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King Of Colosseum 2?


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i got it upsed 2 das after the japanes release

there will be no US, UK or whatever non japanes version, we have waited for such a ting sinc the original KoC red and nothing happent, so i won´t bank on the licens for the engin being soled for an us game or Spike bringing it over here (sinc BAM! - who released the two FPW games for GBA went out of bussines there is no company that would go with that risk)

KoC2 is the best wrestling game ever made, it beats everything i ever played multible times, there shurly still is room for impriofment here and there but it still whipes the flor with everything elth wen it comes to gameplay.

Translation issent to much of an issue, it´s a wrestling game, no RPG, after you read some of the translations on the net you will be able to do most of the stuff from the top of your head becaus you memorised them, so as long as you are able to play j-games (modchip, japanes console or boot disk) and whant to play a wrestling game that will change your view about wrestling game qualety forever go and get this game, it´s worth every cent.


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