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New Transplants song...


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This is one of the songs from the new Transplants album. Honestly, I liked the first album but, going off of this song, its seems like a major step backwards. I hope some of the rest of the tracks off it are better then this piece of crap...

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Good god that is HORRIBLE. That's even more dissapointing than the new Avenged Sevenfold Song (Which is mainly because the AX7 singers voice sounds fucked and weak as water). I hope other songs are better than this, it's plain painful to listen too.

As for this song, it's to be a bit more chilled, uses some ska influences but the singing is too hoarse for it to work. If there's more 'rocking' Transplants songs on the album then all should be good.

I think we should have a thread where people give links to new songs that can be legally d/l'ed, it'll save me having to look around to find them.

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