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Jet-Look what you've done (video)

Billy Castillo

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I freakin' love this song, and the video happens to be my wife's favorite. You guys probably know the one I mean...where the band is in a forest and surrounded by woodland creatures that end up killing each other? So damned cute...

So anyway, I bought the Jet DVD (Family Style) that has their videos....and it's a completely different one! Does anybody know what the deal is?

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Well, sometimes bands release two different videos. I don't know if one is just a cheap lead-in, to have something on the air while they work on their big budget video, or if that different countries have different videos.

But yeah, for example, Papa Roach's song "Scars" had two totally different videos.

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Its usually a case that with bands that break the UK, Europe, Australia etc first their American label will make them redo the video to make it US-MTV worthy. Coldplay pretty much redid all the singles from Parachutes, there are loads of other examples though. I'd assume the DVD version is the original.

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