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PS2 acting funny


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So I finally got broadband a while back, and then I picked up a network adapter.

It's hooked up fine and it works perfectly...except that now that it's hooked up, the PS2 fan runs even louder than usual, constantly. It's extremely noticable because the set up I have has the PS2 about a foot away from me.

Is the fan supposed to sound different because of the PS2 Network Adapter being hooked up, and if not, is there a way to quiet it down WITHOUT opening it up and changing the fan?

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Yeah; more power being used = more heat being produced, so the fan needs to speed up to compensate. It's the same if you put a PC in a noticeably hotter room (if it's a newish PC with monitoring support on the mobo and you haven't turned it off, that is), the added heat makes the fan(s) speed up to keep the insides at roughly the same temperature.

My room is in the loft at the moment, so it's hardly cold at the best of times due to the insulation keeping the heat in, and we're having a heatwave. Thus, I can't use my PC during the day because it's literally too hot for the fans to cope :P If I do need to turn it on any time before 11pm (I use the family PC in the lounge to browse EWB), it's noisy as fuck because all four fans are running at full speed.

Yeah, just a few paragraphs of utterly useless shit to basically say what everyone else said ;)

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