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The Matrix Trilogy


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Does anyone know if there are plans to release a special boxset of the Matrix trilogy (possibly with extras)? Something like they're doing for LOTR, or the upcoming Star Wars one.

I've purposely not bought any of the DVDs yet because of the possibility of such a boxset. However I can't see any signs of there being one, so do you think it would be better for me to just buy the three films separately instead?

And in which case, which version of the original Matrix/Revisited/loads of special-but-actually-worthless-extra-crap do I buy in the place of the first film? There seem to be a dozen different versions, and I wonder which if any of them are worth it...

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Sweetness. I'll wait for that then.

Which region is region 4? I know region 2 is Europe and Australia i think, and region 1 is america, so region 4 is asia I assume. is there a region 3?

DVD Regions are as thus:

Region 0 = Region-free

Region 1 = US, US territories and Canada

Region 2 = UK, Europe, Japan, South Africa and Middle East

Region 3 = Southeast and East Asia

Region 4 = Australia, New Zealand, Central and South America

Region 5 = Former Soviet Union, Indian sub-continent, Africa, North Korea and Mongolia

Region 6 = China

Region 7 = 'Reserved for future use' (don't ask me. For when we colonise the Moon?)

Region 8 = International Territories (Ships, planes etc.)

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Sweetness. I'll wait for that then.

Hope you got a thick wallet. I'd love to get it, but I'll never have that kind of cash. Same with LOTR, that's why I'm happy with just the 4 disc extended SE's that come out around the holidays. I wouldn't be surprised to see 15+ Disc LOTR Set come out in the near future.

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