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Jim Crockett was in debt. While 1989 had not provided the dollar figures to show for it, the year did provide what many believe to be the best year of wrestling action in history. Undoubtedly that year housed one of and began another one of the greatest feuds ever. Steamboat/Flair, and Flair/Funk were the two hottest tickets that wrestling had ever seen. Even those two great feuds couldn't keep Jim Crockett out of the red. Crockett didn't want to become just another casualty of the business, especially with the tradition that the NWA name held. What Crockett did instead was even worse. Yes, Jim Crockett had too much pride to go bankrupt and abruptly end the NWA name. What he didn't have, was too much pride to sell out.

With pressure coming from Ted Turner, Crockett felt that selling out was his only option to keep the NWA name alive with the history and tradition it held still inctact. So, Crockett signed, sealed, and delivered his entire Jim Crockett Productions over to ... Vincent K. McMahon ? Good God, wrestling was headed straight to hell as Crockett spurned Turner and signed over to the devil himself. Or was wrestling heades straight to hell ?

There was no way to hide something of this magnitude. Vince and Jim put on a press conference to announce everything. At the end of the press conference McMahon announced that in honor of Crockett's contributions to the wrestling business, the WWF would name a PPV in honor of him - The King's Cup Tournament. Also, keeping with the tradition of the NWA (and their large, rabid, and purist fan base) the NWA's 'supershow' Starrcade would be kept on as a supershow running opposite of Wrestlemania. The names of some of the NWA's large shows and PPV's were adopted as well in order to keep as much of the NWA alive as possible, without overruning the WWF.

The NWA Titles were left untouched and remained on their respective owners. The NWA roster (while trimmed) was pretty much fully taken on. With three television shows McMahon now had enough airtime to remedy the large roster problem and to keep his true intentions from showing themselves.

McMahon had to go slowly with his real plan. The NWA and their star power (and more importantly their strong/pure history) simply couldn't be dissolved into the WWF. In the single most brilliant move that Vince made, he kept alive the white hot feuds from the NWA. The spill over immediately clutched the NWA audience, and the newly re-christened WWWF already had a 'cult-like' global following. The feuds ignited a newfound craving for professional wrestling. Flair once again found himself in the crosshairs of Ricky Steamboat (Funk fled the scene in disgust). Windham and Eddie Gilbert were at it again (until an injury sidelined Windham) and the NWA wrestlers came in with more heat than any WWF stars save for Hogan, Andre, Warrior, Perfect, Savage, and Piper (even though Piper quickly fell out of the picture due to an injury sustained during a match with Warrior).

The start of 1990 saw Vince having to not only sit back and watch his WWF talent outclassed, but he had to go out and call the action as well. Infuriated, McMahon started to get visibly shaken on camera. See, part of the problem, was that he had given Crockett and JJ Dillon as much booking power as Gerald Briscoe and Pat Patterson. That, combined with the fact that James Cornette was as big of an onscreen presences as Bobby Heenan, put the NWA boys in control of the action most of the time. After just a few short months McMahon had had enough. He would not have his greatest creation, his brainchild, (Wrestlemania) stolen from him. McMahon did have at his aid, perhaps the single greatest face/face feud in history in Hogan/Warrior ...


Opening Match - Ron Simmons V Rowdy Piper

(Match was supposed to go down, but with Piper's injury, the WWWF went with a 'bad ass' Ron Simmons gimmick wich was given a huge boost when Simmons kept after Piper up to Wrestlemania, and Piper didn't show for the match.)

Strongman Challange - Hercules V Dino Bravo

(In a strongman contest Bravo beat Hercules in a combined total of the bench press, squat, and deadlift.  Afterwards Bravo nailed Hercules with the golden dumbell.)

NWA U.S. Title Match - Magnum T.A. V Lex Luger

(Magnum T.A. took down the now arrogant Luger and perhaps took his final step up in order to crack the main event.)

Return to the WW(W)F Match - Paul Orndorff V Ted Dibiase

(Mr. Wonderful returned to the WW(W)F and defeated Dibiase in a classic matchup.)

NWA/WWF Tag Title Unification (to WWWF Tag) Match - Twin Towers V Steiners

(In a job orcheastrated by McMahon, Akeem/Bossman became the first 'new' WWWF Tag champions - the loss sent the Steiners to the U.S. Tag tournament.)

#1 Contender to WWF World Title - Rick Rude V Andre the Giant

(Rude was given the green light to stardom as he won this historic match.  After the match Andre officially retired from the ring due to health problems.)

NWA World Title Match - Ricky Steamboat V Ric Flair

(This should have been a landmark event, but was ruined by McMahon.  The Horsemen stood at ring side but didn't interfere (out of respect).  McMahon had the Commonwealth come down and throw this match out due to interference.  The match officially ended in a DQ and turned Flair and the Horsemen into the 'good guys'.)

WWF World/Intercontinental Title Match - Hulk Hogan V The Ultimate Warrior

(An epic battle, perhaps the greatest match ever.  Warrior had the proverbial torch passed to him as he vanquished the 'Immortal' Hulk Hogan.)

It was now obvious that McMahon was out to extort and suck dry the NWA name. McMahon had to live with the top teir talent, but was starting to weed out the rest and put over the WWF talent. The same type of booking swept through April and May. The NWA boys were now fully aware of what was happening and started taking not only offense, but action. The summer housed majorily NWA named PPV's and the King's Cup Tournament would round out the year. Having won the NWA U.S. Tag Titles in an open challange at the Great American Bash, the Skyscrapers (Sid Vicious/Dan Spivey) had put the title scene back into the hands of the NWA labeled talent. After the Great American Bash McMahon knew he had to save face and it was at SummerSlam that he did just that.

To round out the summer Vince booked Snuka over The Great Muta for the NWA TV Title, DiBiase over Arn Anderson, and Ric Rude over Sting. Now though it was time for the King's Cup Tournament. Before the Tournament however, Vince pulled a few tricks out of his bag. He knew that the Tournament would land in the NWA's favor due to its setup, so Vince had to do something, and once again he dug into his bag of tricks. He announced that this year's Survivor Series and Royal Rumble would hold significant meaning. Now, the winner of the King's Cup Tournament would not only get a shiny silver ring, but a shot at the WWF Title at Wrestlemania VII. So, Vince announced that the final survivors of each winning team would face each other for the 30th and final spot in the Royal Rumble. McMahon further stated that the winner also got to name the #1 entrant. As for the Rumble, McMahon stated that the winner of the Rumble would be the #1 contender of the WWWF Title which would be decided at Wrestlemania VII. But didn't the winner of the King's Cup Tournament have that title shot ? Yes, and McMahon continued to say that the King's Cup winner would fight the WWF champion. The winner of that would go on to fight the NWA champion later in the evening, and finally the winner of that match, would go on to face the Royal Rumble winner to crown the 'new' WWWF Champion. On top of all of that, EVERY title would be refashioned and renamed to a WWWF title. Now, McMahon had dropped more than a bomb, but he forgot something. Halloween Havoc came before the Survivor Series. Just as McMahon thought he'd stolen the thunder, Ric Flair styled-n-profiled with a HUGE win over Randy Savage, Sting stepped up by avenging his SummerSlam loss to Ric Rude, the Steiners avenged their Wrestlemania loss to the Twin Towers and captured the WWWF Tag Titles, and Kerry Von Erich defended his Intercontinental Title against Bret Hart.

The Greek tragedy that had become the re-fromed WWWF was now in full swing, and the Survivor Series was set up as the next grusome act. The Series went down as follows:

Match 1 - The Horsemen V The Commonwealth

(Davey Boy Smith outlasted everyone and was the only survivor from this match.)

H = Anderson, Blanchard, Flair, Ole ... C = Rougaes, Bret Hart, Davey Boy Smith

Match 2 - Camp Cornette V The Heenan Family

(Eddie Gilbert followed Davey Boy Smith's lone survivor performance with one of his own.)

CC = Bobby Eaton, Stan Lane, Eddie Gilbert, Ric Rude ... HF = Akeem, Bossman, Buzz Saywer, Butch Reed

Match 3 - The Wild Samoans V Team Heavy Metal

(Haku continued the lone survivor trend.)

WS = Fatu, Samu, Haku, Kokina Maximus ... HM = Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson, Jimmy Garvin, Michael PS Hays

Match 4 - Hird Guns V Team Heratige

(Ron Simmons, Magnum T.A., and Sting all survived this match.)

HG = Warlord, Barbarian, DiBiase, Rotunda ... TH = Magnum T.A., Kerry Von Erich, Ron Simmons, Sting

Final Survivors Match - Haku V Davey Boy Smith V Eddie Gilbert V Ron Simmons V Magnum T.A. V Sting

(Magnum T.A. survived the ultimate test to gain his spot at Wrestlemania.)

Well, that part of McMahon's plan had backfired, and Magnum T.A. wasted no time in naming Hulk Hogan as the #1 entrant into the Royal Rumble. Vince was furious to say the least, and several roster members wouldn't make it to the end of the month. Notables that received their pink slips: The Samoan Savage, Junk Yard Dog, Iron Sheik, Hillbilly Jim, Barry/Bob Orton, and Ronnie Garvin. The piping hot McMahon would get no relief from the King's Cup Tournament.

(The King's Cup Tournament pit the best of the best from each 'faction' (NWA/WWF) against each other. Flair was ineligable due to being the NWA World Champion. Hogan got a bye to the second round due to being the previous WWF Champion. Kerry Von Erich received a bye for being the WWF Intercontinental Champion (won from the Ultimate Warrior at The Great American Bash, in July).)

The King's Cup Tournament

Round One:

Lex Luger def. Ricky Steamboat

Mr. Perfect def. Eddie Gilbert

Paul Orndorff def. Randy Savage

Sting def. Ted DiBiase

Ric Rude def. Arn Anderson

Bret Hart def. Dusty Rhodes

Round Two

Paul Orndorff def. Lex Luger

Ric Rude def. Sting

Mr. Perfect def. Kerry Von Erich

Hulk Hogan def. Bret Hart


Hulk Hogan def. Mr. Perfect

Paul Orndorff def. Ric Rude


Paul Orndorff def. Hulk Hogan

Orndorff had finally defeated Hogan, and the NWA name was more than holding the momentum. McMahon's seething over his apparent loss of control helped not just the WWWF, but the rest of the wrestling world as well. It gained viewers because they simply couldn't get enough of the industry. Without even knowing it, Vince had created a monster of popularity. The AWA ratings increased, the house shows of SCW grew, the USWA erupted into cult status, and remember 'ol spurned Ted Turner ? Well, he bought out the UWF and CWF rights and formed the WCW he was after with Jim Crockett Productions. Wrestling was healthy and living the high life. All of this eluded McMahon and at the Royal Rumble Vince tried again to push down the NWA branded men ...

At the Royal Rumble Hogan and Davey Boy Smith started the match. WWF after WWF labeled talent came to the ring. Hart, Snuka, Rude, DiBiase, Jake Roberts, Randy Savage, and Bossman follwed until finally at #10 Ron Simmons entered the Rumble. Of the 30 men, only 7 were NWA branded. Kerry Von Erich, Ron Simmons, Arn Anderson, Lex Luger, Sting, Ricky Steamboat, and Magnum T.A. The WWF stars protected Hogan while ganging up on the NWA guys. At the announce table McMahon loved it and it showed. It all came down to Jake Roberts, Snuka, Warrior, and Hogan standing across from Orndorff and Magnum T.A. Hogan wanted Orndorff for pay back from the King's Cup, but wanted Magnum T.A. for putting him in the rumble as the #1 entrant. Orndorff (already assured of his shot at Wrestlemania) lunged forward at the four WWF stars and managed to take out Roberts and Snuka. Warrior and Hogan didn't know what to do, and before they could react T.A. was on them. In desperation Warrior threw a right hand but connected with Hogan instead and sent him reeling through the ropes. T.A. irish whipped Warrior into the roped and then ducked a clothesline attempt by Warrior. As Warrior came to the opposite ropes, Hogan was trying to pull himself back up. This caused the top rope to be lowered, and inadvertantly, Hogan sent Warrior to the floor. While Hogan looked on in shock, T.A. suplexed him back into the ring and then gave Hogan his own 'Legdrop of Doom'. Hogan was all but out, and was easy to toss over the top.

McMahon sat at the announce table so livid that he all but cried on camera. At Wrestlemania VII the re-instatement of the WWWF World Title would be the Main Event, and Magnum T.A. had just ensured the NWA talents a 75% chance of walking out with that title. The four men headlining Wrestlemania would be Ric Flair (NWA Champion), Paul Orndorff (King's Cup Winner), Magnum T.A. (Royal Rumble Winner), and The Ultimate Warrior (WWF Champion).

After a special edition of Prime Time wrestling where Vince retired the old NWA/WWF belts and handed the champions their new WWWF titles (save for the NWA/WWF World titles which were to be done at Wrestlemania), the year long civil war betweent he divided locker room would reach its apex at Wrestlemania VII ....

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Wrestlemania VII

March 24, 1991

Los Angelas, CA

Att: 15,500

Buyrate: 2.8

Opening Match - Dusty Rhodes V Ted DiBiase

(DiBiase got the win as Dusty seemed out of it.  Rhodes didn't give a good performance, and it is rumored that his days are numbered in the WWWF.)

#1 Contenders to U.S. Tag Titles - Rock 'N' Roll Express V The Powers of Pain V The Killer Bees

(Mr. Fuji kept the attention of Morton/Gibson as the P.O.P. double teamed Brunzell in the ring.  Blair tried in vain to stop the onslaught but couldn't.  The P.O.P. got the win and shot at the U.S. Tag Titles.)

WWF Title Match - Paul Orndorff V The Ultimate Warrior ©

(The King's Cup Tournament winner made the most of this match and outpowerd the previously juggernaut-like Warrior.  Orndorff gained the WWF title finally, and advanced to take on Ric Flair later in the evening.)

Flair Interview - After Orndorff's match with Warrior, Gene Okerlund interviewed Ric Flair.  'The Nature Boy' had nothing but respect for Orndorff, but let him know that it was all just beginning for Mr. Wonderful.

WWWF TV Title Match - Sting V Jimmy Snuka ©

(Before the match the Wild Samoans attacked Sting, which foreshadowed Snuka's heel turn.  What was arguably the match of the night, was marred by Snuka joining the Wild Samoans.  Snuka retained the TV Title.)

WWWF U.S. Tag Title Match - The Skyscrapers V The Andersons

(In a hard fought match, the Skyscrapers retained their titles over Arn/Ole.)

Challange Match - Bret Hart V Ricky Steamboat

(After Steamboat won the match, the Commonwealth reared their ugly heads again.  The Horsemen still had some bad blood running from Survivor Series, and came down for the save of Steamboat.  This aftermath has set up a Horsemen/Commonwealth feud it would seem.  As the Commonwealth scurried from the ring, Arn Anderson grabbed a mic and let it be known that the Anti-US sentiment from the Commonwealth wouldn't be tolerated anymore, and that the Horsemen were watching closely.)

WWF/NWA World Title Match - Paul Orndorff V Ric Flair

(Yet another classic match up as Flair's savy squared off against Orndorff's power.  In the end Orndorff was just too much for Flair.  The two stood in the middle of the ring and shook hands as Orndorff walked out WWF and NWA Champion.)

WWWF Intercontinental Title Match - Kerry Von Erich V Randy Savage

(Mr. Perfect came down to ringside for guest commentating.  During the match Perfect reminded the viewers that KVE was lucky that Perfect had been injured at the Royal Rumble and wasn't able to take his shot the title.  Eventually Perfect got his hands in the match and took a chair to KVE when Savage threw Kerry out of the ring.  The match was thrown out due to the interference, and Elizabeth had to restrain Savage.  Perfect stood over KVE, slapping him around and letting him know that he was coming for his title.)

WWWF Tag Title Match - Steiner Brothers V The Fabulous Rougeaus

(The Commonwealth came to ringside and throughout the whole match caused disruptions, but not enough to get the Rougeaus DQ'd.  The Horsemen were true to their word and came out in aid of the Steiners, but not in time.  The Rougeuas stole the titles and then ran as the Horsemen and the rest of the Commonwealth brawled for a good ten minutes.)

Main Event/WWWF Title Match - Paul Orndorff V Magnum T.A.

(A very clean, and repectable title match.  Both men were fair and did everything they could to better the other.  Despite having two matches earlier in the evening, Mr. Wonderful claimed the WWWF title.  At the conclusion of the match Hogan stormed to the ring amidst a deafening roar from the crowd and stood toe to toe with both Orndorff and T.A. as Wrestlemania went off the air.)

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WWF PrimeTime Wrestling Preview

A new era begins for the WWWF as PrimeTime Wrestling goes LIVE !

- Hulk Hogan is scheduled to appear with his thoughts on how the Wrestlemania main event turned out ! ...

- Sting gets a Wrestlemania rematch against Jimmy Snuka and the Wild Samoans have been barred from ringside ! ...

- The Freebirds will be in action against the Twin Towers ! ...

- The Skyscrapers defend the U.S. Tag Titles against the Young Stallions ! ...

- Also appearing on the show: Jake Roberts, Hercules, Bad News Brown, Buzz Saywer ...

- Interviews with Ted DiBiase and Ric Flair !

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<center>user posted image</center>

<center>April 1, 1991</center>

<center>Rating: 5.5</center>

<center>Att: 4,031</center>

<center>Gate: $161,240</center>

(The opening montage is more like a bad Nintendo game. The sound is just a tad off, but the picture is good. Clips of past WWWF Superstars and the current ones flow together to form the big block letters of the WWWF. The snazzy 'on hold' musical masterpiece crescendoes as the words 'Prime Time Wrestling' fade in under the blocked WWWF logo.)

Vince - "Hello everybody and welcome to the World Wide Wrestling Federation's PRIME TIME WRESTLING ! ! ! ... I'm Vince McMahon and sitting next to me is Jim Crockett Jr. Tonight we are bringing you a first ! We are here in Los Angelas, CA ... LIIIIIIIIIVVVEEE ! Starting this week and every week the WWWF will bring you wrestling unscripted and raw, just as it happens !

Jim Jr. - "This looks to be a very exciting time here in the WWWF and we're glad all of you could join us ! Vince and I could take up all the air time just letting all of you know how much we've been looking forward to this, but that's not what the WWWF is about ! We're about WRESTLING HERE ! .... With that said, we have our two combatants in the ring and ready to go for our first ever match LIVE !

Bad News Brown -V- Hercules Hernandez

The first match of the 'live' era of the WWWF was nothing too special. The bookers went with a safe bet as not to botch the first ever match on live television. Bad News and Hercules are both 'known' and 'defined' in their roles and provided nothing more than just a match. Bad News spent much of the time bitching at the fans and trying to avoid the huge frame of Hercules.

Jim Jr. - "I might have to take back my statement about the wrestling Vince. It looks like Bad News doesn't want to get this match going."

Vine - "Can you blame him ? Look at Hercules. He's got that name for a reason. He's a monster of a man."

Yes, he is. He's really strong too. Bad News finally annoyed Hercules to the point that he came over and just picked him up. Bad News was in the air for a good ten seconds before he was slammed back down to the mat. He immediately arched his back in pain and begged off. Herc would have none of it. A few big clotheslines and some stiff forearms to the back later, Bad News was ready to walk and take the count out. In fact, he did just that. With Hercules standing against the ropes pleading for him to come back in, Bad News walked to the back and was counted out.

Vince - "I can't say I blame Bad News for getting out of dodge. Hercules is a very powerful man ..."

Jim Jr. - "And that's just it, he's a man. Obviously Bad News isn't."

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts -V- Buzz Sawyer

The second match of the night pit one of the territorial wrestling's tough guys (Sawyer) against one of the best mind game players in the business (Roberts). As most guys are, Sawyer wasn't intimidated by Damien, Jake's snake. The big python didn't even make Buzz flinch, and just for the hell of it, Saywer slapped Damian to get the match underway.

Vince - "Did you see that ? Buzz Saywer just slapped Damian .... that's appaling. It's obvious that these people here don't like his actions, or him for that matter, very much at all."

Jim Jr. - "While I have to share their feelings for not liking Buzz very much, I do have to say that sooner or later something like that was going to happen."

Roberts was livid and already he'd lost at his own game. Buzz outsmarted him from the get go. Roberts was wild in the ring and when he actually did land a punch or kick, it was glancing or weak. Buzz however, mounted plenty of offense. At one point the crowd was silent as a powerslam from Saywer appeared to break the back of Roberts. Without the usual advantage of being in his opponent's head, Roberts was lost. Sawyer took advantage time and time again, and finally ended the match as he caught Roberts with devistating clothesline as he came off the ropes. In a relatively short match, Sawyer got the three count.

Hogan Interview

Okerlund - "Well wrestling fans, it's been a very busy time here in the WWWF as we just got done with Wrestlemania and now are putting on our first live telecast to bring YOU, the finest wrestling action in the land today. Now, down to business. We all know what went down at Wrestlemania and we all know one man that isn't very happy at the results. With me is a man that has been seething for a week now and he's got a few things on his mind. Ladies and Gentlemen, with me right now is HULK HOGAN ... Hulkster ...."

Hogan - "Mean Gene, seething is right. The Hulkster has been pacing back and forth, waiting for tonight so he could get somethings off his chest. First of all, as much as I may not like it .... I have to congratulate Magnum T.A. - Warrior - Flair - and even Orndorff. Those four men deserve all the credit in the world for the performance they put on at Wrestlemania."

Okerlund - "That's very true Hulk, they put each other to the test and each of them passed with flying colors. It looks like they're ready to raise the bar around here."

Hogan - "That's a real good thing MEAN GENE, because the Hulkster and ALL HIS HULKAMANIACS are ready to do the same. While I have to give them the credit for thier performances, I don't have to say that they're better than the Hulkster, especially not Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff. For years he tried to take down Hulkamania and couldn't get the job done. Now, because of the cockamaimy scheme that Vince McMahon dreamt up for the title, Mr. Wonderful has the WWWF title around his waist. Gene, we all know that THE HULKSTER should be wearing that belt. I hope 'ol Mr. Wonderful doesn't think that I'm going to sit back and not do anything about this. Hulk Hogan and Hulkamania have Mr. Wonderful in their sights brother. So Orndorff, WHATCHA GONNA DO ? ! WHATCHA GONNA DO BROTHER ? ! ? ! WHEN THE LARGEST PYTHONS IN THE WORLD GET A HOLD ON YOU ? ! ? !"

Vince - "Those are some strong words, and a very real warning to Paul Orndorff. I wouldn't want to be Mr. Wonderful right now. Next up we've got a special message from 'The Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase !"

DiBiase Clip

(The scene cuts to a lavish homestead. A large mansion looms in the background, and standing in the circular driveway, is The Million Dollar Man. As the camera zooms in on the grinning DiBiase, a limo pulls up infront of him. The scene cuts to inside the limo, as Ted sips on some white wine.)

DiBiase - "HAHAHAHAHAH, being rich is something none of you people will ever know. It's wonderful to be able to throw money away, but right now that isn't what The Million Dollar Man is out to do. I'm letting everyone know right now that Ted DiBiase is dead set on getting himself back into the WWWF World Title scene. I've got just the friends to help me do that. While all of you are back there beating up each other, I'm going out to Vegas to hire that help. Remeber, EVERYBODY HAS A PRICE ! ... HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH !"

Jim Jr. - "Vince, I'm not sure what happened to that man. He used to be focused and such a respectable wrestler. Now all he's worried about is his money."

Vince - "Well Jim, I can tell you that he's still one heck of a wrestler but it would appear that he's got something else on his mind right now. All right everyone, it's time to get back to the ring for some tag team action."

The Freebirds -V- Twin Towers

This bout looked like a surefire mismatch as the slender Freebirds stepped through the ropes and stood across from the very large Twin Towers. Akeem and Bossman traded looks and chuckles at the Southern boys as the bell rang. Hays and Akeem started out, and for whatever reason the African wanted to see if Hays had the same dancing skills that he did. Hays went first to the amusement of the fans and Akeem .... but Akeem wasn't laughing long because when he tried to show off, Hays dropkicked him over the top rope.

Vince - "Akeem and the Bossman better get serious out there Jim, because it looks like the Freebirds are all business here tonight."

Jim Jr. - "Vince I can assure you that they are all business. They may like to rock 'n' roll, but in the ring they're as intense as anyone."

Very quickly Akeem and the Bossman matched that intensity. While they tried their best to keep up, the quick tags from the Freebirds kept the big men off balance most of the match. Ocassionally one of the Towers would get their big fat hands on Garvin and Hays, and put a beating to them. The bodyslam that Garvin took bounced him a few inches off the mat much to the chagrin of Hays. The Towers lumbered too much though, and each time they had one of the Freebirds down, they were able to recover. Not able to keep either man down for a three count, the Freebirds needed a double team. Being savvy as they are, Garvin and Hays lured the two big men in only to get them on a chase. Dodging in and out of the ring, Akeem got caught up in the ropes and this left Bossman at a disadvantage. Garvin went up top, distracting him, and Hays was able to get in a kick to the gut. Hays then quickly got Bossman in postition for a piledriver, and Garvin came off the top to add the 'spike' to keep the big man out. Out he was, and with that The Freebirds took the match.

Sting -V- Snuka © TV Title Match

The Wild Samoans are barred from ringside.

This is the first of what will surely be a slew of Wrestlemania rematches. Snuka surprised everyone by joining the Wild Samoans at Wrestlemania, and at the expense of Sting no less. Sting was visibly excited, and paced as he waited for Snuka, but the pacing stopped as the SUPE SUPE SUPE SUUUPERRRFLLLYY bellowed through the arena. The fans jeered Snuka as he HOO HOO HOO'd his way to the ring with his large bone in tow.

Jim Jr. - "I guess the fans are a bit mad at Snuka for what he did to Sting at Wrestlemania."

Vince - "I'm going to have to agree with you there Jim. I never saw that coming, and would never think in a million years that Snuka would do something like that, especially to a man like Sting."

Snuka wasn't in the ring entirely, and the bell hadn't even rung yet and already Sting was pouncing on Snuka. Perhaps he had a little too much gusto, as Snuka used his head and flipped Sting over the top rope. Outside the ring the Stinger got even more mad and quickly slipped under the ropes and took the fight right back to Snuka. Back and forth the two traded punches as it looked as though Sting wanted to fight instead of wrestle.

Finally, the two calmed down and began to wrestle. Each man displayed his athleticism as the match went to the air. Dropkick after dropkick, and body press after body press ensued. The crowd got into it for a while, but there was too much hurt from Snuka's turning on them for the crowd to fully express themselves. After a while it was apparent to everyone (including Snuka) that Sting had too much adrenaline to be held down long enough to beat him fairly and take the match. Sting's adrenaline caused him to get sloppy, and he only half hit a DDT, and Snuka played possum. As Sting climbed the rope the ref went over to administer the count to him, and Snuka grabbed his bone. Sting came off the top rope for a frogsplash but hit the animal bone instead of Snuka. With the ref checking on Sting, Snuka threw the bone out of the ring. After that, the pin was easy. The three count for Snuka was academic.

Jim Jr. - "I'm guessing that Snuka isn't sorry for what he did to Sting seeing as how he cheated here tonight."

Vince - "I'm not sure what's going on with Snuka Jim, but whatever he's doing, it isn't sitting well with our fans, or Sting for that matter ... The night is drawing to a close quickly everybody, and next up is our Main Event of the evening. The U.S. Tag Team Titles are on the line right now !"

The Young Stallions -V- The Skyscrapers © U.S. Tag Title Match

The Skyscrapers are appropriately named. Sid Vicious and Dan Spivey are enormous men. The Young Stallions aren't small, but the height just isn't there when stacked against Spivey and Vicious. The four men stood in the center of the ring, and the Champs didn't take their eyes off the challengers as the ref took their belts from them. The stand off continued for a few moments after the bell rang until Vicious motioned for the Stallions to back off so the match could get started.

Jim Jr. - "I'm linking this. Roma and Powers aren't backing down one bit."

Vince - "They shouldn't even though they have a daunting task ahead of them. This young team has gotten rave reviews since they joined forces, and some have even said that Jimmy Powers is 'Pure Gold' !"

Well, the Pure Gold part might be true in the long run, but not tonight. Sid started the match by easily tossing Powers into the corner. Vicious was disgusted and tagged in the psycho Spivey. Powers fought his way out of the corner before the big man's knee put an end to that offense. Surprisingly the two big men worked fluidly as a team and kept Powers isolated most of the match. Big boots and gorilla press slams kept Roma down when he did manage to get into the ring, and he quickly tagged back out before he got pinned. Powers did what he could, but after roughly eight minutes, it wasn't much of an effort anymore. To their credit, the Young Stallions did manage to royally piss off the Skyscrapers, but in the end that was a bad thing. With Powers unable to stand up and slumped in the corner, a reluctant Roma was left to fend for himself. Sid took no pity, and SuperBombed Roma twice. With Powers unable to make a save Sid pinned Roma.

Vince - "You've got to give the kids credit here Jim. They fought as hard as anyone could against these monsters."

Jim Jr. - "Yes, they did Vince, but in the end the Skyscrapers were much too poweful. It looks like they might be hanging on to those belts for a while."

Vince - "That looks like it might be true Jim. Before we leave you tonight ... we've got Ric Flair and the Horsemen in the back with Gene Okerlund .... GENE !"

Flair/Horsemen Interview

Okerlund - "Thank you again Vince, as you said with me now is none other than 'THE NATURE BOY' ... RIC FLAIR ! .... and with him are the members of The Horsemen. I'm sure you've got plenty to say Ric, so have at it."

Flair - WOOOOOOOO ! MEAN ... BY GOD GENE ! You are standing next to the 'NATURE BOY' .. WOOOO RIC FLAIR. As you can see right behind me are The Horsemen. Now, before I pick the bone I need to, there's some other people that have something to say."

Windham - "Hehehehe ... Dino Bravo you think you're such a strong man don't you. I could care less. Just because you're from up North you feel that you're better than any of us, and I could care less about that too. The only thing that matters, is that 'The Blonde Bombshell' has taken exception to you and what you've been doing. You've chosen your friends to run with, and just by looking at the men standing next to me .... I can say that you've chosen poorly."

Arn - "TAKE A GOOD LOOK JIM NEIDHART ! ... I'M NOT SMILING, AND I'M NOT LAUGHING ! Double A is all business buddy. You seem to think that you're the enforcer around here. I don't know who told you that lie, but they were dead wrong. I'M THE ENFORCER ... NOT YOU ANVIL ! I told you at Wrestlemania and I'll tell you again ... The Horsemen are watching ...."

Flair - "THAT'S RIGHT DOUBLE A .. WOOOO The HORSEMEN ... are watching. That isn't all we're doing though Gene. BRET HART ! You had best pay attention pal. That band of misfits you call the Commonwealth would be smart to get to packin and hittin the bricks ! It's one thing to bash our great country, and another to cross the Horsemen. But when you do both like you have ... WOOOOOOO ! YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR ! BRET HART ... COMMONWEALTH ... you've been begging for a war, and now you've got one ! BOTTOM LINE ! ... BRET HART ! You just can't handle the JET FLYIN ... LIMOUSINE RIDIN ... WHEELIN DEALIN ... KISS STEALIN ... SON OF A GUN ... WOOOOOOO !"

(The show goes off the air with Flair 'stylin n profilin' and the Horsemen itching to get their hands on the Commonwealth.)

Match Rankings:

1. - Sting/Snuka (Crowd 68% - Workrate 73% - *3/4)

2. - Skyscrapers/Young Stallions (Crowd 62% - Workrate 69% - *1/4)

3. - Freebirds/Twin Towers (Crowd 63% - Workrate - 63% - 3/4*)

4. - Jake Roberts/Buzz Sawyer (Crowd 70% - Workrate 58% - 1/2*)

5. - Bad News Brown/Hercules (Crowd 61% - Workrate 58% - 1/2*)


1. - Hogan Interview (99%)

2. - Flair/Horsemen Interview (83%)

3. - DiBiase Segment (77%)

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Guest Cubbie Blue

Hey man! Very solid show. I felt like I was reading a recap of an actual WWF show! The matches are totally unpredictable...I like how you're not afraid to put the less talented guys on the card, and even put them over some of the better wrestlers, like Buzz over Jake, and Snuka over Sting. Keep true to that WWF style and I'll keep reading. The descriptions are a little short, and I'd like to see longer matches, but other than those two things, everything was fine.

Oh, and I expect a rematch between the Freebirds and the Towers! :D

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- Paul Orndorff responds to the comments made by Hulk Hogan !

- Ric Rude isn't happy with a certain someone in the WWWF and is going to let us know just who it is !

- Nikita Koloff takes on Tom Zenk !

- The Young Stallions hope to do better than their last outing as they go up against The Samoan Swat Team !

- Also in action: Tito Santana, Eddie Gilbert, King Kong Bundy, and Bam Bam Bigelow !


WWWF Newsbit:

During a house show this past week Hawk ripped his bicep and will be out for close to seven months.  The WWWF has replaced the Road Warriors on the house shows, but what will happen with Animal on air isn't known at this time. 

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<center>user posted image</center>

<center>April 6, 1991</center>

<center>Rating: 3.91</center>

<center>Att: 4,013</center>

<center>Gate: $160,520</center>

(The screen jumps alive with the neon colors and the WWWF block logo. Leftover 80's mucis hits the airwaves as Wrestling Challenge comes on the air. The camera fades in to the WWWF studio where Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan sit behind their desk.)

Monsoon - "Welcome World Wide Wrestling Federation Fans, to antother addition of Wrestling Challange. Alongside me as always is Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan. We've got some hot wrestling action for you and an interview with Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff."

Heenan - "You mean to tell me we're going to have to listen to Paul Orndorff ?"

Monsoon - "We all have to listen to you Brain. Guys, before he can get started ... let's roll the first match."

Tito Santana -V- King Kong Bundy

Both men in this match up are proven ring veterans, and both know how to win. Since dropping off the title hunt, Bundy has been wreaking havoc wherever he can, and Tito didn't want to be just another casualty. Santana used his athleticism to keep away from Bundy, but eventually he was going to have to move in close if he wanted a pin. Bundy knew this and waited for Santana to make his move. Coming off the ropes Tito did just that and slid between Bundy's legs. He took Bundy down by taking out the back of his knee. The assault continued with chops to Kong's neck. One problem. Bundy doesn't have a neck. The ineffectiveness of his chops eluded Santana long enough for Bundy to turn around and get Tito in his grasp. The match was pretty much over at that point. Slam after slam after slam befell Tito. Finally, a fallout body press ended the match. Bundy got the easy pin on a wasted Santana.

[back in Studio]

Monsoon - "Tito is quick, but tonight he just didn't move fast enough."

Heenan - "What was he thinking Monsoon ? You can't hurt a slab of beef by pounding on it."

Monsoon - "And just how do you think they tenderize steaks Brain ?"

Heenan - " ... Isn't there a bit from 'The Million Dollar Man' we need to air ?"

DiBiase Segment

(Overhead shots of the Vegas strip run through one another as Ted DiBiase's "money money money" theme plays. The scene moves to the Horseshoe Casino where DiBiase's limo pulls up, and 'The Million Dollar Man' makes his way into the casino. As he walks through the casino, he hits jackpot after jackpot. DiBiase finally sits down at a blackjack table where a blond haired man sits across from him. Next to the blonde haired man is a very tall, dark haired man.)

Blonde Haired Man - "It's pretty obvious that we both have plenty of money Mr. DiBiase. So what exactly is it that you want ?"

DiBiase - "Simple. Everyone has a price. Even you, but what I want is well worth the cost. I want to employ yourself, and your rather large friend. The WWWF Title will be mine soon, and I'm going to need my back watched."

Blonde Haired Man - "Very well, but we'll make this simple. One hand of blackjack. I win, we discuss the price of our time. You win, you've got yourself some bodygaurds."

(DiBiase nods, and the dealer deals. The 'up' card for DiBiase is the Ace of Spades, while the blonde haired man has the Ace of Hearts. The blonde haired man flips his 'down' card over to reveal the Jack of Hearts. DiBiase just smiles as he flips over his 'down' card to reveal the Jack of Spades. The scene fades with DiBiase and the blonde haired man shaking, as DiBiase laughs his million dollar laugh.)

[back in Studio]

Monsoon - "DiBiase has apparently gotten the help he was after."

Heenan - "Did you see the size of that guy ? He's a monster. He had to be seven feet tall !"

Monsoon - "We've already got a few monsters here in the WWWF Brain, I'm not sure that there's room for anymore. Right now we can't worry about that, we've got some footage of Nikita Koloff and Tom Zenk in singles action."

Nikita Koloff -V- Tom Zenk

The match is joined in progress. Tom Zenk is sweating profusely as Koloff stands in the center of the ring sneering. The 'Russian Nightmare' is merely biding his time before he strikes. Needing the extra momentum Zenk went to the ropes and tried a springboard move, but was caught by Koloff. Using Zenk's own momentum, Koloff powerbombed Zenk with tremendous force. Koloff stood over Zenk and was ready to move in for the kill when the ref stepped between him and the fallen Zenk. After checking on Tom, he called for the bell. Koloff was awarded the match via TKO.

[back in Studio]

Monsoon - "Nikita Koloff certainly is living up to his name the 'Russian Nightmare.' "

Heenan - "I'd hate to see him team up with the Commonwealth. You know, none of those guys like the USA, and they could be a huge force here in the WWWF."

Monsoon - "How's about we don't give them any ideas Brain. Maybe Ric Rude has something better to say than you do."

Ric Rude Interview

Okerlund - "The man standing next to me has proven himself inside the WWWF's ring, but for whatever reason, he's been off the map a bit recently. That isn't a cheap shot Ric Rude, but you can't deny that the spotlight has moved away from you as of late."

Rude - "No, I can't Gene, and normally I'd have a problem with someone saying that to me, but you're right. The spotlight has moved away somewhat, and I know why now. There is to much trash here in the WWWF. While I sit here and bust my tail day in and day out, we've got people like Terry Taylor who think this is all a big joke. WELL IT ISN'T. If all you're going to do is joke around then you need to get out of my way right now. Ric Rude is no joke, and neither is my intent on gaining the WWWF World Title. I'm sick of guys like Taylor making a mockery of this place, and even moreso, me. TAYLOR, you better figure it out before I give you a RUDE AWAKENING !"

[back in Studio]

Monsoon - "Ric Rude has a point Brain, there is a good deal of trash here in the WWWF, but I'm not too sure I agree with him singling out Terry Taylor."

Heenan - "Come on Gorilla, Taylor is one of the biggest jokes around. Why else do you think he doesn't ever wear any gold ? He doesn't take anything seriously, and it makes me mad too !"

Monsoon - "If Rude said nuns made him mad, you'd agree with that too wouldn't you ?"

Heenan - "Nuns can be very mean ..."

Monsoon - "Enough Heenan. Next up we've got the Young Stallions against the Samoan Swat Team !"

The Young Stallions -V- The Samoan Swat Team

In their last outing Roma and Powers were spirited, but not much else. This time around, they looked to reverse their fortunes. They aimed to do it against one of the more dangerous teams in the WWWF. The boys from the islands are down right crazy. Unlike their last match, Roma took the initiative this time and jumped the gun on Fatu. The attack by Roma, and quick bell caught Fatu off gaurd. Samu showed some brains, which aren't a strong point of the Swat Team, and made a blind tag to keep from losing the match in a matter of seconds.

Roma got pulled off and immediately stomped to the ground. Fatu refused to leave the ring, which prompted Powers to run in and aid his partner. The four men traded blows in the ring as Albano was beside himself outside the ring. The ref was moving Powers back to his corner which gave Samu and Fatu a chance at the double team. Samu held up Roma for a superkick from Fatu, but Roma slipped out of the way, and Fatu nailed his fellow Swatter. Powers took note and he and Roma gave Fatu a double russian leg sweep. Before he could recover, Roma pinned Samu to take the match.

[back in Studio]

Monsoon - "What an impressive win for the Young Stallions. These two young studs just might be the next big thing in the tag team ranks Brain !"

Heenan - "Lucky Gorilla, lucky. They're lucky the ref didn't disqualify them for cheating. That double team on Fatu wasn't legal."

Monsoon - "What are you talking about Brain ? Samu was the legal man, and Powers never would have gotten in the ring had Fatu gotten out when he was supposed to ... You know what, it's time to show the Orndorff interview."

Heenan - " I ...."

Paul Orndorff Interview

Okerlund - "Hello again everyone. Earlier I had the pleasure of speaking with Ric Rude, and now I've got with me the WWWF Champion, Mr. Wonderful ... Paul Orndorff !"

Orndorff - "How are you Gene ?"

Okerlund - "Good, thank you Paul. I have to ask you ... just how does it feel to finally be WWWF Champion, and maybe more importantly how does it feel to finally be above Hulk Hogan ?"

Orndorff - "To be the WWWF Champion has to be the greatest feeling in the world. I'm not discounting the NWA titles I held, because those titles are very prestigous in their own right. This one is special because of one thing though. This belt right here validates what I've known since 1985 Gene. I'M BETTER THAN HULK HOGAN ! I've always been better than Hulk Hogan. That's what has eaten him alive since the first time we met in the ring. Don't let him fool you Gene, I didn't run away from him when I left the WWWF. I just went to a place where WRESTLING was the sought after commodity. Gene, after Hogan faced me in the ring, he knew what I and everyone else knew. He'd NEVER be the best WRESTLER as long as I was around. That's why Hogan took his Hulkamania, Hulkamaniacs, and his outrageous talk to a whole new level. He had to create a bigger CHARACTER than Paul Orndorff because he'd never be able to out WRESTLE me. Defeat is a hard pill to swallow, and Hogan didn't take it well at all. Now I'm back, and Hogan is right where he should be Gene. On the bottom of my shoe. Hogan can have all the Hulkamaniacs he wants, take all the vitamins he wants, and say all the prayers he wants. They aren't going to matter, because when you're Mr. Wonderful .... you're wrestling is all you need."

Okerlund - "There it is, straight from the Champions mouth. Hulk Hogan has had his notice served and Paul Orndorff looks to be the man in charge. Gorilla, Bobby ..."

[back in Studio]

Monsoon - "I"m not sure that there is room enough in this hen house for two Roosters Brain, but either way Orndorff isn't backing down from Hogan."

Heenan - "Hen house and roosters ? What are you talking about Monsoon ? We've got a serious problem where. Not only do we have Hogan running around, but we've got Orndorff thinking he's bigger than Hogan. These two egomaniacs are going to tear this place apart."

Monsoon - "You're off your rocker Heenan. All right people, it's time for our featured match tonight. Eddie Gilbert and Bam Bam Bigelow collide. Enjoy !"

Eddie Gilbert -V- Bam Bam Bigelow

While on paper a mismatch, the in ring story is quite different. Bam Bam Bigelow can move quite well for a 300 lb'r, and Gilbert is one of the tougher men around. The mesh between the two was better than most probably predicted. The approach from each was very predictable though. Gilbert stayed away from Bigelow, and Bam Bam let Gilbert try the high impact moves. Neither man gained much of an advantage until the match spilled to the outside of the ring. The larger Bigelow took the spill harder and moved slower because of it. Gilbert saw his chance and hopped up to the top turnbuckle, and waited for Bigelow. Bam Bam lumbered through the ropes unaware that Gilbert was perched over him. As he looked around the ring, he figured it out too late. Bigelow turned around just in time to see Gilbert's flying body press smack him dead on. More shocked than knocked out, Bigelow couldn't kick out, and Gilbert got the win.

[back in Studio]

Monsoon - "That Eddie Gilbert certainly knows his way around the ring. That's a big win for 'Hotstuff' if you ask me."

Heenan - "Well I didn't Gorilla, and I know that if Gilbert would have stood toe to toe with Bigelow like a man, he'd have gotten his hat handed to him."

Monsoon - "Brain, you have an excuse for everything .... WWWF fans, we're out of time tonight. Join us again next time for WRESTLING CHALLENGE !"

(The scene fades from Monsoon and Heenan going back and forth to the brightly colored logo for the show. The snazzy elevator-esque music escorts the fading scene to black.)

Match Rankings:

1. - Gilbert/Bigelow (Crowd 61% Workrate 73% **)

2. - Stallions/Swat Team (Crowd54% Workrate 70% *1/4)

3. - Koloff/Zenk (Crowd 68% Workrate 66% *)

4. - Santana/Bundy (Crowd 63% Workrate 59% 1/2*)


1. - Ric Rude Interview (84%)

2. - DiBiase Segment (81%)

3. - Orndorff Interview (72%)

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- TV Champion Jimmy Snuka will be in action against Hercules Hernandez !

- The Killer Bees go up against the Samoan Swat Team !

- WWWF U.S. Champion Magnum T.A. takes on Dino Bravo in a non-title match up !  Also, the interview that wrestling fans have been waiting for !  Magnum T.A. tells all about his near fatal car wreck !

- Also, Wrestlemania VII is recapped for those that missed it !

- This and more on WWWF SUPERSTARS !

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<center>user posted image</center>

<center>April 7, 1991</center>

<center>Rating: 3.95</center>

<center>Att: 4,028</center>

<center>Gate: $161,120</center>

(As with the other WWWF shows, leftover 80's jams accompany the logo for the show. Behind the desk in WWWF studios this time around are Gorilla Monsoon, and Jesse Ventura.)

Monsoon - "Welcome back everyone, I'm Gorilla Monsoon and with me is Jesse 'The Body' Ventura. We have some good matches lined up today, and we've also got a special treat for you ! I had the pleasure of interviewing Magnum T.A. earlier this week and boy does he have a story to tell."

Ventura - "I don't see what's so special about him Mooonsoooon. There are guys all over the place with hard luck stories and everything just like him. What's the big deal about T.A. ?"

Monsoon - " 'Body' the man was in a near fatal car wreck and .... forget it, you're just as bad as Heenan. Let's start things off with a tough match from earlier in the week. Cactus Jack took on Don Muraco !"

Cactus Jack -V- Don Muraco

'The Rock' Don Muraco has always been known for being a tough son of a gun, but Cactus is really starting to make a name for himself in the 'tough guy' department. These two traded blows non-stop for about five minutes before either man stepped back to even see if they were having any affect. What they stared at, was a tired, beaten reflection of themselves. Neither man was going to be any tougher than the other and something was going to have to be done. Cactus figured it out and gave Muraco a thumb to the eye to gain the advantage. It isn't really clear what Cactus was going for, but he put Muraco up on the top turnbuckle for some reason. Muraco fired a shot to try and get Cactus off, but what he got instead was a smack in the jaw. That smack sent Muraco off the turnbuckle and too the concrete below. Muraco didn't answer the 10 count and Cactus was awarded the match.

<center>[back in Studio]</center>

Monsoon - "Now that Cactus Jack is one man I wouldn't want to get in the ring with. He's walking a very thin line and is very close to getting a fine for his actions."

Ventura - "Why is it that everytime a man finds a way to win, you've got to find something wrong with it ? He and Muraco went toe to toe and neither man could get the advantage through brute strength. Cactus does it what it takes to win."

Monsoon - "Well I don't agree with what he's doing. Speaking of questionable actions our next match features The Samoan Swat Team and the Killer Bees !"

The Samoan Swat Team -V- The Killer Bees

The Killer Bees were a great tag team, but now it looks like they might have missed their shot at being a premier team. Brunzell and Blair still perform with the best of them, but they just don't have any flair to them. The Swat Team is very young and they have plenty of pizazz, although they are a bit strange. Fatu and Samu had too much of a size advantage for the mat skills of the Bees to have any real affect. Brunzell did all he could to get Samu down but could barely manage to knock the man back. Blair tried what he could, and just as soon as he got Samu to waver ... in came Fatu. Just before the match was over it seemed that the Bees knew they were going to be on the losing side. While in his own corner, Samu tagged in Fatu and let Blair take off to get a tag of his own. In came Fatu, hot on Blair's heels but he wasn't after Blair. He let Brunzell get tagged in, and has Brunzell hopped over the top rope, he met a superkick with his face. Samu ran over and pushed Blair off the apron and onto the gaurdrail. Fatu then got the easy pin on Brunzell.

<center>[back in Studio]</center>

Ventura - "Now there are a couple of guys that have their heads on straight. The Bees are a good team, and the boys from the Island took care of them rather easily. That's what I'm talking about Moonsooon."

Monsoon - "You would like a couple of savages like that Ventura. The two Island boys weren't alone in action this week. The newest member of the Wild Samoans also had a match this past week. Here's Jimmy Snuka defending his TV Title against Hercules Hernandez, and as you'll see, things aren't over between Snuka and Sting."

Hercules Hernandez -V- Jimmy Snuka © TV Title Match

Hercules has been loved by the fans for some time now, but he seemed even more popular in this match thanks to Snuka turning at Wrestlemania. Trying to get a quick win, Hercules took the fight straight too Snuka. For a while all the match was, was Snuka fending off the overpowering Hercules. All Snuka could manage was a kick to the gut here, and a chop to the chest there. Finally, Superfly was able to catch Hercules with a dropkick coming off the ropes. As Hercules stumbled backwards, Snuka capitolized on his turn in fortune, and nailed Herc with a flying body press. Snuka quickly hopped up to the top turnbuckle and was ready to fly when "A MAN CALLED STIIIINGGG !" blasted through the arena. Snuka turned towards the apron in the entrance area but Sting wasn't there. Hercules was up though, and Snuka saw him just in time to give him a foot to the face. Superfly followed it with a double axehandle to Herc's back. The big man wasn't down, so Superfly used the ropes for momentum and gave Hercules a super bulldog. Hercules wasn't able to kick out and Snuka took the match.

<center>[back in Studio]</center>

Monsoon - "Snuka escaped with one there 'Body'. It's obvious Sting isn't going to just let Snuka get away with what he did at Wrestlemania."

Ventrua - "Come on now Moonsooon, the little kid, Sting, is just upset that Snuka used him to make a point. Sting had no business messing with the TV Champ's match, and I'm sure Snuka is going to make him pay. Sting just needs to grow up and learn from Snuka."

Monsoon - "What's he supposed to learn Ventura ? Nevermind, it's time to see what happened when Ric Rude called out Terry Taylor to the ring earlier this week."

Ric Rude Segment

(Segment fades in to show just Ric Rude.)

Rude - "Terry Taylor, I told you I was going to start taking out the trash here in the WWWF. I don't care what's scheduled next, or who's supposed to be in the ring right now. I'm going down there right now, and I know you're going to get this message. If you have any spine to you at all, you'll meet me out there."

(Rude stormed off camera and out to the ring. He wasn't his normal arrogant, ravashing self. He was all business and stood smack in the middle of the ring with his hands on his hips. Taylor didn't show. Rude quickly got annoyed and began yelling backstage, begging Taylor to come out to the ring, but he never did. Rude began kicking the ropes and got really agitated at Taylor's slap in the face. Ric couldn't stand it and finally stormed out of the ring and too the back.)

<center>[back in Studio]</center>

Ventura - "What a yellow belly that Taylor is. Ric Rude called him out like a man and Taylor just showed that he was a coward."

Monsoon - "Get serious 'Body' ... Taylor isn't a coward. Ric Rude doesn't have any business getting on to Terry like that. What's he doing anyway ?"

Ventura - "He said what he's doing. He's taking out the trash, and I agree with him. Terry Taylor is as good a place to start taking it out as any."

Monsoon - "I don't see where the two of you are coming from. We can't dwell on that now though, because now we've got the U.S. Champion Magnum T.A. in a non-title match against Dino Bravo."

Dino Bravo -V- Magnum T.A.

Dino Bravo is no slouch in the ring. He's a strong, strong man and has a better grasp on the technical side of wrestling than people realize. Unfortunately his ring savvy isn't of the highest level. Magnum T.A. on the other hand, possesses a lethal combination of strength, athleticism, and ring smarts. This match showed the difference between a dangerous man in the ring, and a VERY dangerous man in the ring. Magnum T.A. allowed Bravo to try his power based attack because he knew that Dino couldn't keep it up for too long. T.A. waited, and let the big man wear himself down. In order to finish the strongman off, Magnum would need to get close to him, and getting close to Bravo has proven fatal to many a man's chances at winning a match. Around ten minutes into the match, Bravo sent Magnum to the ropes hoping to catch him in a powerslam, but T.A. ducked under and hit Bravo with a lariet when he came of the backside ropes. While Bravo was stunned, T.A. picked up him up wasted no time hitting his patented belly to belly suplex. The cover was quick and T.A. picked up the win.

<center>[back in Studio]</center>

Monsoon - "All right now 'Body' even you have to admit that Magnum put on a great display in that match up."

Ventura - "It didn't hurt T.A. that Bravo is an oaf and couldn't see what Magnum was up too. You notice T.A. didn't put his title on the line against the strongman. Magnum was scared. It'd have been a different story had the U.S. Title been on the line Moonsooon."

Monsoon - "You and 'Brain' really need to get together sometime. In a moment, ladies and gentlemen, we'll roll the interview that the wrestling world has been waiting for. I got to sit down with Magnum T.A. as he spoke out for the first time about the accident that nearly claimed his life. But first, we've got a recap of Wrestlemania VII for those of you that were unable to catch it on PPV !"

Ventura - "Gee, I'm oozing with excitement. I can't wait for the interview. And why should anyone have missed Wrestlemania ? We shouldn't show anything to those cheapskates that didn't watch it on PPV."

Monsoon - "Did you pay to see it 'Body' ?"

Wrestlemania Recap

(Still images of the matches are shown slide show style as Monsoon and Ventura give commentary for the matches.)

Opening Match - Dusty Rhodes V Ted DiBiase

(DiBiase got the win as Dusty seemed out of it.  Rhodes didn't give a good performance, and it is rumored that his days are numbered in the WWWF.)

#1 Contenders to U.S. Tag Titles - Rock 'N' Roll Express V The Powers of Pain V The Killer Bees

(Mr. Fuji kept the attention of Morton/Gibson as the P.O.P. double teamed Brunzell in the ring.  Blair tried in vain to stop the onslaught but couldn't.  The P.O.P. got the win and shot at the U.S. Tag Titles.)

WWF Title Match - Paul Orndorff V The Ultimate Warrior ©

(The King's Cup Tournament winner made the most of this match and outpowerd the previously juggernaut-like Warrior.  Orndorff gained the WWF title finally, and advanced to take on Ric Flair later in the evening.)

Flair Interview - After Orndorff's match with Warrior, Gene Okerlund interviewed Ric Flair.  'The Nature Boy' had nothing but respect for Orndorff, but let him know that it was all just beginning for Mr. Wonderful.

WWWF TV Title Match - Sting V Jimmy Snuka ©

(Before the match the Wild Samoans attacked Sting, which foreshadowed Snuka's heel turn.  What was arguably the match of the night, was marred by Snuka joining the Wild Samoans.  Snuka retained the TV Title.)

WWWF U.S. Tag Title Match - The Skyscrapers V The Andersons

(In a hard fought match, the Skyscrapers retained their titles over Arn/Ole.)

Challange Match - Bret Hart V Ricky Steamboat

(After Steamboat won the match, the Commonwealth reared their ugly heads again.  The Horsemen still had some bad blood running from Survivor Series, and came down for the save of Steamboat.  This aftermath has set up a Horsemen/Commonwealth feud it would seem.  As the Commonwealth scurried from the ring, Arn Anderson grabbed a mic and let it be known that the Anti-US sentiment from the Commonwealth wouldn't be tolerated anymore, and that the Horsemen were watching closely.)

WWF/NWA World Title Match - Paul Orndorff V Ric Flair

(Yet another classic match up as Flair's savy squared off against Orndorff's power.  In the end Orndorff was just too much for Flair.  The two stood in the middle of the ring and shook hands as Orndorff walked out WWF and NWA Champion.)

WWWF Intercontinental Title Match - Kerry Von Erich V Randy Savage

(Mr. Perfect came down to ringside for guest commentating.  During the match Perfect reminded the viewers that KVE was lucky that Perfect had been injured at the Royal Rumble and wasn't able to take his shot the title.  Eventually Perfect got his hands in the match and took a chair to KVE when Savage threw Kerry out of the ring.  The match was thrown out due to the interference, and Elizabeth had to restrain Savage.  Perfect stood over KVE, slapping him around and letting him know that he was coming for his title.)

WWWF Tag Title Match - Steiner Brothers V The Fabulous Rougeaus

(The Commonwealth came to ringside and throughout the whole match caused disruptions, but not enough to get the Rougeaus DQ'd.  The Horsemen were true to their word and came out in aid of the Steiners, but not in time.  The Rougeuas stole the titles and then ran as the Horsemen and the rest of the Commonwealth brawled for a good ten minutes.)

Main Event/WWWF Title Match - Paul Orndorff V Magnum T.A.

(A very clean, and repectable title match.  Both men were fair and did everything they could to better the other.  Despite having two matches earlier in the evening, Mr. Wonderful claimed the WWWF title.  At the conclusion of the match Hogan stormed to the ring amidst a deafening roar from the crowd and stood toe to toe with both Orndorff and T.A. as Wrestlemania went off the air.)

<center>[back in Studio]</center>

Ventura - "That was Wrestlemania people, and what an event it was. Next time you better catch it on PPV. Well Moonsooon, I guess it's time for your big interview."

Monsoon - "Yes it is 'Body' ... and just a reminder that the WWWF will be LIVE again tomarrow night as we bring you another edition of PRIME TIME WRESTLING ! Goodnight everyone, enjoy the interview."

Magnum T.A. Interview

Monsoon - "WWWF fans, wrestling fans ... thank you for joining me, Gorilla Monsoon, as I sit with one of if not the hottest superstar in the business today. To my right sits Magnum T.A. This man has been tearing up wrestling for a number of years now, but just as his career really started to take off, Magnum ... your life almost ended."

Magnum T.A. - "Yes Monsoon, I was very close to not being here today. It's kind of funny Gorilla. I remeber everything about that night vividly. The house was packed down in Greenville, South Carolina. Jimmy Garvin and I went at each other in one hell of a match up. It was one of those nights where things just seemed ... different. The lights were a tad brighter, the match was flowing better than normal, and things just seemed to happen in slow motion. I should have known something was a little off. What's even funnier than remembering everything about the night, is that I wasn't even doing any of the normal partying that night. All I was doing was making sure that my friend, Dick Murdoch, had a ride home. Hmph ... home, that's the only place I wanted to be when I left the arena that night."

"I wasn't really going that fast. I should have been more careful though. It was dark, rainy, and there was water already collected on the road. Instead of slow motion, everything was suddenly moving double time. I was hydroplaning and out of control. Sardis Road. For whatever reason my mind went out and laid on the pavement of Sardis Road, and well I just forgot how to drive my Porsche. The engine is in the rear, and I was supposed to give the car gas but instead I backed off and I just kept sliding. By the time I remembered, it was too late. When I did hit the gas, the car took off like it was shot out of a gun. I skid straight across the oncoming lane of traffic and plowed into a pole right at the driver's side door."

Monsoon - "What then Magnum. After the impact, the crash ... what happened then ?"

Magnum T.A. - "I thought I was already dead. The car was cold, the rain was cold, the air was cold, and I was cold. They tell me I laid there for an hour, but it might as well have been forever Gorilla."

Monsoon - "What went through your mind T.A. Did you think about anything at all, try to grasp the situation, or anything like that ? Could you understand what had just happened to you ?"

Magnum T.A. - "Yes and no. I knew I couldn't move, and I could see the car. At the sime time though ... it was all surreal, like I was coming up to this scene on the side of the road, and it wasn't me laying there. Hell, once the EMT's and everyone showed up, it took another hour to pry me out of the car. They say I was in surgery for three hours, but that time period is a black spot for me. I was out cold by that time."

Monsoon - "Before the accident, you were quickly rising up the ranks. You'd already captured gold, and were well on your way to becoming a world champion. You'd beaten legends of the ring. Now, just five years after an accident that almost left you paralyzed, you just got done headlining Wrestlemania. You picked up right were you left off."

Magnum T.A. - "Most of it is luck Monsoon. I was lucky that I wasn't paralyzed permanently. I was lucky that my body responded to the rehab, and then healed correctly. I'm lucky that through the whole time I had a support network of thousands of people. It was hard to get back to this point. I had to get myself back to 'normal' and then get myself back to in ring shape. I never lost sight of it though Gorilla ... I never doubted that I'd not only be standing, but performing in the ring again."

Monsoon - "And now that it has all come full circle ?"

Magnum T.A. - "Haha ... now ? This belt right here. It's just the beginning. The United States Title is where I left off Gorilla. Whether it be Paul Orndorff, Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Ric Rude, Bret Hart, Lex Luger, or seven more hellacious matches with Nikita Koloff ... I'm going to do whatever it takes to complete the journey I started in 1984. I'm going to be a world champion."

(The picture moves back and focuses on the WWWF logo before fading out.)

Match Rankings:

1. - Bravo/T.A. (Crowd 75% Workrate 76% **1/4)

2. - Cactus/Muraco (Crowd 58% Workrate 78% **)

3. - Snuka/Hercules (Crowd 60% Workrate 63% *)

4. - Killer Bees/Samoan Swat Team (Crowd 53% Workrate 66% 3/4*)


1. - Magnum T.A. Interview (89%)

2. - Wrestlemania Recap (86%)

3. - Rude Segment (79%)

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WWWF Prime Time Wrestling Preview

- The Rougeaus defend their WWWF Tag Team Titles against the Rockers !

- Kerry Von Erich speaks for the first time since Wrestlemania !

- Sting has some words for Jimmy Snuka and the Wild Samoans !

- Randy Savage is in singles action against Tito Santana !

- The Brainbusters get their hands on Jim Neidhart and the Canadian Earthquake as they battle in tag team action !

- Also scheduled to appear: Eddie Gilbert, Nikita Koloff, Great Muta, and the Ultimate Warrior !

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<center>user posted image</center>

<center>April 8, 1991</center>

<center>Rating: 5.47</center>

<center>Att: 4,048</center>

<center>Gate: $161,920</center>

(The music and presentation had already made a marked improvement from last week, and the WWWF's Prime Time Wrestling logo fades onto the screen as the snazzy theme music fades out and the crowd noise fades in. Sitting at the announce table for the nights action, Vince McMahon and Jim Crockett Jr.)

Vince - "Thank you for joining us again everybody, I'm Vince McMahon and with me is Jim Crockett Jr. This is WWWF PRIME TIME WREEEEESSSTTTTLLLIIINNNNGG !"

Jim Jr. - "I hope that all of you are as excited about tonight as we are. We've got some very solid match ups this evening, and let's not waste any time getting to the action. Our opening bout is set to get underway. Let's go to the ring where Eddie Gilbert and The Great Muta are ready to square off."

Eddie Gilbert -V- The Great Muta

These two guys matched up very well. Muta's speed makes him deceptively big, and Eddie's size makes him deceptively quick. Several times throughout the match both men were caught of gaurd, and surprised by the movement of their opponent. As the match wore on, it looked as though Gilbert was gaining a bit of an advantage due to his experience in the ring being greater than Muta's. As the match began to favor Gilbert more and more, Muta took it upon himself to use the tactics that helped gain him fame in Japan. Gilbert sensed that he had the match and went up top to get an impact move to put Muta down. Muta sat in waiting, and as Gilbert exposed himself coming off the turnbuckle, Muta sprayed a green mist into his eyes and was DQ'd.

Jim Jr. - "Muta hasn't changed his ways, and he better shape up before he DQ's his way out of the federation."

Vince - "I don't like the way Muta thinks he is free to do what he wants, as though he was still in Japan. If that's how he thinks wrestling is, then he can go back for all I care. I may not favor Gilbert, but at least he follows the rules of the sport. Right now we're going to go to the back where Gene Okerlund is standing by with Sting ..... Gene."

Sting Interview

Okerlund - "All right Vince, I am indeed standing here with the Stinger. Now Sting, you had a very big opportunity at Wrestlemania, but rather than being able to cash in on that opportunity .... JIMMY SNUKA TOOK IT UPON HIMSELF TO MAKE A SPECTACLE OF YOUR MATCH ..... I know that can't sit well with you Stinger."

Sting - "OOOOOOWWW ... MEAN GENE I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW GOOD IT FEELS TO BE LIVE AND IN LIVING COLOR ! I also can't tell you how it feels to have the biggest moment of your career taken away from you by an act of stupidity. Jimmy Snuka did just that Gene. I can't even begin to imagine what that crazy fool was thinking, but he messed up by trying to the sell the farm on Sting. He and his Wild Samoan friends don't intimidate me, and I promise you Gene ... Jimmy Snuka bit off too much even for his turkey leg knawing mouth. OOOOOOWWWWWWW !"

Okerlund - "I didn't think the Stinger would take Snuka's disrespect laying down, and I was right. Fellas, I think we've got ourselves a bit of a boil between Sting and Snuka ... Vince, Jim ..."

Vince - "Jimmy Snuka isn't a man to be taken lightly. As we saw at Wrestlemania, something in his head snapped, and he was a bit off to begin with Jim."

Jim Jr. - "I have to agree with that, but I know that Sting is more than capable of taking care of himself, AND Snuka. Our next match this evening has been brewing since Wrestlemania. The Horsemen and the Commonwealth have taken a disliking too each other and tonight members from each group finally step in the ring against each other. Right now let's head to the ring for The Brainbusters versus Jim Neidhart and the Canadian Earthquake !"

The Brainbusters -V- Jim Neidhart/Canadian Earthquake

At the onset, this looked like it was going to be a trash talking match rather than a wrestling match. Anderson and Neidhart stepped to each other quickly and both men got to jawing. Earthquake stood over Blanchard and laughed, but not for long. Tully bitch slapped the fat bastard and that finally got the match started. As the bell rang the ref tried (for some retarded reason) to seperate the teams and get two men to their corners. Not happening, and it took the two enforcers falling out of the ring to finally declare which men were legal.

Earthquake went to work bullying Tully as Neidhart and and Arn had their own match outside. Neidhart kept trying to work Double A round the outside to where Jimmy Hart could give him a cheap shot. Arn was too smart and backed off and took his place on the apron. Neidhart had no choice but to take his spot because Earthquake was quickly tiring. Blanchard saw the predicament and rushed to get a tag to Arn as Earthquake stumbled to his corner where Niedhart wasn't. After making the tag, Blanchard dove out of the ring and tied up Neidhart. Arn ran to the corner and gave Earthquake a big body splash. Double A then used the big man's momentum against him. As Earthquake stumbled out of the corner Arn made sure he walked into a DDT. Earthquake's own size went against him, and Arn got the pin.

Jim Jr. - "Now that is how to use the ring and that's how you make the most out of a match. Arn Anderson showed his ring smarts right there and took win against one of the biggest competitors in this business."

Vince - "It looked a little cheap. Tully Blanchard did everything. Arn just waltzed in and put one move on."

Jim Jr. - "Maybe so, but that one move is all it took .... and wait a minute, the Rougeaus have come down to the ring and are pummeling Arn and Tully !"

Vince - "Indeed they have Jim. It looks like the Commonwealth isn't going to stand for this loss and ..... NOW WE'VE GOT OLE ANDERSON and BARRY WINDHAM coming out here ! ... We need to get some control out there. There's a full fledged donneybrook in the ring."

Jim Jr. - "It's very evident that the Horsemen are indeed watching the Commonwealth Vince."

Vince - "And it also looks like the Commonwealth isn't backing down to their idol threats."

Jim Jr. - "Idol threats ? Vince what are you ...... nevermind, we've finally gotten the ring cleared ... it's time for Tito Santana and Randy Savage ... one on one !"

Randy Savage -V- Tito Santana

While it didn't sport the bad blood as the match before it, this match was quite entertaining. Both of these men are legit athletes. Savage pushes the barrier with his athleticism, and Santana has long been known for his skills. There was an X-factor in this match though, and it was Elizabeth. Through most of the match, the competitors were evenly matched. Just as one would get the upper hand, the other would turn the tide. Each man hit with a high impact move, but was unable to gain the three count. That is, until Elizabeth got her hand in the match. Santana had Savage reeling, and was going for a springboard body press, but Elizabeth tripped Tito and his face hit the match hard. Tito rolled himself into position pretty much, and Savage took advantage. The Macho Man went up top and landed his signature elbow. The match was over.

Jim Jr. - "I hate to see a tremendous match like this ruined by that jezabel Elizabeth."

Vince - "I beg your pardon Jim, but Elizabeth is a fine woman. Tito had it coming too him. Savage is a great wrestler, and would have won the match anyway."

Jim Jr. - "I think we better go back to Gene. Gene, who do you have for us ?"

Kerry Von Erich Interview

Okerlund - "Thanks Jim, I do indeed have someone with me and it is none other than the WWWF Intercontinental Champion KERRY VON ERICH ! I'm sure you've got some thoughts about what went down at Wrestlemania ..."

Kerry - "Yeah Gene, I've got some thoughts. First of all ... Randy Savage gave me one tough match. I'm sure I'll have to face him again. But the real reason I'm standing with you Gene, is Mr. Perfect. Now Gene, I couldn't help it that he got hurt and couldn't cash in on his #1 Contendorship at Wrestlemania. I guess he forgot that no matter who walked out the champion, he'd still have the next shot. Maybe he was jealous that he wasn't in the ring at Wrestlemania. Maybe he just has it in for me. Either way, what's done is done ... and what Mr. Perfect did, is pick a fight with a long tall Texan. That's one thing nobody wants to do. Mr. Perfect ... I dare you to try hitting me when I'm looking. You're a coward, and we don't take kindly to cowards around these parts. Step into the ring with Texan and see what happens. Look me eye to eye and see what happens. Get rid of that yellow streak running down your back Perfect ... I'll be waiting in the ring."

Okerlund - "Kerry Von Erich I can see that you're more than ready for anything Mr. Perfect might throw your way and I don't doubt that you're true to your word. I can promise you that I won't be messing with the long tall Texan. Vince, Jim ... back to you."

Vince - "Kerry Von Erich had better watch out. You don't talk to Mr. Perfect like that unless you're ready for a fight."

Jim Jr. - "Vince, you don't know anything about Texans do you ? Fight is the last thing Mr. Perfect is going to want to do with Kerry Von Erich. What we're ready for now though, is a fight for the WWWF Tag Titles. The Rougeaus defend against the Rockers !"

The Rockers -V- The Rougeaus © WWWF Tag Title Match

The Rougeaus were accompanied to ringside by Commonwealth members Neidhart and Earthquake. Their presence really wasn't needed, but the Commonwealth has been doing things their way for some time now. At the beginning of the match the play was fair, but everyone knew that wouldn't last long.

Shawn and Raymond were the main participants in the match and put on one hell of a show. Their performance pretty much stole the spotlight for the card, but their match was dampened buy the interference of the other Commonwealth members. Shawn had Raymond on the ropes, and made a quick tag to Janetty ... and aimed to take advantage of the four count. Shawn whipped Raymond to the ropes and hit a superb dropkick. Janetty was ready to fly, but was pushed off the top rope by Neidhart. Shawn (and the ref) turned to Neidhart. Janetty landed awkwardly and with the ref occupied, Earthquake rolled Raymond on top of the hurt Janetty. The ref whipped around in time and counted the three, and the Rougeaus retained the titles.

After the match, the four members of the Commonwealth began taking it to the Rockers. Quickly, from the back, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard rushed to the ring and fought off the Commonwealth members.

Vince - "What are the Horsemen doing out here ? This has nothing to do with them !"

Jim Jr. - "What are Neidhart and Earthquake doing out here ? This match has nothing to do with them !"

Vince - "Jim, even you know that the Rougeaus are members of the Commonwealth just as Neidhart and Earthquake are ...."

Jim Jr. - "Yes, and the match was over. They had no business coming out here. They got what was coming to them. They should have paid attention to Arn when he said that the Horsemen where watching."

Vince - "Well, the Horsemen better watch out before they get taken care of permanently. I understand that Gene Okerlund has one more guest for us tonight ... and let me check if we have time to ... yes, we do. Gene, take it away !"

Paul Orndorff Interview

Okerlund - "Vince, Jim, wrestling fans I am once again in the company of the WWWF Champion ... Mr. Wonderful, PAUL ORNDORFF ! ... So Paul, what exactly has brought you to Prime Time Wrestling tonight ?"

Orndorff - "Gene ... I've been thinking quite a bit about Hulk Hogan. You know something Gene, the more I think about him, the less I think about him. When he and I first started going at one another I had plenty of respect for the man. He had taken this sport forward like no other single person had before him. He brought something new to the table. But Gene, the more he and I wrestled ... the more I realized that he was a fraud. He can't wrestle Gene. I said before that all he is, is a character. He's an overgrown comic book hero. All he has is a bunch of smoke and mirrors. He has no substance Gene.

I had to sit back and watch this overhyped nobody taint the name of the sport myself, and so many before me have given our lives too. I can't stand Hulk Hogan Gene. I'm out to do one thing and one thing only. I'm going to expose Hulk Hogan as a fraud. I'm going to show everyone what a phoney he is. Gene, in order to get this belt Hogan is going to have to step into the ring and take it from me. He's going to have to out wrestle me Gene. Hogan has his prayers, his vitamins, and his Hulkamaniacs. I have my wrestling. When you're Mr. Wonderful ... your wrestling is all you need."

Okerlund - "I don't doubt you Paul, I've seen you in the ring time and time again. Hulk Hogan has his work cut out for him if he's going to become WWWF Champion once again. Vince, Jim .... let's get to our main event tonight."

Vince - "I can see we're getting more attitudes around here. I don't like that at all. Guys like Orndorff need to get their arrogance under control."

Jim Jr. - "Vince ... Paul Orndorff is no more arrogant than Hulk Hogan."

Vince - "Ok people ... let me first say thank you for joining us. We leave you with our main event of the evening. The Ultimate Warrior takes on Nikita Koloff in a match up of RAWWWWWW POWEEEEERR !"

The Ultimate Warrior -V- Nikita Koloff

The standoff at the start of the match was quite impressive. Until he stood in the ring with the Ultimate Warrior, not too many people realized just how awesome the physique of Nikita Koloff was. Both men stared down their chisled counterpart and the first part of the match was nothing more than a test of strength. Warrior prides himself on his body and his power, but Koloff is no slouch in either department. The test first went the way of Koloff, and the surprised Warrior backed off for a moment ... a little embarrased. Warrior tried again, and this time got the upper hand. Just as he was pushing Koloff to the ground, Warrior got a kick to the gut. Forearms to the neck and back ensued, and for the first time ever Warrior was being manhandled in the ring.

Nikita slowed down the pace but the slowing didn't help Warrior any. Warrior found himself in a full nelson, and was rapidly running out of air. The 'Russian Nightmare' was making this match a rather nasty one for Warrior. Somehow though, Warrior managed to get to a knee and started giving Koloff elbows to the mid-section. Koloff eventually let go of the hold, and when the struggling Warrior lunged at Nikita, he got a faceful of claw. Koloff's large hand smothered Warrior's face and again Nikita had Warrior down. After fighting the hold for a few minutes, Warrior finally managed to get free and thrust himself into the ropes. Hoping for desperation offense, Warrior threw his body at Koloff who caught him and used Warrior's momentum to execute a fatal fallaway slam. Koloff got the easy pin.

(The show faded off the air with the image of Nikita Koloff smiling sadistically, hovering over the fallen Warrior.)

Match Ratings:

1. - Rougeaus/Rockers (Crowd 61% Workrate 91% ***1/2)

2. - Savage/Santana (Crowd 75% Workrate 80% **3/4)

3. - Gilbert/Muta (Crowd 64% Workrate 80% **1/2)

4. - Warrior/Koloff (Crowd 77% Workrate 58% *)

5. - Brainbusters/Neidhart-Earthquake (Crowd 55% Workrate 69% *)


1. - Sting Interview (82%)

2. - Orndorff Interview (76%)

3. - Kerry Von Erich Interview (73%)

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- Rick Rude gets his hands on Terry Taylor !

- Mr. Perfect takes on Eddie Gilbert !

- Dusty Rhodes goes up against the youngest of the Wild Samoans, Kokina Maximus !

- Also on the card, King Kong Bundy is the first opponent for the returning Barry Windham !

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<center>user posted image</center>

<center>April 13, 1991</center>

<center>Rating: 4.08</center>

<center>Att: 5,009</center>

<center>Gate: $200,360</center>

Monsoon - "Welcome back WWWF fans, it is once again time for WRESTLING CHALLENGE ! I've got Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan with me as usual, and we're not going to waste any time today folks, we're getting right to the action."

Heenan - "Good, we won't be bored to death with your talking, Gorilla. Our first match from this past week is the fat, old mongaloid Dusty Rhodes going up against Kokina Maximus of the Wild Samoans."

Dusty Rhodes -V- Kokina Maximus

This match was joined in progress, and appeared to be only a few minutes old. Dusty was getting the better of the young Kokina, but the Wild Samoan wasn't exactly getting it taken too him. Both men are rather on the large side, and speed went out the window in this one. Outside of the ring Lou Albano distracted Rhodes every now and then to try and get his man the advantage. It finally paid off, as Rhodes turned into a stiff right hand. The right was followed by a slew of punches, and some blows to the back and the back of Rhodes' head. Kokina managed to get Dusty down to a knee, and the young talent thought it was enough to make a move. Kokina walked up the inside of the turnbuckle and was going for a double axehandle but instead got a trademark Rhodes Elbow to his forehead. The elbow was enough, and Dusty escaped with the win.

Monsoon - "That was a close won for 'The American Dream' ... that Kokina Maximus is a tough one Heenan."

Heenan - "Rhodes looked terrible, he could barely move. 'The American Dream' looked more like a bad dream out there than anything else. He better watch out before he gets himself hurt out there, or even worse, hurts somebody else."

Monsoon - "I hate to admit it, but it does appear that Dusty has lost a step or two ... but in contrast, we have a clip of a young man that is anything but losing steps. Tom Zenk had some words for Ric Rude earlier this week !"

Tom Zenk Promo

Zenk - "Ric Rude, I don't know what your problem is, but picking on Terry Taylor is the wrong thing to do. You see Rude, you don't have many friends around here. Terry Taylor DOES HAVE FRIENDS .... AND I'M ONE OF THEM ! Wherever you got the idea that Terry Taylor is trash, you can just take that idea back there and get your money back. If Terry Taylor is trash, then that would mean I'm trash .... and I can promise you I'm not trash. You've messed up Rude. You don't have to worry about just Terry Taylor, but now you've got to worry about the Z-MAN as well !"

Monsoon - "Well well 'Brain'. Ric Rude has incensed the temper of Tom Zenk with his 'trash' comments about Terry Taylor."

Heenan - "Now what is Zenk doing ? Huh ? Rude wasn't talking to him, and now he's gone and shot his mouth off at Rude. I'll tell you what Zenk has coming to him ... he's got a Rude Awakening coming, that's what."

Monsoon - "If Rude hadn't shot his mouth off then Zenk wouldn't have said anything. Well, Rude got his hands on Taylor but before we get to that, we've got Barry Windham's first match back since his injury. Earlier in the week the 'Blonde Bombshell' took on King Kong Bundy !"

Barry Windham -V- King Kong Bundy

Barry Windham's chore upon returning wasn't an easy one. KKB is not only a mountain range of a man, but he also is a man that knows what it takes to be in the main event. This man had headlined a Wrestlemania alongside Hulk Hogan. Tonight though, was Windham's night. For the first time in a while, the golden blonde locks flowed behind punches, clotheslines, and kicks. The boots flashed the 'IV' as they struck Bundy in the gut, back, and legs. For the most part, Bundy was never in the match. Windham was just too pumped up for this one. The Sweetwater, Texas native took down Bundy with relative ease. Dropkick after dropkick to the big man's knees rendered him helpless. Windham put the big man in a half crab and got the submission.

Monsoon - "There's something you don't see very often. Windham got Bundy to submit. I'm amazed that Barry was even able to get Bundy's leg up to put the half crab on him."

Heenan - "That shows you just how strong Windham is. I'd probably be strong enough to do that too if I was just coming back from vacation like he was though."

Monsoon - "Vacation ? What are you talking about 'Brain' ? Anyway, before we get stupified by Heenan's nonsense let's hear what Mr. Perfect had to say about Kerry Von Erich."

Mr. Perfect Promo

Perfect - "Soooo the 'Long Tall Texan' thinks Mr. Perfect is a coward. HAH ... I have no problem stepping into the ring with you. It's a good thing that we've got the Lethal Lottery coming up because it won't matter what type of match we have. I'm laying the challenge out to you right now Von Erich. You, me, your belt on the line at Lethal Lottery. I'll even do you a favor and let you pick the ball out to determine the stipulation for the match. You've got the pressure on your shoulders Von Erich. You've had the title for sometime now, and your luck is running out. You've faced some top flight competition, but you've never faced anyone like me. At Lethal Lottery, you're going to have to deal with an athlete that is ..... simply peeeeerrrfect !"

Monsoon - "The challenge has been put out to Kerry Von Erich ! Mr. Perfect is ready to cash in on his #1 contendorship to the Intercontinental Title, and now the ball is quite literally in the hands of the champ !"

Heenan - "I feel sorry for Von Erich Gorilla. Mr. Perfect is ... well ... PERFECT !"

Monsoon - "Really 'Brain' ?"

Heenan - "Well yeah Monsoon. The man can do anything he wants."

Monsoon - "And what's his record in the WWWF Heenan ?"

Heenan - " ... "

Monsoon - "Well, we heard from Mr. Perfect, but now let's see him in some singles action against Eddie Gilbert !"

Mr. Perfect -V- Eddie Gilbert

Mr. Perfect was out to set an example of what was to come for Kerry Von Erich. Eddie Gilbert is a fiery, tough competitor ... but Mr. Perfect is in a whole different league. The match was never in doubt, but the cocky Mr. Perfect toyed around with Gilbert and played the crowd like the true 'ass' that he is. A couple of minutes into the match, Perfect put his finger up and called a time out. He then strutted over to the ropes, spit his gum in the air, and slapped it into the crowd. Gilber was infuriated but it didn't matter. He ran at perfect who gave him a drop toehold that put Gilbert's neck across the bottom rope. With Eddie withering around the ring, Perfect mocked him and stomped him into the mat. Just for show, Perfect picked Gilbert up and hit him with a Perfect-Plex. The pin was automatic for Perfect as he picked up another win.

Monsoon - "That looked too easy for Mr. Perfect. Eddie Gilbert is no slouch, but Perfect made him look like a pushover."

Heenan - "What do you expect Monsoon ? He's Perfect. His name is Perfect, what more do you need to understand ? Kerry Von Erich should just hand over the belt. There is now way that he'll be able to beat perfection."

Monsoon - "I guess we'll just have to see about that won't we. We're almost out of time here on Wrestling Challenge, and that means it's time for the main even tonight. Ric Rude got his hands on Terry Taylor and after the match he made sure Tom Zenk knew what he thought of him. Thank you for joining us tonight ... we leave you with Rude and Taylor followed by Rude's words for Tom Zenk 1"

Ric Rude -V- Terry Taylor

Everyone thought Rude would be too arrogant, and not take Taylor seriously at all. Not the case. Rude was serious, infact, all business about this match. Taylor came out mocking Rude all the way down to his hip thrusting. That pissed of Rude, and Rude took it straight to Taylor. The laughing didn't last long, and neither did Taylor. Rude had the match well in hand but intended to make an example out of Taylor. Rude said he was going to take out the trash, and he sure as hell looked like he meant it in this match. After he got tired of playing with Taylor, Rude showed he was fixing to end it. He began executing backdrops, lariats, and bulldogs to soften up the neck. Mercifully, Rude gave Taylor the 'Rude Awakening' and ended the match.

(After the match the scene cut to the back where Rude had a message for Tom Zenk.)

Rude - "TOM ZENK ... I hope you take a good long look at what happened to your friend Terry Taylor. He's just the beginning of the clean up. You want to open your mouth and talk to Ric Rude, then YOU'RE GOING TO BE THE NEXT TO RECEIVE A RUDE AWAKENING ! Tom Zenk, you're the next piece of trash to be taken out !"

(The show goes off the air with Rude swaying away in true Rude fashion.)

Match Rankings:

1. - Rude/Taylor (Crowd 69% Workrate 89% ***1/4)

2. - Perfect/Gilbert (Crowd 76% Workrate 78% **1/2)

3. - Kokina/Rhodes (Crowd 63% Workrate 58% 1/2*)

4. - Bundy/Windham (Crowd 46% Workrate 45% -*)


1. - Perfect Promo (87%)

2. - Rude Promo (83%)

3. - Zenk Promo (62%)

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- The blue chipper Brian Pillman takes on Mike Rotunda !

- Canadian Earthquake steps into the ring with Tully Blanchard !

- The Steiners battle Rythm 'N' Blues !

- Also, we'll hear from Bret Hart and Captain Lou Albano has a messgage for Sting from Jimmy Snuka !

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<center>user posted image</center>

<center>April 14, 1986</center>

<center>Rating: 4.04</center>

<center>Att: 5,047</center>

<center>Gate: $201,880</center>

(The show fades from the Superstars logo directly into the faces of Captain Lou Albano and Jimmy Snuka.)

Albano - "Hahahahaha ... Everybody is asking why Jimmy Snuka, why ? I'll tell you why, it was all of you that tried to cage the beast ! Snuka is a wild, savage man ... and by trying to be the good guy, he was keeping himself back. Just take a look, ever since he returned to his savage roots, he's been the TV Champion ! No one can pry this gold from his hands ... not even YOU STING !"

Snuka - "HOOO ..... HOOOO !"

Albano - "Snuka has already shown everyone that he's better than you Stinger, but you didn't get the message. We plan on resending it. You don't deserve another shot at the TV Title, but if you want, you can get a partner and so will Snuka. We'll meet you at Lethal Lottery !"

Monsoon - "Woah Nelly ... The challenges are being made left and right as Lethal Lottery fast approaches. Jesse, we've already had Mr. Perfect and Kerry Von Erich put their names in the mix, and now Captain Lou Albano has put the bait out for Sting !"

Ventura - "What do you expect Moonsooooon ? The guys here in the WWWF are business. They aren't messing around. There is gold to be one and for some people gold to be held on to."

Monsoon - "That's very true 'Body'. Before I forget though, WELCOME EVERYONE to another edition of WWWF SUPERSTARS ! Already we've heard from Captain Loug Albano and now we're going to see one of the young guys that we here at the WWWF think is going to be a good one. Right now we've got Brian Pillman taking on Mike Rotunda !"

Brian Pillman -V- Mike Rotunda

Both men in this match up are real athletes. Rotunda moves a bit slower than Pillman though, and that is what ultimately did him in. The two went back and forth, continuing to one up each other until Pillman started to go to the air. Rotunda couldn't keep up with the dropkicks and body presses. Pillman took advantage and went to the air from the top rope. The blue chipper showed the fans why he is thought of so highly. Pillman nailed a missle dropkick and then got the pin.

Monsoon - "Pillman certainly is a fresh, exciting talent in the ring 'Body' !"

Ventura - "He's just a Randy Savage rip off. He doesn't do anything new and exciting. He probably sits in the back studying tapes of Savage, and then just goes out to the ring and copies him."

Monsoon - "Whatever you say Ventura, but I think Pillman has a bright future ahead of him. What we've got up next though, is the here and now. This past week on Prime Time Wrestling, the Rougeaus put their WWWF Tag Titles on the line against the Rockers !"

The Rockers -V- The Rougeaus © WWWF Tag Title Match

The Rougeaus were accompanied to ringside by Commonwealth members Neidhart and Earthquake. Their presence really wasn't needed, but the Commonwealth has been doing things their way for some time now. At the beginning of the match the play was fair, but everyone knew that wouldn't last long.

Shawn and Raymond were the main participants in the match and put on one hell of a show. Their performance pretty much stole the spotlight for the card, but their match was dampened buy the interference of the other Commonwealth members. Shawn had Raymond on the ropes, and made a quick tag to Janetty ... and aimed to take advantage of the four count. Shawn whipped Raymond to the ropes and hit a superb dropkick. Janetty was ready to fly, but was pushed off the top rope by Neidhart. Shawn (and the ref) turned to Neidhart. Janetty landed awkwardly and with the ref occupied, Earthquake rolled Raymond on top of the hurt Janetty. The ref whipped around in time and counted the three, and the Rougeaus retained the titles.

After the match, the four members of the Commonwealth began taking it to the Rockers. Quickly, from the back, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard rushed to the ring and fought off the Commonwealth members.

Ventura - "Something really needs to be done about the IV Horsemen Gorilla. They keep putting their noses were they don't have any business being. The Common wealth won't be responsible when the Horsemen start getting hurt."

Monsoon - "You amaze me Ventura ... really, you do. I don't feel you're talking the truth, and neither do the Horsemen apparently. Let's take a look at what happened when the Canadian Earthquake took on Tully Blanchard this past week."

Canadian Earthquake -V- Tully Blanchard

Both men were accompanied by their respective tag partners (Earthquake had Jimmy Hart at ringside as well). Arn immediately began circling the ring, keeping Neidhart focused on him rather than on trying to help out Earthquake. In the ring, Earthquake didn't need much help with Blanchard. Tully just isn't explosive enough to do any damage to the big man. Earthquake knew it and slowly began to chip away at Tully. Neidhart peeked into the ring and saw that Earthquake had Tully on the ropes, and so he took the fight to Arn in order to keep him distracted. In the ring, the Canadian Earthquake began stomping and the end was nigh for Tully. Earthquake hit the sitdown splash, and stayed seated for the three count.

After the match, with Tully hurt, Neidhart threw Arn into the ring and Earthquake set him up for the sit down splash. As he went to the ropes Arn slipped out of the ring, but was hit with Jimmy Hart's megaphone. The Commonwealth members walked to the back laughing at the downed Horsemen.

Ventura - "See Moonsoooon, see. I told you that messing with the Commonwealth was a bad idea. They told the Horsemen to just stay out of it, but the Horsemen didn't listen. Now look at em ... they're hurt. I told you this was going to happen."

Monsoon - "After that match, it looks bad for the Horsemen. I have a feeling though that we haven't seen the end of this fight. Things definetly got warmer there, but it was the challenge set out by Bret Hart that has put this feud on fire !"

Bret Hart Promo

Hart - "Ric Flair ... IV Horsemen, it seems that we have a little bit of a problem. You don't like what we say, you don't like what we do, and we don't care. The Commonwealth is tired of being looked at as second rate. Ever since we've come over to this supposed land of opportunity, we've been shunned and have yet to see any of that opportunity. Instead of sitting here and waiting for something that isn't going to be given to us we're going to take what is rightfully ours. We don't care who we have to go through, or what we have to do in the process, but the Commonwealth is going to take over the WWWF and we're going to start by taking out the IV Horsemen. Flair, I've got this man right here at my back ... (The British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith walks into the scene.) ... who do you have at yours ?"

Ventura - "If Ric Flair is smart, he'll pretend he didn't hear Bret Hart. He'll just keep on like the Commonwealth is looking right past them because getting tangled up with Bret Hart and Davey Boy Smith is something that Flair really doesn't want to do."

Monsoon - "I'd bet that the IV Horsemen, and ESPECIALLY Ric Flair aren't worried in the least about crossing the Commonwealth. I bet we get an answer to Bret Hart's challenge very shortly 'Body'."

Ventura - "Whatever Moonsoon. We've got our Main Event up next, so I'll go ahead and sign off for you. I'm glad all of you turkey necks joined us today and enjoy the team of the Honky Tonk Man and Greg Valentine taking on the Steiners."

Rythm 'N' Blues -V- The Steiners

Before the match, Heenan was on hype duty, letting everyone know that the Steiners didn't stand a chance in the match.

Once the match started, the Steiners quickly showed that it was Rythm 'N' Blues that didn't stand a chance. Rick's stiffness combined with the combination of speed and power of Scott was more than what Valentine and Honky Tonk could match. Wrestling is getting more and more advanced and Rythm 'N' Blues needs to get with the times if they're going to make it in this new age of wrestling. As Rick pounded on Valentine with punches and forearms, Scott would change it up and pound him with slams and impact moves. When Honky Tonk made his way into the ring he got the same treatment from the All-American brothers.

Beside himself, Heenan's frustration got the best of him. As Scott went to the ropes Heenan slammed Honky Tonk's guitar into the back of Steiner. The match was awarded to the Steiners via DQ. After the DQ, Rythm 'N' Blues took the boots to the Steiner brothers, getting revenge for the beating they took the entire match.

(The show fades out with the Superstars logo taking the place of the Steiners being beaten down.)

Match Rankings:

1. - Pillman/Rotunda (Crowd 59% Workrate 88% ***)

2. - Steiners/Rythm 'N' Blues (Crowd 65% Workrate 83% **3/4)

3. - Earthquake/Blanchard (Crowd 48% 68% *3/4)


1. - Heenan's Match Hype (89%)

2. - Bret Hart Promo (82%)

3. - Rougeaus/Rockers recap (71%)

4. - Albano/Snuka Promo (68%)

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WWWF Prime Time Wrestling Preview

- The IV Horsemen - Commonwealth feud heats up as The Andersons take on Jim Neidhart and Dino Bravo !

- Kerry Von Erich defends the WWWF Intercontinental Title against Ricky Steamboat !

- Magnum T.A. takes on Jimmy Snuka in a non-title match !

- Randy Savage steps into the ring against Jake Roberts !

- Also scheduled to appear the Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan, and Paul Orndorff !

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<center>user posted image</center>

<center>April 15, 1991</center>

<center>Rating: 5.70</center>

<center>Att: 5,047</center>

<center>Gate: $201,880</center>

(The show fades straight in to the backstage area where Sting is ready to speak.)

Sting - "OOOOOOWWWWWW ! Well 'ol Captain Lou Albano says I should get me a friend. It's a good thing the Stinger has plenty of friends. I can't wait to get my hands on you Jimmy Snuka ! If I need one friend, two friends, or a whole army of friends it doesn't matter. I'll do whatever it takes to get you in the ring. So I did some asking around the back, and guess what. I have myself a pretty darn good friend."

(From the side, the WWWF U.S. Champion, MAGNUM T.A. steps in the picture and stands next to Sting.)

Sting - "That's right Snuka the WWWF United States Champion is a good friend of mine, and he's got no bones about stepping into the ring as my partner. I hope you've got a good friend too Snuka because ....."

(Sting doesn't get to finish the statement because from off the screen LEX LUGER comes crashing in. He's weilding a chair, and gives both Sting and T.A. a shot. With both men down, Luger let's them know that Snuka has a friend.)

Vince - "GOOOOOD EVENING WWWF fans and welcome to PRIIIIMMMMEEE TIIIIIIIIMMMEEE WRESTLING ! As we've just seen the matches are taking shape for Lethal Lottery. Sting let Albano know he had a friend to step in the ring with him and then Lex Luger crashed the party letting Sting know that Snuka had a friend as well !"

Jim Jr. - "We're sorry we started the fireworks early tonight fans, but you never know what's going to happen here in the WWWF. We haven't even had a match yet, and already one spot at the Lethal Lottery has been filled. Let's get to the ring before something else goes haywire."

The Andersons -V- Jim Neidhart/Dino Bravo

The Horsemen/Commonwealth feud has quickly escelated. At the forefront of the feud has been Arn Anderson and Jim Neidhart. Fittingly so as both are the respective 'Enforcers' for their groups. This marked the second time that Arn and Jim had squared off in tag action. This time around, Arn's brother and Dino Bravo were the tag partners of choice. The two enforcers started off against each other and it became very apparent which one was the better of the two. Neidhart usually pummels people, but not the crafty veteran Arn Anderson. Just two minutes into the match 'The Anvil' was desperately tagging in Bravo.

The Canadian strongman turned the tide of the match very quickly and Arn knew he couldn't stay in the ring long or else he'd suffer severely. Ole made a blind tag to get in as Arn brought Bravo over to the Anderson's corner. Ole did better against the strongman, but it wasn't enough to get the momentum of the match back in the Anderson's favor. Just as Bravo began to weaken, he tagged back in Neidhart, and the enuing double team kept Ole from taking over the match. With Neidhart grinding down Ole, no one seemd to notice that Bret Hart and Davey Boy Smith had walked out from the back and were making their way to the ring. Arn did notice and ran at the two. Already beaten down, that move was a mistake.

Hart and Davey Boy dispatched of Double A without much of a fight and drug him to the ring. The two threw the battered Anderson into the ring and then jumped in and started beating on Ole. Officially, the match was awarded to the Andersons via DQ. The four members of the Commonwealth continued to beat down on the Andersons despite the pleas from the ring bell to stop. The Commonwealth didn't hear the crowd belt out a wild cheer as Ric Flair and Barry Windham hit the ring at a dead sprint. Hart slid out of the ring in time, but Davey Boy was caught by a very stiff lariat from Windham. Flair chased Bravo out of the ring, and Hart pulled Neidhart under the ropes. The crowd went nuts as Flair and Windham stood at the ropes begging them to get back in the ring.

Jim Jr. - "The Commonwealth tried to pull one over at the expense of the Horsemen, but not tonight sweetheart. The Horsemen are always watching, and the Horsemen always have each other's backs !"

Vince - "The blood runs cold between these two groups, that's for sure. It looked like Ole and Arn were done for, but not so fast says Flair and Windham. We're going to .... wait just one second ... Mene Gene has Flair ringside ..."

Flair Tirade

Okerlund - "Ric Flair if you would please ... I'd like to ...."

Flair - "GENE ..... I'M TIRED OF IT .... I told you I was tired of it. THE HORSEMEN ARE TIRED OF IT ! ..... BRET HART, DAVEY BOY SMITH ... Congratulations ... you've just earned yourself a date with the NATURE BOY and the LONG TALL TEXAN ... at the Lethal Lottery, the two of you will be facing the two of us ! That's right pal, you're going to have to put your money where your mouth is. And don't you think for a second that there isn't going to be more ... JIM NEIDHART ! You're going to have to step up to the plate bigtime ... DOUBLE A will be waiting for you at Lethal Lottery ! MEAN ... BY GOD GENE ... THE IV HORSEMEN ARE GOING TO PUT AN END TO THIS !"

Okerlund - "Fellas, Ric Flair is irate and rightfully so. After what he's had to say, it looks like Lethal Lottery just got a whole lot more interesting."

Vince - "Wow, Flair just dropped two huge bombs. We'll be seeing Neidhart versus Arn Anderson, AND Flair/Windham versus Hart/Davey Boy Smith. We can only imagine what the stipulations for that will be."

Jim Jr. - "Unfortunately we have to wait one week for the Lethal Lottery drawings to find that out, but what a way to get tonight started. I hope we can keep this pace up. From the looks of the next match, we might be able to."

Ricky Steamboat -V- Kerry Von Erich © WWWF Intercontinental Match

Mr. Perfect was once again ringside for a Kerry Von Erich match. Just like at Wrestlemania, he had to be present when Von Erich defended the belt that Perfect says 'is his.' The action began in high gear. Steamboat and Von Erich are very familar with each other and both have distinct styles that can take over a match quickly. The two traded off countering each other for the first part of the match. Von Erich is easily the more powerful of the two, and after a few minutes of stalemating, Kerry tried to cash in on his advantage. As Steamboat went for one of his lethal dropkicks, Von Erich held on to the ropes. With Ricky downed, Kerry quickly picked him up and sent him into the ropes. As Steamboat careened back towards him, Von Erich delivered a hellacious powerslam.

At this time Mr. Perfect got up onto the apron and started jawing at Von Erich. both Von Erich and the ref went over to Perfect to try and get him to get back down. It tood a few moments, but Steamboat saw what was going on, and he too went over to Perfect. With a wry smile on his face, perfect grabbed Steamboat's head and hopped down from ring apron, slamming Steamboat's neck across the top rope in the process. The ref signaled for the bell, throwing this one out of the books. Pissed off, Von Erich jumped out of the ring after Perfect and the two brawled to the back.

Vince - "There you see Mr. Perfect being a thorn in the side of Kerry Von Erich yet again. These two have already set up their date at the Lethal Lottery. It will be one heck of a match up."

Jim Jr. - "That's only if Perfect can keep it clean Vince. Somehow I don't see that happening. Right now fans, we need to go to JJ Dillon, who his standing by with a very important announcement regarding the Lethal Lottery."

Dillon's Announcement and the Reaction

Dillon - "Thank you Jim. What I have to say is very important, and it involves three men. First of all, Paul Orndorff you will be defending your WWWF World Title at the Lottery. Your opponent however, will not be who you think. Orndorff, you will defend your title against THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR. Hulk Hogan will have to wait for his shot because Warrior has the first shot. He gets this shot by virtue of being the last WWF Champion. Thank you all, Jim ... Vince."


Jim Jr. - "Yes Vince, that announcement was huge and we've .... what we've got, is a situation in the locker room .... can we get a camera back there ?"

(The scene cuts to Orndorff's locker room. A furious Hulk Hogan is trying to burst through the door, but is being held back by numerous security gaurds. Orndorff is begging the guards to let Hogan in. Hogan continues to scream at Orndorff that he is a coward. Finally, the security gaurds are enough in number to push Hogan from the doorway and get the door closed. The gaurds drag Hogan off as he continues to kick and scream.)

Jim Jr. - "Vince, I have never seen Hulk Hogan in that state EVER in my lifetime."

Vince - "Jim I can assure you that this is the first time Hulk Hogan has ever been that irate in his life. I've beena round him for a long time now, and this is the first I've seen of him like this. He's fuming, and I can understand why."

Jim Jr. - "We're boiling over here on Prime Time Wrestling, and the action is going to continue to get hot. Right now it's time for Magnum T.A. versus Jimmy Snuka !"

Magnum T.A. -V- Jimmy Snuka

Neither of these men's titles were on the line in this one. Sting accompanied Magnum to the ring, and as Snuka came out Lex Luger trailed behind him. In the ring, Magnum wasn't interested in Luger outside, or that Snuka kept peeking at Sting. T.A. just wanted to wrestle. That he did. At every possible chance he got, Magnum used technical wrestling moves to frustrate Snuka. The in ring action was good, but the show outside was probably better. Luger kept trying to take pop shots at Sting and finally Sting got right in Luger's face. Luger backed down, but when Sting turned around, Luger nailed him with a forearm to the back of the head.

Inside the ring Magnum just about had Snuka beat. He had set Snuka up for the belly-to-belly when he noticed what was going on outside. Mangum dropped Snuka went over to the ropes, debating whether or not to go outside the ring. Snuka didn't let him decide as he clotheslined T.A. over the top and too the outside. Snuka followed, and he and Luger beat down on Sting and T.A.

Luger was on top of things for once, and got Snuka to put his shoulder under the ropes to break the ten count. After a little more beating down, Luger threw T.A. into the ring as he and Snuka went to work on Sting. In the ring, Magnum had enough time to recover. Snuka was preoccupied with Sting, and wasn't paying attention to the count. Luger reminded him again, and Snuka scurried back into the ring and right into a belly-to-belly suplex that ended the match and gave T.A. the win. At the sound of the bell, Luger looked up and saw that T.A. had won and was now stepping between the ropes. Luger hightailed it, leaving Snuka in the ring.

Jim Jr. - "How about that Vince. Even with Luger's help, Snuka couldn't get the job done against Magnum T.A. From the looks of it, Luger isn't a very good friend to have either."

Vince - "I bet it'll be a different story come Lethal Lottery Jim. I know Luger doesn't want to lose to Magnum T.A. and I doubt that Jimmy Snuka is going to let Sting get the best of him. Well WWWF fans, tonight has been exciting, and we're almost done, but not just yet. Our main even this evening pits Randy Savage against Jake Roberts !"

Randy Savage -V- Jake Roberts

This type of match is already being considered by fans to be a 'classic WWF style match.' As usual Roberts came to the ring with the green bag in tow. Savage stood in the ring, pointing to Roberts and telling him to leave Damien in the bag. Not one to listen very well, Roberts let the big python loose in the ring and watch Savage flee like a girl.

After the snake was cleared from the ring and the match began, Savage immediately took the fight to Roberts. A pure athlete, Savage methodically broke down Roberts and rather quickly had the match well in hand. A couple of times Roberts tried to unleash Damian to give himself a breather, but Savage cut him off and even kicked the bag that held Damian to the ground. Very tentive in her actions, Elizabeth pulled the bag away from the ring.

In desperation, Roberts got in a low blow that the ref didn't see. He tried to get in his match ending DDT, but Savage was too quick for him, and countered with a back body drop. Not wanting to dawdle anymore Savage went straight to the top rope and landed his signature elbow for the win. After the three count Savage boot a couple of extra boots to Roberts, and spat on him before exiting the ring.

Vince - "Savage has certainly begun to get a mean streak here lately Jim, and that's what we need around here. Somebody that isn't going to mess around."

Jim Jr. - "I don't have a problem with the guys getting serious and trying to make things happen, but there is no need for what Savage had done. We can address that later though Vince. WWWF fans tonight was white hot and full of action ! The Lethal Lottery card looks to be set."

Vince - "Indeed it does Jim. We already knew that Kerry Von Erich will defend the WWWF Intercontinental Title against Mr. Perfect."

Jim Jr. - "To add to that, Ric Flair announced that we'll have a battle of the Enforcers as Arn Anderson takes on Jim Neidhart. Flair also went on to state that he and Barry Windham would take on Bret Hart and Davey Boy Smith !"

Vince - "The Horsemen and Commonwealth are headed for a showdown, and so are the teams of Sting and Magnum T.A., and Jimmy Snuka and Lex Luger. JJ Dillon dropped the biggest bomb though when he announced that Paul Orndorff would be defending the WWWF World Title against The Ultimate Warrior and NOT Hulk Hogan. That's all for this edition of PRIIIIIIIMMEEE TIIIIIIIMMEE WRRRRRRRESTLING !"

(The show fades out with Vince and Jim Jr. talking back and forth.)

Match Rankings:

1. - Von Erich/Steamboat (Crowd 70% Workrate 86% ***1/4)

2. - Savage/Roberts (Crowd 84% Workrate 78% **3/4)

3. - Andersons/Neidhart-Bravo (Crowd 77% Workrate 74% **1/2)

4. - T.A./Snuka (Crowd 71% Workrate 75% **)


1. - Flair Tirade (95%)

2. - Hogan/Orndorff Encounter (90%)

3. - Dillon Announcement (85%)

4. - Sting Promo (80%)

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WWWF Wrestling Challenge Preview

- Sting goes up against Cactus Jack !

- Doom tangles with the Powers of Pain !

- The Skyscrapers defend the U.S. Tag Titles against the Freebirds !

- Lex Luger and Magnum T.A. finall get in a ring !

- Also, Paul Ellering has some words about his client Animal, Terry Taylor and Tom Zenk have something to say to Ric Rude, and the Young Stallions get some things off their chest !

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user posted image

April 20, 1991

Rating: 4.25

Att: 5,035

Gate: $201,400

(From the snazzy music and electric colored logo, the scene cuts straight to ...)

Sting -V- Cactus Jack

A MAN CALLED STIIIIIIIIINNNGGG .... the multicolored pyro matches the multicolored facepaint on the face of the Stinger. Inside the ring Cactus Jack paced in anticipation of the start of the match. Once Sting was inside the ropes, Cactus didn't wait for the bell. With Sting taking off his jacket, Cactus nailed him from behind knocking over the top rope. The bell signaled the start of the match, but it began outside. Cactus jumped on Sting, using the gaurdrails and the steel steps as weapons. Sting's quickness saved him from having his head becoming a sandwich between a steel chair and the ringpost. In order to save himself Sting rolled into the ring as Cactus looked under the ring for another weapon.

Sting had just enough time to get his wind, and as Cactus crawled back into the ring, the Stinger put the boots to him. It didn't take long for Sting to switch the match to his favor, but Cactus didn't play cleanly. As the ref moved around to check a headlock that he'd applied, Cactus gave a thrust punch to Sting's throat. The ref saved Sting this time, as he backed Cactus off and gave him a stern warning about that kind of garbage. With Cactus being detained by the ref, Jimmy Snuka ran down to the ring with his bone in hand. Sting had gotten up and was leaning up against the ropes holding his throat. Cactus saw Snuka, and kept the ref occupied. Snuka took his bone and put it upside Sting's head. Cactus ran over for the easy pin. As the bell sounded, Snuka got in the ring and began beating down Sting as Catus looked on with a deranged look of enjoyment on his face.

Monsoon - "Thank you for joining us once again here at the WWWF Studios. As always, I'm Gorilla Monsoon, and with me is Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan. We just bore witness to two of the men that will be involved in the upcoming Lethal Lottery PPV as Snuka came down and got involved in Sting's match with Cactus Jack !"

Heenan - "Did you see the look on Cactus' face Monsoon ? That man is a sicko. He enjoyed watching Snuka beat up on Sting. My God, I can't believe he could like that."

Monsoon - "Well, Cactus is an interesting character to say the least. As all of you WWWF fans know, Road Warrior Hawk was injured recently, and there has been much speculation as to what Animal would be doing. Well, Paul Ellering stopped by to let us know."

Paul Ellering Promo for Animal

Ellering - "The WWWF tag team division got quite a break when Hawk went down. Everyone can breath a sigh of relief because the Road Warriors won't be in action for a while. That doesn't mean though, that Animal won't be beating people up. For now, Animal will have to be a 'Lone Warrior' in his quest. That's ok, there isn't a man in the WWWF that can match the Anima's power !"

Animal - "That's right Pual, the WWWF has to deal with the 'Lone Warrior' until Hawk gets back ! Nobody is safe from the powerslam ! ... Nobody !"

Monsoon - "The 'Lone Warrior' Heenan ?"

Heenan - "That's what the man said. Are you going to argue with someone that can slam you through the mat ? I'm not. He can be the 'Lone Warrior' or the Disco Warrior for all I care, just as long as he leaves me alone."

Monsoon - "Our next match up involves four guys that you'd want to stay away from as well. The Powers of Pain have the number one contendorship to the U.S. Tag Titles, but their plans changed a bit this week. Before they could worry about their title shot though, they had to get through Doom !"

Doom -V- The Powers of Pain

The fans are starting to come around to Doom. Both Reed and Simmons have slowly shown that they are done being the hired guns that they were in the NWA. Simmons has taken large strides, as he is the man that ran the hated Roddy Piper out of the WWF. Now though, they faced perhaps the only two men in the WWWF that could match them in raw power. All four men ignored the ref and stood toe to toe in the ring. Simmons and Reed were jawing, and the Barbarian and Warlord just laughed. Warlord threw the first blow, hitting Reed with a powerful right. Reed went reeling backwards, and the fight was on. The ref never actually signaled for the bell, and this match was thrown out before it even began. Reed and Warlord fell through the ropes and went at it outside the ring. Inside, Simmons showed the Barbarian who the real savage was. A big shoulder breaker, followed by a gorilla press slam left the Barbarian just about motionless in the ring. Simmons went outside to help Reed, but was blinded by some poweder from Mr. Fuji. At this time, the locker room had cleared of refs and security, and the two teams were seperated.

Heenan - "Those four men are dangerous Monsoon. They didn't even let the match get started. They just brawled all over the place. Unbelievable."

Monsoon - "One thing is for sure, the tag team ranks have some trouble coming their way with these two teams. The only hopes of getting them out of the picture, is if they beat each other up. Moving along, as I stated earlier, the Powers of Pain have a new target. Let's show you what I'm talking about ..."

Heenan - "What, there's new U.S. Tag Champions ?"

Monsoon - "Heenan, shut up and quit ruining everything."

The Freebirds -V- The Skyscrapers © WWWF U.S. Tag Title Match

Depending on where you're from, the Freebirds are either one of the most beloved, or hated teams in the history of wrestling. Either way, they're respected. The young team of the Skyscrapers is just flat out mean and nasty. Vicious and Spivey are two huge, tough men. What they don't have though, is ring savvy. That sits in the pocket of the Freebirds. Of the two, Spivey is just a bit more off the wall, and that is what would cost the Skyscrapers in this match. The Freebirds made quick tags, keeping Spivey off balance. Dan couldn't get his hands on either Freebird and wouldn't tag in Sid. Outside the ring Sid did what he could with some cheapshots, and pulling of the hair but it wasn't really anything. He had to sit and watch as the Freebirds took over the match. Just as soon as Spivey got his hands on Garvin, it was too late. Garvin had already made the tag to Hays, and Hays went up top. Spivey finished off Garvin with a huge bodyslam and turned around in time to catch Hays coming off the top. However, Hays used his momentum and from the top and turned Spivey catching him into a super DDT for the win and the U.S. Tag Titles. Vicious immediately ran into the ring, and instead of going after the Freebirds, he got in the downed Spivey's face.

Heenan - "Would you look at that. I was right, we do have new U.S. Tag Champions. Congratulations to the Freebirds, but good luck buddy. The Powers of Pain have a title shot."

Monsoon - "Yeah, look at that. I'll bet that the fans watching are as impressed with your knowledge of what you've already seen as I am. You are right though, the Freebirds have a big task ahead of them with the Powers of Pain getting the first shot at them. As you all know folks, Ric Rude has been on a mission lately, to take out the trash of the WWWF. Two men that seem to have a problem with this are Terry Taylor and Tom Zenk."

Taylor/Zenk Promo Interrupted

Taylor - "Ric Rude you might think I'm trash, but getting rid of me isn't going to be that simple. As you can see, Tom Zenk is standing next to me, and he doesn't exactly like the ego trip that you're on either. You had better be prepared because ......."

(Taylor doesn't get to finish his statement. From behind, Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane attack Taylor and Zenk. With the Midnight Express putting the boots to Taylor and Zenk, Ric Rude walks up and watches on. Jim Cornette slides into the picture and yells at the downed Zenk and Taylor that "When you mess with Ric Rude, you mess with Camp Cornette.")

Monsoon - "How cheap was that Heenan ? Taylor and Zenk were just blindsided by the Midnight Express. What do they think they're doing ?"

Heenan - "What do you expect Monsoon ? Taylor and Zenk picked a fight with Ric Rude. His buddies aren't going to just sit back and let Rude be outnumbered. They deserved it."

Monsoon - "How did they deserve it ? Ric Rude is the one that started all of this ! This is absurd Heenan."

Heenan - "It doesn't matter who started it Gorilla, Camp Cornette is going to finish it."

Monsoon - "Unfortunately you might be right. On a more positive note, a team that is starting to make waves around here stopped by to let everyone know that they won't be backing down from anyone."

Young Stallions Promo

Roma - "I hope all the tag teams in the WWWF are paying attention. While everyone is watching out for the big guys, no one is paying attention to the good guys. Myself, and my partner 'Pure Gold' Jim Powers are on the move."

Powers - "That's right ! The Young Stallions, 'Pretty' Paul Roma and myself 'Pure Gold' Jim Powers are on our way to the top, and we'll do whatever we have to in order to get there."

Monsoon - "Heenan ... these guys might be right. They've certainly been impressive as of late, and no one really is paying them much attention. That could prove to be fatal for other tag teams in the WWWF."

Heenan - "I don't trust those guys. I think they've got something up their sleeve. We should be keeping an eye on them Monsoon."

Monsoon - "Two men that we have been keeping our eye on, are Lex Luger and Magnum T.A. These men don't like each other and make no bones about it. They'll step into the ring at Lethal Lottery with their partners, but they locked up earlier this week, and that is our main event here on Wrestling Challenge !"

Lex Luger -V- Magnum T.A.

The arrogant Luger tried to play off the importance to this match. As Magnum walked down to the ring, Luger paid him no attention and leaned up against his corner and looked at his muscles. To get Luger's attention once the bell rang, T.A. got the ref to remind Luger that it was Magnum that was the U.S. Champion. The arrogant Luger got a little pissed at this and started throwing blows. T.A.'s superior technical ability got him out of the onslaught, but Luger's strength advantage kept Magnum from gaining a clear advantage.

The men traded moves and counters back and forth. Luger continually tried to turn the match into more of a fight, or brawl but Magnum would have none of it. He wouldn't let Luger bait him, and every time Luger tried, T.A. slowed the match down with a classic wrestling hold. Showing his smarts, T.A. went to work on the back, and legs of Luger. Magnum took away Lex's finishing move, the torture rack. Slowly, the strong Luger began to weaken. Sensing he was on the back end of the match, Luger resorted to dirty tricks. Luger sat in the corner as Magnum charged him Luger pulled the ref in the way. The ref was sandwiched but wasn't hit too badly, and he fumbled out of the corner. Luger took advantage and low blowed Magnum T.A. as he checked the ref to see if he was ok. Magnum struggled to keep his feet but was put down as Luger hit a running forearm to the head and got the pin. After the match Luger held up the U.S. Title like it was his, and taunted the fallen Magnum T.A.

(The show went off the air with Luger hovering over Magnum.)

Match Rankings:

1. - Sting/Cactus (Crowd 65% Workrate 87% ***1/4)

2. - Luger/T.A. (Crowd 90% Workrate 74% **1/2)

3. - Skyscrapers/Freebirds (Crowd 65% Workrate 71% *1/2)

4. - Doom/P.O.P (Crowd 61% Workrate 59% 1/2*)


1. - Ellering/Animal Promo (63%)

2. - Taylor/Zenk - Camp Cornette Encounter (57%)

3. - Young Stallions Promo (45%)

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