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Ok im so bored and I have no decent games to play and no cash to buy new ones. So im going to make a list of all decent free (and legal) game that I play and I hope you'll all add to it so I have new games to try.


Real Thugz


Keep Pimpin

Ok the above are all web based gangster games. Real Thugz is by far the best but Ogpimps is very good aswell, though a little sparce in players at the moment.


Wrestling Tycoon

Chart Wars

Chart Wars is amazing though most of you probley play it. Wrestling Tycoon aint very good but might get better over time.

Home Of The Underdogs

Home of the under dogs has hundreds of games, most of which you'll remember from your child hood.

Ok thats about all I can remember for the moment, though i'll add more as I remember them are find them. Feel free to add and I hope you do!

EDIT: {-_-}

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