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WWE: The Never Ending Story


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The basic's here, this will be and RAW and Smackdown diary done by me starting from this coming Thursday Smackdown Hope you enjoy!

The RAW Roster

Main Event

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'The Animal' Batista

Batista is currently a FACE and the current World Heavyweight Champion on the RAW brand. Batista also has 5 months left on his current contract. Batista has quickly rose up the charts and become a star in the WWE.

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'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels

HBK is currently a FACE on RAW. HBK is a legend and respected by many. It's amazing thats he's still kicking ass but he has tons of heart.

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'Money In The Bank' Edge

Edge is currently a HEEL. Edge is also another up and coming young star in the WWE after winning at WrestleMania he will get a World Heavyweight Title shot whenever he chooses and that can make Edge a even bigger star with the strap around his waist,

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'The Legend Killer' Randy Orton

Orton is currently a HEEL on RAW. Randy is another rising star, but after shoulder surgery he will miss 4-6 months but vows to make a quick recovery. Randy is amazing in the ring and he should be the face of the WWE for years to come once he returns.

'The Game' Triple H

The Game is currently a HEEL. Triple H, a 10 time World Champion and looking to possibly break Ric Flairs record of 14 time World Champion. HHH just lost the title to Batista but expect HHH to do everything in his power to get that title back as it the belt means more to him then life itself!

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'The Crippler' Chris Benoit

Benoit is currently a FACE. Benoit is just a machine when it comes to wrestling and puts on some great matches every night out there, Expect Benoit to also make an impact.


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'Y2J' Chris Jericho

Jericho is currently a FACE. A 7 time Intercontinental Champion and plenty of years ahead of him. Expect Jericho to carry the WWE on his back in years to come.

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'The Big Red Machine' Kane

Kane is currently a FACE. Kane is married to Lita on RAW as well. The Big Red Machine can snap at anytime and he could easily be the World Champion.

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'WWE's Greatest Athlete' Shelton Benjamin

Shelton is currently a FACE and the reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion. Shelton keeps getting heat for his IC Title and answers every challenge. Benjamin is a promising young star who you will continue to see for years to come.

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Christian is currently a HEEL. Christian is another young star who could easily be in the hunt for a World Title shot soon.


Eugene Dinsmore, FACE

Lita, FACE

Maven, HEEL

Muhammad Hassan, HEEL

Rob Conway, HEEL

Sylvain Grenier, HEEL

Tajiri, World Tag Team Champ, FACE

Trish Stratus, WWE Womens Champ, HEEL

William Regal, World Tag Team Champ, FACE

Gene Snitsky, HEEL

The Hurricane, FACE


Chris Masters, HEEL

Rosey, FACE

Simon Dean, HEEL

Tyson Tomko, HEEL

Victoria, FACE

Val Venis, FACE

Viscera, HEEL

Candice Michelle, FACE

Christy Hemme, FACE

Khosrow Daivari, HEEL

Ric Flair, HEEL

Stacy Keibler, FACE



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The Big Show

The Big Show is currently a FACE. Big Show is coming back from injury as well but will look to make an impact on SMACKDOWN!

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'Latino Heat' Eddie Guerrero

Eddie is currently a FACE and one half of the WWE Tag Team Champs. Eddie Guerrero was the champ not to long ago and is looking to regain that belt once again.

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'JBL' John Bradshaw Layfield

JBL is currently a HEEL. JBL just lost his title to John Cena at WrestleMania and now JBL, along with his Cabinet will look to regain the title.

'Dr. of Thuganomics' John Cena

John is currently a FACE and is the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Cena is one of the most popular superstars in the WWE and should be the future of the WWE.

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'Olympic Hero' Kurt Angle

Angle is currently a HEEL. Angle is a 1996 Olympic Gold medalist and one of the best wrestlers in the WWE. Angle has had some neck problems though but doens't look like it will stop him.

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'The Deadman' The Undertaker

Undertaker is currently a FACE. Undertaker has risen from the dead many times now and is still a fan favorite. No one wants to cross him.


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Booker T

Booker T is currently a FACE. Booker T's move to Smackdown hasn't gone as planned yet but expect Booker to make an impact soon!

Rey Mysterio Jr.

Rey is currently a FACE and one half of the WWE Tag Team Champs. Rey came so close to defeating JBL until his Tag Team partner Eddie Guerrero interfered. Rey is an up and coming star.

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'RVD' Rob Van Dam

RVD is currently a FACE. RVD is one of the most amazing athletes when it comes to wrestling and will do some stuff that will make your head spin!


Billy Kidman, HEEL

Charlie Haas, FACE

Chavo Guerrero, HEEL

John Heidenreich, HEEL

Luther Reigns, HEEL

Orlando Jordan, HEEL, WWE United States Champion

Rene Dupree, HEEL

Bubba Ray Dudley, HEEL

Carlito Caribbean Cool, HEEL

D-Von Dudley, HEEL


Akio, HEEL

Danny Basham, HEEL

Doug Basham, HEEL

Funaki, FACE

Kenzo Suzuki, HEEL

Mark Jindrak, HEEL

Nunzio, FACE

Paul London, FACE, WWE Cruiserweight Champ

Scotty 2 Hotty, FACE

Shannon Moore. FACE

Spike Dudley, HEEL

Hardcore Holly, FACE

Dawn Marie, HEEL

Hiroko, HEEL

Joy Gioavanni, FACE

Michelle McCool, FACE

Miss Jackie, FACE

Torrie Wilson, FACE

The first show will be WWE Smackdown, April 14th, 2005. A preview should be up soon!

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WWE Smackdown April 14th,2005

-Rumor has it that JBL has demanded a re-match with the WWE Heavyweight Champion John Cena! In JBL's contract it does clearly state that if he did indeed lose his title he could ask for a re-match for it anytime and JBL certainaly wants the shot this week at Smackdown and will get it.

-Another rumor flying around is that a person of authority will make an apperance on Smackdown! Who it is we don't know but we have heard that they will be making a huge annoucement on SMACKDOWN!

-The tournament will continue to see who will get the next shot at John Cena's World Title as Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero will square off against Kurt Angle in the tournament.

-All this and much more on SMACKDOWN!

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WWE Offical Smackdown Preview

-Akio vs. Nunzio

Two cruiserweights will hit the ring in singles action as Akio will square off with Nunzio. Both men are fighting there way to the top and maybe possibly get a shot at Paul London's WWE Cruiserweight title. This match can only get them one step closer.

-Rey Mysterio vs Kenzo Suzuki W/Hiroko

After Rey's disappointing loss last week from Eddie Guerrero's interference. Rey looks to rebound as he'll be up against Kenzo Suzuki in a Singles match. Will Rey's head be in the match or will it still be on the disappointing loss last week?

-Chavo Guerrero vs. Charlie Haas

After Chavo messed up Paul London last week, Chavo is set to do battle with Charlie Haas in a Singles match. Will London play a role in this match? We'll find out on SMACKDOWN!

-Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero

The next match in the tournament to decide who will get a shot at John Cena's WWE Heavyweight Title continues as Kurt Angle will battle with Eddie Guerrero. Eddie messed up his tag team partners chances last week interfereing in a match that Rey already had won! and Eddie messed it up on the 2 count. Can Eddie do enough to beat the Olympic Hero or is Kurt Angle on a mission to regain that Heavyweight Title.

-John Cena vs John Bradshaw Layfield, WWE Heavyweight Title Re-Match

JBL has been storming around the Smackdown offices of one Theodore Long demanding his re-match for the WWE Heavyweight Title that he deserves after losing at WrestleMania and JBL will get that. Even though JBL is still alive in the tournament he still wants his re-match and he will get it LIVE Thursday on SMACKDOWN!

-Another big rumor going around is that someone from the WWE Offices will be paying a visit to SMACKDOWN. For who it is we dont know, but we do know that person has an annoucement that will impact the entire WWE!!!!

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WWE: Smackdown April 14th, 2005

The Annoucement

We open up immediatley to the sound of "No Chance In Hell" as it can only be one man, the chairman of the WWE Vince McMahon! Vinnie Mac is greeted by some boo's as he makes his way down to the ring.

Vince McMahon: Tonight, I am out here for two big annoucements. The first annoucement concerns the entire Smackdown lockeroom. Today I received Theodore Long resignation papers as Smackdown GM. Now why Theodore Long resigned from Smackdown as GM I dont know why but all I know is I acted quickly and tonight folks your NEW Smackdown General Manager is man familar with the job. The man who ran the Extreme Championship....Wrestling. Your new General maanger is PAUL HEYMAN! *Fans give off a big Boo*...

But onto my second point of business tonight that concerns the entire WWE. On RAW, this Monday night both RAW and Smackdown Superstars will be in the house! *Fans cheer* because this Monday night each member of the RAW roster, and Smackdown roster will be placed inside of the turning wheel and 5 members of the current RAW roster will switch to Smackdown, and Smackdown superstars will switch to RAW! So a total of 10 men or women will be changing jobs and going to the other brand. Everyone is up for grabs besides any champions. So John Cena, Batista, Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio...and the rest of the WWE Champions your jobs are safe for NOW!

"No Chance in Hell" kicks up again as Vinnie Mac makes his way back to the back! What a shocking annoucement, 5 men or women from RAW and 5 men or women from Smackdown will be switching places on RAW monday night!


JBL is a little fired up tonight

John Bradshaw Layfield: What the hell were you guys doing at WrestleMania huh? You guys couldn't help me keep my WWE Heavyweight Title!!!! Now it's around the waist of that punk John Cena! But you know what I believe in second chances. You guys will get your second chance tonight and YOU BETTER NOT SCREW THIS ONE UP! Tonight, is my re-match with John Cena for the WWE Heavyweight Title and that WWE Heavyweight Title is coming back to My Cabinet!

Orlando Jordan: Dont worry JBL, me and the Bashams we got your back tonight and we'll make sure that WWE Title is back where it belongs.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Your damn right it will be back where it belongs! Cena has no idea what he has gotten himself into.

JBL, Orlando Jordan, and the Bashams are all shown laughing and smiling over the thought of getting the WWE Heavyweight Championship back on there side but we'll see what John Cena will have to say about that!


Akio vs. Nunzio

Two Smackdown Cruiserweights are set to do battle as out came Nunzio first to cheers from the crowd. Both of these men are at the bottom of the Cruiserweight ladder right now but with some impressive showings could quickly move up that ladder. Akio then came down to some boos from the crowd as he charged down the ramp and slid into the ring catching Nunizo off guard and Akio went to work on him with some right hands before a hitting a quick drop kick. Akio was pretty much in control in the early going but the crowd really got behind Nunzio. Nunzio whipped Akio into the ropes and jumped on and hit a huricaranna on Akio! Nunzio went for the quick pin 1...2.. kick out by Akio. Akio got up quickly though and threw Nunzio into the ropes and rolled Nunzio up in a quick pin only to get a 2 count. Akio then pulled Nunzio up to deliever some right hands to the face before tossing Nunzio into the ropes to a hit him with a kick to the stomach and a body slam. Akio then went up to the top rope and jumped and nailed a perfect body splash! Akio then stood up and played to the crowd as they booed him then he went for the pin 1.....2.... KICK OUT BY NUNZIO. Akio cant believe it with the shock in his eyes. He quickly pulls Nunzio up and delievers some more right hands. He tosses Nunzio into the ropes and runs at him for a clothesline but Nunzio ducks and Nunzio comes flying back at Nunzio but Akio is quick to it and hits a Droptoe Kick knocking Nunzio down to the mat. Akio then picked Nunzio up and hit a swinging neck breaker in the corner. Akio quickly went up to the top rope...450 CORKSCREW SPLASH! Connects! 1....2....3! Akio picks up the victory!

Winner: Akio by a 450 Corkscrew Splash


Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero Later Tonight

Josh Mathews Tonight, I am joined by WWE Smackdown Superstar Kurt Angle and Kurt tonight you will take on Eddie Guerrero in your first round match of the tournament to decide who will get a shot at John Cena and his WWE Heavyweight Championship. What are your thoughts going into this one Kurt?

Kurt Angle: My thoughts huh? Well Josh it's not that hard to freakin figure out! Im going to beat Eddie Guerrero tonight like I have done in the past. Eddie can't beat me and he knows it. See all Eddie Guerrero is another stone in my way to getting what I want. What I want is another shot at the WWE Heavyweight title.

Josh Mathews: Well what about last week when Eddie Guerrero interfered in Rey Mysterio's match with JBL? Do you think Rey will get involved tonight?

Kurt Angle: Are you kidding me Josh? Rey Mysterio? Ha! Rey doesn't even deserve to be in the same ring as a guy like me. Hell Eddie Guerrero doesn't even deserve to be in a ring with me for that matter. Im not scared of Rey, if anything hes going to want to get revenge on Eddie and I hope he does just that so I can get the easy win into the second round!


Rey Mysterio and JBL Last Week...

Speaking of last week after Kurt Angle's interview completed a video begins to play of last weeks match between Rey Mysterio and John Bradshaw Layfield. It shows Rey dominating and getting the best of JBL the entire match looking that he will move onto the tournament before Rey's tag team partner Eddie Guerrero slides in right when the ref is about to count to 3 and he throws Rey off JBL. Eddie starts pounding away on JBL and the ref calls for the bell. Rey looks on stunned not believeing whats happening. He was a second away from moving on in the tournament and its all over. Rey just stares at Eddie as Eddie realizes what he has done and trys to appolgeize. Will Rey ever forgive his Tag Team partner now?


Rey Mysterio vs. Kenzo Suzuki W/Hiroko

After the video Rey's music hits as he flys up from the stage to a big cheer from the crowd. Rey gets into the ring awaiting for his opponet. Kenzo Suzuki then made his way down to the ring afterwards with Hiroko next to him. Rey was jipped over last week by his tag team partner Eddie Guerrero as Rey had JBL beat in there match until Eddie Guerrero interfered and cost Rey the match. Rey looked to regain momentum though in this match-up. Rey got off to the fast start on Kenzo in the early going connecting with some right hands. Kenzo slid outside trying to catch a breather but Rey wouldn't let it happen as Rey ran into the ropes and dove over the top rope knocking them both out! The crowd went crazy as this happend, later on Rey still dominating he threw Kenzo into the ropes and did a Droptoe hold on him and Kenzo fell against the ropes. Rey noticed this and here it comes....6-1-9! connects! Rey then went up on the ropes, West Coast Pop! 1--2--3!!! Mysterio picks up the victory as he celebrates and plays to the crowd afterwards.

Winner: Rey Mysterio by a West Coast Pop


Later on tonight...

After Mysterio and Kenzo Suzuki's match finished a video package came up showing that later on tonight in our Smackdown main event we will see John Cena taking on John Bradshaw Layfield for the WWE Heavyweight Championship!


Chavo Guerrero vs. Charlie Haas

The next match of the night features two of the top young talents on Smackdown as it will be Chavo Guerrero and Charlie Haas. Last week, Chavo absolutely busted Paul London wide open require the WWE Cruiserweight champion to have stitches. Chavo made his way down to the ring being booed by the crowd but that wont phase him. Charlie Haas also made his way down as we are ready to get this one under way. Chavo didn't look to happy though, could the draft be on these guys mind? Could one of these guys be switching brands? Chavo went after Charlie early locking up with him until he got him in a headlock and tossed him into the ropes. Charlie came flying back at him and clotheslined Chavo down. Haas went for the quick pin 1--2- kick out by Chavo. Haas gained some momentum early on until Chavo put a quick stop to it delieving a big kick to the gut and hitting a fisherman's suplex into a bridge for the pin 1--2-- kick out by Haas! Close one there, Chavo took over now putting some submission holds on Haas to wear him down. The crowd starts to have a big scuffle as out walks PAUL LONDON! What the hell is London doing here? London walks down the ramp as Chavo notices this and walks over to the side of the ring shouting at London. London just stands there as Haas starts to recover now. Haas then sneaks up behind Chavo and a quick roll up! 1---2---3!!! Haas pulls it off! Haas gets out of the ring and celebrates as London holds up Haas's hand. Chavo is irrate!! Chavo has a big temper tantrum in the ring slamming his fist into the mat and shouting at London as London and Haas go back to the back.

Winner: Charlie Haas via Quick Roll Up Pin


Next round of the tournament

A video package begins to play once again showing that next week on Smackdown it will be The Undertaker taking on one of the draftee's from this coming RAW! Whoever gets moved over to Smackdown has a big oppritunity and make a big impact right away if they can defeat the most feared man on Smackdown, THE UNDERTAKER!


Where Did He Go?

We now return backstage as Chavo Guerrero is seen walking around obviously looking for someone. Chavo stops to talk to a secruity guard.

Chavo Guerrero: Hey, have you seen Paul London? The WWE Cruiserweight Champion, short scrawny looking kid, stitches in his head? You seen him?

Secruity Guard: No im sorry sir I haven't seen him.

Chavo Guerrero: DAMN IT! *Chavo pushes a table close by tipping it over and knocking everything off of it as he storms away*

After Chavo is out of site, the door opens behind the secruity guard and it's Paul London!

Paul London: Hey you played it perfectly nice job man.

*Paul slips him some money*

Secruity Guard: It was my pleasure Mr. London!


Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero

The next round of the WWE Heavyweight tournament to determine who will get a shot at John Cena's title is up next. Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero are ready to do battle. "I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal!" hits as Eddie Guerrero comes on down being met with a mixed reaction from the crowd. I guess they dont like what Eddie did last week by messing up Rey Mysterio's chances of advancing in the tournament. Eddie looks at them weird because of the boos but finally makes his wy down. Then Kurt Angle's music hits as he gets booed. The "You Suck" chants begin to be chanted throughout the whole arena. Angle throws his arms up in the air as fireworks blast off behind him before making his way down to the ring. Angle gets in as were set for the next round of the tournament to begin. Angle and Eddie lock up to start the match out as Eddie gets control first getting Angle in a head lock. Angle reverses it whipping Eddie into the ropes, as Angle knocks Eddie down with a shoulder tackle. Angle runs into the ropes as Eddie hops back up, back body drop! Eddie shows off a little talking to the crowd as the fans boo and cheer giving a mixed reaction.

Eddie pulls Angle up delievering some right hands now, Eddie in the begining was the dominate force but Angle showed some heart and took the lead in the match as he would get Eddie down on the mat in some submission holds. Eddie fought out of them but Angle still had the upper hand. Angle then hit a Belly to Belly suplex on Eddie and went for the pin 1--2- kick out by Eddie Guerrero! Then from the back, out comes Rey Mysterio JR!!! Rey has his Tag Team belt in hand with him as well. Eddie began to come back late in this one as he tried for the Three Amigos on Angle but Angle elbowed him in the head. Angle then whipped Eddie into the ropes as Rey smacked Eddie in the head with the TAG TEAM BELT! He nailed his own tag team partner with there belts!!! Eddie falls to the ground as Angle then quickly goes for the Angle Lock! Eddie is down on the mat screaming in pain but half dazed as well from being knocked down by the belt. Eddie has no choice but to tap! Angle wins! Rey then hops in the ring....

Winner:Kurt Angle via Submission the Angle Lock


Here We Go

After the match Rey is in the ring as he is standing over Eddie Guerrero. Eddie looks up and gets up and pushes Rey down! Rey hops right back up and Eddie clearly yells "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR HOLMES!" and Rey just says "PAYBACK!" Eddie is furious and pushes Rey again and Rey pushes back. Then referees and road agents come out from the back and split the two up before it turns into something else. Could this be an end of a relationship?


MAIN EVENT: John Cena © vs John Bradshaw Layfield WWE Heavyweight Championship Match

The wallstreet bell is heard as the fans immediatley boo as out comes a white limo pulling up next to the Smackdown stage. The driver gets out and opens the door for the former WWE Heavyweight Champion, JBL...John Bradshaw Layfield! JBL comes out of the limo with a big smile on his face, his cowboy hat on, and a black coat. JBL shakes some fans hands as he walks down to the ring. JBL gets into the ring and waves to the crowd still being booed. Cena's music hits then as he gets the best ovation of the night from the crowd. Cena pumps up the crowd throwing his arms up in the air with his new WWE Heavyweight Championship around his waist. Cena raps his way down to the ring bashing JBL the whole way down. Cena takes his title off and our WWE Heavyweight Championship is ready to go! JBL attacks early running right at Cena and hitting him with some hard right hands. JBL then whips Cena into a corner. JBL then does a beat down on Cena in the corner driving his shoulder into Cena then giving him a few slaps across the chest. JBL then whips Cena into the other corner. JBL then charges and clotheslines Cena back into the corner. JBL poses for a second as the crowd boos and JBL then hits some more right hands as the champ doesn't look to great right now. As the match went on Cena got back into it!

Cena raked JBL in the eyes and hit a nice body slam on him. JBL was down as Cena ran into the ropes and dropped a big fist to the face in his own fancy way. Cena went for the pin 1--2- KICK OUT by JBL! Cena stomped on JBL on the ground as he then pulled him out but JBL delievered with a vicious right hand to the face. Out from the back ran Orlando Jordan with his US Title though. Jordan stood at ringside as the ref kept a close eye on him. JBL pushed Cena into the corner Jordan then hoped up onto the apron and held Cena down while JBL punched Cena the ref got Jordan down and sent him to the back! Jordan is pissed and so is JBL!!! Jordan walks back to the back as JBL turns back around to be met by a clothesline from Cena! Cena is all hyped up now and motions for JBL to get up and he does! Cena kicks JBL in the gut.....F-U! But JBL slips off the back of Cena. Cena turns and is met with a big boot to the face that knocks Cena out! JBL then goes for the cover 1---2-- KICK OUT BY CENA!!! JBL cant believe it and argues with the refree who keeps telling him it was a 2 count. In the end of this one it went back and forth finally. JBL body slammed Cena. JBL then picked up Cena and threw Cena into the ropes it could be time...JBL goes for the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL BUT CENA DUCKS IT!!! JBL turns...KICK TO THE GUT BY CENA......F-U!!!!!! CONNECTS!!! Cena makes the cover 1---2---3!!!! JOHN CENA RETAINS HIS WWE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. The crowd is going crazy as Cena slips out and grabs his belt and exits through the crowd celebrating with them. JBL is still out on the mat cold! WHAT WILL HAPPEN ON MONDAY? WILL JBL BE ON RAW AFTER MONDAY NIGHT??? WE'll find out!

Winner: John Cena by F-U


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WWE Velocity April 16th, 2005 Preview

-Doug Basham vs. Funaki

Funaki will return to wrestling action as he will take on Cabinet member, Doug Basham. Basham hasn't been in very many single matches so we'll see how he does without a partner!

-Luther Reigns vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

Luther Reigns has the advantage in every aspect of this match besides experience. Can Scotty 2 Hotty's expereince prove valueable in this match-up? Or can Luther Reigns just dominate this one?

-Main Event: Billy Kidman vs. Shannon Moore

Two of the best cruiserweights get the main event stage this time on Velocity as both men have extremely long pasts with each other dating back to there WCW days. Kidman and Moore are both amazing cruiserweights that can bring the fans out of there seat at any given moment. Will see if they can do it, this week on Velocity!

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WWE Velocity

The Annoucement

A video package starts off Velocity with Vince McMahon's huge annoucement and here it is...

Vince McMahon: Tonight, I am out here for two big annoucements. The first annoucement concerns the entire Smackdown lockeroom. Today I received Theodore Long resignation papers as Smackdown GM. Now why Theodore Long resigned from Smackdown as GM I dont know why but all I know is I acted quickly and tonight folks your NEW Smackdown General Manager is man familar with the job. The man who ran the Extreme Championship....Wrestling. Your new General maanger is PAUL HEYMAN! *Fans give off a big Boo*...

But onto my second point of business tonight that concerns the entire WWE. On RAW, this Monday night both RAW and Smackdown Superstars will be in the house! *Fans cheer* because this Monday night each member of the RAW roster, and Smackdown roster will be placed inside of the turning wheel and 5 members of the current RAW roster will switch to Smackdown, and Smackdown superstars will switch to RAW! So a total of 10 men or women will be changing jobs and going to the other brand. Everyone is up for grabs besides any champions. So John Cena, Batista, Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio...and the rest of the WWE Champions your jobs are safe for NOW!

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Solid show. I like how you went back and did a recap of past promos from your last show. What i didnt like was the squash matches on velocity. The main event would be a great match to see, but the others were too predictable. The roster has the cruiserweight talent to be on this show, and velocity could be good matches top to bottom with better match ups.

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WWE Sunday Night Heat

-Steven Richards vs A New Debuter

Richards has no idea who he is facing but the only thing we know at this point is this man is a former ECW'er as well. Who could it be facing Steven Richards on Heat?

-Simon Dean vs. Tajiri[

Simon Dean hasn't been on much of a winning streak lately but is set to go one on one with one half of the World Tag Team champs. It would be a huge win for Simon Dean but we'll see what Tajiri has to say about that.

-Chris Masters vs. Val Venis

Chris Masters has been lights out since making his debut against Steven Richards a few weeks ago on Heat. Val Venis looks to break Masters undefeated record, but Masters definatley has been very impressive and is on a roll.

-MAIN EVENT: Justice League (Hurricane and Rosey) vs. The Heartthrobs Romeo and Antonio

The debut of the newest tag team on RAW! The Hearthrobs are set to do battle with The Hurricane and Rosey. No one knows what to really expect from the Hearthrobs, but Hurricane and Rosey are definatley up for the task.

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WWE Sunday Night Heat

The Draft

To kick off Sunday Night Heat a graphic is shown, showing Monday's preview for the draft.

user posted image


Steven Richards vs. A Debuter

The opening match on Sunday Heat starts off with Steven Richards coming down to the ring get some cheers from the crowd not knowing who his opponet would be. Then a hard-rock type music hits as out from the back it's... KID KASH! Kash comes out as the fans are really suprised it's Kid Kash! Kash gets a huge "ECW---ECW---ECW" chant as he walks down the ramp. Fans are holding signs as Kash grabs one from the fans and rips it in half before getting into the ring. The bell rings as "ECW" chants are once again being chanted throughout. The two lock up to start off as Kash knees Richards in the gut and tosses him into the corner. Kash starts pounding away on Richards face in the corner. The fans were behind Kash even though he was acting heelish. Kash took advantage throughout the match as he then tosses Steven Richards to the outside. Kash went up to the top rope and did a Diving Body splash onto Richards on the outside! Another huge "ECW---ECW---ECW" chant was heard as Kash pulled Richards up. Kash tossed Richards into the steel steps as Kash yelled at the crowd some more. Kash then took Richards into the ring and it was basically all over from there. Kash drilled The Money Maker on Richards and the pin 1---2---3! Kash wins his WWE Debut.

Winner: Kid Kash via Money Maker

Will He Return To RAW?

After the match another video is being shown for Shawn Michaels and Muhammed Hassan. HBK asked Hulk Hogan if he will show up to be his partner against Hassan and Davari. Will Hogan accept? A image of Hogan was shown that got a huge pop from the crowd.


Simon Dean vs. Tajiri

The next match is set to begin as Simon Dean made his way down to the ring to face one half of the World Tag Team champions in Tajiri. Dean got booed the entire time down as Tajiri got a nice pop from the crowd. Tajiri and Dean started this off with Dean throwing Tajiri into the corner. Simon Dean started to drive his shoulder into the gut of Tajiri trying to weaken his opponet. Tajiri raked Dean in the eyes and hit him with marital arts type kick to his shin knocking Dean down to the mat. Tajiri basically dominated this entire match-up. Tajiri hit a nice german suplex on Dean and it was done from there...Tajiri waited for Dean to get up as Dean turned on his knees still recovering...BUZZSAW kick to the head! Tajiri went for the pin 1---2---3! Tajiri picks up the win.

Winner: Tajiri via Buzzsaw kick

Kash Speaks for the first time

Kid Kash is backstage with Maria for an interview.

Maria: Kid Kash congratulations on your debut vict....

Kid Kash: Shut up slut! Do you know who the hell I am? I am Kid KASH! There is nobody in the WWE that can beat me. I proved it tonight and I will prove it once again. Whoever Eric Bischoff or whoever the god damn general manager of this program is. Put Triple H, put Chris Jericho, put Ric Flair, put whoever the hell you want up against me. I'll take them out and they will finally realize who KID KASH IS!

Kash storms away leaving Maria looking on.

Chris Masters vs. Val Venis

Chris Masters made his debut a few weeks ago on this very program and just dismantled Steven Richards. Masters is undefeated since coming into the WWE and looks to continue it against Val Venis. Masters came down first posing and showing off his physique. Masters got tons of boos from the crowd before Val Venis came down and ran down the ramp and slid in eager to end the streak. Masters immediatley noticed this as Val slide in Masters went to work stomping the hell out of Val Venis. Masters then picked Venis up and tossed him into the corner. Masters walked over still showing off to the crowd as Val took advantage and grab Masters by his neck and tossed him into the corner delievering some huge slaps to the chest. Venis backed up and charged right as Masters but Masters moved and Venis slammed into the corner. From here Masters began to dominate hitting some punishing moves on Val Venis. Masters threw Venis into the ropes and drilled him with a clothesline knocking Val out of the ring! The fans booed as Masters begin to pose some more and the count out on Val began. Val got back in and didn't last much longer. Masters hit a big body slam on Venis before picking him up and locking on the Master Lock! Venis had no choice to tap as Masters is still undefeated!

Winner: Chris Masters via Master Lock

The Highlight Reel

A video is shown previewing this weeks Highlight Reel at MSG for the Super Show. Chris Jericho's guest will be the Intercontinental Champ, Shelton Benjamin!

MAIN EVENT: Justice League vs. The Hearthrobs

Our Main event tonight features Justice League the team of Rosey and The Hurricane taking on two new comers into the WWE The Hearthrobs! Romeo and Antonio. The Hearthrobs made there way out first jumping up and down, kind of giving off a "gay" vibe with hearts all over the pants as they came down. The fans booed them but when "STAND BACK....THERES A HURRICANE COMING THROUGH!" is heard that immediatley changed! Hurricane and Rosey got a very nice pop as they came down. They looked at there opponets weird...but then finally ran down to begin the match. Rosey and Antonio started off as Antonio immediatley attacked Rosey but Antonio got overpowered and Rosey threw Antonio into the corner. Rosey then stomped on him in the corner with some boots to the chest. Antonio then hit a cheap shot low blow on Rosey to give himself some time to recover. Antonio got Romeo in on the action as they hit a nice double DDT on Rosey! Romeo went for the pin 1---2- kick out by Rosey! The match continued on as Hurricane and Antonio got more involved and tagged in to keep the pace of the match going. In the end of this one though Rosey and Romeo were the last ones left. Hurricane hit a huge missle drop kick on Romeo knocking him out as Rosey blasted Antonio off the ring apron. Rosey ran into the ropes and hit Romeo with the big splash! And the pin 1---2---3! Rosey and Hurricane pick up the victory!!!

Winner: Justice League via Big Splash

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Heat was a lot better than velocity. Overall good show. Only complaint is kash. He could never have a promo in the wwe like he had. He would never be that vulgar.

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WWE Monday Night Raw

The Super Show From Madison Square Garden

-The Draft

10 men or women, 5 from RAW and 5 from Smackdown will be switching companys and working for the others. Who will be changing sides? No one really knows who will be switching as its completely random. Could Triple H be on the move to Smackdown? or The Undertaker to RAW? Possibly could be.

-HBK's Question

HBK asked the one, the only Hulk Hogan to be his partner at Backlash to face Muhammed Hassan and Davari. Will Hogan show up to answer HBK's offer? Could we see Hulkamania one more time?

-Trish Stratus vs. Christy Hemme for the WWE Women's Championship

The Women's title will be on the line once again as Christy Hemme gets another shot at Trish Stratus. Kane chased Trish all over the arena last week we'll see if Kane shows up again?

-Shawn Michaels vs. Muhammed Hassan

These two have been going at it for the last few weeks and it will only boil over once again. Hollywood Hogan also could become a factor in this match-up.

-La Resistance vs. William Regal and Tajiri for the World Tag Team Titles

The World Tag Team titles will be on the line as Regal and Tajiri the champs will be taking on the men they beat for the title La Resistance, Sylvanian Grenier and Robert Conway. La Resistance knows they can get those titles back but are Regal and Tajiri ready to give them up yet?

-The Champ in the house!

Batista will be in the house and what could happen between Triple H and Batista again. Both men are getting ready for Triple H/ Batista II at Backlash. We'll see if Batista has something for HHH!

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WWE Monday Night RAW

LIVE: From Madison Square Garden The Super Show

The First Pick In the Draft Is...

After the RAW theme has ended we cut right back into the arena where Eric Bischoff, RAW GM and Paul Heyman, NEW Smackdown GM are standing at there podiums on top of the stage.

Eric Bischoff: Well here we are again Heyman. Once again here in Madison Square Garden for our annual draft. Now backstage earlier we determined who got there first random pick and it was ME! Now let me start this up.... *Bischoff spins the tunring wheel around with tons of balls inside with names inside* Ok here we go...................Ahhh and the man that will first become a member of the RAW roster. Let me introduce to you...the King of Cool...CARLITO CARIBEAN COOL!!!!

Carlito's music hit as he got some boos. Carlito came out with his apple in hand and walked over to Bischoff. Bischoff handed Carlito a RAW shirt as he glady accepts before returning to the back with it.

Paul Heyman: Alright Bischoff so you take one of my better workers. Now it's my turn.... *Paul turrns the spinning wheel* OK, and with Smackdown's first pick Smackdown will receive..........THE HURRICANE!

The Hurricane's music hits as out walks The Hurricane looking a little bit disappointed. Hurricane comes out and takes the shirt from Heyman and shakes his hand before returning to the back. This could be the end of Justice League unless Rosey gets picked as well!


The Game, and The Nature Boy

We then cut backstage to the lockeroom occupied by 'The Game' Triple H and 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair speaking.

Ric Flair: Hunter, what the hell is going to happen tonight. Im worried are we going to get picked to go to Smackdown or what?

Triple H: 'Natch dont worry about it. Hell im not even worried at all. My mind is on this re-match with Batista right now.

Ric Flair: Dont worry Hunter, me and you know Batista like the back of our hands. We'll get him dont worry that strap will be back with you in no time I promise you that.

Triple H: Your damn right 'Natch! Batista got lucky against me ONE NIGHT! It won't happen again I guran-damn-tee it!


Trish Stratus vs. Christy Hemme WWE Womens Title Match

Last week these two ladies went at for the Women's title and ofcourse Miss. Stratus held onto her title as these two ladys are set to do battle once again. Trish made her way down to the ring but looking over her shoulder a little bit making sure Kane wasn't around. Christy then made her way down to the ring getting a nice pop from the crowd. Both ladies entered the ring and were set for the opening match on RAW. Trish and Christy stared each other down first as Trish went for clothesline and Christy ducked it kicked Trish in the gut and hit a DDT! Christy went for the quick pin 1---2-- kick out by Trish! Trish turned around stunned as Christy was ready to pounce! Christy then jumped on top of Trish and grabbed Trish by the hair slamming her head up against the mat before Trish used her strength and flipped Christy off of her. Trish got up and so was Christy as Christy went for a clothesline but Trish dropped back into a bridge and then got up and kick Christy in the stomach and fell back. Trish then took care of Christy in the corner but in the end of this match. Trish nailed the Stratusfaction and the pin 1---2---3! Trish retains the Womens Title THEN BOOOOOOOOOM!!!! IT'S KANE! Trish looks back scared as hell as she drops out of the ring. Kane comes walking down the ramp. Kane circles around the ring as Trish runs away back up the ramp. Kane chased Trish up the ramp....

WINNER: Trish Stratus via Stratusfaction


A Rude Awakening

Kane walks back up the ramp and through the stage area as the camera follows him. As Kane comes back into the backstage area WHAAAAACK! A CHAIR SHOT TO KANES HEAD! It's TYSON TOMKO. Trish then walks up as Kane is laid out from the massive chair shot from Tyson Tomko.

Trish Stratus: Thank you Tyson. Maybe that will send a message to Lita not to mess with me!

Tyson takes Trish by the arm as they walk off


Draft: Picks #2!

We are back on the stage area as Heyman and Bischoff come back out to make there next picks.

Paul Heyman: Alright, now it's time for SMACKDOWN's second pick... *Heyman reaches in and pulls out a name* and the newest member of Smackdown is....... HA HA! Please welcome to Smackdown.....CAPTAIN CHARISMA....CHRISTIAN!!!!

Bischoff looks on in a stunned look losing one of his up and coming stars as Christian walks out. Christian is smiling and happy and walks over to Heyman and grabs the Smackdown T-Shirt. Christian then hops on the mic.

Christian: Thank you Mr. Heyman I won't let you down! Im glad to be off RAW anyways Bischoff treated me like crap! Atleast I know I'll be working for a REAL GM now! Oh yeah Heyman, Captain Charisma will also be bring allllllllllllllllll of his millions.....and MILLIONS of peeps around the world with him to SMACKDOWN!

Bischoff looks on in disgust....Bischoff then gets ready to pick.

Eric Bischoff: Alright Heyman, you got lucky....now it's my turn. *Bischoff reaches in and selects a ball* Alright....the next person coming to RAW is...........D-VON DUDLEY!!!!!

The Dudley Boyz music hits again as D-Von comes out with a stunned look once again....Without Bubba Ray on his side again unless he gets drafted. D-Von just grabs the shirt and walks away not at all to happy.

Last time the half brothers talk?

We got backstage as D-Von and Bubba Ray are talking.

D-Von Dudley: Again Bubba! What the hell man this ain't fair. Were the best tag team in the world we cant be split up! Just hope you get drafted here too!

Bubba Ray Dudley: Dont worry about it D-Von. Even If I dont get picked to we'll be better off. Hell who knows you know how good it would look with D-Von Dudley the World Heavyweight Champion and me on Smackdown with the WWE Heavyweight Title?

D-Von Dudley: I dont care anymore bro, just hope you get drafted. Im packing my stuff up man Ill see ya around..........

Cena is on RAW!

We are still backstage as we see John Cena walking around backstage with his newly won WWE Heavyweight Title. John smiles as he walks up to somebody and speaks....

John Cena: Well well well if aint the former World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H!

Triple H looks behind him and speaks.

Triple H: Who in the hell are you?

John Cena: Read the belt dawg, this is John CENA! The WWE Heavyweight Champion, the Dr. of Thuganomics, the leader of the NEW YORK CHAIN GAAAAANG!

Triple H: Ahh that's right, I've heard about you. Im sorry I don't give autographs to other meaningless wreslters like yourself so you can leave now.

John Cena: Im not here for an autograph. I just came here to ask you how it feels not having that World Heavyweight champion and losing to a big jacked up goon in Batista!

Triple H: Alright Cena, you want some of me come and get some because one Pedigree and it's all over buddy! DO YOU KNOW WHO IN THE HELL YOUR DEALING WITH! I am the Game! I am a 10 time World Heavyweight Champion, I am the best damn wrestler in this industry.

John Cena: Ha ha, chill dawg chilllllllll! I know who you are 10 time World Heavyweight champion huh? Thats pretty impressive....that also means you lost it 10 times too doesn't it?

Triple H looks disgusted now and goes to throw a punch before a bunch of refs and road agents backstage break it up as Triple H trys to break through to punch Cena as Cena walks away laughing.


Draft Picks: #3

Bischoff and Heyman both make there way back out onto the stage.

Eric Bischoff: Alright Heyman now it's my turn lets spin this around....*Bischoff spins the wheel and reaches his hand in and grabs a name* Alright, and the newest member of the RAW roster is...........HARDCORE HOLLY!

Hardcore Holly's music hits as out walks Hardcore. Holly looks over at Heyman and smiles before going over and accepting Bischoff's RAW T-Shirt. Holly holds it high in the air showing it off to the crowd before leaving to the back.

Paul Heyman: Good luck with that one Bischoff you can have him. *Fans laugh*..... And with Smackdowns next pick from RAW....Smackdown will receive.............GENE SNITSKY!

Snitsky's music hits getting a boo from the crowd as out walks the big man. Snitsky walks over and grabs the Smackdown T-Shirt as he looks at it....He then puts it and shakes the hand of Paul Heyman before returning to the back!

The Highlight Reel!

After a commerial break we come back to the ring where the Highlight Reel stage is set up in the ring as Jericho's music hits. Jericho gets a pretty good ovation as he comes down to the ring.

Chris Jericho: Now tonight on the Highlight Reel we have a special guest. That guest is the WWE Intercontinental Champion, so Shelton Benjamin come on down to the Highlight Reel!

Shelton's music hits getting a big pop from the crowd as Shelton comes down with his Intercontinental Title wrapped around his waist. Shelton then gets into the ring.

Chris Jericho: Now Shelton there is one reason and one reason only I brought you out here. You see six months ago Shelton you took MY Intercontinental Championship. Ever since then I've been in a little funk. Now the only way I can get that back is if I take my Intercontinental Championship back!

Shetlon Benjamin: Your Intercontinental Championship huh? Jericho I've successfully defended this title ever since I beat you for it. I've faced many people defending this title and have won every single time. I am the best athlete in the WWE, what in the hell makes you think you can just take this back?

Chris Jericho: Shelton, I am a 7 time Intercontinental Champion, the most times with title then anyone in WWE history. I MADE THE INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE! One night, you got lucky and beat me but not this time Shelton gimme my re-match!

Shelton Benjamin: You want a re-match for the title Jericho? Come and get it because Ill be more then happy to kick your ass in this ring once again!

Jericho looks at Shelton before charging at him and tackling him down as both roll around in the ring beating the hell out of each other. They roll outside still beating each other before ref's and road agents come down to break it up. Both men fight to hit each other before they get them seperated!


Shawn Michaels vs. Muhammed Hassan W/ Davari

A heated rivalry as of late between Shawn Michaels and Muhammed Hassan. HBK has received a match from Eric Bischoff to take on Muhammed Hassan and Davari if he finds a tag team partner. Last week, HBK pleaded on his knees to a man to be his tag team partner....and that man was the legend, Hulk Hogan! HBK came out first getting a huge pop from the crowd...Then Muhammed Hassan with Davari came out getting a huge boo from the crowd. The match started off with both men staring down each other before Hassan charged and nailed HBK in the face with some right hands. HBK battled back though getting some punches of his own on Hassan off. HBK whipped Hassan into the ropes and HBK went for the clothesline but Hassan ducks and keeps running and does a Flying Fist right into HBK's face knocking him down. Hassan then ran back into the ropes and hit a big leg drop right on HBK. Hassan went for the pin 1---2-- kick out by HBK! Hassan is pissed and yells at the ref which gives HBK some time to recover. Davari trys to interfere getting up on the ring apron as the ref goes to keep him out and Hassan gets down and starts choking HBK!!!!! The match continued on and Shawn Michaels continued to come back and fight with all his heart but in the end of this one. Davari came in and nailed HBK with kick to chest. The ref called for the bell as Hassan and Davari just beat the crap out of HBK! HBK kept getting stomped on until "Real American" hit as the fans just absolutely blew the roof off the building! It's HULK HOGAN!!!! Hogan ran down and slid in the ring where Davari and Hassan are waiting and as soon as Hogan slid in they began to stomp on him as well. Hogan started to get up now as Davari and Hassan delievered some punches. Hogan started to HULK UP!!!! Uh oh, Hogan turned around and pointed out both men and yelled "YOOOOOOUUUUUUU!" Hogan then double clotheslined both men! Davari hopped right back up and was met with a big boot to the face! Hassan then charged at Hogan and Hogan hit him with a back body drop! Hassan was holding his back as hopped back up and was met with a Big boot of his own! Hogan is cleaning house! Hogan then ran into the ropes and hit the Leg Drop of Doom on Hassan!!!! Davari pulls Hassan out of the ring as the fans are going nuts for Hogan. Hogan rips his shirt off! Hogan then helped HBK up and as they hugged afterwards! Hogan has accepted HBK's invite!

WINNER: Shawn Michaels by DQ


Draft: Pick 4

Both Heyman and Bischoff make there way out onto the stage again.

Paul Heyman: And now it's time for Smackdowns 4th pick. Boy, do I have a feeling about this pick too Bishcoff. Im really going to screw you over with this one! *Heyman reaches in and picks out a name and looks and has stunned look on his face* Wow............And the newest member of Smackdown........is.......CHRIS BENNNNNNNOIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT!!!!

Bischoff just looks like he saw a ghost! Bischoff is absolutely stunned as Heyman is laughing his ass off at Bischoff! Benoit's music hits as out comes the Canadian Crippler! Benoit comes out getting a nice pop from the crowd as he is going back to Smackdown! Benoit takes Heyman's Smackdown shirt and puts it on!

Eric Bischoff: God damn you Heyman!!!! Alright thats it, Im getting someone good from you now! *Bischoff reaches in and pulls out a name as he begins to laugh as well* It's not the best pick but hell I'll take it! Welcome BACK to RAW.......ROB......VAN......DAM!!!!!

RVD's music hits as he walks back out. He looks at both Bischoff and Heyman as Heyman is sorta pissed now losing one of his top young talents. Bischoff tosses RVD a RAW shirt before returning to the back.

Triple H isn't to happy!

After a commercial break the camera shows Triple H walking down a hallway and walking into a lockeroom, the lockeroom of ERIC BISCHOFF!


Eric Bischoff: Hunter, I cant just give you that match. Cena is not under my contract.


Eric Bischoff: Alright Hunter Ill see what I can do...


La Resistance vs. William Regal and Tajiri World Tag Team Title match

Regal and Tajiri are the current World Tag Team champions as they defeated this same team of La Resistance, Sylvanian Grenier and Robert Conway to gain the title. Now once again La Resistance gets another shot at the World Tag Team champs. This rivaly has been going on for a while and it would only continue more today. Regal and Tajiri came out to a decent ovation from the crowd with there World Tag Team titles around there waists. Then La Resistance made there way out waving there flag proudly but getting a huge boo from the crowd. They made there way down to the ring as well and this match was set to go. Regal and Conway started this one off locking up right away as Conway kneed Regal in the gut. Conway then ran into the ropes and nailed a Swinging neckbreaker on Regal. Conway went for a quick pin 1---2-- broken up by Tajiri! The ref got Tajiri out of the ring as Conway pulled Regal up and brought him to there corner. In the corner Grenier and Conway went to work on Regal before the ref broke that up as well. Both teams made tags keeping the pace of the match-up as the fans really got behind the World Tag Team champs. Tajiri and Conway were now in the ring battling as Tajiri got Conway in the corner and did a bunch of Martial Arts kicks to Conway all over his body knocking him down to the mat. Grenier slid into the ring and so did Regal and Regal blindsided Grenier before he could get to Tajiri! Tajiri then waited for Conway to get up and hit him with the Buzzsaw kick to the face! Tajiri pinned Conway 1---2---3! Tajiri and Regal keep there titles!

Winner: Tajiri and Regal via Buzzsaw Kick


JBL has some words for Heyman

Were backstage in the lockeroom of Paul Heyman as John Bradshaw Layfield walks in.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Paul Heyman, I need to speak with you.

Paul Heyman: What do you need JBL?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Last Thursday, I was not at 100% health for my re-match with John Cena for the WWE Heavyweight Title. I want another shot this Thursday on Smackdown!

Paul Heyman: JBL, as much as I'd like to see that WWE Heavyweight Championship around the waist of a proud champion like yourself. Someone who can carry my Smackdown brand into the future of the wrestling world. I can't give you that match.

John Bradshaw Layfield: WHAT? Why the hell not!

Paul Heyman: You had your re-match JBL. Hey, think of it this way your still in the tournament. I got faith in you that you will win the tournament and get your shot so dont worry about it. Now if you will excuse me it's time to make my last pick in the draft!

Heyman walks out leaving JBL with a pissed off look on his face!

Draft: Final Pick

Both General Managers have made there way back out onto the stage to get there last pick.

Eric Bischoff: Alright Heyman, you've tooken enough of my talent! Now it's time to screw you over! With RAW's last pick we will receive............ AHHHHH DAMN IT!!! Bubba Ray Dudley!

The Dudley Boys music hits once again as Bubba and D-Von both walk out as Bubba grabs his RAW T-Shirt! It looks like luck worked out and they wont split up afterall!!!!

Paul Heyman: Well Bischoff you did take one of my best tag teams away from me but I have a feeling this pick will be even more special to my brand. *Heyman reaches in* With the last pick in the draft......Smackdown receives....... oooohhhhh ha ha oh Bischoff I really like this pick. Welcome the newest member of Smackdown..... KID KASSSSSSSHHHHHH!!!

Kid Kash's music hits as out walks Kash! Kash looks at Heyman and smiles. His former boss at ECW and he will get to work for him together. He takes Heyman's Smackdown shirt and shakes his hand before walking back to the back.

A New Referee

After we return from a commercial break we see Eric Bischoff in his GM Lockeroom sitting on the couch absolutely pissed off talking to someone on the phone.

Eric Bischoff: Damn it! He took all of my talent just about..............Hell yeah he did, he got Chris Benoit, Christian, Kid Kash! I mean what the hell am I left with..... *knock at the door*...hey hold on, COME IN!.....

The door opens and it's the World Heavyweight Champion Batista!!!

Eric Bischoff: Hey, im going to have call you right back. *Hangs phone up* Batista, what can I do for ya?

Batista: Well let's see Eric. You got Triple H and John Cena up next right? Why not make me referee? If Triple H injures John Cena you know Heyman is going to sue you right? He's going to take every last bit of talent the RAW roster has. Also, you know to keep the Nature Boy from interferring as he always does. So why not put me out there just to make sure Triple H does nothing stupid.

Eric Bischoff: You know what champ, that's a good idea I never thought about that. Great idea, alright tonight for Triple H vs. John Cena you are the special guest referee! *The crowd goes nuts!*

Batista: *With a big smile on his face* I won't let you down Bischoff.

MAIN EVENT: Triple H vs. John Cena W/ Special Guest Referee: World Heavyweight Champion Batista

"Time to Play the Game" is heard as out walks the 10 time World Heavyweight Champion and alongside him the 14 time World Heavyweight Champion! Triple H and Flair walked down as HHH looked very focus as usual. He got up onto the side of the ring apron and spit his water out into the crowd and posed on the top ropes. Then Batista's music is heard as the fans stand on there feet for the World Heavyweight Champion. Batista comes down with title around his waist and a referee's shirt on. Batista just smiles at Triple H the whole way down as Triple H just stares him down. Batista gets in the ring and checks Triple H for any "foreign objects" Triple H refuses but Batista yells at him as HHH looks ready to punch him but doesn't. Then John Cena's music hits as the fans give an even bigger ovation for Smackdown's WWE Heavyweight Champion John Cena!

Cena rapped his way down to the ring making fun of Triple H in the entire song. Cena then hopped into the ring and took his jersey and chains off and posed on the top rope with his cool looking WWE Heavyweight Title. Batista called for the bell and the main event is set to begin! HHH and Cena started off staring each other down before HHH charged at Cena but Cena kicked HHH in the gut. Cena then waited for HHH to get back up but HHH delievered a powerful clothesline from out of no where on Cena. HHH then choked Cena as Batista counted it before HHH let go. HHH then just stood up and stared Batista right in his face. HHH then pulled up Cena after a minute and whipped him into the ropes. Cena came flying back as HHH nailed a back body drop on Cena! The match continued on as HHH just went to work on Cena wearing down the Smackdown World Champ. HHH had Cena in the corner as Flair jumped and started choking Cena. Batista then caught Cena and told him to get off before Flair jumped down. HHH then drove his knee into the gut of Cena! Cena fell to his knees as the crowd really tried to get Cena back into the match. HHH pulled Cena back up but Cena struck with a punch to the face! Cena hit a few more knocking HHH back into the ropes. Cena then hit a body slam on HHH!!!!! Cena then ran into the ropes and did his own funky version of a fist to the face drop on HHH! Cena then got up and told the crowd to get up as they went crazy. Flair got up into apron and tried to get back in again. Batista held back Flair and as he was turned HHH hit a low blow on Cena! Cena fell to the mat as HHH pinned him, Batista turned and went down to count as he did it slower then usual 1--------2----- kick out by Cena! HHH then stood up and yelled at Batista to count. HHH pushed Batista to and Batista pushed back knocking Triple H down to the mat and back into the ropes. Batista said something as HHH looked pissed again but wouldn't hit him. HHH went back to Cena and pulled him up but Cena elbowed HHH in the gut a few times. Cena then ran into the ropes but HHH charged at him and they double clotheslined each other! Both men were down as Batista counted 1-------------------2-----------------3------- by the time Batista got to 8 both men were to there feet. Cena charged at HHH again but HHH hit the back body drop again. HHH eyed down Cena waiting for him to get up as Cena did HHH kicked him in the gut and put him in the Pedgriee position! HHH said something to Batista saying "THIS IS GOING TO BE YOU BATISTA!" HHH went for the Pedgriee but CENA REVERSED IT INTO THE BACK BODY DROP! The fans were going crazy as now Cena waited for HHH to get up. HHH finally did get up and walked right into the F-U!!!!!! CONNECTS!! Cena pins as Batista counts quickly 1--2--3! CENA WINS! Cena gets a huge ovation from the crowd and gets his belt and poses with it before leaving the ring as Batista watches on!

WINNER: John Cena via F-U!


One more battle

As Batista watches on, HHH finally gets back up after a while and turns Batista around and says something to him. They talk some trash back and forth before HHH delievers a punch to his face then Batista delievers right back as they trade punches back and forth before Batista kicks him in the gut. Batista then tosses HHH into the ropes as Batista drills with a hard clothesline! Batista yells for him to get up as HHH staggers back to his feet and turns and is met with a kick to the gut INTO A SIT DOWN POWERBOMB BY BATISTA!!!! Batista gets up and poses as the fans are going nuts!!! Flair reaches in and pulls HHH out of the ring! Flair helps HHH to the back as Batista grabs his title and poses facing HHH. HHH looks on as they talk back and forth as the show ends!


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As solid of a show as you can do for a draft centerd show. Dont really like cena beating trips fairly. Would have liked it more if batista actually did something to make Triple H lose, cause this makes trips look weak going into his match vs Batista. I do however like the roster switches. Will be interesting to see the feuds that transpire from theese switches.

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WWE Smackdown April 21st

-Orlando Jordan vs. Rey Mysterio Non-Title match

Rey payed his Tag Team partner back last week by costing him his shot at the WWE World Champion John Cena by interfereing in the Eddie Guerrero/Rey Mysterio match. Now Rey will see if he can defeat the WWE United States champion Orlando Jordan in singles competition.

-Paul London vs. Chavo Guerrero Non Title

Earlier in the week Chavo Guerrero demanded a match to GM Paul Heyman for a shot at Paul London. He will get his wish as London and Chavo are set to go one on one!

-Undertaker vs. A Draftee

In the third match in the WWE World Title tourny one draftee who came over from this past Monday's draft will battle the Deadman The Undertaker! Kid Kash, Chris Benoit, Gene Snitsky, Christian, and the Hurricane are all eligible! Who will get the shot at The Undertaker?

-MAIN EVENT: The Big Show vs. Booker T

The final WWE World Title tourny match between Booker T and Big Show. These guys have been friends in the past and that friendship will be put on hold tonight as one man will get the right to advance to the Fatal Fourway match next week to face John Cena! Will one of these guys be the man to face Cena?

All this and more on SMACKDOWN!

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WWE Backlash is only three days away so heres a little preview of the matches!

--- Tyson Tomko W/ Trish Strauts vs. Kane W/ Lita---

Ever since Lita was injured by Trish. Kane has been stalking Trish by the orders of his wife Lita. But Trish got smart and hired the Problem Solver! Who solved her problems for a while as Tyson Tomko knocked Kane out on RAW! Can Tyson Tomko take out Kane once more or can Kane defeat create an even bigger problem for the Problem Solver!

--- Muhammed Hassan and Davari vs. Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan ---

Hassan and Davari have been nothing but a thorn in the side to Shawn Michaels as of late. HBK couldn't get both Hassan and Davari in a Handicap match so Eric Bischoff made HBK find a partner and who better to ask then a true American, Hulk Hogan! Hogan accepted and cleaned house on RAW and Davari and Hassan are now waiting to get revenge on Hogan! Can they do it or will two WWE legends pull it together in maybe Hulk Hogan's final match!

--- Tag Team Turmoil: William Regal and Tajiri vs. The Heart Throbs vs. The Dudley Boys vs. La Resistance for the World Tag Team Titles---

Four of the best tag teams in the world will do battle at Backlash with this Elimination style match-up. One team can survive to be called World Tag Team champions. Which team will it be? Find out at Backlash!

--- WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Chris Jericho vs. Shelton Benjamin ---

The man who Shelton Benjamin defeated for the Intercontinental Title 6 months ago was this man Chris Jericho. Jericho has been in a certain funk since losing his Intercontinental Title and now he desperately wants it back. He will have to be on his A Game to defeat the current champion, Shelton Benjamin!

--- World Heavyweight Championship Match: Batista vs. Triple H ---

Triple H/Batista II! It's back on now and Triple H will stop at nothing until he gets the World Heavyweight Title back in his possesion. Batista beat Triple H last month at WrestleMania and has been on a roll ever since. Will Batista continue you his current streak or will The Game finally end up for Batista and Triple H will become an 11 time World Champion!

Backlash is LIVE This Sunday April 24th 2005!

(Some others matches may be annouced on RAW in the coming week)

**NOTE:** Yes I know this isnt the real date for Backlash but I messed up and didnt put in the right date

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WWE Smackdown April 21st, 2005

A New Title?

To start off we hear Paul Heyman's music hit as out comes the new Smackdown General Manager of Smackdown! Heyman has a title over his shoulder as well!

Paul Heyman: Once again, WELCOME to Paul Heyman's SMACKDOWN! Now tonight I have a great show lined up for you. You will see Orlando Jordan, the WWE United States champion taking on Rey Mysterio! You will see Paul London the WWE Cruiserweight Champion take on Chavo Guerrero! Also in tonight's main event you will see The Big Show taking on Booker T to see who will advance to next week's Smackdown in a Fatal Fourway match to determine who the next man will be to get a shot at John Cena and his WWE Heavyweight Championship. I also vow to you tonight that in our third WWE Heavyweight Title match that THE UNDERTAKER WILL WRESTLE HERE TONIGHT! *Fans give a big pop* The Undertaker will face one of the men who came over from RAW in the recent draft from Monday Night. So either Chris Benoit, Christian, Gene Snitsky, The Hurricane, or Kid Kash will get a shot at The Undertaker right here TONIGHT! But that is not all folks... Paul Heyman as the general manager of this show has an even bigger annoucement. You see this belt right here, this is the NEW WWE Television Title! And right here tonight we will be starting an 8 man tournament to see who at our next Pay Per View entitled Judgment Day will be in the final match to determine who we will crown the very first WWE Television champion. The lucky eight men competeing in this tournament will be Luther Reigns, Rene Dupree, Charlie Haas, Gene Snitsky, The Hurricane, Kid Kash, Kenzo Suzuki, and Scotty 2 Hotty! And tonight we will have the very first tournament match between Scotty 2 Hotty and Kid Kash!

Heyman's music hits again as the new GM of Smackdown as left with an immediate impact!


Orlando Jordan vs. Rey Mysterio Non Title match

Last week, Rey Mysterio clobbered his Tag Team partner Eddie Guerrero with there own Tag Team belts to end Eddie's chances of being in the Fatal Four Way match next week. Why did Rey do this you ask? Because Eddie cost Rey his chance in being in the match! So these two have been going back and forth and they still hold the WWE Tag Team Titles! Rey made his way down to the ring getting a very big ovation from the crowd as Rey has always been a crowd favorite. Orlando Jordan then made his way down to the ring with his WWE United States championship around his waist. He got into the ring as this opening contest is ready to begin! Rey and Orlando circled each other in the ring first staring each other down before locking up. Orlando overpowered Rey on this one and pushed him into the corner. Orlando then delievered some big right hands to the face of Rey knocking the smaller Rey back into the corner. Orlando then slapped Rey across the chest a few times as the thud of the slaps could be heard all over the arena. Orlando then took Rey and whipped him into the other corner. Orlando then charged and went for Running Splash on Rey but Rey ducked and Orlando smacked head first into the top turnbuckle. Rey then quickly rolled up Orlando only to get a 2 count! The match continued on as it went back and forth throughout. Eddie Guerrero then started to walk his way down to the ring with his WWE Tag Team belt in hand! What the hell is Eddie going to do now. Rey notices this as Orlando is down... Rey hits a drop kick on Orlando knocking Orlando back and laying up against the ropes!!!! It could be a 6-1-9! Rey goes for it but EDDIE JUMPS ONTO THE APRON AND DRILLS REY WITH THE BELT AS HES RUNNING AT ORLANDO! The ref calls for the bell as Eddie just drops down from the ring apron and walks awa y as the crowd boos! Rey picks up the win and is left out cold!

Winner: Rey Mystero by DQ Through Interference by Eddie Guerrero

80,93,83, Eddie Guerrero has turned heel and gained overness

An odd couple?

After a commercial break were in a lockeroom as we see John Heidenreich sitting in a chair and writing on a note pad as the door opens. It's new Smackdown member Gene Snitsky! Heidenreich just looks at him as Snitsky takes a seat.

Heidenreich: Your that....Gene Snitsky guy?

Snitsky: Yeah Heidenreich I am, you know I've watched you the last few weeks on the Television. You write great poetry.

Heidenreich: REALLY? You think I am a good poet?

Snitsky: Yes it's very good Heidenreich. I really enjoyed it!

Heidenreich: Hey Gene I got an idea.....LET'S BE FRIENDS!

Snitsky: Nah Heidenreich I got a better idea. Let's be a team! We can go after those WWE Tag Team Titles, with me and you together there ain't a soul in this Smackdown lockeroom who could stop us! What do you think about that?

Heidenreich: Hmm I've never had a title before.....And there gold and I like gold! Let's do it! Let's be friends...and we'll be a team Gene!

Snitsky: You got it Heidenreich!

They shake hands and it looks like we have a new alliance in the WWE!


WWE Television Tournament Match: Kid Kash vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

Kid Kash has been a force since making his debut on Sunday Night Heat last Sunday and is now a member of the Smackdown roster since being drafted by Paul Heyman on Monday and we'll see if Kash can make the same impact here! Scotty 2 Hotty made his way down to the ring first slapping the fans hands as he walked down. Then a heavy metal type music hit as out comes debut of Kid Kash on SMACKDOWN! Kash got booed by the crowd as Kash just walked down looking ready for a fight. Kash slid in and immediatley ran at Scotty 2 Hotty and tackled him down and just went all out on a ruthless assult with a fury on punches to the face of Scotty. Kash bounced up and pulled Scotty up with him Kash whipped Scotty into the ropes but Scotty reversed it sending Kash flying into the ropes instead as he came flying back Scotty hit the back body drop on Kash! Kash was holding his back in pain as Scotty pulled Kash up and delievered some punches before whipping Kash into the ropes again as Kash then jumped onto the ropes and bounced back with a flying elbow into the face of Scotty! Kash showed off and threw his arms out as the crowd booed! Kash then pulled Scotty back up and then drilled him with a DDT! Kash went for the quick pin 1---2-- KICK OUT! Kash is furious yelling at the referee that it was 3! This allowed Scotty to get back up.....The match continued on as Scotty held his own for a little bit but Kash kept delievering the big blows. Kash had Scotty in the corner as Kash picked Scotty up and placed him on the top rope. Kash went up with and hit a suplex off the top rope on Scotty! Kash hoped right back up again and went up top and nailed the Money Maker! Kash then pinned Scotty 1---2---3! Kid Kash advances! Kash stood in the ring for a moment as Scotty slowy got up holding his ribs and put his hand out to Kash to shake it. Kash looked at Scotty then at his hand then Kash kicked Scotty in the gut and hit a vicious looking power bomb on Scotty!!! The fans erupted into a huge boo as Kash stood over him and looked at the crowd and showed his waist pointing at it showing he is going to have the belt soon! Kash walked away leaving Scotty down and out!

WINNER: Kid Kash via Money Maker


New Smackdown Member

As we come back from a commercial a new music is heard and is none other then a draftee from RAW...It's Christian! Christian gets booed by the crowd. Christian then got into the ring and spoke.

Christian: Well it looks like I brought allllllllll my peeps with me to Smackdown! *Fans boo* That is right Captain Charisma is here on Smackdown and im here to stay. Now you see there is something here tonight that I want. There's this guy suppose to be here tonight he's been dead like 8 times already and I think I should kill off his 9th life. You see tonight I want a shot at THE UNDERTAKER! So what do you think Deadman do you want Captain Charisma to end your 9th life so I can get a shot at John Cena's WWE Heavyweight Title or are you going to be scared and not acce......

The Undertaker's bell toll is heard as the fans are going nuts not. The light are out and the smoke starts filling the stage area and the ring area. Christian looks on obviously not to afraid. After a few momemts no sign of Undertaker as Christian is just laughing thinking he's not coming out until we look in the ring behind Christian! THE UNDERTAKER IS BEHIND HIM! Undertaker turns Christian around and grabs him by his neck as the lights go on! Undertaker sends Christian for a ride!!! CHOKESLAM!!! Undertaker then picks him up again and picks up....it could be, its the TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! Undertaker then takes Christian's arms and folds them over his chest before rolling his eyes into the back of his head! Undertaker then gets up and leaves leaving Christian just about dead in the middle of the ring. It looks like we got a match for tonight!


Best friends get to meet again!

As we are in the lockeroom of the Hurricane a man walks in and it's none other then Smackdown Superstar Shannon Moore!

The Hurricane: My hurri-senses tell me we havent spoken since WCW. WHATS UP MAAAAANNN!!!!

Shannon Moore: *Shannon just looks at him*.......Dude......what in the hell is this? The Hurricane??? Who is this? This isn't the WCW Cruiserweight Champion I remember.

The Hurricane: I am the Hurricane! here to fight the evils in the WWE Citizen Moore!

Shannon Moore: No your not the Hurricane, and your not a super hero! You are Shane HELMS! That is the man I remember, the man who single handedly sold out shows in the end of the WCW era. Yeah Shane that was you. The man who carried the WCW Cruiserweight divison and sold out arenas all across this country. That is who I remember, what in the hell is this Super Hero crap Shane? This is not the Shane Helms I remember at all and I hope you will change for the better because you have all this talent in the world and I dont want to see my best friend go down the drains because of some stupid obsession about being a crime fighter when he really isn't. Think about that Shane.....I'll see you around.

Shannon walks out as Hurricane is just standing there thinking about what he said.


Paul London vs. Chavo Guerrero Non Title match

Two weeks ago on Smackdown Chavo Guerrero busted Paul London wide open causing London to get 12 stitches and last week London cost Chavo his match by just coming down to the ring so Charlie Haas could get the quick roll up pin. But now these two will go one on one now but not for the WWE Cruiserweight Title. Chavo came down first getting booed by the crowd as Chavo just smirked at them as he came down to the ring. Paul London then came down getting a big ovation from the crowd as he had his WWE Cruiserweight Title around his waist. London charges down to the ring and slides in and poses on the top rope with his belt. After a minute the match is ready to begin as Chavo just charges at London but London hits a drop kick immediately! London hops back up and goes to the top rope as Chavo gets up MISSLE DROP KICK! London goes for the quick pin 1---2-- kick out by Chavo. London then pulls Chavo up but Chavo rakes London in the eyes. Chavo then runs into the ropes and clotheslines London. Chavo starts to show off as the fans boo him. Chavo then took London and tossed him out of the ring. Chavo slowly went to the outside where London ran at Chavo and clotheslined him down. London then hopped up onto the guard railing and did a elbow drop right onto Chavo!!! The crowd is going crazy for London as London picks Chavo up again and tosses him back into the ring. London then goes back up to the top rope but Chavo runs into the ropes knocking down London groin first onto the ropes. The match continued on as Chavo just wore, and wore, and wore down London even more but London battled back with heart. Chavo threw London into the ropes but London came flying back with a flying cross body. London then pulled Chavo right back up and tossed him into the corner. London went to work delievering some punches to Chavo's face. London then set Chavo up onto the top rope and London hit a Tornado DDT OFF THE TOP ROPE ON CHAVO! London then got right back and went up top for a London Calling! CONNECTS! 1---2----3!! London picks up the victory as he grabs his title and celebrates as Chavo looks on in disgust,

WINNER: Paul London via London Calling


The Fatal Fourway

After the match a video package is shown highlight next weeks Fatal Four way match up, Kurt Angle, and John Bradshaw Layfield are shown and also two unseen guys who could it...Big Show or Booker T will occupy a spot and the other spot will go the Undertaker or Christian. Whoever is in the match it promises to be one hell of a match!

Friends no longer

We are in the backstage area with Rey Mysterio sitting in his lockeroom with an ice pack held on his head from that viscious Tag Title shot and CHRIS BENOIT IS TALKING TO HIM!

Chris Benoit: I dont know what to tell ya Rey. I dont know what has gotten into Eddie at all....

Then Eddie Guerrero comes into the lockeroom but stops as he notices Chris.


Chris Benoit: Wooo Eddie what the hell is wrong with you? Look at both of ya your the WWE Tag Team champions!


Chris Benoit: Well it does now Eddie.

Eddie gets pissed and pushes Benoit as Benoit pushes back and it slams Eddie up against the door!

Eddie Guerrero: Chris man, this is all over. You have been pushing me ever since we started our careers out man. I've had enough! IM LATINO HEAT DAMN IT! Watch your back Chris.....

Eddie leaves as Chris is just staring at the door look furious!


The Undertaker vs. Christian

A match up that was set up earlier tonight by the call out by Christian to the Undertaker. Undertaker made Christian wish he didn't call him out as Undertaker delievered a Chokeslam and a Tombstone to Christian welcoming "Captain Charisma" to Smackdown! Christian made his way down to the ring first as he wasn't showing off as much as before as he looks focused and ready to maybe win a shot at John Cena's WWE Heavyweight Title. Then the lights went out in the arena and the smoke started up again as the Undertakers bells were heard as Christian was looking all around the arena to make sure he didn't get sneak attacked again. Then The Undertaker appeared on the entrance ramp. Taker made his nice slow walk down to the ring.....After a couple of minutes the smoke had cleared and we were ready to begin the contest! Christian just stared down the Undertaker before charging at him and locking up with him. Undertaker grabbed Christian by his arm and twisted it behind his back. Christian then elbowed Undertaker a few times in the face before running into the ropes and going for a clothesline and it didn't even phase Taker! Christian ran into the ropes again and then grabbed Christian by the neck!!! Christian low blowed Taker as the ref didnt see it! Christian then ran into the ropes and hit a elbow drop. Christian went for the pin 1---2-- kick out by Undertaker. Christian argued but went right back to work stomping on the deadman. Christian kept it going really getting at Undertaker but Undertaker battled back. He got Christian back in the corner and started sizing him up and delievering a bunch of punches to Christian in the corner. Undertaker then took Christians arm and went up top...Could it be...It's time to OLD SCHOOL! As Taker jumped off ! The Undertaker just dominated towards the end as Christian walked right into the Chokeslam!!! CONNECTS! Then Undertaker picked Christian up again and hit the Tombstone Piledriver! Taker folded Christians arms over his chest 1----2-----3! Undertaker will advance to next weeks Fatal Fourway!

WINNER: The Undertaker via Tombstone Piledriver


A New Assistant

We are in the GM office of Paul Heyman as he just got done watching the Undertaker and Christian match as someone walks in. It's Miss Jackie!

Miss Jackie: Heres your coffee Mr. Heyman. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Paul Heyman: Hmm yes there is something Jackie... *Heyman throws his pen on the floor* Can you pick that up for me?

As Miss Jackie does that Heyman gets a good view of her ass and smiles.

Miss Jackie: Here ya go!

Paul Heyman: Mmmm Thank you Jackie

The Rap Album

After a commercial break we come back to a video of John Cena's rap album and him in the studio laying down some tracks as he then has a message for the people.

John Cena: Hey everybody, this is your CHAMMMMP John Cena! Im really sorry I couldn't be there tonight as I had to work on my rap album which comes out soon, check it out its going to be HOT! But I promise I wll be at Smackdown next week watching that Fatal Four way match! WHERESSSSSSS MY CHAIN GAAAAANG AT!!!! Ha ha alright peace out everybody!


MAIN EVENT: The Big Show vs. Booker T

Tonight's main event is the final match to determine who will get the final spot in the Fatal Four Way match at next weeks Smackdown! So far Kurt Angle, John Bradshaw Layfield, and The Undertaker! The winner of this one will advance to face those other three men but who could advance in this one? Wellllllllll Well its the Big Show! is heard first as out comes the 7'2, 500 pound monster The Big Show! Show got a pretty decent pop from the crowd as he came down. He posed in the ring for a few moments before "CAN YOU DIG IT SUCCCCCCCKKKKAAAA!" is heard as out walks Booker T! The Booker Man got a very big pop from the crowd as Booker stood on the middle of the ramp way and threw his arms into the air as fire blasted up behind him! Booker T then got into the ring and this final WWE Heavyweight Tournament is ready begin! Booker and Show circled each other before Booker charged Big Show and hit some rights to the face. Booker threw Show into the ropes as Booker T went for a clothesline but Big Show punched Booker T which knocked the Book down to the mat. Booker T got back up but Big Show got a hold of him and tossed Booker T into the corner. Booker fell back into the corner as Show walked over and slapped Booker T right across his chest. Booker T fell to the mat in pain as Show picked him up again and hit a Gorilla Press Slam on Booker T! Booker hit the mat hard as Show went for the pin 1---2- kick out by Booker T. The match continued on more as Booker T steadly came back and took down the big man. Show has Booker T in a sleeper hold...The ref raises Booker's hand and yells 1! ......again.....2........again.....BOOKER KEEPS HIS ARM UP!!! Booker T starts to gain some momentum as he elbows back into Show Booker breaks free and runs into the ropes and hits a diving clothesline! Booker T then waits for Show to get up as Show gets up and turns....RIGHT INTO THE BOOK END!!!! CONNECTS! Booker T gets the pin 1----2----3!!! Booker T advances to the Fatal Four Way. Booker celebrates and can this momentum carry Booker T to a title shot??? BUT WAIT....here comes Kurt Angle! Angle slides into the ring and turns Booker T right into the Angle Slam!!!!! Kurt gets up and throws his arms out and gives out a big Wooooooooooo! Then he locks the Angle Lock on Big Show as Show is tapping furiously. Ref's and road agents come down to get him off!!! The show ends with Angle still on the Angle Lock on Big Show!

WINNER: Booker T via Book End


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good show from start to finish. good to see a new belt being used. I think the taker is useless and would have liked to see christian win, but thats not really reasonable without pushing christian more. Heidenreich and Snitsky huh....at least you tried. Its also good to see helms and moore back together in some capacity.

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