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WWE: Hollywood And Beyond

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Wrestlemania 21

The Aftermath from the Staples Center, in Los Angeles, California

Attendance: 17,489

World Heavyweight Title Match

Batista vs. Randy Orton vs. Ric Flair vs. Triple H ©

Originally scheduled to have Triple H defending his title against the Royal Rumble winner Batista, Randy Orton and Ric Flair both got added into the mix over time on the road to Wrestlemania. The stable that dominated RAW for nearly two years exploded in Los Angeles, as all four members clashed for the gold, and blood. In the end, Triple H fell to Batista's mighty Sit-Out Powerbomb as the Animal wins the World Heavyweight Championship at the highest stage of them all.

WWE Title Match

John Cena vs. John Bradshaw Layfield ©

John Cena won the Number One Contenders Match against Kurt Angle at No Way Out thanks to interference from RAW superstar, Shawn Michaels. Cena had lost his US Championship to Rene Dupree a few weeks before thanks to JBL, and that only fueled the flame of John Cena, who's quench for the WWE Championship was unstoppable. Cena with the F-U, marking the end of JBL's title reign, which came 1/4 short of a year long.

Inter-Promotional Match

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels

At the Royal Rumble, Angle was angered over his missed shot at gold in the triple threat match, so he stole Nunzio's Royal Rumble spot and got in the 30 man brawl. He broke into the match, delivering Angle Slams all around, until he came to HBK, who literally Superkicked him out of the Royal Rumble! Angle rushed back in soon after, and threw HBK out and busted him open. Things between the two were quiet, until HBK ran in on Angle at No Way Out, costing him a shot at gold once again. From that point on, the two had a cross-brand feud, with it concluding tonight. After HBK landed out of the Angle Slam, he managed to score the win with some Sweet Chin Music.

Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho

These two masters of submission got into a heated argument the night after the Royal Rumble after they were disqualified in a match for the World Tag Team titles. The next week, on a very special RAW that eminated from Japan, Jericho and Benoit went head-to-head in a Submission Match, but the match ended in a draw, leading to this contest. The two had a stunning match, easily the MOTY at that point. In the end, Jericho managed to score a victory with the Walls Of Jericho. After the jaw-dropping performance, the two broke down and hugged to one of the biggest ovations in years.

Kane and The Undertaker vs. Gene Snitsky and Heidenreich

The controversy all started at the Rumble, when Snitsky hatched a plan to help Heidenreich defeat the Deadman in the Casket Match. That plan failed however, when Undertaker's brother flung out of the casket and laid a beating on Snitsky and Heidenreich, and then took it to Snitsky in the crowd. In February, things got heated when the four began taking their feuds across both RAW and SmackDown! Tonight, the Brothers Of Destruction took a victory, in what was an inspirational match, as it was The Undertaker's last, allowing him to go out on top with a perfect 13-0 Wrestlemania record.

Edge vs. The Rock

After being eliminated from the Royal Rumble, Edge lost his grip on things. He went on attacking people week after week, until in mid February, The Great One himself returned to stop Edge's madness. The two clashed week in and week out until tonight, where the Edge scored the upset with the Edgeacator, surprisingly forcing the Rock to tap out.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Six-Pack Challenge

Akio vs. Spike Dudley vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Paul London vs. Billy Kidman vs. Funaki ©

The second edition of the Six-Pack Challenge came from Los Angeles, this time with male cruiserweights. A good contest that ended Funaki's four month reign as champion when fellow Japanese wrestler Akio pinned him to win the title.

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Muhammad Hussan vs. Christian vs. Shelton Benjamin ©

Soon after the Royal Rumble, Hussan began targeting Benjamin's title for a prize to claim. Soon after, Captain Charisma sided with the angry Hussan, and week after week the two beat down on Benjamin. However, things took a strange turn of events tonight after Christian saved Benjamin from Hussan, taking him out with the Unprettier. Just when Benjamin thought that his terrors with Christian and Hussan were over, Christian double-crossed and hit Benjamin with an Unprettier as well, claiming the Intercontinental Championship.

WWE United States Championship

Rey Mysterio vs. Rene Dupree

After RVD was injured, Rey was left to fly solo on SmackDown!, something that didn't suit well to the small Rey, even in the cruiserweight scene. Times changed, when Dupree began picking on Rey, claiming he wasn't good enough to play with the big boys. Tonight, Mysterio proved that size doesn't matter when he hit the 619 on Dupree to capture the United States Championship.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Booker T

After Guerrero eliminated Booker T from the Rumble, things didn't go well between this pair. They fought constantly, and things got worse when Booker walked out on Eddie during a shot at the Tag Team Championships against the Bashams. The match for tonight was made, and the feud continued, coming to a close here. In the final minutes of the match, Eddie went for the Frog Splash, but Booker T rolled out of the way, and rolled Eddie up from behind, and put his feet on the ropes to steal a win away from Latino Heat.

3-On-1 Handicap Match: The Bashams and Orlando Jordan vs. The Big Show

At No Way Out, the three Cabinet members found some way to interfere in Big Show's match with JBL in the Barbed Wire Cage Match, costing him the gold. Show erupted on the SmackDown! following the PPV, declaring he'd do what it took to make sure that they all got their punishments. Big Show established himself more as a monster, winning his second handicap match with the numbers 3 to 1 tonight.

In a Wrestlemania related note, Vince McMahon thanked the fans for turning out for the WWE's Supercard, and announced that Wrestlemania 22 is going out "flat out" to the north, as it will come live from Calgary, Alberta on March 25th, 2006.

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The Roster:

Red = RAW

Blue = SmackDown!

Purple = Both/Neutral

==Main Event==

Batista (Face)

Chris Benoit (Face)

Chris Jericho (Face)

Eddie Guerrero (Face)

John Bradshaw Layfield (Heel)

John Cena (Face)

Kurt Angle (Heel)

Randy Orton (Face)

Shawn Michaels (Face)

Triple H (Heel)

Well, things are a little one-sided here. I'll fix it up.

==Upper Midcard==

Big Show (Face)

Booker T (Heel)

Christian (Heel)

Edge (Heel)

Kane (Face)

Rob Van Dam (Face)


Al Snow (Face)

Billy Kidman (Heel)

Bubba Ray Dudley (Heel)

Carlito Carribean Cool (Heel)

Charlie Haas (Heel)

Chavo Guerrero (Face)

D-Von Dudley (Heel)

Eugene Dinsmore (Face)

Gene Snitsky (Heel)

John Heidenreich (Heel)

Lita (Face)

Luther Reigns (Heel)

Matt Hardy (Face)

Maven (Tweener)

Molly Holly (Heel)

Muhammad Hussan (Heel)

Orlando Jordan (Heel)

Rene Dupree (Heel)

Rey Mysterio (Face)

Rhyno (Face)

Rob Conway (Heel)

Shelton Benjamin (Face)

Sylvan Grenier (Heel)

Tajiri (Face)

The Hurricane (Face)

Trish Stratus (Heel)

William Regal (Face)

==Lower Midcard==

Akio (Heel)

Chris Masters (Heel)

Christopher Nowinski (Heel)

Daniel Puder (Heel)

Danny Basham (Heel)

Doug Basham (Heel)

Funaki (Face)

Garrison Cade (Heel)

Hardcore Holly (Face)

Kenzo Suzuki (Heel)

Mark Henry (Heel)

Mark Jindrak (Heel)

Nunzio (Face)

Paul London (Face)

Rosey (Face)

Scotty 2 Hotty (Face)

Shannon Moore (Face)

Simon Dean (Heel)

Spike Dudley (Heel)

Val Venis (Face)

Victoria (Face)


Jesus Aguilera (Heel)

Steven Richards (Tweener)

Viscera (Heel)


Eric Bischoff (Tweener)

Ivory (Face)

Jerry Lawler (Face)

Johnathan Coachman (Heel)

Mick Foley (Face)

Ric Flair (Heel)

Shane McMahon (Face)

Stephanie McMahon (Face)

The Rock (Face)

Theodore Long (Face)

Vince McMahon (Heel)


Amy Weber (Heel)

Candace (Face)

Christy Hemme (Face)

Dawn Marie (Heel)

Hiroko (Heel)

Joy Giovanni (Face)

Khosrow Daivari (Heel)

Maria Kanellis (Face)

Melina Perez (Face)

Michelle McCool (Heel)

Miss Jackie (Face)

Paul Heyman (Face)

Stacy Kiebler (Face)

Torrie Wilson (Face)

==In Ohio Valley Wrestling==

Aaron Stevens (Heel)

Alexis Laree (Face)

Angel Williams (Face)

Antonio Thomas (Face)

Beth Phoenix (Heel)

Blaster Lashley (Heel)

Brent Albright (Heel)

Brian Calrucchi (Face)

Chad Toland (Heel)

Chilly Willy (Face)

Chris Cage (Face)

Daniel Rodimer (Face)

Deuce Shade (Face)

Jillian Hall (Face)

Jim Cornette (Face)

Johnny Jeter (Face)

Johnny Nitro (Heel)

Justice Smith (Face)

Ken Doane (Face)

Marty Wright (Face)

Matt Cappotelli (Face)

Matt Morgan (Heel)

Mike Mondo (Heel)

Mike Shane (Heel)

Nick Mitchell (Face)

Paul Birchall (Face)

Ryan Reeves (Face)

Seven (Heel)

Tank Toland (Face)

Todd Shane (Heel)

Tyson Tomko (Heel)

Injured List:

Chris Nowinski (Unknown)

Eugene Dinsmore (3 months)

Lita (4 months)

Matt Hardy (2 months)

OOC: I'm just trying to add some realism, I don't know if those are the actual time periods that they will be out of action

Title Holders:

World Heavyweight: Batista (90)

WWE Heavyweight: John Cena (87)

WWE Intercontinental: Christian (80)

WWE United States: Rey Mysterio (82)

World Tag Team: La Resistance (75)

WWE Tag Team: The Basham Brothers (70)

WWE Women's: Trish Stratus (58)

WWE Cruiserweight: Akio (70)

Promotion Status:

Majority Owner: Linda McMahon

Company Level: Global

Public Image: 60%

Based In: America

Balance: $40,000,000

Sponsors: X-Box, Stacker 2, Rolling Stone, Columbia Pictures

Risk Level: 66%

Production Values: 100%

Merchandising: 100%

Advertising: 90%

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WWE RAW Preview!

Wrestlemania 21 took place not 24 hours ago, but what a night it was! We saw five titles change hands, the biggest change possibly being Batista's victory over Triple H in that Fatal Fourway match that also consisted of Ric Flair and Randy Orton. In another match, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho battled to the bone in a gritty one on one contest that had Jericho coming away with the victory thanks to the Walls of Jericho. The two embraced post match, as they got one of the largest standing ovations to date. In other action, Christian was able to become a four time Intercontinental Champion as he pinned Shelton Benjamin for the gold. Last night was surely one to remember, but the action on RAW might be just as heated!

Tonight, , Triple H will square off with Randy Orton in a grudge match that will be sure to deliver. Orton came up short last night, but Triple H lost it all, so both of these men will be looking for a fight, no doubt about it.

In other singles action, Chris Masters will be making his WWE debut against Val Venis tonight. Masters seems to be quite the professionalist, but how will he do against a wrestler who doubles as an adult film star? Tune in tonight to find out.

However, the main attraction billed for RAW is one of an explosive caliber. HBK and Benoit will team up to take on one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history, the duo of Edge and Christian! Since 2001, these two have not actively teamed together, but will tonight mark a change?

And don't forget about other superstars like Kane, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho, and Batista on RAW, tonight at 9/8 c!

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Live from the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California

Attendance: 13,953

JR: "WELCOME TO MONDAY NIGHT RAW! I am live with my broadcast partner Jerry "The King" Lawler and tonight is going to be explosive. We are just one night removed from Wrestlemania 21, and boy, what a night that was. We have a new World Heavyweight Champion, and a new WWE Intercontinental Champion in Batista and Christian."

King: "Last night was one heck of a night! There was Christian winning the Intercontinental Championship in front of all his peeps, and Big Show picking up those Bashams and wham- Choke Slamming them both to the mat! And we can't forget that terrific display that Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho put on either! What a match!"

JR: "Yes King, Wrestlemania 21 will go down in the books as one of the biggest of all time. John Cena captured the WWE Championship for the first time, and Rey Mysterio won US gold by defeating Rene Dupree. But let's not forget that explosive performance that Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels displayed, hate or love the guys. I'm sure tonight will be almost as big as the one we had not 24 hours ago. Anyways, let's start off the action, with Val Venis and the debuting Chris Masters."

King: "You can't forget my favourite part of the night when Edge made Rock tap! He made him tap!"

Chris Masters vs. Val Venis

Chris Masters makes his way down to the ring in elegant fashion, taking his time to walk down the entrance ramp. The hasty fans boo him for his attitude, but he shrugs them off and climbs the steps into the ring and plays to the crowd. Venis' theme hits the PA and the fans cheer as the Adult Film master makes his way to the ring, towel and all. Venis and Masters tie up early, following a suplex from Venis. Venis puts Masters in the corner, and chops away. Venis whistles, then strikes the back of his hand against Masters' chest, as a red mark begins to appear. Masters fights back with a knee to the midsection, followed up by a DDT for a near fall. Masters uses the Irish Whip, then hits a clothesline for another close call. Masters whines to the ref, allowing Venis to catch him in a rollup! However, Masters rolls through the pin attempt and gets on top of things, and grasps an unseen hand onto the ropes for leverage. Referee Jack Doan doesn't see it and counts the pin, 1-2-3, as Masters steals his first victory at 5:03.

Winner: Chris Masters

(69%, 64%, 75%)

Val Venis is losing overness because of his weak gimmick.

JR: "Oh come on now, that's not right! He cheated!"

King: "You gotta start somehow in this business!"

JR: "Whatever. We'll be back folks."

RAW returns with the lovely Maria standing next to none other than Batista, the new World Heavyweight Champion!

Maria: "Batista, how does it feel to be the World Heavyweight Champion? And what are your thoughts on Triple H's demand for a rematch?"

Batista: "How does it feel? Well, sugar, it feels electrifying. Never had I imagined being at the highest stage of them all, competing for the top prize in this business. But not only did I compete for it, I won it, and there isn't a damn thing Triple H can do about it now. Knowing the whiney bitch that he his, he's probably in Bischoff's office right now, demanding a rematch for the title. That doesn't bother me. Because if Triple H wants a rematch, he can have one. Whether if it's at Backlash, next week or right now, I'll wrestle him. And just like last night, I'll win. But I'm sure HHH is preoccupied with the current things at hand, Bischoff told me he has a match with Randy Orton tonight. Once I take care of business with HHH and whoever else wants a piece of me, we can go out for dinner sometime."

Batista walks off as Maria smiles, blushing.


The traditional theme everyone has grown to hate over the past few months hits the PA system, as Simon Dean marches his way down to the ring, with a microphone and bag of his vitamins and other weight loss supplements. He rolls in the ring, does a few jumping jacks, then gets on the mic.

Simon Dean: "Ah, wonderful San Diego. The weather, the lifestyles, and the ocean. It's such a shame this wonderful city is inhabited by such fat and disgusting pigs such as yourself. I mean, look at you! You, in the third row there. What do they call you? Chunky Charlie? Have you tried my pattented Simon System? Because a fat, sluggish nobody like you can become someone great like me! Anyways, on to more important things. I'm out here to get someone from the back, perhaps someone big, who feels, well, bad about themselves to come out here and try the Simon System, for free! I know you'll like it! So any one of you big bellys back there, come on out and get a sample!"

The sound of a rhinocerous is loudly heard as out charges the Man-Beast, Rhyno! He spares no time in rushing to the ring and immediately exploding on Dean, as a match begins!

Rhyno vs. Simon Dean

Rhyno whips Dean into the corner, and takes him back out to the center of the ring with an impressive belly-to-belly suplex. Simon wails from the pain, but that doesn't stop Rhyno one bit. Rhyno gets Dean in a headlock, clenching his arm hard around Dean's neck. Simon appears to be losing conciousness, as Rhyno continues to apply pressure. Simon slowly finds his way to the ropes, and grabs on to them for all he has, forcing Rhyno to let go of the hold. Rhyno doesn't stop the beatdown, as he whips Dean into the turnbuckle, face first. Dean falls back on one knee, as Rhyno sets up for the inevitable, the Gore. Dean gets up and turns around, and gets one right in the midsection! The result is obvious, as Rhyno gets the three count!

Winner: Rhyno

Rhyno climbs the turnbuckle, in celebration, but the party is cut short as an angered Simon smacks him in the back of the head with his supplement bag! Rhyno falls to the outside, seemingly knocked out from the shot! The camera zooms in on the bag, and it's revealed that Dean has a bowling ball in the bag!

JR: "That no good sore loser! Gawd damnit!"

King: "Rhyno better watch his back next time."

(70%, 69%, 74%)

JR: "He shouldn't have to watch out for bowling balls in a wrestling ring, King. We'll be right back."

Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit vs. Edge and Christian

RAW returns with what looks to be a bonafide blockbuster as the Heart Break Kid and the Rabid Wolverine take on Edge and Christian in tag team action. Edge starts the match off with Michaels, these two knowing a lot about one another, being rivals and enemies for quite some time. HBK tries to test Edge's strength, but Edge hits a knee to the gut to cut off the attempt. Edge gets Michaels in a side headlock, followed by a snapmare takedown. Edge makes the tag to Christian, who poses to his "Peeps" upon his entrance into the ring. Christian props HBK up into a sitting position, before giving him a few degrading slaps to the side of the head. Christian gets HBK to his feet, and is shocked with a surprise dropkick from out of the blue! HBK manages to get to Benoit to make the tag, as the Crippler rushes in the ring and goes to work on Christian. Christian tries a clothesline but Benoit ducks, locks his hands around Christian, and nails a German Suplex! One isn't enough however, as Benoit keeps locked and nails yet another powerful German on Christian. Benoit makes an attempt at a third, but Christian somehow manages to escape as he backflips out of it in mid air! Christian smirks as grabs Benoit from behind, setting up for the Unprettier! But Benoit is just as aware as Christian is as he counters to the mat, locking Christian in the Crossface! Edge runs in and makes the save, breaking the hold before Christian taps out. In comes HBK, who takes Edge to the outside!

The ref is now unable to control the chaos as HBK and Edge beat away on one another on the outside while Christian and Benoit do battle on the inside. Edge goes for a Spear on HBK, but he sidesteps it, causing Edge to fly head first into the steel steps! With the ref's back focused on the outside action, Christian is able to score a low blow on Benoit, dropping him to the mat. Christian covers, 1...2...no! Benoit props a shoulder up, much to the shock of Christian. HBK tries to hit the Sweet Chin Music on Edge, but he ducks it and then grabs him by the hair and throws him back in the ring. On the other side of things, Christian tries to clothesline Benoit, but Benoit ducks, and Christian hits the referee right in the face, taking him out! Benoit grabs the surprised Christian by the feet, dropping him on his back. Benoit grabs his legs, and puts one of his own through and locks on the Sharpshooter! Edge tries to Spear HBK once again, but he throws him over the ropes! HBK turns around to see Benoit with the Sharpshooter. HBK grabs the ref and revives him, then does the unthinkable by hitting Benoit with a note of Sweet Chin Music! The crowd booes Michaels to the highest extent of their vocal ability, but it can do nothing now as Michaels drags Christian overtop of Benoit as the ref counts the pin, 1-2-3.

Winners: Edge and Christian

HBK leaves with a smirk on his face, as Christian and Edge look up in confusion, wondering what the hell happened.

JR: "Mah gawd, why Shawn, why? You bastard!"

King: "Does this mean that he's on Edge's side now?"

(95%, 98%, 90%)

Christian gained 1 point of overness from this match. Shawn Michaels's turn was completed, and he is now a heel. Shawn Michaels gained 3 points of overness from this turn.

RAW returns as Shelton Benjamin is seen storming into Eric Bischoff's office, looking obviously upset.

Bischoff: "Woah partner, what seems to be your problem?"

Benjamin: "You damn well know the problem, Bischoff. I want my title back from Christian. That dirty, no good creep played dirty last night."

Bischoff: "Now hold on just a minute. If my memory serves correct, he didn't cheat you out of nothing. He just outsmarted you. If you want a rematch, fine. But you know what? It's coming out of your contract clause."

Benjamin: "Fine. That title is mine, I'm going to win it back."

Bischoff: "Good. You can do just that. Because at Backlash, it's going to be you, Shelton Benjamin, vs. Christian, for the Intercontinental Title, in a LADDER MATCH."

King: "JR, a ladder match! Oh boy!"

JR: "I tell ya what King, that has explosive written all over it."

Benjamin leaves the room, looking satisfied as Bischoff looks on with a smug.


Cameras go to a very interesting scene in a lockerroom, as Paul Heyman is displayed talking to someone on the phone.

JR: "Paul Heyman?! What is he doing on RAW? We haven't seen him for months, and besides, he's on SmackDown!"

King: "Maybe he had a change of heart, and wanted to come to the better brand. I guess that would just be common sense."

Heyman: "You'll be here tonight? Oh, that's great, yeah, yeah that's good. I'll see you then."

Heyman closes his cell phone and then laughs, then leaves the room.

JR: "What in the hell? There's something I don't like here."

King: "Me too JR, something's not right!"

JR: "Well King, it's almost time for the main event. It's Triple H vs. Randy Orton, NEXT!"


Randy Orton vs. Triple H

Both men take no time in getting down to the ring to brawl, it's obvious they are eager to tear one another apart. They both fought to the bone last night, but somehow they've got energy to beat the crap out of each other, one on one. Hunter goes for a suplex, but Orton lands behind it and pushes him to the ropes, and then pulls him into a roll up for a near fall. Orton already has the fans riled up for the finish, when it's just barely a minute in the match. Orton goes for a swinging neckbreaker, but he fails as HHH drops him to the ground in a counter. HHH gets to the ground and starts choking Orton, slamming the back of his head against the mat with each thrust. Earl Hebner finally manages to get HHH to release the hold, as Orton gasps for air. HHH makes a pin attempt, but Orton raises a shoulder up at the 2 count. HHH gets Orton into the corner then lays into him with some lefts and rights, followed by a headbutt right into the midsection. HHH props Orton on the top turnbuckle, and sets up for a Superplex off of the top! Triple H tries to lift the dazed Orton, but he can't! He pulls again but Orton just shoves him off, sending him to the mat below. Orton gets to his feet, and leaps off, do or die. Triple H can't move in time, as he's layered with an elbow drop off of the top! Both men are down now, as Hebner begins the count to ten.

Orton manages to get to his feet first, the crowd now behind him. His eyes show that far away look, he might not be 100% still in the match at this point. However, he rises HHH to his feet and gives him an uppercut, followed by a few chops to the chest. Orton tries the Irish Whip, but Hunter manages to reverse it, sending Orton to the ropes. HHH tries to clothesline Orton, but Orton ducks. However, HHH hits him with the knee on his second time around, dropping him to the mat in an instant. HHH falls on top of Orton, as the ref counts the pin, 1...2...not good enough! Orton has more strength than HHH would like to think, as Orton continues to fight on in the match. HHH starts getting a bit unpatient with the ref, as he gets in his face. Hebner threatens to disqualify HHH, so HHH backs off and turns back to the match, but he finds that Orton is up and ready, as he downsizes HHH with the RKO! Orton hooks the leg, as this one is obviously finished, One, two, two and half! Triple H just barely kicks out, to the amazement of the Legend Killer.

The match continues with both men obviously weary from the match worn into them like bad breath. Orton goes for another RKO, but HHH pushes him away, then grabs him and locks him up for the Pedigree. HHH looks to finish things, but Orton hits a backdrop, as the crowd goes wild! Orton looks up to the ceiling, probably not knowing where he is, as his only objective is to beat HHH.

Orton brings HHH to his feet now, both just barely able to stand. Orton drives a right hook into HHH, as he strikes back at Orton with a left. Both men stagger, as the crowd wildly chants for Orton. HHH goes for another hit, but Orton blocks him and flattens him with a huge DDT! Orton goes to cover, but stops, as he knows that a DDT is not enough to take down The Game. Orton gets him to his feet once again, and lays some chops across HHH's beet red chest, but then HHH grabs his wrist and kicks him in the gut, and finally musters the ability to hit the Pedigree. Fans fear the worst now, as HHH crawls across Orton for the cover. Here it comes, 1...2...no! Orton manages a foot on the bottom rope as HHH looks up in bewilderment to what has happened. HHH shakes his head and gets Orton to his knees, and gives him a few jabs before getting to his feet and trying the Pedigree again. HHH tries to put Orton under, but he hits an RKO out of nowhere on him! Orton realizes his chance to win, and goes for the three count.

Orton crawls over to HHH, as Paul Heyman starts chugging down the rampway! Heyman gets up on the apron and starts causing a scene with the referee as Orton slowly gets back up, while HHH backs himself into the corner.

JR: "What the hell is he doing down here King?"

King: "I don't know JR, but I smell trouble, that's for sure!"

Orton goes over to the ropes and starts yelling at Heyman, but Hebner tells him to focus on the match, and Orton reluctantly complies. But Orton turns around and gets a boot to the face, not by HHH, but by Brock Lesnar! Lesnar smiles maniacally, then puts Orton on his shoulders, then spins him around for the F-5!

JR: "Oh mah gawd! It's Brock Lesnar! He's back King, and he's with Heyman! What in the hell! He just F-5'ed Orton to hell!"

King: "This is insane! Brock is back in the WWE? I can't believe it!"

Lesnar drags HHH on top of Orton and leaves the ring, just as Heyman drops down from the apron, as Hebner counts the pin, as HHH wins thanks to interference from Brock Lesnar, who's back in the WWE with a cause!

Winner: Triple H

(83%, 89%, 72%)

As HHH slides to the outside and walks away from the disaster, Lesnar and Heyman re-enter the ring, as Heyman commands Lesnar to inflict damage on Orton, just like in the old days. Lesnar smiles and puts Orton on his shoulders again, and hits him with the F-5 once again!

JR: "This is sick, King! Someone stop him! Somebody, mah gawd!"

King: "Orton's gonna get hurt in there!"

Orton looks up, blood now rushing from his forehead. Lesnar shakes his head, and grabs him by his short hair, bringing him to his feet once again. Orton tries to swing at Lesnar, but he's too weak by now, as Lesnar just shrugs it off, and then delivers a brutal Powerbomb on Orton, laying him out flat as a pancake! Lesnar and Heyman decide that they've had their fun, as they leave Orton in the ring, flat out unconcious and bloody, as EMTs make their way to the ring, as RAW comes to a dramatic close.


JR: "I'll tell you something King, and that's one thing I know. There is going to be hell to pay for Lesnar, hell to pay!"

Show Overall: 80%

Edited by The Shattered One
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Guest MrBenjamin

Really good show there....Brock back with Heyman is cool....And having a feud with Randy is not that bad...HBK's turn was really good as well, I hope we see HBK vs Benoit at Backlash...Batista's interview got a 91%...Damn that's hot...

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WWE SmackDown! Preview

Wrestlemania 21 was just four days ago, and Sacramento will be able to witness the aftermath on SmackDown!, first hand.

At the Staples Center in Los Angeles at the grand stage, John Cena was able to capture his first WWE Championship, defeating John Bradshaw Layfield. It is confirmed that John Cena will be onboard for SmackDown! this week, but will JBL be, so quick after his devastating loss?

One match has been announced, and that is one of high flying and fast paced action. Funaki will try and regain his WWE Cruiserweight Championship from Akio, who won it at Wrestlemania in a Six Pack Challenge. Will SmackDown's self-proclaimed "Numbah Won Announca" be able to get back his precious title, bringing a quick end to Akio's reign? Or will Akio walk out still champion? Watch tomorrow to find out.

Plenty of other superstars will be at the show, including the new WWE United States Champion, Rey Mysterio, as well as Eddie Guerrero and The Bashams. The Wrestlemania fallout of SmackDown! will be sure to be an explosive on, so tune in at 7/6 central on Thursday to catch all the action!

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WWE SmackDown!

Taped at the Arco Arena, in Sacramento, California

Attendance: 15,852

Michael Cole: "Welcome fans to WWE SmackDown! I'm Michael Cole here alongside Tazz, my broadcasting partner and just four days ago, we witnessed a spectacle. Ladies and gentlemen we are just four days removed from Wrestlemania 21, the biggest event of the year. And some major changes resulted in that night, such as the change of United States and WWE Champions, along with the change of the Cruiserweight Championship."

Tazz: "Oh no doubt Cole, Wrestlemania 21 was a big night for everyone, and we are just settling down to feel the aftershock."

Michael Cole: "And coming up right now we have a rematch from Wrestlemania, well, not a full rematch, as Funaki takes on Akio for the WWE Cruiserweight Title which Akio won at Wrestlemania, there just won't be the other four cruiserweights who participated in that amazing Six Pack Challenge."

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Funaki vs. Akio ©

The rematch from Sunday begins at a face pace as Akio hits an immediate hurracanrana on his opponent, who in turn hits an impressive hurricane DDT, as the fans are excited for this high flying cruiserweight battle in the early going. Akio goes for a headlock, but Funaki finds a way to slip through his legs and take him down by the legs, and slap on a surfboard strech maneuver. Akio refuses to give up, treasuring his newly won Cruiserweight Championship. Funaki stops the hold, and quickly covers but can only score a deuce from the referee. Funaki whips Akio into the ropes, and charges him with a headbutt, but Akio leaps over him, sending Funaki right into the ring post. Akio grabs Funaki from behind into a sunset flip, but can't manage to get a three count. Akio applies an armlock on Funaki, but is soon forced to let go as Funaki breaks free with a few hard strikes to Akio. Funaki goes to kick Akio but he grabs it, only to have Funaki hit an Enziguri! Funaki hooks the leg, but somehow can't win it. Funaki tries to land a standing Moonsault, but Akio rolls out of the way, and scurries to the top rope. He flies off with his impressive Corkscrew 450 Splash, but Funaki is able to dodge it, leaving Akio to come up empty on the attempt! Funaki readies himself and then grabs Akio, and then hits the Rising Sun spot on, and covers, and gets the three, and his Cruiserweight Title back!

Winner, and the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Funaki

Michael Cole: "Funaki won the title back! Tough luck for Akio, Funaki just has the heart of a WWE Cruiserweight Champion!"

Tazz: "Wow, that was a short title reign, it's too bad."

Michael Cole: "Yes, but up next, is an announcement from the JBL's Chief of Staff, Orlando Jordan."

(66%, 54%, 79%)

As SmackDown! returns, Orlando Jordan makes his way down to the ring, with a large look of anger on his face. Dressed in suit and tie, he makes his way inside the ring, microphone in hand.

Jordan: "People of Sacramento, I'm here tonight, representing the former WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield, as he is not here tonight. Now, last Sunday, at Wrestlemania 21, John was cheated out of his title he worked so hard to earn. I even have the video evidence. Roll the footage, please."

A video clip begins to roll, containing the end of the WWE Championship match between John Bradshaw Layfield and John Cena. The clip shows JBL attempting to hit John Cena with the Clothesline From Hell, but Cena ducks and then hits JBL in the face with his knucks, after doing his trademark "You Can't See Me" bit. Cena tosses the knucks away, and then hits the F-U just as the referee recovers, as John Cena is able to pickup the victory. Despite his unfair tactics, the fans cheer Cena.

Jordan: "You see that? He cheated his way to victory, just like he has every other time. That's why I'm out here, and I'm calling YOU out, John Cena."

It doesn't take long before the theme song of John Cena busts through the arena, as the fans stand in ovation for the arrival of the Doctor of Thuganomics.

Michael Cole: "Oh boy, things are gonna get out of hand pretty fast here!"

Cena: "Orlando Jordan, quit your complainin', the Doctor of Thugonamics is here to do some explainin'. I can tell that your unhappy that JBL lost his gold

Without it I bet his waist's growin' mould. You're out here demanding a match with me, and if that's what you want, I'll beat your ass, 1-2-3."

The fans erupt in approval of John Cena's freestyle, as Orlando looks a bit threatened.

Jordan: "You damn right I want a match with you. Tonight. I've already got the approval from the GM, Theodore Long. But it's not that title I want, I'll leave that for John to rightfully regain. It's your ass, beaten to the ground. That's what I want. And tonight, I'm gonna do it."

Cena: "You got it then, puppet. I'm gonna hit you with the F-U and pin you, just like your buddy JBL."

Cena laughs and then taunts to the crowd, before leaving an irate Orlando Jordan in the ring.

Tazz: "Haha, Orlando Jordan just got thugged out!"

Michael Cole: "But he gets a piece of the WWE Champion, John Cena, tonight!"


Cameras cut backstage where Josh Matthews is with Kurt Angle, who looks disgruntled, probably as a result from his loss at Wrestlemania 21, to Shawn Michaels. He looks around angrily, as Matthews tries to get his attention.

Matthews: "Uh, Kurt, Kurt? Kurt, how are you feeling, after, you know, your loss to Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania?"

Angle glares at him, but pretends to not care?

Angle: "How do I feel? Wrestlemania is in the past bro, that was four days ago. Get with the now? What I feel right now? I feel like kicking someone's ass. Some young punk who feels lucky or someone who I've beaten in the past. That's why I'm having an Open Challenge tonight, for my Olympic Gold Medals. Whoever you are, you don't have to be from the smelly city of Sacramento, or any part of crappy California, as long as you got balls and a brain, I'll take your challenge. You beat me, and you'll get these babies. The things I worked for with a broken fricken' NECK. If you're up to it, meet me down in the ring later, and I'll break your ankle. Wooo!"

Angle marches away, before Matthews can respond with anything.

Matthews: "Wow."

Michael Cole: "Anyone who wants to take on Angle is free to do so? He might have just bitten off more than he can chew Tazz."

Tazz: "No way. I know Angle. He might be a dirty player, but he's a hell of an athlete. He'll be up to it."

Michael Cole: "We'll see Tazz, but up next, it's The Bashams defending the Tag Team Titles against Rey Mysterio and Scotty 2 Hotty!"


WWE Tag Team Championship

Rey Mysterio and Scotty 2 Hotty vs. The Bashams ©

JBL's Secretaries of Defense make their way down to the ring ready to defend the titles against the new United States Champion, Rey Mysterio, and a guy who hasn't had the best of luck in recent times, Scotty 2 Hotty. Scotty gets down to action with Doug Basham, with a tie-up in the center of the ring. Doug applies a waistlock but Scotty slips out of it and almost ends the match with a quick cradle pin. Scotty makes the tag to Mysterio, who flies in with energy like no other, going right to it with Doug. He hits a base dropkick while Doug's still on his knees, followed by a leg drop for a near fall again. Doug tries to grab Rey's arm but he fails, as the quick Mysterio flips out of things and hits a kick to the back of the head! Mysterio tries a hurricanrana, but Doug manages to save himself by hitting a small Powerbomb, as he makes the tag to his brother Danny. Danny gets in and stomps on Rey, and then drops an elbow for a two count. Danny drags Rey into the center of the ring, and tries to cover him again, but Scotty 2 Hotty objects and runs in for the save, even though it wasn't needed. This brings Doug back in the match, as he takes Scotty to the outside with a clothesline over the ropes. Back on the inside, Rey gets on the upperhand with a spinning heel kick, which lands Danny on the middle rope. Rey calls out for the crowd, then hits the 619! Doug stumbles around on the inside, and Rey flies off the ropes and nails the West Coast Pop, but Danny manages to roll through the pin maneuver, and he slips his hand on the bottom rope, securing an unfair victory. Referee Charles Robinson doesn't see it, so the Bashams retain, continuing their second reign as WWE Tag Team Champions.

Winner, and still WWE Tag Team Champions: The Bashams

Michael Cole: "Oh come on! That was underhanded. Those damn Bashams can't win a match fairly to save their souls!"

Tazz: "Eh, sometimes you gotta win, no matter how."

(75%, 71%, 79%)

Danny Basham is losing overness because of his weak gimmick. Doug Basham is losing overness because of his weak gimmick.

Kurt makes his way down to the ring upon SmackDown's return from a commercial, with a security guard behind him carrying his medals in a protective case. He gets in the ring and smiles, ignoring the large amount of "YOU SUCK" chants going in waves across the arena.

Angle: "Alright. I'm down here, who's answering my challenge? It doesn't matter who the hell you are. Get your ass down here, now!"

Angle waits for a few minutes, and starts growing impatient.

Angle: "Come on! Who wants a piece of me? I know there's-"

In a flash, Shannon Moore's music hits the arena as he speeds down the ramp and into the ring, and starts chipping away at Angle!

Kurt Angle vs. Shannon Moore

Shannon explodes on Angle with rights and lefts, as the stunned medalist tries to fend off the small but big-hearted competitor. He tries to whip Angle against the ropes, but Angle quickly gets on top of the match and reverses the attempt, then boots the returning Shannon Moore flat in the jaw. Before long, Angle's got his straps down and he's whooping ass. Angle drags Moore into the corner and stomps on him, before hitting the Angle Slam. Angle thinks for the opportunity to pin Moore, but he goes along with his promise he made earlier, as he slaps the Ankle Lock on the weakened Moore. It doesn't take very long before Moore is begging for mercy, tapping out with all he has. Poor Shannon, I don't think he had much of a chance, at any point.

Winner, via submission: Kurt Angle

(83%, 84%, 81%)

Unfortunately, the victory doesn't stop Angle for nothing, as he continues to apply the hold with strength. He degrades Shannon with insults, as referee Nick Patrick tries to break the submission. Angle shoves him away as Moore begins to pass out from the pain. Angle continues the pressure, jerking with this leg, probably breaking it at this point. Angle finally lets out a "Wooo" before letting go of the ankle, and leaving.

Michael Cole: "Good god, he probably snapped his ankle in two! Moore's career could be over!"

Tazz: "Hey, Angle gave fair warning Cole. Moore was aware of the dangers involved when you mess with Angle."

As Shannon is helped to the back by Nick Patrick, cameras go to the parking lot, where a familiar limousine pulls up and parks. Out steps the former WWE Champion; John Bradshaw Layfield, who isn't scheduled to be at the arena, according to Orlando Jordan. JBL looks like a mess, with his hair undone, no clean shave, and no traditional suit on! JBL stumbles out of the limo, and walks towards the backstage area.

Michael Cole: "Was that JBL? I've never seen him like that? Not even in his days of the APA! He looked like he had a hangover!"

Tazz: "Yeah, he did. The kind you get after you lose your WWE Championship."

Michael Cole: "Well in that state, he's just gonna make a fool of himself. Next up, we have Latino Heat, Eddie Guerrero, taking on the returning Carlito Carribean Cool in singles action!"

Eddie Guerrero vs. Carlito Carribean Cool

Eddie comes out in the classic lowrider, to a big pop from the crowd. Carlito comes out looking disgusted, as his petition to get Theodore Long off of SmackDown failed to succeed, the only thing it did was get Jesus suspended. Carlito spits on the hood of the car, causing Eddie to look at him straight in the eyes with a hateful glare. Carlito laughs it off, then gets in the ring, and gets face to face with Eddie. Eddie looks at the crowd, as they cheer him, so he strikes Carlito to begin the match! Eddie hits a quick dropkick followed by a neckbreaker for a count of two. He tries to land a suplex, but Carlito lands from behind and trips him to the ground, and quickly applies a headlock. Eddie tries to fight his way out, but Carlito keeps on the pressure, as Eddie fights to remain awake. He fakes losing conciousness, which fools Carlito and the referee. But Eddie props alive out of nowhere, allowing him to scramble to the ropes! Carlito is forced to let go of the hold, as Eddie gets to his feet. Carlito whips him to the ropes, then tries to drop him with a clothesline, but Eddie ducks, and then flies off the other end with a clothesline of his own! Eddie signals to the crowd that it's time for the Three Amigos, as he grabs Carlito and puts him in position. Eddie hooks, lifts and lands the first one, then spins back over, and hits a second! The crowd counts along with him, as he hits the final suplex. Eddie goes up top, and notifies everyone that it's time to get Froggy. But out from the crowd comes Booker T, who pushes him from behind, causing him to fall to the mat! It seems as if a win has not justified anything for Booker, as the referee calls for a disqualification, making Eddie the winner.

Winner, via Disqualification: Eddie Guerrero

(83%, 84%, 81%)

Booker gets in the ring after the match has been called off, and waits for Eddie to dizzily get to his feet. He waits for the right moment, then connects with a lethal Axe Kick, sending Eddie to the canvas. He yells out some insults, then leaves the ring.

Michael Cole: "What was that? Booker had no business being in the ring during that match, or after."

Tazz: "Seems to me Cole, that he was out to let Eddie know he's still after him."

Michael Cole "Well if I were Booker T, I'd watch my back now. Anyways folks, up next is the main event, John Cena and Orlando Jordan in one on one action!"

Orlando Jordan vs. John Cena

The match begins Orlando putting his finger on Cena's chest, followed by a couple of insults. Cena replies by smacking Jordan across the face and a kick to the gut to start things off. Cena gets Orlando in the corner, and hits a few jabs, followed by a knee to the midsection. Orlando counters, however, hitting a high elbow, knocking Cena back a few steps. Jordan clotheslines Cena to the ground, and then covers for a two count. Orlando grabs Cena by his short hair, and sets up for a suplex, but John is able to push him away to the ropes and rebound with a snap suplex of his own. Cena covers, only a two. Cena goes for a brainbuster afterwards, but Orlando counters and lands behind him. Cena manages to hit a mule kick anyways, sending Jordan back down to the mat. John drops an elbow, then locks in a strong Boston Crab on the Chief Of Staff dead center in the ring. Seconds fly by as Cena continues to apply the hold, each second wearing down Jordan more and more. After over a minute, Jordan finally gets to the ropes, making Cena let go of the submission maneuver. Cena makes the attempt to put the hold on again, but Orlando blocks by using his foot to trip Cena to the ground. Orlando tries a cover, but Cena kicks out before a two count is even made. Orlando gets to the top turnbuckle, then connects with the Flying Cross Body, right into a cradle pin! 1...2...just about a pinfall, but Cena is still in the match. Orlando can't believe he didn't get the victory there, as he complains to Nick Patrick about the "slow" count. From behind, Cena is able to roll up Orlando into a pinning predicament! But Orlando is just able to kick out, escaping defeat. Orlando attempts a quick one with the Reverse Neckbreaker, but Cena reverses on his own and hits the F-U! The result is obvious, Cena picks up the win with the 1-2-3!

Winner, the WWE Champion: John Cena

(79%, 80%, 80%)

Michael Cole: "Cena wins! He won the WWE Championship, and now he beat the ex-champs' Chief Of Staff!"

Tazz: "He's definitely on fire!"

Cena has his arm raised in victory by Nick Patrick, but as he turns around, a disgruntled JBL enters the ring and attacks him!

Michael Cole: "It's JBL! What in the hell is he doing?"

Tazz: "He looks to be out for Cena!"

JBL tries to hit the Clothesline From Hell, but Cena dodges and knocks JBL over the ropes! Orlando attacks Cena as well, but he gets tossed over the ropes, on to JBL to the outside! Cena goes to leave the ring to attack the two, but on comes the theme of the SmackDown! GM, Theodore Long! He stays on the ramp, and begins to address the three.

Tazz: "Woah! Teddy Long! He's surely gonna lay down the law now Cole!"

Theodore Long: "Yo, JBL. Let me holla atcha' playa! Now, I can see that you aren't very happy with your title loss. And Cena, I want to know if you can withstand the challenges of that championship and become a credible champion. That's why, next week, I'm booking a rematch for the WWE Title. AND if either you, Orlando Jordan, or the Bashams interfere in the match, you will all be suspended. So JBL, John Cena, next Thursday, the best man, will win."


Michael Cole: "The ultimate Wrestlemania rematch is on next week! JBL, Cena, for the WWE Championship! From me, Michael Cole and Tazz, we'll see you next week!"

Show Overall: 76%

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The WWE HotLine (Friday, April 8th, 2005) (From www.sickbump.com)

Heidenreich Officially Released

While rumours had been circulating about Heidenreich possibly being let off the hook right after Wrestlemania 21, nothing had been confirmed until today. The 33 year old from Louisiana was released on Tuesday, right before the WWE SmackDown! and Velocity tapings. Word is now Heidenreich may be looking to jump back into a football career, possibly in the CFL (Canadian Football League), or the New Orleans Saints of the NFL.

Reason Behind Akio's Title Loss

Many questions are being raised to why Akio's Cruiserweight Title reign only lasted four days, a reign considered far too short for any promotion. Well, it seems as if this morning, the answer has become clear. It seems that Jimmy Yang (Akio) has an alcohol problem that has been controlling him off the camera for over five months. Finally, on Monday, Yang's agent booked him into a detox center, where he will rehabilitate for at least a month. If some of you thought Akio did less than spectacular on SmackDown!, his low morale from this problem may have conflicted with it.

Booker T vs. John Cena At Judgment Day?

At this time, nothing is set in stone for the fate of the WWE Championship match that will likely take place at SmackDown!'s next PPV, Judgment Day. While there is no news of Booker T getting a push to the Main Event status, many believe it may be his time to step up. More on this as it develops.

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The WWE HotLine (Saturday, April 9th, 2005) (From www.sickbump.com)

Velocity preview, new talent and more.

WWE Velocity Preview - 04/09/05

Velocity looks to deliver with some high flying mat action. First off, Billy Kidman will be squaring off Nunzio in singles competition, while Paul London and Shannon Moore will take on The Dudley Boyz in the main event of the night. Also announced, Danny Basham, one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, will take on Hardcore Holly! Catch all the action tonight at 10/9c!

WWE Picks Up New Talent

Earlier this morning, it was confirmed that the WWE came to terms with an independent wrestler by the name of Abdul Hanish. He has done some work in Stampede Wrestling in the past, and other small-time feds. His gimmick as of recent has been one of an Anti-American one, so it may be obvious where Hanish is headed.

Chris Nowinski To Return Next Month?

As of late, Chris Nowinski has been getting in the ring to practice his in-ring ability, possibly aiming for a comeback within the next little while. A finalist from the original Tough Enough, Nowinski was said to have given wrestling up after the problem in his eyes irritated him while wrestling. But now, it looks as if the young Harvard graduate may be coming back to the WWE.

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WWE Velocity

Taped at the Arco Arena, in Sacramento, California

Attendance: 15,852

Josh Matthews: "A big welcome to you viewers at home, I'm Josh Matthews, and this is my announcing partner, Todd Romero. We are ready to bring Velocity to you, live and in living colour!"

Todd Romero: "We certainly are Josh! Tonight, Danny Basham faces Hardcore Holly in one-on-one action, and the Dudley Boyz take on Shannon Moore and Paul London in a tag team match in the main event!"

Matthews: "That is correct. And just two days ago, on SmackDown!, General Manager Teddy Long announced a Wrestlemania rematch between John Bradshaw Layfield and John Cena for the WWE Championship! We all can't wait for the explosive match, just five days away from tonight. But let's focus on the action tonight, first up we have Billy Kidman taking on Nunzio!"

Nunzio vs. Billy Kidman

Nunzio starts off with an armdrag on Kidman, followed by a clothesline for a quick two count. Nunzio goes for a DDT but Kidman backs out of it causing Kidman to fall to the mat. Kidman slips on a leglock in the center of the ring, but Nunzio reverses it quickly, becoming the opressor in the submission hold. Kidman comes close to tapping, but gets to the ropes before giving in. Nunzio goes to work on Kidman's knee in the corner, as it has become hurt from the leglock. Kidman gets backed up into the corner, as Nunzio stomps away some more on his weak knee. Then, showing shades of X-Pac, Nunzio hits Kidman with the Bronco Buster! The fans cheer for the little big Mafia boss as he lets the crowd know he's ready to finish Kidman off. Nunzio grabs Kidman by the hair, but Kidman scores a low blow! Nunzio backs off, as Kidman gets to his feet. Kidman hits a dropkick from the corner, and goes for the cover. 1...2...close, but not enough for the victory. Kidman tries to hit a face buster on Nunzio, but he grabs onto Kidman and attempts the Kiss Of Death, but Kidman blocks the attempt. Kidman takes Nunzio up for a suplex, but instead comes down with a wicked brainbuster! Kidman drags a dazed Nunzio over to the corner, then climbs the turnbuckle. Kidman takes his leap of faith, then lands it: A perfect Shooting Star Press! He drapes an arm over Nunzio's chest, and wins the match in high-flying fashion!

Winner: Billy Kidman

(68%, 59%, 78%)

Billy Kidman stumbles around the ring, celebrating his win. Nunzio gets to his feet, and goes over to Kidman, looking ready to slap the taste out of his mouth. Instead, he extends a hand, offering his honor to Kidman. Kidman spits at the notion, and gives Nunzio a low blow again! Nunzio drops to his knees, while Billy Kidman smirks and leaves the ring.

Matthews: "What unsportsmanlike actions right there! Kidman should be punished for the things he does sometimes."

Romero: "I agree Josh. Billy needs to act his age."

Meanwhile, a hype video hits the screen, previewing JBL vs. John Cena. It airs some clips, ranging from Wrestlemania 21 to SmackDown! two days ago.

...JBL goes for the Clothesline From Hell on Cena, but he ducks and waves in front of him, then hits him with the Platinum Knucks! Cena tosses the Knucks away, then drops the F-U on JBL! The ref comes around, and Cena covers. Slowly but surely, the ref makes the count, 1...2...3, as John Cena becomes the new WWE Champion! JBL's reign is over!

Michael Cole: "Oh my god! Cena wins! He's the new WWE Champion!"

...Orlando Jordan: "And I'm calling YOU out, John Cena."

...Cena has his arm raised in victory by Nick Patrick, but as he turns around, a disgruntled JBL enters the ring and attacks him!

Michael Cole: "It's JBL! What in the hell is he doing?"

Tazz: "He looks to be out for Cena!"

Theodore Long: "Next week, I'm booking a rematch for the WWE Title. AND if either you, Orlando Jordan, or the Bashams interfere in the match, you will all be suspended. So JBL, John Cena, next Thursday, the best man, will win."

Narrator: "John Cena, John Bradshaw Layfield, one on one for the WWE Championship, next week, on SmackDown!"

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WWE Heat

Taped at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California

Attendance: 13,953

Coach: "Hello fans, you are now kicking it with the Coach and Todd Grisham, on Sunday Night Heat! We have some hard mat action for tonight, including an Intercontinental Championship bout!"

Grisham: "That is for sure Coach. But first up, we have Maven squaring off with the Hurricane's sidekick, Rosey!"

Maven vs. Rosey

Rosey uses his size to overpower Rosey in the early going, sticking him in the corner and hitting numerous chops across the chest. Rosey takes Maven down with a bulldog, and covers him, but he can only get a count of two. Rosey tries to hit a legdrop, but Maven rolls out of the way, resulting with Rosey hitting the canvas. Maven hops on top of the match by quickly applying a headlock on the big Samoan, dead center of the ring. Rosey tries to fight it, but Maven keeps the hold on hard. Maven yells at Rosey to give up, but he just shakes his head and continues to fight through the pressure. After some time elapses, Rosey is finally able to break free from Maven's grasp after a few shots to the head. Rosey bolts to his feet as Maven backs away, but Rosey turns around and flattens him with a huge clothesline. Maven stumbles back to his feet and charges at Rosey, but gets leveled with a Samoan Drop! Rosey hooks the leg, but is only able to get a two count once again. In disappointment, Rosey gets back to his feet and brings Maven with him. Rosey works Maven into the corner, then goes for the Irish Whip to the other side, but Maven reverses, sending the big man flying. Maven follows up behind Rosey, and grabs him as he falls, slipping him into a School Boy pin! Maven uses some unfair insurance by putting his feet on the ropes, snatching a victory away from Rosey!

Winner: Maven

(66%, 67%, 64%)

As soon as Maven gets to his feet, he wastes no time getting away from Rosey as he knows that Rosey is aware of his foul actions.

Coach: "Looks like Maven 'slipped' away with that one, eh Todd?"

Grisham: "Yeah, in a very unfair way."

While Rosey clears the ring, the TitanTron starts up, displaying Captain Charisma and Chris Leary.

Chris Leary: "Uhm, Christian? What are your thoughts on your match tonight with Val Venis for your Intercontinental Championship?"

Christian: "I'll make it simple and sweet for you Chris. Tonight, I'm going to go out there, and make Val Venis feel the essence of Charisma. I'm going to beat that washed up Pornstar, 1-2-3, just for all my peeps to see."

Chris Leary: "Good luck with your match tonight, Christian."

Christian: "That's Captain Charisma to you, buddy."

Christian waltzes off in pride, seemingly ready to defend his Intercontinental Championship tonight.


Steven Richards and Victoria vs. Simon Dean and Trish Stratus

Victoria jumps in the ring first, but on the other side, Trish lets Simon Dean go in first, making the match Male vs. Female at the moment. Dean tries a quick clothesline, but Victoria is able to sidestep the charge and then bring Dean down with a quick drop toe hold. Victoria makes a tag to Richards, evening things up. Richards hits a suplex followed by a two count, then a standing elbow drop for another count. Richards attempts an Irish Whip, but he's reversed, sending him into the corner of Trish and Simon. Trish grabs a hold of Richards, allowing Dean to beat away on Stevie Night Heat. Trish tags in, willing to take the challenge of facing a male competitor. Trish hits an impressive Chick Kick on Richards, and goes for the cover, but it is broken up by Victoria. After the break, Trish tries to hit a DDT, but Steven breaks limits by hiting a sidewalk slam on the diva! Richards rushes to the corner and tags Victoria, and for the first time in the match, the two competitors in the ring are of the same sex. Victoria uses a headlock on Trish, followed by a bulldog and a pin count. Only two, the match continues. At this point, Dean distracts the referee complaining about his leg, allow Trish to rake the eyes of Victoria! Stevie notices the unfair advantage, so he rushes in to save the day, by taking out Dean with the Stevie Kick! With the distraction gone, Victoria hops back on top of the match and hits the Widow's Peak! Victoria hooks the leg, and gets the win for her team!

Winners: Steven Richards and Victoria

(70%, 71%, 69%)

While Victoria and Steven Richards have won the match, Trish doesn't seem to be done with her opponent. As Richards battles Dean, Trish hits the Stratusfaction on an unsuspecting Victora, laying her out flat! Trish smirks, then leaves the ring, having left Victoria in a broken heap.

Coach: "Ouch, looks like Victoria just got stung on that one. Tough luck. But you don't cross Trish, or you get what's coming to you."

Things cut to the parking lot, where the Japanese Buzzsaw makes his way to the backstage area to warm up for his match with Viscera, which is up next!


Tajiri vs. Viscera

Heat returns with Viscera already in the ring, taunting to the crowd with demonic poses. Saving the crowd from disgust, however, is Tajiri, who quickly makes his way out to the ring. He eyes up his opponent, ready to take on the 480 pound monster. The match seems to be in favour of Viscera in the beginning, as he hits a gigantic scoop slam, followed by a pendulum backbreaker for a close count. Things quickly change though, as Viscera attemps to hit a powerbomb, but he gets sprayed with the green mist! Tajiri drops off of Viscera to safety, as Viscera drops to his knees, setting himself up for a lethal Buzzsaw Kick by Tajiri! Tajiri quickly covers the gothic goul, and gets the "upset" win.

Winner: Tajiri

(59%, 55%, 63%)

Orton goes over to the ropes and starts yelling at Heyman, but Hebner tells him to focus on the match, and Orton reluctantly complies. But Orton turns around and gets a boot to the face, not by HHH, but by Brock Lesnar! Lesnar smiles maniacally, then puts Orton on his shoulders, then spins him around for the F-5!

JR: "Oh mah gawd! It's Brock Lesnar! He's back King, and he's with Heyman! What in the hell! He just F-5'ed Orton to hell!"

King: "This is insane! Brock is back in the WWE? I can't believe it!"

Narrator: "The Next Big Thing is back! Catch the epic confrontation between Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton, tomorrow night on RAW!"

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WWE RAW Preview!

Wrestlemania might have eminated just a week ago, but Backlash is right around the corner, one week from tonight! At the PPV that will be fresh with Wrestlemania prints all over it, two matches have been confirmed. First off, Shelton Benjamin will seek to regain his WWE Intercontinental Championship from Christian in an explosive Ladder Match. But, the biggest news is definitely that after RAW went off the air last week, RAW GM Eric Bischoff announced Triple H will be squaring off with Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship! Triple H will be looking to regain what means so much to him, while the Animal Batista will be up for his first title defense. And what about Shawn Michaels? He surely has what's coming to him after his crude betrayal of Chris Benoit last week!

But enough of Backlash. RAW has some exciting mat action you surely won't want to miss. To kick things off, La Resistance will be defending their World Tag Team Championships against the dynamic duo of The Hurricane and Rosey, who have been in the title hunt for some time now. Meanwhile, Val Venis will go toe-to-toe with none other than William Regal in singles competition. But, scheduled for the main event, is a match that will blow the roof off of the arena in Phoenix. In a six man tag match, Batista, Randy Orton and Chris Jericho will square off with Edge, Brock Lesnar and Triple H! Lesnar's fresh return to the WWE has people unsure where his allegiance lies, but things are certain he is no friend of Randy Orton, as shown last week when Brock Lesnar took it to Randy Orton with a gruesome F-5, costing him a match with Triple H. With just a week to go till Backlash, RAW is ready to bring it to you live, from the Glendale Arena in Pheonix, Arizona!

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The WWE HotLine (Sunday, April 10th, 2005) (From www.sickbump.com)

WWE Scouts The Indies

In the past years, the WWE, mainly Vince has claimed to have no acknowledgement of the other federations that have grown strong fan bases since 2002, such as Ring of Honor or NWA:TNA. But as of late, word is that the WWE have been sending people to independent shows, mainly ones that showcase the likes of CM Punk, Chris Hero, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, and others. It seems as if the WWE wants to know how these feds grab their fans attention so quickly and keep it for so long, and perhaps to sign a few indy workers to OVW deals or ones that would put them straight on TV.

Playboy, Trish Stratus Sign Deal

Yes, the rumours are true. Trish Stratus, the blonde bombshell of 28 will be appearing in July's edition of Playboy. It's been a long time coming to many, but Trish feels that she is ready to pose nude in the magazine after Sable, Torrie, Chyna and Christy's careers benefited so well from doing the same. But unfortunately for you at home, lotion will not be included with the magazine.

Jericho DVD On It's Way/Velocity Rating

After Benoit, Flair, Foley, Guerrero and RVD, many fans were wondering which superstar would be getting a full-feature DVD of their own showcasing their career and some of their best matches. Well, it has been revealed that Jericho's will be next, due out sometime in August. It is said it will be a two set DVD, and will feature some of Jericho's best matches from ECW, WCW and the WWE.

Velocity got a 4.18 rating last night, which is a great jump from the low ratings it was receiving in February and March. Many think that Wrestlemania 21's impact is going to have good effects on the WWE, and that 2005 looks like a shining year for World Wrestling Entertainment.

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user posted image

Live from the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland, Maine

Attendance: 8,798

JR: "Welcome folks to Monday Night RAW here live at the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland, Maine! This is Jim Ross and I'm with Jerry "The King" Lawler tonight, and boy are we in for a wild night. We are still reeling from Wrestlemania 21, which was eight days ago, while in six days, we will be witnessing WWE Backlash, a RAW brand event! Two matches have been announced for Sunday, those both being for championship gold!"

King: "Triple H vs. Batista, and Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian in a LADDER match! I can't wait JR!"

JR: "I can't wait myself, King, but let's get on with the show! Tonight is certainly one with massive potential for a meltdown with some of the superstars we have under the same roof. In the main event, Chris Jericho, Batista and Randy Orton will be taking on Edge, Triple H and Brock Lesnar in a Six Man Tag Match!"

JR can speak no more before an unfamiliar theme shoots through the arena. Uncertainty in the crowd is replaced by jeering and boos as Brock Lesnar makes his way down to the ring with Paul Heyman! The pair gets in the ring and Lesnar smiles while Heyman pulls out a mic, handily stored in his pocket. It takes a few moments before he is able to speak through the "YOU SUCK" chants.

Heyman: "Why so angry? Times like this are about celebration. Why? The greatest combination of man and machine is once again. Brock knows, and I know, that this was only destined to happen, oh yes. I remember three years ago when Brock and I appeared on RAW and Brock tore into half of the lockerroom. But back then, Brock was an untamed monster. Over time, I tried to control his power, but I couldn't. So I lost faith. But over his time without me, Brock learned what I had sought to teach him on his own. He became the greatest force that the WWE had ever seen. So big, he expanded into the world of football. But wrestling is what Brock does best. The biggest duo in the wrestling world is alive and breathing, and ready to function. And Randy Orton? He was just in the right spot. He was the fuel that restarted Lesnar's engine. Brock's destiny is not to fool around with some 3rd generation punk, it's to regain the World Championship, the prize that he so deserves. Now-"

Before Heyman can get much further into his speech, Mercy Drive comes alive on the PA system as Randy Orton charges out with a mean look on his face, his eyes dead set on Brock Lesnar!

JR: "Mah gawd King, it's Orton! And he looks like he's ready to clean house!"

King: "Jeez, things are getting ugly pretty fast!"

Heyman scatters as Randy slides into the ring and gets it on with Brock Lesnar, nailing him with fierce rights and lefts. He whips Brock to the ropes, but he gets caught in a backdrop. Orton shoots up after the fall, but Lesnar catches him in an F5, giving Orton flashbacks of one week ago! Orton is taken down, and Lesnar laughs while Heyman grins on the outside. But, to great surprise, Orton seems to have felt nothing as his adrenaline pushes him back to his feet, his eyes still on Lesnar. Lesnar swings at him but misses, allowing Randy to hit the RKO! Orton slides to the outside as Heyman gets back in the ring while Brock slowly staggers to his feet, holding the back of his neck. Orton smirks and taunts the two, clearly showing that things are not done between Lesnar and Orton.

JR: "Good god almighty! That F5 didn't even affect Orton at all! It was like he absorbed it!"

King: "He certainly got one up on Brock there, but now he'll have to watch his back!"

JR: "I think he was just getting his slice of justice, King. Later tonight, these two men will clash in a Six Man Tag match that will surely knock your socks off!"


World Tag Team Championship

Hurricane and Rosey vs. La Resistance ©

The big Rosey starts off with Rob Conway, overpowering him with his size. He hits a large Samoan Drop before the tag off to Hurricane, who literally comes flying in with a leg drop from the top! Hurricane chops away on Conway at the ropes, then sets him up for a backdrop but Conway is able to stop and give Hurricane a good kick to the jaw. Conway hits a side neckbreaker for two, then tags in Grenier. Grenier does a bit of a dance to the crowd, but it's nothing compared to the French Tickler of Rene Dupree. Grenier with a hard elbow drop, ref with a two. Grenier works on Hurricane's knee, using his own to bend it in a painful position. Hurricane holds on through the maneuver, and hits an Enziguri when he is back to his feet. Grenier is stunned by the sudden energy burst from Hurricane, allowing Hurricane to almost score a victory with a Sunset Flip pin. However, Grenier rolls out of it just in time. Hurricane puts Grenier in an octopus stretch, away from La Resistance's corner, putting Grenier at a great disadvantage. But not long into the submission, Conway comes rushing in and breaks up the hold, which in turn sends Rosey into the mayhem. Rosey flies at Conway with rights and lefts, using him as a human punching bag. Conway charges at him but only gets put out with a huge Spinebuster. Following the move, Rosey slips to the outside to grab a chair, while Grenier hits a low blow on Hurricane, which referee Chris Kay does not see. He gets Hurricane in a cradle pin, just as the ref returns to the legal action. He counts the three, as La Resistance steals a win away from the Heroic Duo yet again.

Winners, and still World Tag Team Champions: La Resistance

(74%, 71%, 78%)

Rob Conway is losing overness because of his weak gimmick.

JR: "Those bastards, cheating again."

King: "Yeah! Go back to Bizzaro Land!"

JR: "I wouldn't mind that. But right now, we'll head to a commercial break, and when we get back, we'll hear from the Heartbreak Kid himself."

RAW returns to a booing crowd, as an evidentally different Shawn Michaels dances down to the ring, yelling obscene things at the crowd. He rolls in the ring and poses, then gets a mic from Lillian Garcia.

HBK: "Boo? You're booing me? Well, I guess I should expect such. I mean we are in Maine, a whole state full of traitors wanting to be filthy Canadians. And everyone knows how the Canadians have hated me ever since 1997, something they'll get over when Hell freezes over. But maybe that's not the reason? Is it because I took Chris Benoit out with my Sweet Chin Music last week in our tag team match, and handed the victory to Edge and Christian? If so, too bad. I didn't care about losing, not if it meant I'd be able to embarass Chris Benoit in front of a live crowd. Cry all you want, nothing is going to change the fact that Benoit is only half the man I am."

As a result from HBK's little speech, Benoit comes out on stage, with a wad of papers and a microphone of his own!

Benoit: "Wait just a damn minute. If I didn't know any better Shawn, you've let your jealousy get to you. You can't accept the fact you aren't in the driver's seat on RAW anymore. If this is about embarrasing me, let's see you do it. Because I made you tap out last year at Backlash, and I'll do it again this year. So what do you say, Shawn? Me and you, man to man, face to face. Then we'll see who's better."

HBK: "Hmmmm, nah. That doesn't sound like a good idea to me Chris. You're not worth it. I could be challenging for the World Championship instead."

The fans boo Michaels rejection, but the mood changes when Benoit speaks again.

Benoit: "Well you AREN'T challenging for the World Championship, Shawn, because these papers legally bind you to a match with me, because they've been signed by Bischoff. So come Sunday, your ass is MINE."

Benoit throws the mic down and leaves to go backstage, having given HBK more than his wanted dose of Toothless Aggression!


JR: "Oh my gawd King! Benoit vs. HBK at Backlash! That will certainly be a match to remember!"

King: "Not if they have a Diva Swimsuit Competition!"

William Regal vs. Val Venis

Venis is fired up early, hitting a few clotheslines on Regal and getting close calls each time. Venis hits a big backdrop, then locks Regal in a headlock all under 60 seconds. Regal is able to fight through the hold sooner than later, standing up while still in the hold, then bringing Venis down with chin breaker. Regal doesn't cover, instead he hits a standing leg drop, then covers, but it's not enough. Regal connects with a big European Uppercut, followed by a few high knees to the midsection. Regal follows up with the Underhook Powerbomb, then then locks on the Regal Stretch, forcing Venis to tap out, making this match a quickie.

Winner: William Regal

Venis is able to make it to his feet on his own, and stops Regal before he leaves the ring. He offers him a handshake as a show of appreciation, and Regal accepts it. However, there is more to the good sportsmanship than Regal had bargained, as Venis takes him down with a brutal clothesline! Venis gives off a nasty laugh, then goes upstairs, and hits the Money Shot! The crowd boos at the sudden actions of Venis, as he spits on Regal and leaves!

(70%, 65%, 75%)

Val Venis's turn was completed, and he is now a heel. Val Venis gained 4 points of overness from this turn. William Regal is losing overness because of his weak gimmick.

JR: "What in the hell was that for? Val just showed a large shift in attitude there!"

King: "Has he left the Adult Film Star Business for me to claim?"

JR: "I'm not sure King, but he sure doesn't look like the same old Val! Next up folks, Shelton Benjamin will be going head to head with Maven!"

Shelton Benjamin vs. Maven

Upon RAW's return, Maven is making his entrance into the ring, waiting for his opponent, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin. Set for his match with Christian in six days, Benjamin charges his way down to the ring and gets face-to-face with Maven, before engaging in a tie-up at ring center. Shelton shows shades of Kurt Angle with a belly-to-belly suplex, then a big DDT for a two count. Maven reverses a Irish Whip following the pin attempt, leading to a backdrop on Shelton. Maven applies a surf board submission on Benjamin, trying to get the former Intercontinental Champ to tap out. Benjamin refuses, and soon uses his weight to roll on his side and get his head on the ropes, something unorthodox but just as legal as an arm or leg. Maven hits a Halo DDT, trying to finish things, but Benjamin is able to get a shoulder up. Benjamin hits a T-Bone Suplex after the move, but is unable to cover. Official Chad Patton starts the ten count, as both Maven and Benjamin are motionless. 1...2...3...4...5...6...Maven dizzily gets back to his feet, as Benjamin is able to get to his knees, so the count stops.

Maven hits a wicked spinning heel kick as Benjamin stands up and makes the cover, but to no avail. Maven goes for a DDT, but Benjamin pushes out and whips Maven into the corner. Shelton attempts a flying clothesline in the corner, but in desperation, Maven grabs the referee, causing contact between Chad Patton and Benjamin's forearm! Patton falls lifelessly to the ground as Benjamin realizes the horror of his error. He tries to plaster Maven with a superkick, but he ducks and hits a neckbreaker. As Patton stays on the mat, the Intercontinental Champion, Christian runs down to the ring and slides in, belt in hand! Maven grabs a hold of Benjamin as Christian takes a swing; only to have Benjamin drop down and hit the family jewels as Christian inadvertantly clocks Maven with the gold! Benjamin grabs the weakened Christian and tosses him over the ropes, along with his title, and covers Maven just as Patton comes around to count the three!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

(69%, 70%, 67%)

JR: "That's how Shelton will have to battle; fighting fire with fire! It worked tonight, and if he wants his title back, we will surely see some heated action at Backlash!"

King: "Captain Charisma's fourth title run as Intercontinental Champ is in danger come Sunday, I'll admit that!"

JR: "We'll be back in a few folks, so don't go anywhere!"

RAW comes back with an empty ring and a silent arena, but not for long. Soon enough, RAW's General Manager, Eric Bischoff comes out to take care of some business. Through the booing, Bischoff addresses the issues at hand.

Bischoff: "It seems as if there is a problem I have to deal with with Backlash just six days away. Let's get to the situation between Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton. Last week, Brock appeared on RAW and visciously attacked Randy Orton, adding to the concussion problem he has battling with for over four months. As a result of his actions, I will not be punishing him. Instead, I will be rewarding Randy Orton by granting his request. That request, is to face Brock Lesnar at Backlash! So this Sunday, 'The Next Big Thing' will take on the 'Legend Killer', may the best man beat the living hell out of the other."


JR: "Oh my lord! Lesnar and Orton getting it on at Backlash? Things are getting wild around here!"

King: "I'd say so!"

As Bischoff exits, Simon Dean makes his entrance, with his Simon System package in his arm. After a few warmup routines, he gets in the ring to talk trash about the Portland.

Simon Dean: "Look at this! Look at all you fatties! I'm not even going to try to help any of you in the crowd, you are beyond help. I'm out here tonight to offer a supplement of my new Simon System Power Pills to a superstar in the back! All it takes is two a day and the flab will go away after six weeks! For a six week order, the total cost is $120.99, of course there are shipping fees and taxes. These babies put Stacker2 to shame! So one of you flub-a-lubs come on out and try my new Power Pills!"

Ohhhhhh yeah!

The crowd erupts as Matt Hardy comes out on stage, posing for the fans, coming back from an injury that sidelined him for 7 months. He takes off his shirt, then runs down to the ring to confront Simon Dean!

Matt Hardy vs. Simon Dean

A match begins between the two as Jack Doan comes down to the ring, as Hardy rips into Dean with stiff knife-edge chops and kicks. Hardy hits a neckbreaker, followed by his famous Yodel Legdrop, nearly getting the full 3. Hardy doesn't stop with his quick paced attack, hitting a reverse DDT and a Side Effect for another close call. But the end comes soon enough, after Dean makes an attempt to hit a Brainbuster, Hardy reverses and hits the Twist Of Fate to win in his electrifying return to the WWE! For a three minute contest, the match was an amazing one.

Winner: Matt Hardy

(84%, 71%, 98%)

JR: "Matt Hardy is back! He's back and ready to go! But up next, is the main event! Batista, Randy Orton, and Chris Jericho vs. Triple H, Brock Lesnar and Edge!"

King: "Woooo!"

JR: "And, I've just got word that at Backlash, Edge will be taking on Chris Jericho! Next folks, it's Six Man Tag Match!

Batista, Randy Orton and Chris Jericho vs. Triple H, Brock Lesnar and Edge

The match with huge implications begins with Jericho and Triple H, with Jericho teasing the Game with a few slaps. HHH tries to flatten him with a clothesline, but Jericho ducks and hits a mule kick for a two count. Jericho tags in Orton, who gets a loud pop from the crowd. Orton brings HHH to his feet and lays into him with a few chops, then hits a suplex easily, as it seems HHH has been worn in very easily. Orton whips him to his corner by Lesnar and Edge, and tells Brock to tag himself in. Brock laughs and shakes his head, as Edge takes up the opportunity and charges at Orton with a shoulder block. Edge tries to get Orton in the Edgecator, but he quickly grabs hold of the ropes before Edge can put on any pressure. Edge tries to weaken Orton with hard rights to his tender head, but Orton pushes him away and hops to his feet. Orton nails Edge with a huge clothesline, followed by a knee to the face from the standing position. Orton tags in the World Champion, Batista, who gets a large cheer upon his entrance into the ring.

Edge is manhandled by Batista for a while, getting thrown from corner to corner and getting the snot beaten out of him in every one. Batista sets up for a Pumphandle Slam, but Edge backs out and uses his dirty tactics by hitting Batista in the back of the leg, dropping him to the ground. He tags Triple H back in, who works on the somewhat injured right leg of Batista. Hunter smashes his knee against the mat, then spears him into the corner after he is on his feet, followed by a sharp elbow right into the Animal's face. Hunter mounts the second rope and begins to pound away on Batista, but Batista suddenly powers out and plants him in the center of the ring with the Batista Bomb! Batista and HHH lie on the mat in as Earl Hebner begins a ten count, but it's not long after both men reach their respected corners and make tags; Batista to Orton and HHH to Lesnar!

Orton and Lesnar get in the ring and have a staredown, then go at it like a couple of wolves! They each hit eachother with all their strength, sending one another back and forth with each hit. Lesnar eventually stops the game of Ping-Pong by hitting a giant Powerslam on Orton, almost snapping him in two! Lesnar makes a go for the F5, but Orton slips out and pushes him away then rolls him up in a School Boy Pin, but Lesnar kicks just in time. Dizzy from the sudden pin attempt, Lesnar gets up and shakes his head, while Orton waits behind him for his chance to nail the RKO! Lesnar spins around, and Orton tries it, but Lesnar blocks and hits a huge DDT. Lesnar makes a cover attempt, but he is stopped by Jericho! Chaos is born as all six men spill into the ring as a wild brawl begins to take form. Batista brawls with his Sunday opponent, while Jericho gets it on with Lesnar! Meanwhile, Edge and Orton duke it out in the center of the madness.

Both sets of illegal men take their brawls to the outside while Edge and Orton continue their match on the inside. Edge props Orton on the top rope, aiming for a Superplex, but Orton shoves him down, then hits an amazing Shooting Star Press! The fans begin to wildly chant Orton's name, as he readies Edge for the RKO. But unknown to Orton, HHH is behind him! He spins Orton around and boots him in the gut, and lays him out with the Pedigree! But then, Jericho comes in and levels HHH with an Enziguri, followed by a Lionsault! As he gets to his feet, Brock re-enters the ring and devastates Jericho with a clothesline over the top rope. Just as it looks to be 2-on-1, Batista rushes and hits a double clothesline on Brock and Edge, as Orton lay on the mat still out from the Pedigree! Batista takes care of Lesnar by taking himself and Lesnar to the outside with another clothesline. However, Edge struggles over to Orton and makes the cover, 1...2...Orton shoots a shoulder up! Edge can't believe that Orton is still in the game, as he begins to rage at the ref like a mad pitbull!

As Orton looks to find support from the turnbuckle, Edge is on the other end waiting to break him in half with the Spear. Orton is up- Edge charges, but Orton sidesteps him, sending him into the steel post! Edge backs up in pain, but that just makes things worse as Orton finally seals the deal with the RKO! He drapes a tired arm over Edge, and Hebner counts it, 1...2...3!

Winners: Batista, Randy Orton and Chris Jericho

(74%, 78%, 66%)

JR: "Orton did it! Orton did it! Mah gawd! Orton's team wins the match!"

King: "I wanted Edge to win! Poor Edge."

JR: "We'll see you all in six days at Backlash, where Batista will defend his World Title against Triple H, and much more!"

Show Overall: 76%

Site was down yesterday. Feedback? >_>

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At The Office....

I had booked six shows for the WWE already, and things were shaping up decently. SmackDown! had just finished it's taping, and people were congratulating me on my work. By now, I had begun to get the feel of the steering wheel of this wrestling giant. I got back tn my apartment and sipped back some champagne and went over the quick memos, mostly about SmackDown!. Some saying how so and so worked well together, others saying how these two didn't pair too well. I also got an odd request from Shawn Michaels on my answering machine, wondering if he could work with Randy Orton at some time. I assumed he meant AFTER his storyline with Benoit, but I still found it odd considering they had a major feud in late 2003. However, if he were the heel this time around, things may be different. I sighed it off for the time being, and went to bed, eagerly waiting for the next day to come....

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user posted image

WWE SmackDown! Preview for April 14th, 2005

Thursday will be a big night for SmackDown!, as one of the biggest rematches of all time will take place when John Bradshaw Layfield tries to get back his prized possession from John Cena- the WWE World Title. Cena defeated JBL at Wrestlemania 21 for the gold, and it was shown last week that JBL was out of his mind, as he crawled out of his limo and stumbled into the arena, clearly not happy about his title loss. JBL attacked Cena after his match with Orlando Jordan, but he was thwarted by Cena and tossed to the outside of the ring. This brought out SmackDown! GM Theodore Long, who announced the match that will take place tomorrow night. Only one man can walk out of Augusta the WWE World Champion, will it be the High-Roller from Texas, or will the doctor of Thuganomics retain his championship? If you intend to find out, catch SmackDown! at 7/6 c tomorrow night on UPN!

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