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Full Tilt Poker


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well I jsut found this site and signed up and I'm having a blast . Wish I was playing for real money though casue I'd be Rich Bitch! so anyone else play . I'm Dochappy on there

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They have play money, but playing play money anywhere outside of tournaments sucks and requires no skill.

But yeah, to answer your question, they have plenty of free money tables.

FTP was "in" if you want to call it that, long before now.

As for me, I think it nonsense to consider it cool to play on any one poker site. The cool people play a variety. Absolute Poker, Full Tilt Poker, and Poker Stars for me.

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After deciding I was going to play in that fucking freeroll for the first time in ages, and since it starts at 1:30 and sometimes runs until 7AM I wanted to take a nap to be alert. It turns out I had set my alarm an hour late, at the time it began, 1:30, and not the time it opened for registration.

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I dabble in the FTP games. As the ever so imaginative name of Troy Maskell.

I usually play FTP for Razz. Cause I'm good at it

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