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What Bootlegs Do You Have/Own?


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Yeah, don't ask for any bootlegs that are posted by the members. Or, rather, not in this thread. Cade approved it, since he's the only mod online right now on my MSN, so yeah. Don't ask for shit, please. And don't list where you got them, either. Even if the bootlegs are endorsed and encouraged by the band to trade them (The Mars Volta). Word.

Nine Inch Nails:

(With Teeth Era) 3/23/05 Fresno, California

(With Teeth Era) 3/25/05 Davis, California

(The Fragile Era) 4/27/00 Chicago, Illinois (CRC Sessions)

(The Fragile Era) 1/12/99 London, England

(Downward Spiral Era) 12/29/1994 Dayton, Ohio

(Downward Spiral Era) 8/13/1994 Woodstock 1994

(Downward Spiral Era) 10/31/1995 Houston, Texas

(Downward Spiral Era) 11/28/1994 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Mars Volta:

(Pre-Tremulant Era) 10/31/01 Dallas, Texas

(De-Loused Era) 7/21/03 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

(De-Loused Era) 10/07/2003 St. Louis, Missouri

(De-Loused Era) 11/23/2003 London, England

(De-Loused Era) 5/13/2004 Los Angeles, California

(De-Loused Era) 10/23/2004 Irvine, California

(Frances The Mute Era) 2/22/2005 Brussels, Belgium

I also have assorted tracks by random artists that are live, like Alice In Chains ft. Maynard of Tool/A Perfect Circle, some random live Tool stuff, the famous Vacant performance by A Perfect Circle, among others which would take forever to list.

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Guest Mr McFarlane

Kou vs The Giant Cat Robots (TBFKA Kou Kou and the Moonwalkers)

(Moonwalkin on Jesus Era) 01/24/02 Brantford, Ontario

(Tom Waits is My Father Era) 01/24/03 Brantford, Ontario

(Fuck It I Quit Era) 01/24/04 Brantford, Ontario

(Giant Cat Robots Era) 01/24/05 Brantford, Ontario

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Incubus - Live at the Big Day Out, Wellington NZ

Incubus - Live at Lollapaooza

Incubus - Live in Japan

Incubus - Live in Zenith

Incubus - Live in Lisboa, Portugal

Incubus - Live in Sweden

Incubus - Live at Wembley Arena

Incubus - Live in New York City, NY

John Legend - Live at the Knitting Factory

Jurassic 5 - 21/6/00 Live at Aamoeba Records - San Francisco, CA

Jurassic 5 - Live at House Of Blues Date Unknown

Jurassic 5 - Live In Store at 5th Element Minneapolis 2000

Jurassic 5 - Morning Becomes Electic Radio Session

Jurassic 5 - Live @ Bonnaroo Music Festival

Jurassic 5 - Live at [v]hq Sydney

Jurassic 5 - Live at Livid Sydney 2003

Jurassic 5 - Live at the Brixton Academy, London

Kanye West - Live in Amsterdam

Something For Kate - Live at the Wireless (7/6/99)

Something For Kate - Live at the Wireless (27/10/03)

The Roots - Live at the Brixton Academy, London

The Roots - Live at Nagoya, Japan

Cut Chemist and DJ Numark - Live at the Variety Arts Center

Cut Chemist and Shortkut - Live at Future Primitive Sound Session

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Is a bootleg just a live recording? If so...

Coheed & Cambria

(IKSOSE3) Live At The Lintfabriek 18/5/04

(IKSOSE3) Live At The Roseland Ballroom 17/11/03

("Good Apollo")Live At The Starland Ballroom 12/1/05

(Second Stage Turbine Blade) Live In Maryland 25/2/03

I've also got some Million Dead stuff, but it's undated.

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Guest Booker T & The MG's


Dentaku World - Live Coachella 2004

Live Tribal Gathering 1997

Live Tempodrom Berlin March 2004

Virtua Ex Machina live Tokyo 1981

Smashing Pumpkins

Machina II Friends & Enemies Of Modern Music (Semi Official Bootleg)

Storytellers live Hammerstein Ballroom NYC 2000

I have numerous random Bjork & Smashing Pumpkins stuff, mostly undated and random picks from live sets.

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