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World Wrestling Entertainment 2004

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This diary is just a continuation from real life beginning with this Thursdays Smackdown. All of the rosters, champions etc. will be posted later today.

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WWE Smackdown! - 3rd June, 2004

From Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hosted by Michael Cole and Tazz

WWE Tag Team Titles

Charlie Hass and Rico w/ Miss Jackie © vs. Nunzio and Johnny Stamboli

Smackdown began with a match pitting the current tag champions, the comedy duo of Charlie Haas and Rico, who were of course joined at ringside by Miss Jackie, taking on the current jobber duo of Nunzio and Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli. The match wasn’t a total squash, but it might as well have been with Stamboli getting in a bit of offensive during the only 30 seconds of the match in which the challengers 1. Showed any hope in winning and 2. When Charlie Haas wasn‘t in the ring doing all the work. It didn’t take long though for the champs to get the match back under control, and it was surprise, surprise Rico who was able to distract the challengers with the bikini he had on underneath his wrestling attire, which allowed Haas to hit the Haastruction to get the victory for the champions, and another successful title defence.

WINNERS and still WWE Tag Team Champions: RICO AND CHARLIE HAAS

{Overall= 73%, Crowd=63%, Match=81%}

Eddie Signs the Waiver….and gets a match straight away!

Next up Mr. Kurt Angle, Smackdown General Manager, accompanied by Luther Rains, came to the ring in his wheelchair, with a contract in his hands, and immediately called for World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Guerrero to get his ass to the ring. Guerrero came out still not looking 100%, but he still looked a lot better than what he has done over the past few weeks. Once Eddie was in the ring, Angle spoke for a while about why the contract should be signed, that it is in Eddies best interests, that sort of thing. Eddie didn’t take too long to make his decision and signed the contract much to the delight of the Smackdown General Manager, and the fans a like. Angle then told Eddie that his first match would be right now, it would be non-title, and would be against….. LUTHER RAINS!! The Big mans first ever match in the WWE and his first chance to prove himself as a bodyguard.


Non-Title Match

Eddie Guerrero © vs. Luther Rains

This was your typical big man versus injured little man match. Rains beat the hell out of Eddie in the early stages, with Eddie getting in no offensive for the first few minutes. Luther could have finished the match in these early stages as it became apparent that Eddie was no where near recovered from the injuries he sustained from his Judgement Day match. Luther got too confident though, and just like a true World Champion, when he was down and all but out, Eddie Guerrero took advantage of a mistake from the big man and rolled him up for the three count. After the match a disappointed Kurt Angle FIRED Luther Rains on a count that he was a bodyguard who couldn’t even beat an injured man. The General Manager still had the cheek though to ask Luther to wheel him up the ramp, but the big man told him too shove it so Angle had to help himself.

WINNER the WWE Heavyweight Champion: EDDIE GUERRERO

{Overall=69%, Crowd=64% Match=74%}

JBL Announces Stipulation for the Great American Bash

Backstage, the number one contender to Eddie Guerrero’s Heavyweight Title, John Bradshaw Layfield, was standing with the new WWE announcer, JOEY STYLES! Styles will be the main interviewer on Smackdown, and the colour commentator on Velocity. JBL started by talking about the match that had just taken place and that at the “Bash” on July 11th, Eddie is going to have to do a lot better because he is not going to be making any rookie mistakes. Bradshaw then goes on to make the announcement of the stipulation for their match at the “Bash”. JBL says that at the Great American Bash Eddie Guerrero will be defending his WWE Heavyweight Title in a……


Joey Styles does a good job of looking shocked before asking what the hell a New York Deathmatch is. JBL says that he has spoken to Mr. Angle and the rules of the match will not be released until the night of the Pay Per View itself.

{Overall= 72%}

The Dudleyz are almost there

Elsewhere backstage The Dudley Boyz are sitting around in a locker room when Paul Heyman enters carrying Paul Bearers urn. Heyman asks what they have done with Bearer and they say that they have put him somewhere until they can decide on what to do with him. Heyman slaps D-Von again and says that if they really want to make an impact they need to do a lot more than that. They need to be spontaneous, and act quickly because eventually someone will catch up with them. He leaves them with a reminder of tonight’s main event, The Undertaker vs. Booker T!


WWE Cruiserweight Title No.1 Contenders Match

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Rey Mysterio

A clear contender for match of the night that was, as expected a great cruiserweight contest. These two seem to be the only two decent cruiserweights currently anywhere near the title division, but hopefully this will change when one of these two get their hands back on the title, which has to be inevitable. A typical cruiserweight match it may have been, but it is a lot better than the matches we have seen over the past few weeks where this title has been concerned. During the match Michael Cole informed us that the winner would face Chavo Classic at the Great American Bash. It was soon after this that the champion made his way to the ring with the title draped over his shoulder. In the ring the referee was having a word with Chavo Junior about his constant cheating while Rey was recovering in the corner. Chavo Classic took this opportunity to get involved and got in a few cheap shots on Mysterio. The action continued for a few more minutes until Chavo whipped Mysterio into the ropes, only for Mysterio to reverse it and send Chavo flying into the Cruiserweight title that Classic was holding up. A 6-1-9 later and Rey Mysterio was going to the Great American Bash to challenge for the Cruiserweight Title. The new number one contender made a quick exit while the champion argued with his son in the ring.

WINNER and new No.1 Contender to the Cruiserweight Title: REY MYSTERIO

{Overall=80% Crowd=79%, Match=81%}

Summer Bikini Contest

Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie vs. Miss Jackie vs. Sable

This was a typical bikini contest with the only difference to the other 1,000 they’ve had in the past being that all the bikinis were summer themed, and the ring was set up with a few summer features, small crappy palm trees, a bit of sand etc. Tazz was as ever the MC, and the fans where the judges. All of the women got big pops, especially Torrie Wilson (naturally), and Sable, on a count that she hasn’t been seen for ages. Sable probably won the crowd vote, but Torrie was given the victory for storyline purposes, as Dawn and Sable attacked her after. Miss Jackie joined in to even the odds, and the divas battled in their bikinis while the referees, along with Rico and Charlie Haas tried to break things up. During the melee, Dawn Marie ripped Charlie Haas’s wrestling attire off to reveal a pink man thong!



Rene Dupree - screw America!

Next up Rene Dupree was due to take on Billy Gunn but before the match started Rene cut a small promo on how America sucks and how he doesn’t care anymore about carrying a piece of crap like the United States Title. The Canadian crowd popped for most of this promo, especially when Rene started getting political. Before he got a chance to finish Billy Gunn came out to boos from the fans and the match got under way.


Rene Dupree vs. Billy Gunn

A below average outing for these two that was mainly put in to allow the commentators to hype tonight’s main event between The Undertaker and Booker T. The action was pretty basic, Billy Gunn wasn’t on the best of form, but Dupree did show some promise which is why he has been getting some what of a push lately. The clean finish came when Dupree landed a Death Valley Driver for the victory.


{Overall=68%, Crowd=69%, Match=69%}

A Crippled GM is no Laughing Matter

Backstage Smackdown General Manager Kurt Angle was struggling to wheel himself around when he bumped into United States Champion John Cena (who will be defending the title on Velocity this week against Jamie Noble) and Rob Van Dam. The two started laughing and joking at Angle, Cena even did a little rap on the crippled GM. A pissed off Angle then said that next week they wouldn’t be laughing because he is booking the two of them in tag match against The Dudley Boyz, and it is going to the Dudleyz speciality, A TABLE MATCH!!! Angle slowly wheeled himself away having wiped the smiles from the faces of Cena and RVD.


Main Event - Judgement Day Rematch

The Undertaker vs. Booker T

Booker T came out first for the main event looking very confident. The arena then went dark and it was time for the The Undertaker to make his entrance, minus Paul Bearer after his kidnapping by The Dudleyz. The Undertaker stared a hole right through Booker during his whole entrance and when he reached the ring he remained in the corner staring until Booker attacked him and the match began. Booker’s offensive was very ineffective and The Undertaker hit back with a flurry of lefts and rights that forced Booker into the corner. Taker went to work on Booker from there and dominated virtually the entire match from his point on. Booker got in very little offence, and even when he did The Undertaker quickly brushed it aside. The match continued with Taker hitting a Chokeslam and then signalling for the Tombstone, but the arena went all dark and when the lights came back on the bloody and bruised body of Paul Bearer was lying at the top of the ramp. Taker dropped Booker and went to check on Bearer and in doing so got himself counted out. As The Undertaker was looking down on the lifeless body of his mentor, The Dudley Boyz appeared from nowhere and attacked The Deadman, throwing him off the side of the Smackdown stage before making a quick exit. Back in the ring Booker T was celebrating like he had just won the Stanley Cup but his joy turned to shock when the seemingly lifeless body of The Undertaker sat up as Smackdown went off the air.

WINNER by DQ as a result of a Countout: BOOKER T

{Overall=82%, Crowd=89%, Match=69%}

Overall Show Rating= 74%

TV Rating= 6.23

Attendance= 7511 ($300,440)

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Raw Roster

(Faces in Red, Tweeners in Purple, Heels in Blue)

Main Event

Chris Benoit

Shawn Michaels

The Rock

Triple H

Upper Midcard

Chris Jericho




Randy Orton



Matt Hardy

Shelton Benjamin


The Hurricane

Val Venis

Al Snow



Gail Kim


Molly Holly



Trish Stratus

Lower Midcard

Eugene Dinsmore





Steven Richards

Christopher Nowinski

Chuck Palumbo

Garrison Cade

Mark Henry

Rob Conway

Rodney Mack

Sylvan Grenier

Tyson Tomko


Johnny Nitro


Mick Foley

Eric Bischoff

Jerry Lawler


Nidia (Manages Nobody)

Stacy Keibler (Manages Nobody)

William Regal (Manages Eugene Dinsmore)

Ric Flair (Manages Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista)

The Coach (Manages Garrison Cade)


World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Benoit

WWE Intercontinental Champion: Randy Orton

World Tag Team Champions: Chris Benoit and Edge

WWE Women’s Champion: Victoria


Evolution: Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton, Batista

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Smackdown Roster

(Faces in Red, Tweeners in Purple, Heels in Blue)

Main Event

Eddie Guerrero

The Undertaker

Big Show

Upper Midcard

John Cena

Rob Van Dam

Booker T

John Bradshaw Layfield


Billy Gunn

Billy Kidman

Charlie Haas

Hardcore Holly

Rey Mysterio




Ultimo Dragon

Bubba Ray Dudley

Chavo Guerrero

D-Von Dudley

Matt Morgan

Rene Dupree

Lower Midcard



Orlando Jordan

Scotty 2 Hotty

Shannon Moore

Spike Dudley

Chavo Classic

Danny Basham

Doug Basham

Jamie Noble

Johnny Stamboli

Mark Jindrak




Paul London





Bill DeMott

Kurt Angle


Miss Jackie (Manages Rico and Charlie Haas)

Paul Bearer (Manages The Undertaker)

Torrie Wilson (Manages Nobody)

Dawn Marie (Manages Nobody)

Paul Heyman (Manages Nobody)

Theodore Long (Manages Mark Jindrak)


WWE Heavyweight Champion: Eddie Guerrero

WWE United States Champion: John Cena

WWE Tag Team Champions: Rico and Charlie Haas

WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Classic

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Good show. I don't like the idea of keeping Rey stuck in the Cruiserweight division but on the other hand, anything is better than Chavo Classic as champion.

Rey's gonna be in the Cruiserweight Title picture until I can get it back off the ground, after that I have big plans for him with a future debuting star.

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Velocity - 5th June, 2004

From Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hosted by Joey Styles and Bill DeMott

Mark Jindrak came to the ring with Theodore Long and did his little pose in front of the mirror as Long downed Funaki and praised the brilliance of his client


Mark Jindrak w/Theodore Long def. Funaki

{Overall=66%, Crowd=61%, Match=72%}

A video aired showing all of the major highlights from Smackdown including the main event, the tag titles match, the cruiserweight number one contendership, Kurt Angle firing Luther Rains and JBL announcing the stipulation for the Great American Bash Title Match.


WWE Cruiserweight Title Match

Chavo Classic def. Shannon Moore to retain the title

{Overall=60%, Crowd=52%, Match=68%}

Just before the Main Event United States Champion John Cena cut a rap on his opponent tonight, Jamie Noble, and Smackdown General Manager Kurt Angle.


WWE United States Title Match

John Cena def. Jamie Noble to retain the title

{Overall=74%, Crowd=73%, Match=76%}

Overall Show Rating= 68%

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Heat- 6th June, 2004

From Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Hosted by The Coach and Al Snow

Chuck Palumbo def. Rosey

{Overall=67%, Crowd=65%, Match=69%}

From Raw:

La Resistance def. Chris Benoit and Edge to win the World Tag Team Titles


Val Venis def. Steven Richards

{Overall=73%, Crowd=68%, Match=79%}

From Raw:

Triple H promo on Shawn Michaels


A-Train def. The Hurricane

{Overall=75%, Crowd=70%, Match=80%}

From Raw:

Shelton Benjamin def. Randy Orton in a Non-Title Match to earn an Intercontinental Title shot at Bad Blood


From Raw:

Eugene Dinsmore def. Kane by DQ. After the match Eugene was saved from a beating by Chris Benoit.


Heat Main Event

Batista w/Ric Flair def. Maven

{Overall=68%, Crowd=71%, Match=64%}

Overall Show Rating=69%

Edited by TheGame3000uk
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WWE End of Week Report

(01/06/04 - 06/06/04)

TV Show Ratings and Attendances

Smackdown- 6.23 (7,511)

Velocity- 4.40 (7,518)

Heat- 4.86 (7,547)


Big Show- Nearly fully recovered, will probably be back in time for the Great American Bash

Christian- Should be back on Raw this week

Chris Nowinski- Still a long way from recovery, may never return to in-ring competition again

Mark Henry- Close to recovery, should be back by the end of the month

Rodney Mack- Should be back on Raw within the next couple of weeks

Test- Expected back in the next few weeks

Scott Steiner- Expected to return to WWE Television in the next couple of weeks (see below for more details)

News in Short

Kenzo Suzuki was this week fired by the WWE for drug related reasons. The full story is not yet clear but it is believed that Suzuki has booked himself into rehab back home in Japan. His wife Hiroko, who was expected to debut alongside her husband on Smackdown, has also been released from the WWE.

The WWE is believed to have been in talks recently with former superstar Jeff Hardy, the results of these talks are unclear at the moment, but many expect the former WWE Intercontinental Champion to return very soon.

The WWE has also reportedly been in talks with NWA:TNA stars Raven and AJ Styles. Contracts have been offered to the duo, but nothing has yet to be signed. Again many insiders expect that we will see these two on WWE Television within the next couple of months.

Scott Steiner, who has been sidelined for most of the year through injury is expected to make his return to the WWE very soon. A few weeks ago the plan seemed to be that Steiner was to be allowed to sit out his contract which is due to expire very soon, but these plans have since changed and Steiner is expected to return on the Smackdown brand shortly, maybe in time for the Great American Bash Pay Per View on July the 11th.

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  • 3 weeks later...


7th June, 2004

Live From Albany, New York

Presented by Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Raw opens with its usual opening credits and firework display for the fans in attendance as WWE Raw comes live from Albany, New York just three weeks before the Bad Blood Pay Per View! Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler run through tonight’s card including the main event, La Resistance defending their tag team titles against Chris Benoit and Edge, and the huge tag team contest pitting Shawn Michaels and Shelton Benjamin against Triple H and Randy Orton. When they have finished the introductions we go to the ring where the first match is about to take place.

Maven vs. Chuck Palumbo

The End: Chuck slowly pulls Maven to his feet and whips him into the ropes but Maven comes back with a dropkick. Maven hits Palumbo with two more quick dropkicks before gaining a near pinfall. Maven climbs to the top as Chuck slowly staggers to his feet and comes off with a huge dropkick. Maven makes a cover but Chuck kicks out on the stroke of three. Maven waits for Chuck to get back up off of his feet and hits him with a Superkick and goes for the cover, 1.…2.…


Fireworks go off all around the entrance as Kane makes his way to the ring. Kane gets in the ring and Maven runs straight at him but is quickly finished off with a Chokeslam. Kane then lifts Chuck off of the mat and plants him back down with a huge tombstone. A sick smile comes across the face of Kane as he looks over the damage he has caused and he goes outside the ring to get a microphone from Lilian.

Kane: What you just saw there is the beginning of a whole evening of destruction. Last week on Raw Chris Benoit humiliated me when I was about to kick Eugene’s ass, and I am not going to stop this destruction until I am given Chris Benoit in this ring. And I am not talking about Bad Blood, I want Chris Benoit NOW! I want Chris Benoit TONIGHT!!!!

Kane drops the microphone and sets off the explosions from the turnbuckles as Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler reflect on what just happened.

Winner: No Contest via Kane Interference

{68, 69, 67}


We return from the Commercial’s to see Eric Bischoff in his office with Johnny Nitro.

Eric Bischoff: What the Hell just happened?

Johnny Nitro: I think that Kane just…

Eric Bischoff: I saw what happened. But why did Kane just go down to MY ring and interfere in MY match. If he is going to stay in that mood all night then he can forget about going anywhere near Benoit. I need my champion fit. Do you know what Vince will do if Chris Benoit cannot compete at Bad Blood on June 27th?

Johnny Nitro: He’ll probably fire…

Eric Bischoff: Don’t… say it.

Johnny Nitro: Well what about Benoit’s match tonight. You can’t exactly cancel the main event for the World Tag Team Titles.

Eric Bischoff: I’m gonna have to, Chris Benoit is going to have to stay under lock and key until Kane calms down.

Johnny Nitro: But that could take ages.

Eric Bischoff: I know, but it has to be done.

Johnny Nitro: So what should we do about the main event?

Eric Bischoff: Go and find Edge, tell him he’ll have to find another partner for tonight.

Johnny Nitro: ….and Chris Benoit?

Eric Bischoff: I’ll sort that out myself, you go find Edge.

Johnny Nitro exit’s the room as Eric Bischoff is left to reflect on what has just happened.


Lita vs. Gail Kim

The End: Gail Kim waits in the corner as Lita slowly rises to her feet and when she does she is met with a huge clothesline that sends both women to the outside. On the outside Gail grabs Lita and throws her shoulder first into the ring steps. Gail gets back in the ring as the referee begins to count Lita out, but to Gail Kim’s surprise and to the delight of the fans Lita somehow gets back up. The joy is short lived however as Gail stamps on the shoulder of Lita and then puts her in an arm lock that leaves her in a lot of pain. Gail stomps on Litas shoulder a couple of more times before the referee pushes her away to see to Litas injury. Gail climbs to the top rope and waits for Lita to get back to her feet. When she does Gail jumps off but Lita catches her and hit’s a quick power bomb that leaves both women down. Lita slowly staggers back up though and struggles to the top turnbuckle and with her shoulder still in obvious pain hits Gail Kim with a Moonsault to get the 1...2...3!!!

Winner: Lita

{65, 67, 63}


Raw returns to find Todd Grisham backstage with Chris Jericho.

Todd Grisham: Chris, over the past few weeks we have seen you attacked on more than one occasion by Tyson Tomko, Christians so-called “Problem Solver”. Do you have anything to say to Tomko, Trish or indeed Christian?

Chris Jericho: Todd Grisham you know fall well why I have called for this interview. Over the past few weeks I have been attacked and humiliated by Tyson Tomko and Trish Stratus, all on the orders of Christian. Now I know that Christian is too scared to face me at the moment, and that’s why we is getting his bitches to sort me out, but I also know that Christian is very soon to make his return to Raw and then he does come back the last thing he expects to see is me. When he returns he is expecting to get a clean ride all the way to the top. Well Christian I am very sorry to disappoint you, but that is not going to happen. And to make sure it doesn’t happen, I am challenging Tyson Tomko to a match at Bad Blood. I want to prove at Bad Blood that no Problem Solver can get rid of this problem, because Christian this is a problem that you will have to deal with for a very, very long time.


Elsewhere backstage we see a large group of wrestlers and officials crowding around something when Eric Bischoff storms into view and breaks everybody apart to find Edge lying unconscious on the ground.

Eric Bischoff: What the hell is this?

Johnny Nitro: Mr. Bischoff I just got here to look for Edge and I came in to find him just lying here on the floor, I called you as soon as I saw him.

Eric Bischoff: Who did this?

Johnny Nitro: My guess is that its Kane. It has to be. He is trying to get to Chris Benoit through his friends. You are gonna have to let him face Benoit tonight.

Eric Bischoff: I can’t. We have a Pay Per View Main Event to think about, I need both men fit and ready for that match.

Johnny Nitro: Well what are we going to do then?

Just then Chris Benoit walks into shot and Eric Bischoff jumps in his face.

Eric Bischoff: What are you doing? You’re meant to be hidden away so Kane can’t get to you.

Chris Benoit: Eric, I don’t care about Kane getting to me. If this is what he is going to do until he faces me then I am going to have to go out to that ring and call him myself.

Eric Bischoff: No, No, No! You can’t. I need you to be fit for Bad Blood.

Chris Benoit: Screw you Pay Per View. I am going out to that ring, and I am going to compete in my match, and if Kane wants to interfere then so be it.

Eric Bischoff: Ok, Ok. I will let you to compete tonight, for the World Tag Team Titles, but only if you can find a partner.

Chris Benoit smiles at Bischoff and nods before walking off screen leaving the General Manager to contemplate what he has just done.



Triple H/Randy Orton w/Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels/Shelton Benjamin

The End: Ric Flair jumps up on the apron as Shelton goes to work on Orton in the corner. Triple H gets in the ring and pulls Benjamin away but gets a huge right hand to the face for his troubles. Shawn Michaels runs in and takes Triple H out with a clothesline. Michaels throws Triple H out of the ring and hits a Plancha when he gets back to his feet. Triple H and Shawn Michaels begin brawling all the way up the ramp and to the backstage area leaving Randy Orton and Shelton Benjamin alone in the ring. Orton and Benjamin trade punches in the ring which Orton ends with a cheap shot and a DDT. Randy takes his time in making the pin which only results in a two count. A frustrated Randy Orton picks Shelton Benjamin up, slams his head into the turbuckle and then whips him across the ring to the other corner. Orton goes for a splash but only connects with Shelton’s boot. Benjamin waits for Orton to turn and hits him with the Dragon Whip kick. Shelton makes the cover but Ric Flair gets on the ring apron and the referee stops the count. Shelton runs against the ropes and knocks Ric Flair to the floor. He looks down on Ric Flair as Randy Orton sneaks up behind him and rolls him up but Shelton manages to roll through and get the 1...2...3 for the victory!

Winners: Shawn Michaels and Shelton Benjamin

{82, 84, 79}

Backstage Eric Bischoff is standing in his office looking frustrated over the events that have taken place this evening involving Kane when The Coach walks in closely followed by Garrison Cade.

The Coach: Mr. Bischoff you wanted to see me.

Eric Bischoff: Yes Coach I did. I want to know why you set up my nephew with Kane on Raw last week?

The Coach: It was a joke, I never knew Kane was going to react like that, honestly.

Eric Bischoff: Well Eugene came to me during the week and said that he wants to fight you, and I agreed to a match between the two of you at Bad Blood. But only if he could prove himself in a match tonight.

The Coach: A match against who?

Eric Bischoff: Garrison Cade!

Garrison Cade seems pleased as this, but The Coach doesn’t appear to be too thrilled.

Eric Bischoff: Now get out of my office, that match is up next.



Eugene Dinsmore w/William Regal vs. Garrison Cade w/The Coach

The End: Garrison Cade hit’s a huge powerbomb on Eugene and makes the cover but breaks it himself at two. Garrison hits Eugene with some vicious shots to the head that forces the referee to pull him off. The Coach watches on from the outside with a big smile on his face, while William Regal has a more concerned look in Eugene’s corner. Garrison goes to the top ready for the elbow drop, but The Coach jumps up on the apron and pushes him off. The referee didn’t see it as he was still tending to Eugene. Eugene slowly gets back up and looks down at Cade and starts dancing. He waits for Cade to stagger back to his feet and hit’s a German Suplex. Eugene dances around some more with the fans urging him to make the pin. He eventually does and gets the 1...2...3!

After the match Eugene hugs Regal as The Coach makes a swift exit up the ramp, looking over his shoulder to make sure that Garrison isn’t following him.

Winner: Eugene Dinsmore

{64, 47, 81}

Backstage Eric Bischoff walks into Chris Benoit’s locker room where the World Heavyweight Champion is surrounded by security.

Eric Bischoff: So, have you found yourself a partner.

Chris Benoit: It appears that nobody wants to come anywhere near me. They have all been scared off by the threat of Kane.

Eric Bischoff: What a shame. I guess that means we can’t have our main event.

Chris Benoit: Oh no. I am going to compete. I am going to fight La Resistance two on one.

Eric Bischoff: What ever you want. But if it is a handicap match then it has to be non-title.

Chris Benoit: Ok then.

Eric Bischoff: And you’d better be on the look out for Kane, he is after blood, and I guarantee that he is going to interfere in your match.

Bischoff leaves Benoit with that final thought as Raw goes for it’s final Commercial Break.


Main Event

Non-Title Handicap Match

La Resistance© vs. Chris Benoit

The End: Chris Benoit whips Rob Conway into the ropes and hit’s a back body drop. Benoit runs against the ropes but Sylvan hits him in the back and Benoit goes down. The referee has a word with Sylvan allowing Conway to get in a low blow on Benoit. Conway sets Benoit up for a Belly to Belly Suplex, but the champion manages to escape and hits Conway with three successive German Suplexes. Benoit gathers himself in the corner as he waits for Conway to get back up. When Conway eventually struggles to his feet he staggers around the ring and walks right into the Crossface. Sylvan gets in the ring and breaks the hold. The referee sends him back to the corner as Chris Benoit climbs to the top rope. Benoit jumps off and connects with a Swandive Headbutt. The referee though is still dealing with Sylvan in the corner and misses the pin. Benoit pulls the referee to one side and knocks Grenier off the ring apron, this allows Rob Conway time to get up and he charges straight at Benoit. The Rapid Wolverine however sees him coming and manages to put him in the Crippler Crossface. With nowhere to go and nobody to break up the hold Rob Conway taps almost straight away giving the victory to Chris Benoit.

Winner: Chris Benoit

{66, 65, 68}

As Chris Benoit celebrates his victory with his World Heavyweight Title the explosions go off all around the entrance signifying the arrival of Kane. As his music plays the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Title walks quickly to the ring starring at Benoit the whole time. When Kane enters the ring Benoit goes on the attack and tries to keep the big man down on the floor but in an explosion of strength is sent flying across the ring. Kane gets up and starts laying his massive boots into Benoit. He then lifts the World champion up and sends him back down with a huge choke slam. As Benoit lays motionless in the ring Kane goes outside and gets a chair. When he returns he wraps it around Benoit’s ankle and climbs to the top rope where he jumps off right onto the chair, seemingly snapping Benoit’s ankle into pieces. Kane looks down at Benoit and laughs psychotically as Raw comes to a close.


Overall Show Rating= 74%

TV Rating= 5.74


It's been a while since I last updated but exams and such have gotten in the way. There all out the way now so I can concentrate on this diary, so expect more regular updates from now on.

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Smackdown Preview

10th June 2003

From Long Island, New York

United States Champion John Cena will team with Rob Van Dam to take on the Dudleyz in a tables match!

Chavo Classic defends his Cruiserweight Title against Billy Kidman!

Rene Dupree will be in one on one action with Rikishi!

Kurt Angle will introduce his new bodyguard!

We will also be hearing from Eddie Guerrero, JBL, The Undertaker and Booker T!!!

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WWE Smackdown

10th June, 2004

From Long Island, New York

Presented by Michael Cole and Tazz

Smackdown begins with a recap of last week’s show. Featuring The Undertaker seemingly rising from the Dead after his attack by The Dudley Boyz. John Bradshaw Layfield announcing the stipulation for his Great American Bash Title Match against Eddie Guerrero, and the champion himself defeating Luther Rains, a match which resulted in the firing of Rains, and also led to the announcement of tonight’s main event, John Cena and Rob Van Dam taking on The Dudley Boyz in a tables match. In the arena the fireworks go off as we are straight away ready for our first match.

Rene Dupree vs. Rikishi

A disappointing outing from both competitors, who just didn’t seem to click to click together in the ring. Rikishi is way past his best, and it showed with this way below average performance. The “French” youngster Dupree did however show a lot of promise which backs up his recent push and he showed just why he is one of the many rising superstars in the WWE. Rikishi dominated for the early part of the match, using his strength, as well as his support from the crowd to keep Dupree away from any offence what so ever. The fact that Rikishi hit all of his signature moves in the opening two minutes of the match though showed that this wasn’t going to be his day. Dupree soon fought back, all be it after a cheap low blow on the big man, and from then on in dominated the rest of the match. With the end in site the crowd really began to give the youngster a lot of heat, proving that his push must be working with the fans. Dupree was eventually able to get the victory on the 6:17 mark following a huge Death Valley Driver, superbly executed on the big man.

Winner in 6:17: Rene Dupree

(66, 69, 62)

After his victory Rene Dupree took a microphone and began to lay into America once again. He then treated the fans to his own rendition of the French National Anthem, which was greeted by heavy booing. Mid-song however he was interrupted by the theme tune of Rob Van Dam. RVD hit the ring and on a rare occasion in the WWE actually spoke! He began to stick up for America and downed Dupree and France. He then compared Dupree to the French nation, and himself to the Good old USA. Rene got visible annoyed at this and attacked RVD. After a quick battle Rob Van Dam was able to force Dupree out of the ring and celebrated his “victory” with an American flag from a fan in the front row.


<<<Commercial Break>>>

Smackdown returned with General Manager Kurt Angle sitting in his wheelchair at the top of the ramp. Angle began by speaking about tonight’s main event where Rob Van Dam and John Cena would get what they deserve for laughing at him last week. He then went on to the matter at hand which was the identity of his new bodyguard. He first mentioned the “useless” Luther Rains, who he had to fire last week for lacking no protecting skills what so ever. He described his new bodyguard as being someone who he can trust. Somebody who isn’t afraid to put their body on the line for him. And somebody who is going to take Smackdown by storm. Kurt Angle then announced that his new bodyguard is….


The former WCW competitor and UFC Legend slowly made his way out and stood next to Kurt Angle with his arms crossed, taking in the boos from the fans. Angle went on by praising Abbott’s shoot fighting abilities, and his able ness at competing in “real” wrestling matches. Kurt then made an open challenge for anyone on the Smackdown roster to fight Tank, as he made his way to the ring and showed off his abilities with some shadow punches and kicks. After a brief pause Hardcore Holly answered the challenge and the match began straight away.


Hardcore Holly vs. Tank Abbott

After a brief spell at the beginning of the match when the two brawlers traded lefts and rights, Hardcore Holly didn’t get a see in for the rest of the match which was dominated by the debuting Abbott. This match was clearly a ploy to put Abbott over as real tough competitor and it certainly paid off as the fans were dead against him straight from the outset. After a few minutes of, and in no understatement, beating the crap of Holly, Tank hit a spiked body slam and finished him off with a Right Hook that knocked Hardcore square out. The referee checked on Holly and on the 3:48 mark gave Tank the KO Victory.

Winner by TKO in 3:48: Tank Abbott

(73, 70, 77)

<<<Commercial Break>>>

The fans in Long Island gave their biggest pop of the evening so far as the music of Eddie Guerrero played when Smackdown came back, and the WWE Heavyweight Champion made his way to the ring. Eddie spoke about his recent battles with JBL and that the New York Deathmatch, what ever it may be doesn’t worry him at all. He says that he loves New York (Cheap Pop) and that any match associated with the city has to be great. Eddie then said that many people, including JBL and his former close friend Kurt Angle seem to doubt his ability as the Heavyweight Champion, so he has come out here to prove all of his doubters wrong by making an open challenge to any wrestler in the whole world, to take him on right now with the title on the line. A few seconds past before sirens sounded and out from the back stepped Scott Steiner to a big pop from the fans who haven’t seen him in some time. Steiner immediately turned the cheers to boos by insulting Eddie, and revealing that he is one of “many” doubters of his ability to carry the Heavyweight title. Steiner said that he is taking up Eddie’s challenge, and he is going to prove those doubters right.


WWE Heavyweight Title

Eddie Guerrero© vs. Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner is way past his best in the ring and it showed in this match that was totally carried by the champion. Despite his lack of in-ring ability Steiner is still well over with the fans which was proved in this encounter with a lot of crowd involvement. Scott Steiner was on the offensive straight away, using his advantage in strength and brawling to literally throw Eddie all over the ring. Steiner continued his dominance virtually throughout the whole match, with Eddie getting a little offence in here and there before being soundly beaten back again. Eddie began his expected fight back after kicking out on 2 following a Belly to Belly Suplex. Eddie used a whole array of high flying manoeuvres to keep Steiner down and eventually set him up for the Frog Splash. This however was when JBL decided to make his presence felt and he ran down to the ring and distracted Eddie while he was on the top turnbuckle. Guerrero jumped from the top onto Layfield taking the number one contender out. Eddie began to brawl with JBL all over the ringside area, but was quickly beaten down and finished off with an Irish Whip head first into the turnbuckle. At this point the referee awarded Guerrero with the DQ victory. This decision angered Steiner but instead of taking his anger out on JBL he attacked Eddie. Dragging him into the ring and locking the Heavyweight Champion in the Steiner Recliner. After nearly two minutes with Eddie in the hold the referees were finally able to break it up but with the damage already done. Steiner and JBL left the ringside area together showing a sort of mutual respect for each other as Eddie was tended to in the ring.

Winner by DQ in 8:03: Eddie Guerrero

(84, 88, 76)

<<<Commercial Break>>>

As Smackdown returned Booker T was being interviewed backstage by Velocity Presenter Joey Styles. Booker spoke on his troubles with The Undertaker that he says are now all over. He gives the reason that what would be the point in beating The Undertaker if he wasn’t rewarded at the end of it with gold. Booker says that it has been a while since he has held a title of any sorts in the WWE, in fact since he has been on Smackdown and it is starting to freak him out that a Five Time, Five Time, Five Time, Five Time, Five Time, WCW Champion has gone over two months without carrying gold. Booker says that he doesn’t want Eddie Guerrero because the wait for a title shot would be too long, but as far as he sees nobody is currently after the United States Champion John Cena. Booker talks for a while about John Cena and declares his intentions to get a shot at the US Title at the biggest event of them all, The Great American Bash! He ends by saying that he is giving Cena until next week’s Smackdown to give an answer to the challenge.


WWE Cruiserweight Title

Chavo Classic© vs. Billy Kidman

We know that Rey Mysterio will be going to the Great American Bash to challenge for the Cruiserweight Title but who the champion is then is anybody’s guess. Chavo Classic announced that he will be putting the title on the line each and every week until the Bash, so whether he will still be holding the title by then is a mystery. What we do know is that as it currently stands he will be going to the Bash after this victory over the former champion. Kidman has been wasted on Smackdown in recent months and this could very well be the final nail in the coffin. A match that he dominated and wowed the crowd with was horrible ruined by the champion who is 25 years older than his opponent. It was Classic’s son Chavo interfering every 10 seconds who helped his father keep the title, showing that the two Guerreros are still on the same page despite Classic costing his son the number one contendership match last week. After a title shot to the back of the head while the referee was distracted Chavo Classic rolled the challenger up and got the victory after 4:52. When the match was over The Guerreros beat down on Kidman until Rey Mysterio ran to the ring and made the save.

Winner in 4:52 and still WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Classic

(55, 45, 66)

<<<Commercial Break>>>

Next up a very dark, very weird, very short Undertaker Promo played. Paul Bearer did all of the talking about the torment and suffering he suffered at the hands of The Dudleyz. He then said that The Undertaker would get his revenge and when he did The Dudleyz will fill pain and suffering like which they have never experienced before. It ended with the Undertaker’s “Rest in Peace”.


Backstage JBL was getting into the back of his limo when he was jumped from behind by Eddie Guerrero. The Heavyweight Champion beat the hell out of Layfield, throwing him all around the backstage area and hitting him with various moves and any weapons he could get his hands on. Eventually Eddie lay Bradshaw across a ladder he found, climbed up a pile of crates and hit him with a Frog Splash. Eddie then dragged JBL too his limo, threw him in the back and drove him out of the arena.


<<<Commercial Break>>>

Main Event

Tables Match

The Dudleyz vs. John Cena & Rob Van Dam

Easily the best match of the night between four of the biggest assets on the Smackdown Roster. Things got off to a slow start though, with not much taking place before the tables were brought into the match by Bubba Ray Dudley a couple of minutes in. This was when the match properly got started and this was when the crowd started to get into things. Michael Cole mentioned on a number of occasion that this was an elimination tables match and on the 4:12 mark we got our first elimination. RVD went to the tope after laying D-Von across a table and was going to go for a Five Star Frog Splash but at just the right moment D-Von rolled off the table and Bubba Ray pushed RVD off the turnbuckle and he went flying through the table for the first elimination of the evening.

Eliminated in 4:12: Rob Van Dam

The match continued with a two on one situation and The Dudleyz totally dominating Cena but never being able to finish him off. On one occasion the US Champion did end up going through a table but it was only after he went to dropkick Bubba Ray through one that he had set up in the corner and the Dudley moved out of the way at the very last moment, the referee didn’t accept it as an elimination and the match continued. Just after the 8 minute mark Cena was able to finally even the odds after he took Bubba Ray out and put D-Von through a table with the FU.

Eliminated in 8:02: D-Von Dudley

With the odds now even John Cena was able to get back into the match and the two fought for minutes without any site of an end, or indeed a table. Cena took it to Bubba and came close to finishing things off just before the 12th minute when he set the Dudley up for a Superplex through a table but D-Von ran back into the ring and pushed the table out of the way. This brought Rob Van Dam back into the action and a big four way brawl took off. In all of the confusion Booker T ran to the ring and took John Cena out with a Scissors Kick which allowed the Dudleyz to put him through a table with the 3D to give them the victory. The three on one attack continued after the bell and John Cena was set up for a power bomb through the table but the lights in the arena went out and the Undertakers music began to play which freaked the heels out and they escaped through the crowd. The Undertaker never surfaced though and Smackdown went off the air with the site of the dark, smoke filled entrance ramp.

Eliminated in 11:49: John Cena

Winners in 11:49: The Dudley Boyz

(85, 83, 87)

Overall Rating= 74%

TV Rating=5.37


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Smackdown Review

Dark Match

Nova def. Carlos Colon

Joey Styles and Bill DeMott came out to call the Velocity matches

Velocity Tapings

Johnny Stamboli vs. Billy Gunn

Mark Jindrak vs. Paul London

Rico and Charlie Haas vs. The Bashams

Michael Cole came out to call Smackdown to a small pop from the fans.

Tazz soon followed him to one of the biggest pops of the evening

Smackdown Tapings

As the opening match went on the fans gave Dupree more and more heat. When he cut his anti-America promo and sang the French National Anthem he got one of the biggest boos of the evening. When Rob Van Dam came out the crowd went wild.

Kurt Angle got the regular ‘You Suck’ chants as he wheeled himself out onto the stage. Most people knew who Tank Abbott was and gave him a lot of heat.

Eddie Guerrero got by far the biggest pop of the night when he came out. Scott Steiner also got many cheers but when he turned heel on Eddie the fans were dead against him. Steiner was absolutely horrible in the match which was only saved by Eddies performance.

Nobody cared at all for the Cruiserweight Title match. The less said the better.

No one cared much for the Undertaker promo either, but his ‘Rest in Piece’ at the end got the second biggest pop of the night.

The fans weren’t in to the main event much until the tables were introduced. Many people weren’t pleased to see RVD go out so early but his return at the end was welcomed nicely by the fans. Booker T’s interference got by far the most heat of the evening.

All in all it was a average show, with the card for the Great American Bash becoming more and more clear. The major problem on Smackdown at the moment is the Cruiserweight title situation which really needs to be sorted out quickly.

Current Great American Bash Card

11th July, 2004

WWE Heavyweight Title Match

New York Deathmatch

Eddie Guerrero© vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

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WWE Velocity

12th June, 2004

From Long Island, New York

Hosted by Joey Styles and Bill DeMott

Johnn Stamboli w/Nunzio def. Billy Gunn

(63, 68, 72)

From Smackdown:

The Undertaker/Paul Bearer promo on The Dudley Boyz and Paul Heyman


Rico and Charlie Haas were shown preparing for their Tag Title defence tonight against The Bashams. Haas was talking about the match, while Rico was more concerned with what he was going to wear.


Mark Jindrak w/Theodore Long def. Paul London

(59, 57, 75)

From Smackdown:

Eddie Guerrero def. Scott Steiner by DQ after interference from John Bradshaw Layfield. Later on in the show Eddie attacked JBL and drove him away from the arena.


WWE Tag Team Titles

Rico/Charlie Haas© w/Miss Jackie def. The Bashams

(66, 68, 80)

Overall Rating= 67%

TV Rating= 4.18

Attendance= 8041

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WWE Heat

13th June, 2004

From Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Hosted by The Coach and Al Snow

Val Venis def. A-Train

(71, 70, 73)

From Raw:

Chris Jericho challenges Tyson Tomko to a match at Bad Blood


WWE Women’s Title

Victoria© def. Jazz

(63, 64, 61)

From Raw:

Shawn Michaels/Shelton Benjamin def. Randy Orton/Triple H


Batista def. Rosey

(73, 67, 79)

From Raw:

Eugene Dinsmore def. Garrison Cade


From Raw:

Chris Benoit def. La Resistance. After the match Kane attacked Benoit.


Main Event

Chris Jericho def. Rhyno

(84, 86, 81)

Overall Rating= 75%

TV Rating= 4.86

Attendance= 8013

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Raw Preview

14th June, 2004

From Dayton, Ohio

Eric Bischoff has a MEGA announcement to make about Kane’s attack on Chris Benoit last week on Raw!!

Batista will take on Shelton Benjamin!

Lita will go one on one with Trish Stratus!

Test makes his return to Raw against Chris Jericho!

In the main event Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton will take on Shawn Michaels in a Non-Title Match!

All this and much, much more!!!!

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14th June, 2004

Live From Dayton, Ohio

Presented by Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler

Raw opens with Eric Bischoff coming to the ring and announcing that thanks to the attack he received at the hands of Kane last week at the end of Raw, Chris Benoit will not be in attendance tonight. In fact Chris Benoit wont be in attendance for a while. In fact Chris Benoit will probably never be on Raw again! The injuries that Benoit suffered were so severe that he has been told he may never compete again. So as a result the World Heavyweight Title has to be vacated. But seeing as Kane is the number one contender it is only fair that he be awarded the title. And tonight in this very ring we will see the crowning of Kane as the new World Heavyweight Champion!!!


<<<Commercial Break>>>

Batista vs. Shelton Benjamin

Batista won the match after much interference from Ric Flair and Shelton’s Bad Blood opponent Randy Orton. The end came when Flair distracted the referee and Orton hit Benjamin over the head with the IC Title.

Winner in 6:51: Batista

(74, 72, 76)

After the match Evolution continued their attack on Shelton. With all three members hitting their finishers on the unfortunate youngster. They ended their attack with Flair and Batista holding a blooded Shelton up while Randy waved the IC Title around in his face.


<<<Commercial Break>>>

Backstage Eric Bischoff was telling Johnny Nitro that Mark Henry will be back next week and he needs Johnny to go and find him a suitable opponent for the Worlds Strongest Man. Just then Eugene came into the room closely followed by William Regal. As Eugene told his Uncle about beating Garrison Cade last week on Raw and fighting The Coach at Bad Blood a big smile came across Bischoff’s face. The GM called Nitro back and said that he had found Mark Henry’s perfect opponent. Bischoff announced that next week on Raw Mark Henry will take on Eugene! Eugene got excited at the mention of his name but Regal looked disgusted at Bischoff’s decision and took Eugene out of the room.


Trish Stratus vs. Lita

Trish Stratus won this match thanks to a dark eerie message which appeared on the Titan Tron telling Lita that it is far from over. This distracted her long enough for Trish to sneak up and hit a Bulldog for the victory.

Winner in 5:05: Trish Stratus

(77, 85, 61)

<<<Commercial Break>>>

Backstage Matt Hardy was in a locker room watching a replay of the Lita/Trish match when Kane creped up behind him and said that he sent that message to Lita because what ever she and Matt believes, he is far from being out of their lives.


Chris Jericho vs. Test

In his return to Raw after a long absence Test got the shock victory over Jericho after interference from Trish Stratus and Jericho’s opponent for Bad Blood, Tyson Tomko. After the referee took a bump Tomko ran in the ring and hit Jericho with a Powerslam. Test then followed it up with a big boot to get the victory. After the match Trish Stratus took a microphone and accepted Jericho's challenge for a match at Bad Blood against Tyson.

Winner in 9:32: Test

(80, 83, 76)

<<<Commercial Break>>>

When Raw returned a video aired featuring Jim Cornette. In the video Cornette announced that it has been a while since he has been in the WWE but he will soon be making his return with a new friend who will go straight to the top.


Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton

In tonight’s Main Event Shawn Michaels took on Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton in a non-title match. Triple H was banned from the arena tonight, as HBK will be next week to avoid any contact between the two going into Bad Blood. With Flair and Batista banned from ringside early on Orton seemed to struggle and despite bringing his title belt into the match he was unable to take advantage and after a Sweet Chin Music was defeated on Raw for the fifth week in a row.

Winner in 14:28: Shawn Michaels

(88, 85, 91)

<<<Commercial Break>>>

Raw returned with a red carpet in the ring and Eric Bischoff holding the World Heavyweight Title ready to award the title to number contender Kane after Chris Benoit was forced to vacate it due to injury. Kane soon came to the ring ready to receive his title. But just as Bischoff was handing the title over Smashing Glass sounded through the arena and ’Stone Cold’ Steve Austin made his way to the ring. Austin did his usual posing on the ropes before taking a microphone from Bischoff. Austin said that he has been brought back to Raw by Vince McMahon to clean things up. Clean up the mess made by Bischoff. Austin said that it was Bischoff’s fault Chris Benoit was injured and it is his fault that the World Heavyweight Title is being handed to Kane. Austin says that if Kane wants the title he will have to earn it at Bad Blood against an opponent hand picked by Austin. Austin then announces that taking on Kane at Bad Blood for the World Heavyweight Title will be….



The Rock makes his way to the ring to the biggest reception of the night. When he gets in the ring he announces that he has put Hollywood on hold to concentrate on once again becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. The Rock then starts insulting Kane and continues laying into him until he goes over the top and Kane attacks. The two begin to brawl around the ring forcing Eric Bischoff out, while Steve Austin just stands by and watches the two tear lumps out of each other. Eventually The Rock takes control and forces Kane out of the ring. Kane teases coming back but backs off up the ramp leaving The Rock and Austin. The two share a beer in the centre of the ring as Raw comes to an end.


Overall Rating= 78%

TV Rating= 5.56

Attendance= 8046

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Smackdown Preview!

17th June, 2004

From Chicago, Illinois

John Cena will defend his United States Title Against Doug Basham!!!

Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Classic will team with Chavo Guerrero to take on Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman!!!

Rob Van Dam will take on Booker T in one on one action!!!

In the Main Event the battles between The Undertaker and The Dudley Boyz will finally come to an end in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match!!!

All this and much, much more including World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Guerrero and Smackdown General Manager Kurt Angle!!!

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WWE Smackdown

17th June, 2004

From Chicago, Illinois

Presented by Michael Cole and Tazz

WWE United States Title

John Cena vs. Doug Basham

John Cena was successfully able to defend his US Title despite much interference from Danny Basham and even a switch between the former World Tag Team Champions. With the referee distracted Danny Basham swapped places with Doug but was unable to take advantage and John Cena was able to defeat him following the FU. After the match the Basham’s complained that Doug wasn’t the one who was pinned but the referee was having none of it and awarded the victory to Cena.

Winner in 7:18 and still WWE United States Champion: John Cena

(71, 72, 71)

After the match John Cena cut a rap on Booker T, accepting his challenge to a match at the Great American Bash.


<<<Commercial Break>>>

Chavo Classic and Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman

An above average encounter between the current top four cruiserweights on Smackdown. There was a lot of miss-communication between the Guerreros which proved to be their downfall as Kidman took advantage of an argument between the Cruiserweight champion and his son to pin Classic and pick up the victory for his team. After the match the argument continued and resulted in Chavo knocking his father down and walking off alone.

Winners in 7:51: Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman

(76, 73, 80)

<<<Commercial Break>>>

Next up WWE World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Guerrero came to the ring and showed footage on the titan-tron of what he did to JBL after driving away from the arena last week. The footage showed Eddie driving to a river and dragging JBL out. Eddie then forced JBL to watch as he pushed his limo into the river and watch it sink to the bottom.


Kurt Angle soon came out closely followed by Tank Abbott. Angle said that JBL is in a very bad way after the attack last week and will not be here tonight. Angle then said that as punishment Eddie Guerrero will have to compete tonight against Tank Abbott in a non-title, no-DQ match.


<<<Commercial Break>>>

Rob Van Dam vs. Booker T

Booker T came out on top in this encounter of former World Tag Team Champions. The end came when Rene Dupree ran down to ringside and distracted Rob Van Dam to give Booker T the chance to roll RVD up and put his feet on the ropes to get the pin. After the match Booker and Dupree double teamed RVD until John Cena ran to the ring. Cena took Dupree out but Booker T caught him from behind and finished his Great American Bash opponent off with a Book End.

Winner in 8:12: Booker T

(84, 86, 81)

Backstage Paul Heyman was shown psyching the Dudley Boyz up for their match tonight against the Undertaker. He told them that he has spoken to Kurt Angle and if they win tonight they will get a shot at the Tag Titles at the Great American Bash.


<<<Commercial Break>>>

No DQ Match

Eddie Guerrero vs. Tank Abbott

In only his second match in the WWE Kurt Angle’s bodyguard Tank Abbott was able to pick up somewhat of a shock victory over the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but only after interference. After his impressive victory over Hardcore Holly last week Abbott was on fire against Guerrero who put in his all to stay in the match. Just as he was fighting back though JBL ran out to the ring, in seemingly full health and attacked Guerrero finishing him off with a clothesline from hell. All Abbott had then to do was pin Guerrero for the three.

Winner in 8:37: Tank Abbott

(70, 73, 65)

<<<Commercial Break>>>

Backstage John Bradshaw Layfield was shown walking through the parking lot with a smug look on his face. Suddenly he stopped and a massive smile appeared on his face as the camera panned round to reveal Sable standing by the door of his limo. JBL kissed Sable and the two climbed into the back of the limo before it drove out of the arena.


Main Event

Handicap Match

The Undertaker vs. The Dudley Boyz

A battle that has raged Smackdown for the past few weeks came to a head as The Undertaker took on both Dudleyz in a handicap match. With the added incentive that if they win they will get a shot at the WWE Tag Team Titles at the Great American Bash The Dudleyz pulled out all the stops to try and put a stop to the dead man, but they couldn’t get him down, let alone for a three count. As they got more and more frustrated The Undertaker began to get back into the match and came close to victory after first a tombstone on D-Von, and then a Last Ride on Bubba Ray Dudley. They managed to escape both times but it wasn’t long before The Undertaker was able to take advantage of both men and after a massive Double Chokeslam The Undertaker was able to pin Bubba Ray for the victory.

Winner in 9:17: The Undertaker

(77, 78, 75)

As the Undertaker did his usual dark celebrations in the ring Paul Heyman came out onto the ramp and told the Undertaker that the Dudleyz couldn’t stop him but he knows a man who can and he standing right behind him. The Undertaker slowly turned round and found himself staring face to face with The Big Show! The two stared at each other for ages without either man moving. Eventually The Big Show backed off and left the ring before joining Paul Heyman at the top of the ramp.


Overall Rating: 76%

TV Rating: 6.10

Attendance: 8021

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