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Make Me A Supermodel

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Well it had to happen some time.

CHannel 5 here in the UK has finally provided it's third decent series since it's conception in the late 90s (launched by the Spice Girls no less - gah).

So Danger 50,000 Volts was fantastic, Dumber And Dumber was hilarious and now we've got thirteen attractive young women living in a house fighting it out to become a model! Whoooo!

Anyone else watched this yet?

It's become important viewing for myself and my wife (perhaps she's not telling me something...) even if it IS hosted by Rachel Hunter.

Anyways, just wondering who has a favourite in the show.

For me it's the two girls with the short dark hair though Jasmine's perhaps the nastiest most annoying person in the world.

The other girl (Kate) is a stunner though...I'll hunt down some pictures from the channel5 website if they have any to show...

Oh and Sam's a complete slag (thinking that a supermodel should wear Velour tracksuits and who has Jordan as a role model).

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Guest *Doink*

You actually like this shit?

I watched the first episode, and it just seemed like a bunch of dumb bitches who cry all the time.

Rachel Hunter was trying SO hard to be nasty it was just stupid.

That guy with the permanet sunglasses is a fucking disgrace to our race and should be assasinated post haste.

It was generally a shitty idea turned into an even shittier program.

The only thing Channel 5 have EVER done right was have programs featuring Tommy Vance.

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Yeah Dumber and Dumber was Tommy Vance...They were magnificent.

The thing about this show is that it doesn't pretend to be as classy as even that channel 4 model behaviour programme (Which isn't saying much). I must admit all the arguing got to me a bit last night, and I only watched half cos Nathan Barley was on on 4.

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