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WWF 1993 Life After The Warrior


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WWF 1993 Life After The Warrior

The WWF in 1992 was one of the better years for the World Wrestling Federation Ric Flair joining the company the ever growing popularity of Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels led to one of the best Matches in WWF History as Bret Hart the WWF Champion defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels at Survivor Series. The Ever growing popularity of Monday Night Raw was gaining every week. Fans Were overwhelmed when former WWF Superstar The British Bulldog was re-signed by the WWF. WCW released Bulldog after an incident in a bar, the WWF resigned Bulldog mainly due to the fact that Bulldog was good friends with Bret & Owen Hart. But there was one problem, Many fans were disappointed over the fact that The Ultimate Warrior one of the Most Over workers in the entire of the WWF left after having a dispute over bookings. Warrior felt that he was to good to feud with Nailz a up and comer in the WWF and there was a major Contract Dispute and he left the company. The Ultimate Warrior even tried filing a $5 Million Dollar Lawsuit against the company. Also at The Start of January this Year Ric Flair was offered a six figure Salary to return to World Championship Wrestling. However as they say The Show Must go on.

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World Wrestling Federation

Owner: Linda McMahon

Public Image: 30

Size: Global

Based In: America

Risk: 50

Production: 95

Merchandise: 85

Advertising: 85

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Date: Saturday 2nd January

Location: New York City, New York

It’s the first event of the new year. 1993 will open in a big way as in the Main Event of WWF Superstars as the WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels Takes on the Kamikaze Kid for Shawn’s Belt. No doubt the Sensational Sherrie will be in Tow. The Kamikaze Kid is one of the best up and comers in the WWF and this might be his big chance into the big-time.

Two of the greatest Tag Teams in the world will go at it on Superstars as The Nasty Boys take on The Bushwhackers in what should be an epic encounter. Both teams are looking to get back into the WWF Tag hunt and a win would help both teams.

One more match announced for WWF Superstars is Crush taking on Skinner. Crush is a great talent and a win against the grizzled veteran would certainly catch some eyes.

Plus an exclusive Interview with The Beverly Brothers with The Genius and Marty Jannetty on his position with the WWF.

All this and much much more only on WWF Superstars

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WWF Superstars

Date: Saturday 2nd January

Location: New York City, New York

Crush Vs. Skinner

Skinner immediately tried charging at the big man only to be met with a huge boot to the face. Skinner rolled onto the outside and Crush followed him. Skinner controlled most of the match after sending Crush into the steel ring post. Skinner then slammed Crush on the protected padding on the outside! Skinner rolled Crush back inside the ring and pounded away on Crush’s back. Skinner Eventually hit a clothesline to Crush and tossed Crush back out onto the floor. He even through Crush into the steel steps! Skinner went back into the ring and waited as the referee started to count out Crush…But somehow Crush got back to his feet at 7! Crush rolled back inside the ring and blocked Skinners right hands nailing Skinner with chops and right hands. Crush back dropped Skinner and followed up with three clotheslines one after the other! Crush lifted up Skinner and finished him off with the Full Nelson Bomb to pick up the win! Afterwards Crush worked the crowd while the referee checked on Skinner.


Vince and Heenan said that Crush was on his way to the top. McMahon mentioned that Marty Jannetty is standing by right now!

Rockin’ To The Rumble

Gene Okerland: Marty after having your former friend Shawn Michaels desert you just last year where are you going to go in the WWF?

Marty Jannetty: Gene I’m telling you what I’m going to do. Gene, Marty Jannetty is going to win the WWF Royal Rumble. The after I’ve won the rumble The Rocking Rocker is going to find Shawn Michaels and the Rocking Rocker is going to beat Shawn Michaels for his WWF Championship. Then the Rocking Rocker is going to go to Wrestlemania and win the WWF Championship.

Gene Okerland: Well Marty don’t you think you are talking to the talk tonight. Tonight though you face “The Model” Rick Martel one on one what are your thoughts on this?

Marty Jannetty: Well I guess the Rocking Rocker is going to have to rock his was over his body and then straight to the Royal Rumble.

Marty Jannetty runs off. Superstars goes to a commercial break with a shot of Gene Okerland Laughing.


Commercial Break

”The Rockin’ Rocker” Marty Jannetty Vs.The Model” Rick Martel

Martel was posing and shouting about how good looking he was while Jannetty ran around the ring getting the crowd into the match. Martel controlled the match by keeping Jannetty in various submissions and keeping him on the mat. Martel worked over Jannetty’s lower back and almost won the match after hitting a big back Suplex but Jannetty was able to kick out at 2. Martel drilled Jannetty with a huge Dropkick and headed up top. Martel went for a huge elbow drop but Jannetty rolled out of the way! This allowed Jannetty to make a big come back and take down Martel with a series of right hands and clotheslines! Jannetty sent Martel into the ropes and as Martel came back he landed a kick to the gut and the Rocker Dropper for the one, two, three! After the match Jannetty started jumping about the ring and running around and eventually ran to the back.


Heenan informs us that Gene Okerland is backstage with The Genius & The Beverly Brothers.

Gene Okerland: Thank you Bobby yes I am here with Former WWF Tag Champions The Beverly Brothers and there Manager The Genius. How do you plan in gaining the Tag Team Championship once again.

The Genius: Well Gene we are going to get them back by outsmarting every single one of the other Tag Teams in the World Wrestling Federation. I mean it wont be hard as the Tag Teams in the WWF aren’t very smart.

The Bushwhackers walk past heading towards the ring for there match. The Genius has a look of disgust on his face as they walk past.

The Genius I Mean did you not just see them. Quite frankly Gene I have the Smartest Tag Team in the WWF I mean you have to be smart to hire The Genius.

With this The Beverly Brothers walk of with The Genius Laughing.


The Genius gained 2 Points of Overness from this segment.

Beau Beverly Gained 1 Point of Overness from this segment.

Commercial Break

The Bushwhackers Vs. The Nasty Boys

The Bushwhackers started of hot with all four men brawling in the ring. The Bushwhackers quickly sent both Knobbs & Sags out to the floor and then taunted them. Sags got back into the ring and squared off with Luke. Luke got the best of Sags and beat down Sags in the corner. Luke went for an Irish whip but it was countered by Sags which allowed Brian Knobbs to get a cheap shot in on Luke from behind which also allowed Sags to run right over Luke with a clothesline! Knobbs and Sags isolated Luke for several minutes keeping him away from his cousin Butch who trued to rally the crowd behind Luke. Brian Knobbs hit Luke with a hard shoulder tackle and went for a figure four leg lock but Butch quickly broke it up. Knobbs though made the tag to Sags who nailed a stalling vertical Suplex to Luke! Luke then made the hot tag to Butch! Butch entered the ring cleaning house knocking down Knobbs then Sags. The Bushwhackers regained control of the match and Luke wound up on the floor with Sags while Knobbs battled Butch. Outside the ring we saw Sags send Luke into the steel ring post face first! Butch then has Knobbs set up for the Battering Ram but Sags came into the ring and nailed Butch from behind! Sags drilled Butch with a DDT knocking him out! Sags rolled Knobbs on top of Butch and the referee counted the three count! Afterwards The Nasty Boys celebrated while the crowd booed.


Luke & Butch Basically No Sold Everything which hurt the match

Vince Told us that Shawn Michaels was standing by.

Gene Okerland: Shawn Michaels you made such an impact here in the WWF last year and today you take on another young talent The Kamikaze Kid in singles action. Shawn last year you stepped into the ring with the Top Talent in the WWF like Bret “Hitman” Hart and many others. What are your thoughts on tonight’s match with The Kamikaze Kid?

Shawn Michaels: If you thought Shawn Michaels was something last year then you haven’t seen anything yet. Today I begin a new year by beating some no name jobber called The Kamikaze Kid. Kid I’m going to beat you within an inch of you life so you will never get into a wrestling ring again.

Gene Okerland: The Royal Rumble is coming up and your name has been entered into the Royal Rumble match. What do you think about being in the Royal Rumble match?

Shawn Michaels: I will be the one who’ll win the Royal Rumble! There’s twenty nine other men in there who will all be losers. I don’t care weather it’s the Kamikaze Kid, The Undertaker or even Marty Jannetty, Its my generation in the World Wrestling Federation and it starts at the Royal Rumble!

Gene Okerland: Fans stay tuned because you won’t want to miss a huge match coming up next! This man right here Shawn Michaels takes on The Kamikaze Kid for the WWF Intercontinental Championship and its your Main Event.


Shawn Michaels Gained 4 Points of Overness from this segment

WWF Intercontinental Championship

Shawn Michaels © with Sensational Sherrie Vs. The Kamikaze Kid

Michaels started off out wrestling Kamikaze and then taunting him to cheers from the hot crowd. Michaels continued out wrestling him and threw him out onto the floor. Micheals went for a plancha but Kamikaze moved out of the way and Michaels hit the floor hard! Kamikaze followed up by landing a snap Suplex on the floor before tossing Michaels back into the ring. Kamikaze hot Michaels with a couple of stiff kicks to the ribs and got several near falls over the WWF Intercontinental Champion. Kamikaze snap suplexed Michaels and headed up top. Kamikaze went for a huge Moonsault but Michaels rolled out of the way! Michaels then did his nip up! Michaels made a big come back nailing Kamikaze with big right hands and taking Kamikaze down with several drop kicks. Michaels followed up by hitting the forearm shot to Kamikaze! Michaels headed up top and hit the flying elbow drop right to The Kamikaze Kids Hart! Michaels went to the corner to tune up the band! Kamikaze Kid slowly got up to his feet and Michaels drilled Kamikaze with the Sweet Chin Music! Michaels covered Kamikaze and scored the 1,2,3! Shawn Michaels stayed in the ring after the match taunting to the crowd with his WWF Intercontinental Championship. McMahon was saying of how much an effort the young rookie put into his match.


The WWF Intercontinental Championship has gained in Image

Overall Rating for Show: 66

From Sophie

Saturday Night are trying to compete with us, but are being destroyed in the ratings

From Fox

Fox are not happy with the risky nature of our last show. They are asking us to tone it down.

From Randy Savage

I'd like to work with Lex Luger if possible.

From The Undertaker

I'd like to request a match or two with Yokozuna. I'm pretty sure we could do some good work together.

From Skinner

Crush was working too stiffly, i could have been badly hurt.

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Date: January 4th 1993

On Monday Night Raw WWF Champion Bret “Hitman” Hart teams with The Steiner Brothers as they take on the WWF Tag Team Champions Money Inc & “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair in what should be an epic main event. Imagine if one of the members of Money Inc or even Ric Flair pinned the WWF Champion what a boost that would be for them.

There will be exclusive interviews with Hulk Hogan & Mr Fuji with Yokozuna.

WWF President Jack Tunney has news regarding the Royal Rumble and the WWF Wrestlers that will be competing in it.

Matches for Monday Night Raw

Owen Hart Vs. Jerry Lawler

Natural Disasters Vs. The Beverly Brothers

Lex Luger Vs. Hulk Hogan

Money Inc & Ric Flair Vs. Bret “Hitman” Hart & The Steiner Brothers

All this plus much much more on Monday Night Raw

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Date: January 4th 1993

Location: East Rutherford, New Jersey

Monday Night Raw opens up with its regular video package and then we are taken inside the arena. We’re taken to the announce position where Jim Ross & Vince McMahon are standing by. They hype up tonight’s Main Event of Bret Hart & The Steiner’s take on Ric Flair and Money Inc. McMahon also tells us that Hulk Hogan will wrestle tonight! They then take us to ringside for the first match of the evening!

Owen Hart Vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler

Owen and Jerry started off getting near falls over each other with neither man getting a clear advantage that is until Jerry tossed Owen out to the floor over the top rope! Lawler then jumped of the apron and landed and double axe handle right to the back of Owen! Lawler then put Owen back inside the ring and came of the top with another axe handle for the 2. Lawler then attempted a clothesline but Owen ducked and delivered a release German Suplex dropping Lawler right on his head! Owen then worked over Lawler’s neck and back getting several near falls on Lawler in the process. Owen ended up drilling Lawler with a spinning heel kick and headed up top. Owen went for a diving leg drop but Lawler rolled out of the way! Lawler then fought back making a come back! Lawler gave Owen a kick to the gut and landed a big Piledriver for the win. After the match ended, Lawler celebrated his win until Yokozuna & Mr Fuji came walking down to the ring. Lawler stood in the centre of the ring as Yokozuna got inside the ring stepping right over the top rope. Yoko stared down Lawler and planted him with a big side kick to the face! Owen then got up to his feet and Yoko drilled him with a side kick to the face as well! Yoko then hit the Bonzai drop on both Lawler & Owen! Yoko then threw both men over the top rope and onto the floor!


Get him over the top rope

Mr Fuji takes a microphone and enters the ring. As the crowd boo’s loudly.

Mr Fuji: Now we are here to demonstrate the sheer power of this 500 pound monster. Did you not just see what he did to Owen Hart & Jerry Lawler? He destroyed them he made them look like they were nothing. It seems that these 2 “talented” superstars are in the Royal Rumble math up just like Yokozuna. There is nothing that he wont do to make sure he goes to Wrestlemania. He will eliminate 29 other stars if needs be. But Yokozuna will win the Royal Rumble match.


**Yokozuna lost one point of Overness from this segment**

Yoko set up Owen for a second Banzai drop as he was on the second rope about to deliver the move the lights went dark and Paul Bearer appeared at the curtains with just a spot light on him.

Paul BearerOh Yes…..It’s been one long year since The Undertaker had gold around his waist. And now its time for the creature of the nights to get their reward. It’s Time for the Undertaker to become World Wrestling Federation once again! Oh Yes it is! Yes it is! And nobody is going to get in the way of the phenom not even Yokozuna.

With this the lights flash on and the undertaker is stood behind Yokozuna and hits a massive Chokeslam on Yokozuna taking the big man down. The light again went to just a spotlight on the ring and The Undertaker went down on one knee and Saluted the creatures of the night. The Crowd were going nuts during this entire segment. Monday Night Raw went into a Commercial Break with the Undertaker taunting.


Commercial Break

The Natural Disasters Vs. The Beverly Brothers with The Genius

Monday Night Raw returned from the commercial break with these two teams going at it in the ring in a wild brawl! The Natural Disasters quickly tossed their much smaller Beverly Brothers out to the floor. The Genius regrouped his team out on the floor and Beau went in the ring with Typhoon. Typhoon over powered Beau and ended up tossing Beau around the ring several times! Typhoon though got distracted by The Genius which allowed Beau to score with a Russian Leg Sweep. Beau then tagged in Blake and the Beverly Brothers double teamed Typhoon. Typhoon took a beating for most of the match as The Beverly Brothers isolated him away from Earthquake. Blake took Typhoon down with a hard clothesline and Blake headed up top. Blake missed the diving headbutt which allowed Earthquake to be tagged in! Quake came into the taking down Blake with a right hand then Beau! Natural Disasters then double teamed Beau and followed up by double back dropping Blake! Blake rolled onto the outside which left Beau in the ring, The Natural Disasters hit the Natural Disaster for the win. After the match The Natural Disasters stayed in the ring celebrating there win while the Genius assisted The Beverly Brothers to the back.


Vince Tells us that Jack Tunney is making his big announcement next.

And The Participants are….

Jack Tunney came down to the ring and received the microphone he thanked the crowd for being such a great Audience on the night before getting to the serious stuff.

Jack Tunney: Now as we all the World Wrestling Federation has a big event in around 3 weeks. The Royal Rumble. 30 Men competing for one thing. A Shot at the World Wrestling Federation Champion at Wrestlemania. And I have selected the thirty participants that will be in this years Royal Rumble they are in no specific order:

1. Hulk Hogan

2. Randy Savage

3. Lex Luger

4. British Bulldog

5. Jim Duggan

6. Tatanka

7. Mr. Perfect

8. Razor Ramon

9. Big Bossman

10. Bob Backlund

11. Marty Jannetty

12. Scott Steiner

13. Rick Steiner

14. Bam Bam Bigelow

15. IRS

16. Jerry Lawler

17. Kamala

18. Papa Shango

19. Shawn Michaels

20. Ted DiBiase

21. The Mountie

22. Owen Hart

23. Crush

24. Doink The Clown

25. Rick Martel

26. Fatu

27. PJ Walker

28. The Kamikaze Kid

29. Repo Man

Now as for the number 30. The thirtieth man in the Royal Rumble will be the loser of the WWF Championship match that night. So the loser gets him self another chance at the glory at Wrestlemania. Now as you mat have noticed The Undertaker & Yokozuna’s names weren’t on the list of entrants as after the events of Monday Night Raw they will be settling there score not on Monday Night Raw but at WWF Royal Rumble and it will not be any ordinary match it will be a Boiler Room Brawl that’s right a Boiler Room Brawl. The only way to win will be to leave the Boiler Room before your opponent does. Neither Paul Bearer or Mr. Fuji will be allowed into the Boiler Room with them so it will be settled on that one night. Now Ladies and Gentleman let Monday Night Raw Continue.


Commercial Break

Shawn Michaels with Sensational Sherrie Vs. PJ Walker

A great match from these two young men. Walker started off hot nailing Michaels with drop kicks taking down Michaels! Walker then sent Michaels out to the floor with a Clothesline and hit a plancha to Michaels! Walker then put Michaels back inside the ring and scored a near fall with a cross body block! Walker then went for a backdrop but Michaels countered into a sun set flip for the 2 count. Michaels then suplexed Walker and dropped a knee to the face! Micheals followed up by stomping away on PJ Walker! Micheals got several near falls over Walker and eventually started tuning the band but Walker ducked the Sweet Chin Music. Walker followed up with several drop kicks and a big time hip toss! Walker then went for a clothesline but Michaels ducked and when Walker turned around Michaels foot connected with Walkers Chin for the win


After the match Michaels got a microphone of the Sensational Sherrie and put it to his mouth.

Shawn Michaels: Royal Rumble 1993 Winner Shawn Michaels. (Shawn laughs) Watch This.

Michaels picks up PJ Walker and throws him clean over the top rope and PJ lands hard on the floor.

Shawn Michaels PJ I heard your name being read out for the Royal Rumble and Shawn Michaels just threw you over the top rope and onto the floor. SO I guess you wont pose much of a threat for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion. In fact none of the other twenty nine other superstars in the Royal Rumble will be a threat for me. Not Hulk Hogan Not Crush Not Macho man.

With this the Macho Man’s music hits the arena much to the delight of the crowd. Savage makes his way to the ring and gets a microphone of the ring announcer and gets into the ring.

Macho Man: Ohhhhhh Yehh. You say that your going to throw me and twenty eight other superstars over the top rope just like you did with this rookie? Well I got news for you. You see Macho Man is in that Royal Rumble and Macho Man is going to win that Royal Rumble and Not Shawn Michaels. Is that all right?

Shawn Michaels: yes but I think the gorgeous Sensational Sherrie wants you Randy.

Sherrie Nods her head and Macho Man walks over towards her. Macho raises the microphone

Macho Man: What can the Macho Man do for you?

Sensational Sherrie: Actually I think it was Shawn who wanted you

Macho Man turned around and walked straight into a Sweet Chin Music taking down the Macho Man. Michaels then picked up Macho Man and threw him over the top rope.

Shawn Michaels: Ladies and Gentleman the future World Wrestling Federation Champion Shawn Michaels.

Shawn dropped the microphone and left for the back. As Raw went into a Commercial break Macho Man was still out cold on the outside of the ring.


Commercial Break

As we return from the commercial break McMahon informs us that gene Okerland is Backstage with Hulk Hogan

Gene Okerland: Yes I am here with Former World Wrestling Federation Champion Hulk Hogan. Now Hulk you are in this years Royal Rumble how do you feel your chances are in this years Rumble?

Hulk Hogan: Brother my chances are beyond 100 percent I am a Real American Gene I fight for the people and with all of the people wanting me to win that Rumble so that’s how high my chances are brother

Gene Okerland Tonight you face Lex Luger in singles action what do you think of Lex?

Lex used to be cool brother he used to fight for the Americans he is an American then Brother he turned on me and every other person in this wrestling arena and tonight Gene I’m going to make him pay. Hulkamania is going to be running will all the way through East Rutherford.

Hogan walks off towards the Ring Area


Hulk Hogan V Lex Luger

Luger was treating this like a title match as he jumped Hogan from behind. Luger pounded away on Hogan in the corner as Vince and JR noted that both Shawn Michaels and The Sensational Sherrie have left the building. Luger worked over Hogan’s lower back and threw Hogan out to the floor. Luger rammed Hogan into the in to the steel ring post back three times! Luger rolled Hogan back into the ring. For the next few minutes we saw Hogan getting beaten down by Luger and Luger was working on Hogan’s back. Luger tried to lock on the Torture Rack a few times but Hogan fought out only to walk into a big offensive move from Luger. Luger decided to head up top! This proved a big mistake as Hogan crotched Luger on the top turnbuckle and delivered a huge superplex! Hogan then connected with a big boot on Luger taking him out in the middle of the ring, Hogan bounced of the ropes and Landed a massive leg drop for the three count. After the match Luger headed towards the back while Hogan stood posing for the fans.


Main Event

Money Inc & Ted DiBiase V Bret “Hitman” Hart & The Steiner Brothers

This one started off with all six men going at it in the ring in a wild brawl! Hart & DiBiase brawled while Scott fought Flair leaving IRS with Rick. The referee eventually got control of the match and Scott was taken out from a clothesline from IRS. IRSA and his teammates triple teamed Rick keeping him away from Hart and Scott. Each man took it in turns to destroy Rick to the disapproval of the fans. Near the end of the match DiBiase was dominating Rick and delivered a big Suplex. DiBiase lifted Rick Steiner to his feet and went for the Million Dollar Dream but Rick slipped out of it and took out DiBiase with a DDT. Rick made the hot tag to Hart while Flair got tagged in! Hart came into the ring and cleaned house! All six men went at it and Hart went after Flair kicking his butt! Hart hit flair with a stiff Clothesline taking flair to the floor. The finish came as all 6 men were brawling again, IRS and Hart were left in the ring and IRS hit the Write off on hart completely taking him out. Flair made the blind tag with IRS and Money Inc and the Steiner Brothers went at it on the outside Flair casually rolled on top of Hart for the 1,2,3 After the match The Steiner Brothers helped Bret out of the ring and towards the back while Flair and Money Inc Celebrated. Superstars went of the air with Flair celebrating him pinning the WWF Champion.


Overall Rating for Monday Night Raw: 71

We got a 5.63 rating for 'Monday Night Raw'!

The attendance level was 5029 people.

We made $201160 from ticket sales.

From Shawn Michaels

I should be higher on the card, promote me up the roster.

From Road Agent

Shawn Michaels and PJ Walker didn't 'click' in their match, maybe due to their mismatched skills causing their styles not to gel?

From Sophie

Here is my weekly report on our battle with WCW. They have more star power than us, and that is affecting our image. They have better workers than us, and so fans are turning to them. The fans see us as being the more professional promotion, thanks to our higher production values.

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

Truthfully just wasnt feeling it man, but g ood show

also you screwed up in the Taker speech it went

"Undertaker will be World WRestling Federation"

you forgot champion in there

but overall good show its hard to capture what they were really like then

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A Boiler Room Brawl? In 93'? I doubt that'd happen.

Truthfully just wasnt feeling it man, but g ood show

also you screwed up in the Taker speech it went

"Undertaker will be World WRestling Federation"

you forgot champion in there

but overall good show its hard to capture what they were really like then

But besides that man its a solid show. One thing have a hard time with playing 93 to 95 wwf is that they have 2 many gimmick wrestlers

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Guest DownWitTheClown

I liked the show from beginning to end. I dont care about what other people think, a Bar Room Brawl is just fine. Yeah it's before it's actual time but really, who cares? This is for fun, keep it that way.

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

Not a bar room brawl lol a boiler room brawl, and back then I cant even see Undertaker and Yokozuna in that match

Well Undertaker

but not YOko lol he could barley move in one of those things

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