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Spider-Man - Sins Past

Herr Matzat

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First of all, in the normal Spider-Man universe, i hate the story becaus in my eyes it makes no sens at all - but, if you are able to see it stand alone as a what if story, it kicks major major big ass.

I just bought the TPB in a german comic shop yesterday, it should be avalibill all over the place wereever you live aslong as you have a online or offline comic shop to grab, it´s 12.99US well spend, go for it.

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The problem with Sins Past is that it's in the current continuity, where it's completely bizarre. I think this is the only J. Michael Strazynski-penned Spider-Man story I don't really like so far.

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yes, put i can ignore that sinc i stoped reading spider-man (exept USM, but thats another story) with the fiasco that the clone saga was so i can ignore how less sens it makes, i just see it as a "What if..." story and kick it out of the world i am reading at the moment (i just read amazing 152, i love marvel germany releasing all the old stuff in boxes twice a year) . . . there is just no way gwen could have... well i don´t want to spoil it for people that read it.

i guss i have to get the next 4 issues of SSM aswell sinc that seems to be the follow up to this :/

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