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Guest Red Devil

For anyone who doesn’t want to know what happened at the Royal Rumble '05 STOP READING NOW as this contains spoilers. Everyone else can continue.

For the past 10 years I had been writing for various soaps, a couple of months back I had an interview with Vince McMahon. I wanted to join the WWE because I’d always been a wrestling fan but never really tried to get into the business. The interview went well and we decided that I would start after the Royal Rumble. Vince layed out what he wanted to do with the company and I told him the direction I wanted to take the company in. We both had similar ideas and wanted to go in the same direction which ultimately got me the job. I was now officially a WWE writer. I wanted to start straight away but Vince told me that he wanted me to not only write for RAW but also Smackdown. He wanted me to be some sort of ideas man for both shows and felt that the first c-Brand show would be a great place to begin and Royal Rumble was the next co-branded show.

I arrived at the building a couple of hours early to meet the boys. I sat in on the big meeting where Vince was giving a motivational speech to the wrestlers. After the meeting we had an hour or so to do what we please so I made my way around the room chatting to various wrestlers from Rey Mysterio to Viscera. They were all pleasant and gave me no real problems at all and even after telling them my new job they didn’t even try any ass kissing methods. As I took my seat in the arena to watch my first ever live WWE show I knew I had made the right decision and couldn’t wait to get started.

We are LIVE from Fresno California and our announcers are JR and King for Raw, Tazz and Michael Cole for Smackdown and Hugo and Carlos for our Spanish speaking friends!

Match #1 Edge vs. HBK

HBK won the Rumble here in Fresno in 1996.

Edge attacks as HBK slides in and they duke it out with HBK still in entrance gear. Edge over the top to the floor and HBK disrobes. Edge back in, lock up and Edge takes him to the corner. Chop by HBK, and then another. Off the ropes, and a neck breaker by Edge. Right hand to HBK and he is down. Again and a 3rd time and then HBK fights back. Eye-poke by Edge and then chops to HBK. Thez press by HBK, and he pummels Edge and tosses him to the floor. HBK to the floor, but Edge slams HBK down. Edge back in, and then connects with a baseball slide. Slams HBK’s head off of the apron and then rolls him back in. Right hands by Edge, and then a hard whip to the corner and HBK goes down. Edge kicks away at HBK, as the crowd really putting the heat on Edge. Chops by HBK now, tries a RANA but Edge catches him with a sit down power bomb for 2. Reverse chin lock with body scissors by Edge, and HBK tries to battle out. HBK tries to break the body scissors…does and gets to his feet but back down. Edge really working over the neck, but HBK fights back up again. Elbows to Edge, chops but Edge slams him down to a loud chorus of boos. Edge grabs HBK by the hair and slams him down. Right hands to HBK, then chops. HBK to the turnbuckle, dumps Edge who lands on his feet and pulls him down with the hair. Edge up top…MISSES a cross body! Oklahoma roll by HBK for 2. Straight kick by Edge and a count of 2. Hair slam to HBK again and Edge still in control. Back suplex to HBK reversed and gets 2 on Edge. Edge pummels HBK with a clothesline and back to a reverse chin lock with the arm locked as well. HBK up, chops to Edge and then a forearm shot. Off the ropes…knee to Edge. Atomic drop to Edge. Another then Edge to the corner and an elbow to Edge. Chops again in the corner, HBK mounts and punches away, roll up and a 2 for HBK. Slams Edge to the ring post, roll up and 2. Edge starts to leave the ring and HBK follows! Chops again on the floor as HBK brings him back. Slams Edge’s head to the apron, but as the ref talks to HBK Edge gets the spear on the floor! Edge back in the ring and the ref counts. 1…2..3…4…5…6…7…8…9…and he makes it barely! Edge mocks HBK and tunes up the band! SPEAR! 1…2…NO! Edge is PISSED! Sets HBK on the top rope…he follows him up and HBK fights him off. Edge down! HBK gets up top…ELBOW DROP! Both men are down as the ref counts. We get to 4…5…6…7…and HBK is up! Tunes up the band! Edge blocks…ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP! Covers 1…2…NO! They are up and duke it out with rights and chops. Edge rolls through a sunset flip and gets the funky Sharp Shooter. HBK fights as Edge puts the pressure on…then pulls him back center ring. HBK crawls again…and gets the ropes! Edge tries again and gets rolled up for 2. HBK rolls him up, reversal and Edge grabs the ropes and gets the win!

Winners: Edge @ 18:33

Teddy and Eric talk about who is the better brand. Teddy says SD will win again. Eric says they will just jump to Raw if that happens. Flair and Eddie arrive to pull numbers. The diva chicks are there to well, look god I guess. Eddie picks, but Flair says “16 time champs first!” HAHA! Flair seems happy with his pick. Eddie looks upset. They shake and hug. Flair shows his pick and they don’t look happy. He read it wrong I suppose, and looks for Eddie! He says Eddie stole his number! HAHA! Eddie picked his pocket!

Heidenreich says he hates caskets. Snitsky is there. Snitsky hates them too, but he likes John and they grunt. Snitsky has a plan. That was WAY to odd, seriously.

Cole and Tazz make fun of them.

Chanting monk music…DRUIDS WITH THE CASKET!

Match #2 Casket Match: Undertaker vs. Heidenreich

Lock up to start, Taker with a headlock…and pulls Heidenreich towards the casket. Taker now with a shoulder block, then a hip toss. Arm drag and Taker is putting on a wrestling clinic! Heidenreich backs away and yells at Taker to stop it! Headlock by Heidenreich, then a shoulder block to Taker. Another headlock, Heidenreich off the ropes…takes Taker down. Taker with a single leg takedown, single leg crab to Heidenreich. Heidenreich pulls himself to the ropes, makes it and goes to the floor and runs from the casket. Taker follows, and a knee to Heidenreich. Heidenreich rams Taker into the casket then beats him down with right hands. Taker head first off the casket then rolls Taker into the ring. Kicks to Taker now, and then more rights and lefts. Boots to Taker and he is down. Choke by Heidenreich, more body shots now and another choke. Taker leaps up and tries to lock in a triangle choke on Heidenreich. He has it locked in as he lays on the ropes…nice. Down to the mat and he has it locked still. Here is Snitsky! He beats down Taker! Clothesline to Taker! They go after Taker and a sloppy double suplex to Taker. Elbows by both to Taker and they drag him to the casket. They open the casket…IT’S KANE INSIDE! Kane is in! Crowd pops BIG time! Kane with rights to Snitsky and they go to the floor. They battle into the fans and now Heidenreich moves the casket away from the ring. Taker now is up and follows him. He slams Heidenreich off the casket. Heidenreich reverses a whip and sends Taker knees first into the steel steps. Heidenreich pulls up the mat on the floor, and beats Taker down with right hands. Heidenreich has the casket…and RAMS it into the Taker with a full running start! Heidenreich rolls him back in the ring and locks in the Million Dollar Dream! Taker fades and Heidenreich rolls him to the casket. Taker is in…NO! Taker’s arm is out! Right hands to Heidenreich! He pulls him in! He closes the door over his neck…ring apron leg drop to Heidenreich! Taker pulls him back in the ring now, GOOZLE! No, Heidenreich head butts his way out. Boot to Heidenreich, BOSS MAN SLAM by Heidenreich! He covers, but there is no pins fool! He drags Taker towards the casket…rolls him in…GOOZLE! Taker is still alive! Back in the ring and they duke it out, off the ropes…DDT to Heidenreich! GOOZLE AGAIN! CHOKE SLAM! Cut throat by Taker…uh oh! TOMB STONE! He rolls Heidenreich…in the casket…and that is all!

Winner: The Undertaker @ 13:19

WM XXI commercial, 63 days!

Teddy tells Eddie to give Flair’s number back. Evolution walks in to get it back. Eddie plays innocent, and then gives it back. Then he says to give Flair’s wallet back to…HA! He does, and now Flair’s pissed! HHH says Eddie better run! Batista wants to go and get his number, but HHH wants him to stay. They stare down, and Flair tries to make peace.

Christian with Bishoff, Teddy says he got Flair’s number back. Christian picks, he is happy. Cena is here, and wants to pick. He hits on Christi Hemme. Christian makes fun of Cena, saying “Cena in the house!” Christian says he could beat Cena in a rap off. Cena says for him to try, and he says “Tomko, gimmie a beat.” Christian cuts a funny little rap, then Cena calls him weak and a Homo for sharing a bed with Tomko. Nice. He says Christian can pick his number, because he likes playing with balls.

Match #3 JBL © vs. The Big Show vs. Kurt Angle

Angle sells his last man standing match with JBL as he holds his back and walks kind of slowly. Nice. JBL shows the effects of the match as well as he limps to the ring a bit.

Angle stays on the floor, and Show and JBL look to start things off. Knock down by Show, then huge chops in the corner to JBL. Angle still on the floor as JBL begs Angle to come in. Boot to Show, but Show catches him and a slam, followed by a leg drop for 2 as Angle slides in and saves JBL. Head butt, then chops to Angle. Show whips Angle to the corner, suplex to JBL. Big boot to Angle, and then double clotheslines them to the floor! Show follows, Angle off the steel steps and back after JBL and sends him to the steel post. Show grabs the steps…and sets then beside the SD announce table. He clears the table as Angle is down still. He GOOZLES JBL…tries a choke slam...LOW BLOW by Angle. Angle WAFFLES Show with a monitor and he CRASHES through the table! Angle now attacks JBL, and rolls him back in the ring. JBL takes Angle off the ropes, arm drag into an arm bar by Angle. Angle ducks a big boot, double leg take down then goes back to the arm. JBL gets a clothesline, misses a corner charge…German suplex to JBL! JBL fights out, misses a clothesline, another German! JBL tries to fight back, and here comes Show! Double clothesline! Head butts for all! Clotheslines for all! Slam to JBL! Slam to Angle on top of JBL! JBL whipped into the corner into Angle. Show with a corner ass splash! STRAP DOWN! Double GOOZLE! They escape Clothesline clip combo by Angle and JBL. German to JBL, Angle Slam to SHOW! JBL dumps Angle, covers Show for 2. GOOZLE to JBL…CHOKE SLAM! 1...2…NO! JBL has a foot on the ropes. JBL to the floor and Show follows. SPEAR TO JBL THROUGH THE BARRICADE BY GAWD! JBL is down and out, and Angle is in the ring with a chair. Show goes back in and doesn’t see the chair. Show slams Angle and he eats the chair! Jindrak down to take out the ref. Reigns is down as well and they beat down Show. The Bashams check on JBL, as Show fights for his life. OJ is down as well and picks JBL up. They slide him in the ring. He and Angle are up…CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL to Angle! 1…2…3!

Winner: JBL @ 12:03

Carlito talks with Batista, and wants him to sign the petition to get rid of Teddy. Batista refuses. Carlito goes to spit the apple, and Batista reminds him of the flagpole from Raw.

Bishoff makes fun of all the run-ins for the title match. Batista picks his number, and then Bishoff says Evolution is banned from ringside for HHH’s match. Batista says he will tell HHH.

Forest Gump parody commercial with Eugene. He does the life is like a box of chocolates line. Life is more like WM, like when Hogan slammed Andre, or when Benoit made HHH tap, or WM 14 when Tyson punched HBK, and he hits the woman on the bench. Glorious! Regal comes in and says, “Run Eugene RUN!

Match #4 Randy Orton vs. HHH ©

The good news for Orton is that Evolution is barred from ringside, and HHH is NOT wearing the white boots.

Orton slaps HHH and here we go! Back slide by Orton for 2. Right hands to HHH, and backs him to the corner. Backdrop to HHH, tries the RKO but HHH shoves him off and runs to the floor. Orton follows and brings HHH back in. Dropkick and a 2 count for Orton. Kicks by Orton in the corner to HHH, then right hands and HHH fights back with a knee to the gut. Orton to the corner, fights back and HHH stops him and mounts the corner and punches away. Orton steps out and drops HHH face first onto the corner. Orton tries the RKO but HHH shoves him off and over the top to the floor! HHH to the floor, and Orton rammed extremely hard into the steel steps. HHH back in the ring and mocks Orton’s pose. HHH pulls Orton back in and kicks away at him. Choke by HHH, breaks then another choke. Orton tries to pull himself up, chops by HHH, charges, eats a boot by Orton and right hands now to HHH. HHH floats over a backdrop and clips the knee of Orton. HHH slams his leg off the ring post and Orton falls to the floor. Back in the ring, Orton to his feet and another chop block by HHH. Elbow on the knee by HHH, then grabs the leg and slams the knee down hard. HHH pulls on the leg of Orton, then drops another elbow. Leg-vice on Orton, and HHH really pulls back on it at an ugly angle. HHH tries a figure four, roll up by Orton and a 2. HHH back to the knee, and NOW a Figure 4 to a chorus of Woooooo’s and booo’s! Orton tries to slide to the ropes, and shoulders down…2 count for HHH. Orton tries for the ropes again…but HHH slides him back into the center of the ring as HHH puts a tin of pressure on the hold. Shoulders down, and another 2 count for HHH. HHH slaps Orton, Orton gets pissed and tries to turn the hold…and does! HHH grabs the ropes and the hold is broken. HHH shakes off the pain, and then drops a knee to Orton’s knee. HHH drags Orton to the apron, and then slams his leg off the apron. He tries again, but Orton pushes him off and he flies over the Spanish Announce Table. HHH is not happy and gets back in the ring, 3.0 back breaker to HHH! Right hands exchanged now, Orton with the advantage and backs HHH to the corner. Neck breaker to HHH gets 2. Another modified neck breaker for another 2! Power slam to HHH gets another 2! Orton mounts HHH in the corner, atomic drop by HHH. HHH climbs up top… Orton up and catches him and gets an arm drag off the top! Orton goes up top now…CROSS BODY gets 2! Knee by HHH as Orton tried a backdrop. Orton fights out of the Pedigree, and HHH to the corner. HHH counters the RKO…Harley Race high knee and a 2 count! Both men fight to their feet and Orton has a busted mouth. Pedigree by HHH, no reversal…clothesline by Orton for 2! They go to the floor and Orton slams HHH off of the steps. Back in the ring, rights and lefts by Orton. HHH is out on his feet, and Orton holds him up and tries a DDT but HHH hooks the ropes. Both men are down and Orton rolls to the floor and is dazed. JR says he has a concussion as he stands on the floor in a daze. Earl tells him to get in or he will be counted out. Orton crawls back in as Earl checks on him. Clothesline by HHH and the ref bites it too! HHH kicks Orton right in the head, then gets old reliable…SLEDGY! Orton is down and barely moving. HHH stalks him but Orton pulls HHH into the ring post! HHH is holding his face! Orton looks out on his feet, as HHH is in pain and holds his face. HHH back in the ring, Orton looks to grab the Sledgehammer and does. Clothesline by HHH and Orton is down. HHH has the sledge…then dumps it. HHH grabs Orton…Pedigree. 1…2…3.

Winners: HHH @ 21:29

Angle backstage, steals Nunzio’s number for the Rumble!

Teddy and Bishoff argue some more. JBL and crew come in and celebrate. JBL says Bishoff is a great general manager and they make fun of Teddy. Teddy says he has info on JBL’s next title match. At No Way Out, JBL will defend the title against the Big Show. There will be no run-ins, because it will be a barbed wire steel cage match! JBL just lost his buzz.

Match #5 The Royal Rumble

90-second intervals this year.

Eddie is #1. Chris Benoit is #2!

Here we go! They circle and talk a bit. Lock up and they reverse and take each other to the corner. Shove off and a stare down. Lock up again and an arm bar by Benoit. Some mat work with reversals now and Eddie with a headlock. Eddie takes Benoit down and #3 is…Daniel Puder. He enters then goes to the floor and gets the mic. He says he will win the Rumble and make history. Eddie and Benoit are NOT impressed. Chop by Benoit then they double-team him. Chops all around for Puder. They try to one up each other. Double suplex to Puder. Back suplex by Benoit to Puder. Eddie with the 3 Amigos on Puder. #4 is BOB HOLLY! Holly has a smile on his face and comes in, and says he wants some of Puder. Chops by Holly to Puder. Welcome to the WWE dude. Now Benoit’s turn. DAMN! This dude’s chest is RAW! Now Eddie’s turn. This is great! Holly with the nut kick to Puder, Alabama Slam to Puder. #5 is THE HURRICANE as Holly tosses Puder. Holly is GONE by Benoit and Eddie. They double-team Hurricane now, and chop him down. Off the ropes…double clothesline and Eddie tries to toss Benoit! They chop it out now and Hurricane in the mix now. Block-buster to Eddie. Chop to Hurricane by Benoit, and then Eddie tosses Hurricane! #6 is Kenzo. They work him over now and chop him down. Drop kick by Eddie, snap suplex by Benoit. Kenzo tries to chop away, but they just beat him down. Back suplex by Eddie. Benoit tries to toss Eddie and he hangs on. #7 is Edge. He rushes the ring and spears Eddie. Then attacks Benoit and Kenzo. Dropkick to Eddie. He tries to dump him, but Eddie hangs on….and is still in. Edge after Kenzo and Benoit with chops to Edge. Kenzo all over Benoit now, #8 is…Rey Rey! Rey runs in and after Eddie! Then Edge, and a bulldog to Edge! Rey is all over the place! Rey dumps KENZO! Tilt a whirl by Eddie on Rey, and he and Benoit back at it. Tilt a whirl to Benoit! # 9 is…SHELTON!

Reverse elbow to Eddie then a backdrop. Rey and Eddie work over Benoit, then a chop block by Rey to Shelton. Head scissors by Rey to Shelton! # 10 is Booker T! Booker taking it to Edge, as Rey and Shelton pair off. Eddie and Benoit fight and Bishoff is down to cheer on the Raw troops! Rey with a sling shot dropkick to Benoit! #11 is JERICHOOOOOOOO! He charges the ring and goes to work on everyone with right hands! Chops to Edge, and a BIG Y2J CHANT! Back suplex to Edge, and Jericho works over Eddie. Booker over to break it up and Teddy Long is down as well! #12 is…Luther Reigns. Luther in and takes it to Jericho. Ring filling up now, and the Raw and SD guys side up! YES! RAW vs. SMACKDOWN! MASS BRAWL! ROCK ON! Rey and Jericho fight and # 13 is…HASSAN! Tazz says Raw can keep him! The action almost stops as they watch him walk to the ring. He does his prayer pose, as they all stop and stare him down. MASS BEAT DOWN ON HASSAN! 619 TO HASSAN! They grab him and BYE BYE! #14 is…OJ. Rey fights for his life in the corner, and OJ after Luther. Benoit attacks him now, and now Shelton and Jericho battle it out. Jericho on the apron…Shelton tries to eliminate him…#15 is…Scotty! He dances to the ring, as the action still goes on in the ring. Hassan attacks him! CAMEL CLUTCH! Scotty is wasted. Stinger Splash to Edge by Shelton. #16 is…Charlie Haas! Booker takes him down and then Luther attacks Luther as Scotty is taken to the back and Booker and Luther are BOTH eliminated! EXPLODER TO REY! Benoit and Eddie still in, and #17 is…Rene Dupree w/Fifi! Fifi is NOT in the Rumble though. Dupree attacks Rey, and Hass then goes after him. Haas and Shelton look at each other…WGTT DOUBLE TEAM! Spin kick to Shelton by Rey. Shelton misses a Stinger Splash but leaps to the top...SHOVED OUT by Edge! #18 is…Simon Dean. He checks his pulse and heads to the ring. He doesn’t want to get in, and RANA by Rey to Eddie! Face buster to Eddie by Rey ad Eddie is GONE by Edge! Jericho after Edge as Dean is still not in. Dean does stretches and # 19 is…HBK!

HBK eliminates Simon! Haas and HBK go at it. Rey runs from Edge and Haas is out!. #20 is…KURT ANGLE! German to Benoit! Belly to Belly to Rey! One to Y2J! He and HBK go at it…ANKLE LOCK! HBK up...ANGLE TOSSED! HBK and Rey go at it now, and Rey goes low. #21 is…Coach! Tazz makes fun of him, as he runs in and Benoit stalks him. Jericho all over Dupree and Benoit beats down Coach. Rey almost out…#22 is…Mark Jindrak. Angle is back! He tosses HBK! STEEL STEPS TO HBK! HBK is busted open and he beats the piss out of HBK! ANKLE LOCK ON HBK! The refs try to break it up and HBK is hurt. #23 is…Viscera. He slams Rey, and then Jindrak goes after him. Edge punishes Coach and #24 is…Paul London! Right after Dupree…then slammed down. FRENCH JIG! DUPREE GONE BY JERICHO! Jericho mocks him as well! #25 is…Cena! Ruck you belt fool! Cena hits the ring and hits everything that moves! After Viscera, but he takes him down. Cane tosses BIG VISCERA! Broncobuster to Coach by Rey! #26 is…Snitsky. He goes after everyone and takes Benoit down. London goes after him, sleeper on Snitsky. Snitsky KILLS London with a clothesline from the apron and London is GONE 360 style! Cena and Snitsky face off. BOOT to Cena! #27 is KANE! Snitsky waits on him…Off the ropes…clothesline to Snitsky. Choke slam to Edge. One for Benoit! Cena as well! Jericho now! REY REY EATS ONE! One handed bitch as Jindrak flies out by Kane and London gets stretchered out. GOOZLE ON COACH! Snitsky beats down Kane now, Pump handle to Kane by Snitsky. #28 is…BATISTA TOA MAD POP! DAVE TOSSES SNITSKY! Face off with Kane! They duke it out, crowd with Batista. DEAMON BOMB TO KANE! Batista press slams Jericho to the floor and eliminates him! He works on Edge and # 29 is…Christian! Cena eliminates Kane! Cena and Rey plot…and #30 is…FLAIR!

He and Batista high five and chops to Coach! SPINE BUSTER TO COACH! Flair tosses Coach! Big Dave directs traffic…SPINE BUSTER to Christian! Press slams to Christian onto Tomko and he is gone! Benoit still in! SPINE BUSTER to Benoit! Flair eliminated him! Flair tries to dump Batista! Rey and Edge double drop kick Batista! Flair is GONE by Edge! Rey, Cena, Batista and Edge are left. Edge attacks Rey and Cena and Batista pair off. SPEAR to Batista…ONE TO CENA! MISSES REY! 619 to Edge! Rey misses the drop of the dime, to the apron...SPEAR and Rey is gone! Edge is GONE!

Cena and Batista left! OVW STUDENTS COLLIDE! They stare down, and right hands by Cena. Rights from Batista and Cena gabs him….tries to dump him…but Batista fights off. Batista escapes and sets Cena…Batista bomb…he falls back…they BOTH FALLOUT!

The refs each pick a man to win, and we have the Hart/Luger situation all over again!

VINCE IS HERE! He sits down and wants to know what the hell is up? The crowd is split! Batista grabs Cena and TOSSES HIM! Cena back in, and HE TOSSES BATISTA! Fink says that the match be RESTARTED!

Batista grabs Cena, reversal…another…SPINE BUSTER TO CENA! Batista tosses Cena! BATISTA WINS!

Winner: Batista @ 53:27

Batista poses as we fade to black.

Credit – 411mania.com

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Guest Red Devil

I arrived for the meeting just on time. I was hoping to get there a little earlier but I had trouble with my car and then I missed the train so had to wait for the next one which came an hour later! Nevermind, at least I made it on time. I walked into a room where all of the writing staff as well as senior officials and a few wrestlers were. I told them who I was and greeted them before taking my seat ready for us to begin.

The meeting went quite long and we discussed various things. We went over the scripts for RAW and Smackdown this week and made a few changes. I really didn’t see the need for any changes as both shows looked well booked for what they wanted to put across but there were a few changes made on request of a couple of wrestlers as well as other writing staff. After that was out of the way we concentrated on getting the Wrestlemania XXI card ready. We already had a few matches set up and argued over where to put some of the wrestlers that we couldn’t fit in. I only made one suggestion once the card for Wrestlemania was set.

What about Rock? Where does he fit in?

I looked around the room and the faces that greeted me looked like there were pistols pointing to their heads. After a few seconds I was greeted with a response from Stephanie McMahon.

Well… At the moment The Rock isn’t going to be at the show. We had a minor falling out but hopefully we can get that sorted. Anyway we want to have this Wrestlemania showcase the future of the WWE not the past.”

I was in shock. The most famous wrestler in the modern day era was not going to be at the biggest Wrestling show of the year! I thought about venting my frustrations as I had a neat storyline planned for the great one but decided against it as it was only my first official day on the job and I didn’t wanna sound pushy.

That’s cool. I like the stance of going to the future and not dwelling on the past.”

Stephanie responded with a smile.

Glad you like it.

An hour into my job and I was already close to getting into hot water with the owners daughter. I really need to stay in the background for the rest of the meeting.

We continued to talk about Wrestlemania XXI and agreed on the card as well as what other stuff there should be at Wrestlemania. After that was finalised we talked briefly about No Way Out and what would happen there. A couple of hours later the main aspects of the meeting were done. We then moved on to contract that were up for renewal. We went down the list and gave them a “Yay” or a “Nay”. There were going to be a few workers out of a job in a couple of month’s time. Finally we were at the final point of the meeting, new recruits. We felt that we had enough people backstage to cope with everything. Talk moved to new wrestlers and on-screen personnel. We all suggested a few names and Steph wrote them all down. She told us that she’ll be checking them out and after Wrestlemania she’ll probably be hiring a few new faces.

We ended the meeting there and we all left. I stayed for a while and introduced myself to Steph properly. Triple H was with her and it was the first time I was speaking to both of them. They both sounded friendly and made me feel at home. After some small talk I picked up my copy of the Raw and Smackdown scripts and left the happy couple to it. I couldn’t wait to watch Raw, even though I knew what was going to happen I felt an urgency to watch it to see if what’s in my mind plays out on screen like I want it to.

OOC: A little update. RAW is half done and will most likely be up tomorrow night. I’ll be writing out all 4 weekly shows but the bottom shows will have far less in them then the main shows. The next PPV is No Way Out and is a Smackdown only production and the only match announced so far is John Bradshaw Layfield v The Big Show in a Steel Cage Barbed Wire match. Also could you please keep all the discussion here about the diary? I don’t want it getting cluttered up with all this other stuff so if you really must know about something unrelated to the diary please PM me and not post it here. Cheers.

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Guest Red Devil

user posted image

Date: 31st January 2005

The opening credits roll as we kick off tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW with a video package of what went down last night. We see still shots of the Shawn Michaels/Edge match as well as the World Heavyweight Title match between Triple H and Randy Orton. We then see still shots of the Royal Rumble match highlighting many points such as the RAW v SD! Stand off as well as the elimination of Muhammad Hassan. We then see a still shot of Batista throwing John Cena over the top rope to win the Royal Rumble. We end the video recap with a shot of Batista celebrating his victory with the “Wrestlemania 21” logo in the background.

Pyro’s go off as the camera pans around the arena to signal the start of tonight’s broadcast. The crowd let out a loud roar as the RAW music plays in the background. Our announcers are Jim “JR” Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

1. Evolution Celebrate

Time to Play the Game” hits and out walks “The Game” Triple H with “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. HHH is greeted with jeers as “Wooooooooos” are screamed out throughout the building in honour of Ric Flair. Both men are wearing suits with Triple H holding his World Heavyweight Title over his shoulder. They enter the ring and Triple H grabs the mic.

HHH: Well look what we have here, the World Heavyweight Title around MY waist. Still standing at the top of the hill just like I told each and every one of you idiots before my match with Randy Orton. You see last night I went out and not only defeated Orton but I destroyed Orton….I mutilated Orton….I beat Orton within an inch of his life last night but he wants more. Well I’ve got no problems dishing out more misery on the sad, pathetic career of Randy Orton and adding Shawn Michaels to the mix just makes it sweater. Tonight me and Naitch here are going to take them to school!

Triple H walks around the ring as the crowd start up a chant of “Ba-tis-ta”. HHH smiles before speaking.

HHH: Now let’s get down to what I really came out here to say. Last night one man took out 29 other men to get a shot at the World Title. That man was a member of the leading faction is Sports-Entertainment, Evolution. Without further ado, I give to you BATISTA!

The crowd pop as Batista’s music plays and out walks the winner of Royal Rumble 2005. Batista plays to the crowd as he walks down to ringside in his wrestling gear. He gets onto the apron and stops as he soaks up the applause from the crowd before finally entering the ring. He shakes hands with both Flair and HHH.

HHH: Congratulations Batista, you did it. Just like you said you defeated 29 other men and won a shot at the World Title. Now it’s time for Evolution to celebrate.

Flair grabs the mic as the crowd let out another batch of “Wooooooooos”.

Flair: that’s right big man, Wooooooooo, now you’ve won the Rumble it’s time we celebrate so bring out the ladies!

Evolutions music plays as Confetti and balloons falls to the ring and a string of beautiful women walk out to ringside. Batista smiles as a couple of women stand behind him as then others move on to Flair and HHH. Flair seems to be enjoying himself and so does HHH but suddenly Triple H’s face turns from glee to a sense of seriousness. He grabs the mic of Flair who looks a little surprised.

HHH: Cut the music! Look Batista, at the Rumble last night you and Flair were only in the Rumble so we could cover our bases but since I destroyed Orton you didn’t have to win the Rumble. Now we have a problem but I’ve got the perfect answer for you.

Batista just stares blankly at HHH.

HHH: Since Chris Benoit came over to RAW last year to fight me for the World Heavyweight Championship this year you’re gonna go over to Smackdown and win the WWE Championship and bring it back to Evolution. Evolution will rule the WWE with both World Titles. What do ya say?

Batista grabs the mic of Triple H but before he speaks he looks around at the crowd who respond with another “Ba-tis-ta” chant. Just before he can respond “I’m back” hits and out walks RAW GM Eric Bischoff with a mic in his hand. He walks down to ringside and enters the ring.

Eric: Look Triple H, I will not have you pushing this years Royal Rumble winner over to Smackdown. You see Triple H, If Batista decides to stay on RAW then I get better ratings, when I get better ratings I make more money and that’s what it’s all about, the money. So Batista if it were up to me I would not even give you the choice to move to Smackdown but unfortunately you can. Vince McMahon has given me a contract for you to face the World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania 21. You’ve got to make a decision Batista and you’ve got till February 20th to make that decision so chose carefully and don’t let *looks at HHH* anyone influence your decision.

Eric smiles as HHH lunges at Eric only for Flair to stop him.

Eric: You lay one finger on me I will personally strip you of the World Heavyweight Title. That’s right so if you don’t mind there’s a show to begin so could you please remove yourselves from the ring.

Flair and Triple H look angry but leave the ring. As Batista is about to follow them Bischoff stops him.

Eric: Where do you think you’re going?

Batista turns around and stares at Bischoff.

Eric: Just to show you what kind of talent we have on RAW I’m putting you in a match…. Right now!

Eric smiles and exits the ring as Viscera’s music hits and out walks the 500 pound monster.

Overall Rating: 79.3%

2. Batista v Viscera

Both Flair and Triple H go to the back as Viscera enters the ring. Batista is left alone to wrestle as the bell rings. Viscera lunges at Batista and hits him with a right hand and another one followed by an Irish whip but Batista comes back with a huge clothesline which moves Viscera but doesn’t knock him down. Batista runs off the ropes and hits another clothesline but still Viscera doesn’t fall. Batista looks at the crowd before turning back to Viscera and hitting him with a huge standing clothesline that knocks Viscera off his feet to a huge pop. Batista then hits him with an elbow drop before lifting him back up. Batista then whips Viscera off the far ropes and takes him down with a huge Spinebuster and referee Chad Patton makes the pin, 1….2….3! Batista picks up a dominant victory over Viscera. Batista climbs to the top rope and celebrates his victory as we cut to a commercial break.

Winner: Batista with a Spinebuster at 2:34

Match Rating: 49.2%

-- Commercial Break --

3. Flair talks to Batista

We return from the break and go straight to Evolution’s locker room where Triple H and Ric Flair are talking.

HHH: Bischoff’s starting to be a pain in the ass Ric and it’s time we taught him a lesson!

Flair: Calm down Hunter, look…. You’re the greatest wrestler in the world, everyone knows that and so does Bischoff. He’s just trying to act like a hard guy but he knows who he really needs to stay on top so we’ve just gotta bide our time. He’ll get what’s coming to him sooner or later.

Batista walks into the room with a towel around his neck as Flair and Triple H both turn around to face him.

Flair: Big win out that, you’re looking good Batista and doing Evolution proud.

Batista smiles and uses the towel to wipe away the sweat on his forehead.

HHH: I just gotta go show Bischoff some papers that I think he’ll like to see so I’ll be back in a minute.

Triple H walks out of the room as Flair walks up to Batista,

Flair: Look Batista, I just wanna get something straightened out. Last night at the Rumble it was every man for him self and that’s why I tried to eliminate you, you would have done the same to me but that was in the past so are we cool?

Batista stares at Flair which makes Flair a little uncomftable. That cold stare turns into a smile as Batista replies.

Batista: We’re Evolution… we’re always cool.

Flair smiles and lets out a loud “Wooooooooo” before turning his back on Batista and walking away. Batista’s smile soon turns back into a cold stare as we go back to the ring.

Overall Rating: 84.1%

4. Chris Benoit v Maven

In the ring we see Maven holding a mic.

Maven: Listen up now, last night I should have been entered into the Royal Rumble and if I was in the Rumble… there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that I would’ve beaten that punk Batista and gone to Wrestlemania 21 to win the World Heavyweight Championship but enough about that. You all know how great I am so let me get down to business now. Tonight I’ve got a match against last year’s Royal Rumble winner Chris Benoit and tonight I’m gonna show you all how great I really am.

Maven throws the mic down as Chris Benoit’s music hits and out walks the Rabid Wolverine to a loud reception. Benoit looks intense as always and enters the ring wearing his usual wrestling attire. The bell rings to get the match underway and Maven runs at Benoit only to be knocked down with a hard clothesline. Benoit lifts Maven to his feet and throws him into the corner before unleashing some hard knifechops to the chest of Maven. JR tells us that “Maven is now cashing the cheques he wrote with his mouth”. With a red chest Maven stumbles forward and throws a blind right hand at Benoit who easily ducks and takes Maven down with a German Suplex. Benoit then locks in the Sharpshooter which has Maven in some pain until he is able to reach the ropes. Benoit breaks the hold but puts the boots to Maven who is clutching the bottom rope. Benoit lifts Maven back to his feet and hits him with another German Suplex but this time keeps hold of Maven, he then hits Maven with a second German Suplex and again keeps hold of him. Benoit goes for a third German but as referee Mike Chioda in out of position Maven is able to counter it with a low blow.

Benoit falls to the mat as Maven smiles pointing to his head showing he just outsmarted Benoit. Maven then lifts Benoit to his feet and hits him with a scoop slam and climbs to the top rope. He jumps off the top rope and connects with an elbow drop. Maven jaws with the crowd before climbing to the top rope for a second time. He stays up top as Benoit gets to his feet. Maven jumps off again this time going for an axe handle smash but Benoit counters grabbing hold of Maven’s arm and taking him down with the Crippler Crossface. In a matter of seconds Maven taps out and Benoit picks up the victory. Benoit plays to the crowd celebrating his victory as we go to the back.

Winner: Chris Benoit with the Crippler Crossface at 9:25

Match Rating: 84.0%

5. HBK and Orton are ready!

We go to Randy Orton’s locker room where he is sitting down holding the back of his head. Shawn Michaels walks in.

HBK: Hey Randy, I thought I’d stop by to check if you were ok. You had a pretty brutal match out there last night.

Orton: Yeah I know, Triple H gave me a concussion last night so I can’t wait to get into the ring with him tonight to return the favour.

HBK: Are you sure you’re fit enough to wrestle tonight?

Orton: Yeah I’m sure.

HBK: Okay…

Orton keeps hold of his head as HBK looks a little worried for Orton.

Overall Rating: 82.0%

-- Commercial Break --

6. The Simon System works!

We come back from the commercial break to what looks like another commercial. We go into a gym where Simon Dean is working out on a treadmill. After a few seconds he stops and walks over to a table where he grabs a “Simon System” Drink and takes a sip of it before smiling.

Dean: Now that’s got me raring to go again. You see the Simon System works.

He pulls up his shirt.

Dean: You see this body? All down to the Simon System and all my hard work and using my system all you fat, ugly slobs out there could have a body like this. All you have to do is call the number at the bottom of the screen to order yourselves some of my patented Simon System drinks as well as various other items! I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again, the Simon System works and soon I will bring you an example of a man who has used the Simon System himself to get a body as good as…well nearly as good as me.

Dean gives us a cheesy smile before going back onto the treadmill to continue a workout as we cut to the back.

Overall Rating: 36.7%

7. Muhammad Hassan wants revenge

Todd Grisham is standing by with Muhammad Hassan and Khosrow Daivari. Todd begins to speak but Hassan snatches the mic away from him and pushes him out of the way.

Hassan: Last night at the Royal Rumble I came to show my Arab-American people that an Arab-American could succeed in the Royal Rumble but that didn’t happen last night and there was only one reason for that. Just like the American and British people joined together to unfairly get rid of Arab terrorist all over the world, Raw and Smackdown wrestlers joined together to eliminate me from the Royal Rumble. That’s ok with me because you just proved to me that all of you believe in the same thing that I am against and because of that I am now going to wage war against each and every one of the WWE Workers starting tonight.

Hassan turns to Grisham and takes him down with his modified STO finisher onto the concrete! Witnessing the action Khosrow Daivari starts to jump up and down screaming in Pushti at Grisham as Hassan looks down at Grisham and spits at him before walking away as the camera zooms in on an unconscious Todd Grisham.

Overall Rating: 78.2%

8. Shelton Benjamin =0= v Tyson Tomko w/ Christian – WWE IC Title match

We return to the ring where Tyson Tomko is making his entrance accompanied to the ring by Christian. JR and the King condemn the actions of Hassan and Daivari. Shelton Benjamin makes his entrance next to a small pop. JR comments on how Benjamin is a fighting Champion that won’t back down from any challenge. Benjamin enters the ring and the bell rings to begin this IC Title defense. Benjamin starts off on the offensive getting Tomko into a hammerlock but Tomko gets out of the move using his free arm to elbow Benjamin on the side of his head. Tomko then whips Benjamin into the turnbuckles and runs at him with a clothesline. Benjamin stumbles out into a powerslam by Tomko and into a quick pin but only gets the 2 count as Benjamin kicks out. Tomko then lifts Benjamin to his feet and attempts to whip him into the other corner but Benjamin reverses it and sends Tomko into the corner. The IC Champ follows up with a huge Stinger Splash. Benjamin then whips Tomko into the far corner and hits him with a second Stinger Splash which knocks Tomko of his feet. As referee Chris Kay checks on Tomko Christian enters the ring behind Benjamin. Shelton turns around and catches Christian with a T-Bone Suplex. Christian rolls out of the ring as Tomko gets back to his feet. Benjamin goes for a superkick but Tyson grabs hold of his foot and swings Shelton around only for the foot to come right back and hit Tomko in the face knocking him down. Benjamin makes the cover and gets the 3 count to retain the WWE IC Championship.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin with a Swinging Superkick at 8:23

Match Rating: 75.9%

9. Chris Masters is coming!

We see the usual Chris Master “hype video” that shows off his physique showing him posing like a model and comparing him to Mozart and various other famous greats. We end the video with the words “The Masterpiece will be here…Soon!

Overall Rating: 45.6%

-- Commercial Break --

10. The Highlight Reel with… Edge!

We return from the commercial and go straight to ringside. Chris Jericho is standing in the middle of the ring which is all set up for another edition of the Highlight Reel.

Y2J: Welcome to the Highlight Reel with yours truly “Y2J” Chris Jericho. Now let’s get down to business. Last night at the Royal Rumble Y2J came out short but nonetheless the sexy beast is standing before you ready to hit you up with 15 more minutes of the greatest segment in wrestling history. Tonight my guest is someone wh….

Before Jericho can finish off his introduction Edge’s music hits and out he walks to a hostile reception. He stares straight at Jericho and enters the ring wearing his trademark long black coat and wrestling gear. Jericho looking annoyed at being cut off begins to speak.

Y2J: Look Jackass… when Y2J Chris Jericho speaks, he should NEVER be interrupted!

Edge: Cut the bullshit Jericho. You know ever since I came to RAW I’ve been screwed out of getting to the top by punks like you. All I’ve ever heard is Edge has great potential or Edge is going to be huge one day but I don’t want to wait anymore…. I CAN’T wait no more. I need to get my hands on the World Heavyweight Title before I lose my mind. This year I’ve had two shots at getting to the world title. The first I was screwed out of by Shawn Michaels and the second… last night after lasting the longest in the Royal Rumble I was eliminated THIRD! THIRD! That’s not right… I gave all I had in that match and I get overshadowed by idiots like Batista and John Cena?

Edge’s face turns red as he looks like he’s about to have a panic attack. Just then Chris Benoit’s music hits and out walks the “Crippler”. Benoit enters the ring and grabs the mic off Jericho.

Benoit: I was in the back getting ready to leave after my match tonight and I heard you whining out here. You say you’ve lost two chances at the gold this year? Well so have I! Do you see me complaining? It took my 15 years of hard work to get to the top and you think you can get there by taking shortcuts and whining? This is for real Edge, it’s not some sort of game and to get to where you want to go you’ve got to work for it… you’ve got to earn it just like I did!

Edge: It may have taken you 15 years to get to the top but that’s because you weren’t as talented as I am. Everyone knows how talented I am… they all know that I’m a future great… well you know what… The future’s now!

Listening intently to both men Chris Jericho walks in between them and grabs the mic off Benoit.

Y2J: You know what, just like you two I’ve also missed 2 chances to win the Gold this year. Edge, you seem like you’re ready for a fight so why don’t we tear down the house right here in San Jose, California!

Benoit grabs the mic of Jericho.

Benoit: You don’t think I’m as talented as you are? Why don’t you take me on and prove it!

The crowd pop as Edge walks around the ring thinking about his decision.

Edge: You both wanna have a go at me? You’re on!

Benoit and Jericho both get ready to fight but Edge exits the ring.

Edge: But not tonight *Crowd boo* You see I don’t think these stupid fans deserve to see me in action so how about next week live on RAW, we see Chris Benoit v Chris Jericho v Edge in a triple threat match?

Jericho and Benoit look pissed off as Edge drops the mic and walks slowly up the ramp. Jericho and Benoit go face to face and square off as Edge’s music plays in the background. They trash talk each other for a bit until we see Edge turn around and slide back into the ring. He stands behind both men and as soon as they turn around he charges at them. Chris Jericho see’s him coming and moves out of the way but Benoit doesn’t and gets taken down with a spear! Edge quickly exits the ring before Jericho can get his hands on him and walks up the ramp smiling as Benoit is on the mat clutching his ribs. Jericho jaws with Edge as we cut to the back.

Overall Rating: 81.6%

11. Orton not cleared to wrestle tonight?

We go back to Randy Orton’s locker room. Orton is still sitting down holding his head and looks like he’s in a lot of pain when RAW GM Eric Bischoff walks in holding some papers.

Eric: Glad I caught you Randy.

Randy: What do YOU want?

Eric: Well Randy, let’s cut straight to the point, earlier tonight “someone” handed me these papers. I’ve looked through them and have even asked for a second opinion on them and they all tell me that you have a concussion. That you should not be wrestling tonight.

Randy: I don’t care what they say, I don’t care if I’m not 100% fit, I’m still gonna go out there and do what I do best…

Eric: Let me interrupt you there. You see, seeing as though you’re not medically cleared to wrestle, if anything happens to you it would be the fault of the person who was in charge, which is me. So I can’t have this sort of stuff happening on RAW so I’m sorry Randy but you’re not going to get inside the ring tonight.

Randy: Try and stop me.

Randy Orton gets up and walks past Bischoff but before he can leave 6 security guards block the door.

Eric: I’m sorry about this Randy but business is business.

The security guards escort Orton away as Shawn Michaels enters the room.

HBK: What’s happening?

Eric: Randy Orton is not medically cleared to wrestle tonight so he has been thrown out of the building. You’ll have to find a new partner for yourself.

Eric looks at his watch.

Eric: And you’ve got about 30 minutes to do that.

Eric walks past HBK and exits the room as HBK looks worried.

Overall Rating: 84.6%

12. Gene Snitsky explains

We go to the interview area where Gene Snitsky is standing by with The Coach.

Coach: Last night at the Royal Rumble you interfered in a match between two Smackdown wrestlers, why?

Snitsky: Why?... Why?... WHY? I’ll tell you why. Ever since I came here Kane has tried to blame all his misgivings on me, time and time again I’ve told him IT’S NOT MY FAULT but he just won’t listen. Last year at Taboo Tuesday I layed him to rest once and for all only for him to return and attack me again. This has gone on long enough so what better way then to get to Kane than where it really hurts, his family! I’m not scared of The Undertaker, I’m not scared of Kane and now I’ve found an ally in Heidenreich to help me get rid of those two buffoons so just like we discussed after I released him from that coffin last night, sooner rather then later Kane and The Undertaker…will be no more!

Coach looks scared as Snitsky has a smile on his face. Snitsky stands there smiling for a few seconds before walking off as JR tells us that the Steel Cage match is next!

Overall Rating: 50.6%

-- Commercial Break --

13. Gene Snitsky v Kane – Steel Cage Match

We return from the break with a brief video package showing the history between Snitsky and Kane dating back to the fateful RAW episode where Lita lost her and Kane’s baby. We then go straight to ringside where the Steel Cage is in place. Gene Snitsky is out first and comes out to little reaction. He enters the cage and stares at the entrance ramp. Both men seem healed as they are not wearing any bandages. The lights go out before turning to red and a loud bang is heard as Kane walks down the aisle. He walks around the ring before entering the cage. He stares at Snitsky as four red pyro’s go off on the top of the cage instead of the ringposts. The lights come back on and Snitsky attacks straight away. As the referee locks the cage door Snitsky hits Kane with forearms to the back.

JR tells us that there are two ways to win this match, one way is to exit the cage either by walking out of the door or climbing over the cage and getting to the floor and the other is VIA pinfall or submission. Kane fights back with forearms of his own and takes Snitsky down with a hard clothesline. Snitsky springs right back up into another clothesline. Kane then goes for an elbow drop but Snitsky moves out of the way. Snitsky lifts Kane to his feet and throws him into the corner before nailing him with rights and lefts. Kane angrily fights back with rights of his own and then throws Snitsky face first into the cage! Kane then calls for an early end and grabs Snitsky by the throat and takes him down with a huge chokeslam. Kane smiles but before he can make the pin the music of Heidenreich plays. Kane turns towards the entrance ramp but no one walks out. Kane watches as Heidenreich’s entrance theme plays for a minute before stopping with no one still coming out. Kane turns around and walks straight into a huge chokeslam from Snitsky! Snitsky makes the pin, 1….2…., KICK OUT! Kane kicks out to a loud pop. Kane sits up as Snitsky looks on in shock. Snitsky puts the boots to Kane knocking him back down before lifting him up and taking him down with a running big boot. Snitsky looks down at Kane before starting to climb the cage. He gets both feet on the top rope and his hands on the top of the cage.

Before he can lift himself up the lights go out. Some eerie music plays as druids chant in the background. This plays for another minute until the lights come back on. Snitsky is still standing on the top rope but Kane is standing on them right next to him! Snitsky looks shocked but Kane grabs hold of him and chokeslams him off the top rope and down to the mat! Kane quickly makes the pin, 1….2….3! Kane gets back to his feet and smiles as he stands over the lifeless body of Snitsky and JR and the The King try to figure out what was up with the random music playing.

Winner: Kane with a chokeslam at 16:17

Match Rating: 60.1%

14. Has HBK found his partner?

We cut to Evolutions locker room where all three members are talking.

HHH: Did you see that Naitch? I just took Orton out of tonight’s match so now we’ve got free reign on Michaels.

Flair: It was genius… pure genius. You know what, tonight we’re going to give Michaels a beating he’ll never forget.

Batista: So you two got this one covered?

HHH: Of course we have, there are two of us and one of him so there’s no way we’re losing tonight. You can take the night off, go enjoy yourself.

Batista smiles and walks out of the room. The camera follows Batista as he walks up to the nearest coffee machine and gets a coffee. Shawn Michaels walks past and stops by him.

HBK: Congratulations on last night’s win big man.

Batista just stares at HBK.

HBK: Let me give you a piece of advice, you see what they’re doing to Randy Orton? That’s exactly what they’re going to do to you when they’re finished with you. Instead of waiting, why don’t you strike first? Your bigger then they, your better then them and you can show your cleverer then them. Why don’t you come down and help me take them out?

Batista keeps staring at HBK who walks off.

HBK: I’ll see you out there…

Batista looks deep in thought as King and JR wonder whether he will be Michaels partner tonight? They tell us not to go away because right after the break it’s Main Event time!

Overall Rating: 81.6%

-- Commercial Break --

15. Wrestlemania 21

We see a video hyping Wrestlemania 21. The Forest Gump parody by Eugene and William Regal shown last night at the Royal Rumble plays again. It ends with the Wrestlemania 21 logo and telling us the date, April 3rd 2005!

Overall Rating: 77.7%

16. Ric Flair and Triple H v Shawn Michaels…

Evolutions music plays and out walks Triple H and Ric Flair. Flair wearing his robe as Triple H is wearing his usual wrestling gear with the World Heavyweight Title wrapped around his waist and a water bottle in his hand. Triple H does his usual water shtick as he climbs onto the apron and spits out the water. Out next is the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels, HBK comes dancing out to ringside wearing his wrestling attire to a loud pop. King notes that HBK wasn’t dancing last night when Kurt Angle eliminated him from the Rumble and then proceeded to bust him open. He gets on his knees at the bottom of the ramp and poses as pyro’s go off in the background. He enters the ring and faces Evolution. His music stops playing and he looks up the ramp but no one comes. After a minute of waiting Evolution attack Michaels as the bell rings to get this match underway. JR tells us that “this looks like it’s going to be a handicap match.

Flair and HHH double team Michaels in the ring putting the boots to him until referee Earl Hebner breaks up the assault and escorts HHH to the apron. Flair plays to the crowd in between kicks to Michaels face. He lifts him to his feet and throws him into the corner and nails him with consecutive knife chops which get a consecutive “Wooooooooo” from the crowd. Flair then whips Michaels off the far ropes and hits him with a back body drop. Flair does his trademark strut before making the pin, 1….2…., KICK OUT! Flair lifts HBK back to his feet and throws him into their corner. He hits him with a couple more knife chops before tagging in Triple H. Both HHH and Flair beat on Michaels making regular tags keeping themselves fresh and tiring HBK. Michaels finally gets his break when Flair whips HBK off the ropes and goes for another back body drop but Michaels counters with a swinging neckbreaker. Both men are down and the crowd are fully behind Shawn Michaels chanting “HBK”. Flair crawls over to his corner in an attempt to tag in Triple H as Michaels lays motionless in the middle of the ring.

Flair finally makes the tag to HHH who enters the ring but as soon as he goes for HBK, Michaels kips up and takes HHH down with a hard clothesline. Flair re-enters the ring but gets taken down with a back body drop. HBK hits both HHH and Flair with right hands as both men are out on their feet. HBK then grabs both men’s hair and bangs their heads together. Both HHH and Flair look unfazed by it and walks around the ring for a couple of seconds before dropping face first at the same time in a classic Flair-esque manner. HBK gets the crowd behind him as Flair rolls out of the ring. HBK climbs to the top rope and jumps off hitting HHH with a flying elbow drop. HBK makes the pin as Flair climbs to the top rope, 1….2…., KICK OUT! Michaels gets to his feet as Flair gets to the top rope. Michaels walks over to Flair and throws him off the top rope straight to the mat. Both Flair and HHH are down are HBK stands in the corner “chiming up the band”. HHH is first up to his feet with Flair getting there behind him. HBK runs at HHH and goes for the Sweet Chin Music but HHH ducks. HBK follows through and takes out Flair with the sweet chin music. Michaels turns around and HHH kicks him in the mid section and goes for the pedigree. HBK reverses it and catapults HHH into the corner but referee Earl Hebner is standing in that corner and is knocked out by the collision. All three men are down and the referee.

Shawn Michaels is the first up as he makes the pin on Flair but there is no ref to make the count. Out walks Batista to a loud pop. Batista slowly walks down to ringside as HBK gets back to his feet. Batista enters the ring just as HHH is getting back to his feet. Michaels goes to hit HHH with the sweet chin music but HHH ducks and hits a low blow on Michaels. HHH walks over to the referee and tries to get him up to no avail. Batista stands in the corner watching all this. HBK slowly gets back to his feet and stands up just in front of Batista. HHH see’s HBK and tells HBK to “look behind you”. HBK turns around and see’s Batista. Batista just stares at HBK but Michaels responds by poking him in the eyes. Not being able to see where he’s going Batista swings out his arm which Michaels ducks and HHH is taken out with a huge clothesline from Batista! The crowd pop huge for this as Batista stumbles around the ring. Flair gets back into the ring with the World Heavyweight Title but before he can use it he is taken down with another Sweet Chin Music. Earl Hebner gets back to his feet just as HBK makes the pin, 1….2….3!

Shawn Michaels wins this handicap match as the crowd go wild. HBK quickly exits the ring and leaves up the ramp. Ric Flair and Triple H are both out on the mat as Batista regains his sight. Batista see’s the World Heavyweight Title on the mat and walks over to it and picks it up. He stares at it and smiles as RAW comes to an end. King poses the question, “Did he intentionally take out Triple H?” as we fade away.

Winner: Shawn Michaels with the Sweet Chin Music at 17:57

Match Rating: 82.8%


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Guest Red Devil

user posted image

Date: 31st January (To be shown on 3rd February 2005)

Venue: San Jose, California

We kick off the show with a video package similar to the one shown on Monday night RAW but this time highlighting the matches from the Smackdown Brand at the Royal Rumble. We then see the Smackdown video open the show before pyro’s go off to signal the beginning of the tapings.

1. Paul London v Akio

Our announcers for tonight are Michaels Cole and Tazz and we kick off the show with a fast paced cruiserweight match between Paul London and Akio. Tazz notes that for the past few weeks both men have been tearing down the house on Velocity and the wins between both men are even so tonight could be the decider. The highlight point of the match was a corkscrew plancha to the outside by Paul London onto Akio which received a pop. Both men hit high risk moves giving the viewers a quality match but for some reason the crowd weren’t really into the match largely ignoring it and only giving a reaction when there was a big move hit. The match came to an end at 7:12 when Paul London hit Akio with a 450 Splash to pick up the victory.

Winner: Paul London with a 450 Splash at 7:12

Match Rating: 76.3%

2. John Cena wants his Title show… Will Long give it?

We go to a small video package which shows John Cena’s actions throughout the Royal Rumble match. We see him eliminate numerous wrestlers including RAW Superstar Viscera by himself! We then see multiple shots of the double elimination of John Cena and Batista. From different camera angles we see the same shot and both men touch the ground at the same time. The video comes to an abrupt end as “Word Life” hits and out walks the doctor of Thuganomics, John Cena.

Cena looks pissed off as he walks down to ringside. He is wearing his usual attire of jeans shorts, “W” wrist bands on his wrists, a cap and the home jersey of the local team. He also has the US Title wrapped around his waist. He enters the ring with a mic in his hand.

Cena: Cut the music! Listen up now, tonight there won’t be any fun and games, no rapping and no messin’ around because this past Sunday… John Cena got screwed out of a World Title shot at Wrestlemania! That ain’t right and we all know it so Theodore Long, why don’t you come out here and give the leader of the chain gang his deserved title shot.

A loud “CENA” chant breaks out as Smackdown GM Theodore Long makes his entrance. Wearing his white suit Long enters the ring.

Cena: You saw what happened out there, I was the real winner at the Rumble and Ol’ Vinnie Mac sent the chain gang home without its leader being crowned champion, that’s bullshit!

Long: Calm down Playa. At the Rumble I saw what happened and I thought you won the Rumble, the Smackdown officials thought you won the Rumble and the fans thought you won the Rumble but at the end of the day Batista walked out with the Title shot so…

Cena: Look here…. PLAYA….. I don’t care what you do about it but I deserve my title shot and I don’t care how I get it or when I get it but I guarantee you and I make a promise to the chain gang that when I do get my shot, I will walk out the WWE Champion…WORD LIFE!

Long: Before you interrupted me I had an announcement to make. I believe you deserve another chance at the WWE Title and so do all these fans so next week live in Tokyo, Japan we will have a 6 man challenge. An elimination match between 6 of the top stars on the Smackdown brand who will all compete in an elimination style match with the winner going on to Wrestlemania to challenge the WWE Champion. Also if Batista does indeed decide to come over to Smackdown to wrestle the WWE Champion then that match will become a triple threat match! The first entrant into next weeks match will be none other then you, JOHN CENA!

The crowd pop huge for that announcement.

John Cena’s music plays and Cena plays to the crowd as Long leaves to the back and the crowd chant “CENA” as we cut to our first commercial break of the evening.

Overall Rating: 76.6%

-- Commercial Break --

3. Kenzo Suzuki w/Hiroko v Hardcore Holly - 6 Man Challenge Qualifier

We return from the break to see Hardcore Holly already standing in the ring. Michael Cole tells us that there will be 5 matches tonight with the winners all going into next weeks 6 man challenge match with the chance to challenge for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 21. Tazz tells us that this is the first match of that series. Kenzo Suzuki makes his entrance with Hiroko to a hostile reception and some loud “USA” Chants. As he makes his entrance Tazz reminds us what happened to Daniel Puder at the Rumble when he was brutalized by Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and Hardcore Holly. That is the reason he isn’t here tonight buy next week in Tokyo he will be making his first in ring appearance on Smackdown! This match was like the opener but without the quality. Other then a few “USA” chants breaking out the crowd weren’t really interested in this. The end came when Hiroko distracted Holly as she climbed onto the apron to give enough time for Suzuki to hit Holly with the Hagakure for the victory.

Winner: Kenzo Suzuki with a Hagakure at 9:55

Match Rating: 67.0%

4. Carlito wants Cena to sign his petition!

We cut to the back where Josh Matthews is standing by with Carlito Caribbean Cool who still has is arm in a sling. In that hand he is holding his petition and in the other an apple.

Matthews: Carlito, you requested this TV time. What do…

CCC: Shut Up… Ever since I, Carlito Caribbean Cool, came to Smackdown Theodore Long has been a thorn in my side but not for much longer. I just need 2 more signatures to complete my petition so I can send it off to WWE HQ and get rid of him.

Carlito begins looking down the list of everyone who has signed the petition.

CCC: Josh, I don’t see your name down here… That’s not cool. You know what’s cool? Signing this petition is cool.

Matthews: But…But…But I don’t have a problem with Mr. Long.

CCC: You don’t have a problem with Mr. Long? *Carlito Laughs* If you’re not careful you might have a problem with me.

Carlito takes a bite of the apple and begins chewing on it as he stares at Matthews. After a couple of seconds Josh signs the petition and walks away as Carlito smiles and say’s “One more to go”. Just as he say’s that John Cena is seen walking past.


Cena stops and turns to face Carlito.

CCC: Where do you think your going? You haven’t signed my petition yet!

Carlito takes another bite of his apple and begins chewing on it.

Cena: Where am I going? I’m going to Tokyo, Japan to get ready for the biggest match of my life! As for your petition…

Cena slams his hand down hard on Carlito’s injured shoulder. Carlito spits out the apple over his own chin and down his shirt.

Cena: I think you know what you can do with that.

Cena walks off as Carlito looks pissed off and we go back to the ring.

Overall Rating: 52.1%

5. Eddie Guerrero v Booker T - 6 Man Challenge Qualifier

Booker T makes his entrance first to a loud pop. Out next is Eddie Guerrero who is unusually not driving a low rider because there is a ramp in place for tonight’s show. The crowd blow the roof off the building as soon as they see him. Eddie plays to the crowd as he walks down to ringside. He enters the ring as a huge “Eddie” chant breaks out. The bell rings and both men shake hands before they begin. Tazz mentions that this is match #2 of the 6 man challenge qualifying stage. The winner will join John Cena and Kenzo Suzuki next week in a chance to face the WWE Champion. Cole mentions that there may be some bad blood between these two friends as Eddie Guerrero was the one who eliminated Booker T from the Rumble this past Sunday. Both men give us a good wrestling match with the crowd favouring Eddie more but Booker T also getting pops when he hits his signature moves. The end comes when Booker T goes for a scissors kick but Eddie moves out of the way and rolls Booker up and holds onto the tights for the three count. Eddie celebrates his victory as Booker T looks pissed off. Eddie offers him a handshake but Booker refuses and leaves to the back. Eddie continues to celebrate as we cut to a commercial break.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero with a roll up at 13:54

Match Rating: 78.4%

-- Commercial Break --

6. Rey in the middle of Eddie/Booker T

We return from the break and we see a replay of what just happened with Eddie pulling the tights to get the win over Booker T. We then go to the back where Rey Mysterio is watching the finish. Eddie Guerrero walks in celebrating his win. After a couple of seconds Booker T follows him into the locker room and looks pissed.

Booker T: What the hell was that Eddie? I thought we were friend’s man?

Eddie: We are friends but you know when it comes down to the WWE Title essa, I will lie, cheat and steal my way to winning it again.

Booker T: Is that how it is then!

Eddie: That’s right holmes.

Booker T: You couldn’t beat me cleanly so you had to cheat to win! You might have outsmarted me out there but how about we settle this back here!

Booker T steps forwards and so does Eddie Guerrero. Both men face off before Rey Mysterio gets in between them.

Rey: Look guys, you need to get all this sorted out but not back here and not right now. You both need to cool down.

Booker and Eddie stare down each other before Booker T walks out of the locker room and Eddie Guerrero walks out of view. Rey Mysterio looks to both sides before shaking his head.

Overall Rating: 84.1%

7. Heidenreich v Chavo Guerrero Jnr. - 6 Man Challenge Qualifier

We return to the ring where Chavo Guerrero Jnr. Is standing waiting for his opponent. Tazz and Michael Cole discuss what just happened backstage until Heidenreich makes his entrance. As he walks down the aisle to a chorus of jeers Cole and Tazz remind us that The Undertaker locked him in a casket at the Royal Rumble only for Gene Snitsky to unlock him minutes later backstage. They also tell us that they “don’t think this is over, not by a long shot”. The wrestling isn’t all that great in this match as the match mostly consisted of Heidenreich throwing Chavo around the ring. Cole also tells us that the winner of this match will join John Cena, Kenzo Suzuki and Eddie Guerrero next week in the main event. Chavo did gets some offence in with a couple of dropkicks but the end came when he went for a hurracarana but Heidenreich blocked it and took him down with a huge powerbomb for the three count. Heidenreich celebrated a comprehensive victory as the crowd jeered. As he walked to the back he kept shouting out “UNDERTAKER!” again and again.

Winner: Heidenreich with a Powerbomb at 6:34

Match Quality: 77.6%

8. JBL Challenges The Big Show

We cut to the back where The Cabinet is standing by with Josh Matthews.

Josh: This past Sunday at the Royal Rumble you defeated both Kurt Angle and The Big Show to retain your WWE Title. Your next challenge is at the next WWE Smackdown only PPV, No Way Out when you defend the WWE Title against The Big Show in a Steel Cage Barbed Wire match. What are your thoughts on that?

JBL: This past Sunday I did the unthinkable and defeated two of Smackdown’s top stars to retain my title and tonight I should be happy about that shouldn’t I? I should be celebrating but I’m not! I’m not celebrating because after I beat The Big Show and Kurt Angle I found out that I will have to defend the belt in the first ever Steel Cage Barbed Wire match at No Way Out. But that’s not all because tonight I arrive here to find out that next week I’ll have to watch 6 men get the chance to face me at Wrestlemania 21 if I beat…. I mean when I beat The Big Show at No Way Out. That’s not all because I hear that Theodore Long has offered Batista a lucrative contact to face me at Wrestlemania 21. I’m the greatest WWE Champion of all time but there are 8 men gunning for my title all because of Theodore Long. That man shouldn’t be in power and until he is kicked out of Smackdown I am going to have to keep on defeating challengers left, right and centre.

The Big Show walks onto screen and the Bashams and Orlando Jordon step in front of JBL ready to fight. Josh Matthews moves the mic to Big Show.

Big Show: JBL, you better stop worrying about what happens after No Way Out because you’re not going to be the WWE Champion then. At the Royal Rumble you pinned Kurt Angle… not me! At No Way Out there will be a Steel Cage with Barbed Wire around it keeping all your cronies out of my way giving you no chance to walk out WWE Champion!

JBL: You talk a BIG game… how about you put your money where your mouth is. I’ve got 8 men that are gunning for my gold so how about we cut that down to 7 and you and I move our Steel Cage Barbed Wire match up to tonight!

Big Show: You’re on!

JBL: On one condition, before our match tonight you have to pin BOTH the Basham Brothers in a handicap match! As long as you pin both men, later on tonight you and me will go at it for the WWE Title in a Steel Cage Barbed Wire match!

Big Show: The more of your cronies I crush… the better!

The Cabinet walk off smiling as does The Big Show.

Josh: There you have it, tonight we may see the Big Show take on JBL for the WWE Title! Don’t go away because the action continues after the break!

Overall Rating: 44.2%

-- Commercial Break --

9. The Big Show v The Basham Brothers

We return from the break and see a shot of the Steel Cage towering above the ring. Michael Cole and Tazz talk about the possibility of moving No Way Out’s Main Event up to tonight! The Basham Brothers make their entrance first surprisingly walking out alone. Out next walks the 7’2 500 lbs Big Show. He walks down to ringside as Cole and Tazz remind us that he has to pin BOTH the Basham Brothers to get his WWE Title shot tonight! The Big Show dominates this match throwing around both Danny and Doug. He hits a scoop slam on Danny before hitting another scoop slam this time slamming Doug into Danny. The WWE Tag Team Champions look like their on the rocks as Big Show hits a chokeslam on Danny Basham and pins him for the three count. Now it’s down to a singles match between the Big Show and Doug Basham. The crowd are into this match big time as they really want to see Big Show get his title match tonight. The Big Show continues to dominate until Orlando Jordon runs down to ringside. He enters the ring but walks straight into a big boot knocking him down. Danny Basham is next to run into the ring but gets another chokeslam! Out last is John Bradshaw Layfield. He sneaks up on the Big Show and levels him with the WWE Title in front of referee Brian Hebner’s face! The referee rings the bell and ends this match with the Big Show winning by DQ!

Winner: Big Show by DQ through interference at 11:12

Match Quality: 67.0%

10. The Cabinet assault the Big Show

Cole and Tazz remind us that Big Show had to PIN both Bashams to get his WWE Title shot and even though he won the match he didn’t pin both men. Tazz comments that he believes this was a set up all along. The Basham Brothers and Orlando Jordon put the boots to Big Show as JBL brings a steel chair into the ring. The Cabinet lift Big Show up to his knees. JBL talks some smack to the Big Show before slapping him a couple of time. JBL then swings back and hits Show with a chair shot to the forehead. Big Show drops to the mat. The Cabinet lift him back to his knee’s. JBL again hits him with a steel chair to the forehead. The Big Show falls to the mat again. JBL drops the chair and motions for the Cabinet to lift Big Show up. The Cabinet lift the bloody Big Show up to his feet. JBL runs off the far ropes and takes down the Big Show with a clothesline from Hell. JBL smiles and poses with the WWE Title over the lifeless body of the Big Show as the Cabinet surround him. Michael Cole comments that the Cabinet have been successful in chopping down this monster tonight but they may have angered him even more in the run up to No Way Out!

Overall Rating: 62.8%

11. Ultimo Dragon returns next week!

We go to a video hyping the return of Ultimo Dragon! We see various different coloured masks that Dragon usually wears show up on screen. One by one they all disappear until there is only one left in the centre. The background changes from all black into the Japan flag and we see the words, “Ultimo Dragon Returns Next Week In…. JAPAN!” The screen then goes all black once again and we cut to another commercial break.

Overall Rating: 69.9%

-- Commercial Break --

12. The Undertaker v Rene Dupree - 6 Man Challenge Qualifier

We return from the break and see Rene Dupree making his entrance accompanied to the ring by Fifi. He enters the ring and does the French Dance to a hostile reception. Out next is The Undertaker. The crowd blow the roof off the arena as the eerie music plays and the Undertaker makes a rare Smackdown appearance. Michael Cole and Tazz remind us that this is the 4th match of the 6 man challenge series. The winner will join John Cena, Kenzo Suzuki, Eddie Guerrero and Heidenreich for a chance to wrestle the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania 21. This match is a basic Undertaker match. Taker hits all his signature moves getting a reaction out of the crowd. Dupree does get some offence in with a couple of kicks to the mid section and a flapjack flooring the Deadman. Dupree then makes the mistake of doing the French Dance in front of Taker who sits up. Dupree runs at Taker only to be taken down with a big boot. One chokeslam later and The Undertaker is victorious. Undertaker gets on one knee and sticks his arm out in a classic Undertaker taunt as Cole and Tazz ask if anyone can stop him?

Winner The Undertaker with a Chokeslam at 8:12

Match Quality: 74.3%

13. Heidenreich wants revenge!

The Undertaker is still in the ring and is just about to exit the ring when the titentron lights up. Heidenreich is holding a mic and staring at the Undertaker.

Heidenreich: UNDERTAKER! You may have beaten me at the Royal Rumble but my friend Gene Snitsky unlocked that dastard casket and set me free… he set me free so I can unleash the pain on you and your brother, KANE!

Heidenreich takes a deep breath.

Heidenreich: UNDERTAKER! I will take you down, I will make sure even if it’s the last thing I do that you will Rest… In… Peace!

Heidenreich smiles as Undertaker just stares at him. Cole and Tazz tell us that we have to cut to our final commercial break of the evening but after the break is our main event so don’t miss it!

Overall Rating: 52.1%

-- Commercial Break --

14. Next week on Smackdown… From Tokyo, Japan!

We return from the break and go straight to the announce table. Michael Cole and Tazz preview next week’s Smackdown in Tokyo, Japan. They tell us that the following matches will take place as graphics of these show up.

John Cena v Kenzo Suzuki v Eddie Guerrero v Heidenreich v Undertaker v ??? - Winner takes on WWE Champion at Wrestlemania 21!

Ultimo Dragon v Funaki - WWE Cruiserweight Title

Daniel Puder v Hardcore Holly - Puder’s Smackdown in-ring debut!

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Guest Red Devil

What a night! It was my first night on the job and we had to film all four of our TV show in a row! The crowd were burnt out by the end so I think it was a good decision to tape Smackdown straight after RAW and then tape Velocity after that. A little change from the norm but it worked out well. I thought I might as well update you on some parts of the day that you won’t be seeing… how I got on backstage.

Before any of the shows were filmed we wanted to get a look at Chris Masters. He was getting nearer to debuting so we put him in a dark match against Steven Richards. It went on for just under 10 minutes with Masters picking up the victory. I always note down what I think the quality of the match was (as you can see on my RAW and Smackdown reports) depending on various factors. I’d give this match a 40.9%. The crowd were somewhat interested at the beginning but nearer to the end they just didn’t care. I was talking to a few of the others writers when I saw Chris Masters walk into the locker room.

Me: You had a good match out there.

Chris: Thanks.

Me: It was good but you do know that if you wanna reach the top you’ll have to improve?

Chris: Yeah I know, it’s gonna be hard but Stevie helped me through the match today so I hope with every match I improve just that bit more.

Me: That’s a good attitude to have.

I continued to talk to Chris about putting him in a couple of more dark matches before he actually debuts. We then moved on to talk about his debut in a few weeks and we talked over how it would go. He liked what we had in mind and after 30 minutes or so of talking he left. As I was talking to Chris the rest of Heat had been taped. Here were the results.

WWE HeAt Results

Simon Dean def. Val Venis with a roll up at 11:12 - 54.0%

Viscera def. Rosey with a big splash at 8:01 - 43.4%

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Guest Red Devil

PWinsider Weekly Lariat

Welcome to the first ever PWinsider Weekly Lariat. I am Johnny Horizontal and I will be your host, well all I’m really going to be doing is gathering all the news posted this week by the rest of the staff and just putting it together for you lazy readers out there. We thought that instead of reading every single update every single day we may as well summarise all the news of the week and put it in one update so without further ado here we are. Note my section is strictly WWE only so all you Indi lovers and WWE haters can get the “F” out of my column!

First the biggest news of the week, Paul Heyman’s contract with the WWE has expired. The genius behind ECW is free to work for any other promotion and had already turned down not one but TWO contract offers from the WWE. Reportedly TNAW have enquired about his services but the WWE still retain hope that he will re-sign with them. Since being put in a casket by the Undertaker Heyman hasn’t been seen or used so time will tell if he is willing to re-sing and basically do nothing. Reports coming out of Titan Towers say that Paul Heyman will be offered one last contract by the WWE and if he rejects that then the WWE will cut all ties with him.

Also this month staff member Kevin Dunn and Ivory are close to their contract expiry date. Kevin Dunn is a valued member of the backstage staff and one of Vince McMahon’s closest confidants so it looks likely that he’ll be signing a new contract soon. Ivory though isn’t as secure. Rumours are circulating the ‘net that her new announcing job on Heat isn’t really impressing anyone backstage and the WWE will most likely just let her go once her contract expires. More on these two next week!

Next on the agenda are injuries. Mark Henry has finally recovered from his Shoulder injury. He has been out for a long time so WWE Officials have sent him down to OVW to work off the ring rust and he will most likely return to our screens after Wrestlemania 21. Matt Hardy was on the verge of returning after surgery and was only a matter of weeks away when he had a recurrence of his injury. It looks like he’ll be out for at least another 5 months so expect him back in Mid June.

Also on the injury list are RAW Superstars Amy Dumas a.k.a Lita and Nick Dinsmore a.k.a Eugene. Both suffered injuries at WWE New Years Revolution and are expected to return in around 6 months time. Lita seems to be doing better so she’ll probably be back before her RAW colleague. On the Smackdown side Carlito Caribbean Cool looks set to return. He will be fit to wrestle in a couple of weeks but the WWE look like they’re going to keep him out of the ring till after Wrestlemania. His lackey Jesus isn’t as fortunate. He has just undergone major neck surgery and will be out for upto 9 months. Also on the injury list is Rob Van Dam. He has also undergone surgery recently which will put him on the shelf for anywhere between 4 and 7 months. PWinsider would like to wish all these workers a speedy recovery.

It’s that time of year again, Wrestlemania 21 is just around the corner and this is where traditionally a few of the past superstars want to return for the big fat pay checks. Here we take a look at a few of the superstars who are rumoured to be retuning.

The Rock: As a Hollywood superstar he always makes his appearance around this time and has his one match a year at Wrestlemania. This year there has been some concerns about the Rock not attending this years Wrestlemania but sources close to the Rock say that even though there is no written obligation he would still like to wrestle at Wrestlemania 21. If he does indeed return then expect him to appear on a couple of RAW’s and then wrestle at Wrestlemania before returning to his Hollywood lifestyle.

Brock Lesnar: Since leaving the WWE after Wrestlemania XX his football career has been a failure and he has confirmed that he has packed that in. With his current lifestyle he needs a healthy source of income and he has been in contact with the WWE about returning. That looks like a strong possibility and even though there were rumblings that Lesnar was on the verge of Suining the WWE, those rumours have been quashed by Brock. The only other direction he can go in is Japan and that’s not favourable to Brock according to some of his close friends.

Mick Foley: Even though Foley has been much more of a regular then most of the others Foley seems to be happy with his ROH work and due to his argument with Flair he may not return. Foley is working on PPA contract so he isn’t contractually obliged to the WWE so this situation should be closely monitored.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: Austin has recently signed a movie deal with WWE Films so Austin is the most likely out of all these to return.

Hulk Hogan: Hogan has been lobbying to return for Wrestlemania 21 for a couple of weeks now but the WWE don’t want to bring him in as an active competitor. They need be able to iron out some disputes but Hogan is likely to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2005 at Wrestlemania 21!

Now the wrestler returns are over we move onto the company returns. June 12th had been earmarked for an ECW PPV rumoured to be entitled “One Night Stand”. Due to Paul Heyman leaving and Rob Van Dam’s injury this PPV may not go ahead as expected, If Heyman does indeed resign then it will most likely be pushed back a few weeks to give time for RVD to return but if Heyman doesn’t return then this PPV may be dead in the water already.

We’ll end this column on WWE’s tour of Japan. This week they will be running a few house shows in Japan as well as taping the first ever RAW and Smackdown in Tokyo, Japan. As both brands have travelled together expect some cross brand angles to occur on both shows to the build up to Wrestlemania. Raw will be taped on the 4/2 and Smackdown will be taped on the 5/2. Both shows will air in their normal timeslots.

Thanks for reading and until next time I’ve been your host Johnny Horizontal and this has been the PWinsider weekly lariat!

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Guest Red Devil

user posted image

Date: 4th February 2005 (to be shown on 7th February 2005)

Venue: Tokyo, Japan

The opening credits roll as we kick off this edition of RAW. We are shown a video package of what went down in last weeks Main Event as it focuses on Batista clotheslining Triple H. We hear the words of Jerry Lawler again and again as he questions whether Batista was still blinded by the poke to the eye’s or if he actually meant to clothesline Triple H. Pyro’s go off as we go to the Saitama arena to a loud reception. The crowd give out a deafening cheer as the camera pans around the arena. As always our announce team is Jim “JR” Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

1. Eric Bischoff welcomes us to RAW

I’m Back” hits and out walks the RAW GM Eric Bischoff. He walks out wearing his usual black suit holding a mic. He enters the ring as the crowd great him with jeers. A translator is standing next to him and translates everything Bischoff says for the Japanese crowd.

Bischoff: Welcome to RAW in Tokyo, Japan!

The crowd let out a big cheer for that.

Bischoff: I am proud to bring to a worldwide audience the #1 Wrestling brand in the World and tonight we are going to give all you fans a night to remember. Tonight all 4 WWE Titles will be defended! First the World Tag Team Champions La Resistance will defend their Tag Titles against a team from right here in Tokyo, Japan! We will then see Trish Stratus return to the ring when she defends the WWE Womens Title against Victoria! We will also see Shelton Benjamin defend the WWE Intercontinental Championship against Simon Dean. Last but defiantly not least we will see “The Game” Triple H defend the World Heavyweight Championship against none other then Japan’s own Tajiri!

The crowd let out a huge cheer as Tajiri’s name is announced.

Bischoff: I knew you’d like that. Also tonight we will see a match requested by the Royal Rumble winner when Batista faces off against the HeartBreak Kid Shawn Michaels!

The crowd cheer for both names.

Bischoff: Now that’s how you give your fans what they want and I’m 100% sure that Smackdown will not even challenge RAW with their 6 man challenge match. They’ll defiantly be needing that match because whoever wins that match will face the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania 21… underneath the RAW promoted Main Event of Batista taking on the World Heavyweight Champion! Enjoy the Show!

Bischoff greets the crowd with a traditional Japanese bow which gets a clap from the crowd. Eric Bischoff leaves to the back as La Resistance make their way to the ring.

Overall Rating: 60.7%

2. La Resistance =0= v Masked Japanese Wrestlers - World Tag Team Titles

La Resistance begin to sing the National Anthem when they are interrupted by some Oriental music and out come 2 masked wrestlers. They are in a full bodysuit covered by the Japanese Flag. They come running to the ring as the ring announcer calls them “Tokyo’s own” to a loud pop. The bell rings and these two teams go at it with the MJW getting the early advantages but La Resistance quickly showing their experience dominating the match. JR and the King hype up the World Title match later on tonight and also question whether Batista is going to explain what happened last week. They then tell us that Batista is already in the building but the rest of Evolution are not here yet. The announcers totally overlook this match as they don’t call the match and just use it as some time to hype future storylines. They also update us on the condition of Randy Orton who isn’t here tonight because under Doctors orders he cannot fly. Even with the MJW having the home advantage they finally succumb to a double Flapjack from La Resistance at the 10 minute mark and La Resistance retain the World Tag Team Titles.

Winners: La Resistance with a double Flapjack at 10:12

Match Rating: 69.4%

3. Shawn Michaels ready for tonight

We cut to the back where “HBK” Shawn Michaels is standing by with Maria.

Maria: Shawn, Batista requested tonight’s match between himself and you after what happened last week on RAW. He also requested this match as early as possible. What are your thoughts on that?

Shawn: You see last week I defeated 2 members of Evolution by myself. When Batista came to the ring I couldn’t take a chance and wait for him to attack me so I struck him first. In the end my arm was raised and I came out victorious just like I will tonight. As for requesting the match as early as possible? I don’t give a damn because the HeartBreak Kid is ready to go at anytime and now’s as good as any.

HBK smiles at Maria before walking off camera. Maria tells us that Michaels v Batista is next. As there was no translator most of the live crowd didn’t understand what Shawn Michaels said but this interview was geared more towards the TV audience.

Overall Rating: 45.4%

4. Batista v Shawn Michaels

We cut to the arena and we are greeted by “Sexy Boy” as Shawn Michaels dances his way out to ringside to a huge ovation. Out next came Evolution’s Animal Batista. Batista walked out to a louder reaction then Shawn Michaels. He enters the ring looking pissed off. The bell rings and both men lock horns. JR and the King try to figure out why Batista asked for this match to take place so early when the rest of Evolution still haven’t arrived yet. They also gave us an update on Orton’s condition telling us that next week when we get back to USA Eric Bischoff will have an update on the condition of Randy Orton. This match was mainly dominated by Batista who threw Michaels around like a rag doll but HBK kept on coming back. HBK had an impressive come back hitting Batista with hard knifechops and right hands before flooring the big man with the Sweet Chin Music to a loud pop. He made the pin but to the shock of everyone Batista kicked out just before the three count. Both men continued to fight for a couple of minutes until Shawn went for another Sweet Chin Music but Batista ducked and lifted him into the air before drilling him into the mat with the Batista Bomb. Batista made the pin and got the three count to pick up the hard fought clean victory. The crowd gave both men a standing ovation as they left to the back and we cut to a commercial break.

Winner: Batista with a Batista Bomb at 14:16

Match Rating: 82.3%

-- Commercial Break --

5. Batista leaves the building!

We return from the break and go straight to the announce table. JR and The King tell us that this went down during the break. We cut to the back as a logo shows up at the bottom left of the screen saying “During the Break”.

We see Batista holding his bag and walking towards the exit. He see’s a staff member near the exit.

Batista: Have Triple H or Flair arrived yet?

Staff Member: No, not yet sir.

Batista: Good….Good.

Batista then walks out of the exit and leaves the arena. We go back to the announce table where JR and The King try to figure out why Batista has left the building before the rest of his so called team mates have even arrived?

Overall Rating: 87.2%

6. Christian and Maven form an alliance?

We cut to Christian’s locker room. He is talking with Tyson Tomko.

Christian: I can’t believe this! I flew all the way over here just so my peeps in Japan could see me in action and Bischoff tells me that Captain Charisma himself hasn’t got a match tonight!

Just then Maven walks in. Tyson Tomko walks over to him.

Maven: Chill dude, I’ve just come to talk.

Christian taps Tomko on the shoulder and signals for him to move out of the way.

Christian: What do you wanna talk about?

Maven: I just got back from Bischoff’s office and I’ve found out that I’m not even booked in a match tonight. Then I found out that just like last week you’re not in a match tonight. This ain’t fair and I’ve got an idea how to show Bischoff how valuable we really are.

Christian smiles before replying.

Christian: Let’s hear this then.

Tyson Tomko pushes the camera out of the locker room as Maven begins to tell Christian his plan.

Overall Rating: 76.2%

7. Shelton Benjamin =0= v Simon Dean - WWE Intercontinental Championship

We cut back to the ring where Simon Dean is already standing holding a mic and a gym bag.

Dean: I am proud to be appearing in Japan tonight because it gives me a chance to sell my Simon System products to a worldwide audience and by the looks of it… you’ll all be needing it. You may not understand a word I’m saying so I’ll demonstrate.

Simon Dean drops his bag and the mic. He points to the crowd before gesturing to them that they’re all overweight. The crowd jeer. He then opens up his bag and begins to pull out various products ranging from Simon Shakes to Simon Energy Bars. He grabs hold of an Energy bar and walks out of the ring and to the translator. He tells that Translator to ask for a volunteer in the crowd. The translator does as he is told and forward steps huge legendry Sumo Wrestler Akebono to a huge pop. Simon Dean looks scared as He hands Akebono the energy bar. Instead of taking the bar Akebono levels Dean with a hard right hand sending him to the mat. Just then “Ain’t no Stoppin’ me” Hits and out walks WWE IC Champion Shelton Benjamin.

Benjamin grabs Dean back into the ring and hits him with the T-Bone suplex and gets the 1-2-3 for the win. JR comments that this should teach Dean to keep his mouth shut.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin with the T-Bone Suplex at 0:53

Match Rating: 73.5%

-- Commercial Break --

8. Shawn Michaels attacked!

We return from the break and go straight to the parking lot. After his match earlier tonight with Batista a worn down Shawn Michaels exits the arena. He is holding a small suitcase as he walks towards his car. Out of nowhere a masked man comes and attacks Michaels. He throws him head first into then bonnet of the car before lifting him up and throwing him into the windscreen with an Angle Slam. The masked man then does a classic Kurt Angle pose as he spins around with his arms out. The camera zooms in on Shawn Michaels who has blood gushing from his forehead. The camera moves back to the masked man who looks around to see if anyone saw him before running away.

Overall Rating: 87.4%

9. Trish Stratus not happy about returning!

We go back to ringside and see WWE Womens Champion Trish Stratus walk down to ringside wearing a neck brace. She is holding the WWE Womens Title over her shoulder and looks angry as she enters the ring. She grabs the mic out of the translators hand and begins to speak.

Trish: I know you won’t understand a word I’m gonna say and I couldn’t care less because just hearing my voice should satisfy you idiots! After getting Chokeslammed by Kane I’ve had this neck brace on for a few weeks now because I cannot wrestle. I came to Japan tonight to do some sightseeing and what do I find? I find that Eric Bischoff has booked me in a match to defend my Womens Title against Victoria? I’m an injured woman with a neck problem and putting me in a match Nevermind a title match is ridiculous! I demand…

Trish is interrupted by Victoria who comes running down to ringside and gets this match underway.

Overall Rating: 20.7%

10. Trish Stratus =0= v Victoria - WWE Womens Title

Victoria begins to pummel on Trish as soon as the bell rings. JR and the King focus on the attack on Shawn Michaels moments ago asking if it was Kurt Angle who did it. They tell us that Shawn Michaels is being taken to a medical facility right here in Tokyo, Japan. This match continues with a slow pace as Trish is moving awkwardly with the neck brace on. Victoria has most of the advantage for the first 5 minutes. Victoria then hits Trish with a DDT but before she can make the cover Trish lays spread eagle on the mat with her eye’s closed. Referee, Jack Doan quickly moves Victoria away from Trish who looks like she’s been knocked out. Doan checks on Trish as Victoria turns her back to Trish. Suddenly Trish gets back to her feet, tears off her neck brace and rolls Victoria up, the referee can do nothing but count as Trish puts her feet on the middle rope for extra leverage and gets the three count. Trish quickly exits the ring with the WWE Womens Title and walks up the aisle with an evil smirk on her face. She points to the side of her head telling Victoria that she had outsmarted her as we cut to a commercial break.

Winner: Trish Stratus with a roll up at 6:12

Match Rating: 62.3%

-- Commercial Break --

11. Evolution arrive in Style!

We return from the break and we see a black stretch limo pull up. The door opens and out walk a string of beautiful Japanese Women followed by “Nature Boy” Ric Flair and the World Heavyweight Champion “The Game” Triple H.

Flair: Wooooooooo! Evolution have arrived and it’s time to party!

HHH: You’re right there Naitch but where’s Big Dave?

A staff member walks up to HHH.

Staff Member: Batista left after his match with Shawn Michaels earlier.

Triple H looked concerned and so did Flair.

Flair: There must be some sort of mix up, I’ll ring him.

Flair pulls out his cell phone and rings Batista. After a minute or so Flair puts his phone away without saying a word.

Flair: It rang but he turned it off.

Triple H looked angry.

HHH: Well keep trying!

Flair pulled out his phone and tried again as both men walked into their locker room.

Overall Rating: 88.3%

12. Muhammad Hassan has a problem!

We cut to a pre-taped promo. Muhammad Hassan is with Khosrow Daivari standing in front of an airport.

Hassan: Tonight I was supposed to be wrestling in Japan. Right there where you are and you know where I am? I’m in the USA, not because I want to but because I have to. Every other WWE wrestler got onto their planes without any trouble but when it came to me and Khosrow, two Arab-American’s trying to get on a plane we were refused access because of the skin of our colour and because of the way we dress. That’s just one more thing that makes me angry and next week when the WWE return to America, I’m gonna continue to take out my anger on any Americans I see!

Khosrow Daivari begins to scream something in Pushti as the screen fades to black and we return to the Announce Table.

Overall Rating: 60.5%

13. Chris Benoit v Edge v Chris Jericho

We return to the ring as Chris Jericho is making his entrance. JR and the King comment on what Hassan just said and JR say’s he personally “Doesn’t believe a word of it”. Out next comes Chris Benoit a loud pop. He enters the ring and shakes hands with Chris Jericho which got a nice reaction. Our final competitor is Edge, Edge came out to a hostile reception. He walks down to ringside and stops on the apron. He drops back down to the outside and motions for the ref to ring the bell. The bell rang as Edge starts off the match on the outside the ring leaving Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit to have an exchange. Benoit and Jericho had a solid wrestling exchange for 7 minutes before Benoit locks in the Crippler Crossface forcing Edge to enter the ring and break the hold. The match continues with Edge exiting the ring only to re-enter once there was a chance of a pinfall or submission. The crowd were enjoying the exchange between Jericho and Benoit when Edge ran in trying to hit a double spear on them but they saw it coming and moved out of the way before taking him down with a double clothesline. Both men then dragged Edge into the corner and layed into him with hard knife chops. A couple of Minutes later Benoit locked in the Crippler Crossface on Edge and instead of Jericho breaking it up, he walked over to Edge’s legs and locked in the Walls of Jericho. Edge was close to tapping out when Maven came running down to ringside and distracted the referee. From through the crowd Christian entered the ring with a steel chair and smacked it across the face of Jericho.

Jericho fell to the mat and Tyson Tomko, who followed Christian through the crowd, lifted Jericho onto his shoulders and took him to the outside and back through the crowd where Christian carried on the assault all the way out of sight. Benoit let go of the Crossface and went over to Maven who ducked a clothesline from Benoit. The referee turned his attention to Edge while Maven grabbed hold of Benoit’s head and sent him neck first into the top rope. Maven then ran into the crowd and followed the path where Christian and Tyson Tomko went. Both Benoit and Edge were layed out on the mat as JR and the King tried to work out what the allegiance between Christian and Maven was and did it involve Edge? Both men struggled to their feet with Edge getting there first. Edge ran at Benoit and went for the spear but Benoit moved out of the way sending Edge straight into referee Chad Patton. Benoit then locks in the Crippler Crossface on Edge who begins to tap out. As there is no referee Benoit breaks the hold and walks over to Chad Patton. As he tries to wake him up Edge slips out of the ring and brings in a steel chair. He kneels down in the corner as Benoit walks over to him. As Benoit turns Edge around, Edge knocks him down with a huge chair shot to the head knocking Benoit down to the mat. The referee slowly gets back to his feet as Edge throws the chair out of the ring. Edge then adds insult to injury as he locks in the Crippler Crossface on an unconscious Chris Benoit. The referee see’s this and raises Benoit’s arm into the air three times and all three times they fall back down to the mat. The referee rings the bell and Edge is victorious. The Japanese Crowd jeer at the result of this match. JR and the King comment on their disgust of the manner of this victory as we cut to a commercial break.

Winner: Edge with the Crippler Crossface at 15:12

Match Rating: 90.8%

14. Snitsky and Kane come to blows!

We return from the break to see Christy Hemme in the ring with the T-Shirt gun giving away free T-Shirts. “It’s not my Fault” hits and out walks Gene Snitsky. Snitsky walks down to ringside and enters the ring. He walks over to Christy and traps her in the corner. He takes a few deep breaths before smiling at her. Christy drops the T-Shirt Gun inside the ring and exits the ring. She leaves up the aisle as Gene Snitsky grabs hold of a mic.

Snitsky: KANE! Last week you may have defeated me but you needed help from your brother The Undertaker to do so. Tonight I want some revenge so bring your ass down here.

Snitsky completely ignoring the Japanese crowd waits impatiently in the ring. He doesn’t have to wait long as Kane makes his entrance. Kane slowly walks down the aisle and enters the ring. Snitsky drops the mic and attacks Kane. Both men exchange rights and lefts until Snitsky falls to the mat first. He quickly gets back to his feet but Kane floors him with a huge big boot. Kane then grabs Snitsky by the throat and lifts him into the air before drilling him into the mat with a huge chokeslam. Kane lifts his arms into the air as his pyro’s go off and his music plays in the background. He stays in the ring for another minute playing to the crowd as we see Gene Snitsky crawl to the corner and grab the T-Shirt gun left by Christy. He runs up behind Kane and takes him down with a shot to the back of the head. Snitsky smiles but Kane sits right back up. Snitsky hits him with another shot to the head and then continues to hit him with shots all over the body. After a number of shots Snitsky finally drops the T-Shirt Gun which has dents in it because of the assault. Snitsky smiles as he makes his exit. Kane has been left for dead in the middle of the ring. We see a shot of Kane layed out in the ring before cutting to a video package hyping Wrestlemania 21.

Overall Rating: 78.8%

15. Triple H =0= w/ Ric Flair v Tajiri - World Heavyweight Title

It was main event time and out first came Japan’s own Tajiri to a thunderous reception. He walked down to ringside and entered the ring to a huge “Ta-Ji-Ri” chant. Out next came “The Game” Triple H accompanied to the ring as always by “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. HHH got jeered as he entered the ring doing his usual water spot while Flair was greeted by “Wooooooooos” from the Japanese crowd. The match started with HHH quickly getting the advantage with a knee lift followed by a leg sweep. Triple H wrestled much more of a scientific match against Tajiri and worked over his neck for a few minutes. JR and the King talked about the dissention between HHH and Batista asking if they were on the same page or not? Triple H continued the assault on the neck for a few more minutes before taking Tajiri down with a neckbreaker but only getting a 2 count. JR tells us that we’ve got to cut to our final commercial break of the evening but after the break this match will resume.

-- Commercial Break --

We returned from the break with King telling us that HHH had continued to work away on the neck throughout the break. Tajiri finally got his break when he was dazed in the corner. Triple H ran at him going for a high knee but Triple H missed and went knee first into the turnbuckle allowing Tajiri to lock on the Tarantula! Tajiri had to break the hold before the 5 count but the damage had been done. The crowd were really into the match at this point as Tajiri levelled HHH with hard kicks to the face. Flair tried to get involved in the match but Tajiri took him out of the match with the green mist. HHH then tried to attack Tajiri from behind but got taken down with a huge Kick to the back of the head. As the referee checked on Flair, HHH slowly got back to his feet only to be hit with the Red Mist. HHH blinded by the mist got taken down with a sunset flip by Tajiri and the ref made the pin, 1….2…., KICK OUT! The crowd were close to blowing the roof off the place before Triple H somehow kicked out. JR and the King commented that by this time if Triple H was in trouble Batista would be there to save him, tonight he has no such luck. Tajiri lifted HHH back to his feet and went for another kick to the head but Triple H ducked and hit him with an inverted atomic drop before flooring him with a clothesline.

Triple H had gotten back the advantage and continued to work away on the neck. For the next 5 minutes he hit all the same moves he hit Tajiri with 10 minutes earlier which took away any excitement the crowd had. Triple H then lifted Tajiri to his feet but Tajiri went on the offensive trying to take Triple H down with a clothesline, HHH ducked and took Tajiri down with the pedigree and made the pin, 1….2…..3, Triple H had picked up the victory and the fans were angry. Not angry because Tajiri had lost but angry at the way he had lost with HHH dominating Tajiri in the last 5 minutes and then finishing him off with the pedigree. The match really should have finished 10 minutes earlier. Flair entered the ring with Green Mist all over his face and shirt as he put the boots to Tajiri kicking him out of the ring. He handed the World Heavyweight Title to Triple H who celebrated his victory but still had a concerned look on his face as the show came to an end.

Winner: Triple H with the Pedigree at 23:12

Match Rating: 39.8%


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Guest Red Devil

user posted image

Date: 5th February 2005 (to be aired 10th February 2005)

Venue: Tokyo, Japan

We are shown highlight of last week’s “6 Man Challenge qualifiers” as well as the attack from JBL and The Cabinet on The Big Show. We end the video package with the words “Tonight… One man’s dream will become a reality” as John Cena, Kenzo Suzuki, Eddie Guerrero, Heidenreich, Undertaker and Kurt Angle’s pictures show up. We then cut to the arena where pyro’s go off to signal the start of this edition of WWE Smackdown! The camera pans around the arena which gets a loud ovation. As always our announce team is Michael Cole and Tazz.

1. Billy Kidman v Paul London v Nunzio v Akio

We go straight to the ring where Paul London, Nunzio and Akio are already standing. Billy Kidman makes his entrance next to a subdued reaction. He walks down to ringside in his cocky manner and enters the ring. He straight away walks up to Paul London and shoves him which gets this match started straight into a 4 man brawl. Cole and Tazz remind us of the history between Paul London and Billy Kidman going back to their tag team days all the way to Kidman injuring Paul London at last years WWE No Mercy. This match gets somewhat ignored by the crowd who only pop when a big move is hit. The ending comes when Akio takes Nunzio to the outside with a Hurracarana leaving London and Kidman to battle it out. Paul London climbs to the top rope and is ready to hit a big move when Kidman who is on the mat pushes the referee into the ropes crotching London on the top rope. Kidman quickly throws London off the top rope before climbing to the top himself and hitting London with the Shooting Star Press and getting the 3 count. Kidman celebrates his tainted victory as Tazz notes that Kidman’s fear of the Shooting Star Press has well and truly gone.

Winner: Billy Kidman with the Shooting Star Press at 9:57

Match Rating: 79.0%

2. Kenzo Suzuki Promises Victory tonight!

We cut to the interview area where Hiroko is standing by with Kenzo Suzuki. We are told that Hiroko will be translating for the TV audience. Kenzo begins to speak in Japanese as Hiroko translates for him.

Hiroko: Kenzo says that…. He is very, very happy that he is back in Japan… He is happy he has the chance to main event Wrestlemania 21 for Smackdown and promises to win the 6 man challenge tonight right here in Tokyo, Japan… He would also like to say that after winning the match tonight and winning the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 21 he will be proud to bring back the WWE Title to the country he loves… AMERICA!

The crowd let out a huge chorus of jeers as Kenzo smiles at the camera and we go back to ringside.

Overall Rating: 52.3%

3. Rey Mysterio & Booker T v Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak

Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak made their entrances first. They came out to a small set of jeers before entering the ring. Out next came the popular duo of Rey Mysterio and Booker T. They came out to a loud pop and enter the ring to get this match underway. Booker T starts off this match against Mark Jindrak. Cole tells the fans that the winner of this match will challenge JBL’s “Secretary Of Defence” The Basham Brothers for the WWE Tag Team Titles at WWE No Way Out. This match went relatively quickly with Reigns and Jindrak isolating Rey Mysterio in their corner for most of the match. Rey finally got the hot tag to Booker T who cleaned house before hitting Jindrak with the Scissors Kick. Luther Reigns tried to break up the pin but was taken down with a drop toe hold into the middle rope by Rey Mysterio and as the referee made the three count for Booker T, Rey Mysterio hit the 6-1-9 on Luther Reigns. After the match Rey Mysterio celebrated in the ring but Booker T just walked to the back leaving Rey in the ring as we cut to a commercial break.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and Booker T with the Scissors Kick at 8:30

Match Rating: 73.7%

-- Commercial Break --

4. Eddie/Rey/Booker T confrontation

We return from the commercial break and go straight to Eddie Guerrero’s locker room where he is standing by with Josh Matthews.

Matthews: Eddie Guerrero, tonight you have a chance to main event Wrestlemania for the second year in a row. What is going through your mind as you prepare for this match?

Eddie: I know how big this match is essa, I’ve been here before and last year at Wrestlemania XX, I beat Kurt Angle in the main event. I know what it takes and tonight I’m going to get there agai…

Booker T bursts into the locker room and confronts Eddie.

Booker: Man I still can’t believe what you did to me last week on Smackdown. You cheated me out of a chance to main event Wrestlemania 21, it could have been the biggest night of my life where I would have finally become the WWE Champion.

Eddie: Look essa vato, you knew when you got into the ring with me that I would do anything to get that shot at the WWE Title, I’d lie, cheat and steal just like I did and if I have to do it again tonight essa… then that’s what I’ve gotta do.

Eddie smiles as Rey Mysterio enters the room.

Rey: Booker! What the hell was that man? We just won a shot at the WWE Tag Titles and you walked away?

Booker T stares at Mysterio before walking past him and exiting the room as Eddie and Rey look at each other confused.

The crowd really didn’t understand what they were saying so it was purely aimed at the TV Audience.

Overall Rating: 33.9%

5. Daniel Puder v …

We cut back to the ring where Tough Enough winner Daniel Puder is standing holding a mic. He is wearing the same attire he wore at the Royal Rumble.

Puder: *points at the crowd* you can’t understand me so just look at this pretty face while I talk. Tonight I was promised my first ever singles wrestling match right here on Smackdown by Theodore Long. My opponent was supposed to be Hardcore Holly but guess what? After he saw the *Points to himself* Ultimate Fighter in training he backed out. He’s not so “Hardcore” anymore…eh? Anyway it looks like no one has the guts to fight me tonight so I’ll have to save my singles debut for another night.

Puder gets ready to exit the ring but as soon as he is on the apron, “What does everyone want” hits and out comes Tough Enough Trainer Al Snow! Snow walks down to ringside to a small pop and enters the ring. He tells the staff member to ring the bell to get this match started. Tazz comments on Puder’s savage beating at the Royal Rumble at the hands of Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Hardcore Holly. The match starts off slow with Puder missing a few spots such as a botched dropkick as he clearly lands a foot away from Snow who still takes the fall. Puder’s first match isn’t a classic and it ends with Puder making Snow tap out with the Leg Scissors Choke. After the match Puder celebrates his victory by jumping up and down before leaving to the back.

Winner: Daniel Puder with a Leg Scissors Choke at 4:12

Match Rating: 51.7%

6. Hall of Fame 2005

We cut to a video package highlighting the entrants of the Hall of Fame class of 2005! The video shows these past superstars in their former glory days.


The Iron Sheik became WWE Champion the day after Christmas in 1983 when he defeated Bob Backlund at Madison Square Garden. The victory was a controversial one as Backlund's manager Arnold Skaaland threw in the towel, as Backlund refused to submit.

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Guest Red Devil

Another week of WWE TV was over and it had been a long week. The flight to and from Japan made me realise how much these workers must love their profession to do this on a regular basis. Both “A” Shows turned out as well as can be expected with the language barrier. We ran a few house shows over there which went really well so that was good news for the boys. I was travelling home with the RAW team as I wanted to get to know some of the wrestlers there as I’d be travelling with the Smackdown crew next week leading up to No Way Out.

We were on the plane back when I approached Triple H and sat next to him to discuss his match on RAW against Tajiri.

Me: Hunter, I wanted to get your thoughts on Tajiri and your match with him on RAW?

HHH: Sure. Truthfully the guys talented but he’ll never be a major player for us. Don’t get me wrong I like the guy and he’s deserving of his paycheck but when it comes to the top he just doesn’t cut it. Our match on RAW was terrible. Some of it had to do with it being timed wrong but I can only carry the guy so far and for so long. Even in his home country he couldn’t keep the crowd in it for long.

Me: Ok I’ll keep all that in mind. Thanks for your time.

HHH: No problem.

I’d heard all the rumours about Triple H holding people down and everything but I never actually knew what it meant. Today I found out. The match on RAW was terrible but not because of Tajiri, the length was far too long for Triple H and I wasn’t gonna let him put the blame on Tajiri. I thought about confronting Triple H or one of the other writers but being a new guy I thought I may as well just keep my mouth shut and my ears open so in the future if I did get more influence I can use this knowledge to my advantage. As I was going back to my seat I saw a fight break out between Rhyno and Khosrow Daivari. I went over to see what it was all about as the agents broke it up.

What I could gather was that Daivari was complaining about being a wrestler and not a manager and wanted to wrestle more. Rhyno heard this and confronted him telling him that he should be thankful that he’s getting TV Time on RAW and not wrestling on “Shows that nobody cares about.” It looked like the hefty travel schedule had brought some tension to the surface. The fight was quickly broken up and resolved but I could tell Rhyno was still pissed off.


PWinsider Weekly Lariat

On the contract front this week. The big news last week was Paul Heyman leaving the WWE and as of writing this he has still not responded to WWE’s final contract offer. However he has not rejected this offer so that may be a good sign for the WWE. One other WWE worker who is heading out of the WWE soon is Ivory. Management have not been impressed with her announcing skills on Heat and her contract is up in the next few weeks so she is expected to leave then. This has been virtually confirmed as Todd Grisham was on solo duty for WWE Heat. WWE is expected to bring in a new announcer to take over the role but rumour has it that Michael “PS” Hayes wants to return to the announce table and this may be his chance. More on that next week.

Better news for WWE as both Jerry “The King” Lawler and Shane “The Hurricane” Helms have penned new deals with the WWE. They both signed extensions this past week contracting them to WWE for a further 2 years. Finally there are reports that the WWE have tabled a contract offer to The Rock where he would be paid on a PPA basis. This has only happened recently so we should have more news on this next week.

Expect The Undertaker v Heidenreich and Billy Kidman v Funaki to be added to the No Way Out card this week on Smackdown. So far we only have 3 matches confirmed for the show which are, JBL v Big Show in a Steel Cage Barbed Wire match, Rey Mysterio and Booker T taking on the Basham Brothers for the WWE Tag Team Titles and Hardcore Holly taking on Daniel Puder in singles action. As for Wrestlemania 21, Batista is still expected to face Triple H but plans could change. The card for Wrestlemania 21 is still being worked on and after No Way Out it is expected to be much clearer.

This past week the WWE were in Japan to film RAW and Smackdown and also have a few House Shows. During these shows Johnny Jeter, an OVW product, worked a few shows on both brands as management wanted to check him out. The verdict was that he was a definite star for the future but still needed some work. Good to see the WWE actually seeing a green worker and giving him the chance to improve.

There were rumours circulating the ‘net that the WWE wanted to bring in CM Punk for a short term deal maybe leading to a long term deal. The WWE were interested in bringing in the Straight Edge gimmick and saw it as a fresh gimmick that could interest the fans. Punk has rejected that offer and has agreed a new deal with ROH so it looks like Punk won’t be going to the WWE. It’ll be interesting to see now if the WWE bring this gimmick to life with another wrestler playing it.

Here are the results to the WWE Velocity and WWE Heat Tapings in Japan this past week.

WWE Velocity

Chavo Guerrero def. Spike Dudley with the Gory Bomb at 8:12 - 73.2%

Rene Dupree def. “Local Lad” Hiroshi Kenarso with the Au Revior at 4:37- 62.3%

Basham Brothers def. Haas and Moore with a brainbuster at 11:53 - 58.7%

WWE Heat

William Regal def. Viscera with a running Knee to the head at 7:56 - 69.4%

Christian and Tyson Tomko def. The Superheroes with the Unprettier at 5:04 - 72.4%

Maven def Rhyno with a roll up at 8:45 - 68.5%

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Guest Red Devil

user posted image

Date: 14th February 2005

Venue: Texas

We kick off tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW with a video package highlighting last week’s episode of RAW. We see clips of the well contested Shawn Michaels/Batista match as well as the Triple H/Tajiri match. We also see clips of the further infighting of Evolution and the clip of the masked man attacking Shawn Michaels. We then cut the arena where pyro’s go off to signal the start of RAW. Our announce team is Jim “JR” Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler. Before we can even get to the RAW opening video “Time to play the game” hits and out walks the World Heavyweight Champion Triple H with “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

1. Triple H wants an answer and he wants it now!

Both men walk down to ringside dressed in suits and come out to a hostile reception. Flair is greeted by “Wooooooooos” as he enters the ring. Triple H walks to the apron and does his water spot before entering the ring and grabbing the mic. He looks a little more pissed off then usual.

HHH: Over the past couple of weeks all you people have been wondering about is whether Batista hit me by accident 2 weeks ago on RAW. Whether Batista wanted to clothesline me and cost me and Naitch the match. Well that’s the exact same thing I’ve been wondering about and you pathetic fans ain’t getting a show until I get an answer.

Flair brings a steel chair into the ring and places it into the middle of the ring where Triple H takes his seat.

HHH: Batista, I know you’re in the back and me and Naitch have been leaving you messages all week and we haven’t got any replies so why don’t you come out here and explain yourself.

Triple H doesn’t have to wait long as Batista’s music hits and out walks “Evolution’s Animal” to a thunderous reception. He is dressed in a suit wearing sunglasses. He enters the ring and stands across Triple H.

HHH: Go on then, explain?

Batista grabs the mic.

Batista: You want me to explain myself to you?

Triple H nods his head.

Batista: I don’t have to explain myself to anyone, not even you.

Triple H gets to his feet.

Batista: What? Are you going to make me?

Batista takes a step forward and goes nose to nose with Triple H to a loud pop.

Both men square off for a few seconds until Ric Flair gets in between them. Flair talks to Triple H and gets him to calm down. Triple H looks like he is much happier after the talk and grabs the mic again.

HHH: Forget about that, it’s all in the past and we’ve got bigger things to worry about. Next week on RAW you’ll have to sign a contract to face either me or the Smackdown WWE Champion at Wrestlemania 21. Have you made up your mind?

Batista takes a few seconds to think about his decision.

Batista: I’ve had my mind made up ever since I eliminated John Cena at the Royal Rumble. My decision is not only what’s best for Batista… but what’s best for Evolution!

Triple H smiles and hugs Batista who is smiling but doesn’t seem to reciprocate the hug. Triple H ignores that and hugs Flair as Batista watches on with the smile turning to a look of anger. “Evolution” hits and all three men leave to the back. Ric Flair and Triple H walk in front as Batista walks slowly behind them as we take our first commercial break of the evening.

Overall Rating: 98.0%

-- Commercial Break --

2. Stacy wants to know about Orton

We return from the commercial break and go straight to RAW GM Eric Bischoff’s office where he is talking with Coach.

Bischoff: I don’t care, by the end of tonight I want an answer from Shawn. I want to know if he’ll be ready to go next week on RAW. Now can you get that done or will I have to find some other idiot to do that for me?

Coach: Yes sir. I’ll get that done right away.

Coach turns around and leaves as Stacy Keibler enters the room.

Bischoff: What do you want?

Stacy: Well it’s about Randy Orton. I just wanna know if he’s ok, I haven’t heard from him for over a week now and I’m missing him… especially tonight.

Bischoff: I could tell you how he is… but I think I’ll make you wait just like the rest of them. You’ll find out just like everyone else later in the show so if that is all could you please get out of my office.

Stacy looks a little upset as she leaves. Bischoff smiles as he walks to his desk, takes a seat and puts his feet up as we cut back to the arena.

Overall Rating: 55.4%

3. Trish Stratus =0= v Victoria - WWE Womens Title

We return to ringside where Victoria is standing in the ring ready for her upcoming match. Before the WWE Womens Champion, Trish Stratus can make her entrance JR and The King tell us this is a rematch from last week. We are then shown footage of last week’s match where Trish pinned Victoria after faking a neck injury and ripping off her neck brace. We cut back to the arena where Trish Stratus is making her entrance. She walks out to a few jeers as Victoria looks pissed off inside the ring. As soon as Trish enters the ring, Victoria runs at her and grabs her hair before smashing her face first into the mat. The bell rings and Victoria jumps onto Trish and keeps on banging her head into the mat. King comments that Trish may be regretting last week’s actions as Victoria continues the assault. This match continues with Victoria having the advantage throughout the match until the very end. Victoria lifts Trish onto her back attempting the Widows Peak but Trish rolls out of it and hits Victoria with the Chick Kick to the back of the head flooring Victoria. Trish quickly makes the cover and gets the 3 count for the win. Trish celebrates with the Womens Title as JR say’s that “Victoria was one move away from winning the Womens Title.”

Winner: Trish Stratus with the Chick Kick at 9:02

Match Rating: 63.6%

-- Commercial Break --

4. Is Trish jealous?

We return from the commercial break and go straight to the back. We see Christy Hemme posing in various ways getting her picture taken. The shoot is taking place in a Valentine Day Themed manner. After a minute the photographer calls for a break. Christy walks off set and grabs a water bottle before walking over to Candace. Both women begin talking as Trish Stratus walks past.

Trish: *Laughs* Look what we have here! One reject and one whore. While I was out there defending my Womens Title both of you were back here getting your pictures taken? You give women a bad name! I’m exactly what a women should be, someone who can give your ass and look sexy doing it. You two are just brain-dead sluts!

Trish Stratus walks away looking angry. Christy and Candace look confused as we cut to a “Don’t try this at home” video.

Overall Rating: 75.9%

5. Christian Coalition or Maven’s Men?

We return from the video and see Christian and Maven walking down the corridor with Tyson Tomko behind them.

Christian: You were right! Last week we showed everyone that we are not to be taken lightly. Did you see me hit Jericho with the chair, WHAM! And he was out like a baby!

Maven: *Laughs* Yeah that was awesome but what about me, Benoit swung for me but I ducked and hit him throat first into the top rope. He was out like a baby!

Tomko: What about me? I… I…

Maven and Christian stop and turn around to look at Tomko. Tyson shrugs his shoulders.

Christian: Now everyone will know that they should never mess with the Christian Coalition!

Maven suddenly stops.

Maven: I thought we were Maven’s Men?

Christian: What? No, we’re the Christian Coalition.

As Maven and Christian argue they bump into William Regal. They just ignore him and continue walking but Regal stops them.

Regal: Bloody hell! Watch where you’re going!

Christian, Maven and Tomko look at each other before bursting out with laughter. After a minute of laughing they all stop.

Christian: What did you say?

Maven: He told us to *Speaks in an English accent* “Watch where you’re going”

Again they burst into laughter which angers Regal. Regal then smacks Maven in the face with a left hand. Maven falls to the floor and Regal jumps onto him nailing him with more punches until Tyson Tomko drags Regal off Maven. Tomko grabs hold of Regal as Christian hits him with rights and lefts. Maven gets back to his feet and looks a little pissed off. He walks over to Regal as Tomko holds Regal’s arms behind his back. Maven pulls back and hits him with a hard right hand flooring the Englishman. Maven, Christian and Tomko look satisfied with what they just did and walk away smiling as Regal is on the floor.

Overall Rating: 78.2%

6. Shelton Benjamin =0= v Viscera - WWE Intercontinental Title

We cut back to the ring where Shelton Benjamin is making his entrance. The 500 pound monster, Viscera is already standing inside the ring. JR tells us that Benjamin has told Bischoff that he wants to defend the Intercontinental Title every single week and doesn’t care who he defends it against. King notes that Benjamin may not have to defend the WWE IC Title much longer because Viscera is ready to take the belt from him. Benjamin goes for a quick finish to the match hitting Viscera with a flurry of kicks and going for the T-Bone Suplex which he obviously can’t hit. Viscera hits back with hard rights before flooring Shelton with a scoop slam. Viscera continues to outpower Benjamin but Shelton continues to fights back. The end comes when Viscera goes for a running powerslam but Shelton wriggles out of it. Viscera turns around and Benjamin goes for a super kick. Viscera see’s it coming and grabs hold of Shelton’s foot, he swings Shelton around and gets hit in the face with the swinging superkick. Shelton quickly jumps onto him and makes the cover to retain the gold. Shelton’s celebrations are cut short when Muhammad Hassan makes his entrance.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin with the Swinging Superkick at 10:55

Match Rating: 72.8%

7. Hassan feels Victimised

Muhammad Hassan is holding a mic standing at the top of the ramp with Khosrow Daivari.

Hassan: Congratulations. You just overcame another “big” challenge and got all these idiots cheering for you.

The crowd jeer.

Hassan: Are you proud of yourself? Last week you were in Japan defending the WWE Intercontinental Title but where were we? We weren’t even allowed to board the plane just because we’re Arab-Americans! Just because we’re a different colour to all of you it doesn’t give you the right to victimize us! Whites, Blacks and Japanese all victimize us because we’re Arab American. I just want to live a normal life just like I was before 9/11 without having to be insulted every time I step outside. That’s all going to change, I’m going to be able to fly where I want, when I want. I’m going to be able to walk the streets of America with my head held high unlike my fellow Arab-American’s who are treated just like me. For each and every one of those victims I am going to take something that all you people cherish. I’m going to take that WWE Intercontinental Title from around your waist and prove to every Arab-American that we are better then you people who feel the need to degrade us. Shelton, one day I’m going to take you up on that open challenge and take the WWE IC Title.

Hassan is interrupted by Benjamin.

Benjamin: Hassan, you talk too much. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and come down here and accept my open challenge right here, right now!

The crowd pop huge for that before breaking into a “USA” Chant.

Hassan: You’d like that wouldn’t you? You like ordering people like us around and that’s going to stop. I’ll take you up on that challenge but not tonight. I’m going to win that Intercontinental Title when I want, where I want and it’s especially not going to be in a dump like Texas!

Hassan hands the mic to Daivari while the crowd jeer at Hassan’s comments. Daivari begins shouting in Pushti leading to the fans chanting even louder. Hassan stares down Benjamin before turning around and walking to the back. Benjamin is still standing in the ring looking angry as we cut to a commercial break.

Overall Rating: 69.2%

-- Commercial Break --

8. The Peep Show with Chris Jericho

We return from the commercial break and go straight to ringside. The ring is set up for the Highlight Reel. However it isn’t Chris Jericho who makes his entrance but Christian! Christian walks down to ringside with Tyson Tomko. He enters the ring to a hostile reception and grabs a mic as Tomko stands in the background.

Christian: Welcome to RAW is CHRISTIAN! Now for the million and millions of peeps all around the world, this is the greatest segment in professional wrestling, welcome to the Peep Show!

The crowd jeer at Christian who smirks.

Christian: Now lets cut straight to the chase, last week on RAW I mutilated “Y2J” Chris Jericho all over the Saitama Arena. Now could you please turn your attention to the Chris-a-tron 5000 as I have some footage to show you.

We see a video of last weeks attack by Christian and Tyson Tomko on Jericho. We see them take Jericho into the crowd like they did last week. We then continue to see some footage we did not see last week. Christian keeps on pummelling Jericho who is being held down by Tomko, They get to the back and Christian grabs a steel chair. For the second time in a matter of minutes Christian drills the chair into Jericho’s skull. Christian and Tomko look pleased at what they have done and walk away as we get a close up of Jericho who is out on the floor bleeding profusely from his head.

Christian: Now that’s what you call a Christian style ass kicking! Enough about me because it is now time to introduce tonight’s guest, the star in our “Christian style ass kicking” motion picture, Chris Jericho!

The crowd rise to their feet and pop huge as Jericho’s music hits but as soon as the crowd see Maven who is dressed like Jericho walks down the ramp the cheers turn to jeers. Maven wearing a blonde wig and Jericho’s wrestling attire enters the ring. He walks over to Christian and shakes his hand. He then walks over to Tomko and shakes his hand.

Christian: Nice of you to join us Jackass!

Maven: What did you call me?

Christian: I called you a Jackass! What are you going to do about it.

Maven walks up to Christian who hits him with an obvious fake punch. Maven drops to the mat and sells it like he’s been shot. Suddenly from through the crowd out comes “Y2J” Chris Jericho. He has a bandage around his head and is holding a steel chair. He slides into the ring. Tomko turns around and gets a chair shot straight to the head flooring the big man. Christian snatches the chair away from Jericho but Y2J takes him down with a jumping Enziguri. Maven is the only one left in the ring with Jericho. Jericho traps him in the corner. Maven looks scared and quickly takes the wig off and throws it at Jericho before running at him. Jericho grabs Maven and takes him down into the Walls of Jericho. Y2J keeps it locked in until Christian gets back to his feet. Jericho breaks the hold and runs over to Christian and clothesline’s him over the top rope and to the outside. Jericho turns around and walks back over to Maven but Tyson Tomko quickly drags him out of the ring and all three men hightail it up the ramp. Jericho grabs hold of the chair and a mic.

Jericho: Listen up Jackasses! You think you can make a name for yourself attacking the ayatollah of rock and rolla? You’re seriously mistaken. Why don’t you come down here so we can finish of what we started?

Christian: Jericho! You’re lucky we’re going to give you a chance to survive. We could come down there and kick your ass right now but we won’t. How about next week, you find yourself a partner and we have ourselves a tag match?

Jericho: You want a tag match? As long as I get to kick your asses from pillar to post I’m happy. You’ve got yourselves a deal!

Break the Walls Down” hits as Jericho plays to the crowd to a loud reception. Christian, Maven and Tomko exit to the back looking a lot happier then they should.

Overall Rating: 80.8%

9. The Masterpiece Will be Unveiled… Next Week!

We cut to the same video shown in the past hyping Chris Master debut. It shows him posing in various ways and tells us that next week on RAW will be the “Unveiling of the Masterpiece!

Overall Rating: 36.8%

10. Simon Dean talks

We return from the video and go straight to the ring where Simon Dean is standing holding his gym bag and a mic. There’s a referee standing in the corner which indicates that there is a match about to take place.

Dean: Hello again and just like every other week on RAW I’m here to promote the Simon System, I guarantee you it works. You know, each and every week I go around America and see gross overweight slobs in the crowd just like yourselves who need the Simon System. Last week I even went to Japan with RAW to promote my Simon System to people who needed it just as badly as you do. I thought sales would rocket through the roof but as soon as I got back and saw the sales figures I was shocked. The Simon System wasn’t selling well, the shakes weren’t selling well, the energy bars weren’t selling well, not even the damn Powder!

Dean looks to be getting into an emotional state which gets a laugh out of the crowd. Dean takes a couple of deep breaths to calm down.

Dean: But… But I now have a solution. All you American’s have been brainwashed by TV to believe that what is too good to be true actually is untrue but the Simon System is! Next week on RAW I will bring you a man who has used the Simon System to perfection. A man who is so physically gifted he’ll make Batista look like Mickey Mouse!

Simon Dean begins laughing at his own joke but that laugh soon turns to a look of shock as Batista’s music hits and out walks “Evolution’s Animal” to a huge response.

Overall Rating: 66.1%

11. Batista v Simon Dean

Batista walks down to ringside slowly to a loud “Bat-Is-Ta” chant. He enters the ring as Dean drops his gym bag. As Batista walks towards Dean, Simon Dean grabs his Simon System powder and runs at Batista only to be taken down with a hard clothesline. The referee rings the bell and removes the gym bag from the ring. Batista lifts Dean to his feet and whips him across the ring before taking him down with a Spinebuster to a loud pop. Batista calls for an early finish and lifts Dean into the air before bringing him back down to the mat with a Batista Bomb and making the pin, 1….2….3, Batista gets an impressive victory! The crowd continue the “Batista” chant as he plays to the crowd and we cut to a commercial break.

Winner: Batista with the Batista Bomb at 0:55

Match Rating: 62.7%

-- Commercial Break --

12. Will Batista do the right thing for Evolution?

We return from the break and go straight to Evolution’s locker room where Triple H and Ric Flair are watching Batista’s impressive victory over Simon Dean.

Flair: Wow! Batista just keeps on amazing me. This man is an Animal! Triple H… we’ve defiantly got a future star on our hands and if we play our cards right we’ll be riding his wave for a long time, Wooooooooo!

Triple H looks angered by that comment.

HHH: I don’t want to ride off his wave, damn it I’m the 10 time World Heavyweight Champion! I’m the Game. I shouldn’t be riding anyone’s wave and I’m not going to. Look Naitch I’m worried about Batista, I’m not sure if he knows what’s right for Evolution and what’s right for himself. We both know that what’s right for Evolution is right for Batista and that is for him to go to Smackdown and win the WWE Title so Evolution can be the most dominant faction in history, bigger then the NWO, Bigger then Degeneration X and even bigger then the 4 Horsemen!

Ric Flair walks over to a table and picks up a letter.

Flair: I think this will push Batista in the right direction.

Just then Batista walks into the room.

Flair: Nice match Dave, you just showed the world why we call you the Animal. Dave, I just got this invitation from Theodore Long, he wants you, the Royal Rumble Winner of 2005 to attend this Sunday’s Smackdown only WWE No Way Out PPV just so he can show you around and tell you about his offer.

HHH: Isn’t that a nice thing for him to do, you should really go. It’ll give you a chance to check out your new surroundings.

As soon as Triple H say’s that Batista stares at him.

HHH: You know, once you sign the contract next week to face either JBL or The Big Show at Wrestlemania 21 for the WWE Title.

Batista continues staring at Triple H but soon cracks a smile. Triple H and Flair respond by smiling and turn back to the monitor to continue watching RAW. Batista’s smile once again turns into a cold stare burning a hole through Triple H’s back.

Overall Rating: 86.3%

13. Jericho gets himself a partner!

We go to the back and see Chris Jericho looking pissed off pacing back and forth. William Regal walks upto him. Regal is still reeling from the assault earlier by Christian, Maven and Tomko.

Regal: Jericho. I was watching you out there and saw that you’ve got a tag match with those two imbeciles, Christian and Maven. I noticed that you still haven’t found a partner so I’d like to offer my services. They’ve played the numbers game once to often and need to be taught a lesson.

Y2J: You wanna tag with me to take on Maven and Christian next week? You’re on!

Regal: Marvellous. Now let’s talk strategies.

Regal and Jericho walk into a room and shut the door behind them as we cut back to the arena.

Overall Rating: 93.7%

14. Gene Snitsky v Tajiri

Tajiri is making his entrance to little reaction. JR and the King remind us of last week’s epic World Title match between Triple H and Tajiri with Tajiri narrowly missing out on becoming the New World Champion. Out next came Gene Snitsky to a load of jeers. He entered the ring and got a small “Babykiller” chant. The bell rang and Snitsky gained the early advantage. JR and King mostly talked about the recent Kane/Undertaker v Snitsky/Heidenreich feud that has been brewing. This match ended quickly with Snitsky getting most of the advantage and Tajiri only getting a few kicks in. Snitsky finished the match with a Tombstone Piledriver on Tajiri which was an insult to both Undertaker and Kane. As Snitsky celebrated his victory red pyro’s went off and out walked the Big Red Machine Kane to a loud reception. He stomped down the ramp and entered the ring. Snitsky met him with hard right hands and both big men exchanged punches in the middle of the ring with Kane getting the advantage. Kane continued to Nail Snitsky with hard rights before lifting him into the air and drilling him into the mat with a chokeslam. Kane then waited for Snitsky to get back to his feet and hit him with his own Tombstone Piledriver. JR commented that this was revenge for last week’s attack by Snitsky. Kane stood over Snitsky as we cut to a commercial break.

Winner: Gene Snitsky with the Tombstone Piledriver at 6:44

Match Rating: 79.1%

-- Commercial Break --

15. Eric Bischoff’s big announcements!

We return from the commercial break and see Eric Bischoff standing inside the ring holding a microphone.

Bischoff: I know you are all awaiting tonight’s main event between Edge and Chris Benoit but I’ve got some very important news that you all need to know. First up, everyone has been asking me for an update on both Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels condition. Well here it is. Both Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels are at home healing their injuries but next week on RAW at Madison Square Garden both will be in attendance. Firstly Shawn Michaels will be having an in ring interview with JR! Randy Orton will be in action next week as in the main event we will see Triple H defend his World Heavyweight Title for the last time before Wrestlemania 21 against Randy Orton, the winner will guarantee himself a spot in the RAW Main event of Wrestlemania!

The crowd pop huge for that announcement but the cheers turns to jeers as the crowd figure out it won’t be happening tonight.

Bischoff: Also next week will be the contract signing for Wrestlemania’s Main Event. Batista, I’ve heard all about Theodore Long’s offer and you going to No Way Out this Sunday but before you make a decision I want you to think long and hard about who you want to face at Wrestlemania 21 and which World Title you want to hold. Batista, if you want to prove yourself as the greatest wrestler alive today then you should fight for the biggest prize in wrestling today, the World Heavyweight Title!

Bischoff drops the mic and leaves the ring as JR and the King hype next week’s episode of RAW. They also tell us that up next is tonight’s main event between Edge and Chris Benoit! We then cut to a video hyping Wrestlemania 21.

Overall Rating: 77.9%

16. Chris Benoit v Edge

We return from the Wrestlemania hype video and go straight into a small video highlighting the recent feud between Edge and Chris Benoit. They show bits of the Highlight Reel two weeks ago and also the triple threat match last week with Edge getting the pin over Chris Benoit. Benoit’s music blasts out of the PA and the Rabid Wolverine makes his entrance to a loud pop. Edge is out next and is showered with jeers as soon as the crowd see him. Both stand across each other as referee Earl Hebner calls for the bell to get this match underway. Both men start off this match with a few minutes of clean chain wrestling. JR comments that chain wrestling is Benoit’s forte. After a few minutes of trying unsuccessfully to outwrestle Benoit, Edge snaps and takes Benoit down with a hard right hand. The ugly side of Edge appears as he jumps onto Benoit and nails him with lefts and rights. Benoit rolls him over and nails him with hard rights and lefts. Both men continue rolling until they fall out of the ring. On the floor both men are still exchanging punches. They get to their feet and Benoit gains the advantage hitting Edge with a few knifechops but out of nowhere Edge grabs hold of Benoit and sends him face first into the ringpost flooring the veteran. Edge smiles before entering the ring. Benoit slowly gets back to his feet but Edge goes flying through the middle ropes and takes Benoit down with a suicide dive.

The crowd pop for that as Benoit lays flat on his back on the outside. Edge has an evil smile on his face as we cut to our final commercial of the evening.

-- Commercial Break --

We return from the break and see Edge nailing Benoit with knifechops inside the ring. JR tells us that Edge has been like a man on a mission dominating Benoit throughout the break. Edge continues to beat on Benoit for the next few minutes with the highlight of the beating being a superplex off the top rope on Benoit. However even that isn’t good enough to put Benoit down for the three count. After over 15 minutes of great wrestling that match nears to an end. Benoit begins to fight back against Edge hitting him with knifechops before whipping him into the ropes but Edge ducks an attempted clothesline and runs straight into the referee knocking him down. Edge looks at the referee and tries to wake him up but isn’t successful. Edge then turns around straight into Benoit who takes him down into the Crippler Crossface. Edge tries to fight the hold but soon taps out. The referee is still knocked down though so Benoit breaks the hold and walks over to the referee. Benoit lifts the referee to his feet and makes sure he is conscious. Benoit then turns around straight into a spear from Edge who takes down both Benoit and referee Earl Hebner. Edge gets to his feet and looks around but see’s no referee. He exits the ring and brings a steel chair into the ring. Benoit gets back to his feet and Edge swings for him but Benoit ducks. The chair drops to the mat as Benoit goes for a German Suplex. Edge reverses it and hits Benoit with the Edge-e-cutioner onto the steel chair! Edge throws the chair from the ring as Hebner regains consciousness. Edge makes the cover, 1…2….3! Edge wins this match with the help of a Steel Chair. Benoit is out on the floor as Edge gets to his feet and celebrates his victory. We end the show with a close up of Edge and JR telling us to tune in for next week’s action packed episode of RAW!

Winner: Edge with the Edge-e-Cutioner at 18:46

Match Rating: 93.1%


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Guest Red Devil

user posted image

Date: 15th February 2005 (to be aired 17th February 2005)

Venue: Washington

We kick off tonight’s episode of Smackdown with a video recapping last week’s main event. We see Kenzo Suzuki, The Undertaker, Heidenreich and Eddie Guerrero all get eliminated leaving us with Kurt Angle and John Cena. We then see the ending to the match with John Cena hitting Kurt Angle with a Bridging German Suplex but his knees giving way and both men’s shoulders are down for the three count. We then see the aftermath to the match with 2 Smackdown referees arguing over who won the match. We then cut to the arena where pyro’s go off to signal the opening of Smackdown. The camera pans around the arena which is met with a collective raucous scream.

1. Theodore Long explains the situation

We cut to the ring where Smackdown GM Theodore Long is already standing, waiting for the crowd to go quiet. He is wearing a white suite with black sunglasses and has a mic in his hand.

Long: Last week in Japan I had a great plan to crown a #1 contender to the WWE World Title… but that match finished in a draw leaving me with no #1 Contender. So now I have a decision to make, how can I fairly decide who challenges JBL or the Big Show for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 21? Then it hit me, playa all you’ve gotta do is let them decide for you so this Sunday at the Smackdown only PPV, WWE No Way Out we will see John Cena take on Kurt Angle in a singles match. The winner will get the chance to be part of Smackdown’s Wrestlemania 21 Main Event and take on the WWE Champion!

The crowd pop for that announcement.

Long: That’s not all. You see I’m a man from da hood, I learnt to watch my own back and if anyone tried to take anything from me I wouldn’t just sit back and take it. That’s when Carlito… Caribbean… Cool comes in. I received a letter earlier today from WWE Headquarters telling me that they had received a petition to get me fired and that it was under review. All my actions are going to be closely monitored and that’s ok with me playa because starting tonight there are gonna be some big changes. Smackdown Superstars who work hard will be rewarded, Smackdown workers who don’t do their jobs properly will be punished and most importantly the fans will get what they want. In tonight’s main event we are going to get a sample of this Sunday’s main event because The Cabinet consisting of WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield, Orlando Jordon and the Basham Brothers will take on the team of The Big Show, Eddie Guerrero, Booker T and Rey Mysterio!

The crowd pop huge for this announcement. Long smiles and exits the ring as Michael Cole and Tazz hype up tonight’s main event. A graphic shows up on screen confirming the 8 man tag later tonight to the delight of the crowd.

Overall Rating: 70.8%

2. Haas and Holly v Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree w/ Hiroko

We are shown a video hyping “WWE No Way Out” this Sunday. It highlights the main event of JBL v Big Show in a Steel Cage Barbed Wire match. We return from the video to see Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree with Hiroko making their entrance. They get jeered as they enter the ring. Out next is the tandem of Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas. They get a small pop as they enter the ring. Michael Cole and Tazz tell us that Holly has just recovered from his injury to resume his somewhat irregular tag team with Charlie Haas. They also recap what happened last week with Daniel Puder. As the match nears to a close they hype the Daniel Puder v Hardcore Holly match for No Way Out. A relatively short match between these two teams ends with Hardcore Holly hitting the Alabama Slam on Dupree and Haas getting the pin. After the match Haas celebrates the victory while Holly still looks as focused as he did when he entered the ring.

Winners: Haas and Holly with the Alabama Slam at 8:01

Match Rating: 69.6%

3. JBL gets a present!

We cut to John Bradshaw Layfield’s locker room where he is hanging out with the rest of the Cabinet minus Amy Webber who has apparently left the WWE. The Cabinet are talking over their strategy for tonight’s main event when a knock on the door is heard. Orlando Jordon walks over and opens the door. A staff member tells Jordon that this package was left for JBL. Jordon thanks him and brings it in and places it on a table. It’s an all white box with a red bow on it.

JBL: What is it?

Jordon: Don’t know boss.

JBL: Well, open it.

Jordon opens the white box to reveal a cake. It’s not a normal cake though. The cake is in the shape of a ring with a steel cage around it which is made with chocolate. Then there is some barbed wire on top of the cage. There is also a note with the cake.


JBL: Is… that… real?

JBL looks scared. Jordon shrugs his shoulders and touches the barbed wire and is instantly cut. A little blood comes out of the cut. JBL looks at the cut and has a frightened look on his face as we cut to a commercial break.

Overall Rating: 61.1%

-- Commercial Break --

4. Holly and Puder get into a fight

We return from the commercial break and go straight to the announce table.

Cole: Welcome back, we just had an ugly situation occur during the break. Take a look at this.

We cut to a video with the words “During the break” shown at the bottom. We see Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas in the ring after their victory. Daniel Puder is seen walking down with aisle with a mic in his hand.

Puder: Holly, last week where were you? I was ready for our match but you told management you were injured. You can’t be that “Hardcore” then… Can you?

Puder laughs as he slides into the ring. Holly looks pissed and quickly runs at Puder and knocks him down with a clothesline. He jumps onto him and begins nailing him with lefts and rights. Referees, Road Agents and Charlie Haas all try to break this fight up but both men keep on going after each other. Finally Haas grabs hold of Holly and forces him into the corner. However this just gives Puder the chance to attack Holly. Both men continue the fight and spill to the outside. Tough Enough trainer Al Snow runs down to ringside and helps separate both athletes. Snow forces Puder to the back while Haas grabs hold of Holly.

We return to the announce table.

Tazz: Now that was some fire shown by both Holly and Puder, At No Way Out these two are defiantly gonna tear the house down!

Overall Rating: 70.2%

5. Billy Kidman v Ultimo Dragon

Tazz is interrupted by Billy Kidman who makes his entrance to some loud jeers. His opponent for tonight, Ultimo Dragon gets little reaction on his way down to ringside. This match isn’t your typical cruiserweight high flying match as its much more mat based. Kidman uses cheat tactics throughout the match to gain the advantage. Tazz comments that these two men suffered different fortunes last week, Kidman won a 4 way cruiserweight match while Ultimo Dragon failed to win the Cruiserweight Title after getting beaten by Funaki. Cole comments that whoever wins this match must be at the top of the list to challenge Funaki for the WWE Cruiserweight Title. The crowd are quite most of the time but pop loud for an Asia Moonsault to the outside onto Billy Kidman from Ultimo Dragon. The match comes to an end with Ultimo Dragon going for the jumping inverted DDT but Kidman grabbing hold of the top rope and blocking it. A scoop slam later, Kidman climbs to the top rope and hits Dragon with the Shooting Star Press to pick up the victory. Kidman celebrates his victory as the crowd jeer at him.

Winner: Billy Kidman with the Shooting Star Press at 11:55

Match Rating: 71.9%

6. Funaki talks with Josh Matthews

We go to the interview area in the back where Josh Matthews is standing by with WWE Cruiserweight Champion Funaki.

Matthews: Funaki, I have just heard from Smackdown GM Theodore Long that this Sunday at No Way Out you will be defending your WWE Cruiserweight Title against Billy Kidman. What are your thoughts on that?

Before Funaki can answer Billy Kidman runs onto set and attacks Funaki. He nails him with a right hand flooring Funaki. He then grabs the Cruiserweight Title and drives it into the face of Funaki. Funaki is left unconscious on the floor with the title draped across his chest.

Kidman: This Sunday… That’s going to be my title!

Kidman walks away as Josh Matthews calls for some help.

Overall Rating: 67.9%

-- Commercial Break --

7. Heidenreich challenges The Undertaker

We return to ringside and see Heidenreich standing in the middle of the ring holding a mic.

Heidenreich: UNDERTAKER! Last week I pinned your shoulders to the mat, 1…2…3 and eliminated you from the match but you couldn’t face the fact that I am better then you. That’s why you attacked me and cost me my chance to Main Event Wrestlemania 21… But that’s okay. That’s okay Undertaker because this Sunday I am challenging you to face me one on one, The Final Encounter. No stipulations, no added hype… just a singles match between me… and you.

The crowd start up a loud “Taker” chant which angers Heidenreich. Heidenreich looks on the verge of losing it as he exits the ring and grabs the shirt of some kid in the audience. Thankfully before he can do anything the lights go out. Blue lights appear to illuminate the darkness as Undertaker’s theme music plays. As the eerie music plays Heidenreich re-enters the ring. The eerie music is lowered in volume as we hear Undertaker’s voice boom out all around the arena.

Undertaker: This Sunday… Heidenreich… The Final Encounter… You will Rest… In… Peace!

As soon as Undertaker finishes speaking a pyro goes off from the titentron hitting all four ringposts which fills the ring with smoke. The lights are turned back on and as the smoke clears we can see The Undertaker standing in front of Heidenreich to a huge pop. Heidenreich looks shocked but a couple of seconds later the lights are switched off once again and when they are turned back on The Undertaker is no where to be seen. Heidenreich has a look of disbelief on his face. He holds his head in his hands as he tries to figure out what just happened. Cole tells us that “It looks like we’ll be seeing The Undertaker v Heidenreich at No Way Out this Sunday.” Tazz notes that Undertaker is already starting to play mind games with Heidenreich and they seem to be working. Heidenreich exits the ring and completely loses it as he begins to trash the announce table. He throws the monitors off the table and then repeatedly bangs his head into the announce table. Road agents quickly come down to ringside and usher Heidenreich to the back. Tazz notes that “Undertaker is getting into the mind of Heidenreich.” Cole replies by asking “But does he really want to get into the mind of a mad man?

Overall Rating: 72.5%

8. Paul London and Chavo Guerrero v Spike Dudley and Akio

We are shown a replay of what just happened and a graphic appears on screen to confirm the Undertaker v Heidenreich match at No Way Out. We go back to ringside where Paul London and Chavo Guerrero were making their entrance to a small pop. Spike Dudley and Akio got some good heel heat but that was mostly due to Spike wearing the opposition’s football jersey. This match was a fast paced cruiserweight match with the crowd popping for all the high spots. We saw an awesome simultaneous suicide plancha to the outside from London and Chavo onto Akio and Spike which got a loud pop. Another highlight of the match was a tremendous diving hurracarana from Paul London on Akio. This exciting match came to an end with Chavo Guerrero hitting the Gory Bomb on Akio while Paul London hit Spike with the 450 Splash. Paul London made the cover and got the victory for his team. London and Chavo celebrated their victory and got a much more vocal response from the crowd. Tazz put the match over as “One of the best Cruiserweight matches in recent history.

Winners: Paul London and Chavo Guerrero with the 450 Splash at 14:52

Match Rating: 75.1%

9. Carlito wants some of Torrie but Haas doesn’t agree

After seeing numerous highlights from the cruiserweight match we cut back to the arena and see Carlito Caribbean Cool making his entrance. We cut to the ring where Torrie Wilson is holding a mic as she has replaced Tony Chimel as the ring announcer for tonight. Carlito still has his arm in a sling and enters the ring to a hostile reaction. He walks over to Torrie and grabs the mic, he smiles at her and walks closer to her. Every step Carlito takes forward, Torrie takes one step backwards until she reaches the corner of the ring.

Carlito: Since I handed in my petition to get Theodore Long sacked earlier this week and I still can’t compete… I’ve got nothing else to do so why don’t you and I go to the back and I show you why everyone knows I’m cool?

Carlito smiles and winks at Torrie who responds by attempting to leave the ring. This angers Carlito who grabs Torrie and pulls her back into the ring. Torrie slaps Carlito to a loud pop from the crowd. That slap looks to have knocked the smile off Carlito’s face as he looks angry.

Carlito: If you don’t want to… I’ll make you… Now that’s cool.

Carlito drops the mic and grabs hold of Torrie with his spare arm. He drags her across the ring and is about to leave the ring when Charlie Haas runs down to ringside. Haas enters the ring and tells Carlito to leave Torrie alone. Carlito ignores him and continues to drag Torrie out of the ring. Haas turns Carlito around and nails him with a hard right hand flooring Carlito to a loud pop. Carlito rolls out of the ring and holds his jaw as he stumbles up the aisle. In appreciation to what Haas just did, Torrie hugs Haas which gets a smile on his face. Cole comments that just recently Haas had two girls vying for him and now it looks like he may have another. We cut to a commercial break as Haas helps Torrie out of the ring and to the back.

Overall Rating: 67.3%

-- Commercial Break --

10. Theodore Long rewards the Cruiserweights

We return from the break and see Theodore Long walking down a corridor. He stops at the door marked “Smackdown GM: Theodore R. Long” but before he can enter it he see’s Carlito walking towards him with an ice pack on his jaw.

Carlito: Hey Long… You better enjoy your time as Smackdown GM because soon that door won’t have your name on it… because of me, now that’s cool.

Long: Let me holla at ya playa. What you just did out there was embarrassing. You embarrassed yourself, you embarrassed me and you embarrassed the rest of the Smackdown crew and you’re not going to get away with it. You see playa, you’ve come to Smackdown every week since you’ve been injured and made my life a misery but because of your actions out there tonight I am suspending you without pay for the rest of my reign as Smackdown GM, *mocking Carlito* Now is that cool?

Carlito: You can’t do that!

Long: I think I just did playa. Now could you please escort this man out of the arena.

A few security guards appear on screen and escort Carlito away. Long smiles and enters his room. We see Paul London, Chavo Guerrero, Akio and Spike Dudley standing in the room.

Long: Now I’ve got that out of my way I can now tell you why I’ve called you all here. Out there you gave the Smackdown fans a great match. Like I said at the start of this program… I’m going to reward the people who work hard to make Smackdown the #1 brand in the world. I would give you a Cruiserweight Title match but I’ve already got Billy Kidman challenging for that so this Sunday at No Way Out we will see Paul London taking on Chavo Guerrero taking on Akio taking on Spike Dudley in a 4 way Cruiserweight match. The winner gets a shot at the WWE Cruiserweight Title at Wrestlemania 21! Now are you down with that playa?

The 4 cruiserweights nod in agreement and excitement. Cole and Tazz tells us that it looks like Long is really getting into the job of Smackdown GM and rewarding the Cruiserweights for the hard work. Cole asks “But will it be enough to save his job?”

Overall Rating: 67.5%

11. Kurt Angle insults John Cena

We cut back to ringside where Kurt Angle is making his entrance followed to the ring by Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak. He enters the ring to a load “You Suck” chant and does his usual pose before grabbing a mic.

Angle: Last week on Smackdown I defeated John Cena and won the 6 man challenge match and a chance to fight for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 21 but just because one stupid referee couldn’t see me pin John Cena I get screwed out of the chance to main event Wrestlemania 21? That’s Bullshit and you all know it. John Cena doesn’t deserve another chance and he shouldn’t be getting one but you know what? This Sunday at No Way Out I’m going to make sure that Cena wishes he never got this second chance and wish he never crossed paths with the Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle drops the mic as the crowd start up a huge “Cena” chant. Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak exits the ring as some generic music plays. Cole tells us that this is another one of Angle’s hometown challenges.

Overall Rating: 81.2%

12. Kurt Angle v Jason Andrews

As the wrestle makes his way down to the ring he is announced as “Jason Andrews from Washington” Which gets a loud pop. He enters the ring and gets this match underway. This match doesn’t last long as Angle quickly beats on Andrews hitting him with an Angle Slam just 30 seconds into the match. Instead of making the cover Angle lifts Andrews onto his shoulders and stares at the camera before shouting out “This is for you Cena!” and hits Andrews with an F-U. Angle quickly locks in the Angle Lock and gets the tap out victory. Angle doesn’t let go of the hold though as the ref calls for the bell. As referee’s try to break the hold Reigns and Jindrak enter the ring and stop them. “Word Life” Hits and the crowd jump to their feet as John Cena walks out.

Winner: Kurt Angle with the Angle Lock at 1:04

Match Rating: 55.8%

13. John Cena shows some incriminating footage

Kurt Angle quickly breaks the hold and gets to his feet. Referee’s roll Andrews out of the ring as another huge “Cena” chant is echoed through the arena. Angle is standing in the ring with Jindrak and Reigns motioning for Cena to join him. Cena is standing in the entrance way holding a mic and wearing the home jersey.

Cena: Angle! You think you can prove a point to me by beating on that kid? You’re wrong because John Cena doesn’t fear anyone and especially doesn’t fear a Kojack look-a-like.

The crowd burst out in laughter as Angle looks even more pissed off.

Cena: What? Did I touch a nerve? You see Kurt I could do the stupid thing and storm down to that ring and get my ass handed to me by all three of you but I’m not going to do that. I’m going to wait for this Sunday and then I’m going to kick you’re ass and book my place in the Wrestlemania 21 Main Event… and by the way Kurt, when I’m finished with you I guarantee you that you’ll rue the day that you crossed paths with John Cena!

The crowd pop for that and start up another “Cena” chant.

Cena: That’s not all Kurt because I’ve been in the back all day waiting for something to arrive and 5 minutes ago… it just did. You see I had to pull some strings to get this but I’m sure you’ll love it. Roll the footage.

We cut to a video and what looks like a parking lot. We see RAW Superstar Shawn Michaels walking towards his car with his bags. Suddenly a masked man appears and attacks him. This is the same footage we saw last week on RAW in Japan. However unlike that, once the assault is over we follow the masked man. He runs out of the parking lot and we see him rip off his mask. A car pulls up and the door opens. We see Luther Reigns sitting in the car holding the door opened. The previously masked man gets into the car and we get a shot of his face. It’s none other then Smackdown Superstar Kurt Angle. Angle slams the door shut as the camera moves up to the driver. We see Mark Jindrak driving the car and he quickly puts his foot down and speeds away.

We cut back to the arena and see a red faced Kurt Angle holding his head in his hands.

Cena: I told you you’d love it… See you at No Way Out!

Word Life” plays as John Cena exits to the back and an angry Kurt Angle vents his frustrations inside the ring. Tazz asks “What repercussions will that attack have?” as we cut to a commercial break.

Overall Rating: 85.4%

-- Commercial Break --

14. Big Show talks to his team mates

We return from the commercial break and go straight to the back. Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and Booker T are all standing in a line facing the same way. We then see Big Show standing in front of them.

Big Show: This Sunday I am going to have a one on one chance to win the WWE Title when me and JBL are going to be locked inside a steel cage with barbed wire all around it. No one can help him and this Sunday I will walk out the WWE Champion.

Eddie: That’s great essa but what about tonight? We’ve gotta team up and face the Cabinet. You’ve gotta be focused for tonight and then think about Sunday when we’re done.

Rey: Eddie’s right, me and Booker have got a Tag Title shot at No Way Out but we’ve gotta focus on tonight’s match and then we can look forward to beating the Basham Brothers for the WWE Tag Team Titles at No Way Out. We all have to work together and send the Cabinet a message.

Booker: You’re right about that Rey but I’m not really sure we can work together because to work together we gotta trust each other and I don’t trust everyone on our team.

Booker T stares at Eddie Guerrero who looks pissed off at that comment.

Eddie: Look essa vato, I told you before and I’ll tell you again. When you go up against Eddie Guerrero I’ll lie, cheat and steal to win but if you’re on my team then I’ve got your back.

Booker T just keeps on staring at Eddie Guerrero as we fade to black.

Overall Rating: 81.3%

15. Josh Matthews goes over the No Way Out Card

We cut to a pre taped video that shows Josh Matthews in what looks like the WWE Afterburn set but with the “Afterburn” graphic being replaced with a “WWE No Way Out” graphic. Josh Matthews then goes through this Sunday’s card with graphics showing up to confirm each match.

user posted image

JBL v Big Show - WWE World Title - Steel Cage Barbed Wire match

Basham Brothers v Rey Mysterio & Booker T - WWE Tag Team Titles

Funaki v Billy Kidman - WWE Cruiserweight Title

John Cena v Kurt Angle - #1 Contenders match for the WWE World Title

The Undertaker v Heidenreich - The Final Encounter

Paul London v Chavo Guerrero v Akio v Spike Dudley - #1 Contenders match for the WWE Cruiserweight Title

Hardcore Holly v Daniel Puder

Edited by Diego
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Guest Red Devil

PWinsider Weekly Lariat

Welcome once again to the #1 weekly wrestling update, I am your host Johnny Horizontal and let’s get into another action packed week for the WWE Superstars.

As always we’ll be starting off with the contract news. Paul Heyman has still not responded to the WWE’s final offer. The longer this goes on the less likely it is that Paul Heyman will sign for the WWE. Apparently the latest contract offer is one for an “On Screen” worker and not a backstage writer as he had before. This may be why he has chosen to reject the earlier two contracts. Lisa Moretti, better known as WWE Diva Ivory has left the WWE this week after they had decided not to renew her contract. We had broken the news of Ivory’s future last week. One other worker who has left the WWE is RAW Diva Search contest loser Amy Weber. She had agreed to sign a WWE deal but as she was working on a PPA deal and after sampling the life of a wrestler decided against joining that profession. She has gone back to modelling so we wish her the best of luck.

Now onto the workers who are staying with the WWE and may be joining the WWE. Staff member Kevin Dunn  has signed a two year contract extension with the WWE. Two other workers who have signed new deals are Rob Van Dam  and Viscera. RVD is still rehabilitating after surgery while Viscera will most likely continue to be used as a jobber.

Rumours circulating the internet from credible sources are telling us that Hulk Hogan  is on the verge of signing a deal with the WWE as an on-screen performer. The deal offered to the Hulkster is scheduled to begin around the time of Wrestlemania 21! WWE have also offered contracts to numerous announcers both in wrestling and out of wrestling to occupy the vacant WWE Heat announcer’s job. Michael Hayes  was in the running for the job but the WWE have decided against it because they want to be going forward and not back. The favourite at the moment is ex-Velocity announcer Bill DeMott. It’s not only announcers who have been offered deals, several Indy wrestlers have been offered deals starting after Wrestlemania. The WWE feel they need a fresh set of talent and have already got a few gimmicks ready that need to be filled and believe that after Wrestlemania they can begin to build some future stars. Rumour has it that Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger  and Christopher Daniels  have all been offered deals. It may be interesting to note that all three are TNA contracted wrestlers.

Matt Morgan, Chris Masters  and Johnny Jeter  have all been working house shows recently. Masters is pencilled in to debut this week on RAW while the other two are still “under consideration.”

This Sunday, WWE will be running their final PPV before Wrestlemania 21. No Way Out  has usually been about setting up the feuds running up to Wrestlemania and this should be no different. Monday Morning we will have a special report on what went down at the PPV and we will also be revealing how much PPV Buys the WWE did. Other then the matches already announced for the show expect Eddie Guerrero v Orlando Jordon  to be added to the show. This is stemming off the Smackdown Main Event where Jordon spat at Eddie Guerrero.

On the PPV front, WWE had scheduled 16 PPV’s this year but that has been cut down to 15. The ECW PPV is still on but could be pulled at a later date. WWE Badd Blood  is the PPV to be removed as RAW had 6 PPV’s and Smackdown only 5 so this looks like it’ll give both Brands 5 PPV’s each. Reports coming out of WWE HQ are telling us that the King Of The Ring  may be making a return. As of yet the ECW PPV which is expected to be named “One Night Stand” is slated for June 12th but if that is cancelled then the King of the Ring is expected to take it’s place. It’ll be interesting to note if it will be made a Single Branded PPV or a joint effort from both the RAW and Smackdown brands.

Both Dave Bautista and Paul Levesque a.k.a Triple H  made appearances on several TV Shows hyping Wrestlemania 21. Here are a few brief reports sent to us by viewers.

Paul Levesque appeared on LIVE With Regis & Kelly this past Tuesday. He put Antonio Inoki over heavily. Overall the appearance went down very well.

Paul Levesque appeared on Best Damn Sports Show this past Friday Night. He put Terry Funk over heavily. Overall the appearance went down very well
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Guest Red Devil

user posted image

John Bradshaw Layfield v The Big Show - Steel Cage Barbed Wire Match

WWE Heavyweight Title

Rey Mysterio & Booker T v Basham Brothers

WWE Tag Team Titles

Billy Kidman v Funaki

WWE Cruiserweight Title

John Cena v Kurt Angle

Winner gets to challenge the WWE Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania 21!

Heidenreich v The Undertaker

The Final Encounter

Paul London v Spike Dudley v Chavo Guerrero v Akio

Winner gets to challenge the WWE Cruiserweight Champion at Wrestlemania 21!

Hardcore Holly v Daniel Puder

Eddie Guerrero v Orlando Jordon (Just Added!)

Special Appearance from RAW Superstar BATISTA!

One more entrant into the WWE Hall of Fame Class 2005!

Edited by Diego
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John Bradshaw Layfield v The Big Show - Steel Cage Barbed Wire Match

WWE Heavyweight Title

Rey Mysterio & Booker T v Basham Brothers

WWE Tag Team Titles

Billy Kidman v Funaki

WWE Cruiserweight Title

John Cena v Kurt Angle

Winner gets to challenge the WWE Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania 21!

Heidenreich v The Undertaker

The Final Encounter

Paul London v Spike Dudley v Chavo Guerrero v Akio

Winner gets to challenge the WWE Cruiserweight Champion at Wrestlemania 21!

Hardcore Holly v Daniel Puder

Eddie Guerrero v Orlando Jordon

Which match will open the show? 4 way Cruiserweight

Who will get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2005 class? Hulk Hogan

Who will get pinned/submit in the 4 way Cruiserweight Match? Spike

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John Bradshaw Layfield v The Big Show - Steel Cage Barbed Wire Match

WWE Heavyweight Title

I really think you'll go the same way the WWE did and keep the Title on JBL until atleast Wrestlemania.

Rey Mysterio & Booker T v Basham Brothers

WWE Tag Team Titles

I just don't think that the Bashams should be Tag Champs..seeing as they have they're commitments with JBL.

Billy Kidman v Funaki

WWE Cruiserweight Title

I never really thought of Funaki as a Cruiserweight champion. Hopefully Kidman will win this one and then lead up to a good Wrestlemania Crusierweight match.

John Cena v Kurt Angle

Winner gets to challenge the WWE Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania 21!

IMO you have to push Smackdowns biggest star.

Heidenreich v The Undertaker

The Final Encounter

Taker has to take his streak into Wrestlemania. Also it wouldn't make much sense if he lost this one after winning at Royal Rumble

Paul London v Spike Dudley v Chavo Guerrero v Akio

Winner gets to challenge the WWE Cruiserweight Champion at Wrestlemania 21!

I'm looking forward to a Paul London push in real life, so hopefully he gets a good treatment here. He has some skill and I'd like to see London vs. Kidman at Wrestlemania.

Hardcore Holly v Daniel Puder

You have to give the kid some steam

Eddie Guerrero v Orlando Jordon (Just Added!)

He's one of Smackdowns biggest faces. I don't see any reason to give him a loss here..even if your pushing Orlando.

Which match will open the show? Holly vs. Puder

Who will get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2005 class? No Clue...:P But If I have to guess....Mr. T :shifty:

Who will get pinned/submit in the 4 way Cruiserweight Match? Spike Dudley

I like the style you write your shows. The matches are perfect length and the Promos and Angles are just right as well. I'm hoping you can pull this through to Wrestlemania as I'd love too see what you have cooked up for some cross brand Match Ups.

Also...the PWI thing is a great bonus and allows you to write from another prospective...

Good job. I'm looking forward to No Way Out!

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Guest Red Devil

user posted image

Date: 20th February 2005

Venue: Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh PA

Attendance: 10,039

Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz

WWE No Way Out 2005 opens with a video package. It hypes the Steel Cage barbed wire rope match for the World Heavyweight Title. It describes the match as “Not for the weak hearted” and builds it up as “Unique, Innovative and downright Bloody!” The video package also hypes up the semi-Main Event of the evening between Kurt Angle and John Cena. It builds that up as a “chance of a lifetime.

We then cut to the arena where huge pyro’s go off as the crowd scream at the top of their lungs welcoming us to No Way Out! The camera pans around the arena before focusing on the 15 foot high steel cage which is stationed above the ring. We see the Barbed Wire surrounding the top of the cage before cutting to the announce table.

Cole: Welcome folks to WWE No Way Out. I’m Michael Cole and this is Tazz.

Tazz: Thanks Cole. Tonight we are going to see one bloody end to a bloody rivalry between the Big Show and John Bradshaw Layfield. Both men will step inside the ring and compete in a match that no one has competed in before. Tonight we will be making history and we will see who walks out of No Way Out the WWE Champion!

Cole: That’s a huge match Tazz but what about the #1 contenders match for the WWE Title between John Cena and Kurt Angle. The winner gets to challenge for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 21!

Tazz: That’s sure gonna be a rocketbusta Cole. One other man who will be challenging for a World Title at Wrestlemania 21 is the Royal Rumble winner Batista who will be in the house tonight!

Cole: That’s right Tazz and tomorrow night on RAW we may be getting Batista to sign for Smackdown when he chooses who he wants to face at Wrestlemania 21!

1. Paul London v Chavo Guerrero v Akio v Spike Dudley

-- Winner gets WWE Cruiserweight Title shot at Wrestlemania 21 --

It’s time for the first match of the evening. We are going to kick No Way Out off with a fast paced cruiserweight match. Out first is Chavo Guerrero to a mixed reaction. His face turn a few months back seems to have been forgotten. Akio enters the ring next to no reaction. He has spent most of his time wrestling on Velocity which may be the reason why. Spike Dudley enters ringside next and gets some serious heel heat. He walks down to ringside and enters the ring. Out last is Paul London who comes running down to ringside and slides into the ring to little reaction. He too has been spending most of his time wrestling on Velocity. Cole and Tazz remind us that these four men gave us a great tag match this past week on Smackdown and tonight they have a huge goal to aim at, a chance to wrestle for the WWE Cruiserweight Title at the biggest stage of them all, Wrestlemania 21!

The match starts off with Paul London in the ring with Akio. Spike Dudley and Chavo Guerrero stay on the apron. Tazz notes that London and Akio have had a series of great matches on Velocity and also had a great match on Smackdown recently. Both men start off by circling the ring and getting into a lock up. London takes Akio into a hammerlock before dropping him face first into the mat and applying a rear naked chinlock. London then uses his legs to bridge up and apply more pressure to the hold. Fortunately for Akio he can reach the ropes with his feet. Akio gets back to his feet and holds his neck before locking up with London again. This time Akio quickly knees London in the stomach and takes him down with a snap suplex. Akio catapults himself off the far ropes hitting London with an Asia Moonsault and makes the pin, 1….2…., Spike breaks up the pin. Spike Dudley hits Akio with a neckbreaker and pulls him to his corner before exiting onto the apron. He then tags in slapping Akio on the back and quickly makes the pin on London, 1….2…, KICK OUT! Spike Dudley continues to work away on Paul London concentrating on the neck region. After a few minutes of attacking the neck, Spike hits the Dudley Dawg on London and makes the pin, 1….2…., this time Chavo breaks up the pin before exiting the ring. An angry Spike walks over to Chavo and argues with him. Chavo responds by slapping Spike on the chest and tagging himself in.

Angered by the manner of the tag, Spike begins to exchange punches with Chavo leading to all hell breaking lose as Akio hits a top rope legdrop on London. All four men are in the ring with referee Brian Hebner unable to assert his authority. Akio climbs back to the top rope and hits London with the Dai Time and makes the pin as Chavo and Spike fight it out in the corner, 1…..2….., KICK OUT! Tazz notes that London has taken the brunt of the punishment throughout this match. Akio goes for a Dragon Suplex on London but London reverses it with a standing switch before taking Akio down with a Bridging Dragon Suplex, 1…..2…., Because of the punishment his neck absorbed earlier, London cannot hold onto the move breaking up the pin. London gets back to his feet first and see’s Spike and Chavo arguing in the corner. He jumps onto the top rope and hits a 450 Splash on Akio but instead of making the cover he gets back to his feet. He shouts out to both Spike and Chavo who turn to face him. London runs at them and hits them both with the Dropsault hitting them with one foot each and then landing with a Moonsault on Akio who was already on the mat from the 450 Splash. The Dropsault sends Spike and Chavo to the outside as London makes the pin, 1…..2…..3! Paul London is going to Wrestlemania 21 to face the WWE Cruiserweight Champion!

Winner: Paul London with the Dropsault at 12:35

Match Reaction: 68.6% -- Match Quality: 79.9% -- Overall Rating: 78.1%

2. Hardcore Holly talks with Charlie Haas

We cut to the back where we see the bare feet of a Diva. The camera moves up to reveal some naked legs and a short skirt. The camera continues to move up to reveal a Charlie Haas Shirt which is being worn by none other then Torrie Wilson. Torrie is smiling as we see Haas standing across her zipping up his pants. Torrie walks over to Haas and passionately kisses him on the lips. The lovely couple are interrupted when the door opens and in walks Hardcore Holly. He looks dismayed at Haas.

Holly: Charlie, can I have a word with you… *looks at Torrie* in private?

Torrie: I’ve got to go anyway… I’ll see you later.

Torrie kisses Charlie once more on the lips before putting on some shoes and leaving the room.

Haas: What do you wanna talk about Bob?

Holly: *Points at the door which Torrie just left from* that’s what I want to talk about. What did I tell you when Miss Jackie and Dawn Marie were after you… do you remember?

Haas: Of course I do. You told me that I should forget about women and concentrate on my wrestling.

Holly: You’ve got rid of two bimbo’s so you may as well get rid of her. If you want to team with me then you’ve got to be 110% committed and with her you’ll never be like that.

Haas: Look Bob, no disrespect but I can handle my own personal life. When I step foot inside the ring I know what I have to do and I do it to the best of my ability every single time. Outside the ring I do what I want. I’m 110% committed to our team so you’ve got nothing to worry about. You just concentrate on your match with Puder tonight.

Charlie Haas exits the room. The camera focuses in on Holly who is shaking his head as the screen fades to black. We cut back to the arena.

Overall Rating: 71.2%

Tazz: Looks like Charlie scored again.

Cole: *laughs* Well I don’t think Hardcore Holly’s too pleased about that. He’s been in this game long enough to know what’s right and wrong so maybe Haas should listen to his advice.

Tazz: I wouldn’t! Did you see Torrie! WOW! She was looking as hot as ever.

Cole: All I know is Hardcore Holly should forget about them as he has to concentrate on his match with Daniel Puder which is up next. Before that… take a look at this.

3. Hardcore Holly v Daniel Puder

We cut to a video package recapping the Tough Enough contest last year with Daniel Puder winning. We focus on the angle with three Tough Enough competitors including Puder with Holly where they tried to seduce him. We then see a clip of him winning the competition before we go to the Royal Rumble. We see Holly chopping Puder all around the ring before Puder is dumped out. We then cut to the Smackdown in Japan episode where Puder verbally abused Holly. Finally we end the video package with the brawl from this past week on Smackdown. We then cut to the arena where Hardcore Holly made his entrance to a small pop. He entered the ring with his game face on and awaiting the arrival of Puder. Daniel Puder was out next and came out wearing the oppositions Football jersey automatically gaining him some serious heel heat. A “lets go Holly” chant started up as Puder entered the ring. Before Puder could take the top off Holly attacked him. He pushed him into the corner before nailing him with hard knifechops. Holly then lifted the jersey over his head and hit him with a few more knifechops which got louder every time. Holly then grabbed hold of the top and used it to throw Puder across the ring. Puder rolled around in agony as Holly took the shirt off Puder and threw it to the outside.

Holly put the boots to Puder as the fans continued the “Lets go Holly” chant. Holly called for an early finish as he lifted Puder into the air and went for the Alabama Slam but Puder managed to grab hold of Holly’s leg as he was on his back and reverse the hold into a single leg Boston Crab. Holly quickly made it into the ropes but Puder kept the hold on for the majority of the referee’s 5 count, finally breaking it at 4. Puder used his background as an “Ultimate Fighter” and applied a few submissions but always made the rookie mistake of leaving Holly too close to the ropes. For the first time in the match and in his career Puder climbed to the top rope as Holly lay on the mat in the opposite corner. Puder waited for Holly to get to his feet and as he did just that Puder jumped off the top rope attempting a cross body block. That went horribly wrong as Puder misjudged his jump and landed a couple of feet in front of Holly. A small chant of “You Fucked Up” started up as the veteran Hardcore Holly tried to rescue the situation by putting the boots to Puder. Holly lifted Puder to his feet and onto his shoulder for a running powerslam but Puder rolled off his back. Holly turned around and ducked a clothesline attempt from Puder and for the second time in the match lifted Puder onto his back but this time he successfully hit the Alabama Slam and made the pin, 1…..2….3! Tazz commented that the wily veteran Hardcore Holly had beaten the cocky youngster Puder after a rookie mistake. Holly raised his arms up into the air to celebrate his victory.

Winner: Hardcore Holly with the Alabama Slam at 8:47

Match Reaction: 72.2% -- Match Quality: 57.0% -- Overall Rating: 70.1%

Cole: This past week on Smackdown we saw a huge 8 man tag main event that ended with the Big Show picking up the victory by pinning the WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield.

Tazz: If that happens tonight then we’ll be seeing a new WWE Champion!

Cole: Also in that match we saw a preview of later tonight when Rey Mysterio and Booker T will face off against WWE Tag Team Champions the Basham Brothers. After Smackdown went off the air “Latino Heat” Eddie Guerrero demanded a match against Orlando Jordon because he wanted to beat some respect into him after Jordon had spat at him during the match.

Tazz: That’s right Cole and Smackdown GM made that match for tonight but before we go to that let’s go to the back where Josh Matthews is standing by with WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield.

4. John Bradshaw Layfield warns Orlando Jordon

We cut to the back to see Josh Matthews standing by with JBL and Orlando Jordon. Before Matthews can ask any questions JBL speaks to Jordon.

JBL: Never in my life have I ever been as embarrassed as I was this past week at Smackdown. You were supposed to be at my side helping me weaken the Big Show for tonight but you went to the back and disappointed me. I could give you a beating right here, right now but I’m not going to do that…yet. You better go out there and give everything you have and beat Eddie Guerrero tonight because If you don’t come back with a victory then I guarantee you that you will feel the wrath of the Cabinet and especially the WWE Champion!

Jordon nods his head and walks off camera as JBL faces Matthews.

Josh: You look a little tense JBL.

JBL: Let me tell you something son. I have defended my WWE Title every time I have had to and defended it well. I am on the verge of becoming the longest reigning WWE Champion in the last decade! I am not going to fail at the final hurdle tonight. I went out there earlier tonight and saw that 15 foot high steel cage with Barbed Wire wrapped around it. It sent chills down my spine and made every hair on my body stand on end. If you were about to enter the most bloody match of you’re life you too would be looking tense!

A pissed off JBL walks away as Matthews is about to ask him another question.

Josh: Well it looks like that’s it from back here. Let’s go back to the arena for more great action!

Overall Rating: 71.6%

5. Eddie Guerrero v Orlando Jordon

We return to ringside where Orlando Jordon is making his entrance rather nervously. Cole comments that JBL’s words seem to have worried Jordon. Orlando enters the ring to some jeers. Out next is “Latino Heat” Eddie Guerrero. Guerrero enters ringside driving a low rider to a loud reaction and a huge “Eddie” chant. He does his usual hydraulics tricks before exiting the car and entering the ring. As soon as he steps inside the ring he looks deadly serious as he stares down Jordon. The bell rings to get this match underway. Eddie starts off the match showcasing his wrestling abilities as he totally outwrestles Jordon. An angry Jordon retaliates with a hard right hand knocking down Eddie. Jordon jumps onto Eddie and shows a vicious side to him as he nails Eddie with continues punches until the referee breaks it up for Jordon using closed fists. Jordon continues his ruthless streak as he works away at Eddie legs dragging him to the ringpost and slamming his legs into the ringpost. He also slams his legs into the side of the ring before lifting him to his feet and taking him down with a shinbreaker. Jordon waists no time in going for the pin, 1….2…., KICK OUT!

Jordon then hits Eddie with his finisher, the Black Ice and goes for the pin, 1….2……, KICK OUT! A loud “Eddie” chant is heard all around the arena which seems to be getting to Jordon. Orlando tries to cover his ears to stop the chant but it just gets louder. Jordon lifts Eddie back to his feet but Eddie fights back hitting him with right hands to his stomach before rolling him up into a pinning predicament, 1….2…., KICK OUT! Jordon quickly gets to his feet only to be knocked down with a clothesline, and another one, and a third. Finally Jordon gets to his feet and is knocked to the outside with a dropkick. Eddie wastes no time in running off the far ropes and hitting Jordon with a baseball slide to the outside. Eddie rolls Jordon back into the ring before climbing onto the apron. He hit the Catapult Somersault Senton on Jordon before calling for the finish and climbing to the top rope. Eddie jumps off the top rope hitting Jordon with the Frog Splash and making the pin, 1….2….3! Eddie Guerrero had picked up this victory. Cole comments that Eddie has beat some respect into Jordon while Tazz wonders what JBL will have in store for Jordon.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero with a Frog Splash at 6:09

Match Reaction: 71.0% -- Match Quality: 76.6% -- Overall Rating: 74.9%

6. Billy Kidman bumps into Paul London

We see Billy Kidman ready for his match walking down the corridor. He turns a corner and bumps into the #1 Contender for the WWE Cruiserweight Champion Paul London. London, who is still hurt from his earlier match just stares at Kidman who has a smile on his face.

Kidman: Watch where you’re going kiddo!

Kidman walks past but stops and turns around.

Kidman: Hey Paul, I saw your match earlier tonight and I must say. If I’ve ever seen anyone who doesn’t deserve to be a #1 contender…it’s you. Back when we were WWE Tag Team Champions I carried you. I did all the hard work while you shared the accolades. All you were was just a body, hell I could have taken any one of those idiots out there and carry them to greatness because that’s just what I am… greatness. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got a Title to win. One last thing Paul, I’m glad you won that match earlier tonight because after I beat Funaki tonight, there’s nothing I’d like better to humiliate you at the biggest stage of them all… Wrestlemania!

Kidman smiles as London continues to just stare back at him. Billy Kidman then zips up his jacket and walks away.

Overall Rating: 65.6%

Tazz: Harsh but cocky words there from Kidman. He damn sure acts like a champ and in a few moments he may well become a champ.

Cole: You’re right about that Tazz but he will have to go through Funaki to achieve that. Before we go to the ring lets take you back to this past week on WWE Smackdown when we found out Billy Kidman would be challenging Funaki for the WWE Cruiserweight Title.

7. Funaki =0= v Billy Kidman - WWE Cruiserweight Title

We cut to a video recapping what happened this past week on Smackdown.

We go to the interview area in the back where Josh Matthews is standing by with WWE Cruiserweight Champion Funaki.

Matthews: Funaki, I have just heard from Smackdown GM Theodore Long that this Sunday at No Way Out you will be defending your WWE Cruiserweight Title against Billy Kidman. What are your thoughts on that?

Before Funaki can answer Billy Kidman runs onto set and attacks Funaki. He nails him with a right hand flooring Funaki. He then grabs the Cruiserweight Title and drives it into the face of Funaki. Funaki is left unconscious on the floor with the title draped across his chest.

Kidman: This Sunday… That’s going to be my title!

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