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Deadwood Season Two


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So yesterday my wife bought me Deadwood Season One for a Valentines Day gift(it was that or a new gas grill, and a man's gotta go with his heart after all), and on the front on the plastic it proclaims Deadwood Season Two as starting on Sunday March 6, 2005 on HBO.

As a fan of the first season, obviously, I proclaimed this to be the best American television series in the last 5 years bar none. Better than Lost, 24, Veronica Mars, Wonderfalls, Desperate Houswives, Firefly, and The Wire, all great series to be sure. While I have only begun to watch the box set, it is a 6 disc set, five featuring the 12 Episode First Season and a sixth full of Extras and commentaries featuring such things as "The New Language Of The Old West", or if you prefer, "Why Does EVERYONE Say Cocksucker In 1867". Each disc contains at least one episode with commentary from such people as creator David Milch, Ian McShane, and Timothy Olyphant to name but a few. The set is beautiful, and here in America it retails at $83, although Best Buy is selling it for $75. Kinda steep, I know, but well worth the money if you have it.

Basically, and this is an early opinion, it a perfectly done set on par with HBO's other sets. Anyone who has seen their sets for The Sopranos or Curb Your Enthusiasm knows that while they are always higher priced, they do reek of quality and don't skimp on the extras. I highly recommend Deadwood Season One on DVD

All hail Deadwood, and I for one cannot wait for March 6.

Anyone interested in the promo trailers and teaser trailer for Season Two can go right here. Available in both Quick Time and RealPlayer formats.


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Guest Ringmaster

I love this show. Ian McShane was probably the greatest actor on TV in the past year. I pretty much spent days saying "Sweadgen bring me one cocksuckah no two". Everything is brilliant here.

And if there's anything to be learned from Deadwood it's that everyone in the old West was a motherfucking cocksucker.

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