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Would You Watch This?

Gene Kiniski

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Monday Night Raw

Janurary 3, 2005

Would You Watch This?

The first Raw of 2005 kicked off with a shot of the crowd and the usual pyros, but before the entire opening could get finished the familiar music of Edge hit. The cheers suddenly went to boo’s as the “most deserving man in the company” made his way to the ring.

J.R.:”King, welcome to the first Monday Night Raw of 2005!”

King:”Here we go, J.R.! Kicking things off with Edge!”

J.R.:”This isn’t the way I pictured us starting off the new year, King.”

King:”Ah, let’s just hear him out.”

Edge Deserves

Edge:”I present to you you’re next World Heavyweight Champion, Edge!! The ONLY man who deserves that belt around his waist. Triple H doesn’t deserve it, he never won it; Bischof handed it to him. Shawn Michaels never deserved it - a washed up, overrated, over-the-hill wrestler that should have never come out of retirement! Did Bill Goldberg deserve to be World Heavyweight Champion? Hell no! Randy Orton, the youngest World Heavyweight Champion, never even worked for the title. Just by playing kiss-ass with Triple H he’s suddenly Champion material? Phh. He’s not even worthy of the WCW Hardcore Championship. And neither did Chris Benoit! Wow, he won the Royal Rumble; I was King Of The Ring!! Benoit couldn’t even get the job done himself, he had to make Triple H tap after he suffered beatings from both HBK and Benoit.”

Edge d. Chris Benoit via chair

J.R.:”What a second, King, that’s the m music of Chris Benoit!”

King:”I hear it, but what’s he doing out here during Edge’s time?”

J.R.:”It looks like he’s going to lead us into the first match of the year.”

Chris Benoit, obviously not happy with the comments by Edge, headed out from the back interrupting the tongue lashing. Edge paced the ring and tried to attack with some boots as Benoit entered, but Benoit was on a mission to shut him up for the night. The Rabid Wolverine controlled the majority of the match with chops, suplexes, and a few stiff shots that looked more purpose than accident. Throughout Edge fought back mainly with lefts and rights with the occasion take-down. Edge seemed more like he was trying to “fight”, like his match with A-Train after the Rey Mysterio injury, instead of wrestling a clean match. Benoit looked as he had secured the win after a series of multiple German Suplexes followed by an attempted Crossface. Edge blocked the Crossface, whipped Benoit into the refere and cheated himself a victory with a chair shot while the referee was down. ***1/4

After the match as the referee was raising Edge’s hand Benoit rolled around, trying to get back to his feet, Edge seemed if he was going to attempt a cheap shot when Shawn Michaels came charging to the ring and made short work of Edge. After a couple clotheslines and a Sweet Chin Music the referees started making there way down to break up the situation. Edge was out cold, Benoit was already out of site and HBK made his way to the back, pushing the staff and road agents away.

84%, 87%, 80% - Benoit Lost 1 Point of Overness

King: ”Did you see that J.R.? Shawn Michaels just attacked Edge without reasoning!”

J.R.: ”I saw it King and I think that Shawn Michaels was just as offended by Edge’s comments as Chris Benoit was.”

King: “Well, J.R., you know what they say payback is...”

J.R.: Yes, King. Yes, I do.

Evolution Opens The Doors To Rumble

The scene changed from the aftermath in the ring to Triple H beathing heavily into the camera. As the view panned out Ric Flair and Batista were standing arm to arm with the Game. Triple H had the World Heavyweight Championship hanging over his shoulder and every few seconds Batista would look down at it then back towards the camera.

Ric Flair:”Wooo!! Woo!!”

Triple H:”I am the Game! I am the greatest World Heavyweight Champion in history! No matter what anyone says, I am the greatest wrestler of all time! Edge thinks he’s better? Edge has nothing on me! I’ve been Edge before. I’ve beaten Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels who is a so called ‘future hall of famer’, Chris Jericho, and even the man to the side of me, Ric Flair!”

Ric Flair:”Anyone who wants to challenge the Game at the Royal Rumble, the door is open!”


Triple H:”The greatest force in this company will keep the greatest championship in this business within Evolution! So as the Nature Boy said, anyone who wants to challenge me at the Rumble, I’ll take you on. I am the Game, we are Evolution!”



The Hurricane d. Maven via DQ

A rather lack-luster match that highlighted Maven’s brawling and heel side rather than actual wrestling. Hurricane had a few decent spots including an ‘attempted’ vertebreaker, which recieved the biggest pop of the match. Maven was obviously delt the ‘dirty card’ before this match-up as he spent most of the time pushing the five count as far as he could. Midway through the match Hurricane turned the tide once again towards his favor after Maven’s horrible attempt at an wheel kick failed. Hurricane led his offensive battle with a majority of clotheslines and backdrops, the normal mid-card WWE style match. Maven took control towards the end with a low blow followed by a standing drop-kick. Maven made his way outside to get a chair and upon his return to the ring Maven ended the match with a single chair shot to the head of The Hurricane. **1/2

J.R.: ”What is Maven doing? He just cost himself the entire match.”

King: ”Maven was just sending a messege not to mess with him and Hurricane happened to be on the receiving end.”

J.R.: “The only thing that Hurricane may have received was a concussion.”

The referee signaled for the bell and disqualification after the un-remorseful chair shot to Hurricane. Maven, in a fit of anger turned and began arguing with the referee which led to Maven hitting the referee with a head shot of his own. Maven followed chair shot to the referee with a DDT before leaving the ring.

King: ”First the Hurricane and now the official of the match! Maven seems to have something to prove.”

J.R.: ”Well King, when you figure out what it is, let me know.”

69%, 71%, 66%

”...For My Peeps!”

After the commercial break Christian headed out to the ring, followed closely by Tyson Tomko. Christian circled the ring before speaking, soaking up the normal heel heat.

Christian: ”Welcome to RAW is CHRISTIAN! (cheap heel reaction) How are all of my peeps? I bet you aren’t doing as great as I am - your’s truly is still living the New Years Eve party from three days ago! It was a hell-of-a time, but that doesn’t matter. What matters to me, tonight, is Shelton Benjamin. Shelton Benjamin, the current WWE Intercontinental Champion, a title that I have held many of times - a title that I want back. Shelton, I’m calling you out. I want a shot at that belt!”

King: ”Christian wants a shot another shot at the Intercontinental Championship, but will Shelton accept the challenge?”

J.R.: “We’re about to find out, because here comes Shelton Benjamin himself!”

Shelton Benjamin: ”Christian...(Christian turns to see Shelton Benjamin standing at the top of ramp)...if you want a shot at the Intercontinental Championship, you can have you’re shot. Right here, tonight!

Christian: ”Tonight? I’m not even in my wrestling gea...I was...toni...? The Royal Rumble! I’ll do it at the Royal Rumble, for my peeps!”

Shelton Benjamin: “Tonight!”


J.R.: ”Christian seemed a little scared of Shelton there, almost like he wants the title without the work.”

King: ”All of the Peeps know that Christian isn’t scared! How dare you say that J.R.? Christian just wanted to save the greatness of what the match will be for the Royal Rumble.”

J.R.: “Whatever it was it didn’t matter because we’ll see the match later tonight. But up next, King, we have Rhyno and Tajiri going against the current WWE World Tag Team Champions; La Resistance.”

Rhyno & Tajiri d. La Resistance - Non-title

Tajiri started the match off against Grenier with a series of stiff kicks to the legs and mid-section. Grenier fought back with punches and clotheslines. After a few minutes of holding Tajiri to the mat with leg locks and mid-section submissions Grenier tagged in Rob Conway who continued the stomps and holds. Conway looked to have the win via submission, but Tajiri just mustered up the energy to dive and get a tag to Rhyno. Rhyno came in an ‘cleaned-house’ (where’s the brooms?) with back body drops, inside fore-arms and spine-busters. Rhyno controlled the match the majority of the time he was in, evening pulling out a Boston Crab. Conway kicked out of two attempted pin before getting the tag to Grenier after a low blow behind the referees back. Tajiri tried to get in to break up the double t eam after the tag, but the referee held him back, as usual. The distraction allowed Grenier to perform another low blow and choke Rhyno with the ropes for around thirty seconds. After some cheap tactics from La Resistance Rhyno reversed an Irish Whip and followed it up with a very stiff spine-buster. Rhyno tagged in Tajiri who met Grenier with a Green Mist. Rhyno waiting for the opportunity which allowed Grenier to rise and walk into The Gore. Conway made his way into the ring, but Tajiri caught Conway with a round-house to the head which led to the victory. **3/4

72%, 69%, 75%

J.R.: ”What a huge victory for Rhyno and Tajiri here tonight!”

King: ”I agree, J.R., it’s a huge victory that can only mean one thing for Rhyno and Tajiri...”

J.R.: “What’s that, King?”

King: “Next week La Resistance will be seeking revenge which won’t be good for them.”

J.R.: “I was thinking a possible future title shot...”

King: “...that too.”

WWE Intercontinential Championship

Shelton Benjamin © d. Christian

Left hand Christian, right hand Shelton. Irish whip Christian, reversal Shelton. Clothesline Shelton, duck Christian. Wheel kick Shelton, block Christian. A back and forth match for the WWE Intercontinential Championship. Neither man had control over the other at one time during the match-up. Every time one man went up the other countered. The match was full of kick-outs, most didn’t even hit the two-count. A true pay-per-view quality contest that would have made the price of admission to Raw worth it. Some situations even found the crowd cheering for both men while on the offensive. A near draw after an eight count that led to Christian to an attempted Unprettier, but Shelton countered with what was supposed to be a Super-Kick. Both men failed the first few times they tried their respective ‘finishers’, Christian even flipping out of the T-Bone Suplex in a Chris Jericho-style escape. Following the flip Christian taunted Benjamin by nailing him with a Stinger Splash! Christian tried to follow up the splash with a ten-count punch from the top rope, but Shelton pulled Christian into a huge standing powerbomb for the two count. Both men rolled around on the mat for a few seconds before engaging in an energetic series of lefts and rights that led to Shelton elimination Christian from the ring over the top rope. Before Shelton could make his way outside Christian was on the apron and pulled Benjamin kneck-first into the ropes, guillatine style. Upon Christian re-entering the ring he was met with a spinning wheel kick and a Sharpshooter! Christian quickly reached the ropes to break the hold. Once the hold was broken Christian tried to school-boy pin, but Shelton rolled through, grabbed the leg, T-Bone Suplex for the win! ***1/4

74%, 76%, 83%

J.R.: ”Wow, King, wow.”

King: ”You have to give both men credit right there for one hell of a match!”

J.R.: “An amazing show on both parts.”

After the match Shelton Benjamin jumped to his feets and before the referee could raise his hand in victory he made his way from one turnbuckle to another holding the belt in his hand. Shelton celebrates his win with the crowd behind him.

King: “I wonder if this will lea...”

J.R.: “...sorry to interrupt, but I just got word that backstage there is some sort of incident going on right now between Randy Orton and Chris Jericho.”

I Deserve; I Deserve

Randy Orton:”...just because you are a former Undisputed Champion doesn’t mean that you deserve a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble!”

Chris Jericho:”And you deserve a shot, why? Because you were the youngest World champion?”

Randy Orton:”That’s history right there - you can’t win the title again and make history like I can. You can’t hold a title that doesn’t exist anymore.”

Chris Jericho:”I can’t make history? I wasn’t just the Undisputed champion, I was the FIRST!”

Randy Orton:”I’ve earned it, I’ve worked my ass off to get another title shot.”

Chris Jericho:”You deserve it? Everything you’ve had was handed to you on a silver platter by Evolution.”

Randy Orton:”Evolution? Evolution has nothing on me! I’m going to challenge Triple H for the title at Royal Rumble and put an end to Evolution.”

Chris Jericho:”Not if I do it first.”

King: “Both men really want a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship of Triple H.”

J.R.: “Let’s look at what happened during the Shelton and Christian match to lead to the Orton and Jericho controntation.”


Randy Orton:”Triple H, you said that anyone can challenge you at the Royal Rumble...if you have the nerve than put that belt on the line than I’m going leave...”

Chris Jericho:”...leave what?  Leave without the title?  Triple H, if you put the title on the line at the Royal Rumble, I’m going to be the one...”

Randy Orton:”...the one to lose, right?  I deserve...”

Chris Jericho:”...nothing!  You deserve nothing!  I am a former Undisputed champion.  So if either one of us...”

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Would You Watch This?


Jan. 4, 2005 - Last night during the first Raw of 2005 World Wrestling Entertainment launched a new campaign titled - "Would You Watch This?".  The campaign is a directly aimed at the audience of the companies product, hopefully leading to a future rise in ratings and revenue.  The title is more than just a title aswell, it's a direct question.  Would You Watch This?  WWE management want to know if you would or wouldn't watch the product that they put on.

All viewer input is welcome as that's what the new campaign is targeted towards - the viewers.  So in conclusion;

Would You Watch This?

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I like the idea, but booking wise, there just seemed to be a bit too much "chair" action on that show, which lessened the impact of the different endings of the matches. The draw in the Main Event could have been a good ending, if the chair had not already been used in 2 other matches on the card.

I'm sure I'll keep my eye on this though, as it looks promising. WWE diaries are always hard to do, so good luck.

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No More Chairs?


Jan. 5, 2005- After the recent over-use of chairs during WWE events fans began to complain, backing themselves up by saying that the chairs took away from the match itself.  WWE management took the complaints into consideration, but after an injury suffered by one of the SmackDown! Superstars at last nights tapings the management teams has barred the use of chairs - with multiple penalties if used.

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  • 1 month later...

Would You - Resurrect This?


Nearly a month ago World Wrestling Entertainment started a campaign, for the fans known as 'Would You Watch This?', which was dropped after only one show.  The original thought behind disappearance was that management was just trying to get a cheap fan reaction to up ratings, but recently talks backstage have lead to rumors pointing otherwise.

A few sources inside the company, including a not-to-be-named wrestler, have informed BarbedWireNews that the campaign was never 'dropped' and will return to it's televised form.  According to the wrestler mentioned management was "just taking time to view quietly, without dispute".

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SmackDown! Preview

United States Championship

John Cena will be putting the WWE United States Championship on the line against Booker T in what will just shy of ten matches between the two over the title.  Will John Cena have what it takes walk away with the belt in tact or will we see a new champion?

Plus, more on the 'no chair' situations.  Rumors have it that a certain wrestler suffered injuries during the filming of SmackDown!, but no names were mentioned.  This Thursday we'll know more.

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Thursday Night SmackDown!

Janurary 6, 2005

Would You Watch This?

Michael Cole: ”Welcome to Thursday Night SmackDown! I’m Michael Cole...”

Tazz: ”...and I’m Tazz!”

Michael Cole: ”We have one heck of a show tonight, already announced is Booker T and John Cena for the U.S. title!”

Tazz: ”That’ll be one heck of a match - those two have had problems since Booker T since came to SmackDown!”

Orlando Jordan d. Charlie Haas via chair

Orlando Jordan and Charlie Haas was a match that drew little to no interest or heat from the crowd in attendance. To be dead honest Gillberg would have recieved a bigger pop if wrestling El Generico in 1998 WCW. In other words, the crowd has no care in the world for Orlando Jordan. The Charlie Haas fan support has been dead since the release of Rico. The random opener match, used to put Jordan over, saw the majority of the time actually dominated by a well-rounded offense of Charlie Haas. Haas locked in a couple of holds rarely used that almost had Jordan tapping, but it seemed Jordan always had some type of ‘counter’ that wasn’t always exactly ‘legal’ by WWE standards. Jordan on offense was harsh, but carried well by Haas. Charlie was looking to have a victory with the Haas of Pain, but Jordan grabbed the ropes to break the hold. Upon a referee bump Orlando leveled Haas with a chair shot leading to the victory. **1/2

Tazz: ”Charlie Haas just took a chair shot right to the face and he doesn’t seem to be getting up after that one!”

Michael Cole: ”Orlando Jordan just cheated himself a victory, but he may have cheated Haas out of a career as well!”

Tazz: ”I hope that Haas is alright, Cole.”

56%, 39%, 74%

When The Sun Sets

As the medics came down to check on the condition of Charlie Haas the arena dimmed, but didn’t darked completely. An orangish glow illuminated the area and a picture of a sun flashed on the titan-tron.

Michael Cole: ”What’s going on here, Tazz?”

Tazz: ”I couldn’t tell ya, Cole, but I know it’s not the Undertaker!”

Michael Cole: ”That doesn’t help me or anyone else right now, for that matter.”

Tazz: ”No duh, Cole. No, duh.”

...when the Sun sets one will rise...

...when the Sun sets many will fall...

...when the Sun sets he shall rise...

...when the Sun sets you shall fall...

...Takyo Sun - See you at the ‘Rumble...

The words were followed by a slight guitar riff then everything just went away like it had never happened.


Tazz: ”Takyo Sun! Takyo Sun is coming to the WWE!”

Michael Cole: ”You say it like you know who is he, Tazz.”

Tazz: ”Maybe I do, maybe I don’t.”

Michael Cole: ”Well, do you?”

Tazz: ”Not off hand, but it’s fun to watch you get all hyped up for nothing.”

We Love America!

Backstage after the Takyo Sun video package, Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree were wondering around, getting ready for their match with Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio when they accidently walked onto the set for a interview scheduled for later tonight. They never realized the cameras were rolling.

Kenzo Suzuki: ”We are the cha..pi..ns...no time fa losin...beca...s...we are the cha..p..in..

Rene Dupree: ”’Ey, Kenzo, check it out, I’m doing a shoot interview! Hey, all you American scum-bags, I’m Rene Dupree, formerly of La Resistance, but now of Suzuki and Dupree...wait a second we need a better tag team name, Kenzo.

Kenzo Suzuki: ”..ow abowt - We Loove Ame...ica!”

Rene Dupree: ”We love America? We don’t love America! America is full of..”

Kenzo Suzuki: ”We Loove Ame...ica!”

Rene Dupree: ”No we don’t!”

Kenzo Suzuki: ”We Loove Ame..ica!”

Rene Dupree: ”FINE! We LOVE America! You might as well call yourself Kenzo Kontradiction while you’re at it!”


Tazz: ”Wow, Cole.”

Michael Cole: ”AND up next we have the Cruiserweight championship on the line in a Triple Threat with Funaki, Akio, and Paul London!”

Tazz: ”Way to save the show.”

Michael Cole: ”Thanks.”

Funaki d. Akio, Paul London

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

In the starrt of the match Paul London stood back as Akio went straight to work on Funaki trying to get a quick advantage. Akio tried to wrap Funaki in the ropes, but London was there to break it up by taking a couple of nice shots at Akio. Some greats spots brought this match together, but at some points the psycology was off. The best spot by far was London pulling the Standing Shooting Star Press leading to a two count. Funaki broke up the pin and continued to clear the ring of both London and Akio. London was then leveled outside with a suicide plancha followed by a roundhouse kick by Akio when he stood. Akio and Funaki battled back into the ring with Akio controlling the pace of the match. A few kicks almost ended the contest, but London made his way back into the ring and standing moonsault, stopping the count. London whipped Funaki into the ropes then caught him with a simple drop toe hold into a one-legged Boston Crab. Funaki got to the ropes just as Akio drop-kicked London in the head. The three could have put on a better match, but they just didn’t get the time to do it. Akio rolled Funaki up, but Funaki reversed the school boy for the win. ***

68%, 52%, 84%

Michael Cole: ”A great match! What a great display of wrestling by all three.”

Tazz: ”I have to say, Cole, for a second there, I thought that we were going to have a new Cruiserweight champion.”

Michael Cole: ”Funaki retains in a great match!”

Fear Me or Pin Me!

Backstage the WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield was walking down the hall talking on his cell phone when he ran into the center of the Big Show’s chest. Big Show looked down on JBL and snatched the cell phone.

Big Show: ”Going somewhere?”

JBL: ”Ac..actua...actually I was before your big ass..”

Big Show: ”Excuse me, my what?”

JBL: ”Before your big ass took my cell phone. That was a very important call.”

Big Show crushes the phone in the palm of his hand and drops it at Layfield’s feet.

Big Show: ”It was.”

JBL: ”Do you have something you have to say to me?”

Big Show: ”John, I want you - in a match - for the WWE Championship.”

JBL: ”You’re far from champion material, Big Show. Not the WWE Championship, anyway. Try John Cena for the United States title, that’s more your league. Or maybe you could bring the Light Heavyweight title out of retirement..oh nevermind, I almost forgot..”

Big Show: ”Forgot what? That I’m 500 pounds? That I’m 7’feet tall? That if you won’t put the title on the line tonight you have no balls?”

JBL: ”I have more balls than you have body fat percentage. JBL backs down from nobody - unless they lack class.”

Big Show takes a step closer to Layfield, laying his hand on the WWE Championship. Big Show smiles before knocking it into the floor and walking away. Bradshaw tries to catch the belt, but his trembling halts his reaction time.

JBL: “Damn it, Big Show, you scratched MY WWE Championship!”


Tazz: ”Big Show may have just pissed Layfield off.”

Michael Cole: ”Would you be angry if someone scratched your title, Tazz?”

Tazz: ”Well, I have held some pretty prestigous ones, Cole - so yeah, of course I would. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t dislike the situation.”

Michael Cole: ”We’re about to take a commercial break, but when we return it’ll be the teams of Renee Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki and ‘M. Thursday Night’, Rob Van Dam with Rey Mysterio.”

Dupree & Kenzo draw Rob Van Dam & Mysterio

Rob Van Dam came in kicking things off against Renee Dupree who tried to play a game of cat and mouse. RVD chased Dupree around the ring before allowing Dupree to outsmart him and gain control first. Renee sent Van Dam into the corner right away and tagged Kenzo in for a double team. Kenzo and Dupree trades chops and punches with RVD before the referee removed Dupree from the ring. Suzuki came out with a few more chops, trying to soften the chest of RVD. RVD, however, fought back with chops of his own and spinning wheel kick. Kenzo tried to get back to Dupree, but RVD isolated him, beginning a beating of semi-stiff kicks. RVD hits a snap suplex before tagging in Rey Mysterio. Irish Whip into the ropes followed by a double hip-toss. Van Dam and Mysterio lift Kenzo again and peform double drop kicks, one to the chest, one to the back. RVD exits to his corner while Mysterio covers for the two count. Mysterio tried for an early 6-1-9, but Kenzo slides off of the ropes just in time to miss the impact. While Renee distracted the referee Kenzo hit a cheap low blow taking Rey down. With Rey down on the mat, Kenzo tags out and takes the time to dstract the referee just as Dupree was doing. While the referee isn’t looking Dupree lands a barrage of closed fist punches to the head and facial area of Rey Mysterio. RVD tries to enter the ring, but Kenzo points the ref. in his direction. Van Dam is quickly ushered out of the ring while Dupree taunts a down Mysterio. Renee stands beside Rey and begins doing the French Tickler, rubbing the pace of the match in Rob Van Dam’s face. An angered RVD jumped to the top rope and soared over the referee, Renee turned around - boot to the face! Renee Dupree is down beside Mysterio. Suzuki hits the ring battling it out with RVD. Neither man is legal, but they’re the only ones standing. Kenzo whips Rob into the ropes and bends down for a back body drop, but RVD sees it and counters with a split and punch to the forehead. Kenzo reels back, RVD approaches and kicks; Kenzo catches one leg, but gets planted with the other. Kenzo, Dupree, and Mysterio are all down. RVD heads up top and poses on the ropes: R-V-D! The crowd is behind Van Dam and love the Frog Splash to Kenzo. Rob rolls out of the Frog Splash and drapes Mysterio over Suzuki - 1...2...Dupree made the save by clubbing Van Dam in the back of the neck, sending him into Rey and out through the second rope. Mysterio out paces Dupree with a series of hip tosses and arm drags ending with a drop toe hold. Mysterio set Dupree up and perfectly executed a 6-1-9. Kenzo’s to his feet - sit-out powerbomb! Rob Van Dam is back in to the ring and once again it’s just he and Suzuki. They both throw there legs up for kicks and both catch each other in the side of the head. All for men are down on the mat! The referee starts his count: 1...2...3...4....5.....6.....7...8...9...Kenzo tried to move, but was too late - 10! Draw! ***1/2

81%, 74%, 88%

Michael Cole: ”The only thing that match was missing was a winner, Tazz.”

Tazz: ”Who woulda guessed it?”

Michael Cole: ”Funny, Tazz, real hilarious.”

Tazz: ”Not funny, Cole, honest.”

Michael Cole: ”Do you have anything to say about the match itself?”

Tazz: ”That match was a real rocket-busta’”

Michael Cole: ”Come on, get real.”

Tazz: ”Now that was funny.”

Come Out, Come Out, Whever You Are

Kurt Angle is walking around backstage, like he’s looking for someone, when he stops. Angle turns around and starts scanning the entire area. Kurt walks a few steps forwards before looking over his shoulder and then under a nearby table. No one is around except for him so he walks away again. Just as he is about to exit the building something metal is heard hitting the floor. Angle spins around with a frightened look.

Kurt Angle: ”Hello?”

No one answers Kurt, just silence. He motions towards the doors again and exits. A few seconds after he leaves for the parking deck a shadow motions past the door. The camera turns to see a wrench lying on the floor and a figure hurrying out of sight.

Michael Cole: ”I think someones keeping a close eye on Kurt Angle, Tazz.”

Tazz: ”That’s a little more than close. That’s stalking.”

Michael Cole: ”Who do you think it could be?”


Silence still fills the arena, everyone still speachless at what was just shown on the ‘tron.

Michael Cole: ”That’s creepy.”

Tazz: ”Whatever the reason, I’m glad I’m not Kurt Angle.”

John Cena© d. Booker T via botched interference

WWE United States Championships

John Cena came out flaunting the United States Championship, spinning it for the crowd. Booker T on the other hand, came out with nothing but a victory in mind. Before Cena could get the title from around his waist Booker T was throwing punches. The bell hadn’t even rang yet when Booker had Cena on the ground in a sit down headlock. Trying to choke Cena out, Booker applied pressure while dropping a random elbow to the head. Early on Cena looked as if he didn’t have a shot of coming out of the match with his title. Booker nearly had a victory when the referee dropped Cena’s hand for the third time, but halfway down the arm shot back up. John Cena began fighting back to his feet allowing himself to apply a standing arm lock. Booker T used this momentum to quickly reverse it, spin Cena around, and take him down with a inside forearm. Cena bounces back up, returning the forearm. Booker T was quick to his feet, taking a shot to the midsection of Cena followed by an attempted Axe Kick. Cena moved out of the way of the kick then nailed Booker with a shoulder ram into the ropes. Booker and Cena both bounce backwards off the ropes with Cena pulling Booker into a roll-up. Booker kicked out, but Cena tried for another cover, once again failing. The match went from wrestling, to brawling, to wrestling. Booker T showed some of the heart and drive from his wCw days. Cena was just about to get the upper hand when he leveled Booker with a DDT and taunted him, calling for the F-U. John Cena was distracted however as Eddie Guerrero came strolling down the ramp in a blue and white low rider. Guerrero climbed out of the low rider and made his way to ringside, cheering Booker T on. Cena began mocking Guerrero as well as Booker giving Booker the chance to roll Cena up. The referee counts: 1 ...2...3/KICKOUT?! Cena kicked out, Booker had the pin. Which one came first? Eddie Guerrero slid into the ring and hugged Booker T, forcing a celebration. Cena argued with the referee who said that Cena kicked out first. Booker T is distracted by Eddie trying to present him the belt, Cena kicks drop kicks Eddie in the back and sends the United States Championship into the face of Booker T. Cena then turns and tosses Guerrero over the ropes, out of the ring. John lifts Booker to his shoulders and delievers the F-U. It’s over, Cena retains. ***

76%, 77%, 77%

Michael Cole: ”I don’t think Eddie or Booker T knew that Cena got the shoulder up in time.”

Tazz: ”If they had Cole, I don’t think they would have been celebrating with the belt.”

Michael Cole: ”It seemed as if Guerrero was celebrating while Booker was trying to figure out what was going on.”

Tazz: ”Well it was a controversial ending either way...wait - not again...”

See You At The Rumble

Booker T, Eddie Guerrero, and John Cena have cleared the ring when the orangish glow appears again. This time the guitar riff starts off before anything is show. A light fog begins to fills the arena.

...when the Sun sets one will rise...

...when the Sun sets many will fall...

...when the Sun sets he shall rise...

...when the Sun sets you shall fall...

...Takyo Sun - See you at the ‘Rumble...


Tazz: ”I’ll be honest this time, I have no clue who this guy is, but it’s starting to make me stratch my head.”

Michael Cole: ”He seems kind of creepy to me, Tazz.”

Tazz: ”That’s because you don’t have any...”

Michael Cole: ”...wait, there’s Kurt Angle again.”

I’m Still Watching

Before the Tayko Sun can finish playing, the fog and glow still in the arena, the picture changes to the parking lot. Kurt Angle is shown walking away from a group of wrestlers towards his car, which is parked in secluded corner. As Kurt starts to unlock his door when the wrench from earlier lands on the side of his head. Angle kicks the ground without and a fight and someone runs off from behind the car. The camera cannot catch a shot of who it is as they run off.


Michael Cole: ”Whoever was stalking Angle earlier just knocked him out with the same wrench.”

Tazz: ”SmackDown’s Olympic Gold Medalist is laying face down in the parkinglot. Someone needs to get out there.”

Michael Cole: ”Hopefully he’s alright. That was a hard shot to the head.”

Tazz: ”After something like that, I don’t know how long it’ll be before we see him again. That may have done serious damage.”

Michael Cole: ”Here we go, Tazz! Here comes the WWE Champion, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield.”

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield d. Big Show via interference

WWE Championship

The cow bells ring and the WWE Champion’s limo comes rolling out from the back. It stops midway between the stage and the ramp. Layfield steps out with the championship over his shoulder. The zooms in from him to a rather lengthy stratch right where it says ‘Champion’ so that it looks more like ‘Ch---ion’. Bradshaw walks down the ramp and slides into the ring. Big Show’s music plays, but no he doesn’t come out. In the ring Bradshaw laughs. To himself JBL starts counting towards ten. Just as he reaches ‘9’ JBL is hit from behind with a big boot to the back of the head. Big Show is standing in the, behind where JBL was. Show kicks Layfield while he’s down before lifting him up and choking him in the corner. Bradshaw fights back with a knee to the upper thigh of Show. JBL opening headbutts Big Show right infront of the referee. After a warning, one of many that were to take place during the match, the two started off in the center of the ring. JBL tried to over power Show who sent him into the ropes so hard JBL went over the top. Show tried to grab lift Layfield back into the ring by his head, but Layfield pulled shows neck first onto the rope. Layfield began choking Show with the rope before pulling him to the outside. On the way out Big Show nails the steps. Bradshaw whips Show into the barricade smashing his back. Show tries to make his way up the ramp. JBL trails behind him throwing the odd punch from time to time. Just as Big Show gets to the limo Layfield turns around and heads back to the ring. Show stops to take a breath seeing JBL talking to the referee. The referee’s back is turned just enough for Orlando Jordan to pop out of the sunroof and wrap a chain around the throat of Show. Show struggles, but Orlando has leverage from something inside allowing him to choke the Big Show out. JBL quickly exits the ring, heads up the ramp, and starts pulling Big Show back towards the ring. The referee tries to figure out what’s going on as Bradshaw tosses Show into the ring. From there it’s over - Clothesline From Hell and the pin. ***1/4

85%, 88%, 81%

Michael Cole: ”That was unfair! Big Show started this match off in control, but was screwed!”

Tazz: ”It happens, Cole. I’ve been involved in the fair share of cheap losses myself and I can vouche, it’s not fun.”

Michael Cole: ”I hope this isn’t the end for Big Show. He deserves another chance after that.”

Tazz: ”We won’t find out this week because we’re out of time. See ya next week everyone, this is Tazz...

Michael Cole: ”...and this is Michael Cole, tune in next week.”

Overall: 74%

6.04 for SmackDown!

7,512 fans in attendance

$300,480 in ticket revenue

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WWE Velocity!

Orlando Jordon d. Funaki - 63%

-A less than average match between the two.  Funaki was once again used as a jobber, much to the dislike of the ‘smarks’ in attendence.  The average and casual fans saw this as another opening match.  Orlando picked up the victory using the ropes for leverage.

Shannon Moore d. Scotty 2 Hotty - 61%

-Lowest rated match of the night to much surprise.  Both men received decent pops, but it was obvious that Scotty just wasn’t Hot to the fans anymore.  Mooregasm and a victory.

The Bashams d. Rob Van Dam/Nunzio - 76%

-The odd pair of RVD and Nunzio took another loss to their names.  Nunzio was pinned after a switch between the ‘brothers’.  The Bashams were booed the entire match, a heatless ‘boo’.

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The Hurricane d. Johnny Devine - 60%

-The Hurricane defeated Johnny Devine in a lackluster match seen as a 'try-out' for Devine.  Devine stayed more on the defensive side, getting little offense.  Hurricane finished the match with an Eye Of The Hurricane.  The two clashed styles which led to Hurricane carrying most of the match.

Muhammed Hassan d. Maven - 55%

-WWE 'newcomer' Muhammed Hassan once added another victory to his "I Haven't Been Pinned" campaign.  Hassan won the match cleanly over Maven who in return attacked after the match.  Maven let loose a number of shots that sent Hassan into retreat.

La Resistance d. Simon Dean & Steven Richards - 72%

-Before the match Simon Dean had an altercation with Rob Conway which led to a handicap match.  Instead Simon Dean coaxed Steven Richards into coming to the ring with him to 'witness the wonders of the Simon System'.  Halfway through the beating Dean reached out to Richards and tagged him into the match.  Richards unwillingly entered the ring only to be quickly disposed of with the Au Devior.

Val Venis d. William Regal - 70%

-A random, yet usual, HeAt match that led to Val Venis getting an upset victory of William Regal.  Regal looked to have the match won when Venis ducked a punch and wrapped him into the Venis Fly Trap.  Regal tapped out giving Val the first victory in what seemed to be ages.

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RAW Preview

Last week on Monday Night Raw Chris Jericho drew Batista in a match to decide which one would enter the Royal Rumble, Triple H laid an open challenge to anyone only to beat down Randy Orton upon his response.  What's in store for the four when General Manager Eric Bischof addresses the situation as he has promised?  Who will face Triple H at the Royal Rumble?

Shelton Benjamin put his Intercontinental title on the line last week against Christian and came out still champion.  This week Shelton will be taking on a special challenger - title on the line.  Who is the 'special' challenger?  How will he face against Benjamin?

Also, rumors have it that a new Raw Superstar will be debuting this Monday.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Monday Night Raw

Janurary 10, 2005

Would You Watch This?

J.R.:”Welcome to Raw, everyone.”

King:”Wow, J.R., we’re just on the air and the crowd is already hot!”

J.R.:”Wait a second, King - What’s this? Here comes Eric Bischof!”

Setting Things Straight

“I’m baaaaaaack!” - the words echo throughout the arena and Raw General Manager Eric Bischof comes out from the back to an onslaught of boos. Eric walked out onto the stage at the top of the ramp holding a microphone.

Eric Bischof:”Ladies and - well, ladies, welcome to Monday Night Raw! I’m not going to beat around, I’ll get straight to the point. I’m PISSED. Last week was a disaster for Raw! Triple H tried to choose his own opponent for the Royal Rumble, Chris Jericho and Batista ruined the main event by beating the hell out of each other with chairs, and Randy Orton stuck his ass in the middle of it all!”

J.R.:”Orton was just trying to get a rematch with Triple H.”

King:”It’s Triple H’s championship, he should be able to decide who he faces.”

Eric Bischof:”Last week Raw ended in chaos and without a number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. So tonight we will settle this, in the ring, with a triple threat match between: Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, and Batista! The winner will face Triple H - TONIGHT for the World Heavyweight Championship. The winner will then defend the title at the Royal Rumble - against the ALL THREE LOSERS!”


King:”What? Is he kidding? He’s making Triple H put his title on the line tonight and at the Royal Rumble? That totally unfair!”

J.R.:”How so, King? Eric just trying to get everything straight for the Royal Rumble this Sunday!”

King:”Look, J.R.! Our first match of the night is on the way.”

J.R.:”Here comes Val Venis to start us off.”

Edge d. Val Venis

One guy that no one is truly keen on and another that was burried in the European Championship midcard. Edge of course took the early advantage to go along with his current push. Edge whipped Venis into the ropes and leveled him with a back elbow. Venis tried to get offense in, but was limited due to strong underhanded tactics of Edge. Low blow on Venis by Edge led to a close two count, but Val got the shoulder up. He fought back to his feet and was taken back down by a cheap elbow. Simple DDT by Venis to bring himself back into the match. The fans started backing Venis as he took control over Edge. Val Venis smashed Edge with a spinebuster and followed with a Boston Crab. The referee broke the hold when Edge reached the ropes. Once to his feet, Edge began to taunt Val and make comments about directed towards Shawn Michaels. Using Val as an ‘example’, Edge sent Venis into the corner and began a 10-count punch. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10! Edge steps down and rams his shoulder into the midsecion of Venis. Val stumbles forward and walks right into a Spear! Edge covers for the victory! A fairly short match ends with the mockng of Val Venis and comments towards Shawn Michaels. ***1/4

82%, 79%, 85%

J.R.:”Edge, just picked up the victory in a un-sportsman-like way. Low blows, taunting; it’s all uncalled for.”

King:”He was just doing what he to get the job done.”

J.R.:”Still, King...”

Give Me Mine!

Backstage after the opening match Eric Bischof is talking to someone when Christian approaches him. At first Eric pretends not to see Christian and turns his back towards him. Christian steps up behind Eric and places his hand on his shoulder. Eric turns and looks at Christian’s hand.

Eric Bischof:”Please, tell me that it’s only my imagination and your hand isn’t touching me.”

Christian:”I wish I could, but your imagination doesn’t go much futher than soap operas and Hulk Hogan’s ass.”

Eric Bischof:”Whoa, whoa whoa! What was that?”

Christian:”Eric, would you like to know why the Raw ratings are falling? Would you like to know why you probably won’t have a job come this time next year?”

Eric Bischof:”Because there’s a no trade clause in effect with SmackDown! stopping me from getting rid of you?”

Christian:”Funny - I’m being serious. You’re not pushing ‘the Man’.”

Eric Bischof:”’the Man’?”

Christian:”Yes, ‘the Man’. ‘the Man’ of Monday Night Raw, Captain Charisma!”

Eric Bischof:”’Oh, so you want ME to push YOU?”

Christian:”Sorta. I want you to give me mine. I want what I deserve - that shot at Triple H.”

Eric Bischof:”’You’re a little late, aren’t you? Wasn’t it the Rock that told you, before his departure, to take what you want? You have to make it for yourself? Christian, I’m not giving you a damn thing.”

Eric walks off leaving Christian looking confused for a moment. Christian perks up and begins rubbing his chin.

Christian:”If he won’t give me mine, I’ll take mine.”


J.R.:”What was all of that about?”

King:”Christian wants the title shot against Triple H that he deserves.”

J.R.:”Deserves? What has he done to deserve a shot?”

King:”He is a former Intercontinental, European, World Tag Team, and Lightweight Champion.”

J.R.:”Didn’t he just lose a shot a the Intercontinental title last week only to ask for a World Heavyweight title match this week?”

Chris Jericho d. Randy Orton, Batista

3...2...1...Randy Orton? The countdown for Y2J started, but instead Randy Orton came out during his entrance. Orton began making his way down to the ring with a mixed reaction. Orton entered the ring and began playing to the crowd as Batista started out from the back. The match started with just Orton and Batista, Jericho never showed for the match. Batista controlled the beginning with a few hard shots to the head or Orton. Batista followed with a couple of knees to the mid-section. Orton fought back with immitated Flair-style chops. Orton whipped Batista into the ropes, but Batista telegraphed a back body drop with a DDT. After a few stomps and a few seconds of taunting Orton, Batista lifts him and sends him into the corner. Batista runs into an elbow followed by a second rope dropkick. Orton takes control over the match with a horribly botched German Suplex. Batista wrestled through for the first couple minutes after the German’ holding his back in a stiff position. A reversed wrist lock and two clotheslines later Batista was back in charge. The match continued in the same fashion until a Batista goes for a Batista-Bomb, but as he lifts Orton, Jericho comes out from under the ring, slides in and shoulder clips Batista in the back of the knee. Batista losses his balance and falls, still slamming Orton into the mat on the way down. Orton is down, Batista rolls to his feet, and Jericho kicks him in the back of the knee with the top of his boot. Jericho circles the ring, taunting both men. Batista tries to stand, but Jericho takes off running and bounces off of the second rope catching Batista in the air with a highly elevated spinning wheel kick. Orton stands only to get knocked back down by an Enziguri. Jericho covers Orton for a ‘2 count’, broken up by Batista. Batista and Jericho begin to trades hand until Orton tries to blind-side Jericho who ducks sending Randy into Batista. Batista stumbles backwards and right over the top rope onto the steps!. Jericho then rolled Orton up, but Orton rolled through. Jericho then rolled through himself and pulled Orton into the Walls of Jericho - Orton taps. On the outside Batista is shocked as he is just getting to his feet to see the submission. Jericho slides out of the ring and heads towards the back with his arms in the air. ***

85%, 89%, 78%

King:”Chris Jericho is going to the Royal Rumble to face Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship!”

J.R.:”That’s not right, King. Jericho didn’t even show at the beginning of the match only to sneak a win.”

King:”This is wrestling J.R., it’s not always fair. There’s not a black and white area, wrestling is the gray area.”

J.R.:”Hold on..I just got word that there’s a situation backstage.”


Backstage Edge is walking, yelling for Shawn Michaels to come out and ‘show his face’. Edge is knocking over trash cans and opening and door he passes. Edge passes Val Venis and stops infront of him. Venis points towards a door to the left of Edge. Edge opens the door and is met with a right hand to the head. HBK comes out of the room throwing punches. Michaels knocks Edge to his knees the steps back - Sweet Chin Music! Edge flies backwards into the wall. Shawn approaches him, but Val Venis nearly tackles Michaels! Venis pushes Michaels back into a stack of crates.

Val Venis:”Hey! Either get the hell out of here or I’ll beat your ass!”

Shawn Michaels:”Oooh, I’m scared? Stick up for your road buddy now, Val?”

Val Venis:”As a matter of fact I am. Safe it for the ‘Rumble.”

Shawn Michaels:”In that case, Sunday, I’ll do what you couldn’t tonight.”

Shawn Michaels walks off looking back at Edge who is just getting to his feet. Edge approaches Venis, but Venis suddenly turns and starts throwing punches of his own at Edge. Val DDT’s Edge on the hard floor before tossing Edge onto a refreshment table. Val hovers over Edge, looking right into his eyes.

Val Venis:”I’ll spare you the slinters.”

Val walks off leaving Edge holding his head and sides in pain from the beatings. Shawn Michaels stands off to the side watching everything that just happened, confused.


J.R.:”I’m lost, first Val Venis came to the rescue of Edge, only to turn on him only seconds afterwards.”

King:”Venis obviously has something to prove to someone.”

J.R.:”What shape will Edge be in for his match this Sunday against HBK after this beating?”

King:”J.R. isn’t this time for Intercontinental Championship match?”

J.R.:”Yes, it is. I can’t wait to see who the mystery opponent is.”

Booker T d. Shelton Benjamin©

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Shelton Benjamin came out to a slew of cheers holding the Intercontinental title in the air. The crowd was silent for a moment, waiting for the ‘mystery’ opponent. Out comes Booker T! Booker T from SmackDown! comes running down the ramp and dives into the ring. Booker goes straight for Shelton with back hand chops and a momentum he hadn’t shown since his draft to SmackDown!. Booker pushes Shelton back into the ropes and continues the chops. Shelton reverses a whip and leap frog’s Booker on the rebound. Shelton goes for a clotheslines, but Booker counters with a high axe kick. Booker T covers for a 2-count. Booker stands, bringing Benjamin up with him by his head. Booker clubs Shelton in the back of the neck, knocking him to his knee’s. Booker bounces off the ropes - he goes to end the match, but Shelton ducks another kick. Benjamin took it to Booker T with a Fireman’s Carry slam, a failed pin attempt, two German Suplex and Stinger Splash in the corner. Shelton rolled Booker up, but didn’t get the count. As the match continued the pace went back and forth between the two. The crowd stood behind Shelton for the most part as he was the Raw ‘native’. As Shelton continued to carry control of the match Booker began showing signs of frustration. Shelton went for the T-Bone, but Booker T reversed into another roll up - kickout. After the pin Booker rolled out of the ring and circled the outside to catch his breath. Shelton stretched in the middle of the ring, waiting for Booker to return. Outside, Booker looked around for something to get himself ahead. Booker grinned as he snatched the steel chair right out from under Lillian Garcia. Booker started up the steps with the chair in hand. Shelton waited for him to enter the ring, but the referee was first to meet Booker upon entering. The referee grabbed ahold of the chair and began yelling ”No!” and ”You’re going to get yourself suspended!”. Finally the referee took the chair, throwing it to the outside. Shelton charged at Booker, but Booker moved sending Shelton into the turnbuckle. The two battled in and out of the corner for a moment before Shelton took the upper hand. Shelton positioned Booker on the top rope and started as if he was going to attemp a Frankensteiner. Instead, Booker T shoved Shelton to the side - the top rope goes right between the legs of Benjamin. Shelton stiffens and falls to the mat. Booker’s up top - Houston Hangover! Booker T wins the Intercontinental Championship with the Houston Hangover! The referee counts the pin and Booker jumps up in shock. Booker himself can barely believe he picked up the victory over Shelton Benjamin. ***

75%, 71%, 79%

J.R.:”By gawd, King! Booker T just won the Intercontinental Championship here on Raw and he’s a SmackDown! Superstar!”

King:”I don’t think Booker even believes the he managed that victory.”

J.R.:”He is very much beside himself, King. I wonder what Eric Bischof will have to say about this one.”

King:”If I were him I’d be glad that Booker T’s back on Raw. Booker T’s money, baby.”

Simon System: Does It Work?

Booker T makes his way to the back with the Incontential Championship, but before he can exit completely Simon Dean comes out. Simon walks down to the ring with his duffle bag, right past Booker. Booker T looks at Simon, but Dean just keeps past him and enters the ring. Booker T disappears backstage while Simon is booed.

Simon Dean:”Why are you fat slobs all booing me? I’m Simon Dean and with my patented Simon System I’m going to turn all of you into perfectly sculpted beings that will be tolerable to look at. I myself am in such grat shape due to the Simon System. With this miracle that I’ve invented every fat person in America can look like a model!”

Simon is nearly drown out by more booing.

Simon Dean:”You know what?! To prove that the Simon System I’m going to introduce to you all someone who agrees with me and a personal user of the Simon System. I give to you: Steven Richards!”

J.R.:”Steven Richards? For sure he wouldn’t be helping someone like Simon Dean...”

King:”Well, the Simon System does look promising...”

The audiance is in shock, some boo while some cheer. Steven Richards comes jumping up and down from the back. Richards, excitedly, makes his way to the ring, joining Dean. In the ring Dean points to the body of Stevie Richards. Stevie smiles and takes the microphone.

Steven Richards:”Thank you, Simon. I appriciate the opportunity to show off what you’ve done for me.”

Simon Dean:”And what exactly have I done for you?”

Steven Richards:”You’ve done tons for me. I am now an all-around better and happier person. Since I’ve began using the Simon System my physique has improved, my all around in-ring ability has gone up, and the ladies have become more attracted to me. I can now go to five star matches while impressing the models in every city that I visit!”

Simon Dean:”Wow, that’s just amazing. Is that all?”

Steven Richards:”No, it’s not all, Simon. Now that you’ve done all of these for me, I’m going to do something for you.”

Simon Dean:”Really? Something for me? What are you going to do for me, Stevie?”

Steven Richards:”I’m going to offer to be your partner in spreading the word about the Simon System. Together as a team, I’m going to help you get your first taste of gold in the WWE.”

Simon Dean:”It’s a deal! Team Simon System!”

Steven Richards shakes hands with Simon Dean and the two begin a little small talk as they exit the ring.


J.R.:”Steven Richards just shook hands with Simon Dean and promised him his first taste of gold in the WWE!”

King:”This could be very interesting. Better yet, these guys could be our next Tag Team Champions!”

Simon Dean & Stevie Richards draw La Resistance

Before Simon Dean and Stevie Richards can make it to the back the ‘new-Quebecers’, so-to-speak, come out from the back waving the Quebec flag in the air. Dean and Richards look at each other and head back into the ring. La Resistance enter, but before they can speak like they usually do Dean and Richards attack the from the side. Team Simon System beat Grenier and Conway down into seperate corners then Richards whips Grenier into Conway, smashing him into the turnbuckle. Grenier stumbles backwards and falls followed by Conway stumbling foward and falling onto his crotch. Sylvian yells and pops up a bit before falling back down. Rob Conway rolls around and out of the ring. The referee tries to seperate Simon and Stevie who are taking turns kicking away at Grenier. Simon exits the ring, to the apron and grabs ahold of the tag rope. One-on-one Richards continued to beat Sylvian. Stevie barely wrestled during his time in the ring, he spent the time mocking La Resistance and slapping around Grenier, trying to show off his ‘physique’. Grenier managed to low-blow Stevie while the referee was distracted and tag in Conway. By the time Conway was in the ring Richards had tagged out to Dean. Simon hit the ring with only to get leveled over and over before walking into a snap suplex. Conway followed the suplex with an inverted Figure Four. Simon was inches away from the rope when suddenly someone jumped out of the crowd and pulled bottom rope away from his hand. Rhyno is here! Stevie rushes in for the save, but Tajiri comes running down the entrance ramp. Tajiri slides into the ring and greets Richards with a round house to the temple! Richards drops! Rhyno enters the ring as Grenier runs in - Spear! Conway tries to keep his hold on Dean, but Tajiri flips backwards into a standing moonsault and lands both men. Rhyno stomps away at Dean while Tajiri waits for Conway to stand - Green Mist! Spear to Conway! The referee calls for the bell to end the match in a no contest. Rhyno and Tajiri clear the ring as the camera goes to another feed. ***

74%, 70%, 78%

King:”Did you see that, J.R.? Rhyno and Tajiri just screwed Team Simon System!”

J.R.:”I don’t know, King, that was wrong of Rhyno and Tajiri, but I think Dean and Richards had it coming.”

King:”Had it coming? What about La Resistance?”

J.R.:”Well, they haven’t been the nicest of guys either, King.”

King:”It’s not always Good versus Evil, J.R...sometimes there is a gray area, you know?”

”You are the Game!”

Ric Flair:”Woooo! Come on, baby, this is just another night, another clown.”

Triple H:”I know, I know. The usual idiot who thinks he can take my gold.”

Ric Flair:”You’re going to hand Jericho’s ass to him, baby.”

Triple H:”I’ve beaten Chris Jericho plenty of times before, it’s a cake walk. I ended his last title reign and he hasn’t seen the main event since.”

Ric Flair:”The truth shall be told!”

Triple H is standing infront of the mirror getting ready for his match with Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship. Ric Flair is off to the side trying to get the Game mentally ready for the match.

Triple H:”If I’m going to kill him in the ring tonight. I’m leaving with my belt around my waist.”

Ric Flair:”This is all yours, and do you know why? You are the Game!”

Triple H turns with a big smile on his face. He heads for the door as the camera feed switches back to the ring.


Triple H d. Chris Jericho

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

3...2...1...Chris Jericho! With his old school entrance and white lights Chris Jericho appears on the stage, his back to the ring. Jericho begins winding his left arm before turn on one leg to face forward. Chris makes his way to the ring smacking the hands of fans on his way down. The arena darks and just like that it’s “Time to play the Game!”. Triple H heads out from the back, bottle of water in hand. After the normal entrance Triple H enters the ring. The bell sounds and Jericho stands toe-to-toe with Triple H. The two men circle each other and lock up. Triple H breaks the lock and backs up. He wipes his hand down the side of his face, looks at it and rubs it against his other hand. They lock up again this time Jericho breaks the lock. Chris mocks the Game by doing the same thing with his hands. Triple H run at Jericho and attemps a forearm, but Jericho counters with a drop toe hold onto the ropes. Chug-a-lug-a-lug, train motions by Jericho followed by a running choke on the second rope. Triple H almost instantly pops up, no-selling the move. Jericho bounces off the ropes and hits a baseball slide dropkick to the knees of Triple H. The Game goes to one knee and Jericho drop kicks the other. Triple H falls, but pops right back up once again catching Jericho with a stiff Spinebuster. Triple H stands up and drops back down into a knee drop. Jericho rolls to his side and tries to get to his feet, but it taken back down by a twisting armbar into a forearm. Triple H begins to work on the left knee of Chris Jericho while he’s down. Triple H applies a simple knee hold before attempting a Figure Four. Jericho quickly reverses the Figure Four, but only holds the position for a couple of seconds before Triple H gets to the ropes. Jericho is up, Triple H is up, ducked clothesline, dropkick by Jericho. Jericho begins doing the same as Triple H, working on the knee and upper leg area. Chris wraps Triple H’s leg around the second rope and pulls the rope while kneeling on the leg. The referee counts to four before the hold is broken. Jericho backs up with his hands in the air, waiting for Triple H to move. As the Game lays on the mat Jericho kicks him in the head. Jericho pulls Triple H to his feet, smacking him in the back of the head on the way up. As Jericho is about to set Triple H up, the Game shoves Jericho backwards into the referee. Jericho smashes the referee into the corner, causing the usual ref’bump during a World Heavyweight title match. Jericho tries to help the referee up, but Triple H kicks him in the back of the leg, spins him around, and set Jericho up - Pedigree. Triple H covers for six seconds, but the referee isn’t moving. Triple H stands to lift the referee, but he’s already halfway up. Triple turns back towards Jericho and gets nailed in the gut by a kick. Jericho bounces off the ropes into an Enziguri. Triple H is down - here it comes...Lionsault...Triple H puts a knee in the way. Jericho bounces off of the knee. Triple H stands, grabs Jericho, Pedigree - 1...2...3!. Triple H retains the World Heavyweight Championship! **3/4

J.R.:”Triple H just won the match and retains the World Heavyweight Championship!”

King:”I never noticed, J.R..”

J.R.:”Where does this leave Chris Jericho come Sunday?”

King:”Wait a second, here comes Christian! He’s here for all of his peeps!”

Triple H is in the ring celebrating with his the title when Captain Charisma comes struting from the back. Triple H’s music cuts off and he turns with a glair towards Christian. Christian walks up the steps and begins struting again. Triple H approaches Christian, but Christian reaches up and smack Triple H. Triple H freezes in shock. He drops the World Heavyweight Championship and swings on Christian. Christian ducks, picks up the title, and lays Triple H out in the center of the ring. Triple H lays lifeless in the ring as Christian goes from turnbuckle to turnbuckle posing with the title around his waist. Raw comes to a close with a shot of Christian with the gold.

81%, 86%, 71%

Overall: 79%

5.92 for Raw

7502 fans in attendence

$300,080 in ticket revenue

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Random Raw News *SPOILERS*


With the Royal Rumble just days away and the final Raw before the show in the past World Wrestling Entertainment has announced the matches to take place from the Raw brand.  They are as follows:

Edge Vs. Shawn Michaels

Simon Dean & Stevie Richards Vs. Rhyno & Tajiri Vs. La Resistance©

-World Tag Team Championships

Chris Jericho Vs. Batista Vs. Randy Orton Vs. Triple H©

-World Heavyweight Championship

The fifteen men from the Raw brand that will be competing in the Royal Rumble will not be announced this year.  The goal this year is to have the Royal Rumble a complete surprise and leave the fans guessing for who or what could happen next.

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SmackDown! Preview

Last week as SmackDown! went off the air John Bradshaw Layfield secured a victory over Big Show with outside inteference by Orlando Jordan.  This week the Big Show will be looking for some measure of revenge.  What kind of messege will Big Show sending to JBL when he faces off against the Undertaker just three days before the Royal Rumble?

What is the condition of Kurt Angle after the brutal attack by a 'stalker'?  Angle was rushed to the hospital last week after being attacked outside of the arena as he entered his car.  What will this lead to?  Will we find out who was behind the attack?  Will Angle be in any condition to appear?

Plus, two title matches will take place!

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Thursday Night SmackDown!

January 13, 2005

Would You Watch This?

Michael Cole: ”Welcome to SmackDown! Tonight we have a great show...”

Tazz: ”...wait a second, Cole, it looks like we’re getting started right away tonight.”

Michael Cole: ”That whistling Tazz...it can’t be...it is...”

Tazz: ”...the Dudleyz are back!”

Dudley Boyz d. The Bashams


!BOOM! First the missiles whistling followed by an explosion of pyrotechnics and the Dudley Boyz, Bubba-Ray and D-Von, come jumping onto the stage. Both Dudleyz are decked out in old school camo’ and thick glasses. Shortly they are joined in the ring by Doug and Danny Basham. The Bashams, mainly Danny, keep a close eye on the Dudleyz as the hand their belts to the referee. The non-title match starts off with Bubba and Danny start things off, just circling each other for a few moments. Danny moves in, but Bubba quickly tag out to D-Von. D-Von gets into the ring and mocks Danny which gets a pop from the crowd. Danny tags out to Doug. Doug moves in towards D-Von, but D-Von tags out to Bubba. Bubba hits the ring and instantly Doug is the victim to a two-on-one attack. The referee begins to push D-Von out of the ring, but is distracted by Danny trying to enter. As the referee hold Danny outside D-Von reenters the ring and continues the double team assault. Eventually the referee gets the match under control and it’s just Bubba and Doug. Back body drop by Bubba. Bubba sent Doug into the corner only to receive an elbow to the chin in return. Doug moves up to the second rope and catches Bubba with a flying clothesline. Danny gets the tag and hits the ring, kicking away at Bubba. Danny whips Bubba into the ropes, but Bubba takes him down with a shoulder block and tags out to D-Von. D-Von gets in the ring and starts doing the old school Dudley taunts - squatting and cross. Danny comes at D-Von only to get hits with Spinebuster. D-Von bounces off the ropes, right into Doug sending him off the apron. D-Von looks at Bubba and begins calling for it - WHASSSSUP!! Doug gets it where it hurts. Danny hits the ring, 3-D, double pin, the Dudleyz are back in business! ***

76%, 70%, 82%

Tazz: ”Check it out, Cole, the Dudleyz are back!”

Michael Cole: ”What a great way to kick off SmackDown! tonight.”

Tazz: ”They just returned to pick up a win over the current WWE Tag Team champions, this is a great night for them.”

Michael Cole: ”While it’s already a great night for the Dudleyz, it won’t be a night at all for Kurt Angle. We just got word that he will NOT be in the building tonight as he is still recovering from the attack he suffered last week.”

Tazz: ”Let’s get a look at what happened...”

Last Week

...Kurt Angle is shown walking away from a group of wrestlers towards his car, which is parked in secluded corner.  As Kurt starts to unlock his door when the wrench from earlier lands on the side of his head.  Angle kicks the ground without and a fight and someone runs off from behind the car.  The camera cannot catch a shot of who it is as they run off...

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