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Next Level of Wrestling

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Tuesday, June 17th, 2003

"You're going to spend some time in a wheel chair."

I looked up from the floor, right into the Doctor's eyes.

"Will I walk again?"

The Doctor put down his clipboard and the lump in my throat grew to the size of a tennis ball. He pulled up a chair and sat in front of me, looking me eye to eye.

"You'll walk again Daman...but I'm afraid you'll never wrestle again."

My heart sank. I knew it was bad, but I never expected it to be this bad. A wheelchair? How could I go from main eventing with Christian Faith for the World Title....to this? I knew how. I knew when we stood on that top turnbuckle and got ready for the climax of the match, something didn't feel right. As soon as Faith put his hands on my chest and I felt myself start to fall backwards, I knew it wasn't going to end well. That wasn't the plan. I was supposed to superplex, I was supposed to finally become World Champion, but he ended that. I tried re-gaining my balance in mid-air but as soon as I came down, I felt my knee go and I knew it was over. Christian Faith, member of the booking committee and World Champion, ended it with a simple pinfall. He thought he just ended my dreams of being at the top of SWF...he also ended my career. But that was two days ago and I had to focus on right now.

"When can we do the surgery?"

"I'd like you to come in tomorrow afternoon if you can. The surgery itself will only take a few hours, then you'll stay the night and be on your way Thursday evening."

It all sounded simple, but I knew the complexity. At 38 years old, after nearly 19 years in Wrestling, I was done. All because some pretty boy's ego couldn't take a loss. My thoughts were broken up by the nurse entering the room with a wheelchair. I figured it had to happen sooner or later, so I lifted myself into the wheelchair, shook the Doctor's hand, and made my way out to my wife. As soon as she saw me, she knew. A tear formed in her eye and then I knew...things had changed.

Friday, July 4, 2003

I rolled the wheelchair up to the grill and checked on the goods. The brats were juicy, the burgers were cooking up nicely, and the corn was golden. I may be stuck in this damn contraption, but this is still my grill and I'm still the King of barbecues. Nobody could deny that. Looking around the backyard, I saw my friends, my family, and even some co-workers of mine who I respected. Of course, this wasn't just a regular barbecue. Little did they know, they weren't here just for some food and good times, they were about to be part of history.

"Hey Daman, what's goin' on wit dem brats?"

"Ah, hold ya horses Brent, they're almost done."

That was Brent Hill, perhaps the best friend I have in the wrestling business and easily the person I respected the most. Brent had all the credentials to be a top player, but for some reason or another, he's never been given the chance. Some speculate it's his slight southern accident, but who knows. Me and him have been up and down the road together for years and he's even the godfather to my daughter.

"Hey Brent, listen..."

Realizing the tone in my voice, Brent narrowed his crystal blue eyes at me, questioning what I might say..

"You know I brought you guys here for food and a good time....but I also have an announcement to make. Everyone's going to hear it, but I want you to be the first."

His eyes immediately went to my knee and I knew what he was thinking.

"No no no...I swear, it's not bad."

I knew he wasn't convinced, so I figured I'd make this easy and only say it once. I called out to the crowd and soon, had nearly 30 people staring back at me. Only a handful of these guys were wrestlers, but this announcement involved everyone. I cleared my throat before beginning.

"When the Doctor told me that I'd never wrestle again, I thought it was all over for me. I figured I'd be staying at home with Laura and Aimee all day. Sure, that might make Aimee happy, but there's no way Laura wants to deal with her husband being here all day. I knew I had to do something, maybe find a new line of work. So I made a phone call or two and after doing some research, plus convincing Laura to let me spend a good chunk of change....I've decided what to do."

I had their undivided attention at this point. They were eating out of the palm of my hand and they hadn't even heard the good part.

"Thinking back to what happened with Christian Faith, I thought about how the Wrestling World has gone downhill. Brent, Jay, you've been around long enough that you know what I'm talking about. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to have much hope...until now. After meeting with some lawyers and getting all the paperwork in order, I'm proud to announce the opening of Next Level Wrestling."

The silence I was met with was hardly the adulation I had been expecting. They looked at each other, hoping one of them had the answer. Brent was the first to make a sound...by laughing.

"You can't be serious D."

"And why not?"

"D, all dem rasslin' promoters...they ain't got no heart mang...you're too respectful to get into that."

I looked Brent in the eyes, letting him know I was indeed serious.

"Nothing...is going to change. Don't you see Brent? Wrestling needs a place where wrestlers are respected. This is what we've always talked about."

"And who's goin to rassle' for ya D?"

My chance to smile finally came.


I then looked at the other wrestlers in attendance.

"All of you."

Before they could speak up to argue, I quickly started in.

"Brent, your contract's up at the end of the year. Jay, you're getting paid per appearance. Danny, your contract's up in just a few months. Jean, you're on a verbal contract. All of you can help make this happen and I want you to be the cornerstones of Next Level."

They looked around at each other while my friends and family watched, wondering what would transpire next. I have to admit, even I was wondering and I was quite nervous about it too. With a simple no, they could shatter my hopes and I couldn't take them being shattered again. Luckily, Brent showed why he's my best friend and stepped up.

"I'm in."

And so it began. Within a matter of few minutes, Jay Fair, Jean Cattley, and Danny Rushmore had all given me their verbal agreements. Collectively known as the backbone of NLW, I knew getting them was a big step, but I wasn't getting ahead of myself. I knew there was still a very...very long way to go.

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Monday, January 5, 2004

Six months had passed since the day in my backyard where I turned a fantasy into reality. Six months seems like a long time, but it flew by. Securing arenas, getting talent, finding a production staff, making sure everything was legal, and trying to manage my marriage all made it go so quick. Word had spread around the city of Chicago and the internet about Next Level Wrestling and now there seemed to be a little bit of a buzz going around. I even got a call from a friend of mine named Pete Thurman, one of the top writers for TheDirtSheet.com, wanting an exclusive interview. Pete's a good guy and has a very popular column, so I agreed without hesitation. Once I got to his office, it started to sink in that once I publicly spoke about it, I had to make sure it actually happened. Oddly enough, I didn't feel pressured, I felt excited. I shook Pete's hand and took a seat as he fired off the first question.

"Alright Daman. I hate to start here, but I have to. Take me back to June 15th of last year. You're on the top rope with Christian Faith. What happened?"

This is why I hated interviews. Luckily, I knew how to answer without saying the wrong things.

"Everyone that needs to know what happened in that ring...already knows."

"It was obvious that Faith only pinned you because you had gotten hurt. What was the original finish?"

"Pete, this isn't really something that needs to be brought up."

"I understand. We've all heard the rumors about a promotion opening up with your name on the paperwork. What can you tell us?"

"Next Level Wrestling is in the creation process still. I'm finalizing a roster right now and securing some dates so we can schedule shows with some advance notice. But it definately will be happening soon."

"And what's the concept behind Next Level Wrestling?"

"To bring respect back to wrestling."

"Sounds like that could have a double meaning."

I couldn't help but laugh to myself, thinking back to all the promoters I'd dealt with over the years. I just shrugged my shoulders and Pete moved on to the next question.

"As of right now, who can we expect to see in NLW?"

"Brent Hill and Jean Cattley were the first two to sign contracts. And everyone else, you'll just have to wait and see."

"No inside scoop?"

"Well, it's based out of Chicago."

"That's it?"

"Sorry Pete, gotta keep the interest there somehow."


"Alright, I got one thing for ya, but it's pretty big. Are you sure you can handle it?"

"Hit me."

Tempting, but no. I almost felt like maybe I shouldn't say this because I knew it would really put the pressure on, but a feeling of calm came over me and I gave him the information he wanted.

"May 23rd, in Chicago, Next Level Wrestling will present it's very first show entitled Breakout."

I don't think Pete expected that one because he sat there in stunned silence for a moment.

"Wow. Is there a card put together?"

"The final card will be released probably 2-3 weeks before the show takes place. But tickets will go on sale starting in April. I encourage everyone to check nlw.com for updates."

He reached out and turned the tape recorder off, then leaned in towards me.

"You're really doing this, aren't ya D?"

I nodded my head, not needing to say anything else. He responded by extending his hand.

"Good for you. I'm glad someone's going to finally clean this business up."

I shook his hand as I stood. Before leaving the office, I turned and looked at him with one more thing to say.

"Hey Pete...I'll see ya in May."

With that, I walked out of his office knowing that I had five months to get everything ready. Get ready World, Next Level Wrestling is on it's way.

Saturday, May 1, 2004

Finally, the day had come to release the first official NLW card. I was excited as I entered the information into the website. I had decided that we weren't going to crown a champion right away, we had to make it actually mean something. So Breakout would feature an 8-man tournament with the four winners going onto face each other in a round robin tournament at our next event. The two guys with the best record will then go one on one in a best of three falls match at our third event. And that's who will be World Champion. At least I'll know that they've earned it. So the card for Breakout had shaped up fairly nicely. In a tag match, it'd be the Good Ole Boys vs. Chaos Demons. And the four tournament matches were Percy Snow vs. Danny Rushmore, Tim Westbrook vs. Eddie Howard, Mean Jean Cattley vs. Barry Kingman, and Jimmy Cox vs. Brent Hill. The fans should definately leave happy. As I browsed nlw.com, I also noticed that my webmaster had finally gotten the bios up. Even though he had only uploaded a few of the images, I gradually got more and more excited as I looked through them.

Daman Washington (6'4 243)

One half of perhaps the greatest tag team of all time, Washington broke out into singles actions when he turned thirty. He battled some of the best the World had and when he turned thirty five, he joined SWF with the intention of becoming the number one wrestler on the planet. His only title shot came against Christian Faith and we know how that turned out. He's a very well respected worker who has a good mind for the business.

user posted image

"Iron Man" Tim Westbrook (6'4 289)

Some people think Tim Westbrook will be the man who carries NLW to the top. A brawler with a mean streak, Westbrook got his nickname because of his amazing stamina. He seemingly never gets tired. His manager, The Guru, is always coming up with different ways to promote Westbrook, making sure he gets the attention he deserves.

user posted image

Brent Hill (6'1 225)

Daman Washington's best friend after being on the road with him for nearly twenty years. Brent always had the ability to be on top, but was never given the chance. A good all around wrestler, he excels in ring psychology and certainly knows how to make it hurt if he needs to.

user posted image

"Mean" Jean Cattley (6'2 233)

Cattley is a young technical worker, who made a name for himself on the independent circuit in the US. He's only 26 and has the technical ability to work a match with anyone. NLW is Cattley's big break in wrestling. Cattley has sworn to get to the top by any means necessary. A great mind for the business, Cattley also sits on the booking committee.

user posted image

Percy Snow (6'1 223)

This cocky competitor is only 27 years old with a future so bright, he wears his shade indoors. Able to wrestle any style, Snow specializes in submissions and has already told the World that he's going to be the first NLW World Champion.

user posted image

Eddie Howard (6'4 252)

Howard was recruited out of high school as one of the top linebackers in the nation. Academically ineligible, he tried to sue his way into the NFL, but failed miserably. Out of options, Eddie Howard turned to wrestling. He learned the basics but beyond that, he relies on street fighting and strength.

Barry Kingman (6'0 224)

Kingman's an all around talent who has decent ability, but never enough to warrant a big break. He was used as a good opponent to help put others over throughout his career. Always positive, Kingman's known for motivating others rather than getting himself ready.

Billy Russell (6'1 221)

Russell is known as one of the stiffest competitors out of Puerto Rico. Legitly tough, not many people want to cross him backstage. If only that transpired into actual ring talent.

Danny Rushmore (6'2 257)

A lumberjack from Montano, Rushmore grew up fighting bears and cutting down trees, which is how he got his chiseled frame. He has no fear when he steps into the ring, but if the match goes beyond a fight and into a mat match, Rushmore's not able to keep up.

Jacob Jett (5'8 212)

One of the next big stars, Jett knows more at 18 than some wrestlers learn in their entire careers. The only problem with Jett is that he cons nearly everyone he meets. Nothing he says can be believed and nobody in their right mind would trust him.

Jimmy Cox (6'0 223)

Weird. Just weird.

Good Ole Boys

Roger Dobson and Rick Sanders, both from Alabama, represent everything about wrestling's yesteryear. They aren't afraid of a fight and the fans get behind them and their unusual style.

Chaos Demons

These two behemoths total almost 800 pounds of pure destruction. There won't be any scientific matches involving these two as they normally just brutalize their opponent into oblivion.

Jay Fair

Started refereeing when he was 30 and now after 13 years, he is finally the head official. He's also the head of the NLW booking committee.

Shane Sneer

Managed a heel stable that traveled from fed to fed for years with tons of success. When Washington offered him an increase in salary to become the main announcer, be a road agent, and be on the booking committee, Sneer quickly agreed.

Panda Mask & The Idaho Punisher

Both of these men were great brawlers in their time and earned respect from anyone who's path they crossed, which is why Daman Washington hired them on as road agents with a possibility of an in-ring return.

So there it was. I had a roster, I had a card, tickets were selling. Now all I had to do was make sure it all went down ok. That's the easy part....right?

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Guest The Notorious M.I.K.E

One of the best backstories I've ever read. Can't say it's the best, because I've read two diaries on other forums that were better, but this one was awesome and got me hooked as a reader already. Your grammar and spelling is perfect, the diary is very original, everything you have in this is what I look for in a diary. I'll definently be reading.

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That was definitely a good backstory. The idea wasn't completely original but it was very well written and I can't wait to see a show. I hope they are up to par with the backstory that's for sure.

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Guest CTOx

TP, I don't say this very often: I'm looking forward to reading this diary. The backstory was well-written and enjoyable, some of the characters look like they could really become stars, and I really love the font! B)

Reallistically, this could go anywhere. But your style is very easy-to-read; it flows nicely, keeping me from skipping around. I'm looking forward to seeing your first show. Hopefully Snow & Howard both advance, but I can't see the kid pulling it off against Westbrook - he's still a bit raw.

Btw, I lovd the accent on Brent. Truly flawless, thus far. Although I feel bad for our narrator, if his wife can't stand to have him around (yes, i know "all the time" is a lot, but still...).

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TP, I don't say this very often: I'm looking forward to reading this diary.  The backstory was well-written and enjoyable, some of the characters look like they could really become stars, and I really love the font!  B)

Reallistically, this could go anywhere.  But your style is very easy-to-read; it flows nicely, keeping me from skipping around.  I'm looking forward to seeing your first show.  Hopefully Snow & Howard both advance, but I can't see the kid pulling it off against Westbrook - he's still a bit raw. 

Btw, I lovd the accent on Brent.  Truly flawless, thus far.  Although I feel bad for our narrator, if his wife can't stand to have him around (yes, i know "all the time" is a lot, but still...).

That means a lot coming from you. I was actually planning on IMing you to ask you to critique and edit the backstory before I posted it, but figured you wouldn't wanna be bothered with it. I'm excited about being able to mold the characters how I please and hopefully, it shows through in the writing.

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May 23, 2004

United Center in Chicago, Illinois

The crowd continued to pile into the United Center, taking note out of the green and black ring curtain which really stood out to the eye. The arena was nearly half full and with less than a minute to start time, it didn't look like too many more were going to show up. The lights dimmed and the crowd stood on their feet in cheers and anticipation. The only sounds were those of the fans and that only escalated when a lone spotlight shone down on the center of the ring and everyone recognized Daman Washington with a microphone and a smile. He waited for the crowd to calm down before addressing the thousands in attendance.

Daman Washington: Well, it's here. The savior of professional wrestling. Ladies and gentlemen....welcome...to the Next Level of Wrestling!

An eruption of excitement pours through the arena.

Daman Washington: I really am glad to see so many people turn out for what should be a very worthwhile event. When the doctor told me my career was over, I didn't know what to do. But now that I'm here, standing in front of all you great fans, I know I did the right thing. And I can't imagine being happier than I am right now. But I'd also like to take a minute to talk about what the future holds for NLW. June 20th, NLW will be presenting Rising Stars, coming once again from right here in Chicago, Illinois! And at Rising Stars, the four winners in the eight man tournament tonight will be competing in a Round Robin tournament! But I know, you didn't pay to hear hype for next month, you want to see the action!

Another pop and Washington smiles, nodding his head.

Daman Washington: Alright then, action it is. Ladies and gentlemen...this...is the Next Level!

The spotlight fades as blackness takes over the arena and some deep techno music hits. The two massive men, known collectively as the Chaos Demons, step out onto the dimly lit rampway, then stomp their way to the ring. The crowd's impressed at their size, but definately not behind them. This is evident when the lights come on and the southern twang of country music fills the arena. Robert Dobson and Rick Sanders step out, slapping fives on their way to the ring. The crowd loves the high energy as they slide into the ring and referee Jay Fair calls for the bell.

Chaos Demons vs. Good Ole Boys

Rick Sanders takes it right to Chaos Demon one, using quick right hands to the head, but Chaos Demon 1 just seems to take it and absorb it. Sanders does get him to stumble a couple steps back, then bounces off the ropes and looks for a flying crossbody, hoping just to take Chaos Demon 1 down. Chaos Demon 1 catches him out of the air though, yells out to the crowd, then falls straight forward, taking the air out of Sanders. Chaos Demon 1 gets up to his feet, pulling Sanders with him. Chaos Demon 1 drives a forearm into the chest of Sanders, causing him to fall back into the ropes. Chaos Demon 1 stretches Sanders over the top rope, exposing his full chest, then drives another forearm into him, almost knocking him to the outside. Chaos Demon 1 sends Sanders to the corner, tagging in Chaos Demon 2. They both kick Sanders in the midsection, then stomp him down to the mat in the corner. Chaos Demon 1 steps to the outside of the ring while Chaos Demon 2 pulls Sanders out to the middle of the ring. Referee Jay Fair makes a two count, but Sanders kicks out to the delight of the crowd.

Shane Sneer: Sanders not out of it yet! Ya know D, getting these Chaos Demons may have been a bad idea.

Daman Washington: Why's that?

Shane Sneer: I don't know if you'll ever find a tag team able to beat them!

Daman Washington: They are pretty dominant, I'll give ya that.

Shane Sneer: Pretty dominant? Just look at their size!

Chaos Demon 2 gives everyone a great chance to do just that when he bodyslams Sanders, then stands over him with one foot on his chest. Fair takes that as a cover and makes the count, but Sanders gets his arm up again. Chaos Demon 2 looks down at him with fury in his eyes, then grabs Sanders by the head, lifting him into the air. Chaos Demon 2 drops Sanders in the corner. Sanders slumps back first into the turnbuckles, eyes barely able to stay open. Chaos Demon 2 goes for a back elbow and Sanders moved out of the way! Chaos Demon 2 elbowed the top turnbuckle and Sanders now gets into the air and dropkicks the arm of Chaos Demon 2, causing him to clutch it. Sanders stays on the mat, trying to crawl to the corner. Chaos Demon 2 cuts him off, using a two handed choke to pull Sanders to his feet. Sanders catches him off guard, dropping down with a jawbreaker! Chaos Demon 2 stumbles backwards and Dobson pulls him down throat first on the top rope! Chaos Demon 2 bounces off and stumbles around while Sanders tags in Dobson. Dobson comes off the ropes and delivers a clothesline, trying to take Chaos Demon 2 down unsuccessfully, then tries again but still nothing. Dobson changes direction, and this times connects with a bulldog to Chaos Demon 2, driving his head into the mat. Dobson goes for the pin with the crowd anticipating the three count. They're met with disappointment as Fair only manages a two count before Chaos Demon 1 breaks up the count.

Shane Sneer: That could have been it right there! Chaos Demon 1 may have saved the match for his team.

Daman Washington: That's why I love tag team wrestling, it takes a little something extra to get the win.

Shane Sneer: And you would be the tag team expert. Chaos Demon 2 is back on his feet, but Dobson remains in control, backing Chaos Demon 2 into the corner.

Dobson uses a couple of soft right hands to keep Chaos Demon 2 in place, then backs up to the middle of the ring. Giving what sounds like a pig call to the fans, Dobson uses the cheers to propel him into the air with an avalanche, but Chaos Demon 2 catches him, steps forward and drops Dobson face first across the top turnbuckle. Chaos Demon 2 tags in Chaos Demon 1. Dobson is resting in the corner, chest facing the turnbuckles. Chaos Demon 1 charges in, sandwiching Dobson, who then falls backwards to the middle of the ring. Chaos Demon 1 sees an opening and attempts an elbow drop, but he took too much time, allowing Dobson to roll out of the way. Chaos Demon 1 lands on the mat with a loud thud, followed by Dobson getting to his feet. Dobson tags in Sanders, who punches Chaos Demon 1 in the head as soon as he gets to his feet. Sanders sends Chaos Demon 1 into the ropes, then dropkicks him in the legs, taking him down to the mat. Sanders goes to bounce off the ropes again, but this time Chaos Demon 2 reaches out and clubs him in the back of the head with a massive forearm. Sanders stumbles forward and Dobson steps into the ring, trying to avenge his tag team partner. Chaos Demon 1 gets to his feet while Chaos Demon 2 steps into the ring, taking advantage of Jay Fair being distracted. Chaos Demon 1 grabs Dobson, tossing him over the top rope while Chaos Demon 2 lifts Sanders into the air, holding him horizontally, then dropping back with a fallaway slam! Jay Fair doesn't know who's Chaos Demon 1 and who's Chaos Demon 2, so he makes the count when Chaos Demon 2 covers Sanders. Chaos Demon 1 makes sure Dobson stays outside and Fair makes the three count.

Shane Sneer: Say what you want about the tactics at the end, but this is one impressive team.

Daman Washington: Physically dominant is how I'd refer to that group, but they shouldn't have to use an illegal double team like that. I doubt this is the last we see of these two teams.

Shane Sneer: You're the boss. If anyone knows, it'd be you. And speaking of being the boss...looks like someone wants a word.

Sneer nods his head in the direction of the aisleway where Billy Russell is seen walking towards the ring. He opts to go around the outside, approaching the announce booth and stopping right in front of a non-caring Daman Washington. Russell can be heard through the announcer's mics.

Billy Russell: Why am I not in this title tournament Washington? I deserve a chance!

Daman smiles, nodding his head as if this was expected.

Daman Washington: Look Billy, nobody denies your ability, but there just weren't enough-

Washington stops himself, now looking past Billy Russell and towards Jacob Jett. The 18 year old who acts like he's an established veteran walks around the ring, looking Russell up and down with a sneer, then looking at Washington.

Jacob Jett: Look bossman, the only mistake you made was not including the "Young Vet" Jacob Jett.

Billy doesn't even give Daman a chance to respond, instead stepping in between him and Jett.

Billy Russell: Listen kid, I know you've got all the potential in the World, but you haven't earned this yet.

Jett smiles his overly confident smile.

Jacob Jett: I understand. I mean, if I was your age, I wouldn't want any younger, better competition either. Really, it's cool, I'll back off.

Jett turns, making the fans think it's over, but Russell spins him around with a confused look on his face.

Billy Russell: Did you just say you're better than me?

Jett shrugs his shoulders and you can see the anger rising up in Russell. Washington speaks up before this situation escalates.

Daman Washington: Fellas, here in NLW, we are all about...solving problems. Seems to me that you two have a problem and now, I'm gonna solve it. I'm making a bonus match. You two, one on one, right now!

Jett and Russell look at Washington, then each other before sliding into the ring. Jay Fair calls for the bell.

Billy Russell vs. Jacob Jett

As soon as they lock up, Russell takes advantage, backing him up into the ropes. Fair goes to break it up and Russell raises his arms, signifying a clean break. Jett has other ideas and kicks Russell in the midsection. Jett hammers Russell in the back of the neck, driving him down to the mat. Jett doesn't hesitate to begin stomping away at Russell, making sure he stays down on the mat and seemingly trying to prove a point. Jett rolls Russell over onto his back, then drops down to his knee and starts sinking right hands into the forehead of Russell until Jay Fair finally pulls Jett off of Russell, pushing him back and reminding him who's in control. Jett sees Russell start to get up, then shoves past Fair, kicking Russell in the midsection while he's on all fours. Russell rolls over, clutching his midsection. Jett lays him out flat, then drops a knee into his gut, standing back up and dropping another one. Jett goes for a cocky cover, laying back first on Russell and barely reaches his arm out at all. Russell kicks out easily, but still remains in pain.

Shane Sneer: Don't be fooled by that kickout, Russell is feeling the effects of Jett's attack.

Daman Washington: The thing that will always hold Jett back is his ego. He's got the talent, but mentally, he's not ready.

Shane Sneer: As far as in ring development though?

Daman Washington: In ring, he's more advanced at 18 than anyone I've seen. But he doesn't know the fundamentals and has no humility.

Jett starts gently kicking Russell, taunting him. This only lasts a minute before Russell reaches up, grabbing the foot of Jett and swinging him down with a dragon screw leg whip. Russell gets to his feet just in time to react to a clothesline from Jett, ducking underneath it. Jett turns back around and walks right into a belly to belly suplex from Russell, who quickly flips Jett over and goes for a pin, barely getting a two count. Russell stands Jett up in the corner, exposing his chest, then slaps Jett's chest with his open palm, the sound resonating through the arena.

Shane Sneer: That's one that he learned in Puerto Rico. Down there, the chops are vicious and they leave scars.

Daman Washington: He's a legit tough guy and once he's upset, he makes it hurt.

Russell pulls back and lays in another open palm slap across Jett's chest, causing the rookie to pull his arms in, hoping to ease the pain. Russell lifts Jett into the air with a vertical suplex, leaving him in the middle of the ring. Russell goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Jett gets to his feet and Russell plans out his next move. Russell goes to lock up but Jett jabs him with a thumb to the eye, then executes a perfect backbreaker. One wasn't quite enough. He lifts Russell up and again brings him down with a backbreaker. Jett goes for the pin, again laying over the top of Russell, which allows him to kick out before the three count. Jett stands Russell up and starts swinging right hands, connecting with the side of Russell's head. Russell, in a move purely out of desperation, lifts Jett up and down with an atomic drop. Russell with a quick go behind, then rolls Jett up. Fair is in perfect position and makes the three count just before Jett kicks out! Russell rolls out of the ring, victorious while Jett argues that he got his shoulder up.

Shane Sneer: Billy Russell shows that being a true veteran has it's advantages as he sneaks one out over Jett!

Daman Washington: Kudos to Jay Fair for being in the perfect position to make the count too. That's why he's the best.

Shane Sneer: Speaking of the best, it's just about time to get this tournament underway, now explain these rules to me again?

Daman Washington: The four winners from tonight's matches will go on to Rising Stars where they'll all face each other in a round robin tournament. The two best records face each other for the NLW World Championship.

Shane Sneer: Sounds intense.

Daman Washington: Well, we didn't want to crown a champion the first night because honestly, that could just be luck. We want our champion to know he earned it, really establish a meaning behind the belt.

Shane Sneer: With these eight competitors, that should be no problem at all. What do you say we get this thing underway?

Daman Washington: Let's do it.

Brent Hill vs. Jimmy Cox

Jimmy Cox cocks his head to the side like a curious dog, then starts blinking rapidly. Hill looks at him, then at Fair, wondering if he's ok. Cox then drops to the mat and speedily crawls to right in front of Hill, where he stands up, slapping Hill across the face and laughing. Cox spins around, looking at Fair, pointing back to Hill, and laughing. Hill grabs him by the hair from behind, bending his head back, then lifting him into the air and down flat with an inverted reverse suplex. The fans pop for the move, then calm back down after it only gets a two count from Fair. Hill pulls Cox to his feet, sending him into the ropes, sending him soaring in the air with a high back body drop. Cox comes down hard and rolls out of the ring. A fan in the front row starts heckling Cox, who cocks his head again and looks at the fan, then lunges forward as if he was going to bite the fan. The fan sits down, startled and Cox rolls in the ring, smiling.

Shane Sneer: Are you sure it's even safe to have this guy on the roster?

Daman Washington: He passed all the medical tests and all the psychological exams. Not much else I can do.

Shane Sneer: You could have not hired him.

Daman Washington: Well yea, there was that....

Cox kicks Hill in the shin, then headbutts him in the forward twice, showing his unorthodox style can be effective. Hill clutches at his head, obviously in pain. Cox backs up into the ropes, then charges and leaps, using a high knee to the head to take Hill down to the canvas. Cox jumps into the air, coming down with a double stomp right into the midsection of Brent, who immediately doubles over in pain. Cox doesn't even think about going for a pin, instead stepping onto the second turnbuckle and looking out over the crowd, raising both arms and getting booed. This allows Hill to get to his feet. He comes up behind Cox, climbing up to the first turnbuckle before dropping him back with a semi-super side suplex! Cox gets dropped on the back of his head. Hill doesn't waste anymore time, lifting Cox to his feet. Hill hooks Cox's leg, then lifts him back with the fisherman's suplex that he calls the Hilltopper! Hill holds it for a pin and Fair makes the three count. Hill rolls out, celebrating with the fans but the strangest thing is inside the ring, where Cox is laying flat on his back, staring at the lights....and laughing. Starting off as a chuckle, then progressively growing into hysteria. Jay Fair looks at Cox, then rolls out of the ring, looking back in, not sure what to do. Finally, Cox stops laughing and rolls himself out of the ring, dropping to his knees and crawling to the back.

Shane Sneer: Seriously Daman.....this guy isn't all there. Maybe you should get a second opinion on that psych exam.

Daman Washington: I may have to.

Shane Sneer: I'm not even sure if what he does qualifies as wrestling.

Daman Washington: I know he doesn't seem to care about wins or losses, but what we saw tonight is a tad too much.

Shane Sneer: I'd suggest doing something.

Daman Washington: We'll see. For now, let's focus on this tournament. Brent Hill has earned himself a spot at Rising Stars!

Shane Sneer: I hate to interrupt, but I'm getting word of a limo pulling into the parking lot. You didn't tell us any celebrities were going to be in attendance.

Washington doesn't appear to know what Sneer's talking about and when the cameras switch to the parking lot and the doors of the big white limousine open up, you find out it's not a celebrity. Percy Snow steps out of the limo, wearing some black dress pants with a purple silk button up shirt. He shuts the door and when the driver puts his hands out for a tip, Snow just slaps it and walks past.

Shane Sneer: Talk about your arrogant pieces of garbage...

Daman Washington: He's good, he knows he's good. Some say that's his downfall.

Shane Sneer: I'm inclined to agree. There's no questioning that he's one of the future stars, but another guy who people claim might be the future of wrestling is Jean Cattley, who we're going to see in this next match. What's your take on this?

Daman Washington: I've heard a lot of talk that Cattley may be a favorite to win this tournament, so saying he's the future of wrestling isn't too far fetched.

Shane Sneer: Well, now it's time to find out I guess. Let's see what he's all about.

Mean Jean Cattley vs. Barry Kingman

Kingman with a sidehead lock into a go behind from Cattley, who pulls Kingman's legs out, dropping him face first to the mat. Kingman flips himself over, putting his feet in Cattley's midsection and flipping him in the air. Cattley lands on his feet and turns to face Kingman, also on his feet. The crowd rises, applauding the chain wrestling. The two lock up with Cattley stopping it with a knee to the midsection, then lifting Kingman with a vertical suplex, planting him on the mat. Both men get to their feet and Kingman walks right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Cattley locks in an armbar to calm things down, putting pressure on the arm and shoulder. Kingman tries rolling over, but Cattley keeps the pressure on, refusing to release the hold. Kingman reaches for the ropes, but instead of letting him, Cattley pulls him to his feet by the arm. Cattley twists the armbar, then yanks down, causing a bolt of pain to run through Kingman. The crowd is having a hard time getting into this one, so Cattley pulls Kingman's arm behind his back, lifts him up, and bodyslams him right onto his arm. Cattley stands Kingman up, then tries to lock in the crossface, but out of instinct, Kingman quickly squirms away, making it to the ropes and sliding under the bottom rope to the outside.

Shane Sneer: Kingman showing great ring presence right there.

Daman Washington: Yea, but he's got to start getting in some offense or else he'll always be playing defense.

Shane Sneer: Against Cattley, you don't want to be on the defensive. He's pretty ruthless on the attack.

Kingman doesn't even get a chance to re-group because Cattley slides under the bottom rope with a baseball slide, knocking Kingman into the guardrail. Cattley with a backhand to the chest of Kingman, but all it does is fire Kingman up. Kingman takes another chop, then turns it around, placing Cattley against the guardrail and using chops of his own to redden the chest of Cattley. Kingman goes for another, but Cattley rakes the eyes, then sends Kingman flailing into the steel ringsteps before sliding into the ring, watching as Jay Fair reaches seven on the ring count. He gets to nine and the crowd's on their feet watching as Kingman barely manages to get into the ring. Once he does, Cattley meets him with boots to the back before lifting him off the mat. Cattley with a snap suplex, then rolls over, going for the pin but only getting a two count. Cattley slowly drags Kingman to his feet, then lifts him up to the top turnbuckle. Cattley climbs up with him, looking for a superplex, but Kingman fights off with punches to the ribs, then pushes Cattley off the turnbuckle and down to the mat! Cattley gets to his feet but Kingman comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick! Cattley takes the blow and rolls out of the ring.

Shane Sneer: Cattley obviously trying to slow things down before they get out of control.

Daman Washington: That's the right strategy, but Kingman's not going to let it happen!

Kingman runs and dives between the second and third ropes, taking Cattley down with a flying shoulder! Kingman is feeling the momentum now and yells out to the fans, getting a decent pop back. Kingman lifts Cattley into the air, then drops him ribs first across the guardrail. Cattley stays there for a while before falling to the aisleway. Kingman rolls Cattley into the ring, sliding in after him. Kingman picks Cattley up off the mat, delivering a neckbreaker, then going for a cover, but only getting a two count. Kingman gets up and drops an elbow into the midsection of Cattley, then goes for a pin again, only getting another two. Kingman lifts Cattley up, sending him into the ropes. Kingman goes for a dropkick, but Cattley hangs onto the ropes, making Kingman land on the mat. Cattley grabs Kingman's legs, turning him over in a boston crab, sitting down deep, putting pressure on Kingman's back. Kingman immediately yells out, then tries to push himself up. Realizing he doesn't have the strength, he tries the next best thing, crawling to the ropes, but Cattley makes that extra difficult.

Shane Sneer: He's going for the ropes, but I don't know if he'll make it. Cattley's got a firm grip.

Daman Washington: Those ropes are a long ways away when you're in a hold like that.

Shane Sneer: He's getting closer, but no! Cattley pulls him back to the middle of the ring.

Cattley sits down deeper, but Kingman keeps trying, finally getting his fingertips to the bottom rope and then managing to get his entire hand around it. Jay Fair forces the break and Cattley gets up, frustrated. Cattley pulls Kingman to his feet, sending him back first into the corner, then charging in. Kingman gets his foot up and the impact turns Cattley around. Kingman grabs Cattley and drills him with a reverse DDT! Kingman doesn't even have the energy to make a pin, but luckily he falls on top of Cattley! Jay Fair makes the count and Cattley can't kick out!

Shane Sneer: I can't believe it, Barry Kingman pulled off a huge upset here, huge!

Daman Washington: You can say that again. Barry's good, but I don't think anyone expected Kingman to win this one.

Shane Sneer: So at Rising Stars, Kingman will be facing Brent Hill in the first round of the round robin tournament, right?

Daman Washington: Right. Definately a surprise, but it just goes to show you. Here in the Next Level of Wrestling, anything can...and will....happen.

Shane Sneer: Well, another favorite, Tim Westbrook, is backstage with his manager, The Guru!

Tim Westbrook is seen doing chin-ups while The Guru stands by, rubbing his hands together and smiling.

The Guru: That's it, that's the way. They won't know what hit em when you get done out there. You're going to destroy them and finally take us where we need to be. We're going to the top. You're going to go out there and show the World why you're the toughest, the meanest...the best that NLW has to offer. Are you ready?

Some sort of grunt comes from Westbrook.

The Guru: Are you ready!

A louder, more sustained grunt this time, signifying an answer of yes apparently. The Guru smiles and laughs quietly.

The Guru: Good. Let's go.

Westbrook drops down from the bar, chiseled as ever, and follows The Guru out of the door, on his way to the ring. The scene gradually fades into Percy Snow, standing backstage in front of an NLW banner. He adjusts his shades, making sure they're just right before turning his attention to the camera in front of him, smirking.

Percy Snow: Ya know, ever since I signed my contract, all I've gotten is glares from these second-rate wrestlers who wish they got the signing bonus I did. These cats don't have the style, they don't have the talent, and they sure as hell...don't have the ladies. And then tonight, Washington has the audacity to ask me to wrestle. This place isn't even sold out and they expect me to...to...put on a show for a bunch of commoners? At least he was smart enough to put me where I belong in the main event. Who's this clown I'm facing anyway? Some lumberjack from Montana?

Snow lets out a sigh.

Percy Snow: It's a shame really. Embarassing people is never fun...but hey, a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do.

Snow pulls his glasses down nearly an inch, enough to make his eye semi-visible as he winks to the camera, then walks off.

Shane Sneer: That guy really gets under my skin.

Daman Washington: That's what he's good at. He gets people riled up and then they make mistakes.

Shane Sneer: I'm looking in that ring and I see one guy that you don't wanna get riled up. Tim Westbrook.

Daman Washington: That's for sure. I almost feel bad putting Eddie Howard in there, but he said he wanted a challenge.

Shane Sneer: And a challenge he'll get.

Eddie Howard vs. Tim Westbrook

Howard doesn't back down from Westbrook, stepping right up to him and clocking him with a right hand. Howard with another right hand, and another, showing his strength as he backs Westbrook up. Howard sends Westbrook into the ropes, trying to use a shoulderblock to take Westbrook down and failing. Westbrook takes the blow and just smiles at Howard. Howard backs up and charges, trying again but again nothing. Westbrook backs up and charges with a shoulderblock of his own, but Howard trips him up with a drop toe hold. Howard drops an elbow to the back of Westbrook, then goes for a pin but Westbrook powers out easily. Howard with a bodyslam to Westbrook, then bounces off the ropes, looking for a big elbow. Westbrook moves out of the way and Howard lands on the mat. Westbrook gets to his feet. Howard does as well, but Westbrook kicks him in the midsection, then uses a tilt-a-whirl powerbomb to take Howard down. Westbrook doesn't even go for a pin, instead looking at The Guru who barks orders. Westbrook pulls Howard to his feet, then lifts him into the air with a gorilla press! Westbrook walks around the ring, showing off his amazing strength, then dumps Howard over the top rope to the outside!

Shane Sneer: Oh my god!

Daman Washington: We may need EMT's out here, I don't know if Howard's ok, he fell at least ten feet.

Shane Sneer: Westbrook's not stopping there either, he's stepping outside the ring. He's got Howard and he rolls him into the ring.

Daman Washington: We need EMT's out here, Howard can't be alright.

Westbrook kicks Howard in the small of the back before lifting him into the air and hanging him upside down in the corner. Westbrook backs up, then charges, driving his knee into the midsection of Howard. Westbrook backs up again, again driving his knee into the midsection of Howard. Westbrook peels Howard off and finally, The Guru yells out to finish him. Westbrook lifts Howard up so that Howard's chest is to Westbrook's back with Westbrook holding Howard by the armpits. Westbrook delivers an inverted outsider's edge that he calls the Unhappy Ending. Howard goes face and chest first into the mat, so Westbrook rolls him over and makes a cover, getting the three count. The crowd looked on in awe at this beast.

Shane Sneer: All I can say is wow. Eddie Howard's not a small man at all and Tim Westbrook just manhandled him.

Daman Washington: Definately not what I expected. I figure it'd be a decent battle between two big, tough guys but clearly, the experience of Westbrook came into play. Howard's big and tough, but still too young apparently.

Shane Sneer: I wouldn't necessarily say that yet. This may not have anything to do with Howard. Westbrook was just dominant in every aspect.

Daman Washington: That's three out of four Shane. Only one more spot left for Rising Stars.

Shane Sneer: Well, what do you say we find out who else is going to Rising Stars?

Daman Washington: I'm ready. And looking around, these fans are ready, so let's get to it.

Shane Sneer: It's time...for the main event!

Percy Snow vs. Danny Rushmore

Percy locks up with Rushmore, quickly being put in a side headlock. Percy manages to shove Rushmore off and into the ropes, but Rushmore ducks a Snow clothesline and connects with a flying lariat of his own, knocking Snow to the mat. Rushmore goes for an early pin but Snow gets out easily. Rushmore lifts Snow into the air with a vertical suplex, dropping him back, but hanging on and lifting him back into the air for back to back vertical suplexes! Rushmore gets to his feet and looks around at the crowd, who are clearly behind him. Rushmore stands over Percy, measuring him, then quickly drops an elbow straight to his chest before making the cover. Snow again manages to kick out, still before a two count. Rushmore with a right hand to Snow, then sends him back first into the corner. Rushmore goes for the ten punch, but as soon as he reaches six, Snow lifts him into the air and brings him down with an inverted atomic drop. Rushmore falls to the mat, clutching himself while Snow tries to get back to his feet.

Shane Sneer: Snow takes the advantage.

Daman Washington: But Snow is fighting an uphill battle, Rushmore's a big guy.

Shane Sneer: Snow's ego may get crushed by the time this one's done.

Rushmore gets up before Snow and charges but Snow manages to bring him down with a drop toe hold, Rushmore landing throat first on the bottom rope. Snow immediately puts his knee in the upper back of Rushmore, forcing pressure on the throat. The referee has to pull Snow off and Snow tells the referee what's on his mind. Snow turns his attention back to Rushmore, who's getting to his feet. Snow with a forearm to the chest of Rushmore then sends him into the ropes, stopping him with a knee to the midsection. Snow with a gutwrench slam makes a cocky cover on Rushmore, who easily kicks out. Snow turns over and starts driving right hands into the forehead of Rushmore, then lifts him to his feet, tossing him into the corner. Snow with a two handed choke until the referee breaks it up again. Snow with a back elbow to the head of Rushmore, then sends Rushmore to the opposite corner. Snow charges, looking for an avalanche but Rushmore moves and Snow hits the corner!

Shane Sneer: Rushmore moves! Snow's stunned, but can Rushmore take advantage?

Daman Washington: Rushmore's trying to get his senses together. He better hurry if he wants to take advantages.

Shane Sneer: Rushmore's behind Snow and Snow has no idea!

Rushmore with a german suplex on Snow, bridging out and getting a two count. Both men get to their feet and Snow misses a wild right hand. Rushmore grabs Snow by the head, driving him into the mat with a reverse DDT, making the cover and this time nearly getting a three count. Rushmore with a right hand, knocking Snow back into the ropes. Rushmore charges with a clothesline and both men go over the top rope to the outside! Rushmore goes to send Snow into the guardrail, but Snow reverses it and Rushmore hits hard back first. Snow kicks Rushmore in the midsection, then whips him back first into the ring apron. Snow reaches over the guardrail, moving the fans out of the way and grabs a steel chair while Rushmore rolls himself into the ring. Percy slides in with the chair, then turns towards Rushmore and with a smile on his face, cocks the chair back. Just before Snow swings it, Daman Washington is on the apron! He grabs the chair and Snow turns, asking him what the hell he thinks he's doing. He turns around walks right into a boot from Rushmore. Rushmore then lifts Snow up vertically, sitting down and driving Snow's head directly into the mat!

Shane Sneer: Mount Rushmore! It's over! My partner's gone, but it doesn't matter, this match is as good as done!

Rushmore makes the pin and Fair makes the three count. The fans pop huge as Danny Rushmore gets his hand raised by Jay Fair. Daman Washington stands outside the ring, holding the chair as Breakout fades to black.

Quick Results

Chaos Demons d. Good Ole Boys

Billy Russell d. Jacob Jett

Brent Hill d. Jimmy Cox

Barry Kingman d. Mean Jean Cattley

Tim Westbrook d. Eddie Howard

Danny Rushmore d. Percy Snow

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Guest CTOx

Impressive. While it was a notch or two below the backstory in terms of pure writing (shows generally are), it was certainly entertaining. The booking made sense, but I'm a little unahappy with the way the Cattley loss came off. While Kingman got some offense in the middle, Cattley was really the dominant one (and was put WAY over by the announcers). Typically in sports, there are 3 types of upsets:

1. Underdog impresses. Think of Cena's debut against Kurt Angle, where he took the best Kurt had and still made a great showing. Here the announcers should be putting over the underdog's great performance.

2. Overconfident Favorite. This is usually reserved for heels like Percy who believe they don't have to try as hard becuase they are naturally gifted. It certainly doesn't apply to Cattley.

3. Lucky Shot. This is what your match came off as. Kingman was getting mauled (or appeared to be. I know he got some blows in, but they weren't emphasised) and then hits a reverse DDT for the three count.

The trouble with this is that a Lucky Shot finish has only three real possible outcomes: 1. Ignore it (who needs continuity anyway?). Maybe you meant for it to be a different type of upset and my reading of it was incorrect. But you have to question which is the better place to build from: your intentions, or your audience's interperetations. 2. Expose an area (in this case, the back of Cattley's head) as a weakness that he must constantly protect. While this could make for some interesting matches, it ruins your ability to make Cattley a marketable star. No one supports a glass-jawed boxer, no matter how much they win. 3. You have Cattley prove it was luck in a re-match by taking (and kicking out of) two reverse DDTs. The problem with this is that it nulifies the win and doesn't really get anyone over.

I'm not sure where you were/are going with that finish, but I'm not real fond of the options.

I'm better at criticism than I am at compliments, but that was merely one match of many. Don't get down on yourself for my remarks. The rest of the show was fun, and the booking shows a lot of promise. Both of my boys lost (and one of them got squashed), so I'll have to go with Westbrook to take the belt (with Guru-ference) when we get that far. This is definatly one diary (and at the moment, one of only two) that I will be reading.

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Don't worry about being a harsh critic, I enjoy reading it from you because you explain yourself and can really help me with improvements. As far as the Cattley loss, he was originally booked to win, but Kingman was none too happy about it. Morale is a huge issue with TEW and since it's the first show, I had to make sure everyone remained happy. So what I tried to do was still make Cattley look impressive but allow Kingman to pull out a win. Looking back though, I agree I could have done more with the ending than just a reverse DDT into a pin. No worries though, I'll just make the next show better to make up for it. ;)

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Rising Stars

June 20, 2004 in Chicago, Illinois

In a Round Robin tournament to determine the two contenders for the NLW World Championship, the following matches will take place:

Barry Kingman vs. Danny Rushmore

Brent Hill vs. Tim Westbrook

Barry Kingman vs. Brent Hill

Tim Westbrook vs. Danny Rushmore

Tim Westbrook vs. Barry Kingman

Brent Hill vs. Danny Rushmore

Also scheduled to appear are Mean Jean Cattley, Percy Snow, Eddie Howard, and the Good Ole Boys have a special challenge to make! Card is subject to change.

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Rising Stars

June 20, 2004

United Center in Chicago, Illinois

A black limo is seen pulling into the parking lot. As soon as it comes to a stop and the door swings open, out steps Percy Snow, not looking too happy as he steps past the driver and into the building. The image fades from the limo to a pretty packed arena and finally to Shane Sneer and Daman Washington sitting ringside.

Shane Sneer: Welcome folks to the second NLW show, Rising Stars! I'm Shane Sneer alongside the Owner of this place, Daman Washington.

Daman Washington: Shane, tonight's an important night. We've got the round robin tournament and the two finalists will then meet July 17th in a two out of three falls match for the World Title.

Shane Sneer: So after tonight, we'll know the main event of Defining Excellence?

Daman Washington: Exactly.

Shane Sneer: Well then let's get right to the action with the first of six round robin tournament matches here tonight!

Barry Kingman vs. Danny Rushmore

Rushmore locks up with Kingman, Kingman managing to get the advantage. Kingman sends Rushmore into the ropes, sending him flying through the air with a back body drop followed by a quick reverse chinlock, using a rare mat tactic. The fans don't expect and aren't too thrilled with how long Kingman's using the move. Kingman finally releases it, then drops an elbow into the throat of Rushmore and again puts on the reverse chinlock. The fans waste no time before starting a chant of bo-ring. Rushmore starts getting to his feet, Kingman maintaining the hold until Rushmore flips him over. Rushmore with a standing legdrop gets a pop from the fans, who just seem to be happy to not see a reverse chinlock.

Shane Sneer: Rushmore's size advantage starting to come into play.

Daman Washington: That leg drop took the air right out of Kingman and listen to the crowd, I think they decided to be behind Rushmore after Kingman's lackluster offense.

Shane Sneer: There's no room for lackluster. These guys are fighting for a chance to be the first, the FIRST, NLW World Champion. I don't think they understand what that means.

Daman Washington: Rushmore does, look at how he just physically tossed Kingman into the corner.

Shane Sneer: And the way he's working over Kingman's midsection with rights and lefts. Kingman's trying to cover up, but Rushmore's not allowing it.

Rushmore drapes Kingman's arms over the top rope, exposing his chest and midsection again, then forces a right hand into the midsection of Kingman. Kingman clutches at his midsection momentarily, but soon his arms are forced behind his back. Rushmore with a double underhook, then spins around towards the middle of the ring and plants Kingman with a powerbomb out of the double underhook. Rushmore drops down, covering Kingman, but to the surprise of most people in attendance, Kingman kicks out. Rushmore lifts Kingman to his feet, driving a right hand into his forehead, backing him into the corner. Rushmore goes to send Kingman into the opposite corner, but Kingman reverses it. Rushmore hits the corner and bounces out from the impact, but walks right into a flying back elbow from Kingman, who doesn't have enough energy after the move to get back to his feet.

Shane Sneer: These men are giving it their all, but they've really got to try and preserve something for the other two matches they'll be in.

Daman Washington: It's a catch-22 Shane. Yea, you want to save yourself, but do you sacrifice this match to have a chance in others? In a round robin tournament, each win means the same.

Shane Sneer: But basically, you need two wins to move on. Going all out for one won't get it done.

Daman Washington: But losing one means you absolutely have to win the next two.

Shane Sneer: Both men getting to their feet, it's a matter of will at this point, who wants it more?

Rushmore charges Kingman, who catches him offguard and brings him down with a japanese armdrag. Rushmore gets to his feet, but Kingman takes him down with another japanese armdrag and as soon as Rushmore tries again, he gets met with the same result! Kingman stands poised and ready for a fight, begging Rushmore to bring it on. Rushmore gets up, a little out of it, and walks right into the double arm DDT from Barry Kingman, who yells out to the crowd before climbing to the top rope. The crowd's into this match, on their feet for Kingman's aerial move. Rushmore gets up slowly, then turns and gets taken down by a missile dropkick from Kingman! Kingman makes the cover and the crowd counts along, but Jay Fair only gets to two and a half before Rushmore kicks out! The crowd lets out a collective gasp.

Shane Sneer: The crowd thought that one was a three for sure.

Daman Washington: I gotta admit, I did too Shane. Kingman hit that missile dropkick and I swore it was over.

Shane Sneer: Kingman's not sure what it's going to take now, he's on his feet but seems to be out of ideas.

Daman Washington: He better think of something, Rushmore's up to his knees.

Kingman steps towards Rushmore, but Rushmore catches him with a right hand to the gut, then another, and another. Rushmore gets up to his feet, sending Kingman into the ropes, setting him up for what looks like a powerslam, but releases him halfway through (ala Rick Steiner), dropping him right on his head! Rushmore falls to the mat, but crawls to the ropes, pulling himself back to his feet, much to the excitement of the crowd. Rushmore stumbles around, but after hearing the crowd, he seems to re-gain his balance, looking at Kingman on the mat. Rushmore backs up to the corner, then up to the second turnbuckle, standing tall. Kingman gets to his feet and is immediately taken down by a second rope clothesline from Rushmore! Rushmore gets to his feet and yells out "It's Time!" The crowd gets to their feet. Rushmore waits for Kingman to get to his feet, kicks him in the midsection, then lifts him straight up the air. Holding him there for a second, Rushmore drops him head first into the mat.

Shane Sneer: Mount Rushmore! There's no kicking out of that!

Sure enough, Rushmore makes the cover and referee Jay Fair makes the three count, proclaiming Rushmore the winner.

Shane Sneer: Rushmore gets his hand raised, but he's not wasting time with a celebration. He's on his way to the back, taking advantage of this time to re-group.

Daman Washington: That's smart. You gotta keep in mind that this isn't a one time deal, each man's wrestling three matches tonight and that's not an easy feat.

Shane Sneer: Ya know, earlier today I caught up with the Good Ole Boys in the parking lot and they had a...special...challenge for the Chaos Demons. Let's check that out right now.

The video package rolls and Shane Sneer is standing by in the parking lot when a pick-up truck pulls into the parking lot. After it stops, Rick Sanders and Roger Dobson step out of the pick-up truck with jeans, flanel shirts, and boots. Sneer approaches them with a microphone.

Shane Sneer: Guys, I was told that you had a special challenge to make to the Chaos Demons.

Rick Sanders: Dem sons o' bitches cost us our match at Breakout!

Shane Sneer: That's right. And you're looking for another shot at em I take it?

Roger Dobson: That's right Shaney, but this time, it's in our pigpen, if ya know what I mean!

Shane Sneer: I think I get the jist of it, but what is it you have in mind?

Rick Sanders: We want dem boys in a Down South Backyard Brawl!

Sneer looks at the two, unsure of what they're talking about.

Shane Sneer: And what exactly is a Down South Backyard Brawl?

Rick Sanders: Anything goes!

Roger Dobson: No rules Shane, that's how we do it down south!

Shane Sneer: Wow. I'll be sure to pass that on guys. Hopefully the Chaos Demons step up to the challenge.

With that, the video package comes to a close and we go back to Sneer and Washington back at ringside.

Shane Sneer: Well Daman, whatcha think about that?

Daman Washington: I'm not even going to wait for the Chaos Demons to agree. I like the way that sounds and as of right now, consider it booked for Defining Excellence!

Shane Sneer: Are you serious?

Daman Washington: Serious I am Mr. Sneer. It's official.

Shane Sneer: Wow, that's why you're the man. I can't wait for that one, it's going to be a broo-ha-ha for sure.

Daman Washington: Combine that with the finals of this tournament and Defining Excellence becomes a good show.

Shane Sneer: Out of everyone in this tournament, who do you think is the best conditioned?

Daman Washington: They're all in great shape, but I gotta say that Westbrook's conditioning is phenomenal. I've never seen him winded.

Shane Sneer: He your pick to win it all?

Daman Washington: I'm not a betting man, but if I was...I'd go with Brent Hill. His veteran instincts will take over and help him make it to the end.

Shane Sneer: Just so happens that up next, it's Tim Westbrook taking on Brent Hill.

Daman Washington: This should be the match of the night.

Shane Sneer: I think that's what everyone's counting on.

Tim Westbrook vs. Brent Hill

The Guru whispers something into Westbrook's ear before setting him loose in the ring. He cocks his head to either side, cracking his neck and then looking at Brent Hill, who's pulling on the ropes, stretching. The bell rings and the two meet in the middle of the ring. Westbrook gets the advantage with a knee to Hill's midsection, then hammers him in the back of the neck with a thundering forearm. Hill counters what would have been a pumphandle slam by taking Westbrook down with an armdrag into a quick legdrop, placed directly on the elbow. Hill gets back to his feet, twisting Westbrook's arm, then dropping a legdrop into the elbow again. Hill extends the arm, locking in a code red armbar, which forces Westbrook to seek out the ropes.

Shane Sneer: Hill's focused on that arm, maybe planning on a submission win.

Daman Washington: Weakening the arm of Westbrook also may take away the Unhappy Ending if it causes him trouble getting Hill in the air.

Shane Sneer: Hill's definately got an advantage if this one stays on the mat. Westbrook's mat ability leaves a lot to be desired.

Daman Washington: Haha, you're right about that Shane, but Westbrook's made it to the ropes. Now he just has to get this match back in his favor.

Shane Sneer: Easier said than done. He got to his feet but Hill sends him into the ropes.

Westbrook bounces off the ropes and Hill looks for a backbody drop. Westbrook kicks him square in the chest, standing Hill up straight. Westbrook bursts forward, knocking Hill down with an overpowering clothesline. Westbrook looks out to the crowd, getting heel heat with his menacing look. He turns back to Hill, who's busy peeling himself off the mat. Westbrook helps him up, lifting him into the air with a vertical suplex, but instead drops him forward, stomach first across the top rope. The rope bounces but Hill's body stays balanced until Westbrook uses a running knee to knock Hill off the top rope and all the way to the outside. Westbrook tries going outside, forcing Jay Fair to walk him back to the middle of the ring. Westbrook keeps Fair distracted while The Guru walks around the outside of the ring. With Hill down on all fours, The Guru delivers a kick to his midsection, then another, and another.

Shane Sneer: Now this isn't right. How can Hill be expected to compete not only against Westbrook, but The Guru as well?

Daman Washington: Jay Fair's a top official, he'll make it right. Look, Fair turned in time to see The Guru!

Shane Sneer: Fair's verbally disciplining The Guru, but Westbrook's able to get outside the ring.

Daman Washington: This doesn't look good for Hill. Westbrook puts his shoulder in Hill's midsection, then drives him backfirst into the ring apron.

Shane Sneer: Listen to the yell of pain that Hill let out. His back slammed into the apron and oh no, Westbrook drives him back first again!

Westbrook rolls Hill into the ring, arguing briefly with a fan in the front row before sliding in himself. Westbrook drops down, making the cover but Hill manages to kick out before the three count.

Shane Sneer: There's still fight in Hill.

Daman Washington: I'm sure there's a lot of fight in Hill, but again, it's got to come down to whether he leaves it all in the ring for this match or does he save himself for later?

Shane Sneer: Big backbreaker from Westbrook! He picks Hill up and brings him down with another big backbreaker!

Daman Washington: I smell a trifecta.

Shane Sneer: And there it is! Three backbreakers from Westbrook before letting Hill fall to the mat.

Westbrook doesn't even go for the cover, instead listening to the shouts from The Guru and picking Hill up off the mat, sending him into the ropes. Westbrook reaches down, lifting Hill up with a military press, taking a couple steps, then dropping him head first onto the top turnbuckle. Hill hits hard, but doesn't fall down, instead leaning into the corner, chest first. Westbrook takes full advantage of this and drives his shoulder into the small of Hill's back, backing up and doing it again, then one more time.

Shane Sneer: Three shoulders to the middle of Brent Hill's back!

Daman Washington: These wrestlers know that Brent's back has taken a beating over the years. It may be the most sensitive part of his body.

Shane Sneer: Things are not looking good for Brent. Westbrook is turning him upside down and hanging him in the tree of woe.

Daman Washington: Not a position you want to be in. Brent's pretty much helpless right now.

Westbrook backs up, yells out, then does his best impression of a bull and charges in, driving his knee and side into Brent's chest with so much impact that Hill falls out of the tree of woe and onto the mat. Westbrook drops down, making the cover but just as Fair's hand is coming down for the three, Hill puts his foot on the bottom rope and a huge sigh of relief comes from the crowd. Westbrook can't believe that Hill still has anything left. Westbrook pulls Hill to his feet, but Hill catches Westbrook off guard, pulling him down by his head into a jawbreaker! Westbrook stumbles back and Hill gets up. Westbrook charges in a fit of anger, but Hill bends down and lifts Westbrook up and over the top rope!

Shane Sneer: Westbrook sent flying, but Hill collapses in the ring, unable to capitalize.

Daman Washington: Westbrook may have landed awkwardly on his knee outside, he's limping as he gets back up to the apron.

Westbrook stands on the apron and Hill drives a shoulder between the ropes into his midsection. Hill pulls on the top rope, spinning Westbrook over the top and into the ring. Hill tries to drop an elbow, but Westbrook rolls out of the way. Once both men are back on their feet, Westbrook sends Hill into the corner, trying to follow up with a clothesline. Hill drops down and Westbrook hits the corner hard. Hill turns him around, then climbs up, looking out to the crowd before connecting with ten right hands to the side of Westbrook's head. Hill spins Westbrook back around, so he's facing the corner. Hill looks like he may lift Westbrook up onto the top turnbuckle, but Westbrook spins around with a back elbow, knocking Hill to almost the middle of the ring. Hill still manages to maintain the advantage, grabbing Westbrook. Westbrook reverses the whip, sending Hill into the ropes, picking up with a tilt-a-whirl, then bringing him down ribs first over his knee with a gutbuster.

Shane Sneer: Talk about your momentum killers, that one deadened the crowd.

Daman Washington: The effect it had on Hill was pretty strong too. Westbrook's not going to mess around anymore, I think he's ready to end this.

Westbrook bends Hill backwards, pulling him between his legs. Westbrook lifts him over his shoulder, then holds him by his armpit. Westbrook looks around, then drives Hill face and chest first into the mat.

Shane Sneer: Unhappy Ending! Westbrook's got the cover and there's no way Hill is kicking out.

Daman Washington: There's the three count. Tim Westbrook has won his first of three matches.

Shane Sneer: Yes he did and he may have hurt Brent Hill in the process.

Daman Washington: Brent Hill's got another match and it looks as if Barry Kingman's going to take advantage. He's coming down the aisle already, not wasting a moment!

Barry Kingman vs. Brent Hill

Hill's back on his feet and goes to lock up with Kingman, who uses a go behind, then a double leg takedown followed by an elbow drop to the back of Brent Hill. Kingman quickly slaps in a reverse chin lock, pulling back on Hill's neck and increasing the pressure on his back. Hill feels the pain instantly and starts to squirm around, rolling over and reaching for the ropes. He does and Kingman's forced to break the chin lock. Hill doesn't get up, instead rolling under the bottom rope, clutching at his back. Kingman looks at referee Jay Fair, then runs, sliding under the bottom rope with a baseball slide and sending Hill flailing into the guardrail.

Shane Sneer: Hill hit back first in the guardrail, that's certainly not going to help his condition.

Daman Washington: Anytime you have an evident weakness, it's going to get taken advantage of.

Shane Sneer: Especially with so much on the line.

Daman Washington: Hill may be done for, his hopes are definately fading fast. Kingman whips Hill into the guardrail backfirst again!

Hill bounces off and falls to the ground, clutching at his back. Kingman rolls him into the ring, then slides in himself, going for a pin, but Hill manages to kick out. Kingman lifts Hill to his feet, sending him into the ropes, then lifts him with a back body drop, Hill landing back first and Kingman going for another pin, but still only getting a two count. Kingman waits until Hill gets to his feet, bringing him back down with a japanese armdrag, then another, and finally a third. The crowd isn't against Kingman, but they're looking on, concerned for Hill. Kingman plants Hill with a bodyslam, then signals to the crowd that he's going up top!

Shane Sneer: Looks like Kingman may be going for a missile dropkick here.

Daman Washington: Hill's back is weak, Kingman should maintain focus on that if he wants to win the match.

Shane Sneer: Hill's getting to his feet and Kingman is perched on the top turnbuckle.

As soon as Hill turns around, Kingman comes off with a missile dropkick, but Hill falls/ducks out of the way, avoiding contact. Kingman gets back to his feet and Hill dropkicks him in the knee, knocking Kingman down to one knee. Hill gets back up and dropkicks Kingman in the chest, knocking him to the mat, then falling down and clutching his back. Both men start to get to their feet. Hill swings a right hand, but Kingman ducks. Hill spins around and Kingman hits him with an atomic drop, the impact sending him stumbling into the corner. Kingman whips Hill into the opposite corner with so much velocity that Hill hit and bounced right off, falling to the mat. Kingman makes the cover, but only gets a two count.

Shane Sneer: Hill is somehow still in this match, but it's only a matter of time, right?

Daman Washington: A second loss might cost him a chance to be in the title match.

Shane Sneer: I think that'd be a safe assumption. Wrestling back to back matches and trying to fight off this disadvantage, it's proving to be harder than imagined.

Daman Washington: And there's still one more.

Shane Sneer: It's definately a tough task. Whoever does finally win the belt will know he earned it.

Kingman lifts Hill up, looking for a vertical suplex. Hill manages to block it, then reverses it. Hill drops Kingman to the mat, but the two get up at the same time. Kingman goes for a clothesline, but Hill ducks it, grabbing Kingman around the waist and german suplexing him, getting a pop from the crowd. Both men get to their feet again and Kingman charges towards Hill, who gets his boot up into Kingman's midsection. Hill reaches down, hooking the leg of Kingman, which gets a huge pop from the crowd while they rise to their feet. Hill lifts Kingman into the air and back with a fisherman's suplex!

Shane Sneer: I can't beleive it! Out of nowhere, he hit the Hilltopper!

Hill holds the move and Jay Fair makes a two count. His hand starts to come down for three and it looks like Kingman's starting to stir. Kingman kicks out but it's after Fair's hand comes down for three! Hill lays motionless on the mat as Fair raises his hand from there.

Daman Washington: Hill's getting some help to the back, I sure hope he's ok for the main event.

Shane Sneer: He's not looking that great right now, but he's been around a long time, he's taken a lot of big bumps.

Daman Washington: But Danny Rushmore's not going to back off of him, he'll take full advantage of that injury.

Shane Sneer: I believe we've got The Guru backstage with Tim Westbrook. I'm sure they have some comments about the tournament.

Backstage, The Guru is standing next to Tim Westbrook, who's on the ground doing push-ups.

The Guru: That's one down, two more peons to go. Look at this man...look at him!

The camera goes off Guru and focuses in on Westbrook, who's doing the push-ups with ease, his eyes staring straight ahead.

The Guru: That is the ultimate physical specimen. That is what all of you wannabe's desire to be like. That is damn near perfection.

The Guru pauses, admiring Westbrook with a confident smile.

The Guru: And after tonight, that is one half of the Defining Excellence main event.

The camera focuses in on Guru's ace.

The Guru: That...is...fact.

The scene fades back up to the announce booth and Shane Sneer.

Shane Sneer: I guess we'll just have-

Shane stops talking, then nods his head towards the aisleway. Washington turns, then rolls his eyes once he sees Percy Snow making his way towards the ring. He slides into the ring, then dusts off his Patrick Ewing throwback, which probably got a little extra heat from the Bulls fans in attendance. Snow runs an orange pick through his blonde mini-fro, grabbing a microphone and looking right at Daman Washington.

Percy Snow: C'mon up D-Wash, you know we got some b'ness ta take care of.

Washington looks at Sneer and then, to the delight of the crowd, takes his headset off and stands up. He walks up the steps and between the second and third ropes, looking right at Snow.

Percy Snow: You got some nerve big mang, messin' wit my match the way you did. But I'mma be nice and let you explain yaself boss.

Snow goes to hand the mic to Washington, but then pulls it back.

Percy Snow: You betta hope the right words come outcha mouf.

Washington grabs the mic from Snow.

Daman Washington: Why'd I do it? Why'd I take the chair right out of your hands? It's simple Perc.

Washington looks around, then back at Snow.

Daman Washington: It was the right thing to do. I couldn't sit there, as the Owner of this company, and watch you tarnish the reputation of the World Title before we even crown a champion. If you can't get it done the right way, then you don't deserve to be involved.

Snow nods his head, taking the mic back.

Percy Snow: But that cat Guru can do whateva the hell he wants, huh? See, whatchu got is a double...standahd. And what I got...is a problem witchu.

Daman takes his turn on the stick.

Daman Washington: I'm sure you do. You probably wanted to be wrestling tonight, staking your claim for the World Title. But Perc, these fans are here to see great action, not some-

Before Washington can finish, Snow tries to hit him with a right hand. Washington ducks it and shoves Snow into the ropes. Snow holds onto the ropes, then drops down and out of the ring. An irate Daman Washington leans over the top, shouting at Snow.

Daman Washington: You wanna be a bad ass? You want a chance to get in this ring? You got it. Next month, at Defining Excellence, you just earned yourself a chance to go one on one with....

Washington looks around the arena, then back at Snow with a smile.

Daman Washington: Billy Russell!

Snow's eyes get wide as the crowd pops at the announcement. Snow backs up the aisleway to the back while Washington takes his seat next to Shane Sneer.

Shane Sneer: Wow, Billy Russell and Percy Snow at Defining Excellence.

Daman Washington: If anyone's going to teach that kid a lesson, it's going to be Russell.

Shane Sneer: That'll be an exciting match to watch, as will this next round robin match in the tournament.

Daman Washington: This is like two bulls colliding, but it'll be good.

Danny Rushmore vs. Tim Westbrook

Westbrook locks up with Rushmore, gaining an advantage and backing Rushmore into the corner. Fair makes them break and Westbrook backs off momentarily, then steps in with a swinging elbow to the jaw of Rushmore. Rushmore takes the blow and responds by charging out of the corner, taking Westbrook down with a tackle! Rushmore immediately starts wailing away with rapid right hands to the side of Westbrook's face, the crowd getting progressively louder and feeding off of Rushmore's energy. Rushmore finally gets back to his feet, yelling out and getting a huge response from the crowd.

Shane Sneer: Westbrook didn't expect an attack like that, at least not this early in the match.

Daman Washington: Rushmore's showing that he understands what this tournament means. You have to be the aggressor in order to win and that's exactly what he's doing.

Rushmore looks on while Westbrook gets himself to his feet, only to be lifted high into the air and brought down with a vertical suplex. Rushmore goes for a pin but it's way too early and Westbrook easily avoids the three count. Rushmore with a scoop slam, then yells out to the crowd, again getting them fired up. He heads to the second turnbuckle, poising himself and as soon as Westbrook gets to his feet, Rushmore comes off with a flying clothesline, knocking him right back down! Rushmore goes for the pin again but this time The Guru is able to lift Westbrook's foot onto the bottom rope, stopping the count. Rushmore sees The Guru and rolls outside, giving chase. The Guru manages to outrun Rushmore all around the ring, then slides in. Rushmore, not thinking clearly, slides in after him without looking and Westbrook immediately goes to work stomping on Rushmore's back while The Guru slides out to safety.

Shane Sneer: As if Westbrook really needs the help of that twerp.

Daman Washington: He doesn't need it, but he sure does appreciate it. Part of the blame has to go to Rushmore for letting his emotion get the best of him though.

Shane Sneer: Yea, but when someone costs you a pinfall, you're going to want to tear their head off.

Daman Washington: You have to be able to control yourself at all times inside that ring. If Rushmore lets his temperment overcome him, then he may never be on top of this sport.

Shane Sneer: Surely you can't be condoning The Guru getting involved.

Daman Washington: Not condoning it, but it happens, it's something you have to fight through and Rushmore's not doing that.

Westbrook now has Rushmore laid out flat on his stomach and is driving knees into his back repeatedly, very much like he did with Brent Hill earlier. Westbrook finally turns his body so he's standing with a leg on either side of Rushmore's body. Westbrook puts the point of his knee into the middle of Rushmore's back, then pulls back on his arms. Rushmore screams out but is basically rendered immobile in this position. His face is showing the agony that his body feels, but Westbrook continues pulling back. The crowd starts a chant of "Moun-Tain Man"...."Moun-Tain Man", a nickname of Danny's. They get more and more into it and it looks as if Rushmore is starting to let it sink in. He can't move his arms, but he's trying to roll his body, rocking it back and forth. Finally he's able to get some momentum and rolls Westbrook off of him to the side, finally breaking the move.

Shane Sneer: The fans showing that they too can have a major impact!

Daman Washington: No doubt about that. There were many times when I thought I couldn't go on and the fans gave me that something extra to get to the end.

Westbrook doesn't allow Rushmore to get to his feet, driving a forearm into the back of his head and pushing him back into the mat. Rushmore rolls over onto his back and looks up at Westbrook just in time to see him trying a legdrop. Westbrook got a lot of air, but that just gave Rushmore more time to move out of the way, under the bottom rope, and out of the ring. Westbrook gets pulled out of the ring by his ankles and Rushmore lays into him with right hands, rocking Westbrook with each thundering blow. Rushmore clasps both of his hands together, raising them in the air as the crowd pops. Rushmore swings his arms like he's swinging an axe, driving both fists into the midsection of Westbrook before rolling him into the ring. Rushmore slides in, picking Westbrook up off the mat.

Shane Sneer: Rushmore is in full control right now, but you can tell these men are starting to feel the effects of this being their second match.

Daman Washington: Each man still has one more left, plus at Defining Excellence, it's a two out of three falls match, so they better get used to this kind of workout.

Rushmore sends Westbrook into the ropes, bending down and lifting him a release firemans carry, taking Westbrook down to the mat. Rushmore calls out to the crowd, letting them know it's time to end this. Jay Fair is checking on Westbrook and Rushmore stands poised and ready. Westbrook gets to his feet and Rushmore kicks him in the midsection, preparing to lift him up for the Mount Rushmore! He starts to, but he's too close to the ropes and The Guru reaches out, grabbing his ankle. Rushmore can't kick him off, so he releases Westbrook and tries to deal with The Guru. This allows Westbrook to come from behind, lifting Rushmore into the air and dropping him throat first across the top rope. Westbrook then brings the back of his head down, pulling Rushmore between his legs. Westbrook lifts him up, hooking him by the armpits, then slams him down into the mat.

Shane Sneer: Unhappy Ending! I can't believe that sneak The Guru has cost Rushmore this match!

Referee Jay Fair makes an easy three count and Westbrook stands up, rolling Rushmore out of the ring to the floor.

Shane Sneer: Westbrook's been through two matches and I think he's ready for the third.

Daman Washington: He better be because his next match, against Barry Kingman, is up next.

Shane Sneer: Back to back?

Daman Washington: Someone had to do it.

Shane Sneer: I don't think Westbrook minds. He's in the ring and anticipating Kingman. What a monster.

Tim Westbrook vs. Barry Kingman

Barry Kingman's music started playing throughout the arena and the crowd got back to their feet. Westbrook looks on, waiting, but Kingman doesn't come through the curtain. The music stops and the fans quiet down, remaining on their feet and looking around the arena, hoping to find Kingman.

Shane Sneer: Where is he?

Daman Washington: I've been told that he was cleared medically for this match, so he should be out here.

Shane Sneer: Wait just a second, I'm getting warned that we've found him in the back....but he's not alone!

The big screen lights up, getting the attention of everyone in the building. On the screen, Kingman is visible, but his head is hanging low and he's only on his feet because he's leaning against a wall. Seconds later, the reason why becomes known. Mean Jean Cattley swings a lead pipe right into Kingman's midsection, clearly not the first shot that Kingman had taken by this point. From there, Cattley hooks his arm around the neck of Kingman, taking him down to the concrete with the Cattley Crossface! Cattley pulls back on it while security floods the area, then finally releases it, his point made. Cattley looked down at Kingman, shaking his head, then walked away, letting security check on Cattley. Back in the ring, The Guru is having it out verbally with Jay Fair, who looks at Washington in the announce booth. Washington nods his head and Fair calls for the bell, awarding this match to Tim Westbrook, who rolls out of the ring, undefeated on the night.

Shane Sneer: What are you doing?!

Daman Washington: Kingman's not in any condition to wrestle, the match goes to Westbrook by countout.

Shane Sneer: That's it? That's all there is?

Daman Washington: I can't punish Westbrook for Cattley's actions.

Shane Sneer: There's gotta-

Daman Washington: But I can....make Cattley responsible for his actions.

Shane Sneer: What are you getting at?

Daman Washington: I think that another match needs to be added to the Defining Excellence card. I think Mean Jean Cattley needs to step in the ring, one on one....with Barry Kingman!

Shane Sneer: Wow! Add that to the Down South Backyard Brawl, plus Percy Snow taking on Billy Russell and this show is shaping up!

Daman Washington: Not to mention the winner of this next match will take on Tim Westbrook in a two out of three falls match for the NLW World Championship!

Shane Sneer: What a night July 17th will be, right here in Chicago, Illinois!

Daman Washington: That's right, it's the last show before we embark on a tour of the Midwest. Fans in Chicago should NOT miss out on this one.

Shane Sneer: Well, let's find out who's going to be facing Tim Westbrook. Brent Hill and Danny Rushmore each have one win a piece, which one will move on? It's time Daman, it's time...for the main event!

Brent Hill vs. Danny Rushmore

Hill has his ribs wrapped already, showing the effects from the earlier two contests. Thw two lock up with Rushmore hiptossing Hill down to the mat. Hill hits back first and right away, everyone knows that he's fighting an uphill battle. Rushmore with a hard right hand, then another, softening up Hill. He lifts Brent up into the air with a vertical suplex, holding him for a moment before finally letting him fall to the mat. Rushmore stands by as Hill, refusing to just lay down, slowly gets back to his feet. As soon as he does, Rushmore pulls him in, driving his shoulder into the shoulder of Hill, then repeats the move before sending Hill into the corner, back first. Hill hits hard, but stays in the corner. Rushmore charges in, but Hill lifts himself up and over Rushmore! Rushmore put on the brakes before he hit the corner, but Hill quickly gets up and dropkicks Rushmore, sending him face first into the top turnbuckle. Hill lifts Rushmore up to the top turnbuckle, then climbs up to the second himself. He hooks Rushmore, then drops him backwards with a semi-super side suplex!

Shane Sneer: That may have hurt Hill more than Rushmore, he's clutching at his bandaged back again.

Daman Washington: Anytime two men come off the turnbuckles like that, they're both going to feel the move. He should have asked himself if the reward was worth the risk.

Shane Sneer: Rushmore took most of the blow, but he beats Hill to his feet.

Rushmore goes to kick Hill in the midsection, but Hill grabs his foot, taking him down with a dragon screw leg whip. Rushmore gets back to his feet only to recieve another dragon screw leg whip. Hill holds onto the ankle of Rushmore, extending his leg, then driving his elbow into the inside of Rushmore's knee. Hill keeps his elbow there and pulls back on the ankle of Rushmore, trying to seperate the leg in half. Hill stands back up, kicking the inside of Rushmore's knee, then hanging it on the second rope, jumping up and coming down seat first right on the knee. Hill takes a minute, holding his back, trying to re-group but it allows Rushmore to get to his feet. Hill grabs Rushmore from behind, but Rushmore uses a standing switch and once he's behind Hill, he drops him back with a german suplex!

Shane Sneer: Another blow taken by the back of Hill. He may not walk out of this arena.

Daman Washington: He doesn't have to walk out of here to win. There's a month between now and Defining Excellence, he's just got to worry about getting there.

Shane Sneer: Both of these men know what's on the line. The winner moves onto Defining Excellence to face Tim Westbrook. There, they'll have the chance to become the first ever NLW World Champion.

Rushmore goes for the pin, but Hill manages to get his foot onto the bottom rope, stopping the count. Rushmore pounds the mat, then lifts Hill to his feet, sending him into the corner again, this time with so much velocity that Hill hits and stumbles back towards the middle. Rushmore kicks Hill in the midsection, bending him over and pulling him in. Rushmore hooks his arms, lifting Hill into the air, then slamming him into the mat with a sitdown powerbomb! Rushmore holds it for a pin, but Hill uses every ounce of energy in his body to kick out at two! Rushmore lets out an exasperated sigh, then stands up, climbing to the second turnbuckle. He waits for Hill to get to his feet, then comes off with a flying clothesline, knocking Hill back down. Rushmore goes for the pin, but again Hill is too close to the ropes and uses the bottom one to avoid Fair making it a three count.

Shane Sneer: Hill still hanging on, but just barely!

Daman Washington: At this point, he's only kicking out based on instinct.

Shane Sneer: The instinct of a champion.

Daman Washington: But at some point, he's got to get things back in his favor.

Rushmore picks Hill up, or tries to...Hill catches him off guard with the jawbreaker! Rushmore stumbles back into the ropes. Hill gets to his feet, using a belly to belly suplex to plant Rushmore on the mat before collapsing himself. Hill's able to get to his feet, but Rushmore's close behind. Hill hooks the leg, but Rushmore powers out, pushing Hill back. Rushmore steps towards Hill, who hits him in the midsection with a knee! Rushmore's bent over. Hill with a swinging neckbreaker, then falls on top of Rushmore, making the cover and getting a two count. Hill gets up, pulling Rushmore with him, then quickly DDT's him into the mat, laying next to him, both men out of it completely.

Shane Sneer: Both men have given it their all tonight, but only one can move on. Hill can't capitalize on the DDT and that could cost him.

Daman Washington: It certainly could. You've got to be able to take advantage when you hit a big move, otherwise it's wasted. Until someone grabs the momentum, this could go either way.

Shane Sneer: Both men are getting to their, slowly but surely. Rushmore sends Hill into the ropes...

Daman Washington: A bearhug! Rushmore locks in a bearhug, putting pressure right on the lower back of Hill.

Shane Sneer: This could be the move that ends it.

Rushmore using every ounce of his strength to squeeze the life out of Hill, putting the pressure right on the bandaged midsection. Hill gives up fighting, the pain setting in. Hill drops his head as he's nearly passed out at this point. Jay Fair comes over, checking the arm of Hill. It drops once and the fans immediately start a chant of "Hill, Hill, Hill." Fair checks the arm and it drops down a second time! The chant gets louder and louder. Fair checks Hill's arm again, but before it drops all the way down, Hill makes a fist and raises his arm, the crowd popping huge! Hill fires right hands into the side of Rushmore's head, finally able to break out of the bearhug. Hill sends Rushmore into the ropes, stopping him with a knee to the midsection. Hill reaches out, hooking the leg of Rushmore and looking for the Hilltopper. He goes to lift Rushmore and his back gives out! Hill's forced to drop the leg of Rushmore as he clutches his back again.

Shane Sneer: Hill can't get Rushmore up. Without being able to hit the Hilltopper, can Hill win this match?

Daman Washington: He can, but things aren't looking good.

Shane Sneer: Hill's forced to get off the mat by Rushmore and it looks like he's going to end it.

Rushmore kicks Hill in the midsection, hooking his head and lifting him into the air. Rushmore brings him down, headfirst into the mat.

Shane Sneer: Mount Rushmore! He hit it and this one's got to be over.

Rushmore reaches forward, pulling the leg of Hill back and making the pin. Referee Jay Fair makes the three count, the crowd counting along. The bell rings, finally ending the match and the crowd is on their feet partially for Rushmore winning and partially for the effort put forth by Brent Hill. Rushmore gets his hand raised in the ring just as Tim Westbrook steps out onto the rampway. The two men stare at each other as Rising Stars fades to black.

Quick Results

Danny Rushmore d. Barry Kingman (42.8)

Tim Westbrook d. Brent Hill (52.3)

Brent Hill d. Barry Kingman (52.6)

Tim Westbrook d. Danny Rushmore (48.5)

Tim Westbrook d. Barry Kingman (44.2)

Danny Rushmore d. Brent Hill (58.0)

Overall Show Rating: 41.7

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Defining Excellence

July 17, 2004

United Center in Chicago, Illinois

Defining Excellence fades in from black to the familiar announce crew of Shane Sneer and the NLW Owner, Daman Washington!

Shane Sneer: Daman Washington, tonight's the night that we finally crown a World Champion!

Daman Washington: Tim Westbrook and Danny Rushmore have poured their heart and soul into getting this far, but only one man can walk out as champion.

Shane Sneer: I can't wait for the main event, but we've already got two youngsters in the ring. We're starting things off with a bang, right here. It's the Next Level of Wrestling!

Eddie Howard vs. Jacob Jett

Jett offers Howard a handshake before the match and as soon as Howard shook it, Jett pulled him into a belly to belly suplex, dumping him on the mat. Jett smacks Howard in the back of the head, getting him riled up. Howard gets to his feet, charging right at Jett, who uses his momentum against him and hip tosses him to the mat. Howard gets back up, only to recieve another hiptoss. The third time Howard gets up, Jett pokes him in the eye, then laughs as he puts a side headlock on, slowing down the pace. Jett gets shoved off into the ropes. Howard puts his head down, then lifts Jett up with a high back body drop. Jett gets back to his feet and walks right into a vertical suplex from Howard, who goes for a quick pin and only gets a two count. Howard gets Jett back to his feet, backing him into the corner. Howard lifts Jett up to the top turnbuckle, then climbs up with him, looking for a major superplex early on in the match. Howard goes to lift him, but Jett locks his feet, blocking the move. Jett reverses it, lifting Howard into the air and dropping him crotch first on the top rope! Jett stands on the top turnbuckle, then dropkicks Howard, knocking him off the top turnbuckle and to the outside!

Shane Sneer: A super dropkick knocks Howard off the rope. That was quite a tumble!

Daman Washington: It certainly was. Jett's hanging onto the top rope, he may be looking for another high risk move.

Shane Sneer: He's looking at Howard....what could this be?

Howard gets to his feet and Jett lifts himself over the top rope, connecting with a cross body on the outside of the ring! Jett gets back to his feet and looks around. He reaches under the ring, grabbing a lead pipe but before he can swing it at Howard, Jay Fair slides out of the ring and grabs the pipe. Jett argues but all that does is give Howard a chance to get up. When Jett turns, Howard lifts him with a flapjack into the guardrail, Jett bouncing off and clutching at his jaw. Howard rolls him into the ring, then heads up to the top turnbuckle. He comes off with a flying shoulder block, knocking Jett down and going for the pin, but only getting a two count. Howard calls out to the crowd, signalling that it's time to end the match. Jett gets to his feet, unaware of where he is. Howard puts him on his shoulder, looking for the running powerslam, but as he starts running, Jett slides down his back and pushes Howard face first into the corner. Jett hooks his arm around Howard's midsection, then tosses him with a release german suplex. Howard lands on the back of his neck and rolls towards the ropes, trying to get some time to catch his breath.

Shane Sneer: I hope Howard's ok after that.

Daman Washington: I don't know. Anytime you land on your neck that way, it can be a dangerous thing.

Shane Sneer: Jett just tossed him, not even caring about the repricussions.

Daman Washington: Well, Jett's not stopping now either. He's got Howard's head hanging off the apron.

Jett stands on the edge of the apron, then hops off, landing an elbow into the open throat of Howard, almost pulling him all the way out of the ring with the impact. Jett argues with a fan in the front row before sliding back into the ring, punching Howard in the forehead before dragging him towards the middle of the ring. Jett heads up to the second turnbuckle, then comes off with a falling elbow drop, placing it perfectly onto the forehead of Howard. Jett goes for the pin, but only gets the two. He sends Howard into the corner, then charges in. Howard lifts him into the air and down with an atomic drop though, then connects with a falling clothesline, driving Jett to the mat. Howard and Jett both get to their feet about the same time. Jett swings a right hand and Howard blocks it, firing one off of his own, then sends Jett into the ropes, powerslamming him in the middle of the ring. Howard makes a cover, but Jett manages to kick out.

Shane Sneer: Neither man can quite get a three count, but the fans are eating this up.

Daman Washington: Both men are showing the signs of youth.

Shane Sneer: How so?

Daman Washington: They can't finish each other off. Learning how to finish your opponent off is something you get with experience.

Shane Sneer: So these two could go all night?

Daman Washington: I wouldn't go that far, but this one could have and should have been over by now.

Howard sends Jett into the corner, then gets down in a three point stance. As Jett comes stumbling out, Howard takes him down with a football tackle, not going for a pin this time but rather waiting til Jett gets to his feet. Jett instead rolls Howard up with a small package, holding the tights, but only gets two! Jett is showing signs of frustration and both men get to their feet. Jett kicks Howard in the midsection before planting him skull first with a quick DDT. Jett can't get up in time to make the cover so once again, both men slowly make it to their feet, neither showing signs of being able to end this match. Jett dropkicks the bigger Howard in his knee, then kicks him square in the head, knocking Howard to the mat. Jett pulls Howard to the middle of the ring, grabbing his legs and locking him in a texas cloverleaf. Eddie Howard has no other option and within moments, he's tapping out.

Shane Sneer: Jett made Howard tap!

Daman Washington: The cloverleaf is a great finisher, especially for Jett. He's small in stature, only 5'8 but with a finisher like the cloverleaf, he can apply it on pretty much anyone.

Shane Sneer: He applied it on Howard and it spelled the end of the match.

Daman Washington: Eddie Howard's got all the physical tools, but he's going to have to apply himself and learn more about ring presence if he wants to have a future here.

Shane Sneer: Especially if he wants to be on the level of our two contenders for the World Title here tonight.

Daman Washington: Both of them have years of experience. Westbrook has been a big name throughout Canada and is now becoming recognized around the Great Lakes area. Rushmore is a twelve year veteran and can carry pretty much anyone to a good match.

Shane Sneer: So you're guaranteeing the main event'll be good?

Daman Washington: I'm guaranteeing it.

Shane Sneer: Well I'm guaranteeing that we're in for a mouthful here. Percy Snow is making his way out, but it's a little early. Think he's got something to say?

Daman Washington: Always does.

Shane Sneer: He's in the ring and these fans are giving him a mouthful.

Daman Washington: And now that he's got the mic, he's going to give us an earful.

Snow looks around the arena, then looks down at Washington with a smirk.

Percy Snow: Sup boss? The more I thought bout it, the more I realized....I kinda like dis match you made. It'll be good times kickin' that wanna be Puerto Rican's ass, but then I thought to myself...why? What reason does Percy Snow have to kick his ass? I mean, I could just as easily be back at the crib wit some lovelies, hittin' it like Scooby Doo. Nah, I ain't backin' out, but I did come up wit a reason to do dis. Billy Russell....dis right here...is a challenge. When I beat you, you quit wrestling. You leave da ring. You take dem boots and give em to da homeless. When I beat you, this becomes your last match.

Snow stands in the ring looking towards the aisleway. He doesn't have to wait long because Billy Russell's music hits and within seconds, he comes out with a mic of his own. Looking around the arena, he keeps his response short and sweet.

Billy Russell: One condition Snow....this goes both ways.

Snow looks out to Washington again, again with a smirk, then to Russell.

Percy Snow: Bring it bitch.

Russell starts down the aisle and Washington lets out a sigh.

Shane Sneer: Is this official?

Daman Washington: They want it, they got it. It's official. I just hate to see it happen.

Percy Snow vs. Billy Russell

The two circle each other, neither man wanting to lock up or back down. Snow gets the better of the situation with a thumb to the eye of Russell followed by a stiff shot to the face, sending him down. Snow picks Russell up and delivers another stiff right to his face rocking him back into the ropes. Snow charges at Russell and head butts him right in the face causing his head to jolt back. Russell holds his jaw as his eyes go wide. It seems as though Snow might have cracked a tooth in his mouth as Russell spits out some blood. Ignoring Russell's predicament Snow fires some more right hands and follows them up with a clothesline over the ropes sending Russell to the out side. Snow drops down to his back and rolls out of the ring catching the recovering Russell with a right hand to the chest before grabbing his head and smacking it into the announcers table. Russell bounces off and pulls himself towards the fans to try and get out, however Snow comes from behind and smacks his face into the guard railing before Irish whipping him into the railing on the other side.

Shane Sneer: Snow is the aggressor in this match, which is strange because you'd figure Russell would be.

Daman Washington: Both men are now fighting for their in-ring careers, they've got to go all out.

Shane Sneer: That's what Snow's doing, but I'm not so sure about Russell.

Russell puts his hands up as if to ask for a breather, however Snow smacks his hands away before smacking him across the face. Snow then grabs Russell by the back of the head and shoves him full force into the ring post causing his body to sling one way and his head into the post. His head bounces off the post and then follows the rest of his body into crashing into the ground. Snow smacks Shane Sneer's bottle of water off the announce table before clearing the rest of it off and picks up Russell who is now bleeding from the head. Dragging him by his short hair up onto the table, Snow lifts Russell up and puts his head underneath his arm as if to DDT him. Russell reaches up and smacks Snow in the back of the head causing him to release his grip. Fighting out Russell throws a kick at the head of Russell followed by another kick, before finishing it all up with a kick to the gut causing Snow to bend over gasping for breath. Locking his head on his shoulder and hooking his leg behind Snow's leg, Russell leans forward and then shoots back nailing a flatliner onto the table, which surprisingly stays sturdy. Snow smacks the table face first and then rolls off the side of it as he is now to bleeding, and may have a broken nose.

Shane Sneer: What happened? Normally these tables shatter?

Daman Washington: They're re-enforced. I don't want any cheap stunts here. You use this table, it's going to hurt.

Shane Sneer: Poor Percy found out the hard way.

Slowly Russell rolls off the table onto his feet before staggering over to the fallen Snow and nudging him with his foot. Snow barely stirs as Russell lifts him up and rolls him into the ring before covering him as the ref counts 1....2... kick out by Russell as the crowd boos. Russell picks up Snow and hits a missile dropkick on him sending him back down. Recovering Snow begins to stand up, however Russell is way ahead of him as he hits the ropes and comes back with a running cross body. Snow attempts to duck this but ends up just being smacked in the face by Russell's body causing him to land quite savagely on the back of his head. Russell rolls off of him and hits the ropes and looks for a splash...however, Snow rolls out of the way and Russell crashes into the mat.

Shane Sneer: Russell wasted all that momentum and now Snow may be able to end this.

Daman Washington: Still life left in Russell, but these two may have stolen the show.

Shane Sneer: There's still action to come, but they've definately gone above and beyond expectations.

Clutching his ribs, Russell gets to his feet before attempting to wipe the blood out of his eyes. Snow spears Russell to the mat and follows it up with right hands to the head before picking Russell up and tossing him into the corner. He mounts the corner and begins to throw right hands at the head of Russell. Snow hops down and delivers a straight punch to the face of Russell. Russell slumps down onto his ass in the corner as Snow hits the other corner and comes running back only to get tackled by Russell! Both men struggle to get to their feet, but it's Russell up first. Russell picks Snow up, but Snow slides down Russell's back, then pulls his head down and hits the Flawless Finisher (Roll the Dice).

Shane Sneer: Snow's got the cover!

Jay Fair's hand comes down once, then twice.

Shane Sneer: This is it!

Fair's hand hits the mat for the third time and the crowd looks on, disappointed. Snow gets up, getting his hand raised before he steps out of the ring, looking down at the fans like they're a lower life form.

Shane Sneer: That's it, Russell's done, his career is over.

Daman Washington: Ten years of some great matches down in Puerto Rico, but he never really got a chance to perform in his home country.

Shane Sneer: I can't believe it. Just like that. Is he gone from NLW?

Daman Washington: I'm sure I can find him a role. You can rest assured that I'll meet with Billy later tonight. This isn't the last we'll see of him in NLW.

Shane Sneer: And this is a great showing by the fans, giving Russell what he deserves.

A standing ovation is given to Billy Russell as he struggles to his feet. He realizes that the ovation's for him and looks around, the impact of their actions really setting in. He nods his head slowly, then raises his arm before sliding out of the ring and making his way to the back.

Shane Sneer: While this crowd calms back down, I think it's time to run the tape from earlier. I had the chance to sit down with Brent Hill and go over his current condition. Go ahead and roll that.

The screen lights up and the scene switches to Brent Hill sitting on a steel chair inside the ring, but the arena is completely empty. Shane Sneer sits in a steel chair opposite him.

Shane Sneer: First things first, how's the back?

Brent Hill: Let's just say I'm thankful to not be rasslin' tanight.

Shane Sneer: Have the doctors cleared you to go back in the ring?

Brent Hill: Dem doctahs can't keep me out tha rang. This right here is my second home.

Shane Sneer: I understand that, but without clearance, I don't think Washington will let you wrestle.

Brent Hill: D knows that I'on't need no clarance to rassle. If he'on't wanna sanction it, then that's ok by me. But next month, Brent Hill will be in action.

Shane Sneer: Who do you plan on being in action against Brent?

Brent Hill: Whoever comes out of that main event as champ.

Shane Sneer: You mean...

Brent Hill: I'm naming mahself tha numba one contendah.

Shane Sneer: I don't think that's something you can do Brent.

Brent Hill: Well...if anyone wants to challenge me for it, then they can meet me right here in the rang. I'll be waitin'.

Hill's got a serious look on his face as the package fades back to ringside.

Shane Sneer: A very serious Brent Hill Daman and he wants to be the number one contender.

Daman Washington: It's hard to say no. He does deserve a chance since he was the runner up in the round robin tournament.

Shane Sneer: Are you saying he's the top contender?

Daman Washington: If he can get medical clearance, then yes, he'll get the first title shot.

Shane Sneer: What an announcement! You heard it here first folks. I don't wanna dwell on the uture, especially when we've got more great action ahead of us. This next one might be more violent than the last one, let's get to it!

Good Ol' Boys vs. Chaos Demons

The moment that Sanders and Dobson slid into the ring, the Chaos Demons attacked. Chaos Demon 1 stomped away at Dobson, but Sanders had managed to shift the momentum from Chaos Demon 2 onto himself, backing Chaos Demon 2 up with hard right hands. Sanders then clotheslined Chaos Demon 2 up and over the top rope before helping out Dobson. Together, they tossed Chaos Demon 1 up and over the top rope to the outside, letting him join his partner. They didn't stop there though. The Good Ol' boys slid underneath the bottom rope and the slugfest between these two teams continued. Chaos Demon 1 ended up back body dropping Dobson onto the concrete floor and Chaos Demon 2 sandwiched Sanders between himself and the steel pole. Chaos Demon 1, remembering the rules of the match, grabbed a steel chair from the ringside, then looked at Sanders, who was resting against the pole. Chaos Demon 1 wound up and swung like a baseball bat, aiming right at the skull of Sanders, who saw it just in time to duck and cause a loud, hand numbing clang to take place. Chaos Demon 1 dropped the chair and Sanders picked it up, jabbing it into Chaos Demon 1's midsection, then turning and jabbing it into Chaos Demon 2's midsection before slamming it into each man's back. Dobson comes over and rolls Chaos Demon 1 into the ring. Dobson stomps away, then goes for a vertical suplex, but can't get Chaos Demon 1 into the air. Chaos Demon 1 lifts Dobson up though, taking him into the mat with a brainbuster. Chaos Demon 1 goes for the pin, but it's broken up Sanders diving into the ring.

Shane Sneer: Sanders stopped what could have been an early pinfall.

Daman Washington: I know that the Good Ol' Boys requested this match, but I think that's going to come back and hurt 'em.

Shane Sneer: Wuddayamean?

Daman Washington: Look at the Chaos Demons. Look how big they are, how tough they are...and well...how mean they are.

Shane Sneer: So a match without rules....

Daman Washington: Plays up to their strengths.

Shane Sneer: Both Chaos Demons are stomping away on Sanders now.

Chaos Demon 1 puts Sanders in one corner, then Chaos Demon 2 puts Dobson in the other corner. Chaos Demon 1 tosses Chaos Demon 2 a chair and keeps a chair for himself. They look at each other, then turn. Chaos Demon 1 charges into the corner, driving his body and the chair into Sanders while Chaos Demon 2 does the same thing to Dobson! Chaos Demon 2 and Chaos Demon 1 look at each other again, nod their heads, then run to the opposite corners! Chaos Demon 2 charges into Sanders, but Sanders gets his feet up, kicking the chair into Chaos Demon 2! On the other side, Dobson rolled out of the way and Chaos Demon 1 ran the chair right into the corner! Dobson pulls Chaos Demon 1's throat down on the top rope and he falls back, landing back first on the chair! Sanders lifts himself to the second turnbuckle and comes off, bulldogging Chaos Demon 2 onto the steel chair! Sanders goes for the pin, but Chaos Demon 2 nearly lifts him into the air with a huge kickout. Dobson and Chaos Demon 1 are both down but Sanders is ready to go. He slides out of the ring, then looks underneath it, digging around. He re-emerges with a metal bucket and a pipe! Sanders slides back into the ring where Chaos Demon 2 is on his knees. Sanders puts the bucket over his head, then gets approval from the crowd before swinging the pipe into the bucket! The clang that's heard resonates throughout the arena, bouncing off of the walls and Chaos Demon 2 falls straight back, out of it.

Shane Sneer: Chaos Demon 2's out, but Chaos Demon 1's back on his feet.

Daman Washington: Dobson's behind him, but Sanders swings the pipe!

Shane Sneer: OH! Chaos Demon 1 ducks and Sanders just drilled Dobson with the pipe!

Daman Washington: And Chaos Demon 1 grabs Sanders, a two handed sitdown chokeslam, wow!

Chaos Demon 1 makes the pin, but somehow Sanders kicks out at two, barely rolling his arm off the canvas. Chaos Demon 1 pulls the bucket off of Chaos Demon 2's head, pulling him up to his feet. Chaos Demon 1 slaps the chest of Chaos Demon 2, then points at Dobson, who's holding his head on the mat. Chaos Demon 2 walks over to the corner, pulling off the top turnbuckle and exposing the steel. He then picks up Dobson, pounding him with right hands before using an irish whip to send Dobson into the corner. Dobson sees the exposed steel and puts his hands out, stopping and lifting himself into the air, over a charging Chaos Demon 2 who runs chest first into the steel. Dobson rolls him up, but Chaos Demon 1 breaks up the count. Chaos Demon 1 picks Dobson up and brings him over next to Sanders. Chaos Demon 1 then runs both of their heads together before bouncing off the ropes and taking them down with a double clothesline. Chaos Demon 2 comes off the adjacent ropes and lands on both men with a big double splash!

Shane Sneer: The size of the Chaos Demons is proving to be too much.

Daman Washington: If the Good Ol' Boys don't find a way to counter that size, this one's over.

Shane Sneer: But how can they do that?

Daman Washington: I'm looking around and I see quite a few equalizers in the ring.

Chaos Demon 2 covers both men at the same time, but that allows them to kick out much easier. Chaos Demon 1 is outside the ring, looking for more weaponry. He's got a piece of wood, slightly smaller than a two by four and slides back in. He taps Chaos Demon 2 and each man takes one side of the wood. They wait, watching as Sanders starts getting to his feet. When he does, they charge, trying to run him over with the wood, but Sanders leap frogs the wood and when they turn around, he dropkicks the wood into their chest, knocking it out of their hands! Sanders picks it up and swings it, breaking it over the top of Chaos Demon 1's head! Chaos Demon 2 looks on in amazement while Dobson's able to come from behind and with a knee to the back, sends Chaos Demon 2 stumbling into the corner where he hits his head on the exposed steel! Sanders rolls Chaos Demon 2 up and Jay Fair is in the right place to make the three count, getting the crowd on their feet!

Shane Sneer: They did it! It took a board, some exposed steel, and a roll up, but the Good Ol' Boys did it!

Daman Washington: Chaos Demon 1 is still out from that wood breaking over his head. I don't even think Sanders expected it to actually break.

Shane Sneer: This is just a feeling Daman, but I don't think this is quite over with these two teams.

Daman Washington: That's a pretty safe bet Shane. These guys still have a lot of fighting to do. They may fight all across the Great Lake region, up into Canada, and end it in Alaska, who knows!

Shane Sneer: It's done for the night, but this won't be the last time we see them folks.

The Good Ol' Boys make their way up the aisle, both leaning on each other for support as they step through the curtains, victorious on this night as the cameras fade backstage where the Guru is standing next to Tim Westbrook, busy doing sit-ups.

The Guru: Tonight, you become champion. World Champion. The First World Champion. This is your destiny, this is what you were born for.

The Guru watches for a moment, almost in awe, before continuing.

The Guru: You...are...unstoppable. Tonightt...you are...the Next Level...of Wrestling. You...are...the champion.

The Guru smiles as Westbrook continues with the sit-ups. The scene fades back up to the ring.

Mean Jean Cattley vs. Barry Kingman

The two men circle each other, feeling each other out, then lock up. Kingman with a go behind, followed by a Cattley standing switch, then Kingman sweeps Cattley's legs out from under him and stands up, smiling as Cattley gets up slower, his eyes furrowing with anger. Kingman sidesteps a charging Cattley, shoving him into the corner, then rolling him up. Cattley kicks out of the roll-up and sends Kingman flailing into the corner. Kingman stopped himself before impact, but when he turned, he couldn't avoid a running knee to the face from Cattley. Kingman takes the blow and slumps down to the mat in the corner. Cattley senses an opportunity and goes to work, driving boot after boot after boot into Kingman's exposed chest, stomping him until Kingman's flat on the ground. Cattley smiles, then steps over Kingman, climbing up to the first turnbuckle. After a couple of bounces, Cattley jumps off, landing on Kingman with a double stomp to the midsection. Kingman doubles over, his eyes rolling in his head and Cattley steps back, admiring his work. Kingman sits up, still holding his midsection and Cattley kicks him right in the small of the back, re-arranging his organs. Cattley flips over Kingman with an inverted snapmare, snapping Kingman's neck forward. Kingman rolls around on the mat, not sure of where he hurts more. Cattley goes for the pin, but Kingman's too close to the ropes and uses them to break the hold.

Shane Sneer: The ropes saving Kingman there, but they won't be available for the whole match.

Daman Washington: Kingman's an up and down guy. Sometimes he can be great, other times he's mediocre. You never know what you're gonna get.

Shane Sneer: Like at Rising Stars? He lost three times.

Daman Washington: In all fairness, not all of those were his fault.

Shane Sneer: But a loss....is a loss Daman.

Washington makes some muttering sound while Cattley drives his shoulder into Kingman's midsection, then drops him back with a northern lights suplex. Cattley doesn't bridge it out though so there's no three count by Fair. Cattley watches, drooling in anticipation, as Kingman slowly gets back to his feet. Cattley goes for a front kick, but Kingman sidesteps it. Cattley turns back around and Kingman kicks him in the midsection, but Cattley catches his foot! Kingman with an insiguri! Cattley never saw it coming and tumbles to the mat. Kingman gets to his feet, but only to drop a quick legdrop across Cattley's throat, then go for a pin, an unsuccessful one at that. Kingman pulls Cattley off the mat, sending him into the corner gently, then drives a forearm into Cattley's chest before climbing up to the second turnbuckle. He looks around, making sure the crowd's into the match, then starts nailing Cattley with right hand after right hand, a total of ten. Kingman hops down, walks to the middle of the ring, then turns and clotheslines Cattley in the corner, watching as he falls down to the mat with a lifeless thud. Kingman steps through the ropes, climbing up to the top turnbuckle. He makes sure Cattley's staying on the mat, then leaps off with a big splash!

Shane Sneer: Cattley gets his knees up and Kingman took another blow right to the midsection!

Daman Washington: Kingman had an opportunity to go for the pin there but instead chose to go up top. They call em high risk for a reason.

Shane Sneer: But they're also high reward.

Daman Washington: I'm sure Kingman doesn't think so, at least not right now.

Cattley gets back to his feet, grabbing Kingman and running his eyes across the top rope, old school style. Cattley sends Kingman into the ropes, connecting with a rolling clothesline on Kingman, then posing afterwards. Cattley heads up to the second turnbuckle and as soon as Kingman reaches his feet, Cattley comes off with a flipping neckbreaker. Cattley doesn't hook the leg, making a pretty confident cover and Kingman's able to kick out of it. Cattley picks Kingman up, but Kingman kicks him in the midsection, then connects with a swinging neckbreaker. Kingman with a reverse vertical suplex on Cattley, him landing on his face and chest. Kingman locks in a boston crab on Cattley, sitting down deep on his back and forcing Cattley to scream out. Cattley quickly crawls to the ropes, hugging the bottom rope as if it's his only lifeline.

Shane Sneer: Cattley may have to buy an engagement ring if he gets any more physical with the rope.

Daman Washington: It broke the hold and that's all that matters.

Shane Sneer: Oooh, Cattley with a lowblow on Kingman!

Jay Fair never saw the lowblow. Cattley puts Kingman's legs on his shoulders, pinning him that way, even going as far as to put his feet on the middle rope for extra leverage! Jay Fair makes the three count and as soon as he gets to three, Cattley takes his feet off the ropes and rolls out of the ring, sneaking away with a victory!

Shane Sneer: Cattley pulled it off.

Daman Washington: But he cheated to do it Shane.

Shane Sneer: Well, a win's a win, isn't that what you say?

Daman Washington: Depends on my mood.

Shane Sneer: Oh?

Daman Washington: I don't like what just happened here and I think I may have something to do about it.

Shane Sneer: Care to share?

Daman Washington: Well, I'd like to go ahead and take this time to announce our next event. August 14th, we will proudly present Falling Grace, live from Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky!

Shane Sneer: Kentucky? We're leaving Illinois?

Daman Washington: It's about that time. And I've just decided that Barry Kingman will take on Mean Jean Cattley in an "I Quit" match. Settle this once and for all.

Shane Sneer: And Brent Hill will face the winner of the next match?

Daman Washington: For the NLW World Title.

Shane Sneer: Another great event I'm sure. But you know, it's time for the main event.

Daman Washington: I can't wait.

Shane Sneer: Let's get to it.

Tim Westbrook vs. Danny Rushmore

Westbrook pulls on the top rope before meeting Rushmore in the middle of the ring, both men standing eye to eye with Rushmore giving up a little bit of size to the massive Westbrook. The lock-up gets neither man an advantage, so Westbrook raises his hand, challenging Rushmore to a strength test. Rushmore bites his bottom lip, looking around at the arena, most of which is encouraging him to do it. Rushmore raises his left hand, matching Westbrook, then his right which locks up with Westbrook's left. The two immediately go to chest to chest, trying to get the other to give an inch. Westbrook does so, raising up on his feels and bending Rushmore's hands back. Rushmore fights back, and he manages to bend Westbrook's hand back! Westbrook puts one leg back, trying to maintain his balance. Rushmore senses that he's got Westbrook in pain, but before he can add any extra pressure, Westbrook takes him over with a fireman's carry. Westbrook delivers a forearm to the side of Westbrook's head, purely to taunt, then stands up, waiting on Rushmore.

Shane Sneer: Westbrook could have taken advantage there, but chose to let Rushmore get back up.

Daman Washington: He's trying to get inside his head. A little smack to let Danny know he's around.

Shane Sneer: How much of this match is going to be mental?

Daman Washington: Pretty much all. Look at these two, they're pretty similar ability wise, close on strength...whoever wins the mental battle will walk out of here with this belt.

Rushmore is back on his feet, stepping right into Westbrook's face. Westbrook pushes Rushmore, then Rushmore swings a right hand, which is ducked by Westbrook. Westbrook kicks Rushmore in the midsection, pushing him back into the corner, then kicking him in the midsection two more times. Westbrook opens up Rushmore, putting his arms over the top rope and exposing the chest for a huge forearm, followed by another...and a third. Westbrook pulls Rushmore out but only to push him back in. Westbrook steps away, looking around the arena and down at The Guru. The Guru motions for him to get back to business and Westbrook does just that, turning to Rushmore. Rushmore grabs Westbrook, spins him around and throws Westbrook into the corner now! Rushmore with a series of haymakers, each one forcing Westbrook's head to snap back. After six or seven haymakers, Rushmore spins around in a fit of excitement, yelling out to the crowd and drawing them into the match. Rushmore turns back to Westbrook, but gets run over by a huge clothesline, almost causing him to do a flip in the air.

Shane Sneer: Rushmore had the momentum, but he focused too much on getting the crowd going.

Daman Washington: Rushmore feeds off the energy of the crowd, a lot of wrestler's do. He was just hyping himself up, but made what could be a fatal mistake.

Shane Sneer: Westbrook is stomping away at the chest of Rushmore now, making sure he stays on the mat.

Daman Washington: That's smart strategy. If a man's on the mat, he can't hurt ya.

Shane Sneer: Westbrook's got Rushmore laying in the corner. With his head on the bottom turnbuckle, he's in for some trouble.

Rushmore looks up just in time to see Westbrook leaping, trying to drive his knee right into the forehead of the lumberjack. Rushmore rolls off to the side and Westbrook lands on the bottom turnbuckle. Rushmore grabs the top rope, pulling himself up to his feet. Westbrook is up and reaching down for his knee. Rushmore, noting the injury, drives his shoulder into the back of Westbrook's knee, dropping him to one. As soon as Westbrook stands back up on both, Rushmore drives his shoulder into the right knee again. This time, Rushmore grabs the leg of Westbrook while he's on the mat, extending it before kicking at the inside of his knee. Rushmore with another stomp, then slides out of the ring, still holding Westbrook's leg. Rushmore looks around, getting approval from the crowd, then slams Westbrook's leg into the steel pole! Rushmore slides back into the ring, going for the pin, hooking the bad knee, but Westbrook kicks out with the good one. Rushmore sends Westbrook into the ropes, swinging with a back elbow. Westbrook ducks the back elbow, then lifts Rushmore with an atomic drop, but instead of bringing him down, Westbrook walks over to the ropes and drops Rushmore over the top before falling back down to the mat himself!

Shane Sneer: Rushmore takes a hard fall to the outside, but Westbrook is down!

Daman Washington: He's taking advantage of the move by resting up.

Shane Sneer: He's trying to get to his feet, but you can tell his knee is hurting him.

Daman Washington: He's gotta fight through it, there's too much on the line.

Shane Sneer: Rushmore has pulled himself back up to the apron, but Westbrook's standing up. These two are trading right hands on opposite sides of the ropes!

Westbrook hooks Rushmore in a front face lock, looking like he may suplex him back into the ring, but Rushmore holds his ground, then lifts Westbrook up! Rushmore falls back, kind of turning and suplexing Westbrook to the floor outside. Both men lay motionless and referee Jay Fair looks towards Washington at the announce booth, asking him what to do. Washington shrugs his shoulders and Fair reluctantly starts counting both men out. The Guru looks in the ring, shocked and then starts yelling at Fair, who ignores him and continues the count.

Shane Sneer: He's counting both men out?

Daman Washington: That's what it appears. Two men are outside the ring, these are the rules.

Shane Sneer: Then what happens if they both get counted out?

Daman Washington: By my count, it'd be one fall a piece and whoever gets the next fall would win the title.

Shane Sneer: He's up to eight and neither man is moving!

Fair continues the count, finally getting to ten and calling for the bell. The ring announcer comes over, asking Fair what to say, then announces that both men have been counted out. He says that since it's one fall a piece, the winner of the next fall will walk out of here with the NLW World Title! The fans erupt, knowing it's down to the last fall. The Guru doesn't seem happy at all as he gets Westbrook to his feet, explaining to him what happened. Rushmore gets up himself and Fair explains the situation to him. Rushmore and Westbrook look at each other with puzzled looks, then instantaneously charge each other, meeting with a flurry of right hands, neither man willing to stop the attack. They're beating each other senseless with rapid right hands until Rushmore starts getting the advantage, getting two punches for each one of Westbrooks. Rushmore's punches back Westbrook into the guardrail, then Rushmore backs up, charges, and clotheslines Westbrook over the guardrail into the stands! Rushmore steps over the guardrail himself, clearing out some of the chairs.

Shane Sneer: Security doing a great job of moving the fans back.

Daman Washington: The fans think they want to be involved with this, but trust me, they want to be as far away as possible.

Rushmore picks Westbrook up for a piledriver. The Guru comes over, distracting Rushmore. Rushmore puts Westbrook down, then grabs the Guru, getting the fans all excited. Rushmore punches him, knocking the Guru down to the floor but it also allows Westbrook to re-gain the advantage, picking up one of the steel chairs and slamming it into Rushmore's face as soon as he turns around. Westbrook turns the chair and now drives it into the midsection of Rushmore. Jay Fair isn't counting them out. Instead, he's trying to get Westbrook to bring the action back into the ring. Westbrook lifts Rushmore up, then crotches him on the steel guardrail! Westbrook hops over the guardrail, rolling into the ring while Rushmore tries to do the same. Fair is up to six, now counting Rushmore out but Westbrook breaks the count, instead choosing to slide back out. Westbrook rolls Rushmore into the ring, picking him up by the hair. Westbrook lifts him up, hanging him upside down in the corner, the familiar tree of woe position. Westbrook goes boxer style, working Rushmore's body over with right and left hands before backing up to the middle of the ring. With a bull-like snarl, Westbrook takes off, running the side of his body and knee directly into Rushmore, who comes tumbling off of the turnbuckle and falls lifelessly to the mat. Westbrook makes the cover, taking all hope from the crowd. Fair makes the count...but just as his hand's coming down for three, Rushmore raises his arm! The crowd gets back on their feet, suddenly rejuvenated.

Shane Sneer: I thought he had it right there. Rushmore was lifeless and then just like that...he kicked out.

Daman Washington: The heart of a champion, the instincts of a winner.

Shane Sneer: Both of these men are giving it all they got. Unlike some places, when we're done, we'll know that our World Champion has earned the right to be called champion.

Daman Washington: The winner of this match will have gone through multiple opponents, a 3 match night, and each other. Definately a tough task. No other fed makes their first champion earn the belt the way we do. That's why we stand out.

Shane Sneer: That's not the only reason. The level of competition is top notch, especially for a fed still in it's early stages.

Westbrook pulls Rushmore to his feet. Frustrated and not knowing what to do next, Westbrook drives a right hand into Rushmore's face, knocking him back into the ropes. Westbrook charges, trying to clothesline Rushmore over the top rope, but Rushmore bends down and sends Westbrook flying instead. Westbrook lands hard and Rushmore stays on one knee in the ring, catching his breath. Westbrook starts getting up to the apron. Rushmore sees this and slides with a baseball slide, knocking Westbrook off the apron and back into the guardrail! Rushmore sends Westbrook into the steel ringsteps, knocking them out of place before sliding back into the ring. The Guru is right there, getting Westbrook back up and making sure he beats the ten count into the ring. Rushmore sends Westbrook into the ropes, then lifts him with a release fireman's carry, dropping Westbrook nearly on his head! Rushmore goes up to the second turnbuckle, staring at Westbrook as he slowly gets to his feet. Rushmore is poised for a clothesline, but The Guru shakes the top rope and Rushmore tries re-gaining his balance. By the time he does, Westbrook is on his feet. He grabs Rushmore, sending him halfway across the ring. Rushmore lands with a thud and Westbrook slumps back into the corner.

Shane Sneer: This battle is approaching the thirty minute mark and these two have got to be down to their last gasps.

Daman Washington: Neither man is feeling like roses, I guarantee that. Westbrook's at least caught his breath.

Shane Sneer: He's got Rushmore and sends him into the corner, face first!

Westbrook then charges, looking for a spear to Rushmore's back, but Rushmore moves out of the way and Westbrook goes between the second and third turnbuckles, hitting the steel pole! Westbrook steps out of the corner, clutching at his shoulder. Rushmore lifts him into the air, then brings him down headfirst!

Shane Sneer: Mount Rushmore! Is this it? Is it over?

Rushmore reaches out, grabbing Westbrook's leg and hooks it, making the pin. Jay Fair is in perfect position. His hand comes down once, the crowd counting out loud. It comes down twice, the fans ready to erupt. It starts to come down a third time, but The Guru slides into the ring. The Guru goes to pull Fair away, but not before Fair's hand comes down for the third time! The bell rings and the fans erupt as Danny Rushmore rolls over onto his back, staring up at the ceiling, completely exhausted. Daman Washington grabs the NLW World Title and slides into the ring. He helps Rushmore to his feet, then hands Rushmore the World Title. Rushmore blinks, then stares at the belt. Finally, he shakes Washington's hand and raises the belt into the air! Rushmore climbs up the turnbuckle, raising the belt high as Defining Excellence comes to an end.

Quick Results

Jacob Jett d. Eddie Howard (35.1)

Percy Snow d. Billy Russell (38.0)

Good Ol' Boys d. Chaos Demons (38.1)

Mean Jean Cattley d. Barry Kingman (32.7)

Danny Rushmore d. Tim Westbrook (57.8)

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Clearly one of the high points of the DIARY DOME.

Gives us clear reasons for everything, and tells us about anything that could come up as well as insight into the wreslters.

The Writing

Matches are a bit long for my personal taste, but the matches are kept entertaining... this is clearly a diary people should read. I am personally hoping for more updates of behind the scenes manner, which TEW has a lot of.


Two thumbs way way up. I throughly enjoyed getting into the characters, and the backstory espically. And now, with this gay smilie Marsh put up, I shall stamp this...


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7/20/04 Writer's Meeting

That was it. That was the first step in deciding the direction of NLW. There had been a lot of speculation that Tim Westbrook would emerge as champion, some even thought Brent Hill was the man. It was Jay Fair who had first suggest Danny Rushmore, saying that Westbrook and Hill were likely choices, but this was our chance to build a star, really create something. Jean Cattley jumped on the bandwagon, mentioning that Rushmore was popular, but under-rated and by putting him on the map, he would essentially put us on the map. And so it was decided, Danny Rushmore was to be our first World Champion. The match with Westbrook accomplished everything it needed to accomplish. It reached into the soul of the fan and made them care about the outcome. Step one had been completed.

Step two had taken a backstep. My original plan was to run the three Chicago shows, then move on to a tour around the region, hopefully having a television deal in place with a regional network. I hadn't taken into account how much this industry fluctuates and my calls to Great Lakes Television were not being returned. That was the reason I had to call this meeting with my creative team, to see what ideas they may be able to come up with to make sure the product continued to grow, one show at a time. Shane and Jay were seated already, talking about Defining Excellence, going over their roles and favorite parts when Jean finally stepped through the door. I looked at my watch and Jean smiled at me.

Jean Cattley: Relax boss, I got stuck on a phone call with Barry. He wanted to go over the match last night so we can make it better for Falling Grace.

Daman Washington: It's cool, I never really expect you on time anyway.

Washington smiled with the comment, letting Cattley know there were no hard feelings. Washington put one leg over the other, looking down at his clipboard, then back up at the three faces staring back at him.

Daman Washington: Alright. The response to NLW thus far has been good, but not quite what I expected. I don't know if we need to spend more money on promotions, offer some free tickets, or what but we've got to find a way to step things a notch.

Shane Sneer: Well, I'm not much on the promotions side, but one thing is that we've got to be more careful about the in-ring product.

Daman Washington: I'm not sure I follow...

Shane Sneer: Well, lemme give you an example. At Defining Excellence, we put Eddie Howard in there against Jacob Jett and while it wasn't bad movewise, neither one of those guys is capable of using ring psychology to draw the audience in.

Daman Washington: I understand that, but I believe that Jay's capable of stepping in and helping them when needed.

Jay Fair: Right, and I do when I can. Sometimes, I've got a role to play and shouting out instructions would definately not go over well.

Daman Washington: I wouldn't want you to go that far, but with certain guys, you're going to have to get involved, help them out.

Jay Fair: I can do that.

Mean Jean Cattley: Not to interrupt, but back to shaking things up....I was thinking about a tag team invitational.

Daman Washington: Invitational?

Mean Jean Cattley: Right. We open the doors to any teams who want to enter. The winner becomes NLW Tag Team Champions.

Daman Washington: What if a team outside NLW wins?

Mean Jean Cattley: Teams in SWF and HGC are tied down to contracts and everyone else, if they win, they'll probably want to stay, so I think the chances of someone taking the belts and going back to their fed are minimal.

Shane Sneer: So anybody?

Mean Jean Cattley: Anybody.

Shane Sneer: It would definately draw attention Daman.

Daman Washington: Alright Jean, I'm gonna leave you in charge of this. Go ahead and get the word out. As soon as you've got eight teams signed up, you let me know and we'll get this going.

Mean Jean Cattley: Awesome.

Daman Washington: But make sure the teams are good!

Mean Jean Cattley: Sure thing.

I really did like his idea, especially since I had started out as a tag team wrestler. Tag team wrestling can add an extra level of excitement and teams that do it well are rare. If Cattley could find the best teams in the country, then the idea would work. If he doesn't, then there may be an empty chair next week.

Jay Fair: Daman, what's gonna happen with Billy?

Mean Jean Cattley: Yea, he's not really hanging it up, is he?

Daman Washington: Billy came up to me before the show started and said his body couldn't take it. I asked him what he wanted to do and we came up with the stipulations in the match. But I also have an idea for where we can take this.

Shane Sneer: A temporary retirement? Let him heal up, then have a big comeback?

Daman Washington: I don't know if he plans on coming back to in ring action, but he's not against out of ring action.

Shane Sneer: You mean like an authority figure?

Daman Washington: In a sense.

Jay Fair: I'm not sure I follow ya D.

Daman Washington: I want to use Russell as an outside enforcer.

Jay Fair: A second referee?

Daman Washington: Exactly.

Jay Fair: In every match?

Daman Washington: Maybe. Maybe just the big matches.

Shane Sneer: So Fair's inside the ring and Russell's outside?

Daman Washington: Yea, trying to keep the action in the ring, take down guys trying to interfere, all that good stuff.

They looked at each other as if I might be crazy. Maybe I was, but this made perfect sense to me. Nobody has an outside enforcer on a consistent basis and this was an opportunity to create an extra element for the company. Thankfully, Jay Fair understood where I was coming from.

Jay Fair: I like it.

Mean Jean Cattley: You do?

Jay Fair: I do. I think it can be a great addition to NLW.

Shane Sneer: I think it'd be interesting if nothing else.

Daman Washington: I'd like to give it a trial one during the main event of Falling Grace.

Shane Sneer: During Hill and Rushmore's match?

Daman Washington: Yup.

Shane Sneer: Ok.

I didn't want to bring up the fact that Great Lakes Television was ignoring me, I didn't think that would do any good. I looked around at the guys...I couldn't stand it if they were worried about it not working out. No, this was definately something I had to keep to myself.

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Awesome stuff coming out of your keyboard as usual there Phenom. I love everything that this diary gives out and the commentary in the middle of the matches make it much more enoyable to read.

I'm eagerly anticipating the Tag Team Invitational as your strongest strength is writing tag matches in my opinon.

The only minor booking grip I have is just having round robin matches on the second show. I think that would kill some excitement for a fed for me. It's still a great read so far and you better keep up the good work. ;)

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7/28/04 An Unexpected Request

When I stood up out of my chair, I had every intention of stepping outside my office and giving an earful to whoever was causing all the commotion. It had been a very important phone call, plus my knee was in a lot of pain today. If nothing else, I just needed to let some aggression out. Of course, when I opened the door, things changed. Bobby Wood, who was my top production guy despite his young age, was doing all he could to keep two women away from my door. These weren't just everyday women though. I looked at Michelle Brendon, one of the top female wrestlers in the World. I had only met her a handful of times, but had managed to catch quite a few of her matches. If she hadn't gotten on the bad side of Anne Stardust, owner of the only women's promotion in the US, she'd surely be the AAA World Champion by now. She saw me and instantly calmed down. I motioned to Bobby that it was ok and he shrugged his shoulders, then walked off with a look of disdain. I shook Michelle's hand and caught myself staring at her smile.

Daman Washington: Good to see you again, but-

She cut me off in mid-sentence, pulling the other woman forward.

Michelle Brendon: Daman, this is my younger sister Tracy.

I shook her hand as well, still not sure what was going on.

Daman Washington: It's a pleasure, but what brings you ladies here?

Tracy looked at Michelle nervously. Michelle smiled and looked at me.

Michelle Brendon: Well, rumor has it that there's a tag team invitational coming up.

I nodded my head, furrowing my eyes in confusion.

Michelle Brendon: We want in.

After nearly swallowing my tongue, I invited both sisters into my office, pointing them to chairs opposite my desk. I took my seat, putting my hands together and resting my face on them. When I finally opted to look at the two, I wasn't sure what would come out of my mouth.

Daman Washington: Michelle, you're talking about competing against...men.

Michelle Brendon: Well, now that we've established that, what's it gonna take to get us in the tournament?

Daman Washington: Have you seen the Chaos Demons? That's 800 pounds of mass. I can't have you in there against them, you might not make it back out.

Michelle sat forward in her seat, getting closer to me.

Michelle Brendon: Daman, you know that Anne's not going to let me get any further in AAA. This may be my only chance to actually leave a mark on wrestling.

Daman Washington: But what if-

Michelle Brendon: I can take care of myself Daman.

I swallowed again, then looked at Tracy. Before I could speak, Michelle seemingly read my mind.

Michelle Brendon: I can take care of her too, not that I have to.

I looked at both of them. What could I have done? After all, discrimination's illegal and these two were the first ones to test me on that. I finally came up with a solution.

Daman Washington: I tell ya what Michelle...I'll give you two a match at Falling Grace. If you look good there, then I'll put you in the invitational.

Michelle and Tracy started celebrating, but Washington interrupted.

Daman Washington: But if you can't cut it...you're done, just like that. Got it?

Michelle stood up with a smile and shook Daman's hand.

Michelle Brendon: You just get ready to add our names to the invitational.

With that, she grabbed Tracy by the wrist and the two scurried out of the room, leaving me to ponder the effects of what I had just done.

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Not just a female worker playing with the boys, but a female TAG TEAM? Okay, who's going to be the Neanderthal who plays the Ahmed Johnson "I ain't losin' to no bitch" card?

This one's an excellent twist on a diary that I've had a hard time getting into, pretty much because it's the TEW created data. Definitely paying attention to see how the Brendon sisters do...and was Daman checking Michelle out? B)

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