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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

The fans were calling it for, sure he could live with that. I mean there were some fans who did enjoy watching the show. But what he couldn’t live with was the wrestlers calling for it, again, although some wrestlers enjoyed it, this was something he couldn’t live with. There’s no on in this world who is going to get everyone to like him but he knew deep down on the inside his run was over. He didn’t want to hurt the company, and by having a split the locker room, the company was very much hurt. So he took a few deep breathes and walked into the office.

Sitting in the office behind a big oak office was none other then TNA owner, Jerry Jarrett. Jarrett looked up at the man, Dusty Rhodes, as he stood in front of the desk asking to speak with the owner. Dusty told him the story, how he didn’t want TNA to go under because of the split locker room, how he was happy with his own work but the fans weren’t going for it. He told Jerry that he had nothing left in the tank, and didn’t want to be head booker of TNA any more.

Jerry Jarrett was shocked, this came straight out of left field, with nothing planned to say Jarrett thought for a while before asking Dusty to finish out the month, with lockdown coming up and the matches all being Dusty’s brain child Jerry thought it was the only fair thing to do. After the month of April they would figure something out.

Lockdown came and went, the results went like this.

Apolo defeated Lance Hoyt with the lions den.

In the six sides of steel escape match, Kid Kash defeated Micheal Shane, Shocker and Chris Sabin when he was able to slam Shocker off the top of the cage on to the mat, just barely beating Micheal Shane who was going out of the cage on the other side.

In the “prince of darkness match” Bobby Roode beat Dustin Rhodes with the Northern Lariat.

Raven won the six sides of steal table match when Jeff Hardy climb the top of the cage and missed a Swanton Bomb and went through a table.

AMW retained the tag titles against Team Canada with the death sentence from the top.

Former partners Christopher Daniels and Elix  Skipper had a battle that will not soon be forgetten when the two put it all on the line and gave it everything they got. Prime Time, once again hit the New School from the top but that wasn’t enough to beat The Fallen Angel.

AJ Styles defeated The Abyss 3 falls to two in the number one contenders match to become the number one contender for TNA’s May Pay Per View “Hard Justice”.

Monty Brown, The Outlaw and Jeff Jarrett defeated Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman and Diamond Dallas Page after Scott Hall showed up and took care of Page and Waltman, never laying a hand on Nash though. When Jarrett went to shake his hand, Hall just walked away.

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

May 3rd 2005

Taken from TNAWrestling.Com

You ever want to be a pro wrestler? Dream of being in the ring with superstars such as AJ Styles? Christopher Daniels or Jeff Jarrett? Well TNA can make your dreams true. At the Academy At The Asylum you can be trained by the likes of Kid Kash, Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper, Ron “The Truth” Killings, Shark Boy and Petey Williams. We are taking down payments now for later starting dates. Call or Email the TNA Wrestling today!

Xplosion Preview

For the first time in the history of TNA, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas and Jeremy Borash will be calling all the action.

In action will be Kid Kash who will be taking on TNA prospect and young upstart Cassidy Riley. Kash proved at “Lockdown” that he is one of the top X-Division superstars, what will he show tonight.

Also in action will be fan favorites Shark Boy and D-Ray 3000 taking on The Naturals, Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens.

All this and much, much more. Only on Xplosion. Check your local listings

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt


Borash: Hello everyone and welcome to this edition of NWA:TNA’s Xplosion, I’m Jeremy Borash and to my left is my broadcast partner, Shane Douglas.

Douglas: That’s right JB, “The Franchise” is here and he’s loving it.

JB: Tonight fans, you will see the greatest wrestling in the world as The Naturals will take on Shark Boy and D-Ray 3000, also in action will be Kid Kash taking on…

Borash is cut off.

Douglas: Hold on JB! We have to cut to the back, something happened.

We cut to the back and we see Shark Boy, Buck Quarterman, Jerelle Clark, Jason Cross and Lex Lovett huddled around, they move out of the way as the EMT’s rush in and the camera see’s D-Ray 3000 laid on the floor with a broom, broken laying right next to him.

We cut to Scott Hudson who is in the back with Kid Kash

Hudson: All day you’ve been in the back talking about how great you are, are you mentally prepared for your match tonight?

Kash: Hudson, get out of my face. Am I mentally prepared? Of corse I’m mentally prepared. I’m Kid Kash. I don’t even know who I’m fighting tonight. I don’t even care because I’m Kid Kash, no one can beat me. I am the future of wrestling. The future should have been two years ago but TNA officials and the NWA committee has been holding down the talent. But that happens no more. Did you see my match at the Pay Per View? I am unstoppable.

Kash throws the microphone back to Hudson and walks away.

Hudson: Alright Jeremy that was Kid Kash, back to you guys.

Borash: Thank you Scott, those were strong words Shane what do you think about Kash’s statement?

Douglas: Those were pretty strong words but if anyone can do it, its Kid Kash. He has the attitude, the work ethic and the skill to become of the greatest. He’s no franchise but he can be great.

Borash: What about D-Ray 3000 being laid out? That puts Shark Boy in a tight situation tonight.

Douglas: Yeah, I don’t think Shark Boy could beat The Naturals with D-Ray but now he’s in it alone. It could be a long hard day for Sharky. But who knows maybe he can get a partner. Lets go to the action.

Kid Kash vs. Cassidy Riley

Kash and Riley didn’t put on a bad performance, with decent high flying and technical action done by Kash. It was a totally Squash, Riley got a few punches and a drop kick in but that was it. The fans weren’t into the match, since they know Riley is a jobber. Kash picked up the easy win

Shark boy is seen looking around the back, he opens the janitors closet and a mop stick falls down, he jumps and walks away, still looking for something.


Shark Boy comes walking down the aisle way before the Naturals come out and attack him, the punch and kick him all the way to the ring.

Tag Team Match: Shark Boy vs. The Naturals

The Naturals continued to beat down Shark Boy for the next few minutes before Jeff Hardy came down to the ring and joined force with Sharky. Hardy was cleaning house before Trytan came down to the ring and pulled Hardy out of the ring, brawling with him on the outside while The Naturals dominated Shark Boy. Finishing him off with a double suplex.

Trytan continues to beat down Hardy, bringing him up the aisle way and choke slams him through a table.

Xplosion goes off the air

Xplosion Stats

2,829 Fans

17.2 Rating

18,804 viewers

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

TNA News Notes

- TNA has signed Indy Superstar Mike Quackenbush. He is scheduled to be at the show on Friday, although we aren’t sure if he’s set to be wrestling or not.

- WWE Luther “Horshu” Reigns has signed back with the WWE, this is TNA news because they were said to be interested although talks never took place.

Credit: NODQ.com

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

Thanks smygba I will try to make this show lessboring. I think it was "dull" because I used the short recaps and I"m used to writing longer ones so here you go...

TNA Impact!

Impact opens up and the camera shows a shot of the crowd then pans over to the announce booth where Don West is sitting to the left of Mike Tenay.

Tenay: Hello everyone and welcome to Impact! It has been a few weeks since TNA’s Pay Per View Lockdown and the great reviews are still coming in. Make sure to order the replay of Lockdown if you haven’t seen it yet.

West: It was the biggest pay per view TNA has ever put on! I thought there was no way that Destination X could be outshined but it was Mike! Month after month I am amazed by the Pay Per Views Total Non Stop Action Wrestling has been putting on.

Mike Tenay: You’re right Don, Lockdown was great but TNA’s Hard Justice will be even better, AJ Styles is set to take Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Ttile!

West: AJ STYLES VS. JEFF JARRETT FOR THE WORLD TITLE! Only on Pay Per View, only in TNA! But that’s not all folks, TNA management has decided to make another match. Jeff Hardy will be taking on the man who attacked him on Xplosion, the monstrous Trytan!

Tenay: Hardy will have a tough mountain to climb to beat Trytan. A man who has never been beaten yet in TNA. Lets go to the back with the NWA Tag Team Champions, Americas Most Wanted.

We see the camera pointing down at someone’s boot as he ties it up, the camera pans up and the man is James Storm, standing firmly behind him is his tag team partner, “Wildcat” Chris Harris. Harris begins to speak

There is no doubt that the Abyss is a monster of a man. But America’s Most Wanted has proved time after time that two people can’t beat us. We’ve beaten The Naturals, Team Canada, Three Live Kru, The Problem Solvers, Triple X, hell we’ve even beaten the Rock N’ Roll Express. You name them and we have beaten them.

Storm cuts Harris off

Hell there’s no two guys in this company who can take on AMW, and we sure as hell ain’t gonna lose to one person. You think everyone is scared of you because your so big and strong. Well my daddy told me that the big they are the harder they fall Abyss and tonight we will see how hard you fall.

We cut back to the announce table.

West: Strong words from the Tag Team Champs but if anyone has the skills to back up their mouth, its Americas Most Wanted.

Tenay: Americas Most Wanted will be in action later tonight but lets get to the action inside of the ring. We have TNA prospect Buck Quarterman taking on “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown. Lets go to ring announcer Jeremy Borash.

The camera cuts to the ring where Borash is standing the music for Monty Brown hits and he comes out with The Outlaw. Brown makes his way down to the ring as Borash begins to speak.

Coming down to the ring from Serengeti, he is the “Alpha Male” Monty Brown, and his opponent standing to my left. Buck Quarterman.

Quarterman throws his hands in the air and receives a small ovation from the fans.

Referee Mark Johnson calls for the bell and this one is under way. The two lock up and Monty Brown throws Buck into the ring ropes, Monty runs off the ropes the opposite side ropes. POUNCE! Instead of going for the pin Brown picks Quarterman up and hit’s a power bomb. He stands on the chest of Buck and picks up the victory.

Tenay: Monty Brown showing his awesome power, picking up the easy victory over Buck Quarterman.

West: Brown just dominated this match Mike from the beginning to the end. Buck didn’t stand a chance. I’d hate to have to face The Alpha Male. He has some mean streak in him. He’s a dangerous man as we just found out.

Tenay: This is disgusting, they’re aren’t done yet.

Brown and The Outlaw attack Quarterman, pounding him with lefts and rights. They call for a mic and The Outlaw gets on it.

AMW, you say that you have beaten every tag team in this company?  That you can beat anyone? Well in this ring stands two guys that you haven’t and you can’t be. If you’re so confident why don’t you meet us at Hard Justice. If you’re not to scared to except we’ll see you there.

Tenay: A challenge by The NWA Elite. How will AMW react?

West: That might be Americas Most Wanted biggest challenge yet! They’re fighting champions, I can tell you that much Mike.

Tenay: We will see what happens, we have to go to commercial break when he come back we’ll have Abyss vs. AMW!


We come back from commercial with AMW already in the ring and The Abyss making his way down to the ring.

Tenay: Welcome back folks, AMW are awaiting the entrance of The Abyss and this one will be under way. What? What’s going on? We have to go to the back for a second folks.

Shane Douglas is standing near a door that reads exit on it.

Douglas: In just seconds Scott Hall will be walking through this door! He just pulled up in his car. I will find out all the answer! Why he did what he did, Why didn’t he do anything to Nash and why..

The door opens and Scott Hall walks through the door way.

Douglas: Scott can we get a word with you for a minute?

Hall walks away

Scott? Hall? Can we? We need to know.

Hall walks into another room and closes the door behind him.

We cut back to the action in the ring. Where Harris and Storm are pounding Abyss in the corner with a barrage of punches, coming from all angles. They send Abyss into the ropes and go for a double clothesline but Abyss hits them with a clothesline knocking both of them down. Abyss does his taunt thing, and then he makes his way over to Harris, hitting a double axe handle to his back, knocking him back down face first. Storm jumps on the back of the Abyss and applies a sleeper. The Abyss is unfazed as he reaches back and just flips Harris over like nothing. Storm is back to his feet, awaiting Abyss to turn around, Abyss turns around and grabs the Tennessee Cowboy by the throat, lifting him almost seven feet in the air, and choke slamming him to the ground. Wildcat hit’s a beautiful looking knee chop, taking the Abyss down to his knees. A DDT follows, putting the big man down. The fans begin to cheer as AMW gets the upper hand. Abyss slowly gets up as Harris is checking on Storm, Storm rolls out of the ring as Harris charges toward The Abyss, Black Hole Slam by The monster. Storm comes back in the ring with a chair and cracks Abyss over the head but it doesn’t faze him at all The chair is dented badly. The Abyss throws a punch at Storm and hit’s the chair, his hand goes right through the steel chair! He grabs Storm by the throat and delivers another choke slam to him. He picks Harris up off the mat and power slams him back down to the mat. The  ref calls for the bell and awards the match to The Abyss.

West:DID YOU SEE THAT MIKE? What a monster this Abyss is. He is unstoppable. He just beat the Tag Champions by himself.

Tenay: ITS AJ STYLES! AJ Styles to the rescue.

AJ Styles comes running from the back to help AMW. He hit’s a springboard dropkick from the apron, making the big man stumble back to the other side of the ring. Styles gets into the ring and dropkicks the Abyss over the top rope. The Abyss reaches under the bottom rope and pulls Styles to the mat, he pulls him to the outside. Harris gets back to his feet and attacks The Abyss, Abyss grabs him but Styles makes the save hitting a few punches. Harris and Styles are in complete control dominating Abyss, tossing him back in the ring and hitting a double dropkick. The Alpha Male and The Outlaw come in from the back and help Abyss beat down Harris and Styles as Storm is still laid out in the corner. Styles and Harris are laid out as road agents and officials come from the back to separate them. Abyss, Brown and Outlaw retreat to the outside with the agents pushing them back toward the locker room as Styles runs and jumps over the top rope hitting a plancha! Abyss and Styles continue to brawl as we go to commercial.


We come back from commercial and we see The Abyss and AJ Styles battling in the back. Abyss throws Styles in to a brick wall, and Styles battles back hitting the Abyss with a low blow and then throwing him into a pop machine. A spear takes down Styles and they roll around on the floor throwing punches.

West: Unfinished business between Styles and The Abyss. They still haven’t stopped fighting.  I wonder what World Champion Jeff Jarrett thinks about all this.

Tenay: Jarrett is loving every second of this, AJ Styles is getting taken out before his title match and Jarrett doesn’t have to lift a finger. How can he not be loving this? Lets go to the main event of Impact, between Sean Waltman and the X Division Champion “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels.

Waltman makes his way down to the ring, getting cheered and slapping hands with fans on his way. Then the lights go out and there is a spotlight moving throughout the arena. The spotlight stops and Christopher Daniels is standing in the walkway. He takes a few steps down and then stops and begins to speak.

Lord, on my quest to get the wrong out of Total Non Stop Action Wrestling, I have come across many different types of people. People who think they are sharks, people who think they are phenomenal but nothing like this Lord. I will try to help Sean Waltman the best I can, but I’m not sure if it will be enough. This man is a drug addicted Lord, the worst kind of man. This man doesn’t take his life seriously. He thinks life is a game, he doesn’t understand what I understand.

Daniels takes a few more steps down, almost at the railing.

He has abandoned you and I will try to bring him back to you, like you have asked me to. But some people are just beyond help and when I think of people who are beyond help, I think of Sean Waltman. Says Daniels as he climbs over the railing.

I will teach him a lesson. A lesson he will never forget. This is the gospel according to the Fallen Angel Chrisotpher Daniels.

Daniels removes his robe and the X division title, quickly he slides into the ring and begins brawling with Waltman, the two men exchange punches in the middle of the ring without either one really gaining an advantage. Sean final hit’s a kick to the gut and follows that up with an X Factor. Waltman plays to the crowd for a few seconds, allowing the Fallen Angel to catch his breathe. Daniels gets to his feet and the two men lock up, Daniels rolls behind and hit’s a belly to back suplex. He bridges for the pin but only gets a two count. Daniels is the first to his feet and begin stomping and kicking Sean. Waltman rolls out of the ring and Daniels taunts the crowd. Putting his hand on his forehead, his stomach area, left and right shoulder, for the sign of the holy trinity. Waltman rolls back in to the ring and gets on his feet, he is quickly shot down by a dropkick to the knees. Daniels hit’s the émigré knocking Waltman down. Daniels climbs up to the top rope and comes down hard with a splash.

Scott Hall comes down the aisle way and walks around the ring. Daniels steps on the bottom rope pointing and shouting at him. Hall puts his hands in the air, like he’s not there to do anything and grabs a chair and sits down to watch the action.

Daniels applies an STO to Waltman who is shouting in pain, but won’t give up. Daniels release the hold as Waltman lays on the ground in pain. Daniels hit’s a running leg drop. Daniels goes for a pin and hooks the leg but again Waltman is able to kickout after a long two count. Daniels stalks Sean waiting for him to get to his feet. He charges but misses a clothesline as Waltman hit’s a kick to the gut of Daniels he Irish whips him into a corner and charges in hitting a stinger splash. Daniels falls down and Waltman signals for the bronco buster, he backs up to the far corner but Scott Hall trips him up and he falls flat on his face. Daniels takes a few seconds to get to his feet before whipping Waltman into the corner and following that up right away with a flying punch. Waltman staggers out the corner and Daniels hit’s the Angel’s Wings.

Kevin Nash begins walking down the aisle to the ring. Scott Hall meets him and the exchange fist. Daniels goes for a pin and picks up the victory. Nash throws Hall into the ring steps. He follows up with some boots.

Tenay: Christopher Daniels sends a message to the X-Division that he can beat anyone.

West: But Kevin Nash is also sending a message to Scott Hall right now.

Tenay: We have to go but don’t miss Impact next week! Same time, Same place. The Main Event for next weeks Impact has been announced as The Abyss, Outlaw and Monty Brown vs. Americas Most Wanted and AJ Styles!

West: NEXT WEEK? That sounds like a pay per view match Tenay…

Impact goes off the air with Nash and Hall brawling.

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ok the backstory was fine, nothing ridiculously explosive but it was ok. I'm not sure about Dusty throwing in the towel like that, dunno, while Dusty's booking has been crap and people have turned on him a bit I just don't know if I see the guy as a quitter. I also don't see him as someone who'd put teh company before himself. He has his son working there and getting pushed after all despite being completely crap.

XPlosion (as I'm reading)

Ok, D-Ray getting attacked was fine, not sure at this point who'd have done it. If it's his opponents the Naturals I'm not sure where you're going with it. I'll be honest I don't see D-Ray and Shark Boy as enough of a threat to anyone for people to be taking pops at them backstage. I'll wait and see who did it and where it leads I guess.

Reilly being jobbed out to Kash. I know it's only teh XPlosion opener but you just had the chance to give Cassidy something for us to care about and it was missed. He could have lost the match, but frustrated Kash in the process with his refusal to be beat. Instead he's just been turned into a worthless jobber at a time when you need to pad your roster out and create some new stars.

Shark Boy Vs the Naturals made no sense. Why did Jeff Hardy come help out Shark Boy? Why did Trytan go take out Jeff Hardy? I have no problem with the Naturals getting a handicap win against a glorified jobber, but what was the reason for the rest of it? You also just had Hardy go through a table on XPlosion. That should have been a big moment but for me it just didn't feel like anything big. More like a throwaway comment that lost its impact before it was given the chance to make a statement.

in between that and the next show just one note. Stop calling Abyss, "the Abyss" it sounds weird and wrong.

Impact (as I'm reading)

I like the fact you're having Don West oversell everything, shout a bit, and generally insist everything is the most amazing thing in the world.

Jeff Vs Trytan at the PPV would make sense after what happened on XPlosion, if what happened on XPlosion made any sense. You have plenty of time to build that up, don't rush it.

AMW came across a bit sort of stale and wooden. Well done, they are.

Brown Vs Quartermain. Even for a squash this one was ridiculously short. Brown sqashing people is fine, but that did nothing to make me think that Brown's any good. It needed some more feeling and impact to it in my opinion.

AMW Vs Brown & Rockabilly. I could dig that actually, it's fresh and of all the guys you could have thrown into a programme with AMW these are two I'd never have expected. You have plenty to work with, with these four, I like it.

All the Hall stuff is interesting and I'm wanting to see wher eyou go with it. Hall's apparently in no state to be wrestling right now but I can live with you getting him back before he should be if you make it interesting. I just really really don't want to see him feud with Nash. One thing with Hall at this point, remember he's not 1996 awesome Hall, he's 2005 fat out of shape bad worker dull on the mic Hall.

The handicap match. I didn't like the concept of this. You wnat to make Abyss look like a monster. Fair enough. You need your tag team champions to look strong though. So, you make them look like they can't overcome one man despite being the best tag team you have. Not a smart move in my eyes. Abyss could have won a handicap match against Lovett & Quartermain or something. Having him do so against your tag team champions was a bad move.

AJ running in was fine but why do the best tag team you have need to be saved from one man, by a tiny little guy? You've now got three on one against Abyss. Abyss, Styles, Brown, Outlaw, AMW all brawling could have made a lot of sense with everything else going on. I just thoght the mechanics of how you got to that point were all wrong.

Daniels mic work before the main event was okish. It didn't quite fit right with me but it was ok. Daniels isn't always easy to pull off.

Ok, so Daniels wins thanks to Hall. That bit's ok. Hall has problems with Waltman apparently. Nash comes out and they start exchanging fists. If Hall wouldn't attack Nash at the PPV, why will he now?

The 6 man main event for next week's show looks interesting though and should be a good solid tv show main event.

So, err, there, tta's what I think so far. I think there's a lot to work on. You're sort of capturing the feel of TNA ok at the moment but I'm not so keen on the booking of it. There's a lot of intricacies that are kind of off. TNA's booking is a bit nonsensical and illogical at times, and you're doing the same to an extent. Try to think a bit more about why people are getting involved, and how the actions of someone in relation to a match or beatdown will make that person look afterwards. Is it getting a guy over? It is making someone look to weak? Think about how each action reflects on everyone involved a bit more and I htink you'll be moving in the right direction...

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

Thanks Jayden. That will help me out alot. Sorry about the Nash/Hall thing and I have a direction for D-Ray. I will take all of your points into consideration

TNA News and Notes:

- NWA:TNA Impact got a 35.6 rating with 4,227 people at the show. Another 238,867 people watched the show from home.

- TNA Super Star Kevin Nash has been offered a contract by PRO Wrestling: NOAH. TNA has given him a counter offer.

- Jerry Lynn has been offered a pay per appearance contract with IWC-Dojo. Lynn has expressed to TNA management his intentions of getting back in the ring. We will have to wait and see if he receives his wish or he goes to the dojo.

TNA Xplosion preview!

At Lockdown Scott Hall attacked everyone in the ring except for his former tag team partner Kevin Nash. Last week on Impact Kevin Nash came to the defense of his friend Sean Waltman by beating up Scott Hall. What is going through the head of the big man? Find out in an exclusive sit down interview.

In the Main Event, wrestling vetern and CHIKARA legend Mike Quackenbush makes his debut, taking on a man who just can’t catch a break recently.. David Young.

All this plus:

- Raven will be action

- An announcement from the NWA Committee about Hard Justice

And much much more, check your local listings for time and channel for the best wrestling action around the world. Only in Total Non Stop Action Wrestling!

WWE News and Notes

- Jerry “The King” Lawler has left the WWE unexpectedly to book for IWA:Puerto Rico. We are not sure the reason for this but more to you as we get it.

- Danny Basham resigned with the WWE.

- Chad Patton and Jim Ross have been seen hanging out together on the road and have become good friends lately. Ross is impressed with the knowledge the young referee has.

- Kurt Angle will be appearing on Off The Record on May 23 2005

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Guest Rich F

One thing that jumped out at me

West: Strong words from the Tag Team Champs but if anyone has the skills to back up their mouth, its Americas Most Wanted.

Borash: Thank you Scott, those were strong words Shane what do you think about Kash’s statement?

Douglas: Those were pretty strong words but if anyone can do it, its Kid Kash. He has the attitude, the work ethic and the skill to become of the greatest. He’s no franchise but he can be great.

I don't watch a lot of TNA, so I don't know if this is common, but it just seems odd for everyone to be using the same phrase. It certainly doesn't help differentiate the characters of the announcers - and I'm assuming that is an intention given your use of them.

Full marks of the West oversell, though you may want to tone this down over time, or have someone rip on it aka Hype Central.

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

Thanks Rich, I didn't mean or notice that I was doing that. I took into consideration everyone's comments, I hope you see this as an improvement.

TNA Xplosion!

Borash: Hello folks welcome to this edition of Xplosion, on this episode we will have a special sit down interview with Kevin Nash. Mike Quackenbush will be making his debut and Raven will be in action.

Douglas: Raven a man I’ve fought many times in my career, weather it was in ECW or here in TNA, Raven is one tough cookie. Also I’m interested in what the big man has to say after Impact, when he and his former partner Scott Hall brawled, after a match between Christopher Daniels and Sean Waltman.

Borash: You won’t have to wait long, Shane. We are going to show the interview between Mike Tenay and Kevin Nash, shot earlier today. Right now.

We cut to the interview.

Tenay: Hello fans of TNA, I am Mike Tenay here with Kevin Nash. And the question everybody wants to know is what’s going on with your former partner in crime, Scott Hall?

Nash: Well you know, Tenay, I have no idea what’s going on with Scott. I’ve tried to call him, I’ve tried to talk to him in the back, he won’t respond to me. He hasn’t talked to anybody in quiet sometime, I just want to help him but if he’s going to refuse my help there is nothing I can do.

Tenay: What was going on through your head last Friday on Impact when you went after Scott Hall?

Nash: I didn’t want to go after Scott Hall, he’s my friend, he’s been my friend for a long time. We have been through thick and thin together but if he’s going to go out there and attack Sean Waltman, another one of my friends for the past ten years, then he has a problem with me as I’m concerned. It would be a pleasure for me to kick his ass and knock some sense back in to him. I’d rather not but if that’s what it comes down to then that’s what I will have to do.

Tenay: Are challenging Scott Hall to a wrestling match? How bout at Hard Justice, TNA’s May Pay Per View?

Nash: I will fight him any where, any time. All you have to do is sign the dotted line, Scott. You should know better then anyone how dangerous I am.

Tenay: Thank you Kevin Nash, good luck in the future.

Nash and Tenay shake hands and the camera fades to black.


Borash: Welcome back, folks we are going to go the ring.

Douglas: Here comes David Young, it sucks to be a in losing streak like that, well I think. I’m the Franchise JB I’d never go on a losing streak past, one match. Possibly two if I was sick.

Borash: What the? What’s he doing out here?

Kid Kash hit’s the ring and attacks David Young, he blasts him with a chair and rolls him out of the ring. Kash grabs a microphone.

Its amazing how people forget about you here in TNA. Last week I come out here and beat one of TNA’s most promising prospects and how do I get repaid? By becoming a spectator? You give this guy Mike Quackenback or whatever the hell his name is a match and the K.I.D can’t get a match? I told you last week I’m sick of guys I’ve never heard of, nobody’s in this industry fighting before you allow the truth talent of the world to wrestle. Somebody get your ass out here, Quackenbook, Riley, Hardy, anyone.

Kash throws down the microphone and awaits an opponent.

Borash: Kash laying down a challenge!

Mike Quackenbush makes his way out to the ring, the crowd is basically silent, not knowing much about this indy worker.

Borash: Quackenbush, showing no fear in his debut, going up against a confident Kash.

Douglas: I don’t think that’s a good idea, Jeremy. Kid Kash is an amazing wrestler and he has a point to prove. I’d hate to be Mr. Mike Quackenbush right now, personally.

The referee rings the bell and the two man begin to size each other up, circling to there rights. This goes on for about a minute before Kash turns around and yells at the crowd. He puts his right hand up for a test of strength and Quack gives in and puts his hand out, Kash with a quick kick to the stomach followed by a running knee lift, knowing Quack down. Kash takes the time to taunt the fans, while waiting Mike to get up. Mike gets to his feet and Kash grabs him whipping into the ropes, Kash goes for a dropkick but Quackenbush is able to hold on to the ropes. Kash gets to his feet, using the ropes to pull him up, Quackenbush lands a beautiful looking dropkick sending him over the rope and to the floor. Mike goes to the ropes and goes to the outside but Kash uses his speed to slide back in to the ring and he points to his head, implying he outsmarted Mike. Quackenbush climbs back on to the apron but Kash knocks him right back off again with a knee, sending him into the guard rail. Kash runs off the far ropes and springboards off the rope hitting his famous dropkick! Both men are down, and remain down until the ref reaches a 6 count, Kash is able to stumble to his feet and roll Mike back into the ring, he goes for the pin, but there’s a kick out at 2.Kash stays on the offensive applying an armbar, wearing down the arm. The K.I.D applies more pressure by jumping up and down, bring that arm down with force as he does. Quackenbush punches Kash with his open palm, again and again to break the hold. Quackenbush picks Kash up and hit’s the tiger driver! He grabs his arm as he is obvious pain and slowly goes for the pin, already wasting 4 seconds, Kash kicks out at 3. Kid Kash knocks Quackenbush down with a dropkick and heads to the top rope, Quackenbush begins getting up, he turns around and Hurricanrana. But Quackenbush rolls throws and holds on to the legs of Kash. One, two, three! Quackenbush steals the victory right out of the grasp of Kid Kash!

Borash: What an upset folks! Mike Quackenbush looks very impressive in his first match here in Total Non Stop Action.

Douglas: Sometimes it doesn’t matter what happens until the last few seconds and that never has been more truer then it is right now. Kid Kash looks infuriated JB.

Kash is going crazy in the right, kicking the ropes and assaulting the referee.

Borash: Hey, Hey, stop that, this is totally unnecessary.

Douglas: Are you going to stop him JB? He didn’t get his point across in the ring so he’s doing it now.

Borash: We will be right back folks, with the main event, Raven vs. Buck Quartermain. Somebody get out here and stop this man!


A video is playing as we come back, It shows highlights of Abyss vs. Styles from the “Lockdown” Pay Per View, it then shows the Abyss attacked Styles, Abyss and AMW battling, Styles attacking Abyss and finally AMW and Styles battling Abyss, The Outlaw and Monty Brown from last weeks impact. At the end it says This week, only on Impact, AJ Styles and Americas Most Wanted vs. Abyss, The Outlaw and “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown.

Raven is just stepping into the ring as we come back, Quartermain is already there. Raven attacks Quartermain with right fist, and eventually irish whipping him into the corner. Raven follows that up with a running knee lift to the chest. Quartermain falls down flat on his face. Raven picks him up and goes for the Raven Effect.

Quartermain wraps his arms around Raven and takes him down, in a spear like move. The fans begin to cheer as Quartermain lays on top of Raven throwing fist. Raven rolls Quartermain over and begins punching him in the face. Raven returns to his feet and stalks Quartermain. As Buck gets to his feet Raven hit’s a Russian leg sweep, taking him down again. Raven sits up and gives the crucifix sign. He rolls over and goes for a pin but there’s a kick out at one. Raven again gets to his feet and Stalks Quartermain, who ducks a clothesline attempt by Raven and follows that up by sliding behind Raven, applying a sleeper. Buck has the move locked in the center of the ring as Raven begins to back peddle and smashes Buck right in to the corner, forcing him to release the hold. Buck is winded as he walks out of the corner right into a Raven effect DDT. Raven picks up the victory.

Borash: Raven comes out with a win, but Buck Quartermain was impressive.

Douglas: It doesn’t matter how impressive you are if you don’t pick up the victory. The key is to be impressive and pick up the victory like The Franchise did.

Borash: Thanks for tuning in, we will see you next week! Be sure to tune into TNA Impact, this Friday.

Douglas: Styles, Harris and Storm vs. Abyss, Brown and Outlaw…

The show is ended.

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

TNA News and Notes:

- TNA Xplosion drew 18,992 viewers to thier television sets, another 2,571 attended the show which got an overall rating of 32.7

- PWF-NE Valet Natalia has signed a contract with TNA and has been assigned to the academy joining Lance Hoyt. HWA worker Jenelle Sinclair has also signed a contract and was optioned to the Academy, Koko Mansaur is the 3rd worker to be added this week.

- Former superstars Julio Dinero and Alter Boy Luke have been brought back to the company, as of right now nobody knows what role they will play with the company. Chandler McClure and Jason Blade have also been signed. This is believe to be that TNA is searching for cheaper talent, in the lower cards so they aren’t paying guys to much to be squashed.

- There has been a slew of signing as we have reported but there are still many signing TNA has not announced, we will give you the names as we received them. The only spoiler we have so far is that a former WWE tag team has been signed.

- More people signed and relocated to the Academy by TNA, those people include: Paul E. Normus and Chris Idol

TNA Impact preview

Last week, during Americas Most Wanted vs. Abyss, AJ Styles came out to help contain the monster who was destroying the tag team champions. This triggered Monty Brown and The Outlaw to come down and soon all 6 man brawled in the ring. DOA Dusty Rhodes made it his priority to make a 6 man tag this week on Impact!

Also  a number one contenders match will be taking place, the winner gets a shot at “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels at the upcoming Pay Per View. Team Canada member Petey Williams will have his hands full when he goes head to head against the master of the 630 splash Jerelle Clark.

Plus how will Scott Hall respond to the comments from Kevin Nash? Will he accept the challenge? Will he finally break his silence? Find out tonight on Impact!

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Guest smygba

matches are much better, but you still got some problems from before, like a limited vocab. there was a line for tenay which was poor which i lost while talkng to you on AIM lol.

jayden pointed out some of the storyline loop holes your having. your gotta keep with the characters your working with, and create any relationships on here clearly so that people don't get confused.

but in general still getting better at least.

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

TNA Impact!

Tenay: Hello everybody, we are only 16 days away from TNA’s Hard Justice, and what a show it is shaping up to be. The NWA World Title will be on the line when Champion Jeff Jarrett takes on AJ Styles! The tag titles will be on the line when the number one tag team in the world today, Americas Most Wanted take on Monty Brown and The Outlaw. Jeff Hardy will take on the mysterious Trytan!

West: That’s not all folks, X-Division Champion, Christopher Daniels will take on the winner of the Petey Williams, Jerelle Clark, NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS MATCH!! TONIGHT! AND WHAT ABOUT KEVIN NASH’S CHALLENGE MIKE? WILL SCOTT HALL ACCEPT.  WE WILL FIND OUT TONIGHT.

Tenay: In addition to the number one contenders match we will see The Outlaw, Monty Brown and Abyss taking on AJ Styles, and the World Tag Team Champions, Chris Harris and James Storm, AMW! This isn’t on my schedule, an unexpected appearance from Kid Kash.

Kid Kash gets in the ring microphone in hand. Kash begins to speak.

This is a message for Dusty Rhodes, from the talent, from the K.I.D, Kid Kash. Dusty I want a match against Mike Quackenback. If your back there right now Quack, get your ass out here. Tuesday was a fluke and that will never happen again. Kid Kash doesn’t lose, let alone to some unknown. Sign the match Dusty!

The fans begin to cheer and the camera cuts to the entrance.


Jerry Jarrett begins to speak, I want to let you, and the rest of the world know something, Dusty Rhodes is no longer in charge of TNA Wrestling. He still is in a role of power with the company but that power is now split with in the company. The NWA Committee is now in charge. Members on the committee are Dusty Rhodes, Terry Taylor, Harley Race and myself Jerry Jarrett. There is one spot available and that spot will be filled at a later date.

Kash cuts Jarrett off saying yeah I’m glad for you and your stupid committee but what does it have to do with Kid Kash. Are you going to give me my match old man or do I have to beat you into it?

Jerry gets a little angrier as he begins to speak. You have your match Kid Kash, in 16 days, at Hard Justice you meet Mike Quackenbush again and I hope he defeats you again.

Kash gets infuriated and steps out of the ring, Jarrett hurries to the back as Kash begins to chase him.

Tenay: Another match has been added to Hard Justice! The NWA committee of Jerry Jarrett, Terry Taylor, Dusty Rhodes and Harley Race have made Kid Kash against Mike Quackenbush.

West: Hard Justice just keeps getting better and better by the minute Mike! KID KASH VS. MIKE QUACKENBUSH! THIS PAY PER VIEW IS EASILY BECOMING THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME.

Tenay: I agree Don, Hard Justice will be great, lets take you to the back where Shane Douglas is awaiting the arrival of Scott Hall!

We cut to the back where Shane Douglas is standing near the door that reads exit.

Douglas: Scott Hall has pulled up and it will only be seconds, literally seconds before he walks into this door. We will ask the questions that Tenay, West and Borash are scared to ask. We will get the answers that only the Franchise can get.

Scott Hall walks through the door.

Scott Hall, I would like to get a quick word with you. What is your reaction to the challenge Kevin Nash laid down to you, three days ago on Xplosion?

Hall: Hey Yo

Douglas: What the? What happened over there? Hey! What’s goin’ on?

The camera does a complete 180 degree turn around and moves down the hallway, we see Buck Quartermaine, Shark Boy, Lex Lovett and Jerelle Clark. Shane Douglas yells for EMT’s as we see Jason Cross laying on the ground, covered in his own blood.


Tenay: I’m not sure, Don but we have to go to commercial when we come back, we’ll have an interview with Petey Williams and Team Canada coach, Scott D’Amore.


We come back from commercial and Scott D’Amore is standing with Petey Williams. D’Amore begins to speak. The TNA Committee has put, Petey Williams in a mach against Jerelle Clark, a Canadian legend against a Florida jobber. I am one hundred percent confident that Petey Williams will win this match that’s why I am adding a stipulation this match. If Petey loses, he is out of Team Canada!

Petey looks shocked as he turns around and looks at D’Amore.

Don’t worry Petey, you’ll win this match. But I have to give you some kind of motivation, don’t you remember in the early 70’s? The Canadians were dominating the NHL, but when they played the Whitby Wild it was a whole different story. The NHL all stars couldn’t be the Canadians but Whitby could, because they lacked focus. You’re not going to lack focus out there, you have a reason to win this match. Now lets go do it!

Tenay: Welcome back folks, we are now joined by the X Division Champion, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels.

Daniels: it’s a pleasure to be here, Don and Mike. I have done my homework on both these guys. The world knows the talent of Petey Williams but what you may not know is, Jerelle Clark is one of the best X Division workers on this planet. You think your amazed by his 630 splash Tenay? That’s only the beginning for this guy. He’s a lot better then anybody thinks. Maybe if you did you’re homework as much as The Fallen Angel you would know.

West: Which one of these guys would you rather face at Hard Justice?

Scott D’Amore and Petey Williams begin making there way down to the ring where Clarke is already waiting. The announcers continue to talk.

Daniels: I wouldn’t chose to fight one guy over another because Christopher Daniels has beat everyone and anyone that steps into that ring. From Japan to Mexico. From America to Canada there is no one better.

D’Amore points at Daniels with a hockey stick and utter something, Daniels stands up and put his hands out asking if he has a problem. D’Amore doesn’t stop instead continues to lead his man to the ring.

Tenay: Lets go to the ring for some great X-Division action.

As soon as Williams stepped in the right Clark ambushed him, knocking him down and stomping on him. Williams rolls out of the ring and talks some strategy with his coach. Williams rolls back in to the ring and again Clark attacks him, with kicks to the ribs, and again Williams rolls out and talks with his coach. As they are talking Clark runs off the far ropes and does a summersault over the top rope landing on both Williams and D’Amore

West: WHAT A MOVE BY JERELLE CLARK! Taking down both Petey Williams and Scott D’Amore.

Daniels: That is what I was talking about, this guy has an unlimited arsenal of moves.

Clark is the first to his feet and he rolls Williams under the bottom rope, he then gets on the apron and waits for Petey to get to his feet. Petey begins to get up  but D’Amore grabs the leg of Clark and Williams hit’s a running drop kick to knock him out of the ring. Williams distracts the referee as D’Amore puts the boots to Clark, getting booed loud by fans. He rolls Clark in the ring and Petey goes for the pin. Only a two count as Clark raises his shoulder off the mat. Petey taunts the crowd and then waits for Clark to get to his feet again, as Clark gets to his feet, Williams charges with a clothesline. It misses as Clark goes under and hits him with a sweeping back kick, taking his legs out. Clark goes to the top rope and signals for the 630 splash, D’Amore bangs on the mat and yells at Petey to get up. When that doesn’t work D’Amore pushes Clark off the rope and on to the rope, straddling himself. Petey pulls him off the top rope and hit’s a belly to back suplex. Williams start to put on a sharpshooter but Clark is to close to the ropes and the ref calls for him to break. Petey breaks the hold and then gets in the face of the referee. Clark charges at Petey but he moves and Clark hit’s the referee with a dropkick on an accident.

Daniels: That’s the ring awareness. Not every wrestler has great ring awareness like that. That comes with experience Mike.

Clark turns around and Petey kicks him in the stomach he sets him for the Canadian Destroyer but Scott D’Amore enters the ring and hits Petey Williams in the head with the hockey stick. He puts Clark over Williams as the ref makes the 3 count.


Tenay: That was no accident. Scott D’Amore attacked, Petey Williams. Jerrelle Clark goes on to face Christopher Daniels at Hard Justice.

Daniels stands up and looks at Clark as he walks past him, staring at The Fallen Angel. He throws down his head set and shakes hands with Tenay and West before walking off.

Daniels: It was pleasure.

Tenay: Here comes Bobby Roode, maybe he can sort out what just happened.

Bobby Roode attacks Petey Williams with stomps and leg drops. D’Amore joins in and soon so does Al Ralphz and Eric Young, the 4 man continue to beat down on Petey. Young and Al hold him up as Roode taks him back down with the Northern Lariat.

West: Well Mike, D’Amore did say if Petey lost he would be out of Team Canada but why did he want Petey Williams out of Team Canada?

Tenay: We have to take our last commercial break of the telecast, when we come back Shane Douglas will get a word with Scott Hall and the main event.



Tenay: Welcome back folks, lets go to the back where Shane Douglas is with Scott Hall.

Douglas: Scott Hall, Sorry about what happened earlier in the day when we tried to get a word with you. But now lets get down to business. What is your response to the challenge laid down by Kevin Nash?

Hall: What is my answer chico? Everyone’s been asking me what is my answer ever since Tuesday. People coming up to me in the bar. People calling my house. But one call, one special call changed my mind of what I was gonna say. I was gonna say that I decline the challenge.

The fans boo in the arena

But.. But

Scott Pauses

With a smile he says I still decline the challenge. But I have someone who wants to fight Kevin Nash, and if Kevin Nash wants to fight then he can have his little fight.

Douglas: Who wants to fight Kevin Nash?

Hall: You really wanna know? Then pay attention to the Pay Per View, that is, if Kevin Nash is man enough to except the challenge.

Hall walks away from the interview

Douglas: Well there you have Mike. Lets go back to you.

Tenay: So Scott Hall answers a challenge with another challenge? That’s the first time I’ve ever seen that.

West: Who could it be? Who could Scott Hall get to fight Kevin Nash? Is it someone one the roster?

Tenay: I’m not sure Don, but lets go to the ring for the Main Event.

Styles and AMW are just getting in to the ring as we cut back to them. Jeremy Borash gives us a boxing like announcement. Going through each man in the ring as they stand to his left and right respectively. Harris and Brown start the match off with a lock up. Brown simply out muscles the much smaller Harris and backs him into his own corner. A surprising clean break by Brown as he points and Storm. Harris tags Storm into the ring and Storm locks up with Brown, Brown pushes him in to the corner and looks as if he’s going to break clean before smacking him. Storm charges Brown and is hit with a clothesline. Brown stays on the offensive mounting on the top of Storm and hitting punches. Monty reaches up and tags in Abyss. Storm uses the ropes to get up as he is clearly winded and Abyss stalks him, picking him up with one hand by his throat and throwing him across the ring. Storm reaches up, to go for a tag but Abyss steps on his hand before he is able to reach his partners. Styles and Harris hit Abyss, the ref goes to break that up as The Outlaw steps into the ring and pulls Storm back towards his corner. Storm fights him off, knocking him out of the ring and then, knocking Brown off the apron. He runs across the ring to his corner but runs into Abyss who hit’s the black hole slam.

Instead of going for the tag Abyss tosses Storm into the corner and Harris tags himself in. Abyss puts one of his hands up to test of strength Harris puts one of his hands up but doesn’t lock up as he kicks the monster and then bounces off the rope, hitting a running clothesline. Abyss is reeling back and forth as Harris again runs towards him knocking him down with a spear. Harris tags in AJ Styles who hit’s a spring board drop kick from the apron to the other side of the ring as Abyss is laying in the corner.

West: WHAT A MOVE BY AJ STYLES! That is why he is the phenomenal one!

The fans begin to get into the match cheering loudly as Styles goes to the opposite corner of Abyss and runs at him, jumping and stepping on his face. Abyss uses both his hands to push up Styles feet and send him over the top rope. Styles uses his quickness and agility to land on the top turnbuckle. Abyss gets up and turns around right into a flying dropkick, its knocks Abyss back in to the ropes but again he doesn’t go down. Styles runs at him but Abyss catches him with a flap jack, making Styles land right on his face. Styles is grabbing his head as he is irished whipped into the corner. Abyss reaches over and tags in to Monty Brown. Abyss uses his foot to choke Styles in the corner as Brown kicks him in the stomach repeatedly. Americas Most Wanted try to get into the ring but the referee cuts them off, The Outlaw then steps into the ring, he and Brown hit a double suplex. The referee turns around and Outlaw makes the pin. Only a two count as Styles kicks out. Outlaw misses a clothesline and is hit with a dropkick. Styles is so wounded that he can’t get back up

The fans begin to cheer as both men go for the tag, Outlaw is able to get to Abyss as Styles is close to making the tag to Harris, Abyss gets there just in time and pulls him away. He hits an elbow drop then makes Styles get to his feet pulling him by his hair. Styles hit’s a weak kick in desperation but it doesn’t faze the big man. An Irish whip sends Styles into the corner. Abyss charges and goes for a Spear but Styles is able to get high enough in the air where Abyss misses and hits his shoulder on the ring post. He yells out in pain. Styles goes for the tag, when he is close Monty Brown comes into the ring! Styles makes the hot tag and Storm gets into the ring, the referee turns around and makes Storm get out of the ring as he did not see what just happened.

Abyss makes a tag to The Outlaw who comes in and immediately begins working over Styles hitting a pile driver that seen Styles head just bounce off the mat violently. Outlaw taunts the fans and then goes to the corner of Americas Most Wanted and he points in there faces, when they try to get into the ring the ref is again there to send them back to the corner. Monty Brown comes in and hit’s the Pounce! Styles is laid out. Abyss hit’s a black hole slam and Styles is not moving at all as Outlaw made the cover.

It took the ref a few more seconds to turn around but when he did he only made a two count. Outlaw is disgusted as he bangs on the mat and looks at his team mates in disbelief. Styles dropkicks Outlaw into the Abyss knocking the big man down. From the middle of the ring, AJ dives to his corner and connects with the hand of Harris. Harris gets in the ring and cleans house, knocking Outlaw down with a slam which makes Brown enter the ring, he is hit with a few right fist and then sent to the floor. A spear sends Abyss to the floor through the middle rope. Storm is now in the ring as they begin to double team, Storm sets Outlaw up for the catatonic as Harris climbs to the top rope. The Abyss pushes Harris off the top rope to the floor and begins to assault him.

Storm lets go of Outlaw and is attacked by Brown they to end up on the outside of the ring. The four men are brawling on the outside as Styles gets into the ring. He goes for a kick but Outlaw is to smart as he grabs the foot of Styles only to be hit with the Enziguri. Styles lifts him up and puts him in position for the Styles Clash. He gets him up and then Jeff Jarrett hits him with the guitar! The ref calls for the bell as this is one of over by DQ.

AMW is laid out on the outside and Jarrett, Outlaw and Brown hold up each others hand, celebrating in the middle of the ring together. Abyss looks angry as he walks from the ring area to the back.

West: Could this be the final scene at the end of Hard Justice?

Tenay: AJ Styles had The Outlaw set up for the Styles clash this one was over. We have to go folks, we hope you enjoyed this weeks edition of TNA Impact! Only on FSN.

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt


- Chase Stevens has resigned with the company. TNA didn’t want to lose Stevens as him and partner Andy Douglas are one of the hottest young tag teams in the world today. That makes Trinity the only person on the TNA roster who’s contract is coming to an end this month

- Last week's TNA Impact show got an overall rating of 43.5%. 281,780 viewers watched the show from there homes via Television and another 1885 attended the show.

- More people signed and reported to the Academy. It will be four female wrestlers this time as Echelon, Crystal Carmichael, Jillian Love, and Japanese Export Yumi Ohka all report for duty.

- Former WCW wrestler, Evan Karagias has signed a deal with TNA. Karagias is a very good light weight worker and may fit in well with the X Division.

- Dr. Love has signed with TNA, partner Charlie Dreamer signed earlier in the week, completing The Dream Lovers tag team. A North Carolina Indy working team.

Hard Justice Updated card

Trytan vs. Jeff Hardy

Jerelle Clark vs. Christopher Daniels - X Division Title

Mike Quackenbush vs. Kid Kash

AMW vs. The Outlaw and Monty Brown - NWA World Tag Titles

Jeff Jarrett vs. AJ Styles - NWA World Title match

TNA Xplosion Preview

With TNA’s Pay Per View Hard Justice just twelve days away and the NWA committee has an announcement to make regarding another match that will take place at this Pay Per View. What will the match be and who will be involved in that match?

In action we will see the mysterious Trytan taking on Apolo who is yet to be defeated since returning to TNA. We haven’t seen Trytan since two weeks ago when he put Jeff Hardy through a table. What role will Jeff Hardy play in this match?

Elix Skipper will be in action as he is out to prove that he is pound for pound the greatest wrestler on the planet and has made a challenge to the TNA locker room.

All this and much much more.. only on Xplosion

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Matt, like I tell you when we talk on AIM and through around ideas, I'm liking how you've progressed with this. Keep it up it's looking pretty good. I really like the addition of the women, although they're in the academy it shows future prospect. I also like the way you're using what you have to work with and when you do sign you don't pick up WWE left-overs.

On the flip-side the shows are written differently and well, but I just have a problem getting into the format. I like how you do it as it fits the way you write everything out, but it's just tough to keep up sometimes with the way it's written as a story, not segmented.

All in all you're doing good on this one, keep it up. Oh and I love the Petey Williams situation. Maybe one day we could see an interesting Petey Williams/Raven storyline of some sort.

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  • 4 weeks later...
Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

TNA Xplosion!

Borash: Welcome to TNA Impact, on this show we will see Trytan take on Apolo and Elix Skipper has laid out an open challenge, once again claiming that he is pound for pound the greatest wrestler on this planet. The NWA committee will have an announcement regarding Hard Justice but first lets show you what transpired this past week on Impact! When Jeff Jarrett ended up costing Abyss and The NWA Elite the match against Americas Most Wanted and AJ Styles. 

Douglas: lets roll the footage.

A video is shown, during the video Douglas and Borash give you the play by play.

Douglas: As you can see Monty Brown, Chris Harris, James Storm and Abyss are all battling on the floor, while inside the ring AJ Styles is setting up for the Styles clash. The Outlaw is fighting it, not going down easy, like a true competitor. Styles finally has the move locked in and Outlaw is going is helpless, nothing he can do it all when that’s right the NWA champion, Jeff Jarrett enters the ring and smashes his guitar over the head of Styles, laying him down and out.

Borash: Jarrett defiantly  sending a message to the number one contender. But what about this Shane, while the three members of NWA Elite pose in the middle of the ring, Abyss walks off looking angry that Jarrett made them lose the match.

Douglas: Of coarse he’s mad JB, would you be mad if someone made you lose a match?

There is a moment of silence

Douglas: Uh.. Forget it, don’t answer that. Anyways lets get to the action.

Borash: Lets go to the ring, where Elix Skipper is ready to make his challenge.

Douglas: You know something JB, I like Primetime and I don’t know if there is a wrestler who is better pound for pound. At least not an active one, but back in his hey day, The Franchise was the cream of the crop. I’m sure you already know that though.

The camera cuts to the ring where Primetime Elix Skipper is standing in the ring, microphone in hand and beginning to speak:

For the past few days I laid down an open challenge to any one in the back who has the balls to face Prime Time. Nobody would accept the challenge, they know they can’t win in my house. I’ve heard the whispers in the back, how no one would fight me in my house. So I have taken the liberty of finding myself an opponent.

A man who needs no introduction, a man who has been trained by Dory Funk Jr. A man who has defeated AJ Styles, A man who has held half a dozen titles in this industry.

Borash: He’s beaten AJ Styles? Wow Shane.

Hell, this man has even defeated Raven for the E.W.F. World Title at one point in his career. But he has never beaten, Prime Time!

Douglas: Is it me? I didn’t accept a challenge.

Yeah that’s for damn sure. So without further ado, I bring to you, Halo.

Douglas: Halo?

Borash: Skipper bring in his own opponents to TNA, Shane? Is that allowed?

Douglas: When you are the best no one wants to fight you, so you have to take matters into your own hands. I respect the guy, he didn’t just walk to the back and gloat, he found his own opponent.

Halo makes his way down to the ring. Halo is a few inches taller then Skipper but he has no where near the superstar looks. (build)

Kentucky Jordan, the ref for this match signals for the bell and this one is under way. Halo goes straight to the offence, but Skipper circles to his left like a boxer. Halo begins following him to his left, suddenly Prime Time stops and hit’s a knee high drop kick, knocking the young man to the mat. Skipper puts a sit down sleeper, slowly sucking the air of Halo. Skipper releases the hold to go and taunt the crowd, Halo is able to get to his feet, Skipper turns around and charges, going for a cross body block. Halo ducks and Skipper ends up on the outside. Halo runs to the far ropes and comes back with a baseball slide, connecting with the jaw of Primetime. Halo tries to pick Skipper up to his feet, but Elix pushes Halo into the guard rail and goes for an Irish whipped but Halo blocks it with a stiff kick to the stomach, leaving Elix bent over. Halo climbs up to the guard rail and hit’s a tornado DDT that gets the fans off their feet.

Borash: Tornado DDT Shane, will Elix be able to get up after that?

Douglas: Very impressive by Hallow, or whatever his name is.

JB: You mean Halo.

Douglas: That’s what I said JB, whatever his name is.

Halo rolls into the ring and then rolls back out right away to stop the referees ten count. An Irish whip sends Elix into the guard rail back first and Halo follows that up with a spring board elbow attempt, that sends Halo over into the crowd after missing. Skipper walks away from the rail, only to come running back, jumping over the rail and hitting a spear. The fans are going crazy as security is trying to push them away. Skipper takes the action back to the ringside action and tosses Halo into the ring. Skipper climbs to the apron and waits, stalking Halo as he gets to his feet Skipper hit’s a springboard dropkick and quickly goes for the pin but there is a kick out at 2!

Borash: Close call there for Elix

Skipper climbs to the top rope and waits again for Halo to get to his feet and gets hit with a missle dropkick. Elix signals for the end and whips the young man into the corner, he sits him on the turnbuckle and goes to the other side of the ropes. Skipper walks them and hit’s the new school for the victory.

Borash: An impressive performance by Elix Skipper, but what a show Halo put on tonight Shane. I don’t know where Skipper found this kid but I hope he keeps him around.

Douglas: It was an ok performance JB, but in the end he lost. This is still Elix’s house and he’s still undefeated in his own mind.

JB: Lets go to commercial folks, still to come Apolo vs. Trytan.


We come back from commercial with a commercial for next months Pay Per View, Slammiversary. The commercial starts off with showing an old lady, and then a few kids and then finally Jeff Jarrett. They again show the lady, 3 years ago I was still working, now I’m retired. The two of the kids, three years ago we were in grammar school, where were you 3 years ago? Jarrett is next and he says I was wrestling for a promotion just getting its upstart in this business. They then show Kevin Nash, I was in what I thought I was the big time, but now I know what the real time is all about.

They then show highlights from the 3 years of TNA for about 40 seconds before the video says, Slammiversary, coming soon.

We go back to the announce set.

JB: So Shane, where were you 3 years ago?

Douglas: I wasn’t here that’s for sure, I was wrestling all around the globe from Japan to Canada. Everywhere. Whose desk were you under 3 years ago Borash?

Borash: Uh..

Douglas: Don’t be ashamed. You started at the bottom, Waaaay at the bottom.

Borash: with that note, lets go to the ring.

“King” Harley Race is standing in the ring, in a black suit with a white shirt, black tie. Race begins reading from a prepared statement.

On behalf of the NWA committee, I Harley Race am out here to announce another match for Hard Justice, which will be taken place on Sunday, May 29th, the match will include former Team Canada member Petey Williams taking on Team Canada. One by one, in a gauntlet match.  Also, Kevin Nash has until Friday to announce if he accepts or declines the proposal from Scott Hall. Another match will be announced before Friday so be sure to check the TNA website, to see who will battle for number a chance to face the winner of the AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett World Title match at Slammiversary. The two men are what the NWA is about, they are TNA. They have shed their blood, sweat and tears for the company for years and  we hope they will do it for years to come.

Borash: Petey Williams has to go through every member of Team Canada?

Douglas: I know Petey Williams is one tough cookie but to go through, Eric Young, Al Ralphz, Bobby Roode and Scott D’Amore on the same night is just insane.

Borash: But if anyone has the heart to do it, its Petey. What an amazing show Hard Justice is forming to be. What match are you most looking for Shane.

Douglas: Williams vs. Team Canada is a good one, but so is Americas Most Wanted vs. The NWA Elite, Styles vs. Jarrett will be exciting and how bout Kevin Nash vs. the mystery man? He must  have an answer on Friday or the match is cancelled. Also JB, who will be in the number one contenders match?

Borash: I don’t have a clue, I’ll have to check TNAWrestling.Com to find out. Don’t forget folks the website is TNAWrestling.com. We have to take one last commercial break, when we come back we will have the undefeated Apollo taking on Trytan.

Douglas: Trytan, the man who will be facing Jeff Hardy at Hard Justice.


We come back from commercial with Trytan and Apollo in a lock up position.

Borash: welcome back folks, the match has just started seconds ago.

Apollo uses his strength to back Trytan in to the corner, they release clean but Apollo hit’s a chop, getting “whooos” from the crowd. Trytan uses grabs Apollo and tosses him into the corner switching positions and hit’s a chop of his own, followed by another and another. With two hands Trytan lifts Apollo and tosses him by his throat into the middle of the ring. Apollo gets to his feet quickly taking down Trytan with a tackle and hit punches to his face as he covers up on the ground. The ref pushes Apollo off. And backs him into the corner. As soon as the ref, Andrew Thomas moves out of the way Trytan hit’s a clothesline knocking Apollo again into the corner. Isolating him from space. Apollo fights back, stunning the big man and knocks him backwards. A power slam is followed and a pin attempt! But there is a kick out at two.  Both men run off opposite ropes and hit each other with dual shoulder blocks but neither man budges.  They go back to try again and again no man budges. The third time is a charm as Apollo is able to rock the big man, sending him down as he rolls out the ring.

Borash: What a match Shane, neither man are giving up anything in that ring tonight.

Trytan walks around on the outside for a few seconds before Apollo decides to follow him. Trytan slides back into the ring and when Apollo tries he is caught with a  stomp followed by a few more stomps. He goes for a pin but Apollo is smart enough to reach his leg to the rope. Trytan gets into a top mount position and hammers away at Apollo. Jeff Hardy begins coming down the ramp.

Borash: Its Jeff Hardy, Hardy is here!

Douglas: What does he want? He has no business out here.

Trytan notices it and walks over to the ring near the ramp he stands behind the ropes and points at Hardy, Hardy walks right up to him and gets in his face, Trytan reach does to take a swipe but Jeff moves out of the way. As he turns around he his with the Rock Bottom by Apollo for the victory.

Douglas: Apollo stays undefeated since his return to TNA with the help of Jeff Hardy. A man who has had no business out here. I hope the committee is watching and does something about this.

Borash: Give me a break, a few weeks ago Trytan did the same thing to Jeff Hardy and you didn’t say a thing.

Douglas: That was then and this is now, little man.

Hardy gives Trytan the twist of fate, followed by a swanton bomb. Hardy walks Trytan up to the stage area and then throws him off through a table. The same thing that happened to him.

Borash: Hardy throws Trytan through the table.

Douglas: What is going on here? Why did Hardy do that to an innocent Trytan.

Borash: Its pay back Shane, its pay back. We have to go off the air folks, we’ll see you here next week. Its been a pleasure.

Douglas: This is insane!

Xplosion goes of the air.

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

TNA News and Notes

- In a shocking turn of events, TNA superstar Kevin Nash has left the company to join Japanese promotion, NOAH. This is a big loss for TNA as Nash was going to be on the upcoming Impact! TNA found out 2 weeks ago that NOAH wanted to sign Nash to an exclusive deal. TNA offered more money to stay with them, and Nash was believed to be coming back but Nash had a change of heart and decided to leave the company. It will be interesting to see where the company goes with the mystery man or if they will just write it off.

-Xplosion got a rating of 24.3, with 1819 attending the show and  22,056 viewers tuned into the show, that is a 3,000 viewer increase from last week. Showing that TNA is moving up in the wrestling world.

-TNA Bombshell Trinity has resigned with company.

- The number one contenders match for Hard Justice has been announced on TNAWrestling.com and the match will have Ron “The Truth” Killings taking on the returning Jerry Lynn. The reason for the company putting it on the website was to draw more people to the website.

- The Jeff Hardy vs. Trytan match at Hard Justice has been changed into a tables match with very special rules. To win the match, you must put your opponent through 3 tables. They do not have to be consecutive, if you hit a move where both guys go through the table, it counts against both men.

Hard Justice card looks like this:

Trytan vs. Jeff Hardy - Special Tables match

Jerelle Clark vs. Christopher Daniels - X Division Title

Team Canada vs. Petey Williams - Gauntlet

Mike Quackenbush vs. Kid Kash

Ron Killings vs. Jerry Lynn - Number one contendership match

AMW vs.  The Outlaw and Monty Brown - NWA World Tag Titles

Jeff Jarrett vs. AJ Styles  - NWA World Title match

Impact preview

Last week, Jeff Jarrett made a surprise appearance on Impact to cost AJ Styles and Americas Most Wanted the match against Abyss and The NWA Elite. This week on Impact the world Champion will be in action as he takes on Buck Quartermaine.

Making their debut will be Charlie Dreamer and Dr. Love, the tag team Dream Lovers who will be taking another two TNA rookies, “The Human Rulebook” Chandler McClure and David Babylon.

Scott Hall will also be at the arena to talk about the Kevin Nash situation.

All this and more, only on Impact!

WWE News and Notes

- Kurt Angle will be appearing on The Late Show on May 30 2005

-The May 19th edition of Smackdown looked like this

Interview with John Cena (87.4%)

Charlie Haas beat Mark Jindrak (68.9%)

Booker T beat Orlando Jordan (71.7%)

Eddie Guerrero beat Chavo Guerrero Jr (73.9%)

Big Show beat Kane (91.1%)

Interview with Booker T (79.0%)

John Cena beat John Bradshaw Layfield (85.6%)

Edited by Muthafawkkinmatt
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