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Game of the Week: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater


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I'm thinking of doing a weekly discussion topic on any game in particular that I've played, that may be of interest. So, I figured I'd start off with my favorite game of 2004, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

I'll start with the gameplay. While largely unchanged from the previous titles, many little changes have been incorporated to enhance the experience. Not to mention, this games biggest draw, the camoflauge feature. The game is far more stealth geared than the previous MGS titles, but this is not a problem, as it adds to the experience. The CQC is a great addition, as I absolutely love slitting the throats of unsuspecting guards. The new camo feature allows for a whole new dimension in that each area is better suited to a certain camo. The better the camo, the better your stealth, and well, the better you do. Another feature added is the limit on weapons being carried. This adds a more realistic vibe, except that Snake can still pull a Rocket Launcher out of his pants.

Next, the story. I personally find this to be the best game storywise in the MGS franchise. The story is not convulted as hell like MGS2, it actually makes sense. The Cold War is a great backdrop for this story. The story of the first Metal Gear or the Shagohod being developed fits perfectly with the timeframe. Volgin makes a great villain, but is so overshadowed by the awesomeness that is Ocelot that its ridiculous. As said in the Character of the Year topic, he wins in my book. I only wish Sokolov dying was a preventable occurance, because then we could have different endings. Eva plays a great mystery character. The story in general is an epic, an unforgettable.


Naked Snake/Big Boss: The man, but isn't knowledgeable in movies. Maybe he should watch more? And definitely has some awesomely hilarious conversations with Sigint and ParaMedic.

Eva-Mysterious, interesting, and for whatever reason, impossible to trust. Sort of like an enemy who turns to your side.

Ocelot-THE MAN. Hand Gestures, witty lines, and getting a bike tire to the face round out the highlights of his role. Not to mention his end of the game triple agentry, making him the absolute character.

Volgin-A good, easy to hate villain. The battles could have been tougher though.

The Boss-Excellently played out, and a truly deep character. Way more to her than the average character.

Overall, I rate the game a 10/10...

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Ocelot is one of the best characters in any game I've played, not just of the year, or in the MGS series. Eva always seemed like she was gonna turn on you at any moment, but she never did(until the end of course, after your done playing the game) The storyline is really one of the best storylines in a game that I've played. I never focused too much on the camos, because I really didn't try to get them that much. The game owned, and was my favorite game of last year(when I statrted playing it was December).

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