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Beatallica Recieve Cease And Desist


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Yo—ooh—wooaahhhh—ah, dudez!  Hope your garage dayz are treating you well as this message comes to you.  We have quite a few things to cover, so let’s get right into it…

So, yeah.  If you are seeing this news update, you are now aware of the cease and desist letter sent to our ISP by Sony.  And that is just it.  The cease and desist was sent to our ISP and not Beatallica or Beatallica, L.L.C.  All we can say right now, is that we are looking into the matter and we will keep you all posted.  Is there a chance our ISP could pull the site?  Sure there is.  Does Sony want the News, Music, Lyrics, and Merch sections removed?  Yes, they do.  This does not affect Beatallica’s ability to perform live shows as we've set more and are making ground for Europe this year.  More on that in just a bit.

Let it be known that Beatallica, at this moment, is NOT getting sued by anyone in Metallica or by any living Beatle.  Jaymz actually had a conversation with Lars Ulrich since the cease and desist was sent and we’re happy to say that the Metallica camp is fully behind us and the integrity of Beatallica.  Lars was very personable and we’re thankful to have his personal time with all this.  Over the last few dayz, there have been bangers from all over the world writing to us or writing on blogs/sites that have had concerns, comments, and rants about what is happening or what will happen.  We do appreciate each and every one of you who is on our side, really.  We know who our allies are and we look forward to extending relationships with the present folks who are Beatallibangers and Beatallibangers to come in the near future.  We want to address the situation with the correct parties and come to a conclusion.

We do have a concern about the site, of course.  If any of you reading this want to be on our private email list, please let us know by writing:  beatallica@sbcglobal.net.  You can ask to be put on the list by writing into the bulletin board and starting a new post or by contacting us via the booking mail address as well.  If the site goes down, the sbcglobal address will get you to us for email sign up, booking contact, merch contact, and everything else associated with Beatallica.

More to follow on all of this, to be sure.  We’re getting quite the influx of requests for radio appearances, mag articles, and more.  Thanks to Neeley from The Classic Metal Show for all his help!  www.theclassicmetalshow.com.  Watch sites like Blabbermouth or look for updates in other areas of the media.  But please remember, you will always hear the actual situation from us and we will keep you posted..

So, other stuff.  Because of our “situation” that we want to clear up, we may be delaying the release of the mystery song.  It’s done, sounds great, and we’re ready to release it.  We do, however, want to make sure it’s accessible to everyone and goes up with a bang and doesn’t get lost in any sort of mumbo-jumbo.  Can’t wait for you all to hear it in whatever language.  We are playing it out for upcoming shows, along with two other new songs.  There’s a lot of creative steam right now in Beatallica and we can’t wait to bash with you all!

Speaking of that, we do have show updates that will be on the Show section of the site.  Here are the confirmed details as of right now:  The Friday, March 4th show at Mainstage in Waukesha will be with Cicero Yard and Ultra Magnus.  A new show has been confirmed for Vnuk’s Lounge in Milwaukee on Friday, April 1st.  That is not only an appropriate date, but also the one year anniversary of the Gray Album.  The Thursday, April 28th show at The Gasthaus at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is free, all-ages, and you can have beers if you’re over 21—sweet!  All Beatallica for 2 hours on that one.  We do have a new show on Friday, April 29th at The Klinic Bar in Madison, WI with Flat Atom.  Looking forward to getting back up there for sure.  Lastly, in preparation for Milwaukee’s Summerfest, we have Saturday, June 25th set for Vnuk’s again with a TBA.

Final news.  Beatallica was nominated for a Wisconsin Area Music Industry award for 2005, www.wamimusic.com.  It’s a pleasure to be in that company as Jaymz has been with WAMI for some time now and his other projects are as well.  The announcement on the winner comes out on Monday, April 25th.

Hope we can rock you for years to come and that you can visit us and see our entire site, without being scourged, for as long as possible.  Looking forward to seeing some and all of you soon.  Thanks for being Beatallibangerz—YOKO UP YOUR ASS!!

Jaymz, Krk, Kliff, Ringo, Flemball, D^2

Beatallica and Beatallica, L.L.C.

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