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World Wrestling Entertainment 2005

Guest LilJoeyPez

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Guest LilJoeyPez

World Wrestling Entertainment

Chairman: Vince McMahon

CEO: Linda McMahon

General Manager, RAW: Eric Bischoff

General Manager, SmackDown!: Theodore Long



Al Snow

Amy Weber


Big Show

Billy Kidman

Booker T

Brock Lesnar

Bubba Ray Dudley

Carlito Caribbean Cool

Charlie Haas

Chavo Guerrero

Chris Benoit

Chris Jericho


Danny Basham

Dawn Marie

Doug Basham

D-Von Dudley

Eddie Guerrero




Garrison Cade

Gene Snitsky

Hardcore Holly



John Bradshaw Layfield

John Cena

Jonathan Coachman

Joy Giovanni


Kenzo Suzuki

Kurt Angle


Luther Reigns

Mark Henry

Mark Jindrak

Matt Hardy


Mick Foley

Miss Jackie

Molly Holly


Orlando Jordan

Paul Heyman

Paul London

Randy Orton

Rene Dupree

Rey Mysterio


Ric Flair

Robert Conway


Scotty 2 Hotty

Shannon Moore

Shawn Michaels

Shelton Benjamin

Simon Dean

Spike Dudley

Stacy Keibler

Steven Richards

Sylvain Grenier


The Hurricane

The Rock

The Undertaker

Torrie Wilson

Triple H

Trish Stratus



William Regal

Tag Teams:

Gene Snitsky & Heidenreich

La Résistance (Robert Conway/Sylvain Grenier)

Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak

The Basham Brothers (Danny Basham/Doug Basham)

The Dudleys (Bubba Ray Dudley/D-Von Dudley)


Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak

The Cabinet (Amy Weber/Danny Basham/Doug Basham/John Bradshaw Layfield/Orlando Jordan)

Title History:

WWE Championship

Current Holder: John Cena (def. John Bradshaw Layfield, Singles Match, 3/4/2005)

John Bradshaw Layfield (def. Eddie Guerrero, Texas Bullrope Match, 27/6/2004)

World Heavyweight Championship

Current Holder: Batista (def. Triple H, Singles Match, 3/4/2005)

Triple H (won an Elimination Chamber match, 09/1/2005)

WWE United States Championship

Current Holder: Rey Mysterio (def. Orlando Jordan, Singles Match, 3/4/2005)

Orlando Jordan (def. John Cena, Singles Match, 24/2/2005)

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Current Holder: Shelton Benjamin (def. Chris Jericho, Singles Match, 19/10/2004)

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Current Holder: Akio (def. Funaki, Singles Match, 20/2/2005)

WWE Hardcore Championship

Current Holder: Mick Foley (awarded title, 4/4/2004)

WWE Tag Team Championship

Current Holders: The Basham Brothers (won a Four-Way Tag Match, 13/1/2005)

World Tag Team Championship

Current Holders: La Résistance (def. Eugene & William Regal, Tag Match, 16/1/2005)

TV Shows:

RAW - Monday nights on Spike TV, with Jim Ross and Tazz

SmackDown! - Thursday nights on UPN, with Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler

Velocity - Saturday nights on Spike TV, with Josh Matthews & Jim Cornette

Sunday Night Heat - Sunday nights on Spike TV, with Todd Grisham & Jonathan Coachman


It had always been my ambition to work backstage with WWE as a writer. However, I was realistic and realised my dream was 99% likely not to come true. But still, I did the next best thing and like many others, I posted my detailed Extreme Warfare Revenge diaries at message boards like e2-o, EWB, and the UKFF. I had nothing but positive feedback for my journals, which fueled the fire for my unrealistic dream. My diary was picked up by Power Slam, one of the UK's premier wrestling magazines, looking for something new to give them an edge. This gave them the edge and they became not only the UK's biggest-selling wrestling magazine, but huge in the United States and Australia among other places. Legendary magazine Pro Wrestling Illustrated then not only offered to buy the rights to my diary from Power Slam, but to pass on some of my ideas to their many connections in WWE, NWA-TNA, and several large indy promotions. I was over the moon. But then I got a phone call what was apparently WWE offices in Connecticut. I was told the top dogs in the company believed I could be the next Vince Russo or Brian Gerwitz, and asked me to come in for a meeting. Not only did I not believe it was WWE, but I believed I was being insulted. I hung up the phone and thought nothing of it. Then, at PWI towers as I wrote an event for my diary, in walks none other than Head of WWE Talent Relations, Jim Ross. The front desk directs him to me and he takes a seat next to me. JR told me that none other than Vince McMahon had indeed been reading my diary and was very impressed. As I was probably aware, WWE had recently done a reshaping of the writing team in attempt to boost ratings. He was looking for fresh new writing talent to join the likes of Brian Gerwitz and Paul Heyman and he wanted me to be part of WWE. The money was ten times better than what PWI were giving me, so naturally, I accepted. And so, I joined the writing team just in time to help out with the biggest event on the WWE calendar in 2005: WrestleMania XXI.

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Guest LilJoeyPez

WWE WrestleMania XXI

World Heavyweight Championship

Batista vs. Triple H©

WWE Championship

John Cena vs. John Bradshaw Layfield©

Gene Snitsky & Heidenreich vs. The Undertaker & Kane

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels

Eddie Guerrero vs. Booker T

Street Fight

Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair

Randy Orton vs. Edge

The Return of Brock Lesnar

30-Minute Ultimate Submission Match

Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit

WWE United States Championship

Rey Mysterio vs. Orlando Jordan©


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YAY... Pez is back with a diary... Good luck with this one and i know you can go far with this...

World Heavyweight Championship

Batista vs. Triple H©

WWE Championship

John Cena vs. John Bradshaw Layfield©

Gene Snitsky & Heidenreich vs. The Undertaker & Kane

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels

Eddie Guerrero vs. Booker T

Street Fight

Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair

Randy Orton vs. Edge

The Return of Brock Lesnar

30-Minute Ultimate Submission Match

Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit

WWE United States Championship

Rey Mysterio vs. Orlando Jordan©

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Guest TheIZZLE

WWE WrestleMania XXI

World Heavyweight Championship

Batista vs. Triple H©

WWE Championship

John Cena vs. John Bradshaw Layfield©

Gene Snitsky & Heidenreich vs. The Undertaker & Kane

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels

Eddie Guerrero vs. Booker T

Street Fight

Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair

Randy Orton vs. Edge

The Return of Brock Lesnar

30-Minute Ultimate Submission Match

Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit

WWE United States Championship

Rey Mysterio vs. Orlando Jordan©

Edited by TheIZZLE
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Guest MrBenjamin

World Heavyweight Championship

Batista vs. Triple H©

WWE Championship

John Cena vs. John Bradshaw Layfield©

Gene Snitsky & Heidenreich vs. The Undertaker & Kane

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels

Eddie Guerrero vs. Booker T

Street Fight

Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair

Randy Orton vs. Edge

The Return of Brock Lesnar

30-Minute Ultimate Submission Match

Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit

WWE United States Championship

Rey Mysterio vs. Orlando Jordan©

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Guest gangsta

This looks good so far, I'll be reading...

World Heavyweight Championship

Batista vs. Triple H©

WWE Championship

John Cena vs. John Bradshaw Layfield©

Gene Snitsky & Heidenreich vs. The Undertaker & Kane

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels

Eddie Guerrero vs. Booker T

Street Fight

Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair

Randy Orton vs. Edge

The Return of Brock Lesnar

30-Minute Ultimate Submission Match

Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit

WWE United States Championship

Rey Mysterio vs. Orlando Jordan©

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World Heavyweight Championship

Batista vs. Triple H©

WWE Championship

John Cena vs. John Bradshaw Layfield©

Gene Snitsky & Heidenreich vs. The Undertaker & Kane

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels

Eddie Guerrero vs. Booker T

Street Fight

Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair

Randy Orton vs. Edge

The Return of Brock Lesnar

30-Minute Ultimate Submission Match

Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit

WWE United States Championship

Rey Mysterio vs. Orlando Jordan©

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World Heavyweight Championship


WWE Championship

John Cena vs.

The Undertaker & Kane

Shawn Michaels

Eddie Guerrero

Street Fight

Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair

Randy Orton

The Return of Brock Lesnar

30-Minute Ultimate Submission Match

Chris Jericho

WWE United States Championship

Rey Mysterio

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Guest LilJoeyPez

WWE WrestleMania XXI

Sunday 3rd April 2005

LIVE on PPV from Los Angeles, California

Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Michael Cole, & Tazz

"To some of these men..."

Shots of Orlando Jordan working out with a skipping rope, and Rey Mysterio doing up his mask, are shown.

"This business means everything."

Chris Jericho is shown slapping a wall in frustration, and Chris Benoit is then shown lifting weights.

"Some have left their wives and children to be here."

Lights flash over the face of Edge, who is grinning wickedly, before Randy Orton is shown lifting his head out of cupped hands and staring in front of him. Then, various shots of Eddie Guerrero and Booker T winning various titles are shown, before they are both shown being pinned by JBL.

"For some, this journey has led to nothing but pain, blood, sweat, and tears."

The Undertaker is shown with his eyes in the back of his head, before Kane, Gene Snitsky, and Heidenreich are shown doing their trademark poses.

"And for others, tonight will be their final curtain."

Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, and Ric Flair are shown winning a variety of World Titles before both pairs are shown staring down.

"But there are those who have risen to glory."

John Cena and Batista's brawl at the climax of the Royal Rumble is shown, before both are shown staring down with the two World Champions, JBL and Triple H.

"And there are those who will do anything to stay at the top."

John Bradshaw Layfield's title victory at the Great American Bash is shown, and then Triple H's Elimination Chamber win is shown. Both champions are shown hugging their World Titles, and pinning various opponents.

"But tonight...WrestleMania goes Hollywood..."

Many WWE superstars, on the card or not, are shown in various poses, and signing autographs for fans.

"And tonight is a romance...tonight is a thriller...tonight is a horror...tonight...is WrestleMania."

The glittering WrestleMania logo is shown, before a voice booms...



Fireworks exploded in the arena and the fans in Hollywood went absolutely crazy for WrestleMania XXI, live on Pay-Per-View and beamed all around the world! The camera panned around the thousands in attendance, the fans in the front row hanging over the barrier, the fans jumping around with their signs, before we went to Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler!

JR: Hello fans around the world, and welcome to Hollywood, California, welcome to WrestleMania 21!

King:: Oh man JR, listen to this crowd! They're excited for all the hot RAW action they're gonna see!

JR: The crowd here in California are going absolutely nuts for WrestleMania, and let's send you over to Michael Cole and Tazz!

JR did exactly that and the SmackDown! announce team were shown...

Cole: Thanks a lot guys, this is indeed WrestleMania 21, and tonight the superstars of SmackDown! are sure to steal the show!

Tazz: Damn right Cole, I'm pumped, this crowd's pumped, WrestleMania, and tonight, SmackDown!'s gonna blow RAW out of the water! We got the WWE title, Eddie Guerrero and Booker T, the return of the Pain himself, Brock Lesnar, and-huh! This match!

The music of John Bradshaw Layfield played in the arena and the fans booed as JBL's Chief of Staff, Orlando Jordan made his way out as the WWE United States Champion for a defense of his title against none other than the master of the 619, Rey Mysterio. Jordan grinned through the jeers of the Hollywood crowd and got into the ring, punching the air and smiling, before he raised his arms in a pose similar to that of JBL's. Orlando's music faded into "619" and the lights dimmed and focused on the complex WMXXI set at the top of the ramp, and as Rey Mysterio leapt out onto the stage Orlando Jordan's boos turned into an enormous ovation. Mysterio seemed pumped, fighting for the US Title on the grandest stage of them all and he took off his shirt and threw it into the crowd, before he jumped into the ring and stared down with Orlando Jordan, who shoved Rey away. Rey's music faded and he shrugged it off as the bell rang to start this match.

WWE United States Championship

Rey Mysterio vs Orlando Jordan©

Rey and Orlando locked up and it was brief as Orlando pushed Rey straight back into the corner and laughed, before mocking Rey's size. The crowd booed Orlando Jordan and Jordan just laughed again before locking up with Mysterio again, who he took down with an armdrag. Rey flew across the ring and came off the ropes but was taken down with a shoulder block. Rey Mysterio was getting the fans full support, but Orlando Jordan picked him up and hit him with an uppercut to send him staggering into the corner. Orlando put Rey in place and hit him with several very precise boxing punches, and he smiled as he was dominating this match in the early going. Orlando backed up and went for a running shot, but Rey kicked JBL's Chief of Staff in the face to send Orlando staggering back, before hitting him with a bulldog. The match continued this way for ten long minutes, with the United States Champion controlling the tempo and taking his time with Mysterio, using slow, methodical offence. When Mysterio got the offence, and it wasn't often that he did, he attempted to immobilise Orlando Jordan by taking out his legs with dropkicks, stomps, leg drops, and submission holds on the legs. Towards the end of the match, Rey Mysterio had gotten the advantage after turning a torture rack into a DDT. Rey hit a leg drop to the knee and locked in a Half Boston Crab, but the cheers in support of Rey Mysterio became boos as The Basham Brothers and Amy Weber made their way down the entrance ramp and to the ring. Rey Mysterio broke the hold and warned the Bashams not to get involved, but Doug Basham simply replied with, "whatcha gonna do, shorty?" Rey didn't like this and attempted to leave the ring to go for Doug Basham but he was caught and rolled up by Orlando Jordan, one, two, Rey just, just rolled out of it! Orlando was distraught and went to clothesline the cruiserweight, who ducked it and came off the ropes with momentum...but Danny Basham grabbed the leg of the challenger. The referee saw this and shouted at the Bashams, telling them not to interfere or they would be removed from ringside, and Orlando Jordan was to take full advantage as Amy Weber slipped him a pair of brass knucks...Jordan went to nail Mysterio, but the cruiserweight ducked the shot and came off the ropes with a flying neckbreaker! Mysterio hit the Bashams with a baseball slide into the ring barricade, and meanwhile, Orlando was getting up, stalking Mysterio, who turned around and tripped Jordan right into the middle rope! Mysterio ran across the ring and came back to connect with the 619, before he leapt onto the top rope then off it with a Springboard Leg Drop! Mysterio covered Jordan...one, two, three, and a new United States Champion! (Q79, C65, O72)

Winner and NEW United States Champion - Rey Mysterio (13:06)

"619" played in the arena again and Rey Mysterio was ecstatic after winning his first major singles heavyweight championship in WWE! The fans were going crazy for Mysterio as he was awarded the US Title, and the 170-pounder who had come through so many obstacles in his life to get to where he is clutched the gold to his chest, before climbing to the middle rope and raising it high. The camera went to the defeated Cabinet members, and the Bashams were helping Orlando Jordan backstage, led by Amy Weber, and the previously dominating Cabinet would surely be terrified of explaining how they lost one of their three titles!

A very large, muscular man was shown in what looked like a worn-out gym.


The back of this man's head was shown and he flexed his back muscles.


This man turned his head viciously, dripping sweat.


Brock Lesnar flexed his muscles again, and stared into the camera, laughing.


The WrestleMania 21 logo was shown, and the crowd were cheering for the return of the animal, the pain, Brock Lesnar!

Cole: Indeed, Brock Lesnar will tonight step into a WWE ring for the first time in over a year...

Tazz: Oh man Cole, that's gonna be intense, I can't wait to see what happens...the Pain's comin' back, baby!

Cole: Right now let's send you back over to JR and King!

We did exactly that, and a graphic for the 30-Minute Ultimate Submission match was shown on the screen as the crowd cheered.

JR: Thankyou Michael, and right now, it's time for two of RAW's biggest fan favourites to go head-to-head.

King: It's a purist's dream, JR! And this is the way to settle their differences, one-on-one, Ultimate Submission!

JR: Due to the high quality of conditioning needed for this match, this is only the second Ultimate Submission match WWE have sanctioned, and it's gonna be good. Let's show you how this one came about.

After a video package highlighting the issues between friends and part-time tag partners Benoit and Jericho, we returned to the arena where Chris Benoit's music hit and he came out to a big reaction from the California crowd. Benoit made his no-nonsense way to the ring before sliding in and climbing to the middle rope and raising his arms to the crowd. The lights stopped flashing for Benoit and then focused on the stage, where the countdown began...






The crowd went nuts for Y2J, Chris Jericho as he made as way out for this Ultimate Submission match! Jericho, the polar opposite to Benoit, high-fived fans and mingled with the crowd as they hung over the barrier for a slap of the hand. The camera cut to the ring where Benoit was staring at Jericho amid the lights, and it was difficult to make out the expression on Chris Benoit's face. The camera then returned to Chris Jericho, who was now climbing the steel steps and getting into the ring. The lights returned and Benoit and Jerichop stared down in the middle of the ring, and as they were nose-to-nose, Jericho offered his hand to Benoit. Benoit shook it, but it was a brief handshake and Benoit said "let's go" as the two competitors circled each other and the bell rang.

30-Minute Ultimate Submission Match

Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit

Just like Austin and The Rock, Benoit and Angle, Hart and Michaels, and Hogan and Warrior, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho are two men who are guaranteed to bring the best out of each other and have an epic whenever they meet, and this was no exception. Both men refused to give themselves a psychological disadvantage and it took Jericho seventeen minutes to wear down the legs and back of Chris Benoit enough to lock in the Walls of Jericho after swatting down a risky Missile Dropkick from Benoit. Benoit got to the ropes, but Jericho held on, and at a count of three, Jericho managed to pull Benoit away from the ropes and hold on to the submission hold for another thirty seconds, forcing his foe to tap!

Chris Jericho 1-0 Chris Benoit, 18:56

Chris Benoit was desperate to get back into this thing and as a result, dominated the match for the next six minutes, wearing down the back and shoulders of Chris Jericho in preparation for the Crippler Crossface. At 24:00, Jericho was still refusing to be locked into the hold, and Benoit was beginning to get frustrated both by this and the "Y2J" chants coming from the crowd. Jericho was beginning to get back his momentum, but Benoit slowed him right down by holding Jericho as he went for a Lariat and locking in a Bearhug. Jericho eventually fought his way out of it and nailed Chris Benoit with a DDT, but Benoit got his knees up on the Lionsault attempt and managed to lock in the Crippler Crossface! Jericho attempted to reach the ropes but couldn't and had no choice but to tap out.

Chris Jericho 1-1 Chris Benoit, 26:09)

The following thirty-second rest period was intense, as the crowd were cheering loudly and both men were exhausted. Neither took their eyes off each other and when the buzzer went to resume the match, they locked up and Jericho took Benoit down into an armdrag and held on for an armbar, which Benoit managed to break up by getting to the ropes. Jericho let go, and Benoit immediately took Jericho down by the knees and went for a Sharpshooter, but Jericho fought out of it and kicked his opponent away. Benoit came off of the ropes but Jericho took him down with a drop toe hold. Jericho then backed up and ran at Chris Benoit but Benoit pulled the rope down to send Jericho crashing to the ring floor! The fans cheered for this bump and got even louder when Benoit took a suicide dive to knock both Jericho and himself down and out, as the clock ticked down to 30:00! The bell rang and Nick Patrick called over Howard Finkel, and the two conversed before the Fink spoke into the mic...

Finkel: Ladies and gentlemen, Nick Patrick has ruled that this match will continue into sudden death overtime!

The crowd cheered and both men were stirring on the outside, and Jericho got into the ring as Benoit was still recovering. It was unclear whether either man was aware of the overtime decision, and Jericho started shouting at Nick Patrick to count Benoit out, who replied by saying that only submissions were allowed. Jericho slapped the mat in anger and went to grab Benoit, who had his back to Jericho and was pulling himself up...and got nailed with a steel chair shot! The fans were in stunned silence and then began to boo as Benoit got into the ring and hammered Jericho with steel chair shots to the legs and back. Benoit hit Jericho again and again and then he locked in the Sharpshooter. Jericho was screaming in pain but attempting to get to the ropes, but eventually Jericho slowed down before his head hit the mat dully. Nick Patrick checked up on Jericho and lifted his arm. It dropped once...twice...three times and the bell rang. (Q96, C81, O88)

Winner - Chris Benoit, 2-1 (33:37)

"Whatever" by Our Lady Peace hit in the arena and the fans were booing like crazy as Chris Benoit was announced as the victor. Benoit smiled his toothless smile and as Nick Patrick raised his hand, he held the steel chair up high in the other. Medics were attempting to revive Chris Jericho in the ring and Benoit kicked Jericho in the chest as he was stirring. The EMT's and road agents held Benoit back and wouldn't let him go until Jericho was helped to the back. A "Y2J" chant started and Benoit shook his head and raised his arms again, laughing as we cut to Todd Grisham, who was backstage with Edge.

Grisham: Edge, your first WrestleMania in three years, and tonight you get the chance to take down Randy Orton, what are-

Grisham was cut off when Edge grabbed him by the collar and held him up against the wall.

Edge: You know Todd, that's exactly the kind of talk that I hate! You're telling me I've got the chance to take down Randy Orton? Orton's got a shot at taking me down, damn it! Everybody talks about Orton being the future of wrestling, but what about me? At the Royal Rumble, I beat Shawn Michaels, and Randy Orton lost to Triple H, but what are people talking about after the Royal Rumble? They're saying, "oh, Randy Orton survived with a concussion, he's so great," but they should be talking about ME! It's people like Randy Orton that are holding me back, and I'm sick of it! So right now, I'm going to go out there, and I'm gonna kill the Legend Killer! Interview...over.

Edge dropped Todd Grisham to the floor and then walked off for his monumental match.

Randy Orton's music played in the Staples Center and the fans popped as the Legend Killer, the man branded "the future of WWE" by some made his way out to the ring. Randy Orton provoked a pop when he raised his arms in his signiature pose while standing on the second rope, illuminated by golden light, before his music faded into "Metalingus" by Alter Bridge. Smoke came from the stage as Orton's foe emerged, and the fans booed as Edge taunted them, wearing a long blue trenchcoat with black tights. Edge then made his way to the ring as Orton looked on. Edge then slid into the ring and got up, then stared down with Orton. The two men then went right at it to start this match.

Edge vs Randy Orton

This was a fast and furious rollercoaster ride for the fans in California, with Orton and Edge both looking for a vital win to get them back into the World Title hunt. The action was quick and as a result, this match ended fairly quickly, disappointing a few of the thousands in attendance. Both men got some near falls throughout the match with high-impact moves, and Edge nearly made Orton tap with his version of the Indian Deathlock, until Orton reversed the pressure, but Edge managed to get to the ropes. Orton and Edge both attempted to utilize the RKO and the Spear but it was finished with neither executing their finishers: it ended with Edge nailing Randy Orton with the RKO. The finish came when Orton was arguing with the referee over not allowing Orton to use the ring bell. Edge was poised for the Spear and charged as Orton turned, but the Legend Killer moved out of the way and knocked Jack Doan into the turnbuckles. Orton then nailed Edge with the RKO and covered, and would have gotten the three if there was a ref, but luckily for Edge, Doan was still recovering. Orton got pissed off and went to revive Jack Doan, but didn't notice Edge picking up the ring bell which Orton had attempted to use. Randy turned, right into a bell shot, and fell back into the ropes, before coming off right onto the receiving end of his own finisher! Jack Doan counted slowly...one...two...three. (Q91, C86, O88)

Winner - Edge (13:13)

"Metalingus" played and Edge leapt up after getting the three count, and was ecstatic about getting the pin. The fans booed as Edge left the ring and we faded to black with a shot of Randy Orton staring up under the bottom rope, still shaking the cobwebs from the bell shot, but also shaking with fury.

After a "Don't Try This At Home" commercial, we returned to the Staples Center where "Next Big Thing" hit and the crowd erupted for the Pain himself, Brock Lesnar! Black and red lights flashed all over the arena and after Tazz said his traditional "here comes the pain" line, the man himself emerged. Lesnar looked like no time had passed at all since his loss to Goldberg at WrestleMania XX, he still had the same huge shoulders and bulging biceps which could be seen under his vest top. Lesnar made his way to the ring as fans leant over the barrier in an attempt to touch him, but Brock just grinned and jumped onto the ring apron to set off his pyro. Lesnar's music then faded and after once circle of the ring, he took the mic.

Lesnar: Just in case you forgot just who the hell I am...let me reintroduce myself...my name is Brock Lesnar...and you can bet your ass I'm back!

The fans cheered and a "Lesnar" chant started for the man formerly labelled the "Next Big Thing."

Lesnar: But over the last few weeks, I've been watching RAW and SmackDown! and I've been watching Theodore Long and Eric Bischoff fighting over who gets to sign Brock Lesnar. Well, I've got two words for Teddy Long. You brought me back to WWE. But you didn't sign me because you wanted me to dominate over SmackDown!. You signed me because you wanted to get over to Eric Bischoff that you had something bigger and better than the man who didn't want to sign for you, Batista. Let me say something. I'm bigger and better than Batista, and Theodore Long, I'm gonna show you that, because SmackDown! is where I'm hangin' my hat!

The crowd cheered, but suddenly, Jonathan Coachman's music played and the fans booed as the Coach himself made his way to the ring, microphone in hand. Brock Lesnar looked on, slightly amused, as the Coach got into the ring.

Coach: Now I know that this is your big return, and I know you want to stay with SmackDown!. But let me tell you something, Mr. Big-Shot: you could be going to RAW. Because Mr. McMahon has sent me out here tonight to announce that tomorrow night on RAW, there's gonna be a draft lottery, and twelve WWE superstars will find themselves switching brands. That could be you Brock, and let me tell you something: I know you want to be a big fish in a small SmackDown! pond, but if you come over to RAW, trust me, you choose to mess with Mr. Bischoff's RAW superstars, and you'll be staring at the ceiling.

Lesnar: Is that so?

Coach: Oh, it's very much so.

Lesnar: Well Coach, if I do end up on RAW, let me show you exactly what I'll be doing to "Mr. Bischoff's RAW superstars..."

Out of nowhere, Brock scooped the Coach up onto his shoulders...

Cole: Oh my...the F5, to Jonathan Coachman!

Tazz: Brock Lesnar is back, baby! Here comes the pain!

Cole: But what about that huge news - a draft lottery! Tazz, we'll be going to RAW tomorrow night, and we could end up staying there!

The camera switched from SmackDown! to RAW, as Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross took over from Michael Cole and Tazz.

King: What about that, JR? A draft lottery!

JR: It certainly is huge news King, we're gonna see six new superstars on RAW to replace six going to SmackDown! - is this becoming a yearly thing, King?

King: I hope so - then we can steal Torrie Wilson from SmackDown! Woohoo!

A graphic then appeared for the Foley/Flair Street Fight...

JR: And coming up next folks, two legends of our sport meet in their second one-on-one outing. Ric Flair defeated Mick Foley in a Submission Match on RAW a few weeks back with help from Triple H and Batista - but Batista's gone from Evolution, and "the Game's" gotta prepare to defend his title against him and will not be accompanying him to ringside. So Flair's on his own tonight, and he won in his own match - but can "the Nature Boy" survive Mick Foley's world? Anything goes in a Street Fight - here's how this one came about!

After a video recap of the feud between Foley and Flair, all kicked off by Flair's comments in "To Be The Man," we returned to the arena where Ric Flair's music hit and "the Nature Boy" walked out in an extravagant golden robe for this Street Fight. The nostalgic fans cheered for Flair as he strutted to the ring, and one half of Evolution got into the ring and the fans cheered as Howard Finkel introduced the wrestling legend. Flair's music faded into the sound of a car crash and the cheers got louder for the hardcore legend himself, Mick Foley. Foley was wearing almost the same outfit as for WrestleMania XX - except under the red and black chequered jacket he was wearing an Evolution t-shirt with a red cross over the Evolution logo - gloating to Flair about how he had convinced Batista to leave the group. Foley got into the ring and stared down with Flair, who had removed his robe and was wearing black wrestling tights. The crowd was hot as the two legends stared down, and then the bell rang to kick off the Street Fight.

Street Fight

Mick Foley vs Ric Flair

Flair and Foley locked up and immediately, the more wrestling-oriented of the two, Flair, locked in a hammerlock before pushing Foley into the ropes and breaking the hold. Mick Foley got out of the ring, apparently to rethink his gameplan and Flair leaned over the ropes and let out a loud "whoo!" in Foley's direction, which the Hollywood crowd copied. Foley made an attempt to get back into the ring and Flair went to stomp on the hardcore legend's head, but Mick Foley grabbed the foot and pulled Ric Flair under the bottom rope. Foley threw Flair into the barricade and chopped him across the chest, and his opponent retaliated with the same move, and a chop battle ensued on the outside of the ring, with the crowd chanting "whoo" to every one. Flair gained the advantage with three straight chops and went for a closed fist to the face, but Mick Foley ducked it and drove Flair into the ring apron. A "Foley" chant started and while Flair was on the floor, winded, the multi-time World and Hardcore champion climbed to the ring barricade and dropped an elbow onto Flair! The "Foley" chants grew louder and now, Foley was being told to take it back into the ring. So he did, throwing "the Nature Boy" back under the bottom rope. But Foley stayed on the outside and went under the ring to retrieve a barbed wire-covered baseball bat! The fans cheered as Foley got into the ring and as he advanced towards Flair, the former WWE and WCW Champion crawled backwards, begging Foley not to connect with the weapon. Foley made an attempt, but "the Nature Boy" connected first with a low blow. Foley dropped the bat and Flair picked it up and immediately took a swing at the prone Foley, who rolled out of the way. Mick Foley was rolling all over the ring to get away from Flair and the bat, and when Ric Flair took his sixth swing at Foley, Foley took Flair down with a drop toe-hold, sending Flair's face right into the bat! Ric Flair was screaming and crawling all over the ring and Foley pulled Flair into a cover, but "the Nature Boy" kicked out at two! The camera did a close-up of Ric Flair, whose light hair was now blood red. Mick Foley slapped the mat in anger upon only getting a two count, but then showed his sadistic side, digging his nails into the skull of Flair, causing him to bleed further. Foley ceased with the torture and stood up, doing the "bang bang" action with his hands, before turning to find Ric Flair wasn't there. Flair had in fact crawled under the ring, and Mick Foley searched the outside of the ring for Flair but couldn't find him. When Foley lifted up the ring apron, he received a trash can lid shot to his knees, which buckled and caused Foley to fall. Ric Flair emerged from under the ring with the trash can lid, which he threw into the ring before getting out a trash can, which he emptied on Foley before throwing it on him. Flair picked it up again and as Foley was getting up, he nailed him over the head with it. Foley went down to the floor again and then Flair hit the knees and shins and Foley over and over again, weakening them in preparation for the Figure Four Leg Lock, before Flair eventually maneuvered the dead weight of Foley back into the ring and applied the - surprise, surprise - Figure Four Leg Lock. Mick Foley was screaming in pain and his face was now bloody, though not to the extent of Flair's. Flair seemed to be gaining immense pleasure from Foley's pain and continued to apply the pressure as the hardcore legend attempted to reverse the pressure, as a rope break would mean nothing in a Street Fight. Mick Foley did grab hold of the ropes and pulled himself to a corner and attempted to make Flair break the hold by falling out of the ring, and Flair did break the hold as Foley pulled himself out of the ring at the corner, but Flair grabbed Foley's leg, which was on the other side of the ring post, and locked in the hold around the ring post! Foley now couldn't get out of the hold and he was screaming in pain. JR was going crazy up at the RAW announce table over how Flair would break Foley's legs, and eventually it looked like Mick Foley had passed out. Flair broke the hold and Mick Foley dropped limply to the outside of the ring. Flair followed Foley and picked him up, going for an Irish Whip...but Foley reversed it, sending Flair into the steel steps! A loud "OH!" was heard around the arena upon impact, and Foley's knees buckled and he fell over again. Both Foley and Flair were crawling over to each other, bleeding profusely (Foley was banging his head in frustration on the ring post during the Figure Four, adding to the blood) and they both hit each other with right hands. They used the ring to pull themselves up, still exchanging blows, before Flair caught Foley off guard with a kick to the groin. Flair, with a great effort, rolled Mick Foley back into the ring, and Foley's jacket snagged on something in the ring and came off. Flair smiled, and got major heat as he put on Foley's jacket and got into the ring. Still having to hold onto the ropes after the steel step spot, Flair sniffed Foley's jacket and acted like it stank, which generated great heat. Flair smoothed down the jacket and found something in it..."the Nature Boy" laughed as he pulled out Mr. Socko! Flair put the dirty sock on his hand and motioned for Foley to get up, and as the hardcore legend used the ropes to pull himself up, Flair rushed at Foley, going for Foley's Mandible Claw, but Mick Foley took Flair down into a Double Arm DDT onto the trash can which Flair had used earlier! The crowd cheered for Mick Foley as he pulled Mr. Socko off of Ric Flair's hand and put it on his own...and as Ric Flair got up, Mick Foley moved in for the kill, putting on the Mandible Claw! The fans cheered as Flair flopped about on the mat, struggling under the putrid odour of Socko and after a long time in the hold, Ric Flair tapped out! (Q64, C88, O80)

Winner - Mick Foley (19:04)

Mick Foley's music hit in the arena and he broke off the Mandible Claw and stood up, before his knees buckled again and he had to be helped up by officials. Foley needed help to stand but he stayed in the ring and raised his arm. The road agents and EMT's were about to help Foley out of the ring when Ric Flair stood up. Flair told the officials to let go of him and he staggered over to Flair. Foley and Flair stared down, before both men offered their hands to each other at the same time. The two WWE legends shook hands before Mick Foley was helped to the back and the covered-in-blood Ric Flair was cleaned up by EMTs. Mick Foley's music played as we went backstage.

John Cena was in his locker room, preparing for the biggest match of his career versus John Bradshaw Layfield later in the evening, before there was a knock on the door and Batista, the challenger to Triple H's World Heavyweight Championship, walked in. The crowd cheered at the first meeting of these two since the Royal Rumble and they stared down, before Batista offered his hand. Cena shook it.

Cena: Dave Batista. S'up?

Batista: I just wanted to wish you luck in your match tonight...even after I eliminated you from the Rumble, you found a way to a title shot, and I like that.

Cena: Woah - let's not talk about the Rumble. I'm not gonna make the same mistakes twice, I'm not gonna drop my guard again. Tonight I become WWE champion when I beat JBL. And tonight, Batista, you become World's champion when you beat Triple H.

Batista: You're damn right. Good luck.

Cena: I don't need luck - tonight Bradshaw's goin' down!

Batista laughed.

Batista: And so's Triple H.

Batista grinned and left John Cena's locker room, and the fans cheered for the two men going for the two World Titles later in the evening!

Eddie Guerrero was backstage with Josh Matthews.

Josh: Eddie Guerrero, tonight you end the long-running issues between you and another fan favourite, Booker T. How do you feel going into this huge match.

Eddie: Orale holmes, I'm feelin' great! Last year, I beat Kurt Angle, and tonight I beat Booker T. Esse, I don't understand why Booker's so angry. He knows that I lie, cheat, and steal, so why does he expect anythin different? Over the past couple months, he's pinned me, I've pinned him, and tonight it ends. Tonight Latino Heat lies, cheats and steals his way to another WrestleMania victory! Orale, viva mi raza!


The fans popped as Booker T's music hit in the arena and the Bookerman himself made his way out. The five-time WCW Champion performed his pyro atop the ramp before he made his way to the ring, high-fiving fans. Then Booker T got into the ring and climbed to the middle rope and raised his arms as his music faded..."VIVA LA RAZA!" The fans cheered even louder as a very flashy lowrider with the WrestleMania XXI logo painted across the bonnet drove out onto the stage and Eddie Guerrero emerged from it, all smiles before this huge match. Eddie slapped the fans fives before getting into the ring and posing. Eddie then jumped down and stared down with his rival Booker T. The two then locked up to start this match.

Eddie Guerrero vs Booker T

The crowd and action were all hot as the battle raged between two of the best SmackDown! has to offer. Both men got plenty of nearfalls and submissions, but neither was truly able to put his rival away. The fans were more behind Eddie than Booker and it seemed to aggravate the five-time WCW Champion more and more as the match continued. At around the fifteen-minute mark, Booker tossed Eddie out of the ring after Eddie had caused Booker to unintentionally hit the referee with a clothesline. Booker followed Eddie out of the ring but Eddie took Booker down on the outside of the ring. Booker narrowly missed Eddie's lowrider and Booker got up and got pissed off as he thought Eddie was trying to cheat and as Eddie used the ring apron to pull himself up, Booker kicked Eddie in the gut and knocked him down again. Booker T went to the ring barricade and jumped off with a double axe handle onto the back of Eddie and then he went to whip Latino Heat into the barricade but it was reversed and the Bookerman was sent crashing into the barricade. Eddie slapped his chest and shouted something at the crowd to send them into a frenzy. An "Eddie" chant started and Booker was down on the ringside floor, and Eddie climbed to the top rope inside of the ring. The fans cheered for Eddie Guerrero as he leapt off of the top rope to the outside of the ring with a Frog Splash...and missed! Booker T rolled out of the way and into the ring. The referee leant between the middle and top ropes and began to count Eddie out and Booker T got back into the ring...and a masked figure in black stalked Booker T from behind and hit him with a pair of brass knuckles in the face, before nailing a neckbreaker! The masked figure left through the crowd and Eddie Guerrero, unaware of the interference, saw Booker T on the mat and got up, climbed to the top rope and nailed the Frog Splash for the victory. (Q79, C83, O81)

Winner - Eddie Guerrero (15:49)

"I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal" played in the arena and having secured the victory, Eddie began to check up on Booker, who slowly recovered and when he did eventually recover he shoved "Latino Heat" away and asked him if the masked man was anything to do with him. Obviously, Guerrero didn't know what Booker was talking about and he shook his head, and Booker accepted this and shook Eddie's hand. The two men left together, but Booker T was clearly incensed and confused about the attack which had cost him this match.

The camera went to a locker room in which Gene Snitsky and Heidenreich were sat on parallel benches, staring at each other and grinning. Paul Heyman was sat at the back of the locker room, and could be seen between them.

Heyman: Guys, come on, we need to think game plan! The Undertaker and Kane are a big deal, and you two are just sat there smiling! What the hell is wrong with you two?

Heidenreich: Quiet, Paul! We know what we're doing...

Snitsky: Yeah...we know what to do...we're...the greatest tag team of all time...

Heyman: That's ridiculous, you two have never even tagged together before! Guys, it's Undertaker and Kane, it's the Brothers of Destruction, it's not a pair of cruiserweights who you could both eat alive!

Heidenreich got angry and stood up. He slammed his agent against a wall.

Heidenreich: What are you saying, Paul? That Undertaker and Kane are better than us? Huh?

Gene Snitsky put his hand on the shoulder of Heidenreich, who let go of Heyman.

Snitsky: Don't worry, Jon. He doesn't know what...what we're capable of. He doesn't understand the connection we have. No-one...does.

These words seem to calm Heidenreich down and he turned and looked at Gene Snitsky, a sick smile on his face. The scene faded.

Tazz: What the hell was that?

Cole: I have absolutely no idea. I'm not even going to try and understand those two twisted freaks.

Tazz: Come on, Cole. Freaks isn't very nice, you gotta sympathize. Heidenreich and Snitsky are misunderstood, okay?

Cole: I haven't really been able to sympathize with Heidenreich ever since he kidnapped me. But Tazz, that huge tag match isn't the interpromotional match we've drawn. We've drawn this sure-fire classic between two sure-fire future Hall of Famers.

Tazz: This is gonna be good, Michael!

Cole: It's RAW versus SmackDown!, it's Shawn Michaels versus Kurt Angle - let's show you how this one came together!

After a video recap of the issues between these two which began at the Royal Rumble and will climax tonight, we returned to the arena where "Sexy Boy" played and the fans went absolutely nuts for the "Heartbreak Kid," Shawn Michaels as he made his way to the ring. HBK dropped to his knees and lifted his arms to set off an extravagant pyro, beefed up for WrestleMania, then he got up and walked to the ring, high-fiving fans along the way. HBK got into the ring and posed again, before "Medal" hit in the arena and Kurt Angle made his way out to the ring. The fans chanted "You Suck" to Angle's music and Kurt came out, not caring as he stared at Michaels all the way to the ring. Angle stopped at the bottom of the ramp, and Michael Cole and Tazz wondered why, until Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak came out from behind the curtain and flanked Angle at the bottom of the ramp. Kurt smiled, and Shawn Michaels laughed at Angle for needing backup. Jindrak and Reigns covered the left and right sides of the ring respectively and SmackDown!'s Angle got into the ring and stared down with RAW's Michaels and the bell rang to kick off this match.

Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels

Everybody was expecting a classic in this dream match between two of the best ever, and although Angle's ego would not allow for this to happen, it most certainly was. Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak were ejected from ringside around seven minutes in for pulling the referee out of the ring as he counted for Shawn Michaels after Michael's countered Kurt's own version of the Sweet Chin Music into a backslide, turning it into a fair contest. From then on, these two masters of the sport put on a clinic, with slick moves, holds and counters coming nonstop. The crowd could not stay in their seats as Michaels got near-falls with both the Sweet Chin Music and his Elbow Drop, and as Kurt Angle locked in the Ankle Lock several times, only for Shawn to either reverse it or get to the ropes. The slick action continued for twenty-two minutes, and ended in spectacular fashion when HBK took Angle down after reversing an Angle slam attempt. Michaels tried to lock in an Armbar, but Angle used his strength to lift Michaels up and drop him into the (exposed) turnbuckle, and then he took down Michaels into a schoolboy, and had his feet on the ropes as the referee counted one, two, three! (Q84, C95, O91)

Winner - Kurt Angle (23:17)

"Medal" played and Kurt Angle got out of the ring quickly as Shawn Michaels, who had kicked out at four, lunged at Angle. Kurt lifted his arms in victory and Angle's associates, Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak, returned to ringside and lifted the Olympic Gold Medallist onto their shoulders in celebration. Michaels was clearly pissed and he shouted, "I'll get you one day, Angle," as Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak carried our Olympic Hero to the back.

We saw Triple H alone in his private locker room in his suit, staring at his World Title, when in walked "the Game's" agent and mentor, a stitched-up Ric Flair.

Flair: Hunter, your match is comin' up, you better get your gear on-

HHH: What the hell is goin' on in your head?

Flair: What?

HHH: You-shaking Mick Foley's hand! He's solely responsible for the death of Evolution, he just busted you wide open, and you went and shook his hand?

Flair: Hunter, that was me just bein' a man.

HHH: Well you know what, Ric? Maybe I wanna be a man and go out on my own to face Batista tonight!

Flair: Alright man, that's cool, if-

HHH: No, Ric. You're not catching my drift. Get the hell out of my locker room-you're fired!

A shocked "oh!" reverbed around the arena, and Flair went nose-to-nose with the World's Champion, before shaking his head and leaving.

King: What?

JR: What a shocker here at WrestleMania 21 - Triple H has just fired his agent, his mentor, his friend, the legendary Ric Flair, just because he shook hands with Mick Foley after their Street Fight earlier tonight!

King: He's crazy, JR - he needs all the help he can get against the animal, Batista tonight!

JR: Well King, speaking of crazy, that's one word that could describe the team of Gene Snitsky and Heidenreich. These two have a common bond - their hatred of two men - Kane and the Undertaker.

After a video recap showcasing the events from No Mercy 2004 up until No Way Out, where Gene Snitsky attempted to interfere in Heidenreich's match with Booker T, only to be stopped by the Undertaker, who suffered a beating which left him in bad shape for a bout with Luther Reigns, which 'Taker won narrowly due to Kane's pyro going off in the arena, we returned to the arena, where Gene Snitsky's music hit and the man who killed Kane and Lita's child made his way out to the ring for his first WrestleMania appearance. Snitsky was booed on his way to the ring and when he got into the ring, his music faded and the lights flashed green for the entrance of Heidenreich. The man who twice cost the Undertaker the WWE Championship made his way to the ring, accompanied by Paul Heyman. Heidenreich and Snitsky united in the ring and banged their heads together, seemingly going through a pre-match ritual. Kane's pyro went off at the top of the entrance ramp and "Slow Chemical" by Finger Eleven then played for the Big Red Machine, Kane. As Kane made his way to the ring, Jim Ross explained the irony in this match - that Kane was responsible for the Undertaker coming back as the seemingly indestructible "Deadman," and was in fact defeated by the Undertaker at WrestleMania XX. Kane got to the bottom of the ramp and raised his arms, before throwing them down, causing the turnbuckles to erupt in flame and plunging the arena into red, not blue light - setting the stage for the Undertaker's entrance. As always, the Deadman had something special in his entrance for WrestleMania and the fans went crazy with the loudest reaction of the evening as the entire arena glowed red and the Undertaker walked out from behind the curtain. The camera switched to Heidenreich, Gene Snitsky and Paul Heyman and Heyman was hiding behind the two behemoths Snitsky and Heidenreich, who showed no intimidation. The Undertaker got to the bottom of the ramp and joined his brother, and then he raised his arms and the ring lifted and began to shake. The crowd cheered and now, Snitsky and Heidenreich began to panic, holding onto the ropes for support, and Paul Heyman bailed, jumping into the crowd and hiding behind the barricade. The ring fell back into place, the Undertaker's music faded and the lights returned, and before we knew it, the Brothers of Destruction were in the ring, brawling with Gene Snitsky and Heidenreich!

Gene Snitsky & Heidenreich vs Kane & The Undertaker

This was not the prettiest of wrestling matches. It was not a massive display of technical or high-flying ability, and it was not a thrill ride of back-and-forth momentum. These four men did what they did best, and that was fight. The Brothers of Destruction, reunited for one night only, dominated this match for the ten minutes it went on, and whenever Snitsky and Heidenreich did get a small amount of offense, it was cancelled out by the unstoppable Undertaker and Kane. The match escalated into chaos at around nine minutes when all four men were brawling in the ring. Kane and Heidenreich were the legal men and Undertaker was laying into Gene Snitsky in the corner, and referee Tim White tried to get Undertaker to leave the ring but 'Taker simply turned and White ran for his life. Meanwhile, Kane took Heidenreich down and was poised for his top-rope flying clothesline, but shockingly, Paul Heyman pushed Kane off of the top rope! Undertaker nailed the Chokeslam on Gene Snitsky, right onto the chest of Heidenreich, and Kane was down and Heyman got into the ring, forgetting about the Undertaker, stomping away on Kane. The crowd were booing and JR and the King were incensed, talking about how insane Heyman was, and then the Undertaker turned around grabbed Paul Heyman by the throat...the crowd cheered and then Kane sat up, picked himself up and put his hand around the throat of Heyman...Double Chokeslam! Heidenreich and Snitsky were now getting up, and the Brothers of Destruction were poised and ready...Kane scooped up Heidenreich, and Undertaker scooped up Snitsky, and both men were hit with Tombstone Piledrivers! Undertaker and Kane pinned, and the Brothers of Destruction were victorious! (Q76, C79, O78)

Winners - Kane & The Undertaker

The Undertaker's music played and having put away Snitsky and Heidenreich, the Undertaker and Kane stood up and stared down. JR made another reference to Survivor Series 2003 and WrestleMania XX, plus all the issues in previous years between the two. The crowd was shouting and screaming madly at this confrontation and the two men had an unblinking staredown. Then, the Undertaker got on one knee and lifted his arm to salute Kane, who raised his arms and then slammed them down to send his pyro exploding in the arena. Red light illuminated the features of Kane and the Undertaker, as we went to a video package.

The Spanish flag waved across the screen, and a good-looking man in a suit with slicked-back hair was shown, looking very angry. A voice spoke:

"For too long...his people have been overlooked."

The man began punching the air, and was shown hitting a Moonsault in an empty arena.

"But no more. The United States and the rest of the world will tremble with fear when they hear his name..."

The man spoke.

"Reloj de WWE... hacia fuera. ¡La sensación española está viniendo!"

The words flew onto the screen over the Spanish flag, red over the yellow section of the flag and vice versa:



Coming soon...

The SmackDown! logo flashed up as we returned to the arena...

Tazz: Whoa! Cole, I like the look of this guy. The Spanish Sensation, Hector Garza!

Cole: I'll have to wait until he debuts until I pass an opinion on him...

A graphic was shown for the highly-anticipated WWE Championship match between JBL and John Cena, and the crowd cheered.

Tazz: Oh yeah, this is gonna be good!

Cole: John Cena comes to his first WrestleMania main event looking to end the longest WWE Title reign in ten years. It's not gonna be easy for John Cena, as JBL has found a way past almost everybody on SmackDown! - but Bradshaw has never faced an opponent like the Doctor of Thuganomics.

The traditional feud recap video played, and when we returned to the Staples Center, "Basic Thuganomics" hit in the arena and the fans went absolutely crazy for John Cena! Michael Cole ran down Cena's attributes, three-time United States Champion, winner of SmackDown!'s Number One Contenders tournament, but this was his first WrestleMania main event. However, the same also applied for the WWE Champion. Cena was in the ring and was about to get on the microphone with a WrestleMania rap, but JBL would not allow that and immediately, his music played, the limo entered, and the door opened for JBL. As soon as the door opened, the heat was deafening for the WWE Champion, who had belittled and beaten Cena, and cost Cena his beloved United States Championship in the weeks leading up to 'Mania. Bradshaw smiled and lifted his arms and his title and ilicited a huge amount of boos from the crowd, and then began to walk to the ring. Cena stared at his adversary, who only seemed-half interested in his opponent on his way down the ramp. JBL got to the ring and climbed the steel steps into the ring, and lifted his hat and belt into the air, causing the crowd to boo. JBL then stared down with John Cena. This was intense and both men wouldn't take their eyes off of each other. JBL unzipped his jacket and removed the towel and Cena, not wanting to lose sight of JBL for a second, did not remove his basketball jersey, but tore it down the middle. JBL and Cena then backed into their corners and the bell rang to start this match.

WWE Championship

John Cena vs John Bradshaw Layfield©

Like the preceding match, this one was not a display of technical wizardry or high-flying ability: this match was a simple, old-school brawl between two men who were passionate about their WWE Championship. The crowd were firmly behind John Cena and everything Bradshaw did was booed intensely. This match went for fourteen minutes, and four at least ten of these, JBL dominated, using a slow, methodical style and targeting the head, neck and shoulders of Cena, perhaps weakening them to increase the effect of the Clothesline from Hell and the Powerbomb, as and when JBL decided to use them. At twelve minutes, JBL did decide to execute his Powerbomb, and indicated stubbing out a cigar on Cena's back before lifting him onto his shoulders...Cena laid into the head of JBL with punches and pulled JBL and himself over the top ropes with a Hurracanrana of sorts. While two other superstars would have been knocked out, JBL and Cena went at it, rolling around on the ring floor, and Cena took the advantage. He picked JBL up and went to whipped him into the steel steps. Bradshaw winced in pain as he got up, and his knees buckled, but before he could fall over, Cena leapt at him with a flying clothesline! Cena threw JBL back into the ring and covered...Nick Patrick counted...one, two..Patrick was pulled out of the ring by Orlando Jordan! The crowd booed the former United States Champion as he got into the ring and lunged at John Cena, but Cena hit Jordan with a Powerslam. The WWE Tag Team Champions, The Basham Brothers then hit the ring and went for a Double Clothesline on Cena, but Cena ducked and banged their heads together...the Bashams went down, and so did John Cena as JBL hit the "Doctor of Thuganomics" with a low blow! Orlando Jordan could barely stand after the Powerslam but JBL ordered Jordan to throw the referee back into the ring. JBL was up, and he could barely walk, but he was sure he was going to end this now...Bradshaw indicated it was time for the Clothesline from Hell, and as Cena got up, Bradshaw came off of the ropes...and John Cena scooped him right up onto his shoulders! The crowd were going absolutely crazy in the Staples Center and Cena was clearly in pain from having the 300-pound Bradshaw on his injured shoulders...nevertheless, Cena nailed JBL with the FU! John Cena pinned, hooking the leg right up...ONE! TWO! THREE! New WWE Champion! (Q60, C83, O76)

Winner and NEW WWE Champion - John Cena (15:56)

"Basic Thuganomics" played in the arena and the crowd went absolutely crazy as John Cena was announced as the winner and was handed his title, having ended the eight-month title reign of John Bradshaw Layfield! John Cena was in tears and he pounded his heart as he climbed to the second rope and lifted the title in the air. Cena shouted, "this is yours" at his fans, before leaving the ring. John Bradshaw Layfield was then shown, shaking his head and shouting, "no, no," as he was helped backstage by Orlando Jordan and the Bashams.

Cole: That's it! John Cena is the new WWE Champion and he will be put into WWE's draft lottery tomorrow night on RAW as the WWE Champion.

Tazz: Cole...look at JBL...he can't believe it.

Cole: One World Champion has lost the gold this evening...will another? Let's head over to JR and the King!

JR: Thanks Michael, thanks Tazz, and now we head to the final match of the evening, it's the Royal Rumble winner versus the Heavyweight Champion of the World...it's a dream match between former running buddies...it's Triple H versus Batista.

King: Oh, this is gonna be great, JR!

JR: Let's show you how this one came together!

After the final recap video of the evening, showing Batista's dissent with Triple H and Ric Flair, his Royal Rumble victory, and everything thereafter that led to this match, including JBL's alleged attempt to run over the animal, Batista showing up on SmackDown! and then at No Way Out, before Mick Foley convinced him to stay on RAW, and confront Triple H, leading to this championship match. We returned to the arena and Batista's music hit, and the fans in the arena went absolutely crazy for the animal himself, and the challenger to Triple H's World Championship! Batista made his way to the ring and then posed in the corners, before he jumped down and began warming up..."TIME TO PLAY THE GAME..." The loud cheers for Batista turned to boos as green lights flashed around an otherwise pitch-black arena for our World Heavyweight Champion, "the Game" himself, Triple H. Triple H poured water over himself and stomped to the ring, dripping. The ten-time World Champion climbed to the ring apron and spat water into the air, throwing his bottle to the floor, before getting into the ring and posing. "The Game" then jumped down and found himself nose-to-nose with Batista. The two men talked trash to each other, with the words "betrayed" and "Evolution" audible from the mouth of Triple H. The bell then rang to start this match.

World Heavyweight Championship

Batista vs Triple H©

This was a classic way to end a WrestleMania. Like Kurt Angle versus Brock Lesnar, Shawn Michaels versus Bret Hart, and Andre the Giant versus Hulk Hogan, this was a brutal, grueling match which told the story of a man overcoming a legendary opponent to complete his road to the championship. Batista picked up the victory over his former friend, after twenty minutes of brawling and grappling, when Triple H, hellbent on retaining his title, "accidentally" knocked the referee and found a sledgehammer under the ring. "The Game" got into the ring and took a swing at a downed Batista...who grabbed the hammer and snapped it in half on his knees! Triple H stumbled upon having the hammer ripped from his hands, but he got up and threw a punch at Batista, only for the animal to duck and kick him in the gut, before lifting him up for a Batista Bomb...Triple H punched and punched away at the head of Batista, trying to get out of it, but he couldn't, as Batista slammed him down with massive force! The referee counted slowly for Batista...ONE....TWO............THREE! (Q75, C87, O83)

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion - Batista (21:09)

Batista's music played, and just like for John Cena before him, Batista got a massive ovation as he was awarded the title and he clutched it to his chest before raising it high in the air. Unlike Cena before him, Batista did not shed tears, but Triple H did. "The Game" left the ring shouting and screaming and kicking everything in sight. "The Game" then slowed the pace and walked backwards up the ramp, staring at Batista, who lifted his title in the air. The final shot of Triple H was with a red, tear-stained face as he left through the curtain, and the final scenes of WrestleMania XXI were of the new World Heavyweight Champion himself, Dave Batista.

JR: By god, what a match! What a night!

King: JR...Batista is the World Heavyweight Champion...this could change the future of WWE!

JR: Indeed, who will be able to topple this man? I can't think of a man alive...but that's all we've got time for folks, we'll see you tomorrow night on RAW, a night which will change the landscape of WWE! A brand lottery!

King: And it's gonna be the start of the era of the animal...my god...

JR: Goodnight folks!

Quick Match Results:

US Title: Rey Mysterio def. Orlando Jordan to win the title

Ultimate Submission: Chris Benoit def. Chris Jericho, 2-1

Edge def. Randy Orton

Street Fight: Mick Foley def. Ric Flair

Eddie Guerrero def. Booker T

Kurt Angle def. Shawn Michaels

The Undertaker & Kane def. Gene Snitsky & Heidenreich

WWE Title: John Cena def. John Bradshaw Layfield to win the title

World Title: Batista def. Triple H to win the title

Show Quality: 84%

Buy Rate: 1.64


phatman: 7/9

TheIZZLE: 7/9

MrBenjamin: 7/9

gangsta: 6/9

larziej: 6/9

bubba: 5/9

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Guest LilJoeyPez



After an absolutely thrilling WrestleMania Pay-Per-View, tonight's RAW will be another show that can and will change the future of WWE. It's the second-annual draft lottery, and for one night only, the superstars of SmackDown! will be at RAW to find out if they will be switching to Monday nights-and the RAW stars will be finding out if they will now be working on a Thursday. Anybody can change, whether they be a champion or not - so who will be coming to RAW? It could be anyone: Shannon Moore, Funaki, Heidenreich, JBL, Kurt Angle, or even the new WWE Champion, John Cena. You'll have to tune into RAW to find out the brand-movers.

WrestleMania XXI was ended with thrilling scenes as Batista lifted the World Heavyweight Championship from Triple H last night. It ended a thrilling night of RAW action, as Batista pinned "the Game," RAW's Kane teamed with SmackDown!'s Undertaker to defeat RAW's Gene Snitsky and SmackDown!'s Heidenreich, Shawn Michaels lost to SmackDown!'s Kurt Angle, Edge defeated Randy Orton, and Mick Foley beat Ric Flair in a Street Fight. Also, Chris Benoit provided us with perhaps the shock of the night when he resorted to using a steel chair to defeat Chris Jericho in overtime in their Ultimate Submission match. After WrestleMania, Benoit told WWE.com that he will explain his actions tonight on RAW - will "the Canadian Crippler" deliver?

Also on RAW, Shawn Michaels, unfortunately unable to secure a RAW victory last night, goes one-on-one with the creator of the Simon System, Simon Dean! Can HBK make up for his defeat at the hands of Kurt Angle? Tune into RAW, tonight on Spike TV, to find out!



WWE superstar the Ultimo Dragon has today been checked into rehab by World Wrestling Entertainment for an alcohol addiction. We wish Ultimo all the best on the road to recovery.

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Guest LilJoeyPez


Monday 4 April 2005

LIVE on Spike TV from Los Angeles, California

Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler

Before the RAW opening video played, we were shown Eric Bischoff's office backstage where Bischoff, Mr. McMahon, and Theodore Long were standing.

McMahon: Okay fellas, you both know the rules of the draft lottery?

Bischoff: Right. Two tumblers...

Long: Six picks each...

Bischoff: And RAW becoming even more superior to SmackDown!.

Teddy Long merely laughed, but Mr. McMahon still stepped in between his two general managers.

Bischoff: Hey Teddy, where's JBL tonight?

Long: JBL's takin' some time off, Eric. Why?

Bischoff: Because when he comes back, he'll be on RAW - "playa!"

Bischoff left the office and we went to the RAW opening video.

The RAW opener played to "Across The Nation" by Union Underground, before we opened up in an arena where fireworks exploded and the fans cheered for Monday Night RAW on Spike TV! The camera panned around the fans in attendance before going up to the announce team, JR and the King!

JR: A huge night in WWE's history, tonight will change the shape of World Wrestling Entertainment, tonight is a momumental night, this is RAW, on the night of 2005's draft lottery!

King: That's right JR, the superstars of SmackDown! are here tonight, and six of them will be changing brand...

JR: And six RAW superstars will be heading to Thursday nights! My god King-oh, wait a minute. Now here's a man I hope to see going over to SmackDown! tonight. The man who turned his back on his friend Chris Jericho last night, using a steel chair against him to score a tainted victory...Chris Benoit.

"Whatever" by Our Lady Peace played in the arena and the reaction was very mixed in the arena for the Rabid Wolverine, the Canadian Crippler, Chris Benoit. Benoit was wearing a RAW t-shirt and his wrestling tights and he made his way to the ring. Benoit was introduced by Lillian Garcia, who he then tore the microphone from. Benoit's music faded and he spoke amongst a barrage of boos.

Benoit: Will you people please shut up when I'm trying to speak?

The boos simply got louder and louder, and a "Benoit sucks" chant began.

Benoit: Benoit sucks? Benoit sucks? You people are the ones that suck! Last night at WrestleMania, I went into a match with Chris Jericho. You people knew it was going to be a grueling, difficult match for me. So what happened? Jericho comes out, and you people go crazy. Then I make my way out, and I get nothing! I have done everything I can to impress you people, and that's the thanks I get? Well you people can forget about Chris Benoit trying to impress you from now on. Last year, at WrestleMania XX, I was in the Main Event, and I won the World Heavyweight Championship. This year, where am I? I'm in the second match of the evening, wrestling a jackass like Chris Jericho who I had to pretend was my friend - again, trying to impress you people! Well from now on, Chris Benoit doesn't have any friends. I'm the greatest technical wrestler in the world today, I don't want them and I don't need them. The only thing I want, the only thing I need is the World Heavyweight Championship.

The fans booed Benoit for a few seconds, before they erupted as Evolution's old music played for the animal himself, the new World Heavyweight Champion, Batista! Batista was wearing an all-black suit, black sunglasses, and had his newly-won World Heavyweight Title belt over his shoulder. Benoit stared on jealously at the new World Heavyweight Champion, who began to walk to the ring. Benoit hung over the ropes near the ramp and talked trash to Batista, but when Batista went to get in the ring, Benoit stepped right back to the other side. Batista simply looked at Chris Benoit and walked over to get a microphone. His music faded and he began to speak.

Batista: Before I start with you, Chris Benoit, I just want to say something. I've been in this company three years. I came in as D-Von Dudley's bodyguard, then I went to RAW and joined Evolution. I learned all the tricks in the book, then I went out on my own. All the way, I've beaten and bloodied everybody in my way - and last night, I beat down the biggest obstacle of all, Triple H, and I became the World Heavyweight Champion.

The crowd cheered, and Batista smiled and raised his belt.

Batista: But I didn't do it on my own. I just wanna thank-

Benoit: "Each and every one of you," god, save it, Dave! Every time a new World's Champion is crowned, I hear the same crap-

Batista: Hey!

Benoit: What?

Benoit and Batista suddenly went nose-to-nose and the fans cheered at this confrontation. Batista spoke.

Batista: I wasn't finished. And when you talk to me, you call me "Batista." Is that clear?

Benoit: When I take that World Heavyweight Title from you, I'll call you whatever I damn well want to.

Batista: Is that a challenge..."Chris?"

Benoit: You're damn right.


Eric Bischoff's music played in the arena and the General Manager of RAW made his way out onto the stage with a microphone.

Bischoff: That is enough! If you two want to fight, right here in Los Angeles, California...

Cheap pop...the fans cheered...

Bischoff: It's not gonna happen. Because I'm not gonna risk my new World Heavyweight Champion, putting him in a title match right away. What I can do, however, is put you, Chris Benoit, in a match for the opportunity to go for the World Heavyweight Championship on May 1, at Backlash. Batista, you're gonna defend that gold at Backlash, and it's gonna be against either Chris Benoit, or the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin! Benoit, I suggest you go and prepare for your number one contenders match, and Batista, I suggest you clear the ring, because I've got talent to raid from SmackDown!

King: Oh man - Benoit versus Benjamin tonight, the winner goes to Backlash!

JR: And the first picks of the draft lottery are coming next! (O84)

Commercial Break

When we returned, Theodore Long's music was playing in its later stages and Long and Bischoff were stood at their respective tumblers. Mr. McMahon stood between them, and the camera zoomed in on Vince tossing a coin. The decision seemed to please Eric Bischoff, who raised his arms, clearly about to get the first pick. Mr. McMahon left, and Bischoff spoke into his microphone.

Bischoff: Alright Teddy, let's see who's coming to RAW.

Bischoff put his hand into his tumbler, pulled a ball out, opened it up, and looked at the name inside.

Bischoff: A former three-time WWE Tag Team Champion is coming to raw nights...welcome to Monday nights, CHARLIE HAAS!

The camera switched to the room containing both rosters on seperate sides, with several referees and Mr. McMahon stood in the gap to ensure no inter-brand fighting. Charlie Haas stood up and seemed very happy about switching to RAW. He was given his RAW shirt and sat at the back of RAW's superstars, next to Simon Dean, who offered Haas his hand, but the 3-time WWE Tag Team Champion pushed it away. The camera returned to the ramp, where Theodore Long had his hand in his tumbler. Long opened up the ball and he looked very pleased indeed at the name inside. Long spoke into his mic.

Long: Playa, I've got someone who more than makes up for Charlie Haas. I would like to welcome to the SmackDown! roster, Mr. CHRIS JERICHO!

Eric Bischoff was livid at the top of the ramp and the fans cheered as backstage, Chris Jericho received his SmackDown! shirt and walked over to the blue side of the room, choosing an empty seat next to Hiroko and Kenzo Suzuki, who goggled at Y2J, who looked indifferent about his roster change. We again returned to the top of the ramp where the GMs were standing. Bischoff was on the microphone, and he had his hand in the tumbler as he spoke to his SmackDown! counterpart, opening it but not looking at the name as he spoke.

Bischoff: Alright! I don't care about that - Jericho was a joker, he took nothing seriously, and that's not the kind of guy I want on RAW. On RAW, we have a working environment in which Chris Jericho didn't fit. We have a serious, normal, sane working environment, and that is personified in the newest member of its roster...HEIDENREICH!

Bischoff looked thoroughly embarrassed about having called Heidenreich normal and sane before looking at his paper and didn't look too pleased about having the maniacal Heidenreich on his roster. Backstage, Heidenreich tore his SmackDown! shirt off and put a RAW shirt on, and then Heidenreich's feature's lit up as he saw who he was to be working with. Heidenreich took a seat next to his fellow maniac Gene Snitsky as the lottery went on.

Theodore Long was now speaking and laughing at Eric Bischoff.

Long: Mr. Bischoff, I gotta thank you for takin' that crazy Heidenreich off my hands, playa. Now, lessee who we got here...

Long put his hand inside the tumbler, and pulled a name out, smiling again...

Long: One of RAW's premier teams has been broken up, playa!

Backstage, The Hurricane and Rosey, La Résistance, William Regal and Tajiri, and Christian and Tyson Tomko looked thoroughly worried...

Long: I would like to welcome to SmackDown!...JERRY "THE KING" LAWLER!

Bischoff: What?

JR: What?

King: WHAT?

There was a very mixed reaction in the arena to the imminent breakup of RAW's long-serving announce team, Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler. Eric Bischoff, on the stage, was going nuts over two massive losses for RAW.

Bischoff: What? Nobody said commentators were in the draw!

Long: Everybody workin' on RAW, playa.

Bischoff: But who the hell am I gonna have as color commentator?

Backstage, Jonathan Coachman, the only person in the front row of the RAW roster, looked very happy indeed...






Chris Jericho's music played in the arena and Theodore Long clapped as the second-newest member of the SmackDown! roster made his way to the ring. Jericho shook hands with SmackDown!'s General Manager and then waved goodbye to Eric Bischoff, before walking down the ramp. Jericho's name appeared across the screen in the SmackDown! format as he high-fived his way down to the ring. Jericho then took the mic and his music faded.

Jericho: So, Y2J is now on SmackDown!. Well, nothin's really different. I'm still the highlight of the night, I'm still the ayatollah of rock-and-rollah, I'm still a sexy beast...and I'm still the host of Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel. So this Thursday on SmackDown!, Y2J's gonna kick off his SmackDown! career with a bang with the first ever SmackDown! edition of the Highlight Reel!

The fans cheered, and Jericho spoke again.

Jericho: But enough about this Thursday, let's talk about tonight. It's my last night on RAW, and I wanna leave RAW in style. So what I'm gonna do is issue an open challenge to any RAW superstar who wants to say bye-bye to me. So...who's it gonna be?

"You think you know me..."

"Metalingus" by Alter Bridge played and the fans booed Edge as he walked out through the smoke. Victorious at WrestleMania last night, Edge seemed pumped as he ran to the ring and slid in, staring at Chris Jericho, who took his shirt off. Edge then got up and backed into a corner, as the bell rang to start Chris Jericho's last match on RAW!(O88)[

Chris Jericho vs Edge

Chris Jericho seemed determined to get a win in his final RAW appearance, but Edge was focused and deadly, showing no signs of complacency after his massive win over Randy Orton at WrestleMania. The crowd was firmly behind Jericho and he gained an advantage towards the end of the match, having dodged a Spear, sending Edge hurtling into the ringpost. Jericho then tried to turn Edge over for the Walls of Jericho but couldn't, and Edge kicked Jericho away into an exposed steel turnbuckle. Jericho fell backwards, and Edge rolled Y2J up and had a handful of tights for the three count. (Q76, C90, O85)

Winner - Edge (5:12)

"Metalingus" played and the fans booed Edge as he raised his arms in victory, defeating Y2J in his last night on RAW.

JR: This just makes me sick! Just like he did last night to Randy Orton, Edge cheats his way to victory here tonight!

King: And on Jericho's last night on RAW!

JR: We gotta take a break folks, but coming up next: more picks!

Commercial Break

We returned to RAW with Eric Bischoff and Theodore Long arguing on the stage.

Long: Playa, just make your damn pick!

Bischoff looked like he was trying to see the names in the balls inside his tumbler, but to no avail.

Bischoff: Leave me alone! I'm takin' my time!

Long: Do it!

Bischoff: Okay, okay!

Bischoff picked a ball, opened it up, and laughed hysterically.

Bischoff: Teddy...you're gonna wish you hadn't made me do that...because this man hasn't been seen since No Way Out and that barbaric Steel Cage Match you put him in...

Theodore Long's expression turned extremely sour.

Bischoff: I'd like to welcome back to RAW...THE BIG SHOW!

In the locker room, a few SmackDown! wrestlers seemed pissed about losing a locker room leader and a major attraction for SmackDown!, while others, like Kurt Angle, smiled. The Big Show picked up a RAW shirt and joined the RAW roster, where many wrestlers gave him a look of deepest loathing. We returned to the stage, where SmackDown!'s General Manager was making his third pick. He opened up his ball and smiled.

Long: A former three-time Intercontinental and nine-time Tag Team Champion is coming to SmackDown!, playa. Welcome, CHRISTIAN!

Christian dropped Tyson Tomko like a bad habit and seemed thrilled to be on SmackDown!. Tomko looked miffed and Christian didn't look back as he walked across the room. RAW's Todd Grisham then approached "Captain Charisma."

Todd: Christian. How do you feel about having to leave RAW for SmackDown!?

Christian: I love it! I've been wanting to get off this sinking ship for a long, long time now, Todd, and finally...

JR Who does he think he is...The Rock?

Christian: Finally, I can stop being held back and make a difference to my millions of peeps all around the world. And I promise you this. This Thursday on SmackDown!, I will make an impact. (O76)


"Sexy Boy" played in the arena and the fans cheered as Shawn Michaels made his way out from the back for a one-on-one match with Simon Dean. HBK got on his knees for his pyro on the ramp then got up and strutted his way to the ring for his match. His music faded into that of Simon Dean, and the creator of the patented Simon System made his way out for one of the biggest matches of his short career. He had his bag containing all of his products and he rushed to the ring, dropping his back in the corner before doing some squats, making himself an easy target for HBK, who attacked Simon as the bell rang.

Simon Dean vs Shawn Michaels

HBK hit Simon with a splash in the corner as he was doing his squats and then he whipped him across the ring into the opposite corner. Dean hit the mat and Shawn Michaels hit him with several stomps to the chest. Simon Dean tried to use the ropes to pull himself up and played possum to another splash from Michaels, dodging it and then banging his head against it. Shawn Michaels was now the one in trouble and Simon Dean hit him with a Neckbreaker and covered with his elbow in the throat, but Michaels kicked out and then took Dean into a small package, but Dean kicked out, stood up, and walked right into the Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere! Shawn Michaels covered and got the three count. (Q88, C77, O82)

Winner - Shawn Michaels (1:25)

"Sexy Boy" played but it was cut short as Michaels demanded a mic. He spoke.

Michaels: Now everybody knows I'm not one to bitch, whine, and complain about losing, but when somebody steals a victory from right under Shawn Michaels' nose on the biggest stage there is, HBK gets just a little mad. And last night, that exact thing happened. Kurt Angle screwed me out of a victory and afterwards, I swore to myself that I would avenge that defeat. And as fate would have it, the SmackDown! roster is here tonight. So Kurt, get out here, so I can beat your ass one more time!

Nothing happened. Michaels waited for a minute, then he went to leave the ring, but was jumped from behind by a very large man...the Big Show tossed Shawn Michaels around the ring like a ragdoll, before nailing the Show Stopper. The fans booed as Show roared and raised his arm into the air, having dominated the Heartbreak Kid!

JR: What the hell is this? The Big Show, the newest member of the RAW roster, just jumped HBK from behind! And Michaels is out!

King: Oh my god, JR...that man could be the most dominant force in RAW's history!

Backstage, Eric Bischoff was sat at his desk, before a road agent came in and told Bischoff that it was time to make his fourth and fifth picks. Bischoff went to leave his office, but his way was blocked by Charlie Haas.

Bischoff: Charlie Haas. I'd like to welcome you to RAW-

Haas: Can it, Bischoff.

Haas pushed Bischoff back into his office.

Haas: The only reason I'm not throwing a tantrum about going to RAW is because I know that the General Manager is a great guy. One who will aid my development in every way. One who'll let me get gold around my waist.

Haas had Bischoff by the scruff of the neck and was leaning over his desk.

Bischoff: Gold...yeah...huh...okay...what sorta...gold...do you want?

Haas: I want the World Heavyweight Championship.

Bischoff: WHAT? You can't just join RAW and demand World Title shots - I don't know how it was on SmackDown!, but on my show, you've gotta earn things!

Charlie Haas growled and pulled Bischoff back up again.

Haas: What did you say?

Bischoff: No-you can't! I can't just go giving away World Title matches, everybody'd want one!

Charlie Haas raised his fist to Bischoff, who cowered.

Bischoff: Alright! Here's what I can do - I'll make the number one contenders match tonight a triple threat elimination match - then you can, uh, prove your superiority before you go and win the World's Title!

Haas dropped Bischoff to the floor.

Haas: You're not worth the effort.

Charlie Haas left the room. The camera followed him as he walked through the hallways, where he passed his former tag team partner, Shelton Benjamin. Haas and Benjamin stared down, before Charlie Haas turned his gaze to Benjamin's Intercontinental Championship belt. Haas then walked off. (O81)

Commercial Break

As we returned, Eric Bischoff was fixing up his tie and collar and Theodore Long was laughing at him.

Bischoff: You can shut the hell up, Long! Now let me make my pick!

Eric Bischoff plunged his hand into the tumbler and pulled out a ball...he laughed upon seeing the name inside.

Bischoff: It seems my colour commentator problem has been solved, Teddy...my fourth pick is TAZZ!

Backstage, Tazz was stood at the refreshments table and turned, stunned, at the big screen. He walked over to announce partner Michael Cole and was in deep conversation with him as we went back to the stage. Theodore R. Long was now opening up a ball.

Long: I would like to welcome to RAW an ECW legend, and a former multi-time Hardcore Champion...STEVEN RICHARDS!

Steven Richards seemed indifferent in the locker room as he switched sides, taking a SmackDown! shirt along the way, but as he sat down in the back row of the SmackDown! roster, he did have a very strange grin on his face. Again, we returned to the stage and Eric Bischoff put his arm in his tumbler, pulling a ball out, and grinning widely at the name he saw.

Bischoff: A WWE veteran has been stolen from SmackDown!. A man who my respect for stretches to immeasurable lengths. RAW welcomes HARDCORE HOLLY!

Hardcore Holly seemed annoyed in the locker room about switching rosters, and turned to inspect the RAW roster before eventually leaving his seat and picking up a RAW shirt. Eugene seemed excited that Holly was joining RAW and beckoned for Holly to sit with him, and the multi-time Hardcore Champion put one hand on the chair, but then overturned it, taking a seat at the back as Eugene looked upset. Theodore Long's second-to-last pick was next as he screwed open the ball.

Long: Playa, we got a new member to SmackDown!'s Cruiserweight division! Welcome, THE HURRICANE!

Rosey looked down at The Hurricane in the locker room who was doing his superhero pose.

Hurricane: Roosevelt...we have come to a parting of ways. You have done well, my young apprentice.

The Hurricane swooped off but it wasn't to join the SmackDown! roster - The Hurricane was on his way to the ring.


"Eye of the Hurricane" played in the arena and the fans cheered as the superhero, now contracted to SmackDown!, swooped through the curtain and into the arena. The Hurricane bowed to Theodore Long and then walked to the ring, high-fiving young fans in the crowd as his name appeared, like Chris Jericho earlier on, in the SmackDown! format. Hurricane then took a microphone.

Hurricane: Citizens of Los Angeles! The almighty Hurricane has been switched to SmackDown!, which means that I must do my duty as a superhero and wipe out crime on Thursday nights. But, tonight I was inspired by a mere mortal. Chris Jericho, who I will be travelling with SmackDown! with, issued an open challenge to any RAW superstar for his final match on Monday nights. Now I feel it is my duty to do the same...so...


Heidenreich's music played in the arena and the twisted monster who was drafted to RAW earlier in the evening made his way out, without his agent Paul Heyman. The Hurricane showed no fear of Heidenreich and as soon as Heidenreich got into the ring, SmackDown!'s new superhero punched away at Heidenreich as the bell rang.

The Hurricane vs Heidenreich

The Hurricane punched away at the monster Heidenreich but Heidenreich shook it off and pushed The Hurricane away. Hurricane was getting up but got flattened with a massive clothesline and Heidenreich pounded his head and shouted "I'm a superhero!" for some reason as the fans booed. The Hurricane leapt on the back of the massive Heidenreich and attempted to choke him out, and Heidenreich struggled but eventually dumped Hurricane throat-first onto the top rope. Heidenreich shoved Hurricane's neck right into the ropes and began to choke him, until the referee threatened to disqualify Heidenreich. Heidenreich didn't seem to know what the warning was for, but as soon as the referee said "disqualify" a third time, Heidenreich got to his knees and began begging the referee not to do it. The Hurricane took full advantage and set up an unsuspecting Heidenreich for the Eye of the Hurricane...but Heidenreich somehow got his arms around The Hurricane's waist and lifted him up onto his shoulder, before dropping him with a Shoulder Breaker! Heidenreich covered for the elementary three count. (Q71, C72, O71)

Winner - Heidenreich (2:16)

Heidenreich's music didn't play after the bell rang, and he continued to stomp away at The Hurricane after getting the three count. Heidenreich set up The Hurricane for a Powerbomb, but SmackDown!'s new member was helped out by his former partner, Rosey! Rosey clotheslined Heidenreich out of his skin and then he helped The Hurricane up. A battered Hurricane shook Rosey's hand and thanked him for his help on their last night together.

JR: Would ya look at that, one of RAW's premier tag teams embracing on their last night together, that's just-hey, wait a minute!

King: It's Snitsky!

Gene Snitsky jumped Rosey from behind and knocked him down. Heidenreich got up and he and Snitsky both grabbed a handful of The Hurricane's hair and tossed him out of the ring, before they were both stalking Rosey...together, they got Rosey up, and nailed him with a Spike Piledriver! The fans booed Heidenreich and Gene Snitsky's actions as they stood over Rosey, who was seen to by EMTs. Heidenreich and Snitsky raised each other's arms as Rosey was fitted with a neckbrace and stretchered out of the arena, and Heidenreich's music played.

Commercial Break

When we returned, Mr. McMahon was in the ring with a briefcase. The fans were cheering for the Chairman of WWE, who got on the mic.

Mr. McMahon: You know, I didn't come to RAW tonight simply to stop any fighting between the superstars of RAW and SmackDown!. I came to RAW tonight to honour a great man. You may remember that several weeks ago, Eric Bischoff retired the Women's Championship, leaving RAW without a tertiary championship belt. Well, I have taken the liberty of replacing it with a new belt. Now, make some noise if you remember THIS belt!

Mr. McMahon opened the suitcase and pulled out the Hardcore Title belt, and the fans went crazy! Vince slung the belt over his shoulder and continued to speak.

Mr. McMahon: Now, the man I am honouring tonight is the same man I honoured several years ago with this belt. He is a multi-time World, Tag Team, and Hardcore Champion, and he recorded a victory at WrestleMania last night over the legendary Ric Flair. I'd like you all to give it up for MICK FOLEY!

The car crashed and the fans cheered for the hardcore legend himself as he walked out with a broad grin on his face. Foley had a large scar on his forehead from being busted open the previous night along with many other obvious injuries, and was wearing a Backlash promotional t-shirt featuring Batista and his checked shirt, and he walked to the ring, high-fiving the fans in the crowd. Foley got into the ring and his music faded, and Vince McMahon spoke again.

Mr. McMahon: Mick, as a reward for all of your hard work, dedication, and loyalty to WWE, I hereby make you the NEW WWE Hardcore Champion!

Mr. McMahon handed the belt and microphone over to Foley, who slung the gold (if you want to call that gold) over his shoulder and began to speak.

Foley: Thanks a lot Vince. Y'know, last night something I never expected to happen, happened. After I wrestled in a grueling, tough Street Fight and made Ric Flair tap out...

The fans cheered...

Foley: Ric Flair offered his hand to me. It's well documented that while I respect Flair's acheivements and I'm sure Flair respects mine, we never got along. And after giving me two black eyes, a near-broken leg, and a scar which I'll have for the rest of my life, Flair gave me something else: he gave me the knowledge that even after you bust someone open, and beat them, and humiliate them in front of thousands, you can still find a common bond with any man: the love for this business. And standing across the ring from me is a man who loves this business more than any other. Vince, I know we've had a lot, and I mean a lot, of differences, but I know at the end of the day you are the most influential man in this business' history. And I love and respect you for it.

Foley offered his hand to Mr. McMahon and he shook it, before the two legends of the business embraced.

Foley: Thankyou to all of you for this beautiful belt, I shall wear it and defend it with pride, and thankyou Vince McMahon-


"The Game" hit in the arena and the fans booed as the former World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H made his way to the ring. "The Game" was unshaven and was sporting a not-very-clean suit, and he made his way to the ring. Triple H spat water before he got into the ring and had a brief staredown with Foley and Mr. McMahon before posing and jumping down again. Lillian Garcia gave Triple H a mic and he began to speak.

HHH: How...the hell...

The fans booed Triple H heavily, cutting him off, chanting "you suck" at the former 10-time World Heavyweight Champion.

HHH: How the hell can you stand there and listen to yourself talk with something so heavy on your conscience? How the hell can you not have the slightest twinge of guilt, you superficial, selfish, bastard!? You know what I'm talking about.

Foley: No, Hunter, I have no idea what you're talking about-

HHH: Don't feed me that crap, Foley! These fans may buy the sh*t that comes out of your mouth, but I don't!

Foley: Triple H...what the hell are you doing out here?

HHH: I'm out here because you took the most important thing in my life away from me, and I want it back!

Foley: And just what is that?

HHH: You cost me the World Heavyweight Championship!

The fans booed at this outrageous remark. Mick Foley looked bewildered and Triple H continued to speak.

HHH: Cast your mind back to February 21, Mick: you told Batista that he was merely a pawn in Evolution's game, and that he'd be better off on his own - and look where we are now. Batista's runnin' around with the World Heavyweight Championship, and now Mr. McMahon's rewarding you with a shiny new Hardcore Title! Your intentions from the beginning were to cost me the World Title and break up Evolution - and everybody knew it except me and Ric Flair! And then, last night, you poisoned Flair's mind, forcing me to ditch him - I'm beginning to see a pattern forming. Evolution is the dominant force in WWE. Then, Mick Foley makes a big comeback. Mick Foley breaks up Evolution. Mick Foley gets awarded with a nice new championship belt - it was all a plot from the beginning. A plot to end my dominance and Evolution's dominance! Everybody's out to get me! Well I guess I'm gonna have to do something about it...

Triple H kicked Mr. McMahon in the gut and nailed him with the Pedigree. Mick Foley lunged at "the Game" with his belt, but Triple H was too quick and left the ring. He took his microphone with him.

HHH: This means war, Foley...I'll get you and your title out of the way...then I'll get my World Title back...that piece of crap in the ring (Triple H motioned at Mr. McMahon, who was pulling himself up) can make it begin...May 1st...Backlash...if you really wanna "defend it with pride," then you can defend against me..."the Game..."

Triple H threw the microphone over his shoulder and walked out to the sounds of "the Game," as Mick Foley helped Mr. McMahon up.

JR: My god, "the Game's" laid down the challenge for Backlash, for the Hardcore Championship!

King: If I was Foley, I wouldn't accept...I think losing the World's Title has made Triple H a little crazy!

A graphic appeared showing who had come to RAW and who had gone to SmackDown! in the evening's draft lottery.

[JR: Well folks, there's one more pick each in the lottery. So far RAW has picked up Charlie Haas, Heidenreich, the Big Show, Tazz and Hardcore Holly, while we've lost Chris Jericho, the man sitting right next to me, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Christian, Steven Richards, and The Hurricane. But there's one more pick each: who's gonna come? Who's gonna go? We'll find out next!

Eric Bischoff and Theodore Long walked out onto the stage to no music, after all, it had been a long night and they just wanted to get things done. Bischoff's pick was first up.

Bischoff: Alright! So, tonight, I've raided some of SmackDown!'s top talent...who's next?

Bischoff pulled out a ball and read the name...he grinned.

Bischoff: I think everybody's happy, here. Teddy, this man has made your life a living hell over the past few months, and I'm sure he's very pleased to get out of SmackDown!. And who wouldn't be? My final pick is CARLITO CARIBBEAN COOL!

Carlito stood up and he was very pleased to be leaving SmackDown! and its "oppressive, biased" General Manager behind. Carlito hadn't been wearing a SmackDown! shirt and he declined the offer of a RAW shirt. He merely sat in the back row with Hardcore Holly and ate his apple.

Long: Playa, you can keep him...you'll be spendin' all of RAW's money on apples...now, let's see who SmackDown!'s final pick is...

Theodore Long pulled a ball out of the RAW tumbler...the SmackDown! GM looked ecstatic as he read the name on it...

Long: SmackDown! has picked up yet another former World Champion! The youngest World Champion, in fact, in WWE history!

It dawned on some fans who this man was and they cheered...Eric Bischoff's expression turned extremely sour...

Long: I would like to welcome to SmackDown!...the Legend Killer...RANDY ORTON!

The fans cheered and in the locker room, a RAW shirt-clad Orton stood up, did his signature pose and ripped his shirt down the middle. He took a SmackDown! shirt and put it on, standing behind the rest of the roster. Meanwhile, Eric Bischoff threw a fit on the stage and stormed to the back, and Theodore Long was happy as we went to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

The music of Charlie Haas hit in the arena and the former three-time WWE Tag Team Champion made his way out to a mixed reaction for his first match on RAW and a massive opportunity to Main Event Backlash! Haas was wearing a new black-and-white singlet and he did a big jump on the ramp, before punching himself in the head to psyche himself up. Haas walked to the ring, and feigned high-fiving the fans, moving his hand away to each one of them. The former half of the World's Greatest Tag Team then got into the ring and warmed up, before out came the other former half of the World's Greatest Tag Team in the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin! Benjamin was cheered as he walked to the ring to "Ain't No Stoppin' Me Now," and he mingled with excited fans as they hung over the barrier. Benjamin then got into the ring and acted as if he didn't notice Charlie Haas, climbing the turnbuckles and raising his belt high. "Whatever" by Our Lady Peace then hit and the fans booed as the Rabid Wolverine and former World's Champion Chris Benoit made his way to the ring. Benoit did nothing except stare at his two opponents and the ruthless fighter got into the ring and began warming up. JR reminded us of the elimination rule in this match, and the bell rang to decide who's going to Backlash!

World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders Match

Charlie Haas vs Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Benoit

Midway through this bout, Chris Benoit was nearly eliminated by Shelton Benjamin as Batista made his way to the announce table, distracting Benoit. Benjamin would have got the pin with the rollup had Charlie Haas not pulled him off; no, Haas was not of the belief this was a normal Triple Threat, he just seemed intent on keeping Benoit in the match so he and Benoit could beat down Shelton Benjamin. Indeed, this is how this match went for a long time, with Haas and Benoit beating on the Intercontinental Champion. It came down to two men soon after Batista came out, at around twelve minutes, as Benjamin moved out of the way of a Haas/Benoit Irish Whip into him, and dropkicked Benoit in the knees, and nailed the Stinger Splash on Charlie Haas to get a pinfall elimination. Benoit got up and Benjamin went nose-to-nose with the former World's Champion. The two men then locked up, and Benoit back Benjamin into a corner and tried to maneuver one of his legs onto the middle rope to immobilise him, but Shelton Benjamin hit Benoit in the face. Benoit backed up, holding his face and he backed into the corner, in a perfect position for the Stinger Splash, but Benoit was playing possum and he pulled the referee in the way of the Stinger Splash. Benoit went for a Clothesline but Shelton Benjamin ducked it and hit him with a kick to the face. The Intercontinental Champion then tried to revive the referee, but he was jumped from behind by the man he had eliminated from the match! Charlie Haas pulled Benjamin into a DDT before picking up the Intercontinental Championship belt and nailing him with it. Haas then put Benjamin in the Haas of Pain before getting up, spitting on him, and having a brief staredown with Benoit before leaving. Chris Benoit was to take full advantage of this and Earl Hebner was slowly recovering from the effects of the Stinger Splash...and Benoit came down with a Headbutt right onto the already unconscious Shelton Benjamin! Chris Benoit covered...one, two, three, and Benoit is going to Backlash! (Q82, C78, O80)

Winner - Chris Benoit

"Whatever" played in the arena and Chris Benoit raised his arms on the turnbuckles in victory. Batista got up from the announce table and stared at the man who he will face at Backlash, and as this electric staredown went on, Jim Ross spoke.

JR: Well King...this has certainly been a night I'll never forget. RAW picked up and lost several superstars, and this is our last night together. Good luck with your new partner on SmackDown!...

King: And the same for you, JR...I'll see ya.

JR: Well folks...Chris Benoit's goin' to Backlash...what will he and Batista have to say about that match? And what were Charlie Haas' motives as he attacked Benjamin? That's all we've got time for - we'll...I'll see you next week on RAW!

Quick Match Results:

Edge def. Chris Jericho

Shawn Michaels def. Simon Dean

Heidenreich def. The Hurricane

World Title #1 Contenders: Chris Benoit def. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas to get a title shot at Backlash

Overall Rating: 81%

TV Rating: 5.68

Attendance: 9, 009

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Awesome show man... would have loved a swerve ending with Haas winning or something and then he could have given up his shot to Benoit for an IC Shot or something like that... Was a good RAW though and the lottery was handled very well... Not a big fan of HBK vs Show but id like to see what you can do with it anyway...

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Guest LilJoeyPez



SmackDown! picked up an array of talent from RAW in Monday's draft lottery, drawing Chris Jericho, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Christian, Steven Richards, The Hurricane, and Randy Orton from a tumbler filled with RAW superstars. Thursday's SmackDown! will be the first for these superstars in a long time, and they will all want to make an impact.

It will also be the first SmackDown! for John Cena as the WWE Champion. While Cena was in attendance at RAW, he uncharacteristically remained relatively quiet. That will not be so this Thursday evening, when two of the most charismatic superstars in WWE history meet for the first time in a long time, as Cena is the guest on the first ever SmackDown! edition of Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel!

SmackDown! on Thursday will also be the first in a long time for Brock Lesnar. Lesnar returned at WrestleMania to an incredible response from the fans, F5ing RAW's Jonathan Coachman. Another one who was uncharacteristically quiet on RAW, Lesnar is certain to make his voice heard this Thursday.

In in-ring action, three of SmackDown!'s new wrestlers are in action against three of SmackDown!'s best, as Steven Richards goes one-on-one with Booker T, Randy Orton faces Chavo Guerrero, and The Hurricane faces Kurt Angle! These are sure to be very tough debut matches for these three, and what else do they deserve in their SmackDown! debut? And finally, we heard from Theodore R. Long on RAW that JBL has taken a leave of abscence - but his Cabinet is still working, and on SmackDown!, the Basham Brothers will defend their WWE Tag Team Championship against a mystery tag team that Theodore Long has reunited! It could be one of many, and to find out who, and for so much more, tune into SmackDown!, this Thursday on UPN!

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Guest LilJoeyPez


World Wrestling Entertainment today ended contract negotiations with Tyson Tomko, and made the decision to terminate the 29 year-old's contract. We wish Tomko all the best of luck in the future.

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Guest LilJoeyPez

WWE SmackDown!

Thursday 7 April 2005

LIVE on UPN from Los Angeles, California

Commentators: Michael Cole & Jerry "The King" Lawler

Highlights of RAW's draft lottery were shown as SmackDown! picked up Chris Jericho, Jerry Lawler, Christian, The Hurricane, Steven Richards and Randy Orton, while losing stars like Charlie Haas, Tazz, Carlito Caribbean Cool, the Big Show, Heidenreich, and Hardcore Holly. The opening video played and then we opened up for WWE's final show of their stay in LA, and the Hollywood fans went crazy as SmackDown!'s opening pyro exploded and we went to Michael Cole and his brand new broadcast partner!

Cole: Folks, welcome to what promises to be an absolutely explosive SmackDown! I'm Michael Cole here at ringside, alongside my brand new broadcast partner...

King: Michael, I was sad to leave RAW, but I've seen the talent SmackDown! has here and I'm very much lookin' forward to tonight!

Cole: SmackDown!'s new talents are all here tonight, and several are in matches - Randy Orton is against Chavo Guerrero, The Hurricane's fighting Kurt Angle...and then you've got this psycho!

"I'll show you...you'll see!"

Steven Richards' music played in the arena and the fans barely responded as Richards made his way out to the ring in purple tights patterned in a sort of barbwire fashion, for his first SmackDown! match in over three years. Richards got into the ring and he raised his arms to ilicit a slight reaction. "Dig It" then hit in the arena and the crowd cheered as Booker T made his way to the ring. Michael Cole and the King talked about how a strange masked man cost "the Book" his match with Eddie Guerrero at WrestleMania. Booker seemed to be trying to forget that moment and he got into the ring and immediately went at it with Richards.

Booker T vs Steven Richards

The bigger, stronger, tougher Booker T dominated this match, but Steven Richards must be given credit; he kicked out of several high-impact moves in quick succession. and refused to tap out of a long sleeper hold. This seemed to increase Booker T's ongoing frustration throughout the bout, and Richards capitalised with a Stevie Kick attempt, but Booker ducked and made an attempt to hit Richards with a kick of his own, but Richards ducked and Booker ended up hitting the referee. Richards dived at Booker T but Booker caught him and set Stevie up for the Book End...but he was attacked from behind by the masked man! Again kitted out all in black, the mystery man pulled a lead pipe from his clothing and nailed Booker over the head with it, before reviving the referee. The fans were booing the mystery man, who had cost Booker T a match for the second time in a week as Steven Richards covered "the Book" for the three count. (Q84, C75, O79)

Winner - Steven Richards (6:01)

Steven Richards' music played in the arena and Richards had gotten a win in his first match since leaving RAW, but it had been tainted by the mystery man's interference, and Booker T looked absolutely livid as the masked man left, not looking back. Richards was celebrating in the ring and Booker knocked Richards down with a kick before storming backstage.

The camera went backstage and the masked man was leaving in a car, and a limousine arrived as it left. The limo stopped, and out stepped none other than Paul Heyman. The fans seemed surprised to see Heyman, and he ducked back inside the limo and talked to the person he was with.

Heyman: You stay in here for a while. I'll go out there and introduce you. Oh man, these people aren't gonna believe you're back! And with me! Paul E.! They'll love it.

Heyman walked off as we went to a...

Commercial Break

Paul Heyman's music hit in the arena and Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler seemed less than captivated by Heyman's presence as he made his way to the ring. Heyman was wearing a cap and was unshaven, which was noted by the King, who made a reference to ECW. Heyman got on the mic.

Heyman: If any of you watched RAW this past Monday, you would know that my client, Heidenreich, is now a RAW talent. Which leaves me without a man to take to the top like I have done with so many superstars. Or should I say "left" me without a client. Because last night, I was thinking about all of my acheivements in wrestling. I've been the greatest color commentator this industry has ever seen, I've managed three former WWE Champions, I've turned a regional wrestling federation into a global organization...ah, those were the days. I was on top of the world with ECW, and then Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff stole it all away from me in one sweep. Well, finally, I've devised a way to repay Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff for killing ECW...I've created a new organization, a new alliance of the greatest wrestlers of all time. An alliance that personifys something that ECW oozed: violence. And with my Alliance of Violence, I'm gonna take over the wrestling world. I'm gonna take over SmackDown!, I'm gonna take over RAW, and I'm gonna run WWE the way I see fit. And with my Alliance of Violence at my side, we're gonna turn wrestling extreme again. So, let me start the revolution by telling you what's gonna happen...every week, I'm gonna come out here and build my Alliance until I've got a team capable of beating any man...and without further ado, let me introduce the first man who has opted to join me in the AOV takeover...ROB VAN DAM!


RVD's music played in the arena and the fans in the arena were shocked as RVD returned from his knee injury well ahead of schedule, in a smart-looking leather jacket and jeans, wearing a baseball cap just like Heyman, but backwards. Rob Van Dam walked to the ring and got in there, and he took the microphone from Paul Heyman, who applauded. The fans now began to boo and chant "you sold out" at RVD.

RVD: Dudes, you can chant all you want, because I couldn't give a damn what you people think any more. Ya see, contrary to what you people may think, or just choose not to believe, Paul Heyman made me the force that I am in this business...and this is my way of repaying him. Every week, we're gonna grow stronger, and the Alliance of Violence is gonna take over the whole...damn...show!

"619" hit in the arena and the fans, who had been booing Paul Heyman and Rob Van Dam, began to cheer as Rey Mysterio burst out onto the stage, with his new United States Championship around his waist, and with a microphone in hand. Mysterio wasn't stupid enough to go to the ring, so he stayed on the stage to talk.

Rey: What the hell is this? RVD...we were buddies...we were partners...we were Tag Team Champions...and you wanna go to him? You wanna join up with Heyman? What the hell is with you, man?

RVD: Hey, you were holding me back! I feigned injury so I could get out of that god-awful tag team with you and rethink my career so I could become a force again, just like I was in ECW!

Rey: That's funny...because when you were out with your fake injury, I had to go out and fight on my own...and look what I got out of it.

Rey rubbed his shiny new United States Championship belt. RVD eyed it jealously.

Rey: But, whatever, Rob. Y'know, if we were still buds, I'd have considered givin' you a shot at my title...but now...with that walking urinal stinking up ringside? I don't think so. And when your little revolution fails, and you come crawlin' back to me, maybe, just maybe.

Rey laughed and "619" played for a moment as he walked to the back, and the fans cheered. Rob Van Dam was pissed in the ring and he shouted at Rey Mysterio. When "619" faded, Paul Heyman spoke to an angry Van Dam.

Heyman: Rob! Rob, don't worry. The Alliance of Violence will grow stronger over time...and it will soon acquire its first title...the United States Championship.

The fans booed, Heyman and RVD laughed and left, and Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler were left to discuss what had just gone down.

Cole: Well that was odd...Paul Heyman claiming he, Rob Van Dam, and more superstars to be named, are basically going to overthrow Vince McMahon and run the WWE how they see fit...

King: Don't make me laugh...Heyman and his - what's it called? - Alliance of Violence aren't going to do anything. Heyman ran ECW into the ground, and that's exactly what's gonna happen here. (O84)

After a promo aired for RAW's Backlash PPV hyping the match between Batista and Chris Benoit on the show, the Basham Brothers' music hit in the arena and the WWE Tag Team Champions made their way out with Orlando Jordan and Amy Weber, representing ex-WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield, who we learned on RAW had taken a leave of abscence from WWE following his loss to John Cena at WrestleMania. The Cabinet got into the ring and the Bashams raised their belts in the air, before Orlando Jordan got on the microphone.

Jordan: As I'm sure you all know, the former WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield, has taken a leave of abscence from WWE. But myself, the Bashams, and Amy Weber, will continue to entertain you people, no matter how little you deserve it, week in, week out. We will channel the spirit of JBL in all of our bouts, and we will become the force we once were again, beginning next week, when we have a WrestleMania XXI rematch, as I will defeat Rey Mysterio and regain my US Title!

The fans booed Jordan, who passed the microphone to Amy Weber.

Weber: This next match is just an example of how, even with JBL gone, Theodore Long continues his unfair treatment of the Cabinet. Tonight, he has made a Tag Team Championship match, with the Basham Brothers defending against a "mystery, reunited tag team." I mean, come on! They could be fighting anyone from the New Age Outlaws, to the Mega Powers, to the Hardy Boyz...we can't scout them, we can't study tapes, it's ridiculous! But of course, they're the Basham Brothers. They don't need to scout, or study tapes - they're the greatest Tag Team Champions of all time! And whoever this mystery team is, we'll show Theodore Long that anything he throws at us, we'll knock 'em right out of the park!


"Bangin' It" hit in the arena and the fans cheered for the return of former Tag Team Champions, Too Cool! Scotty 2 Hotty came out first, followed by the returning Grand Master Sexay, and the two men danced their way to the ring to face off with the Bashams, who were shocked and annoyed about the return of Too Cool. Scotty and Sexay got into the ring and their music faded as they stared down with Doug and Danny Basham. The bell then rang to start this match. (O63)

WWE Tag Team Championship

Too Cool vs The Basham Brothers©

With Orlando Jordan and Amy Weber at ringside, the odds were always going to be against Too Cool, but the Basham Brothers seemed so frustrated at the crowd support for Too Cool that it went some way toward evening the odds. Scotty 2 Hotty and Grand Master Sexay looked like they had been teaming regularly since the break-up in 2001, and pulled off all their double-team moves to perfection. Too Cool looked set to have the titles won in their first match when Grand Master Sexay took a flying leap over the top rope onto Orlando Jordan and Amy Weber, just as Danny Basham was laid out with a Bulldog by Scotty 2 Hotty...the referee was distracted by Sexay and Jordan's brawl on the outside and Scotty did the Worm in the ring...but just as he had his back turned, Danny switched with Doug. Scotty went for the chop, but there was nobody home and Doug Basham hit Scotty with a Low Blow and a Leg Lariat for a cheap three-count. (Q78, C63, O70)

Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions - The Basham Brothers (5:43)

The Bashams' music played and the Cabinet made a quick exit with the Tag Team Titles in hand, and Too Cool looked on, looking very pissed off.

Cole: Dammit! Too Cool had those titles won, and the Bashams stole them from right under their noses! And in their return match!

King: Hey, Too Cool should think more like the Cabinet. They do whatever it takes to win, and I like that.

Cole: What? We'll be right back.

Commercial Break

Cole: Tazz isn't here - you gotta say the line, King!

King: Well...here comes the pain!

Brock Lesnar's music hit in the arena and the fans cheered as Lesnar made his way to the ring, returning to SmackDown! for the first time in over a year. Lesnar was wearing a new "Here Comes The Pain" t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms and he made his way to the ring and stepped in between the ropes. Lesnar's music faded and he got on the mic. Lesnar made an attempt to speak, but before he could even do that, "Medal" hit in the arena and Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak stepped out onto the ramp in very smart outfits. Angle, Jindrak and Reigns looked out upon the Los Angeles crowd and didn't look particularly blown away by them. Angle spoke into the microphone.

Angle: Woah. Don't even say it, Lesnar. I've heard it time and time again from so many different guys - "I'm back in WWE and I wanna thank you people for accepting me back into the mix" - and it makes me sick! Especially in front of these Los Angeles losers - last Sunday, I had a world-class match with Shawn Michaels which I won, and these people boo me. Brock Lesnar returns after turning his back on WWE to go and play football - and he gets cheered? These people are idiots! And what about you, Brock Lesnar? When you left, you were an unstoppable monster. Nobody wanted to face you. Now you're back, and, don't deny it, I saw you at 'Mania, you're sucking up to these idiotic fans. Well Brock, these people may chant it at me, but I've got one thing to say about the side of you I see now. You suck!

Jindrak and Reigns were loving it and clapped for Kurt Angle. Brock Lesnar laughed, and spoke.

Lesnar: Wow. Kurt Angle. Now there's a voice I haven't heard in a while. Y'know Kurt, in that little bitch of yours, you did make a couple of good points. A lot of guys do say what you said, and yeah, a lot of them don't mean it. And yeah, you had a world-class match with Shawn Michaels. And these people did boo you. But they had good reason to, Kurt, because they're right. You absolutely freak-a-diddlin' suck!

The fans cheered and a "you suck" chant began directed towards Kurt Angle. Angle had a very sour look on his face upon hearing this.

Lesnar: What, you don't like what you're hearing, Kurt? Why don't you come to this ring and prove to all these people that you don't suck?

The fans cheered at the potential fight that could go down and Angle conferred with Jindrak and Reigns, before all three men made their way to the ring.

Lesnar: Woah...Kurt, if you need backup to come down and take me on, you must suck. Oh, I remember when I tapped out to you. You didn't need backup then. What happened?

Angle: I don't need backup - I'll show you!

Angle removed his jacket and ran to the ring, unloading on Lesnar with punches, but Brock Lesnar immediately scooped up Kurt Angle for an F5...

Cole: Here it comes...hey, wait a minute!

Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak jumped Brock Lesnar from behind, making him drop Angle. Lesnar double-clotheslined Angle's cronies, but Kurt Angle scooped up an unsuspecting Lesnar for an Angle Slam. Jindrak, Reigns, and Angle all then stomped away on Lesnar, before Angle's proteges held Lesnar back for Angle to beat down. Kurt decked Lesnar and then booted him in the face, and Lesnar fell to the ground before the three heels left, to boos. Kurt Angle turned to take one last look at the damage he had done, but Brock Lesnar got up! The fans cheered and Lesnar could be seen shouting to Angle "you're gonna regret that." (O92)

A promo aired for the WWE's upcoming tour of the UK, before we returned to the ring where the Highlight Reel was set up...






The fans in the arena cheered as Chris Jericho made his way to the ring, now a SmackDown! talent! Jericho mingled with the fans as he made his way to the ring, then he circled the ring, signing autographs and high-fiving fans. The "Highlight of the Night" got into the ring and took the microphone for the first ever SmackDown! edition of Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel!

Jericho: Welcome to...SmackDown! is Jericho! And welcome to Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel! And I would like to thank you all for that much-deserved ovation for me, SmackDown!'s new sexy beast! Let me tell ya, over on RAW, Y2J was underutilised, underused, and not to mention underpaid. But that's all gonna change. There's a new kid on the SmackDown! block, and his name is the ayatollah of rock and rollah! And I personally guarantee that before long, I will have gold around my waist. Which leads me to my guest tonight. If you could direct your attention to the ridiculously expensive Jeritron 5000...

Footage of John Bradshaw Layfield being slammed to the mat at WrestleMania was shown, before JBL was pinned to finally lose his title. The new champion was shown celebrating as JBL left, shocked and infuriated.

Jericho: Ladies and gentlemen...the WWE Champion...JOHN CENA!

"Basic Thuganomics" hit in the arena and the fans went absolutely insane for the new WWE Champion, the "Doctor of Thuganomics" himself, John Cena! Cena was wearing one of his own personalised basketball jerseys and his shorts, with the title belt buckled loosely around his waist. Cena, like Jericho had, high-fived fans on his way down the ramp before he got into the ring and stood on the middle rope, unbuckling his belt and raising it high in the air. Cena did this on all four turnbuckles and his entrance music had nearly reached a climax before Cena walked over to the Jeritron 5000's microphone-holders, and took a mic.

Cena: Yo...the champ is here!

The LA fans cheered for the new WWE Champion.

Cena: The champ is here! The champ is here in Los Angeles, baby!

The fans popped even louder at the mention of their home city, and Cena went on.

Cena: Yo...this Sunday, your boy climbed to the top of the mountain. And while I was there, I pushed JBL right off the summit. Then I took JBL's flag, I snapped it in half, pissed all over it, took a dump on it, and threw it down there with him! And you know what I did then? I got my own flag out, and I planted it on top of the mountain - and you know what that flag said? It said, "Chain Gang, co-holders of the WWE Championship, homie!"

The fans cheered and the camera viewed many small children wearing chain gang shirts and holding up chain gang signs.

Cena: And I stand on top of the mountain, and I see all. And you know what I see and I hear? I see JBL, runnin' home with his tail in between his legs, and I hear him cryin' over how your boy beat him in the middle of this ring, one, two, three! And you know what else I hear? I hear people goin' "John, John, who're you gonna defend your title against?" Well-

Jericho: Hey junior, remember me? The host of this lil' show?

Cena: Hey! It's Jerry Springer! How you doin', J?

Jericho: Oh, ha ha! Y'know, Cena, it really hurts to be punked out by some PN News wannabe.

The two men both laughed and looked at each other, their expressions hard to decipher. It was clear there was respect there, but both men seemed to be growing an intense dislike for each other.

Jericho: And as for who you're gonna defend your title against? Well, I'm right here, champ!

The lights in the arena turned gold and Chris Jericho and John Cena, who had gone into a staredown, turned to view the entrance of another of SmackDown!'s new signings, Christian. "Captain Charisma" was wearing a black and gold jacket and some flashy new black and gold wrestling tights, and he made his way to the ring. Jericho and Cena looked less than impressed by Christian's entrance as he walked onto the set of the Highlight Reel and took a mic.

Christian: You know, I walked into this SmackDown! show earlier on expecting to be blown away, and frankly, I'm disappointed. You've got a General Manager who sounds like a broken Vanilla Ice record bringing back dancing tag teams that sucked five years ago, let alone today, you've got some ninja running around beating up Booker T, you've got a guy who left to play football being welcomed back with open arms...and...oh yeah! The Highlight Reel is here! The worst thing on RAW is now taking up valuable airtime that could be used for Christian, and you've also got the worst thing on SmackDown! holding one of the most prestigious belts in the business! Hey Cena - how long before you turn that belt into a disgusting child's toy like you did with the US Title? Hey-what the hell are you doing?

Chris Jericho and John Cena were both closing in on Christian, who was stood in the corner, leaving him no way out of the ring. The fans cheered as Christian looked scared and Cena and Jericho had grins on their faces. The WWE Champion and "the Highlight of the Night" both went for Christian...

"You know it's the mack militant, comin' to get it on!"

Theodore Long's music played, and the GM of SmackDown! walked out onto the ramp. Jericho, Cena and Christian all stood and watched as Long spoke.

Long: Hold it right there, playas! I can't just let the first ever Highlight Reel on SmackDown! be ruined like this! Now Christian, I get the impression you don't wanna be here. You can get up and leave at any time, but lemme tell you somethin', thanks to a little clause in your contract, RAW can't have you back! Now are you gonna wrestle for me, or what?

Christian looked unhappy and John Cena laughed. Jericho stood in the background, staring at Long.

Long: Good. Now that that's settled...Chris, you say you want a shot at the WWE Title? Well playa, I'm all about equal opportunity, and even though Christian has disrespected you, me, SmackDown!, and the WWE Champion, I'm gonna give him the opportunity for the title as well, because I'm sure these people would like to see Christian get his ass beat by John Cena!

Christian: Hey! You're talking like he's gonna beat me! You're the GM, you can't talk to your guys like that!

Long: Like I said, playa, if you don't like it, get out. Tonight, in the Main Event, it's gonna be Chris Jericho against Christian. And the winner gets a title shot in three weeks when SmackDown! comes to Birmingham, England! Holla, holla holla!

Teddy Long's theme played as we went to a break. (O92)

Commercial Break

Randy Orton's music hit in the arena and the fans of SmackDown! went nuts for the Legend Killer's SmackDown! debut! Orton made his way to the ring and did his signature pose on the middle rope, as the commentators sung the former World Heavyweight Champion's praises. Chavo Guerrero's music then kicked in as the cocky former Cruiserweight Champion walked out to the ring. The fans booed Chavo as he strutted down the ramp, never taking his eyes off Orton. Chavo Guerrero then got into the ring and the bell rang to start this matchup.

Chavo Guerrero vs Randy Orton

Both of the competitors had reputations for being extremely cocky, but neither underestimated his opponent in this excellent matchup. The ladies in the crowd were behind the "Legend Killer" and so were angry when Chavo held the momentum for most of the matchup, immobilising Orton and hitting him with some very slick moves. The match, however, did not go Chavo's way as he thought he had Orton beaten after reversing a DDT into a Northern Lights Suplex, and Orton looked like he had been knocked down. Chavo stood over the prone body of Randy Orton and posed, but Orton had been playing possum and leapt up, nailing Chavo with the RKO for the three count! (Q80, C79, O79)

Winner - Randy Orton (5:12)


As soon as the bell rang, Eddie Guerrero's music hit in the arena and the fans cheered for "Latino Heat," victorious over Booker T at WrestleMania, as he made his way out in a very attractive lowrider. Eddie had a new t-shirt out and he threw a couple into the crowd before jumping over the door and getting into the ring, where Randy Orton stood waiting for Eddie, looking very confused. Eddie took a microphone and spoke as his music faded.

Eddie: Orale holmes, that was very impressive, man! A victory over somebody I grew up teachin' to wrestle...mi familia never was quite in my league.

Chavo was up and extremely pissed off at losing and at Eddie's comments, and he left the ring shouting and spitting everywhere.

Eddie: Now I know you were a big deal on RAW, essa, but this is SmackDown!. We do things a lil' differently over here. And I'm gonna give you some advice: never so much as look at JBL's limo, or Kurt Angle's gold medals. Never try and outrap John Cena. And always, always, remember to lie, cheat, and steal! Orale holmes, it's a family tradition. And Randy Orton, "Latino Heat's" about to give you the opportunity of a lifetime, essa. I think you need somebody to help you get up and runnin' here on SmackDown!, and I've been lookin' for a runnin' buddy for a long time. Randy, I think you're just the guy. Whaddaya say, vato?

Orton, who had remained very stony-faced and annoyed-looking during Eddie's speech, stared down the former WWE Champion. Eddie grinned, and Orton offered his hand. Eddie took it, and gave the former World Heavyweight Champion a hug - Orton had a smile on his face, but it was a strange one, there was still a hint of annoyance in his expression...could Randy Orton have a hidden agenda? We went to an ad break.

A video plugging the Triple H/Mick Foley match for the Hardcore Championship at Backlash was shown, and when we returned to the arena everything turned green...


"Eye of the Hurricane" hit in the arena and the SmackDown! fans cheered as The Hurricane made his way out, back on SmackDown! after his move to RAW in 2002. The Hurricane slapped high-fives with the fans and gave a kid in the crowd a mask, before getting into the ring. "Medal" then began to play and Kurt Angle made his way to the ring, as Michael Cole and the King revisited the assault on Brock Lesnar earlier in the evening by Angle and his associates, Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak. Jindrak and Reigns accompanied Angle on his way to the ring, and Kurt eyed up The Hurricane with a cocky smile as he got into the ring with SmackDown!'s new superhero. The bell then rang to kick off this match.

Kurt Angle vs The Hurricane

This bout was not unlike one of the Kurt Angle invitationals, with Angle showing his wrestling skills with takedowns and submission holds, and being very arrogant about it. However The Hurricane, being considerably more talented than the rookies Kurt Angle wrestles every week, got in some offensive maneuvers and escaped an Angle Slam attempt and hit the Eye of the Hurricane, only to get a two-count. The fans chanted "we want Lesnar" throughout this match, and the former WWE Champion appeared to cause uproar in the arena. Jindrak and Reigns attempted to block Lesnar's way to the ringside area, but Lesnar clotheslined the two big men down and attempted to get into the ring, only to be stopped by the referee. Kurt Angle then began to shout at Lesnar, and The Hurricane dropkicked Kurt Angle over the top rope, and Angle fell on top of Brock Lesnar. The referee began to count out Kurt Angle, and Angle was pissed and attempted to get back into the ring, but Brock Lesnar held onto Kurt Angle's leg and the referee counted to ten, counting Angle out! (Q85, C87, O86)

Winner - The Hurricane (6:01)

"Eye of the Hurricane" hit in the arena and The Hurricane celebrated in the ring. Lesnar let go of Angle, and Kurt Angle got up and shoved Lesnar. Brock laughed at Kurt Angle and got into the ring to raise The Hurricane's hand and Kurt Angle shouted at Lesnar, incensed at being disrespected by Lesnar. Kurt Angle slapped the ring apron but didn't seem to want to get in a fight with Lesnar, and so left with Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak as Brock Lesnar watched on.

Commercial Break

"...so, you think you're untouchable..."

"Basic Thuganomics" hit in the arena and the fans cheered as the WWE Champion made his way to ringside to provide his own personal insight on the Main Event, which was to decide the number one contender to his WWE Championship. Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole welcomed Cena and asked him how it felt to be crowned WWE Champion on the grandest stage of them all. Cena talked for a while about this before the lights flashed gold and Christian's music hit and the fans booed the man Micheal Cole began to call a CLB. Christian seemed to think he was a big deal and he posed on the turnbuckles before the countdown began...






The fans cheered as Chris Jericho made his appearance on the stage with his back to the crowd and his arms outstretched. Jericho turned and the fans cheered for him as he made his way to the ring for his opportunity to earn a shot at John Cena's title. Jericho got into the ring and braced himself for what was sure to be a physical rematch from WrestleMania XX and Unforgiven 2004. Jericho's music faded and he got into the ring with Christian as the bell rang to kick off this match.

WWE Championship #1 Contenders

Chris Jericho vs Christian

These two men gave their all for a shot at John Cena's title, and as Cena provided his unique insight from ringside, they produced a great match in their first time wrestling on SmackDown!. Christian took control of the match from early on but even the Unprettier could not put Chris Jericho away, as Jericho kicked out of it and the Peep Impact. The match continued for ten minutes with the fans firmly behind Jericho, and the finish came when Jericho and Christian were fighting on the outside of the ring. Christian DDT'd Jericho on the outside and then began to taunt John Cena, motioning that the belt would be around his waist. Cena threw down his headset and went nose-to-nose with Christian, and then waved his hand over his face, saying "you can't see me!" Christian got pissed off and shoved Cena and John Cena shrugged it off, and pointed out to Christian that Chris Jericho was stood up behind him. Jericho threw Christian into the ringside steps, and then back into the ring. Christian went for another DDT, but Chris Jericho planted Christian with a Northern Lights Suplex and then leapt off the middle rope with a Lionsault for a three count! (Q92, C90, O91)

Winner - Chris Jericho (10:31)

"Break The Walls Down" hit in the arena and Chris Jericho was announced as the winner, but the music quickly faded as the WWE Champion got into the ring. Chris Jericho and John Cena had a heated staredown, and the fans were going nuts over a huge WWE Championship match in three weeks time!

Cole: It's confirmed - John Cena will make his first WWE title defense against Chris Jericho in three weeks time in Birmingham, England - what a match that will be!

King: Oh no - Christian isn't happy!

Christian got up and he was stomping his feet and kicking the turnbuckles in frustration. Much like earlier in the evening, Cena and Jericho turned their heads towards "Captain Charisma," who wisely stopped his antics and dropped to his knees before leaving the ring. SmackDown! ended with a three-way staredown between the WWE Champion, John Cena, and two of SmackDown!'s new members, Chris Jericho and Christian!

Quick Match Results:

Steven Richards def. Booker T

Tag Titles: The Basham Brothers def. Too Cool to retain

Randy Orton def. Chavo Guerrero

The Hurricane def. Kurt Angle by count out

Chris Jericho def. Christian

Show Quality: 81%

TV Rating: 5.73

Attendance: 9043

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Guest LilJoeyPez

WWE Velocity

Saturday 9 April 2005

LIVE on Spike TV

Commentators: Josh Matthews & Bill DeMott

Nunzio vs Steven Richards

Q84, C60, O72

Winner - Steven Richards (7:04)

After following up a big win over Booker T on SmackDown!, Richards got on the mic and said he was underappreciated on RAW, and was going to make sure that didn't happen on SmackDown!. (O79)

Commercial Break

Rene Dupree vs Scotty 2 Hotty

Q72, C68, O70

Winner - Scotty 2 Hotty (4:12)

A video package was shown promoting SmackDown!'s superhero, The Hurricane, laying the SmackDown! on evil. (O69)

Commercial Break

Grand Master Sexay vs Orlando Jordan

Q67, C63, O65

Winner - Grand Master Sexay (9:02)

After Grand Master Sexay toppled Orlando Jordan, Scotty 2 Hotty got into the ring and celebrated with his partner. However, the Basham Brothers entered the ring with the returning Orlando Jordan and attacked Too Cool, leaving the former Tag Team Champions laying. (O74)

Commercial Break

Akio, Spike Dudley & Billy Kidman vs Paul London, Shannon Moore & Funaki

Q80, C55, O67

Winners - Paul London, Shannon Moore & Funaki (10:53)

After Paul London picked up a pinfall over the Cruiserweight Champion Akio in this six-man tag, the partners left London and Akio alone in the ring, and they had a heated staredown in which Akio held up the Cruiserweight Championship and spat at London, shouting something in Japanese. The Cruiserweight Champ left as Velocity went off the air. (O61)

Quick Match Results:

Steven Richards def. Nunzio

Scotty 2 Hotty def. Rene Dupree

Grand Master Sexay def. Orlando Jordan

Paul London, Shannon Moore & Funaki def. Akio, Billy Kidman & Spike Dudley

Show Quality: 62%

TV Rating: 5.27


WWE Sunday Night Heat

Sunday 10 April 2005

LIVE on Spike TV

Commentators: Todd Grisham & Jonathan Coachman

Rhyno vs Heidenreich

Q82, C73, O77

Winner - Heidenreich (4:12)

Commercial Break

Simon Dean was in the ring and he plugged his patented Simon System before his match. (O73)

Tajiri vs Simon Dean

Q87, C66, O76

Winner - Tajiri (7:09)

Backstage, Eugene ran into Hardcore Holly and wished him luck for his match. Holly ignored Eugene and walked off. (O68)

Commercial Break

Maven vs Hardcore Holly

Q68, C71, O70

Winner - Hardcore Holly (8:11)

Heidenreich and Gene Snitsky were shown backstage talking about how they are the greatest, most destructive tag team ever. The creepy conversation ended with them christening themselves Destructive Nature. (O54)

William Regal vs Robert Conway

Q78, C67, O72

Winner - Robert Conway (6:55)

After Conway picked up a clean victory over William Regal, his partner Sylvain Grenier got into the ring and the two held their World Tag Team belts aloft. However, they were attacked by the deranged Gene Snitsky and Heidenreich. Destructive Nature destroyed La Résistance, tossing them both out of the ring and were celebrating as Heat went off the air. (O63)

Quick Match Results:

Heidenreich def. Rhyno

Tajiri def. Simon Dean

Hardcore Holly def. Maven

Robert Conway def. William Regal

Show Quality: 67%

TV Rating: 5.62

Edited by LilJoeyPez
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Guest ClearTheBong

Looks like Lesnar and Angle will once again do their thing. Surprised to see RVD join Heyman, but it makes sense and it also allows RVD to climb to the top. Keep up the excellent work, this diary is 5 star quality.

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