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Jamies Dinners


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Any body else been watching it? I tell ya what, people can slag him all they want but what that blokes trying to do.I take my hat off to him. He really wants to make a difference and like he said it isn't so his kids can benefit from it because his kids won't go to a state school, he just really feels strongly about it. After doing this and training up all those kids who'd been expelled from school to be chefs last year the man deserves a knighthood.

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I've not been watching it cos it's on at the same time as The Apprentice on BBC2 and that's far superior programming cos it involves Sir Alan Sugar slagging off wannabe businessmen and women who think they're all that.

Although I did work in an infant school for a year and I'd NEVER NEVER let my kid eat school dinners.

Any kids of mine will be getting packed lunches.

Turkey Twizlers, Reformed meat products, plasticy cheese, chips, waffles, fried potato shapes, pizza...screw that for a laugh. No wonder all our kids are ugly fat and stupid in this country and all have ADHD.

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Fair play to Jamie Oliver, he's shown that kids will eat good food when properly educated about it. I wish he was about when I was younger, I hated the shite they gave us in infant/junior school.

As for the parents who wanted the 'proper' food like burgers back, and snuck McDonalds to their children - they should be castrated.

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There were parents that were doing that?!

I'll go round and castrate them myself.

They don't deserve to have children.

Get them addicted to McDonalds nice and young then use it as bribery to make your kids behave themselves. Cynical, and disgusting.

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I haven't seen it but what he's doing is good, I myself never had school dinners and the fact that my mate had caterpillers in his lettace has made me all against School Dinners. I can't blame my mother for me eating MacDonalds, because I wanted to, but besides, I'm not fat, ugly nor have ADHD, so its all good in that department. I'd also never let my children have school dinners in infant school because they just dont care and it always sucks.

However, the school I'm in now is pretty good, don't always go there but they do proper dinners and all that shit and its damn good.

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Saw the last few weeks but not last night's as I was at the cinema. Girlfriend will have taped it though. He's a bit of a legend in my eyes. Just because the series is finished it won't be the last of it.

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