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Look, Bitch. I can call you Bitch right?

I won yesterday 19-4 I won today several more times. The fact that you were running around with weapons that produced 1 shot kills would send most people hiding seeing as you shoot at the most random shit.

And you did not own me. I kicked your ass back to whatever province you come from.

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You're not out caliber n00b. :) I play Basha solo... and maybe Yitz.

And tommorrow night Basha, you better BELIEVE it's on. You try to take me tonight, when I tell you that I only have my laptops touch pad? Taking down the weaker man are we Basha? Camping little shit. So tomorrow, you better bring it, because I already brought, set it down on the table and opened it up biznatch.

Apple Shampoo, out motherfuckers.

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Mortis is Defeated

In a score of 21-12.

Mortis made good use of the M79 Grenade launcher in the early goings, with it's one shot kill capacity he quickly gained an advantage.

Soon after that I threw away my desert eagles in search of a more level playing field, and found it in the Barret.

Using my awesome technique, good use of the gun(and my backup m77 LAW) I quickly disposed of Mortis and took a massive lead.

Although he made a small push at the end.

I won.

Nyah Nyah.


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21-21 and the game crashed when we fucking tied. I had 21-19 on my score but it said 21-21 when i rechecked. Game crashed so we'll have to do a final round of doom when Soldat isn't fucking up so much.

Edit PM your MSN Shampoo >_> I challenge you!

Edited by Mortis
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I declare myself Undisputed Soldat champion until I'm beaten, and now I'm taking a page out of Basha's book and putting up an open challenge.

Yeah... i'm bored.

Edit: These shenaningans of which you speak are on Mr. Basha's as I was the last one to leave the game. It was still showing him on the screen too, I managed to get some quick kills and then the game 'messed up'. ::Points at Basha:: SHENANIGANS!

Edited by Mortis
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