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Monday, August 1st 2005

The Story So Far...

- In early 2005 Vince McMahon fired Paul Heyman for disrespecting WWE on a radio show. After a month of hatred, Vince got in touch with Paul Heyman and offered a fresh start. Paul Heyman denied Vince's requests and the two had a heated confrontation on a TV show which was not scripted. Paul E. took McMahon to court to fight for the rights for ECW copyrights. Heyman won and decided to re-open ECW. He recruited many WWE stars from Vince most noteably RVD, Tazz, Rhyno, The Dudleyz, all of them who were more loyal to Heyman than to McMahon.

- Within a month Paul was close to re-debuting ECW on Television after making two successful bids. He made 2 exclusive deals with 2 of the biggest TV networks available. On a monday night prime time slot, ECW would have a new show called SLAM that would be broadcast LIVE on FOX. It was now time for another Monday Night War. The second show was an early evening show each saturday on the USA Network. They decided to choose ECW over WWE because of the buyrates that the ECW's One Night Stand had and the ratings of WWE that were slowly going down. Heyman decided to had some history to the new ECW by naming the show Hardcore TV. Before the ECW opened, Paul Heyman received a phone call from Jerry Jarrett to take the booker job of Vince Russo ( who was never really fired ). Heyman denied Jarrett's request and he recruited Vince Russo who also recruited some NWA:TNA and ROH superstars to written contracts for the ECW. Russo now owns 10 % shares in ECW while Heyman owns the other 90 %. With ECW now about to start a war with WWE, TNA and ROH, to debut their new television shows, now to start the WAR. It's time to show the world what ECW stands for : EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING !

- ECW starts with much more money with some new sponsors like 1-800-Collect, Acclaim, Yahoo and Budweiser. Older wrestlers came back and didn't ask for a pay raise to come. ECW is now back with only one goal : Stay ECW. In less than 2 weeks, ECW will have their first show since January 7th 2001. Fans from all around the country will now be able to say EC-Dub as loud as they want, because ECW is BACK !

** Based on a scenario with some adjustments. **

user posted image




Injured : *

Overness : (--)

Developpement Deal


Shane Douglas ( 85 )

Rob Van Dam ( 90 )

Taz ( 92 )

Cactus Jack ( 91 )


The Sandman ( 77 )

Rhyno ( 79 )

Terry Funk ( 80 )

Tommy Dreamer ( 81 )

Masato Tanaka ( 80 )

Sabu ( 80 )

Tank Abbott ( 80 )

Mike Awesome ( 83 )

Raven ( 87 )


Bryan Danielson ( 60 )

Nunzio ( 61 )

James Gibson ( 62 )

The Blue Meanie ( 62 )

Spanky ( 65 )

Samoa Joe ( 66 )

Nova ( 69 )

Syxx-Pac ( 70 )

Tajiri ( 72 )

Ron Killings ( 74 )

Frank Shamrock ( 75 )

Jerry Lynn ( 75 )

A.J. Styles ( 77 )

The Sandman ( 77 )

Al Snow ( 78 )

Balls Mahoney ( 58 )

2 Cold Scorpio ( 65 )

Chris Candido ( 65 )

Spike Dudley ( 65 )

CM Punk ( 66 )

Low Ki ( 66 )

TAKA Michinoku ( 67 )

Kid Kash ( 70 )

Christopher Daniels ( 72 )

D'Von Dudley ( 76 )

Bubba Ray Dudley ( 78 )

Steve Corino ( 75 )

Ken Shamrock ( 77 )


Teddy Hart ( 54 )

The Amazing Red ( 58 )

Colt Cabana ( 46 )

Johnny Kashmere ( 55 )

Trent Acid ( 55 )

Frankie Kazarian ( 57 )


Sign Guy Dudley ( 56 )

Bill Alfonso ( 70 )


Don Callis ( 65 )

Paul Heyman ( 82 )


Afa Jr. ( 25 )

Allison Danger ( 21 )

Greg Pawluk ( 20 )

Jay Briscoe ( 42 )

Kevin Steen ( 30 )

Mark Briscoe ( 42 )

Paul Birchall ( 15 )

Sexxxy Eddy ( 32 )

The Arsenal ( 25 )


Backseat Boys : Johnny Kashmere & Trent Acid - Experience = 75

bWo I : The Blue Meanie & Steven Richards - Experience = 35

bWo II : Nova & The Blue Meanie - Experience = 40

bWo III : Nova & Steven Richards - Experience = 35

Dudley Family II : Bubba Ray Dudley & Spike Dudley - Experience = 65

Hardcore Legens : Terry Funk & Mick Foley - Experience = 80

Gibson and Nunzio : James Gibson & Nunzio - Experience = 30

Rhyno and Tajiri : Rhyno & Tajiri - Experience = 12

RVD and Sabu : Rob Van Dam & Sabu - Experience = 80

Second City Saints : CM Punk & Colt Cabana - Experience = 45

Sexxx and Violence : Sexxxy Eddy & The Arsenal - Experience = 25

The Briscoe Brothers : Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe - Experience = 60

The Dudley Boyz : D'Von Dudley & Bubba Ray Dudley - Experience = 100

Monday, August 1st 2005

Meeting old ennemies

[ Tommy Dreamer was standing in the center of the ring where the first ECW show was going to take place since the return of the promotion. He was looking at all the empty seats and stood there for a minute until Raven came down the aisle and joined Dreamer in the ring. ]

Raven : Refreshing your memory ?

Tommy Dreamer : Yeah. I kinda lost hope about that ECW thing.. But now, it's here and I'm gonna appreciate it from the beginning 'til the end.

Raven : Let's hope that the end won't come too soon, if you know what I mean !

Tommy Dreamer : No, I don't understand what you're trying to told me.

Raven : Naah.. Nevermind.. You'll see tonight at Slam.

[ Raven gets out of the ring, leaving Tommy Dreamer all by himself. ]

Tommy Dreamer : Still the same weird guy I used to know !


Meeting old friends

[ Sabu, Rob Van Dam and Bill Alfonso were all standing in their locker room. They were talking about the future.. ]

Bill Alfonso : Hey RVD.. Do you know what Paul E. wanted to do with those ECW belts ?

Rob Van Dam : Nah.. But it doesn't matter for Rob Van Dam, you know why ?

Bill Alfonso : Because you're..

Rob Van Dam : ROB ! VAN ! DAM !

Sabu : Let's hope it's something BIG !

Rob Van Dam : And let's pray that R ! V ! D ! and Sabu will be in that title decision !

[ Alfonso starts to blow his whistle under the laughs of Rob Van Dam. ]


Slam matches

[ Paul Heyman was at his office, with his trademark Yankees cap on his head and he was waiting to start speaking. ]

Paul Heyman : Hello everyone and welcome to the return of the Extreme Championship Wrestling. Tonight, live from FOX at 8PM, you will witness something that nobody thought to be possible someday. The REAL return of the ECW. Not some new ECW.. We still are the ECW from the beginning with no pyros, but now, we have money to give you the best show possible. If you want to go and watch all your soap operas from Monday Night RAW, you can do it. Switch channel to Spike TV and you'll have your Monday Night Raw. But if you want to have real wrestling, real blood, real massive destruction, tune in tonight on FOX because we have one hell of a show for you ! Here's the line-up for tonight.


Fatal Four Way for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship

" The Franchise "Shane Douglas vs " The Whole Fuckin' Show " Rob Van Dam vs Cactus Jack vs Tommy Dreamer

5th match

Tag Team Tourney

The Dudley Boyz vs bWo's members Nova & The Blue Meanie vs Rhyno & Tajiri

4th match

The Return to the ring of the Human Suplex Machine

" The Human Suplex Machine " Taz vs Teddy Hart

3rd match

Battle of the Cruiserweights

" The Phenomenal One " A.J. Styles vs " The Fallen Angel " Christopher Daniels

2nd match

The Beginning of the Tag Team Tourney

The Backseat Boys vs Nunzio & James Gibson vs Second City Saints

1st match

ECW's first match since January '97

The Sandman vs Sabu

Paul Heyman : Hope you'll enjoy the first edition of Slam ! But, if you think you have everything on the card, think again because ECW will always have something else for you !


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Tuesday, August 2nd 2005

Joey Styles : Welcome everyone to the first ever ECW SLAM ! My name is Joey Styles and along with me is my broadcast collegue, Cyrus The Virus. Cyrus, welcome back in ECW !

Cyrus The Virus : It's great to be back here Joey and I'm sure you'll agree with me that ECW is far from dead with all the new acquisitions from Paul Heyman and Vince Russo.

Joey Styles : With the wrestlers who were stolen from WWE, TNA, ROH and other indy promotions as well as former ECW wrestlers who decided to come back in the ring, we have a great roster for the new ECW.

Cyrus The Virus : Paul E. wouldn't be about what you said.. It's not the new ECW.. It's the ECW that rise from the grave and tonight, you'll see only a small part of what ECW truly is : EXTREME !

Joey Styles : We have a great card for you tonight with 6 matches. In the main-event, you'll see 4 for the best ECW wrestlers go at it in a Fatal Four Way to determine the new ECW Heavyweight Champion. With The Franchise Shane Douglas, The Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer, Hardcore Legend Cactus Jack and The Whole FUCKING show Rob Van Dam, we are sure to have a new champion tonight between those 4 guys !

Cyrus The Virus : Plus, the debut of the tag team tournament between 9 teams with 6 of them who will be wrestling tonight. The first match between The Backseat Boys, Trent Acid and Johnny Kashmere against Nunzio and James Gibson as well as Second City Saints, the team of CM Punk and Colt Cabana. In the other match, the best ECW tag team to ever step foot in the ring, The Dudley Boyz will face the team of Rhyno and Tajiri and 2 members of the bWo : Nova and The Blue Meanie.

Joey Styles : We'll have the return to the ring of the Human Suplex Machine Taz who will square off with one of the member of the Hart Family : Teddy Hart who accepted the open challenge from Taz just to make a name for himself.

Cyrus The Virus : And for the first time ever, The Phenomenal One A.J. Styles and The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels will face each other in their ECW debut tonight. The two faced each other so many times in the past but tonight, they're taking it to the extreme in ECW !

Joey Styles : And the first match since January '97 will be Sabu against The Sandman. We know that Bill Alfonso will be in Sabu's corner and that it will be a...

[ Paul Heyman's theme song ]

Paul Heyman : Welcome to the return of the ECW ! As you may know, myself and Vince Russo are partners in the re-opening of the federation. Russo cannot be here tonight but heck, who really cares anyway ? He just has 10 % of the company ! So Russo, I know you can't hear what I'm saying now but if you do here's what I say about our partnership : FUCK YOU !

[ The crowd cheers for Heyman. ]

Paul Heyman : As far as tonight's show is concerned I'm making some changes to the card. The Tag Team Tourney won't be a 9-team tournament. Instead, it will be a 8-team tournament with 3 of the first 4 matches will take place tonight. bWo will face the Dudleys, Backseat Boys against Nunzio & Gibson and Second City Saints against Rhyno & Tajiri. And the first match of Slam will still be Sabu against The Sandman.. But it will be a BARBEDWIRE MATCH !

[ Crowd starts chanting ' EC-Dub '. ]

Paul Heyman : Have a nice show everyone !

Overall Rating : 82 %.

Sabu w/ Bill Alfonso versus The Sandman

Barbedwire ropes match

Intense match that saw many barbedwire spots with a lot of kendo stick and chair shots. Sandman was going on the third rope with his kendo stick but Alfonso distracted him so Sabu could have done a Body Press Slam to the mat. Sabu jumped on the third rope and grabbed the chair that Fonzie gave him to do his Arabian Facebuster to get the 3 count and the win.

Winner by pinfall : Sabu

Overall Rating : 70 %

Crowd Reaction : 73 %

Match Quality : 64 %

---------------------- Yahoo Commercial Break ----------------------

The Backseat Boys ( Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere ) versus Nunzio & James Gibson

Tag Team Tournament

Excellent match with a lot of good spots by both teams who works well with each other. The end of the match saw Nunzio doing the Arriverderci on Johnny Kashmere to get the win. Nunzio & Gibson played with the crowd at the end of the bout to celebrate their victory and their upcoming tag team title match.

Winners by pinfall : Nunzio & James Gibson

Overall Rating : 77 %

Crowd Reaction : 61 %

Match Quality : 93 %


[ Christopher Daniels is backstage with Joel Gertner who is doing the interviewer role for tonight. ]

Joel Gertner : What are your thoughts about doing your first ECW match tonight, live in New Jersey ?

Christopher Daniels : What ? You want to know my thoughts about wrestling that jackass named A.J. Styles ? Gertner, I've faced that guy a million times, if not more. Lately, he wasn't able to beat me. What do I have to prove to be in the main event with all the others huh ?

Joel Gertner : Impress Paul Heyman would be a great thing for your career.

Christopher Daniels : Oh, he'll be impressed, trust me !

[ Daniels walks off to the ring entrance. ]

Overall Rating : 78 %.


Christopher Daniels versus A.J. Styles

Battle of the Cruiserweights

Certainly the best match of the night as Daniels and Styles knows each other very much because of their many rivaltries in other indy promotions before the ECW. In this bout, Styles was able to win with a Styles Clash for a 3 count. After the match, Daniels was arguing with the referee and went to attack Styles while he was celebrating. He hitted Styles' knee on the ring post and Styles was screaming in pain. Daniels left the ring with an evil grin on his face.

Winner by pinfall : A.J. Styles

Overall Rating : 87 %

Crowd Reaction : 81 %

Match Quality : 94 %

---------------------- Budweiser Commercial Break ----------------------

Second City Saints ( CM Punk & Colt Cabana ) versus Rhyno & Tajiri

Tag Team Tournament

Good match between the newcomers and the veterans. Tajiri won the match on Cabana with a Stiff Kick to the head for the 3 count. After the match ended, Steve Corino ran to the ring and hitted the Super Kick on Rhyno and the Old School Expulsion on Tajiri. Second City Saints didn't know why Corino did that but were happy about it.

Winners by pinfall : Tajiri & Rhyno

Overall Rating : 74 %

Crowd Reaction : 70 %

Match Quality : 78 %


Taz versus Teddy Hart

Human Suplex Machine's in-ring return

Squash match by Taz who won the match by submission with his Tazzmission. After the referee ended the match, Tazz didn't let go the submission hold on Hart and the road agents and referees needed help the young rookie to survive against Taz.

Winner by submission : Taz

Overall Rating : 70 %

Crowd Reaction : 71 %

Match Quality : 71 %


[ The Blue World Order members, The Blue Meanie, Nova and Steven Richards were backstage , waiting for some air-time. ]

The Blue Meanie : D-D-D-D-D-D-o you know who we are ?

Steven Richards : We are the BLUE WORLD ORDER, oh TESTITY !

Nova : And who are we gonna destroy tonight ?

The Blue Meanie : The D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D udley Boys !

Steven Richards : Oh TESTITY !

[ The camera stops as the trio were still laughing at the Dudley Boyz. ]

Overall Rating : 79 %.

---------------------- Acclaim Commercial Break ----------------------

The Dudley Boyz versus bWo ( The Blue Meanie & Nova )

Tag Team Tournament

Good tag team match because of the Dudley Boys who are the most experienced tag team in the ECW. The Dudleys won the match with the intervention of Sign Guy Dudley who distracted the referee when Spike Dudley hit the Dudley Dogg on Nova to have Bubba get the 3 Count. Richards ran in for the save and cleared the ring with a chair. This is definetively going somewhere !

Winners by pinfall : The Dudley Boyz

Overall Rating : 71 %

Crowd Reaction : 71 %

Match Quality : 72 %


[ Rob Van Dam is standing in the interview set to request some air-time before the main-event. ]

Rob Van Dam : First of all, I would like to welcome you in Rob Van Dam's show : Slam. We all know it, it's because the Whole FUCKING show is back in ECW that you have Slam. I make the shows around here, not guys like Cactus Jack. That guy is an has-been and will never be able to win this title in the federation. Tonight, Mister Tuesday Night will reign supreme with the ECW Heavyweight Championship around my waist. Is that clear Cactus Jack ? And while I'll be champion, you'll never be able to have a title shot because you just DON'T deserve it. The only person who deserves it around it is me :

[ RVD does his thumb taunts. ]

Rob Van Dam : R ! V ! D !

[ Van Dam smiles and the camera goes to another publicity. ]

---------------------- 1-800-Collect Commercial Break ----------------------

Rob Van Dam versus Cactus Jack versus Shane Douglas versus Tommy Dreamer

Fatal Four Way for the ECW Heavyweight Title

For tonight's main-event, a new ECW Champion was crowned. RVD and Cactus Jack battled together for the biggest part of the match as a rivaltry started to grow up between the two. At the end, Raven entered the ring with a steel chair and wanted to hit Dreamer but hit Douglas instead. Dreamer landed a Dreamer DDT on Raven and went for the cover on Douglas and he is the NEW ECW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION !!

Winner by pinfall and the NEW ECW Heavyweight Champion : Tommy Dreamer ©

Overall Rating : 78 %

Crowd Reaction : 82 %

Match Quality : 72 %


Show Overall Rating : 76 %

Slam Ratings : 4.56


- Gibson and Nunzio advances in the Tag Team Tournament.

- Daniels hurts A.J. Styles on his left knee.

- Corino helps Second City Saints to get a measure of revenge, why ?

- Taz squashes Teddy Hart.

- Dudleys vs bWo : a clan war ?

- RVD vs Cactus Jack : A new rivaltry ?

- Tommy Dreamer is the new ECW Champion.

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A.J. Styles on the shelf ?

At the end of last night's Slam, ECW informers to ld ECWnewsonline.com that the Phenomenal One left the building on crutches with a huge amount of tape of his left knee. Many people wonders that A.J. Styles won't be able to wrestle for the next month, compromising his fued with The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. We'll post more info on Styles' condition as soon as we get them.

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Guest SquadBoy

Oh My God! 2 In One Day, this is fucking great! I swear I was gonna do this. Grr.. Anyway your doing way better than the other guy, who had the New Age Outlaws as the tag champs. I really like the commentary, and the graphics.. I swear I gotta put out my diary, before more compettition comes. Just my luck.

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Guest Helter_Skelter_41

Oh My God! 2 In One Day, this is fucking great! I swear I was gonna do this. Grr.. Anyway your doing way better than the other guy, who had the New Age Outlaws as the tag champs. I really like the commentary, and the graphics.. I swear I gotta put out my diary, before more compettition comes.  Just my luck.

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Guest SquadBoy

I see where your coming from, and I apologize for my comments, it just really urked me at the time. I really do apolize.

Haha...I was just joking I wasn't really offended, I admit I dont know much about ECW...my knowledge of wrestling goes to about WWF 1998 to WWE 2003. But recently I've been trying to catch RAW and SMACKDOWN...nothing too interesting from what I've seen...except Im liking Eddie Guerrero's character.

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- We learned from the FOX website that they were moving the ECW show on their network to a late evening timeslot each tuesday night. Going head-to-head with WWE cost ECW a lot of viewers. But ECW assured that this will return to their original time slot as soon as possible !


- A.J. Styles was seen still walking on his crutches and when we asked him what was the plan about ECW, he told us : Wait for Slam. Adding that he would be on the show but not in a wrestling capacity. He is scheduled to be back in time for ECW first pay-per-view since the return : Barely Legal.

ECW Hardcore TV Card.

- The card of the new ECW show is out and we have all the matches.


Tag Team Tourney

'' The Whole Fucking Show '' Rob Van Dam & Sabu w/ Bill Alfonso vs Cactus Jack & Terry Funk

3rd match

Television Championship

20 man battle royal that will includes the likes of Christopher Daniels, Kid Kash, Mike Awesome, Taka Michinoku and much, MUCH MORE !

2nd match

World's Most Dangerous Man Debut Match

'' The World's Most Dangerous Man ''Ken Shamrock vs Syxx-Pac

1st match

Backseat Boys' revenge

Backseat Boys vs Nunzio & James Gibson

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Tuesday, August 2nd 2005

Joey Styles : Welcome everyone to the edition of Hardcore TV of the Extreme Championship Wrestling ! Tonight, we have a great show with 4 matches that could possibly be matches on the Pay-Per-View !

Cyrus The Virus : Talking about the Barely Legal Pay-Per-View, Paul Heyman and Vince Russo are scheduled for Slam to announce the ECW Heavyweight Title Match as well as the ECW Tag Team Situation.

Joey Styles : On tonight's main-event, we'll have the third and last quarter-final match for the Tag Team Tourney with the team of Rob Van Dam and Sabu facing the Hardcore Legends, Terry Funk and Cactus Jack ! We know that RVD did an interview against Jack on the last Slam, we'll see what's gonna happen tonight !

Cyrus The Virus : Also, the ECW Television Title will be on the line tonight with wrestlers like Christopher Daniels, CM Punk, Taka Michinoku, Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson, Kid Kash, Mike Awesome and Low-Ki who will all compete in a 20 man battle royal to determine the new ECW TV champion !

Joey Styles : The World's most dangerous man Ken Shamrock signed a contract last week with ECW and had to do his last indy match on tuesday, retarding his arrival on ECW shows. But tonight, he'll be facing Syxx-Pac in his debut match for the company. Will Syxx-Pac be able to fight back against Shamrock ?

Cyrus The Virus : And for the first match of the evening, The Backseat Boys asked for another match against the team of Nunzio & James Gibson. What are they planning to do ?

[ The Backseat Boys's theme ]

Joey Styles : I guess we'll know now.

Trent Acid : What's up Norfolk !!

[ Boos ]

Johnny Kashmere : Euh Trent.. We're in Long Island..

Trent Acid : Same crap anyway !

[ Loud boos ]

Johnny Kashmere : Tonight, we're facing the team of Nunzio & James Gibson AGAIN. We asked for that match for one simple reason : REVENGE.

Trent Acid : On Slam, they shouldn't have won that match against us, The Backseat Boys !

Johnny Kashmere : So tonight, we'll teach them a lesson..

Both : Backseat Boys' way !

Overall Rating : 70 %

Trent Acid gained overness from that segment. Johnny Kashmere gained overness from that segment.


The Backseat Boys versus Nunzio & James Gibson

Rematch from Slam

Both teams were more agile in this match than on Slam. It was the best match of the night with The Backseat boys taking the victory after Kashmere hold up Nunzio's tight without the referee seeing the cheating manoeuver. The Backseat Boys celebrated their victory and Nunzio and Gibson argued with the referee.

Winners by pinfall : The Backseat Boys

Overall Rating : 79 %

Crowd Reaction : 61 %

Match Quality : 97 %

Both teams gained overness from that match.

---------------------- Acclaim Commercial Break ----------------------

[ We see Ken Shamrock motivating himself backstage. He is walking towards the wrestler's entry and we are in for another debut match ! ]

Overall Rating : 74 %


Ken Shamrock versus Syxx-Pac

World's most dangerous man debut

Squash match by Ken Shamrock against Syxx-Pac who wasn't able to stand after the Anklelock that was applied by Shamrock on his left ankle.

Winner by pinfall : Ken Shamrock

Overall Rating : 71 %

Crowd Reaction : 70 %

Match Quality : 73 %

---------------------- Budweiser Commercial Break ----------------------

[ Video recapitulation on the Daniels-Styles incident at ECW Slam on Tuesday. We clearly see how Styles hurt his left knee with the violent shot Daniels gave him on the ring post. At the end of the video, we see a promo for next Slam : Styles >< Daniels.. IN THE SAME RING ON SLAM ! ]

Christopher Daniels : I'll make sure that you won't be able to fight me at Barely Legal ! Mark The Fallen Angel's words on that !

Overall Rating : 80 %


20 man Battle Royal

ECW Television Championship Match

The Final Four is composed of Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson, Christopher Daniels and CM Punk. Double-clothesline by Punk and Danielson to eliminate Daniels. Samoa Joe tries to do the same to Punk but he reverses the move and send Joe on Daniels ! It's down to Punk and Danielson with Danielson who picks up the win after a great finish between the two.

Winner and the NEW ECW TELEVISION CHAMPION : Bryan Danielson ©

Overall Rating : 66 %

Crowd Reaction : 67 %

Match Quality : 66 %


[ We see Bryan Danielson with Joel Gertner for an interview. ]

Joel Gertner : On your first match with ECW, The American Dragon wins the ECW Television championship.

Bryan Danielson : It's quite an honor for me to hold that title and I am proud to announce that The American Dragon Bryan Danielson will defend his Television Title on EACH and EVERY show of the ECW.

Joel Gertner : That's some fantasic news ! And do you know who will be your opponent at Slam ?

[ CM Punk attacks Bryan Danielson with a steel chair ! ]

CM Punk : It's going to be me.. CM PUNK !

Overall Rating : 74 %

Bryan Danielson gained overness from that segment.

---------------------- 1-800-Collect Commercial Break ----------------------

Rob Van Dam & Sabu w/ Bill Alfonso versus Hardcore Legends

Tag Team Tourney

On the main-event, the match was the highlight of the show. On the finish, Bill Alfonso distracted the referee and Sabu held the chair for a Van Terminator on Cactus Jack for the win after the pinfall. RVD taunted Cactus Jack at the end of the match to continue their feud.

Winners by pinfall : Rob Van Dam & Sabu

Overall Rating : 81 %

Crowd Reaction : 85 %

Match Quality : 74 %


Show Overall Rating : 75 %

Hardcore TV Ratings : 4.56 %


- The Backseat Boys beats Nunzio & Gibson.

- A strong debut by Ken Shamrock.

- The return of A.J. Styles on Slam !

- Bryan Danielson : New ECW Television champion.

- Slam : Bryan Danielson © versus CM Punk for the TV Championship.

- Rob Van Dam and Sabu advances in the semi-finals of the Tag Team Tourney.

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user posted image

Bryan Danielson's TV title run.

- The word backstage is that young Bryan Danielson impressed Paul Heyman and the booking commitee in house shows and was given the title. This was changed only minutes before the match officially got under-way. The rumor says that CM Punk was supposed to win the title but Punk told management that he would have liked best to run after the title instead of having it right now in a Battle Royal. Expect a long fued between Punk and Danielson for the TV Title.

Cactus Jack / RVD feud.

- With two of the biggest draws of the company in a feud, expect them to have a lot of airtime to give the rivaltry a good push for the future. These wrestlers are two of the hottest draws in the wrestling business and the ECW is proud to have them under their roof !

August 9th Slam Card

Main Event

Heavyweight Championship Contender's match

Raven versus Masato Tanaka versus Rhyno

2nd match

Television Championship

Champion : Bryan Danielson versus Challenger : CM Punk

1st match

Tag Team Tourney

'' The Whole Fucking Show '' Rob Van Dam & Sabu w/ Bill Alfonso versus Nunzio & James Gibson

Also A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniels, World Heavyweight Champion Tommy Dreamer, Paul Heyman and Vince Russo will all be on the show.

Edited by Glabine
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If you're willing to make that Danielson / Punk as long as I think, that feud for the Television Title might become one of your major feud, which would be an awesome move from you !

These two make some main-event quality kind of match.

I'm looking foward that one more than RVD / Cactus Jack one. :blink:

Edited by kittler
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user posted image

Tuesday, August 9th 2005

Joey Styles : Welcome everyone to this second edition of ECW SLAM! On my right, my broadcast collegue Cyrus The Virus ! Good night Cyrus !

Cyrus The Virus : Hello Styles ! Tonight, 3 HUGE matches are scheduled plus appearences of the two authority figures Paul Heyman and Vince Russo. Also on the show, A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels who I will have on my Cyrus' Show that will debut TONIGHT on SLAM !

Joey Styles : That's some great news to have your show and to have The Phenomenal One back on the show as early as this week. We all know that last week, A.J. Styles suffered an injury at the hands of Christopher Daniels. He is medically cleared to wrestle at Barely Legal and the match between Christopher Daniels and A.J. Styles is already signed for BARELY LEGAL !

Cyrus The Virus : We'll surely have more matches for the pay-per-view tonight, but let's get down to business with our first match of the evening !

Sabu & Rob Van Dam w/ Bill Alfonso versus Nunzio & James Gibson

Tag Team Tourney - Semi Finals

Good match between two ECW generations as one of the most experienced Tag Team in ECW history faced one of the best new teams in ECW. In this match, Bill Alfonso played a huge role by attacking Nunzio with a steel chair without the referee to see it. Before Alfonso did another chair shot, Cactus Jack and Terry Funk interfered in the match. Cactus Jack hit a Double Arm DDT on RVD for James Gibson to have the win. After the match, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Cactus Jack, Terry Funk, Nunzio and James Gibson argued over the tag team titles and a brawl started. Out comes The Backseat Boys with steel chairs and takes everyone out.

Winners by pinfall : Nunzio & James Gibson.

Overall Rating : 79 %

Crowd Reaction : 74 %

Match Quality : 85 %

Sabu lost overness from that match. Nunzio gained overness from that match. James Gibson gained overness from that match.


Cyrus' Show w/ Cyrus The Virus

Guests : A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels

Cyrus The Virus : Tonight, here on the first ever Cyrus' show, we have The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels and The Phenomenal One A.J. Styles.. Guys, I would like you to not fight each other during this interview since you have a match at Barely Legal.

A.J. Styles : How could I fight.. This guy almost broke my leg in half ! I'll wait for Barely Legal to be at 100 % !

Christopher Daniels : If you make it to Barely Legal ! Because I am not here to answer any question about the reasons for my actions. I did it and I'm proud of it ! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have other things to do !

[ Daniels walks out of the ring but Styles catches his arm before he can pass the ropes. Daniels returns inside the ring and faces off with Styles in the middle of the ring. Daniels starts laughing and KICKS Styles on the his left knee ! Styles is in MAJOR pain right here ! Daniels goes under the ring and gets two chairs. He puts one under Styles's leg and takes the other in his hands and he is going to JUMP from the third rope ! But Jerry Lynn enters the ring to make the save ! He punches Daniels down and helps Styles to get up before getting hit by a chairshot on the back of his head. Daniels takes the microphone and starts to talk. ]

Christopher Daniels : So, you wanna play the super-hero ? Fine with me. Be ready, because at Hardcore TV, it's going to be Jerry Lynn against Christopher Daniels !

Joey Styles : WOAH ! Huge match announced over here !

Overall Rating : 80 %

Cyrus the Virus gained overness from that segment.

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Bryan Danielson © versus CM Punk

ECW Television Champion

Best match since the return of the ECW. Punk used a lot of cheap shots during the match but Danielson was able to pull off the win and get his first title defense. The ending of the match was CM Punk arguing with the referee and Danielson doing a School Boy for the win. Nice pure wrestling match.

Winner by pinfall : Bryan Danielson

Overall Rating : 81 %

Crowd Reaction : 68 %

Match Quality : 94 %

CM Punk gained overness from the match. Bryan Danielson gained overness from the match.


Barely Legal's matches.

With Vince Russo

Vince Russo : It's now time for myself to announce the only match I will be able to decide for Barely Legal. This show will take place on August 21st live from Philadelphia ! And my match will be..

[ CM Punk takes Vince Russo by the shirt and threatens him.. ]

CM Punk : I hope for you that the next words you were going to say are going to be : CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, TV Title, Rematch at Barely Legal.

Vince Russo : Exa... Exactly ! It will be the Television Champion Bryan Danielson who will defend his Television Title against ''Straight-Edge'' CM Punk at BARELY LEGAL !

[ CM Punk lets go Vince Russo. ]

CM Punk : I think I'm going to enjoy my stay here in ECW ! Hahaha !

Overall Rating : 80 %

Vince Russo debuted his new gimmick, it got a negative response.

---------------------- Budweiser Commercial Break ----------------------

Masato Tanaka versus Raven versus Rhyno

ECW World Heavyweight Championship's #1 Contenders Match

Pretty intense match-up between the three of them. Raven wins it with the Evenflow DDT on Rhyno with Tanaka not able to break the fall before the 3 count. Dreamer runs down to the ring, gets in a brawl with Raven that is interrupted by Paul Heyman.

Winner by pinfall : Raven

Overall Rating : 80 %

Crowd Reaction : 78 %

Match Quality : 82 %


Barely Legal's matches.

With Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman : So.. I hope you two are happy to face each other at Barely Legal, because I am ! It's time for ECW to have an EXTREME match-up. And it will be like in the old time.. The fans will be able to interact like before.. Because at Barely Legal.. It will be Raven challenging Tommy Dreamer for the ECW Heavyweight Championship in a FANS BRING THE WEAPONS match ! But that's not all.. IT WILL BE OUTSIDE OF THE ARENA ! Have a great return to home everyone !

Overall Rating : 79 %


Show Overall Rating : 79 %

Slam Ratings : 4.52


- Barely Legal : A.J. Styles versus Christopher Daniels

- Gibson and Nunzio advances in finals.

- A big four team brawl between Hardcore Legends, RVD & Sabu , Backseat Boys and Nunzio & Gibson.

- Daniels injures Styles even more !

- Barely Legal : Bryan Danielson © versus CM Punk [ TV Title ]

- Barely Legal : Tommy Dreamer © versus Raven [ Heavyweight Title in a Fans Bring the Weapons Match ]

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