way match for the TPW City Championship.

The Ref Raises Hypnosis arm in victory. Hypnosis walks out of the ring and up the ramp.

Rating: 33%

Jerry: Hypnosis Wins by Cheating.

Tom: A win’s a win Jerry

Jerry: Well its not a very good way to win…..But on to tonight’s next match

Los Jalepeno vs. Scar

*Los Jalepeno walks down the ramp yelling in Spanish. He slides into the ring and stands in his corner. Scar walks down the ramp. The Crowd gasps at the sight of a huge bleeding gash over his left eye. Scar Walk into the ring and waits for the bell to ring. Ding Ding*

Los Jalepeno runs at Scar and hits a drop kick. Scar stands there not making a move. Los Jalepeno looks at him and shakes his head. Scar’s face is full of blood from the bleeding open wound above his left eye. Los Jalepeno goes up to the top rope and hits a missile drop kick. Scar falls to the mat. Slowly Scar gets up and just stands there bleeding. Los Jalepeno starts saying something in Spanish. He goes for a DDT and he hits. Scar just stood there and took it. Los Jalepeno Goes For the Cover, 1…2…3. Los Jalepeno picks up the win. He’s heading to the TPW City Championship match. Scar gets up and walks to the back.

Rating: 31%

Jerry: What the hell was that? Scar just stood there and did nothing

Tom: He didn’t put up much of a fight either

Jerry: Tom, you truly are an idiot

Tom: Maybe Jerry, Maybe…..But now we have our last qualifying match

Jeff “The Bear” Wetmore vs. Stryc-9

* Jeff Wetmore walks out on his fur coat. He Takes it off and hands it to announcer tom. He Slides into the ring and stands there waiting for Stryc-9. Stryc-9 walks down the ramp. He spits on one of the people in the crowd and continues into the ring. The Bell Rings and The match starts*

Stryc-9 Hits A cross chop on Jeff. He goes or another and hits it. Jeff throws a punch at Stryc-9, But its reversed into an armbar. Stryc-9 has a look of sadistic happiness on hi face. Jeff is screaming in pain. The ref breaks up the hold. Stryc-9 gets to his feet and starts stomping on Jeff. Jeff cant get up, Stryc-9 isn’t holding back. The Ref Trys to stop the clearly harmful attack. Stryc-9 Punches the ref. Jeff is still getting stomped on. Stryc-9 rolls out of the ring at grabs a chair from ring side. He Gets back into the ring and stars beating Jeff with the chair. Jeff is coughing up blood. The Ref Gets back on his feet to see Stryc-9 covering Jeff, 1…2…3. Stryc-9 is our last member of the TPW City championship match.

Rating: 32%

* Stryc-9 is still standing in the ring. He starts yelling but then stops*

Stryc-9: Tonight I will become the first ever TPW City Champion. I will destroy anyone who gets in my way. Tonight Hypnosis and Los Jalepeno are going to feel the wrath of Stryc-9. Tonight I will show every one here why I am the only star here in the TPW.

* Stryc-9 stops and sits in the turnbuckle waiting for his opponents*

Rating: 47%

Stryc-9 vs. Los Jalepeno vs. Hypnosis

TPW City Championship match

*Hypnosis walks down the ramp for the second time tonight and slides into the ring. Stryc-9 trys to attack him right away but the ref holds him back. Los Jalepeno Slides into the ring and the bell goes*

Stryc-9 starts his attack on Hypnosis. Los Jalepeno hits Stryc-9 in the back of the head with a super kick. Stryc-9 turns and looks at Los Jalepeno and starts walking towards him. Stryc-9 starts to choke Los Jalepeno. Hypnosis hits Stryc-9 with a Few punches. Stryc-9 keeps his hold on Los Jalepeno, He’s Turning Red. Stryc-9 won’t let go. Hypnosis Continues to punch Stryc-9. Los Jalepeno mange’s to kick Stryc-9 in the Knee. Stryc-9 lets go of his choke hold and turns towards Hypnosis and Kicks him in the chest. Hypnosis doubles over and is hit with a DDT. Stryc-9 Then picks up the still out of breath Los Jalepeno, Stryc-9 hits the STRYC-Driver. He covers Los Jalepeno, 1….2….3.

Rating: 34%

Tom: Well we have our first ever TPW City Champion… Stryc-9

Jerry: That Madman is our champion….this is an outrage.



5 people came to TPW: Opening Night

PI rose from 0% to 2%

TPW made 9000$ This Month

*News on the next TPW event at the Press Confrence

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Guest sxe_skankin

News Conference…kind of

I walk into the coffee shop and sit down beside lance. He turns to me and says “we did it, our first show, I think we did alright.” I point out the fact that only 5 people showed up, lance looks at me and says “Well if they tell one person each then we will have ten people next show”

Lance goes over a few things with me. First off we made 9000$ worth of sponsor from the last show. He also tells me about a guy he signed, Devon Monroe

Devon Monroe-heel-4 over: I found this guy after the show last night. He asked if he could help, so I told him he could get in the ring. He’s quick and is fit…but he lacks technical skills.

I put down my coffee and look at lance. “There’s one thing I didn’t like about Last nights show. Scar….what the hell was he doing, that wasn’t at all what he was supposed to do”. Lance looks up from a copy of PWI and says “lets just work with it”

For the rest of our meeting we go over the card for the next show.

Card Preview

TPW: March of Souls @Scarborough village arena

March 27th 2005

Price: It’s still free

Hypnosis vs. Dan McGuire

No DQ Match

Can hypnosis win with out the use of brass knuckles?

Jeff “The Bear” Wetmore vs. Scar

Los Jalepeno vs. Devon Monroe

Winner faces Stryc-9, tonight

Can the debuting Devon Monroe Make it to the main event

Plus: Stryc-9 on becoming champ

Kevin Guertin on the TPW

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Guest sxe_skankin

TPW: March of Souls@ Scarborough Village Arena

*The ring is still stained with blood from Last Months event. The Folding table where Jerry and Tom sit is set up and there mic’s are on*

Jerry: Welcome to Toronto Pro Wrestling’s March of Souls. Tonight we have The Champion, Stryc-9, facing of against the winner of the Los Jalepeno vs. Devon Monroe match up

Tom: We also have a rematch from last months show, tonight its Hypnosis vs. Dan McGuire in a no DQ match. And golly that’s going to be a good one.

Jerry: But first we have the commissioner of TPW….Kevin Guertin.

*Kevin makes his way down the makeshift ramp and into the ring*

Kevin: Welcome to TPW: March of Souls. Last Month we crowned our first ever city champion…. Stryc-9. He showed raw power in that ring, and he came out on top, but tonight we will have to prove he has what it takes to be on top. Tonight he will face-off against either Los Jalepeno or Devon Monroe. Also tonight Scar will step into the ring with Jeff Wetmore. Scar if you don’t fight back tonight Jeff will destroy you. Scar Tonight you better put up a good fight or tonight might be the last time you step into The TPW ring.

*Kevin Rolls out of the ring and goes to sit with the people that came to see the show*

Rating: 47%

Jerry: well we have another match set for tonight.

Tom: But on to or first match. A rematch from TPW: Opening Night, Hypnosis vs. Dan McGuire in a no DQ match

*Hypnosis walks down the ramp, He rolls into the ring and waits for McGuire. McGuire Walks down the ramp giving the crowd high fives and talking to a few people. He Rolls into the ring and the bell rings*

Hypnosis Trys to spear McGuire, He hits it. McGuire is down on the mat he’s trying to get up but hypnosis pushes him down. Hypnosis goes for the elbow drop but McGuire rolls out of the way. McGuire springs to his feet and hits a few jabs on Hypnosis. McGuire kicks Hypnosis in the gut and goes for the DDT….Hypnosis pushes him off. McGuire arm drags Hypnosis over and locks on an armbar. Hypnosis has a look of determination in his eyes. He’s going for the rope; He gets his hand on it. McGuire lets go of the hold and goes to the top rope waiting for hypnosis to get up. Hypnosis Pulls out his brass knuckles for his trunks and slips them on his hand. He gets up and is hit with a drop kick. McGuire covers, 1…2…Kick out, Hypnosis Almost lost this match. Hypnosis Gets up and is met with a few quick jabs from McGuire. Hypnosis Goes Trys to hit a punch with the brass knuckles, He Hits McGuire square in the face. McGuire is down bleeding. Hypnosis is smiling sadistically. He Goes to the top rope and, FLYING ELBOW DROP, McGuire rolls out of the way. Hypnosis is down on the mat. McGuire goes for the cover, 1…2…3. The ref holds up McGuire’s hand. Hypnosis starts screaming and yelling. He’s going crazy. He starts slamming his head into the turnbuckle.

Rating: 34%

Jerry: This Guys Crazy. What the hell is wrong with this guy?

Tom: I guess he didn’t like losing

*jerry looks at tom and shakes his head*

Jerry: On to the next match, Jeff “The Bear” Wetmore vs. Scar

*Jeff Wetmore walks down the ramp. He Tosses a few “TPW: Toronto Pro Wrestling” Shirts to the crowd. He rolls into the ring and stands waiting to face off against Scar. Scar Walks down The Ramp. The same gash over his left eye gushing blood. He rolls into the ring and stands there. The bell rings.*

The match starts with Scar Staring blankly at Jeff. Jeff walks over and slaps him in the side of the head. Scar doesn’t move. Jeff hits him again, and still scar doesn’t move.

Jeff: This Guys Crazy

Jeff hits Scar a few more times and Scar Still doesn’t move. Jeff Kicks Scar in the gut and hits a DDT. Jeff gets Scar into a armbar. Scar doesn’t tap out, he just lies there smiling at the pain. Jeff lets go of the hold and Picks Scar up. Scar is Irish Whipped into the corner. Jeff puts him up to the top and….he hits the top rope DDT. Scar is on the ground motionless. Jeff picks up scar and goes for a punch, what the hell, scar caught the punch. Scar sets up for the power bomb, He hits it, Jeff has gone through the mat. The ref calls for the bell and ends the match.

*scar walks Out of the ring and down the ramp. The Crowd talking about what just happened*

Rating: 33%

Jerry: Dear god, the power of scar. He put Jeff right through the ring. I guess the rest of the matches will have to be cancelled

Tom: No, Jerry look there nailing ply wood over the hole, tonight other matches will go on.

Jerry: I guess so, well right now Stryc-9 makes his Champion speech.

* Stryc-9 makes his way down the ramp. He spits on one of the fans as he trys to talk to him. Stryc-9 rolls into the ring and begins his speech*

Stryc-9: I AM THE FIRST EVER TPW CITY CHAMPION. I AM THE TRUE STAR OF THE TPW. Tonight I have my first title defence against the winner of the next match. None of these people are worthy of even setting foot in the same building as me. Tonight I will wage my war on every person in the TPW. Tonight I start to systematically destroy ever person there gets in my way. Tonight is the start of TPW: Stryc-9. I am the only one that matters. So who ever it is that steps into the ring with me tonight will understand why I am the TPW city champion. Tonight you will Chant the name Stryc-9.

Rating: 36%

* Stryc-9 hops over the top rope. He walks up the ramp and is gone*

Jerry: Some strong words, we will see him in action later tonight

Tom: But now we have Los Jalepeno vs. Devon Monroe

*Los Jalepeno makes his way down the ramp yelling something in Spanish. He rolls into the ring and stands there waiting for his opponent. Devon Monroe walks down the ramp. The crowd gives the new comer a hand. He keeps walking and rolls into the ring. The bell rings*

Devon Trys to land a punch on Los Jalepeno, Its Reversed Los Jalepeno nails a spinning heel kick. Devon is down. Los Jalepeno goes to the top rope and waits for Devon to get up. As Devon rises he is met with a dropkick to the face. Devon is back down and Los Jalepeno goes for the cover, 1…2…Kick out that was a close one. Devon gets to his feet and goes for a suplex on Los Jalepeno, he lands it. Los Jalepeno is down. Devon with the cover, 1…2…Kick out Los Jalepeno is still in this. Both men are on there feet. Los Jalepeno hits a few punches and goes for the Irish whip, Devon is in the corner. He’s walking around in a daze. Los Jalepeno goes for the running bulldog, He hits it, and Los Jalepeno goes for the cover, 1…2…3. Los Jalepeno wins the match; he offers a hand shake to Devon and is turned down. Devon storms of into the back.

Rating: 27%

* Los Jalepeno waits in the ring for Stryc-9*

Jerry: Los Jalepeno is going to face off against Stryc-9 for the TPW city championship.

Tom: Here comes Stryc-9

Los Jalepeno vs. Stryc-9

* Stryc-9 runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. The Bell rings*

Stryc-9 starts the attack on Los Jalepeno right of the bat. He hits a few punches and the a DDT. Stryc-9 goes for a quick cover, 1…Kick out, not even close. Stryc-9 starts stomping on Los Jalepeno. He’s not stopping. It’s a flash back of last month. Los Jalepeno rolls out of the way of Stryc-9’s foot. Los Jalepeno hops to his feet and hits a drop kick on Stryc-9. Stryc-9 is on the mat, Los Jalepeno hits a few stomps of his own. He goes to the tope rope as Stryc-9 gets to his feet, Diving DDT. Stryc-9 is down again and Los Jalepeno goes for the cover, 1…2…Kick out, Los Jalepeno was almost our new champion. Stryc-9 slaps Los Jalepeno in the face, Power bomb by Stryc-9. He goes for the cover, 1…2…Kick out Los Jalepeno has a little left in him. Stryc-9 picks up Los Jalepeno and hits the STRYC-Driver. He goes for the cover, 1…2…3. Stryc-9 wins and is still the TPW City Champion. He continues the attack on Los Jalepeno, The ref trys to break it up, Stryc-9 pushes him away. Stryc-9 walks out of the ring and up the ramp with his TPW City Championship


Jerry: What a sick man

Tom: Los Jalepeno is bleeding like crazy, someone get the medics.



4 people came to TPW: March of Souls

PI rose from 2% to 4%

TPW Made 7000$ this month

TPW's Production went from 0% to 5%

*more on TPW's next event soon*

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Guest sxe_skankin

Card Preview

TPW: Anger @ Scarborough Village Arena

April 24th 2005

Price: It’s still free so come on down

Dan McGuire vs. Stryc-9

TPW City Championship Match

Can McGuire become the first man to defeat Stryc-9

Scar vs. Jeff “the bear” Wetmore

Will Scar show his dominant power again

Devon Monroe vs. ???

Who is the newest member of TPW

Los Jalepeno vs. Hypnosis

#1 Contender Match

Will Los Jalepeno get another shot at the TPW City Title

Plus: Commissioner Kevin Guertin on the TPW City Title

Scar has something to say

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Guest sxe_skankin

TPW: Anger@ Scarborough village arena

*The ring is still patched up with the ply wood from where Jeff Wetmore went through the ring. The Folding table is set up with mic’s and Jerry and Tom Are sitting there*

Jerry: Tonight we have quite a show for you folks. Our TPW City Champion Stryc-9 Will Face off, one on one with Dan McGuire.

Tom: And after last week we will be watching to see who Stryc-9’s next victim is

Jerry: Also tonight we have Los Jalepeno vs. Hypnosis. The winner will become the #1 contender for the TPW City Championship.

Tom: and lest not over look the rematch between Scar and Jeff Wetmore.

Jerry: Jeff of course will be looking for revenge on Scar for putting through the ring. He is Angry

Tom: Yes he is, and mad too

*jerry shakes his head*

Jerry: No for the first match of tonight. It’s a #1 contender’s match. Los Jalepeno Vs. Hypnosis

*Los Jalepeno Walks down the ram yelling in Spanish. He Rolls into the ring and starts going crazy. He’s Yelling things in Spanish, Clearly he’s getting pumped for his match. Hypnosis struts down to the ring. He roll’s into the ring and wastes no time going after Los Jalepeno*

Hypnosis Runs at Los Jalepeno and hits a dropkick. Hypnosis hits and elbow drop when Los Jalepeno is on the ground. Los Jalepeno is clearly still hurting from the brutal attack on him last show. Hypnosis starts to stomp on Los Jalepeno. The ref breaks it up and Los Jalepeno hops to his feet. Los Jalepeno Hits a super kick on Hypnosis. Hypnosis is down and, standing moonSault by Los Jalepeno. He goes for the cover, 1…2…Kick out Hypnosis wants to win this match. Los Jalepeno goes to the top rope and waits for Hypnosis to get up. Los Jalepeno jumps, Double Axe Handle. Hypnosis is down. Cover by Los Jalepeno, 1…2…3. Los Jalepeno Is going crazy he’s jumping up and down. Hypnosis Storms out of the ring and up the ramp. Los Jalepeno is still in the ring.

Rating: 26%

Voice: Congratulations.

*Kevin Guertin walks down the ramp and gets into the ring with Los Jalepeno*

Kevin: Tonight you have shown true TPW Sprit, and because of that you will get a shot at the TPW City Title next month. But I’m out here to discuss another matter. Stryc-9, this is my creation, and I won’t let you or anyone else take it away. You say you’re here to destroy the TPW. Think again. Stryc-9 I’m going to make your life here a living hell. For a start…you match tonight vs. Dan McGuire will be a table match. Yes a table match for the TPW city Championship. Don’t Mess with me. I always come up on top

Rating: 44%

*Kevin Rolls out of the ring and joins the crowd as he always does*

Jerry: WOW! Tonight’s Championship match will be a table match.

Tom: Now on to our next match, Jeff "the Bear" Wetmore vs. Scar

*Jeff walks down to the ring with a smile on his face. He wants revenge on Scar and he wants it now. Jeff rolls into the ring and stares at the Plywood patched hole in the ring. Scar walks down the ramp. Tonight he is not bleeding from the gash over his left eye, instead his chest has many cuts on it and blood is spilling out of them. Scar slides into the ring smearing blood on the mat. Jeff starts the attack right away*

Jeff starts to kick Scar is the head. Scar continues to get to his feet. He now stands face to face with Jeff. Jeff Jabs Scar in the gut a few times before he runs to the ropes. Jeff is coming at scar, scar’s not moving, and Jeff nails the cloth line. Scar is down on the ground. Jeff Lands an elbow drop on Scar. Scar slowly gets up and just looks at Jeff. Jeff is running at scar, Jeff goes for the super kick he connect……….No Scar just caught Jeff’s foot. Scar has Jeff’s leg over his shoulder. Scar grabs Jeff by the neck and lifts him up, Coke slam. Jeff is out cold. Scar stand over Jeff and looks down at him

Rating: 29%

*Scar is standing over The KO’d Jeff*

Scar: Tonight you have seen the first act of the end. That was the start of the prophecy. I am going to lead TPW to its rightful place, but first we must destroy the filth that inhabits it. I have Bled out all the impurity in me, And I shall do the same to TPW. I was called to this place by a unholy force, It lead me to this city, it lead me here. Tonight was the starts of what is written. Tonight you saw the first act of Scar. Pray for you Life Jeff Because come next month, You will become the first on to be destroyed, you will be the first piece of filth I destroy. THE CLEANSING OF THE TPW HAS BEGUN

*scar rolls out of the ring and walks slowly up the ramp*

Rating: 35%

Jerry: some scary stuff right there. Scar clams he will cleanse the TPW of the filth that is in it

Tom: Well The ring is a little dirty. Our Next Match is Devon Monroe vs. a man that will surely make his mark in the TPW, Liberty Kid.

Devon Monroe vs. Liberty Kid

*Devon Monroe Walks down the ramp. He’s looking at the ring. He rolls into the ring and spits on the mat. The Liberty kid is no where to be seen. The Ref is just about to declare Devin the winner by default as The Liberty kid jumps into the ring from seemingly out of nowhere*

Devon runs at Liberty kid and hits a shoulder block. Devon keeps running hold Liberty kid. He pins him up against the turnbuckle. Devon Kicks Liberty kid in the gut and starts to Mud Hole Stomp on him when he’s down. Devon keeps going at it, he’s not stopping. The ref breaks it up. Liberty kid gets to his feet and stands waiting for Devon. Devon trys to go far a DDT but is met with a quick kick by Liberty kid. Liberty kid Hits a super kick knocking Devon to the mat. Liberty kid goes to the top rope as Devon starts to get to his feet, Flying body press by Liberty kid. He goes for the cover, 1…2…Kick out by Devon. Devon Gets to his feet and looks around for Liberty kid. He looks behind him and there Liberty kid on the tope rope, diving DDT, Liberty kid goes for the cover, 1…2…3. Liberty kid wins He’s got a huge smile on his face. He Offers a hand shake to Devon and gets turned down

Rating: 22%

Jerry: Devon just lost to Liberty kid. I guess we know Liberty kid is has found himself a home here at TPW

Tom: Tonight’s final match is going to be Stryc-9 vs. Dan McGuire.

* Stryc-9 walks down the ramp ignoring the fans as he goes. He rolls into the ring and waits for his opponent. Dan walks down the ramp and high five’s and talks to the fans. He gets into the ring and is met with a kick to the face*

Dan is trying to get up, but Stryc-9 continues to boot him in the face. Stryc-9 finally stops and picks Dan up. Stryc-9 goes for an early in the match STRYC-Driver and he hits. He goes for the cover, 1…2…Kick out by Dan McGuire. Stryc-9 can’t believe it, he picks up Dan and goes for a power bomb, and Dan gets out of it. Dan Goes for the super kick, He connects Stryc-9 drops to the mat. Dan goes for the cover, 1…2…Kick out by Stryc-9; he wants to keep his title. What, Hypnosis is running down to the ring, he’s got a chair. He slides into the ring and swings the chair at Dan, Dan ducks and the chair hits Stryc-9. Stryc-9 is down cold. Dan hits a super kick on Hypnosis. Hypnosis is down. Dan goes for the cover, 1…2…3. Dan McGuire is the new TPW Champion. Dan Grabs the belt and raises it high. He turns around and is met by a chair shot in the ribs. Hypnosis starts stomping on Dan

Rating: 31%



5 people came to see TPW: Anger

PI rose from 4% to 6%

TPW Made 6000$ this month

4 Promotions went under this month: NWA: Wildside, Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling, All Pro Wrestling and Chaotic Wrestling.

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Just a few note worthy items.

1) in an earlier segment you announced the main event to be a tables match yet it was won via pinfall and no tables were ever encountered.

2) despite the spelling improvement you really should proof read your card, because as I've noted though spelled correctly often the right words werent used "COKE Slam" "you will be the first ON to be destroyed"..etc etc

3) finally, I'd just like to see some Ontario indy guys in there :P

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Guest sxe_skankin

To grind your soul: you're right the shows have been total crap. Im going to post my next show, if you dont think its gotten any better then I will stop the diary.

aslo any tips on how to make the show's better

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Guest sxe_skankin


Toronto Pro Wrestling is proud to announce the signing of a young man that we hope will improve the Public Image of our promotion. Ash is the newest member of the TPW family

Toronto Pro Wrestling would aslo like to take this time to announce the siging of Miss Natasha.

The Card for This Months show is as follows

*Card is subject to change*

TPW: Meltdown @ Scarborough Village Arena

My 29th 2005

Price: It’s 100% free

Los Jalepeno vs. Dan McGuire vs. Hypnosis

TPW City Championship Match

Los Jalepeno beat Hypnosis last week to get a chance to face Dan McGuire. Hypnosis attacked Dan after his match with Styrc-9.

Styrc-9 vs. Owner Kevin Guertin

Hardcore Match

Styrc-9 says he’s here to destroy the TPW. Owner Kevin Guertin Will not stand for it

Ash and Jeff “The Bear” Wetmore vs. Scar

Scar says he wants to “cleanse” the TPW of filth like Jeff. Ash is in his debuting match

Devon Monroe vs. Liberty Kid

Liberty is trying to make a mark in the TPW. Can he get another win against Devon

Plus: Ash-Why He Joined TPW

Jerry and Scar interview

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Guest sxe_skankin

TPW: Meltdown @Scarborough Village Arena

*Jerry and Tom are sitting at the folding table as always with two mic’s set up. The Ring is covered by a large White Sheet.*

Jerry: Tonight is going to be great. We have four great matches set up for tonight.

Tom: We’re going to see Los Jalepeno Take on Hypnosis and Dan McGuire for the TPW City Championship

Jerry: We also have Jeff “The Bear” Wetmore teaming with The Debuting Ash going two on one against Scar.

Tom: and In what be the match of the night we have Owner Kevin Guertin Taking on Styrc-9 in a hardcore match.

Jerry: And to start the show we have a treat for all of you. Well you might not enjoy it but the Wrestlers sure will.

*Jerry and Tom get up and walk over to the ring. The walk up to the sides and lift the sheet, revelling a new ring. It has the TPW logo in the middle. Jerry and Tom walk back to there table.*

Tom: Let’s just hope Scar doesn’t put any one through it tonight.

Jerry: Before Our first match tonight, we have ash, He has something to say.

*Ash Walks down the ramp and stands waiting. He looks back and out walks the Beautiful Miss Natasha. They link arms and walk up to the ring. Ash holds the ropes for her as she steps in. Ash gets into the ring.*

Natasha: Hello Scarborough Village. You may or may not know me. I’m Miss Natasha, the smart, talented, and most importantly beautiful manger of Ash. When he told me that he got offered a job for a small “backyard” promotion, I would have never guessed he would take it, but he did. So here we are today. Standing in this ring, before all, what is it…….*Natasha counts*…..All six of you. But we’re not just out here to tell you how happy we are to be here. No, no, no, we’re out here to make and important announcement. You see here the greatness of Ask and Natasha go more are sure to follow. Next Month you are going to see the debut of a Very Talented superstar. Yes, at times he is a little…well unclean and he is very rude, but talented none the less. Next Month you are going to see the debut of non other than…..Dropkick Murphy.

Rating: 45

*Natasha and Ash walk out of the ring and start up the ramp. Natasha Turns around and blows a kiss to the Crowd. The go up the ramp and disappear.

Jerry: Wow that’s some big news, Dropkick Murphy will be joining the TPW Family next month.

Tom: Dropkick Who? Anyway back to the upcoming match. We now have Liberty Kid going toe to toe with Devon Monroe.

Liberty Kid Vs. Devon Monroe

*Liberty kid walks down the ramp with a Canadian flag tied as a cape. He Slides into the ring and Hops up. He stands in the middle of the ring posing. Devon Monroe is now making his way down the ramp. He has a look of pure anger, after the loss he suffered to Liberty kid last week. Devon Climbs into the ring and wastes no time to start his attack on Liberty Kid.*

Devon goes after Liberty kid with a few right hooks. Liberty kid isn’t fast enough to get out of the way. Devon Goes for a Uppercut, He just floored liberty kid. Devon goes for an elbow drop, he hits it. Cover by Devon, 1…2…Kick out by Liberty kid. Devon gets to his feet and picks up Liberty kid, Irish Whip into the corner. Devon goes for the spear, Liberty kid hops to the tope rope. Devon hit his shoulder on the post, Liberty kid jumps behind Devon and, School boy, 1…2…Kick out by Devon. Devon is getting up, he looks around for liberty kid, he can’t find him. Devon turns around and, Flying body press by liberty kid, No wait Devon caught him. Devon tosses Liberty kid into the air; ouch he hit the mat hard. Devon Cover’s liberty kis, 1…2…Kick out, oh he was so close. Devon is starts to loose his cool. Mud hole stomping on Liberty kid. The ref breaks up the violent attack. Devon delivers a kick to the gut, Liberty kid is doubled over. Devon goes for the DDT, Liberty flips himself over Devon, Reverse bull dog, Liberty kid goes for the cover, 1…2…3. Liberty Kid picks up the win. Devon gets up and look furious, the ref are trying to hold him back. Liberty Kid gets out of the ring before things get ugly

Rating: 26%

Jerry: Well that was a good match

Tom: well jerry I don’t think things will be looking so good for you, You have to interview Scar.

*Jerry gets out of his seat and walks towards the ring, He slides into it and waits for scar.*

Jerry: Tom next time you will be doing this

*Scar slowly walks down the ramp, this time no blood is seen on him. He walks into the ring and stands beside jerry*

Jerry: *stuttering* Scar……tonight you have a ………….tonight you have a match against Jeff Wetmore and The new comer Ash. How do….How do you feel about that.

Scar: How do I feel? How do you think I feel jerry? I feel like a man like me always does. I feel nothing. Tonight is just another step in fulfilling the prophecy. It told me what I had to do, and that is what shall be done.

Jerry: *stuttering* what are you talking about when you say it?

Scar: *menacing laugh* Jerry, Do you think you are ready to understand what it is. You will not be ready until you walk in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. You can not comprehend the pain “it” brings you, But with the pain comer’s and overwhelming joy.

Jerry: *stuttering* Well what about the…..blood….tell us about the blood

Scar: The blood, The blood is what keeps us living, and when it is shed it means either great sorrow or joy. The joy that is felt when a mother gives birth to her child, and the sorrow she feels when her husband dies in the war. You see jerry I love the pain that the deep wounds bring. I love waking up in a pool of my own blood. I love bring pain to people. But the blood also symbolises cleansing. When struck by the fangs of a poisonous snake do you not suck the bad blood out? To bleed is to clean out ones self.

Jerry: *stuttering* and what’s….what’s all this about ridding the TPW of the filth like Jeff Wetmore.

Scar: The TPW is rank with the smell of sin. Smell it jerry, you know the smell. Everyone knows it. And people who deny it are filth. You must let the sin take over, you mustn’t deny the calling of it. Jeff tonight I will make you open your eyes, I will show you your sin. You watched my first match here in TPW laughing at the fact that I didn’t fight back. Well tonight’s my time to laugh, and laugh I will as you hang on the cross that you have refused to carry. Tonight you will meet your end. Jerry go back to your announce table and watch me Crucify Jeff, watch me end him

Rating: 45%

*jerry Runs out of the ring and joins tom at the announce table*

Tom: Jerry are you ok.

Jerry: what, yeah, yeah I’m fine

Scar Vs. Ash and Jeff Wetmore

*Scar stands in the ring his eye transfixed on the entrance ramp. Ash, Jeff Wetmore and Miss Natasha slowly walk down the ramp to the ring. Ash gets into the ring with Jeff ad Natasha stands on the outside. Scar stands looking at Jeff. The bell rings*

All three men stand in the ring, no one is moving. Slowly ash walks behind scar as he stands starring at Jeff. Ash hits a few punches to Scars side. Scar still stand there doing nothing, staring at Jeff. Jeff walks up to Scar, Scar still just stands there watching him. Jeff hits an uppercut, he starts throwing quick jabs at scars body. Scar still stands watching Jeff. Ash is on the top rope, he signals of Jeff to turn scar around. Jeff walks around to scars back. Scar slowly turns and faces Jeff. Jeff darts out of the way as Ash goes for a flying body press, Scar catches him, and with such power he tosses ash outside of the ring. Its Scar and Jeff all alone on the ring, Jeff trys to go for a suplex but he can’t lift Scar. Jeff lets go and is just about to deliver a punch when scar lifts his arms, Jeff looks at scar puzzled, Scar drops his arms and the light in the Arena go out. When the lights flash back on, Jeff is out cold and scar is covering him, 1…2…3. The medics run into the ring to check out Jeff. Scar makes his way to the back.

Rating: 36%

Tom: Scar just destroyed both men, the power he has

Jerry: *said blankly* Power…..that’s right power

Tom: Our next match is Owner of the TPW vs. Styrc-9. This match is taking place because of Styrc-9’s vow to destroy Toronto pro Wrestling. It’s going to be a hardcore match, the ref’s are loading the ring for of “weapons” as we speak.

Kevin Guertin vs. Styrc-9

Hardcore match

*The ring is full of baking sheets, garbage cans, 2x4’s and chairs. Kevin Guertin makes his way down to the ring. He slides into the ring and waits for Styrc-9 to show up. Styrc-9 come down the ramp with a Table. He sets the table up out side of the ring and waits for Kevin. The Bell rings*

Kevin is stairing down at Styrc-9. Styrc-9 rolls into the rig and is met with a stomp from Kevin Guertin. Kevin Back away and lets Styrc-9 get up. Styrc-9 runs at Kevin, hip toss Styrc-9 just got tossed onto a chair. Styrc-9 gets up and goes after Kevin again, clothesline by Styrc-9, Kevin is looking groggy, Styrc-9, big boot to the face of Kevin. Kevin is down on the mat. Styrc-9 goes for a garbage can, slams it on the face of Kevin. Styrc-9 picks up Kevin and Irish Whip to the corner. Styrc-9 sets him up on the turn buckle and, Kevin just pushed him off the turn buckle, Styrc-9 went through the table set up outside the ring. Kevin hops outside the ring and goes for the cover, 1…2…Kick out by Styrc-9. Kevin Picks up Styrc-9 and slams his head into the apron. Kevin gets a chair out of the ring, Rib shot. Ouch Styrc-9 must be hurting. Kevin continues the attack with the chair. Kevin isn’t stopping. Styrc-9 is coughing of blood. Kevin picks up Styrc-9 and sets him up for the , I OWN YOU. Kevin goes for the cover, 1…2…3. Kevin tells the ref to make sure Styrc-9 gets proper medical attention because he’s going to have to be in good shape for next month.

Rating: 36%

Tom: Well we just saw a scary side of Mr. Kevin Guertin, and now for tonight’s main event, Los Jalepeno vs. Hypnosis vs. Dan McGuire

Los Jalepeno vs. Hypnosis vs. Dan McGuire

TPW City Championship Match

*Los Jalepeno is in the ring jumping up and down getting pumped for the match. Dan McGuire walks down the ramp and joins Los Jalepeno in the ring, They Shake hands. Hypnosis is the last to come down the ramp. Hypnosis is running down the ramp and slides into the ring. He starts on Dan Right away*

Los Jalepeno is out of the action for now as Dan McGuire and hypnosis exchange shots. Dan hits a huge punch on the jaw of Hypnosis. Hypnosis spins around dizzy. Dropkick by Los Jalepeno, Quick cover,1…Kick out Hypnosis gets right back up, he’s going after Los Jalepeno now. Dan with a drop kick to the back of Hypnosis, Hypnosis is down. Los Jalepeno with a stand moonSault, He covers, 1…2...Kick out by Hypnosis. Dan picks hypnosis up and sets up for the DDT, he lands it. Hypnosis is down once more, Dan with the Cover, 1…2…Kick out. Los Jalepeno, Flying elbow drop on hypnosis. Hypnosis looks to be in pain. Los Jalepeno goes for the cover, 1…2…Kick out by hypnosis, he’s still in this. Hypnosis gets up only to be met by a super kick from Los Jalepeno. Dan hits Los Jalepeno with an Axe Handle and goes for the cover on hypnosis, 1…2…3. Dan McGuire retaining his title. Hypnosis is laid out on the mat and Los Jalepeno is offering a hand shake to Dan McGuire, he accepts. Los Jalepeno raises Dan’s hand and yells something out in Spanish.

Rating: 36%

Tom: Boy what a night



6 People came to TPW: meltdown

PI rose from 6% to 10%

TPW Lost 3000$ this month

2 Promotions have gone under: Jersey All Pro Wrestling, and USA X-treme Wrestling

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