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OK, so I've been playing for free money on my preferred client (www.play4funpoker.com) for a couple years now, and now I'm looking to try to get into real money. Nothing major, as I'm just starting and I don't want to put a lot of money on the line until I'm ready to.

Any suggestions as to poker clients, tables, tournaments, etc.?

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It depends on what you're looking for. Some sites are great for good solid competition, others are great for the name value of those who play there, and some are superb if you enjoy playing below your level and taking easy money.

Edit: Just noticed the remark about not wanting to spend too much. Full Tilt has nickel and dime tables, the play will be quite loose, but you're accustomed to that from play money. It'll be a nice way to break yourself in, and the site is reputable.

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Only problem with Full Tilt is that they require you to put $50 in. Some sites allow you to put smaller sums like $20 in.

Other than that, FTP is an excellent site. I don't really play much anymore, I just go on there to chat with pros.

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Always? I was reading on one site that had a Bad Beat Jackpot; where if you had four of a kind jacks or better, and lost a showdown, you won the jackpot (usually got to around $10000 before somebody won it).

It's unlikely, but hey, why not?

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