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It only took a small chain of events to change the course of 2005. Two men to walk out of New Japan, a new promotion to be created, and a Legend to step back into the spotlight...

14 October 2004

Fumihiko Uei announced that he has resigned from New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and relinquished his booking duties for the promotion. He later stated he was looking to form his own promotion, entitled BIG MOUTH.

05 January 2005

Fumihiko Uei of BIG MOUTH made the major announcement that Akira Maeda shall be directly involved with BIG MOUTH. Maeda said that his role as of yet, has not been worked out, but a re-entry into the ring is out of the question. He stated that he would not go back on his retirement, but will help those who want to show their own Fighting Skills.

15 January 2005

Katsuyori Shibata left New Japan, after not re-negotiating his contract. He stated that New Japan's Fight Style was not of his own, and he didn't believe in it. He was already rumored to join Uei's Big Mouth anyway.

13 February 2005

Minoru Suzuki stated that BIG MOUTH was his priority, as he wants to be where the true fighting is. He also stated that he hopes to start a strong rivalry with Kensuke Sasaki, as fighting Sasaki is better then teaming with him, as it is natural.

15 February 2005

BIG MOUTH Chairman, Fumihiko Uei announced today that the Main Event of their debut show shall be Katsuyori Shibata facing off against Riki Choshu. He also made the announcement that the debut show shall be on the 20th of March at Tokyo Ariake Colliseum. Finally, Uei asked Antonio Inoki to bare witness to their first show, as they will be in direct competition to New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

And that brings us to the date of 31 February 2005. The place; The new office building of BIG MOUTH...

Fumihiko Uei is standing at a makeshift podium outside the newly furbished BIG MOUTH office Building.

Uei: Today marks a day in the history books of Puroresu, and Wrestling as we know it. Today marks the first major Press Conference of Big Mouth, which has now become an absolute reality. Firstly, I would like to introduce the men behind this project, the men who shall make up the Staff, and the Board of Directors. I, Fumihiko Uei accept the spot of Chairman and President. Vice President, Head Matchmaker, and Head Trainer belongs to Akira Maeda. Match Maker, Yoshihiro Takayama.

These two men, by my side shall make up greatness, and shall bring back what we call, REAL PURORESU. That is why we have chosen the Monicker of 'Regain King of Sports'. We shall become the new King of Sports, and unite Puroresu as one to captivate the audience, and to create the strongest of Sports, in true Professional Wrestling.

In keeping with tradition, and as a show of respect to those who made Puroresu the True Sport, we have decided on a Full Name:

Japanese Wrestling Association: BIG MOUTH

user posted image

As most of the Press shall recall, the Japanese Wrestling Association was created by the Father of Puroresu, Mitsuhiro 'Rikidozan' Momota in 1953. Rikidozan brought what was True Professional Wrestling to Japan, and we shall continue that tradition in his honour. The JWA showed what Profession Wrestling should be, even after Rikidozan's death, and we shall continue now, into the future.

*The Press clap approvingly, as this is a great breakthrough for the Japanese Wrestling Community, remembering it's past, and those who allowed it to be now, in 2005.*

Uei: Finally, to my last announcement. The JWA: BIG MOUTH Debut show shall be held at the fabulous Tokyo Ariake Colliseum on the 20th of March. This mega show shall be headlined by Riki Choshu facing ex-New Japan 'Three Musketeer', as he was known, Katsuyori Shibata. Only seven days after this historic event, BIG MOUTH shall return, at Korakuen Hall, on the 27th of March. Thankyou all.

Fumihiko Uei, then clasped hands with Akira Maeda and Yoshihiro Takayama, before they bowed to the crowd, and the Press, as everyone clapped, anticipating the first show. They all then headed into the building to continue with the preparations.

Japanese Wrestling Association: BIG MOUTH


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BAKU is dead :(

It went SOOO far off track to where I wanted it to go its not funny...

I then tried to make it another Dragon Gate, and I didn't want that...

I jsut lost interest...

This idea though, I'm pumped...

Also, The Maeda Pro-Wrestling hasn't been confirmed yet. BIG MOUTH should be the proper name. Maeda sounds so Indy, like Riki Puro, and Matsunaga Puro and all the others...

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I was thinking about doing some stats editing adn setting up a BIG MOUTH scenario just over the weekend. Glad to see that I can now read it instead of playing and failing at it :thumbsup:

You've got a great shoot-style roster on your hands with Takayama, Maeda, Shibata, MiSuzuki, and even Kensuke. If you can build up a solid roster of shoot style guys, this will kick all kinds of ass. Just promise me no Yoji Anjo, and we're set.

Definitely reading this.

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user posted image


"Ultra Fight! 2005, Takada and Anjoh!"

Akira Maeda held a Press Conference outside the Office Building of BIG MOUTH, just downtown in Tokyo. He was accompanied by Katsuyori Shibata, Fumihiko Uei, Yoshihiro Takayama and Minoru Suzuki.

Maeda: SO! Maeda speaks hey?! (Laughs maniacally) So who here missed me? Don't answer that! (A reporter shyly puts his hand back down) On the 20th of March, 2005, the Puroresu fans of Japan shall bare witness to a new era, and a new style of Puroresu. Live on InDemand PPV!, from the Tokyo Ariake Colosseum, the Japanese Wrestling Association presents BIG MOUTH, Ultra Fight! 2005. (Everyone in attendance claps.) The card has been organise, with several high profile fighters and high profile fights. 6 matches have been booked, with Minoru Suzuki sending out an open challenge to anyone, who sees themselves as a true fighter, to take him on.

Uei: The first match booked, sees two students of Ultimo Dragon Face one another, as Hiromi Horiguchi takes on Noriaki Kawabata. Kawabata has experience at the Bukoh Dojo.

The second match sees four amazing young Juniors face one another, as Katsuhiko Nakajima teams with K-Dojo star, Makoto Oishi to take on K-Dojo's Yasu Urano, and former BattlArts star, Ikuto Hidaka.

The Third Match shall be fought under PURE-Style rules, which shall be explained soon enough. It pits K-Dojo star, Kengo Mashimo against U-Style star, Kyosuke Sasaki.

The fourth Match is another Junior match, with Riki Choshu's disciple, Tomohiro Ishii teaming with Yoshihito Sasaki, to take on Wataru Sakata and former BattlArts star, Katsumi Usuda.

The Fifth match was specially requested by former NOAH star, Daisuke Ikeda, to take on Legend, Shiro Koshinaka.

Finally, in the Main Event of the evening, Katsuyori Shibata will face off against Riki Choshu, also in PURE-Style rules.

The crowd clapped to hearing the amazing card. Minoru Suzuki then stepped up to speak more about his Open Challenge.

Suzuki: The problem is that no one cares about PURE WRESTLING anymore. I care, and so I send out my challenge to anyone who deems themselves a PURE and TRUE FIGHTER, to face me, so I can prove what true Wrestling is... No one is good enough to face me...

Suddenly the crowd turned and broke out into cheers, as a figure made his way to the stage. Akira Maeda stepped out to confront the person...

user posted image

Nobuhiko Takada has arrived in his M.Bison costume!

Shibata quickly stepped between the two former opponents, as Suzuki spoke...

Suzuki: So Takada, you are here to take me on? What, old man? What are you going to do to me.

Takada made the movements, and stepped over to the speaker.

Takada: HAHAHAHA! Suzuki, why would I come out of retirement to face someone who is not worthy. Suzuki you are a laugh. No! Instead I brought along a warrior, a warrior who is true and powerful, and who knows what real wrestling is. He knows what HUSTLE IS! 'HUSTLE WARRIOR' YOJI ANJOH!

Yoji Anjoh stepped up onto the stage and stood to the side of Takada. The crowd was buzzing, as several boos went out from the crowd.

Takada: So what do you say Suzuki?

Suzuki just stood there and nodded. Takada and Anjoh then proceeded to DO THE HUSTLE! as Suzuki and Maeda went to attack, but security stood between them all. The crowd was going nuts as Takada and Anjoh headed out and away.

Uei: HA! Another amazing match to be added. Takada, Anjoh, If you want a fight with Suzuki, you can have it, under PURE-Style Rules! Let's see how you cope!

Suzuki stood there with a smirk across his face, as the Press Conference ended, leaving a strong feeling in the air...

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March 08, 2005


'Card Announcement, Rules Announcement'

BIG MOUTH 03/20/05

'Ultra Fight! 2005'

Tokyo Ariake Colosseum (12,000)

user posted image VS user posted image

user posted image & user posted image VS user posted image & user posted image

user posted image VS user posted image

user posted image & user posted image VS user posted image & user posted image

user posted image VS user posted image

user posted image VS user posted image

user posted image VS user posted image

1. Hiromi Horiguchi Vs Noriaki Kawabata

2. Katsuhiko Nakajima & Makoto Oishi Vs Yasu Urano & Ikuto Hidaka

3. PURE-Style: Kengo Mashimo Vs Kyosuke Sasaki

4. Tomohiro Ishii & Yoshihito Sasaki Vs Wataru Sakata & Katsumi Usuda

5. Shiro Koshinaka Vs Daisuke Ikeda

6. PURE-Style: Minoru Suzuki Vs Yoji Anjoh

7. PURE-Style: Katsuyori Shibata Vs Riki Choshu

PURE-Style is fought under a 15 point system for singles matches and 25 point system for Tag Matches. Ways of winning are by Submission, KO or TKO. TKO can be achieved by loss of points also.

1 point is deducted for a rope break.

1 point is deducted for an overhead suplex.

1 point is deducted for a rule violation.

3 points are deducted for a knockdown.

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Too bad CAUC. Anjoh is going to be a bigtime player. Not only was he awesome in UWF-i, but he is hilarious with his whacko costume in HUSTLE.

Also, I don't mind predictions for the Big shows, like the one above, but not the usual house show tours. :)

there may be some prizes aswell, as that seems to be the go in big diaries now-a-days

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Too bad CAUC. Anjoh is going to be a bigtime player. Not only was he awesome in UWF-i, but he is hilarious with his whacko costume in HUSTLE.

I don't mind Anjoh all that much, but I just hate watching his attempts in the MMA world. Same goes for Takayama, but I love Takayama as a wrestler, so he's covered. And I do love Anjoh in Hustle.

Anyway, first show looks way strong, and I'm glad to see you played on the rumors going around of Shibata fighing Choshu. MiSuzuki is sweet period, so I'm looking forward to a bout with Anjoh. Ikeda/Koshinaka should be fun, but I don't know if Koshinaka's hip attack offense would work in a shoot-style promotion. I'm sure you can prove me wrong and pull it off though. ot much to say about the rest of the card, other than that it looks pretty damn fine. Predictions~!

1. Hiromi Horiguchi Vs Noriaki Kawabata

2. Katsuhiko Nakajima & Makoto Oishi Vs Yasu Urano & Ikuto Hidaka

3. PURE-Style: Kengo Mashimo Vs Kyosuke Sasaki

4. Tomohiro Ishii & Yoshihito Sasaki Vs Wataru Sakata & Katsumi Usuda

5. Shiro Koshinaka Vs Daisuke Ikeda

6. PURE-Style: Minoru Suzuki Vs Yoji Anjoh

7. PURE-Style: Katsuyori Shibata Vs Riki Choshu

Yeah, they're based pretty much totally on who I like best and some random guessing. And oh yeah, the people demand Mohammed Yone!

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BIG MOUTH 03/20/05

'Ultra Fight! 2005'

Live on InDemand PPV!

An opening sequence of clips of Fumihiko Uei, from nearly all of his Press Conferences, beginning with his Quitting of New Japan started off the show. This continued over to the announcement of Shibata Vs Choshu as the first Main Event of BIG MOUTH, and then continued even further to the most recent, with it being stated as a PURE-Style Fight. They then showed another clip of Ring Announcer Takanori Imamura going over the rules for a PURE-Style Fight. This video package then lead into the opening which took a few clips from UWF-i, RINGS, as well as some of Shibata's work, some HUSTLE work with Anjoh and Takada.

As the camera faded out from the video package, it moved into another, showcasing the part of the Press Conference where Nobuhiko Takada showed up in his M.Bison outfit, and Yoji Anjoh's arrival, and acceptance of Suzuki's challenge. They then showed some pre-taped thoughts from the two fighters, with Suzuki promising the blood of Anjoh to run free across the mat, before pummeling him, so the pretty boy won't be able to be noticed again. Anjoh stated that Suzuki needs to be put into his place, and Suzuki is forgetting not only how popular Anjoh was in UWF-i, but how feared he was. Anjoh and Takada were also shown DOING THE HUSTLE~! which the live crowd responded negatively to.

Finally, we arrived at the arena, as Yoshihiro Takayama, Fumihiko Uei and Akira Maeda welcomed everyone to the show and ran through the basic necessities, before the arrival of the first match.


Two very young wrestlers, both from the Ultimo Dragon Gym, made their way out to the ring to near silence. Hiromi had a small fan base, and got some cheers from girls in the crowd but nothing major. The start of the match showcased everything that BIG MOUTH shall be about, as Hiromi went to lock up with Kawabata, but Kawabata drilled him with one of the stiffest Mid Kicks to the shoulder of Hiromi, ever witnessed. Hiromi quickly backed off, as Kawabata was focused. Horiguchi then showed his own martial arts knowledge, as the two traded fake kicks, before Hiromi got a takedown, with the two going through some brisk matwork, proving they are both very knowedgable in the art of Puroresu. Kawabata showed his own experience over Horiguchi, working the arm and taking easy control of the match. He was able to land some stiff kicks to the shoulder of Horiguchi, as he didn't allow him to stand up. Horiguchi rolled his way over to the ropes, as Referee George Kanako stood between the two fighters. This allowed Horiguchi to get back to his feet, but Kawabata attacked with series of open hand strikes, and close knee kicks, taking Horiguchi down, before Kawabata locked on a Fujiwara Armbar. Horiguchi was too close to the ropes, and made the break, as Kanako broke up the hold, and backed Kawabata off. Horiguchi was being outclassed here, as he made it back to his feet, and then blocked a Takedown from Kawabata and used a Modified Cradle for a 2 count. Kawabata was quick to his feet, and hit a stiff kick to the shoulder of Horiguchi again, before locking on a Chickenwing Hold. Hiromi was quick to tap out, not wanting to damage the arm anymore, as the crowd responded well to the hybrid style.

Hiromi was purely outclassed by the shoot orientated style of Kawabata, who showcased himself well, and earnt his victory, also giving a strong opening to Ultra Fight! 2005. Hiromi was helped to the back by some ring boys, while Kawabata headed to the back, and gave a quick comment, telling BIG MOUTH to give him real fighters.

(15.2%, 58.5%, 31.2%)


Nakajima and Oishi both ran to the ring, with Nakajima gaining a strong response from the crowd. There opponents slowly made their way to the ring, a bit of psychology, stating that they are above Nakajima and Oishi, and so don't have to rush. The K-Dojo Boys started off the match, as Oishi and Urano worked the mat quickly, neither gaining an advantage and backing off. The two then locked up again, with a takedown by Oishi, moving into a top mount, and looking for a submission, but Urano wouldn't allow it, and was able to get away from Oishi. Oishi then threw some strong kicks to Urano, and caught him with a Rolling Legbar. Urano was no fool though, and quickly dragged himself to the ropes, to stay away from too much strain on his legs. Urano then tagged out to Nakajima, as Hidaka was also tagged in. The Youngster, went toe-to-toe with the veteran, exchanging hard low kicks to the thighs and knees. Hidaka then hit some slaps, and a slap war broke out, with Hidaka getting the upperhand easy, and sending Nakajima off the ropes, catching him with a Leg Lariat. Hidaka then pounced on Nakajima, and slapped him on the mat, but Nakajima was able to reverse it, and went for a Jujigatame. Hidaka held his hands together, and Nakajima couldn't break them, as Hidaka was able to get back to his feet, and then stomp down viciously on the head of Nakajima, who broke the hold, and rolled off towards his corner. Hidaka shook his arm, as Nakajima held his nose. They then tagged out to their respective partners, and Oishi charged at Urano, who rolled him through into the Yasu Clutch! Oishi quickly dragged himself to the ropes and made the break, before rolling outside. This wasn't the wisest of moves, as Urano hit a Tope Suicida onto Oishi, as Takano tried to get them both back into the ring, where the fighting should be. He started up the 20 count, but Hidaka and Nakajima entered the ring, and started to exchange hard kicks again, with Nakajima hitting a Front High Kick, rocking Hidaka, before hitting a Flying Jujigatame. Hidaka quickly made it the ropes for the break, as Nakajima was forced back, while Urano and Oishi regrouped on the outside. Nakajima then charged in with a Flying Kenka Kick, but Hidaka moved out of the way, and locked on the Shawn Capture! Nakajima was in trouble, with nowhere to go, and Oishi on the outside with Urano. Nakajima couldn't go anywhere, and he had no choice by to tap out to the Hidaka Submission.

Urano and Hidaka celebrated their strong win, as Nakajima was helped to the back by Oishi. Hidaka got to the back and said that Nakajima's kicks are hard, but he is weak in spirit. Hidaka said that his BatBat experience shall serve him well in becoming the top Junior in BIG MOUTH. Urano had nothing to say, but thanked Uei for the oppurtunity.

(25.6%, 65.6%, 53.4%)


Mashimo has some strong BatBat experience and also went toe-to-toe with Junior Legend, Jushin Liger. He headed out to the ring with minimal response, as did U-Styles Kyosuke Sasaki. The rules were given once again, as most fans remembered them from the UWF-i days. As soon as the bell was rung, the two men wandered the outer areas of the ring, not wanting to close in too quickly. They then feined a few strikes, with Mashimo going for the early takedown, but Sasaki was able to hold him off a bit, and then went for a strike, but this allowed Mashimo to take him down and jock for position. It didn't work to well, as Sasaki was able to reverse Mashimo's attempts and lock on a modified Grapevine on the legs of Mashimo. Sasaki then hit a few slaps the face of Mashimo, who struggled for the ropes, and finally made the break, losing a point. Sasaki was backed off by Kanako, but attacked as soon as Mashimo was back to his feet. He hit some brutal kicks on Mashimo, really laying into him, before locking on a waistlock. Mashimo blocked the German Attempt, but it was of no use, as Sasaki showed his power, and pulled Mashimo over for the German Suplex, taking 3 points from him, but more importantly, rocking him hard. Sasaki then kicked him a few more times, and locked on a Cross Knee Scissors Hold, which had Mashimo quickly tapping out, being defeated in only 6 minutes.

Mashimo was helped to the back by his second, Yasu Urano, and was very dismayed. As soon as Kyosuke Sasaki made it to the back, he said that he would be the ace of PURE-Style in the Junior Division. He sent out an open challenge to any Junior, any strong Junior with a strong Fighting background to face him in a PURE-Style match.

(2.8%, 67.5%, 28.2%)


The Choshu disciple made his way out to the ring to some strong heat, with Yohihito Sasaki, who has some strong wrestling skills. Their opponents were tough though, as Katsumi Usuda, who formerly worked for BattlArts, and even downed Yuki Ishikawa, teamed with Wataru Sakata, who also has done MMA fights, and worked U-Style. Sakata received a strong reaction, and started the match off against Sasaki. Sakata came out, and threw some brutal kicks, while the Wrestling orientated Sasaki tried to keep as far away from him as possible. Sakata then moved in for a rush of strikes, but the heavier Sasaki took him down and slapped him a few times, before locking on an Armlock. Sakata was able to make it back to his feet, and reversed the armlock with an Armdrag, before hitting a Jumping Kenka Kick on Sasaki, taking him down hard. Sakata then started to work over the leg of Sasaki, keeping the heavier fighter grounded, before locking on a Grounded Kneelock. Sasaki moved his way over to the ropes and made the break. Kanako got between the two, and Sasaki took the time to tag out to the slightly heavier Ishii, while Sakata tagged out to Usuda. The smaller Usuda showed his experience over Ishii and got in close, and reigned some vicious kicks on him, before rolling him through into a Seated Butterfly Lock. It was a quick move, and Ishii wasn't ready for it, and tried to fight out of it. It was of no use, and Sasaki was forced to come in and break the hold, but Referee Kanako really let him have it, dragging him back out of the ring. Usuda picked up Ishii, and hit him with several more hard middle Kicks, but Ishii finally caught one of them, and hit a Dragon Screw Legwhip, before coming off the ropes with a Body Press and a cover for only 1. Ishii then backed Usuda into the corner, and his wrestling knowledge came through, as he rained chops down on Usuda, before hitting him with a Half-Hatch Suplex out of the corner. Ishii then made another cover and managed a 2 count. Ishii then picked up Usuda, and went for a Brainbuster, but Usuda reversed into a Fujiwara Armbar! Ishii was in trouble, and tried to make it to the ropes, but once again, Sasaki was forced to come in and make the break. Referee Kanako gave him his last warning, while Usuda tagged out to Sakata. Sakata and Usuda then hit a Double Enzuigiri, rocking Ishii, for a Jumping Knee Kick from Sakata. Ishii was rocked back, and was then drilled by a vicious running Knee Kick from Sakata, as Ishii slumped to the mat. Referee Kanako quickly ran over and checked over Ishii as he kept Sakata away. He checked the arm of Ishii, but he was totally out cold, and Kanako called the match.

Some Ringboys brought a stretcher in, and were helped by Sasaki, as they took Ishii to the back. Sakata and Usuda then headed to the back, and Sakata made mention that Ishii was weak, just like most of the roster in BIG MOUTH. He said that the professional wrestling Ishii used was waste, and that his hybrid form of strikes and submissions proved to be the stronger. Usuda didn't say much, but said he looked forward to real competition in the future.

(26.9%, 65.4%, 54.2%)

Akira Maeda then entered the ring, and thanked the 12000 strong in attendance, and hoped they were enjoying true fighting. He then spoke briefly about the matches, and said he took in everything that was said by the wrestlers. He then announced that Noriaki Kawabata shall be opening Korakuen against Kaientai Dojo's Joe Aoyama, and he hopes to see another quick victory from Kawabata. He also announced the first Six Man Tag Match, showcasing the Junior Division, with Kyosuke Sasaki teaming with Katsuhiko Nakajima and Makoto Oishi to take on Kengo Mashimo, Yasu Urano and Hiromi Horiguchi. He once again thanked the fans, as they were let off for the interval.

The camera then joined Yoshihiro Takayama and Fumihiko Uei at the announcers table, as clips were shown of the finishes to the matches. Uei gave some brief comments about them all, stating that Horiguchi had a lot to learn, while Kawabata showed amazing potential, and amazing shoot-style work. He then made mention of Hidaka's amazing work, and the hard kicks from Nakajima, hoping to see both showcase their talents in BIG MOUTH. He then spoke of the PURE-Style match, stating that Sasaki was going to become a major player in the Junior division, as he is tough, and can work on the mat, has sharp kicks, and can also wrestle a professional style, all of which are needed in BIG MOUTH. Finally, he came to the last tag match, with what can be said was a Shoot-Style facing off against a Puroresu-Style. He said Ishii was weak, and should have been able to take those knee kicks from his smaller opponent. He was surprised the smaller team won, but then again, they had more experience.

Yoshiro Takayama then announced that he shall have thoughts on the entire show at the next Press Conference. He then introduced an amazing video that showcased the work of Katsuyori Shibata. It showed some training footage in both wrestling and Shoot-Style, and showed how hard his kicks really are. The video went over well with the live crowd, as we returned to the ring.


Shiro Koshinaka, a legend in Pro-Wrestling, in New Japan, All Japan and even more recently, NOAH. He accepted the challenge of former NOAH wrestler and BattlArts Fighter. Koshinaka and Ikeda both received strong reactions from the crowd, as they entered the ring. Both men came out of their corners, as they quickly went down to the mat, showing their technical skills, and pure Puroresu. They then had a strong reversal sequence which ended with both men at a stand-off, receiving a strong reaction from the crowd. The two then got in one anothers face, showing their anger, before a slap war broke out between the two. Koshinaka was able to get the upperhand, and sent Ikeda off the ropes, and took him down with a Running Hop Attack, but Ikeda no sold it, and got right back to his feet, before hitting the Dai-Chan Bomber for the count! ...1...2...2.9! Amazingingly close count, with the crowd shocked at the quick action. The match was a strange pace to the previous matches, with very little Shoot influence involved. Koshinaka worked the mat a bit more, and locked on a Leg Hold. Ikeda tried to work out a way of escape but their was none, until Koshinaka went to lock on a Grapevine, and Ikeda was able to pull him to the mat, and work over the arm, trying to lock on a strong submission. Koshinaka was able to back away though, forcing another stand-off between the two. Kanako then called the fight back on, and the two locked up in the middle of the ring, before Ikeda locked on a side headlock, and was sent off the ropes again, with Koshinaka looking for another Hip Attack, but Ikeda side-stepped it, and then went for a Dai-Chan Bomber, but Koshinaka blocked it, and then hit some kicks. They then traded hard kicks to the legs, before Koshinaka hit a series of hand strikes and low kicks, rocking Ikeda back against the ropes, before coming off the other side, looking for another Hip Attack, but being sent over the top rope to the floor. Ikeda then waited for him to get up, and hit a Plancha on Koshinaka, taking him out. Referee Kanako then tried to get them straight back in, and then started up the 20 count, as Ikeda picked up Koshinaka, and sent him into the guardrail. Ikeda then dragged Koshinaka back into the ring, and then entered himself, before sending Koshinaka off, and hitting him with an Inazuma Leg Lariat. Ikeda then went for the Death Valley Bomb, but Koshinaka reversed it, and hit the Samurai Driver '84! Koshinaka then slowly made the cover again, but only gained a 2 count. Koshinaka then called for the finish, and came off the ropes and went for a Jumping Hip Attack, but Ikeda no sold it, and locked on a waistlock, and hit a Release German Suplex. Koshinaka then no sold that, and blocked a High Kick, before hitting a Release Dragon Suplex. Ikeda slowly got straight back up, rocking around, and Koshinaka went to go off the ropes, but Ikeda grabbed him in a waistlock. Koshinaka then drilled him with a Vicious Back Elbow, and Ikeda slumped straight down to the mat. Koshinaka then went to pick Ikeda up, but Kanako realised something wasn't right, and he backed Koshinaka away. He then checked Ikeda, and quickly called the match, as the ring doctor came in. Ikeda had a bad cut above his eye, from the very stiff back elbow from Koshinaka. Ikeda was then stretchered to the back.

Koshinaka then made his way to the back, and said that he proved he could hit hard. He stated that he was a Pro-Wrestler, and that these 'Fighters', as the call themselves are going to have to watch out for him. He then stated that Yoji Anjoh always appealed to him in the ring, and he wants to create a Tag Team with him. He also said that Katsuyori Shibata is a focal point of his, just like many other people in the promotion.

(56%, 74.2%, 78.5%)


The crowd went from silent to boos and claps, as Nobuhiko Takada, in full M. Bison wear, lead out his 'HUSTLE Warrior' Yoji Anjoh! Minoru Suzuki, who is usually seen as the arrogant heel, made his way out to the ring to thunderous applause from the crowd, signifying how well he really is respected in Japan. The two men were kept apart by Referee Kanako, who stood in the middle of the ring. As soon as the bell was rung though, they rushed one another and exchanged hard open hand strikes to the face, and some low kicks. Suzuki then ducked under some strike attempts, and hit a hard Shotei, rocking Anjoh back, which allowed Suzuki to rush in with a Takedown, into a front mount. He then proceeded to rain down hard blows to the face of Anjoh, who was trying hard to cover up, and had to make a reach for the ropes with his leg, in order to get Referee Kanako to drag Suzuki off of him. Anjoh then used the time to slowly get up, and hold onto the ropes, but as soon as Kanako called for the fight to continue, Suzuki was in the mix of it, throwing harder and harder strikes. Suzuki then was able to his some vicious knee kicks to the ribs of Anjoh, and then took him over with a Double Arm Suplex, causing another three points from Anjoh to be lost. Suzuki then rolled through and locked on a Front Sleeper, and Anjoh was in big trouble. He worked his way back to his feet, amazingly, and hit a Mountain Bomb on Suzuki, causing him to lose three points, making it 11-12. Anjoh then rested on the ropes, in order to regain his composure, and as Suzuki rose up, he caught him with a vicious High Kick, busting Suzuki open above the eye, and knocking him down. Suzuki was down to 11 aswell, as Kanako started up a count, after holding Anjoh back, but Suzuki made it to his feet at 6. Suzuki then tried to slow the pace down, locking up with Anjoh, with both jocking for position. Suzuki was able to take Anjoh down, as blood was spilling around, and he locked on a waistlock, in a four place position. Suzuki then turned Anjoh over and went for a Jujigatame, but Anjoh was able to lock his hands together, and block the move, while rolling back to his feet. Anjoh then started to try and hit some headbutts on Suzuki, but Suzuki kept him away, and held the arms. Anjoh had no choice by to make the ropebreak and lose another point, in order to take Suzuki off of him. Kanako made the break again, and checked the cut above Suzuki's eye in the process. Kanako was content with it, as the 10 minute mark went by, thinking that the match would soon be over. He called the match to continue, as both men looked physically drained, even though only 10 minutes had gone by. The two men met in the centre of the ring, and exchanged hard open hand slaps, before Suzuki hit another vicious Shotei, busting the nose of Anjoh, but Anjoh retaliated, pushing Suzuki away, and aiming a hard kick to his busted eye. Suzuki was nearly downed again, but he managed to stay on his feet, and quickly take Anjoh down, and finally lock on a Jujigatame! Anjoh quickly scrambled for the ropes, and made the break, as Kanako was quick to respond, proving himself to be a very talented referee. Anjoh was three suplexes away to losing the match, as Suzuki picked him up in a waistlock, and went for a German, but Anjoh rolled it through into an Ankle Hold. Suzuki was too close to the ropes, and he quickly made the break, as more blood streamed down his face. Both men were backed away, and then Kanako continued the match, and Suzuki quickly charged in, hitting a Jumping Knee Kick, rocking Anjoh. Suzuki then wowed the crowd, and locked on an Octopus Hold, which had Anjoh in all sorts of problems, as there was nowhere to go. Anjoh started to crawl, and finally collapsed to the mat, as Suzuki was taken off by Kanako, who started a count on Anjoh, bringing him down to 8. Anjoh was up by 7 though, and his nose was looked over, while Suzuki's face was getting even more bloody. Anjoh was still rocking by the Jumping Knee, as Suzuki quickly closed in, and locked up with him, taking him over with a modified Mountain Bomb. Anjoh was down to 5, and dangerously close to losing the match, as Suzuki hit him with some soccer kicks to the stomach. Suzuki then went to work over his arm, as he was down, and went for another Jujigatame, but Anjoh rolled him through, and locked on his own Jujigatame. Suzuki made the scramble to the ropes, and made the break, as time was continuing on, nearly at the 20 minute mark. Kanako once again checked over Suzuki, as he and Anjoh were both bleeding, Suzuki heavily, and both were drained. Once again, the two men locked up, slowing the match down, and going to the mat, with some technical moves. Suzuki kept working over the arm, still looking for the Jujigatame, but Anjoh was able to get hold of his leg, and work over that a bit. Anjoh then went for his Stepover Toe Hold, but Suzuki was able to block it, and get Anjoh off of him, before both made it back to their feet. The 20 minute mark rode by, called by Takanori Imamura. Once again, Anjoh and Suzuki had another slap fest, and Suzuki hit a series of Shotei's but Anjoh stood firm, and hit a vicious series of middle kicks, and then a High Kick on Suzuki, rocking him back. Suzuki continued on, and hit another slap, as did Anjoh, before he Elbow Smashes Suzuki backwards, and hit him with another High Kick, rocking him on his feet. Suddenly, George Kanako stepped between the two, pulling Anjoh away, and calling for the bell, as he went and held onto Suzuki, who the started pushing Kanako away. Kanako called in the Ring Boys, and Noriaki Kawabata, who was acting as Suzuki's second, and they held onto Suzuki, before taking him to the corner, and cleaning up his bloodied face. Kanako then had words with Imamura, as the crowd were responding negatively, to the match being stopped. Finally, Imamura announced that Referee George Kanako, had awarded the match to Yoji Anjoh, stopping it because of Suzuki's loss of blood. Suzuki was verbally irate, and screamed at Anjoh, who showboated to the crowd, as Takada entered the ring, and laughed maniacally. The 'HUSTLE Warrior' then headed to the back, with his 'manager' Takada, before Suzuki was helped to the back.

Anjoh quickly spoke about Suzuki being weak, and proved that HUSTLE created the strongest of fighters. Anjoh then said that his next victim would be the man who wins the Main Event. Anjoh finally did the HUSTLE, as the crowd booed him heavily, not only for the HUSTLE dance, but for the bullshit result. Takada then had some strong feelings towards Suzuki, calling him weak, with a body of butter. Takada said that his promise was proven, with Suzuki's blood running over the BIG MOUTH mat. Takada then proclaimed that when he makes a promise, it will come true!

Suzuki was then seen being checked over by the ring doctor, and apart from the large wound above his eye, seemed to be coherent. He called for Uei to fine Kanako over the bullshit call, and said that HUSTLE must have paid him off. Suzuki said that the war between he and HUSTLE, especially Anjoh had only just begun, and vowed to take him back into the ring, and show him true fighting. Suzuki said that the Referee needs to have good judgement, but Kanako was inexperienced and lacked it, and said the next encounter between he and Anjoh needs another referee. Suzuki said that, unlike Anjoh, he was also a wrestling master, and said that their next match should be with Pro-Wrestling rules, not PURE-Style. He said that one Piledriver will break the neck of Anjoh, and then he will beat him decisivily...one...two...THREE!

(41.4%, 78.2%, 70.1%)


The Main Event had arrived, as Katsuyori Shibata made his way out to the ring to some amazing cheers from the crowd. It proves that Shibata could draw a crowd, as calls of Shibata rung out, even before Choshu had come out. Choshu headed out, and was not only treated with jeers, but a hail of rubbish from the crowd. The match had a quick start, as both men charged out of their corners, and Choshu hit a vicious RIKI LARIAT! Shibata was downed very quickly, as Kanako checked over him, and started a 10 count, to the amazement of the fans. The heat rang out, as the Shibata calls echoed through the arena, as he slowly made his way to his feet, at a worrying 8. Choshu then locked up with Shibata, and locked on a Side Headlock, grounding him. Shibata was still rocking from the Riki Lariat, as he stopped struggling the side headlock, and slowly made his way to the ropes, making the break, which was another worrying sign. Choshu then started to work over the neck area of Shibata, dropping hard knees down across his throat, and chest. Choshu then picked him up, which was odd for a PURE-Style fight, and hit him with some hard thrusts to the throat. Riki then came off the ropes, and went for another Riki Lariat, but Shibata ducked it, and then caught Choshu coming back with a vicious Middle Kick to the chest. Shibata then started to lay into Choshu, and knocked him down, before mounting him, and hitting him with a series of Shotei's, as Referee Kanako had to pull him off, as Choshu was knocked down. Shibata reluctantly backed away, with a sour look over his face, as Choshu checked himself over, and slowly made it to his feet. Shibata then quickly grabbed him, and took him down with a Flying Armlock. Choshu was in trouble, and made it slowly to the ropes, as Kanako stepped in once again. Shibata showed his annoyance, slapping the mat, as Choshu made his way back to his feet. Shibata then moved in, and hit a Roundhouse Kick, and then locked on a Waistlock, before hitting a Release German Suplex. Shibata then waited, and came off the ropes, levelling Choshu with a Penalty Kick! Choshu was DOWN! Kanako was quick to respond, and quickly checked Choshu, and then called for the bell! Choshu was out! The crowd was going nuts, as Katsuyori Shibata destroyed Legend Riki Choshu in just under 8 minutes, showing his strength. Choshu was quickly helped to the back, with the Ring Doctor checking him over, while heading to the back. Shibata then embraced the reactions from the crowd.

Shibata spoke about defeating Choshu easily, saying to old mans days are ended. Shibata then said he was ready for any challenges, as he will prove he is the strongest fighter in BIG MOUTH. Shibata then said that a fight with Koshinaka, under normal rules would be welcoming, as another legend would fall to him. He then said that Anjoh was scum, and he would Penalty Kick his head off, if he tried to step into the ring with Shibata. Shibata then said the show was fantastic, and thanked the fans, before heading to the back.

(66.5%, 75%, 75.2%)

The camera then returned to the announcers table, where Uei, Takayama and Maeda all gave their thoughts on the show, as the finishes from all the matches were shown. The show then had the credits, as it went off PPV.

BIG MOUTH 03/20/05

'Ultra Fight! 2005'

Tokyo Ariake Colosseum

12,000 fans (Super No-Vacancy Fullhouse)

1. Noriaki Kawabata d. Hiromi Horiguchi (7:35) with a Chickenwing Hold.

2. Yasu Urano & Ikuto Hidaka d. Katsuhiko Nakajima & Makoto Oishi (10:24) when Hidaka used the Shawn Capture on Nakajima.

3. PURE-Style: Kyosuke Sasaki d. Kengo Mashimo (6:13) with a Cross Knee Scissors Hold.

4. Wataru Sakata & Katsumi Usuda d. Tomohiro Ishii & Yoshihito Sasaki (13:46) by KO. (Sakata over Ishii)

5. Shiro Koshinaka d. Daisuke Ikeda (13:03) by KO. (Back Elbow)

6. PURE-Style: Yoji Anjoh d. Minoru Suzuki (23:36) by Referee Stoppage.

7. PURE-Style: Katsuyori Shibata d. Riki Choshu (7:59) by KO. (PK)

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Korakuen Card, Wrestler injuries, thoughts on FIGHT!

Yoshihiro Takayama today was met by media representatives, as he said that he was going to have a report on last nights mega show.

Takayama: Well, first a foremost, strength was displayed in Professional Wrestling, with a stellar BIG MOUTH show, but the Japanese Wrestling Association. The opener was solid, and Kawabata proved that he shall be a future champion. Hidaka fought well, but unfortuately, he has left the promotion, as he has accepted a better deal for Pro-Wrestling NOAH.

Kyosuke Sasaki proved to be a man to watch out for, as he destroyed Kengo Mashimo in quick fashion. I have always been a fan of his, and he shall grow into a very strong fighter.

Tomohiro Ishii did not impress me, as he was soundly defeated by a man much smaller then him. It seems that the Shoot Wrestling orientated wrestlers are proving to be strong in BIG MOUTH, as was showcased in that Junior Heavyweight match.

Koshinaka also impressed me, going toe-to-toe with Ikeda, who has BattlArts experience, even knocking him out. Koshinaka helped keep Traditional Puroresu alive with his win there.

Then Anjoh and Suzuki. My god. They hit each other hard, and they gained a lot of respect from me, and I would think the fans. Anjoh seems to be destined for a high spot in BIG MOUTH, and only time will tell.

Finally... Choshu. The old man has run his course, and Shibata proved that, by decimating him. Well done Shibata.

Interviewer 1: What are the plans for BIG MOUTH now Takayama? Has a card been finalised for Korakuen?

Takayama: Of course it has. A few men have been kept off the show, as they must recuperate from strong matches. Surprisingly, Suzuki said he was not going to miss any BIG MOUTH shows, and demanded he still be placed on the card. The show shall be headlined with Katsuyori Shibata, taking on Takada's 'HUSTLE Warrior' Yoji Anjoh, and also Kensuke Sasaki.

Interviewer 1: Have you heard any responses from the attendees of the show? What did they like or dislike?

Takayama: Very little thoughts have come across. I have personally been told that most fans went away happy, and called it a superb show. A lot though, are angry at the decision given by referee George Kanako, and right now, officials are checking into the matter.

Interviewer 2: Takayama-san. What do you think of Kanako's decision?

Takayama: I was not in the ring, and I didn't have a close look of the cut. Based on the amount of blood lost by Suzuki, I personally would have also called the match.

Interviewer 1: It seems that Kyosuke Sasaki is getting rave reviews for his amazing display of talent last night. Where are things heading for him?

Takayama: It seems that Sasaki is an amazing shoot based wrestler. We are looking at a series for him, a trial series, and if he proves to do extremely well, a spot in Julys special League may be in order for him...

Interviewer 3: League in July?

Takayama: I cannot speak anymore on that.

Interviewer 3: When do you hope to return to the ring Takayama?

Takayama: By mid May. I am hoping to have my return match at the final date of the Fight of Duty tour. That is enough for today. The information shall be handed out in a Press Release, for you to distribute...


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Upcoming show, tour, Suzuki speaks out.

Minoru Suzuki spoke out to a member of the Press today...

Suzuki: Takayama. I hope he returns soon. I fought well with him, but his comments about my last fight were bullshit, just like the decision. I suddenly have very little respect for the man, and I want to be his return opponent in May! Takayama, I will show you what it means to have... NO FEAR!

The Press Release Takayama also spoke about was released.

BIG MOUTH 03/27/05

'Tokyo Fight! 2005'

Tokyo Korakuen Hall (2,100)

1. Joe Aoyama Vs Noriaki Kawabata

2. PURE-Style: Wataru Sakata Vs Tomohiro Ishii

3. Kyosuke Sasaki, Katsuhiko Nakajima & Makoto Oishi Vs Kengo Mashimo, Yasu Urano & Hiromi Horiguchi

4. Shiro Koshinaka Vs Yoshihito Sasaki

5. Katsuyori Shibata & Minoru Suzuki Vs Yoji Anjoh & Kensuke Sasaki

BIG MOUTH 04/20/05

"Fight of Duty"

Tokyo Differ Ariake (1,800)

BIG MOUTH 04/22/05

"Fight of Duty"

Shin-Kawasaki (1,600)

BIG MOUTH 04/26/05

"Fight of Duty"

Yokosuka City Gymnasium (2,600)

BIG MOUTH 05/03/05

"Fight of Duty"

Nagoya City Gymnasium (2,000)

BIG MOUTH 05/07/05

"Fight of Duty"

Twin Messe Shizuoka (2,400)

BIG MOUTH 05/12/05

"Fight of Duty"

Kishiwada CANCAN Sports Dome (2,500)

BIG MOUTH 05/22/05

"Fight of Duty"

Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium (6,700

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Awesome first show lukie, I had tons of fun just reading it. I like the talent roster you've started to assemble and some of the feuds that are already beginning to develop. MiSuzuki vs. Takayama would be awesome to see happen at some point.

3/27 looks like a strong show with a potentially cool looking tag match on top. The Six Man tag and the PURE-Style bout both look really great as well, so I can't wait to see what you'll do with the next show.

Keep it coming.

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