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Xenosaga II


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I consider the first Xenosaga game to be my favorite RPG that I've ever played (FFX would have to be my favorite from a storyline standpoint, though).

Monday, I picked up Xenosaga II, and have been playing it as much as I can.

Unlike the first game, Xenosaga II is a 2 cd game, because there are more cutscenes. (Thankfully, there aren't as many 45 minute long ones)

There are a few changes that fans of the first game will like and a few things they will dislike:

The animation style has been changed a little. All the playable characters except Ziggy (and I think chaos) eventually get new clothing in the game (if chaos' outfit is new, its got the same color scheme as the old), but Shion and KOS-MOS have also been changed to look more realistic and less anime-ish.

My major gripe is, there is no monotary system! The only ways to get items are from enemies (either from drops or from stealing), using Prayer, blasting crates (like in the first), from door segments, or from side quests. I had one particularly nasty boss fight that I wasn't able to win until I did about two hours' worth of Encephalon diving to get items from enemies.

The AGWS robots are gone. Instead, you have 3 different ES robots (in fact, you control one at the beginning of the game, but don't get to use it again, or the other two, until fairly late in the game). Each ES robot has a pilot: KOS-MOS, Jr and MOMO. You can only use two of the 3 ES in a battle, and its not possible to use a mix of characters AND an ES. You're either all characters or all ES's. The two biggest differences between AGWS and ES units? ES units skill up just like characters, and ES units get Tech attacks. Which Tech attack each particular ES unit depends on who the co-pilot is. (And the unit piloted by MOMO can use Ethers)

A lot of voice cast is different. Of the characters from the first game that the player controls, only Ziggy and Jr have the same voice actors. (I think chaos does, too, but I'm not sure. He sounds the same, but talks more....mellow) Shion's new voice I can live with, and MOMO's is a definite improvement, but KOS-MOS's new voice is a definite downgrade.

(And in case anyone is worried, Crispin Freeman still does Albedo's voice.)

MOMO's fighting style is completely different. She doesn't transform and doesn't use wands and magical girl type ethers. Instead, she's now packing a bow.

Tech attacks work completely differently: Instead of regular Tech attacks triggered by combo chains, characters instead do a combo attack by doing those same button presses. Now you have Double Tech attacks, that involve two characters teaming for an attack. (And each of these Double Techs can only be used once per battle)

Something new has been added to battles. Its called Stock. Under each character's information on the battle screen, you have a meter broken into three parts. By selecting Stock, a character guards (like the Guard command in the first game), and the meter fills up a space. Stock lets you unleash better combos and is also used for the Double Tech attacks used by characters and the Tech attacks used by ES units. (It works a little different for ES units; instead of a Stock meter, you have Energy Charge; you need certain amounts of EC to use Techs, but ES Techs can be used as many times per battle as you want)

To use Double Techs, both characters who take part in it have to have a certain amount of stock, then you have to Boost one character while the other is active, then select Double from the menu.

The only Double Tech you start the game with is chaos\Jin's. The rest either come from door segments (yes, they kept those from the first game), side quests, or are stolen off bosses by using Psycho Pocket.

Oh, and the character improvement system from the first game has been thrown out completely. The new system takes some getting used to, but one thing I do like is that any character can use any skill or Ether. (For instance, I made chaos my primary healer, instead of Shion, who was the best healer in the first game. And KOS-MOS and Ziggy both have Psycho Pocket, while Jr doesn't)

There's also a new combat technique called `Breaks', which cause enemies to take more dmg, but I don't want to go into detail.

Oh, and my favorite thing? NO FREAKIN' E-MAILS!!! :) (KOS-MOS already has all her special attacks to start with except the X-Buster, and they're tied to Stock)

The gameplay\storyline:

Okay, there's a few plot holes, and a few things that were set in motion in the first game that are fairly obvious. (I'll post them with a spoiler warning later)

Some of the side quests are fun, while others are monotonous. For instance, one side quest you eventually do a few missions after boarding the Elsa requires you to go back and forth between various places in the Kukai Foundation and Second Miltia. So its go to Kukai, then to Second Miltia, then back to Kukai, then back to Second Miltia, etc....

Some of the boss fights are way too easy, while others are extremely hard. One particular boss, it took me three tries to beat due to her Boosting a lot. (And Bosses can Boost while they're attacking, which is even more brutal) Another fight, one with an enemy ES, I expected to last quite a while, but the fight probably lasted just under 5 minutes.

You know that futuristic white bike-like vehicle that KOS-MOS has in some of the artwork that was released a while back? Well, its the replacement for that flight pack she had in the first game. Just like in the first game, you don't get to control her while she using her transportation. (Well, technically, you do. The bike the cockpit part of her ES unit)

Oh, and Albedo isn't in the game enough.


I recommend this game to anyone who has played the first. But if you haven't, I cannot recommend it. For one simple reason: there are some bonuses you can get by playing with a finished save file on your memory card. (Your characters' starting stats and skill points are based on their level in the save, and you also get KOS-MOS and Ziggy's swimsuits to start with (Ziggy's is SCUBA gear) - the others are gained by doing side quests) There's also some post-game content that you can only access by having a Xenosaga I finished save, including some dungeons and sidequests. Basically, when you finish Xenosaga II, you reload the save and continue on with the extras. (And no, I'm not finished with the game. I just know all this from reading info on the game)

(Some of the Dual Techs, such as KOS-MOS\chaos', and the Erde Kaiser robot, can only be acquired by doing the post-game missions, by the way.

I'm a little over halfway through the game. (Not quite 3/4, but close)

My ratings:

Xenosaga I: 4.75 out of 5.

Xenosaga II (so far): 4.25 out of 5. (The lack of money and shops, requiring more encephalon dives for items, is my main reason for the lower rating, but even if it had that, it still wouldn't rate as high as the first game)


The game starts out on Old Miltia, 14 years in the past. You control chaos and a new character named Canaan who is a URTV in an ES unit, and they eventually run into Jin Usaki, Shion's brother. chaos and Jin team up (not in an ES, but fighting side by side) for a while to get through the flashback arc and to fight a boss (I won't say who, but he's in the first game, and its not Albedo). So why, when they meet in the normal game time, do they not seem to recognize each other?

Remember when Albedo got hold of MOMO in the first game? Well, when he entered her mind, he planted a trap there. You end up doing an encephalon dive into MOMO's mind, and Albedo is the boss you have to beat to end it.

***********End Spoilers*************

And remember: Xenosaga spelled backwards is Agasonex!

(I couldn't think of anything witty to say. So sue me)

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I also heard that Yasunori Mitsuda isn't on board to do this installment's music, opting for someone else that isn't quite as talented(they said there are a few good ones, but for the most part doesn't live up to the amazing job Mitsuda did on the first one.) Either case I'm either picking this game, Republic Commando, or GT4 tomorrow. If not this time, then definately next time:)

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I also heard that Yasunori Mitsuda isn't on board to do this installment's music, opting for someone else that isn't quite as talented(they said there are a few good ones, but for the most part doesn't live up to the amazing job Mitsuda did on the first one.)  Either case I'm either picking this game, Republic Commando, or GT4 tomorrow.  If not this time, then definately next time:)

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