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Southland Tales


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The Rock is set to star in "Southland Tales" with Sarah Michelle Geller and Seann William Scott. Richard Kelly will direct. The movie will be set in the future when the world is on the brink of ruins.
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This Richard Kelly really likes milking his movies to death.

Even Donnie Darko had a D/C when it got huge, and apparently he was writing the book that was repeatedly mentioned in the movie.

That said, I don't know what to think about this movie. Granted, I enjoyed Donnie Darko, but im going into this with low expectations regardless.

EDIT - Jason Lee? SOLD.

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Well if you watch the commentary on the Donnie Darko directer's cut he tells you why there is a directer's cut. He also says that he never had any intention of writing the Philosaphy of Time Travel book that's in the movie he wrote a few passages and that's it. Can't really see where you get "really likes milking his movies to death".

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I read about it a long ass time ago, but never really knew what it was about until today, and it SOUNDS like Dick's "Dr. Bloodmoney" (at least the little plot outline on Dick's site, I've never read the actual book). Eitherway, I am more than ecstatic about this, even if some of the casting is questionable.. and I can't wait to get the graphic novels.

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