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Fable to hit PC with Tons of Extras

Herr Matzat

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yes, who would have tought that, is there anny such thing as an for real and ever X-Box exclusive game ? (i mean a game that people actualy care about, not stuff that no one wants to play)

Fable: The Lost Chapters

The hit RPG finally comes home to the PC with a ton of new content!

by Dan Adams

March 10, 2005 - Long ago, in a time when things made sense and PC games didn't play second fiddle to the consoles, a game was announced that was to change the face of RPGs. That game was Fable. As the years went by, features were changed, the PC skew was dropped, and Xbox got their exclusive. Yet there was still hope, for the game was good and sold well among the people of the world. Then the messenger came, a man named Peter Molyneux, who told of the return of the storied game to its one time home. "Fable is coming to the PC, whence it started," he said. But the return isn't to be without change. The game is larger by about a third with a whole new land, a dragon, weapons, spells, and story. Combat is improved. The world and the people in it look better than ever, with a shiny new coat bristling with high-resolution textures. And finally, it shall no longer be known simply as "the PC version of Fable," but as Fable: The Lost Chapters.

Yes, Fable is finally coming to the PC. But things are never done easily at Lionhead Studios. Studio head Peter Molyneux is careful to make sure that those working on games delivered to the public aren't going to slack in any area. He's so dedicated to bringing the best experience possible that Fable: The Lost Chapters will include a whole lot more for players to do, see, and take part in.

The biggest addition is likely the huge new content portion of the game. In a meeting yesterday, Molyneux reported that the game will be a third bigger than the Xbox version of the game. While he doesn't want to give away details on the extra parts of the gameplay just yet, he did mention that players who noticed the door right outside the Heroes Guild in the Xbox game will have also noticed it was closed and locked. The PC version will open that door up along with everything behind it. Apparently that includes a dragon and a completely new land for players to explore.

Obvious additions to this new content are the things that naturally come with a new area to explore including new towns, new buildings (such as brothels), new creatures, new enemies, a couple of new spells, new weapons, and more.

Combat has also been revamped for the PC version of the game. Molyneux was excited about the changes and seemed confident that they are in fact better and more complete than those on the console. The new system will allow players to link combat types together easier than before including the ability to cast spells with one hand while still holding a sword in the other, the way a proper hero would do it.

Finally, the new coat of paint being applied to the surface of Fable is fantastic. PC gamers are quite familiar with the graphical possibilities that a powerful hardware set-up delivers. While the Xbox version could be quite blurry, the PC version is crisp and clear. After seeing the game running, it's hard to imagine ever wanting to play on that silly console ever again. The difference is quite clear, especially when the helmet of the character was removed to detail and clarity of the face. There wasn't a whole lot shown, but it was enough to be happy about the progress.

Those unfamiliar with the title should know that Fable: The Lost Chapters is an action RPG set in a mythical world known as Albion. Players take control over a fledgling hero and mold him into the most powerful hero EVAR! As with Knights of the Old Republic, Fable allows players to make moral choices that affect gameplay. Help the needy and the world will love you and cheer your name. Inflict yourself on the world as the new definition of pain and you'll find that folks aren't quite as receptive to your advances. Different skill sets can be increased over time to help your hero become incredibly powerful in different areas of expertise. But not only will the NPCs of the world react to your deeds, but also your face. As you fight your way over Albion, you'll age, get scarred, and change appearances based on your moral choices.

Look for more info on Fable: The Lost Chapters to hit in the coming weeks and months.

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