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A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Megaman NES Series


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Well, little columns seem to be a trend in the illustrious Coin Op Arcade, so I might as well add my 2 credits to the slot and go back in time to the simplier days of gaming.

Kicking this little weekly puppy off will be, as the topic suggets: DA-DA-DA-DA, Super Figthing Robot, DA-DA-DA-DA: MEGAMAN!!!

Ah, Megaman. The great blue bomber, formely known to the Japanese as Rockman....


The first of the legacy. The story of Megaman was cool: In the future, two doctors (Light and Wily) work together to build Rock, a cool little duder who then helps them build 6 other robots that have practical uses. But Dr. Wily has something else in mind; He wants to build WILYLAND, the new name of the world by taking it over. He makes the 6 robots evil, and tries to go after Megaman, who resists. So, Megaman decides to stop Wily, and does so.

THE GAME: The game istelf was very difficult. Long jumps require crack timing, giant eye ball robots wanting to crush you, no Energy Tanks, and no password system. You had to do it all in one sitting. This made winning the game even more special though, as it was a true challenge.

RATING: 7/10 (Too challenging took away from it)


"Damn yous Megaman!" Dr. Wily cried out. Faulty robots were to blame for his failure, so he decided to build 8 of his own boys to stop MegaMan. Of course, they really didn't stop Megaman, who was on his crusade to evict Dr. Wily from Skull Castle.

THE GAME: Challenge was toned down from Megaman 1. The game introduced a password system and the life-saving energy tanks. It was still challenging, but do to many hours in 1990 trying to beat it, it remains the favorite for me of the series.

RATING: 10/10


So, Dr. Wily got funds together to build a new Skull Castle, and took the chips of his 8 robot masters from before, and then built 8 more robots, including the ever intimidating Top Man! You gotta admire Wily's logic: Third time's the charm. But Dr. Wily seemed to forget Megaman's position in the copyright office. One day Megaman finds that Dr. Wily's using the name Skull Castle without permission. Well, he can't stand for that, can he? Megaman embarks again, this time with his robo-pup Rush to stop the name pirate Dr. Wily.

THE GAME: This was a pain in the ass for me, after the joyride that was Megaman 2. I was epecting more of the same. However, it was still a romp, and you got to put new weapons into use against the Megaman 2 bosses. Skull Castle wasn't that difficult this time around as the previous incanations. Still, good fun. Oh yeah, plus Rush was introduced. Megaman's brother, Protoman, makes his debut, causing havoc for the blue bomber.

RATING: 8/10


And Dr. Wily finally learned his lesson. But, his dorm partner, Dr. Cossack, had the same ideas of building 8 robots to take over the world. Megaman slowly got up from his lounger, and went to kick some more ass. But this time, he was bringing along his new friend, in the form of the MEGA-BUSTER! Well, Megaman beats the criz-ap out of the 8 bosses, and kicks the door in on Dr. Cossack, who says "No, not me! I was forced to do it Megaman. HE DID IT!" and pointed over to Dr. Wily, who was eating his ham and rye sandwhich. With his hand in the proverbial cookie jar, Dr. Wily beat a hasty exit to the new and improved Skull Castle.

THE GAME: Although the Megabuster was introduced, it was not as entertaining as the previous games.

RATING: 5/10


So, MegaMan's finally beat the crap out of Dr. Wily for the 4th time. Just when he thinks things are back to normal, he flips on CNN to find out that there's a new kid in town to take over the world with 8 (gasp) robot side kicks. Eager to see who the new guy is, Megaman discovers that it's PROTOMAN! OH NOES!!! HIS OWN BROTHER!!!! Protoman kidnaps Dr. Light,, and Megaman goes off in pursuit. Upon coming face to face with his own brother, another Protoman shows up, and reveals that the other Protoman's a fake. He's a Demon Bot! Megaman beats the nasty guy, only to find out that the man with the plans his old nemisis, Dr. Wily. Well, long story short....Megaman prevails.

THE GAME: Beat the bird was introduced to the game. Megaman begins to get a little cartoony as far as graphics go, but still provided a good balance between challenge and difficulty. Tied for 3rd best in the series IMO with Megaman 1.

RATING: 7/10


Finally, no more Dr. Wily! 8 more robots show up, but instead of wanting to take over the world, the government says "Hey, lets' have a tournament to see just who the best is!". A bald, wily-haired guy shows up named Mr. X shows up, goes right up to Megaman, and says "Bullshit, I'm taking over the world. Hahahahaha!" Well, bad idea. Mr. X, if that is your real name! Megaman shows HE'S the best robot in the world by destroying the other 8, and then Mr. X is shockingly revealed as: DR WILY!

THE GAME: Rush is no longer a puppy, but tools that convert on to Megaman's body. That was the major addition to the game. All in all, second least favorite of the series.

RATING: 5/10

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Hey! I loved Mega Man 6! Maybe it's because it was the first Mega Man I played, but I loved the damn game. Tomahawk Man is one of my favorite Mega Man bosses in the series, followed by Napalm Man in Mega Man 5.... IIRC, those guys were fucking hard as hell to beat.

Actually, I've only played Mega Man 3, 4, 5, 6, X, and X2.... So If Mega Man 2 is the best, I wouldn't know.

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