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When World's Collide

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Ok, if you want a great diary that has little problems, move along. You can bash this diary all you want, but just have valid reasons to do so :)


When World's Collide

Cornellverse Meets Universe

Who am I? I am no one. No one that you need to know. I am just here to say that I have a story to tell you. A story about wrestling. But the main point of the story isn't really about wrestling. It is about the impossible becoming possible, about two very different things attracting to eachother until eventually they become one...

In our Universe, the WWE reigns supreme in the wrestling world. It has some of the top superstars such as Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Batista, John Cena, and Triple H to name a few. Was the WWE always that way? Of course not. No promotion starts out that good. The WWE really started in the eighties, then known as the WWF. That is when the WWF started to take the sports entertainment route. When writers began coming up with all sorts of gimmicks and ideas that weren't all about wrestling. That is when Hulk Hogan, Hulkamania, was born. That is when WrestleMania, the biggest wrestling spectacle to ever grace our television screens was created. That is also when Vince McMahon Jr. took over the WWF. But back in time a little further you would know that wrestling was actually about wrestling and not how tall you were or how good you looked or about gimmicks or jumping from the top rope. That isn't part of the story though. So if we go ahead a decade we are in the nineties, the decade that really changed wrestling. That is when ECW became extreme and started giving fans an alternate to the usual headlock and suplex, family oriented wrestling with hardcore, balls to the wall wrestling. That is the place where future stars were born and where cruiserweight wrestling in America was born. That is also the promotion that started a new era for the WWF, but we will get to that later. Another big thing that happened this decade is WCW. A promotion owned by Ted Turner in the early/mid 90's, this was the WWF's major rival. Not only did/could WCW steal superstars from the WWF, but they also started competing with them television wise. Yes, both promotions had television programs running at the same time on the same day. With that kind of competition going on both did some desperate things. The WCW took a great creation of the nWo, an anti-WCW stable basically, and ruined it by putting random people in it and splitting it up into two. The WWF did something desperate as well, but that is what actually made them number one. The idea? The Attitude Era. It was basically a rip off of ECW, as some would say, because it promoted more of the risker things and less family oriented things. Eventually all great things must come to an end, and that is exactly the fate that ECW and WCW suffered. And we are back to today. WWE the top dog, owning the wrestling monopoly.

But...what if there was no WWE? No WCW? No ECW? Hell, what if there was some other universe just like ours except with different wrestling promotions?

That is what I call the Cornellverse. The Cornellverse is similar to our Universe. It has the WWE and WCW, the ECW, the ROH's and TNA's and CZW's...Only different. The top dogs of the Cornellverse? The Supreme Wrestling Federation and Hollyweird Grappling Company. I guess SWF is equal to WWE and HGC is equal to WCW in some ways. I'm getting off track though. This part of the story is about the Cornellverse. Where was I? Oh yes. HGC was born in the nineties as well and they too used their money to reach the top of the charts, and SWF is run by the Eisens and is the riskier, edgier of the two. On the next level down is where the Cornellverse is truely different. In the Cornellverse there are Mexican based promotions on a national level. The three Mexican based promotions that are really close to eachother in terms of popularity are South Of The Border Wrestling, Mexican Pro Wrestling Federation, and Original Luch Libre In Extreme. SOTBW is the richest of the three and mainly control the South East, MPWF have the best talent and control the Northern area but they the worse of the three financial wise, and OLLIE control the West Central area and are the oldest of the three. And the most popular 'underdog' promotion is DAVE, Danger And Violence Extreme, because they take on SWF and HGC despite limited money and they also deliver that hardcore feel for the fans.

So you now see that both the Universe and Cornellverse are quite similar. But what about the point of the story, you're wondering? Well I was about to tell you before you decided to be rude and interrupt me.Now, both Verses work at the same time, meaning that it is December 21st at the same time for both and it is 2:56 at the same time for both. At some point in July of the year 2005, something strange happened...I'm not quite sure. I don't have the answer for everything. It could have been some magnetic storm out in space or a blackhole or something of a thousand other possibilities. The point is on one day, the Universe and Cornellverse COMBINED into one. SWF and HGC and WWE and TNA and DAVE and everybody else were all in one Verse together. Nothing else, just wrestling promotions. There weren't an additional X.X Billion people on Earth or anything. But what is even stranger is that nobody even acknowledged it. Nobody knew that it had happened. It was like they were brainwashed or something to think that everything was normal. One day they were watching WWE and the next day they were wearing HGC T-Shirts.

That is my story. And you shall see what happens when two different yet similar Verses merge into one. Is my story true? Well, that's whether you think so or not. But someday if I find out, I shall share the answer to what I don't know with you. So in the mean time, get ready because anything is possible....


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I last left you with a story. A story about two Verses merging into one. Did you like the story? Did it make you sleepy? I really don't care I'm just stalling until I continue, which is now. I have another story for you now. A story about a small, small promotion. And for those that are kids at heart still-This promotion was the SMALLEST of them all, and all the other, bigger promotions made fun of him and called him names. How mean! Anyways, this story is about a promotion that was different but had a problem-it WASN'T different. You see, this promotion stuck with veterans and never really changed anything since its opening. That is how it is different and not different at the same time. This promotion is known as New York City Wrestling. A promotion based out of the Tri State area and always stuck in that area. Ah yes. But things would soon change. You remember the whole two Verses merging into one at some point in July of 2005, right? Well the day before that happened, NYCW was bought out. That wasn't too much trouble since they really weren't worth a lot. The person who bought NYCW out wasn't some millionaire that would skyrocket the promotion to number one overnight. It was an average guy who had a brain. What is that persons name? Geez you just want to know everything don't you? Can't you go one story without asking me something? Fine. That persons name is James Vadnais.

I would tell you about him, but there's not much to tell. He is just someone who saw a company that was barely alive and wanted to keep it alive. He had dreams like any normal man. Wanting ro be famous, run a succesfull wrestling promotion, sleep with Trish Stratus...Anyways, he bought NYCW out and had ideas for it. Good ideas. He wanted to changed NYCW's look and feel and style. He didn't want the Vets only being pushed and he didn't want the promotion to be based around Vets. I mean, nobody wants to see that, right? Ah, well. That is pretty much the end of this story. Will there be more stories to come? Of course. But for now, sit back and relax and see if and how NYCW is changed and molded into something new.

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user posted image

New York City Wrestling. The smallest promotion in this new "Megaverse" and the most stubborn, refusing to change their style from focusing on the veterans to anything. Ever since being born they have never been able to promote outside of the Tri State area and have had trouble attracting new fans. With a stubborn owner that refuses change, though, that is inevitable. However, that would all soon change. With NYCW bought out and under new ownership, promises of changes and new things to come were made. The promotion even gained some money to start out with with the new owner, the amount being $200,000. With a changing style, NYCW are looking for new wrestlers to sign. The new owner isn't some multi-millionaire who would catapult the company to number one over night. No. He is just your average guy with dreams of running a promotion, becoming famous, sleeping with Stacy Keibler...Ahem. Anyways, since not much is known of the new owner, I think it is about that time we take a looksy at the NYCW promotion overall.


American Buffalo

The third most over worker on the roster, American Buffalo is 32 years old and is a massive wrestler with little actual talent, but he makes up for it with his mic skills. He stands at a height of 6'4'' and weighs in at 368 pounds and is a main eventer. He is also a part of the 'Gang Of Four' stable.

Coyote Dynamite

Coyote Dynamite is a veteran brawler at the age of 39. He is one half of the tag team champions with Wiley Steinway. Dynamite is another hoss with little talent and even little charisma, weighing in at 293 pounds and standing at 6'0''. Even though he is in a tag team, he is still pushed as an upper level guy.

Herb Stately

The only manager on the roster, Stately is a veteran manager at the age of 40. He is a good mouthpiece and often is paired with monsterous, silent heels. He is also known for his small stature with a weight of 120 pounds and a height of 5'5''. He currently does not manage anybody on the roster.]

Honest Frank

Frank is your basic big guy brawler with so-so charisma. Not much else to say other than he is seen as nothing more than a midcarder for the company, but that could all change with new management taking over. Frank weighs in at 270 pounds and stands at 6'4''.

Joey Minnesota

Minnesota has spent his entire career with NYCW and it paid off as he is currently the NYCW Empire champion. Many feel that he is someone who can help take the company to the next level with his brawling skills and technical skills as he is pretty well rounded, although he lacks in charisma. Being the Empire champion he is pushed as a main eventer and weighs in at 242 pounds and stands at a height of 6'0''. Minnesota is the youngest wrestler on the roster at the age of 22.

Land Mass

Land Mass is another brawling hoss with little to no talent and somewhat good charisma. Making a habit of over eating, he weighs 373 pounds and stands at 6'2''. He is pushed as an upper level guy as well as teaming with The Big Problem and in the 'Gang Of Four' stable.

Roger Dodger

Roger Dodger is a wrestler that really doesn't exceed in any category of wrestling, but he is best with the technicaly side and worst with brawling. He has very little charisma.

Steve Flash

Steve Flash is the best wrestler in terms of talent on the roster. He is a great all rounder and has been looked at and been in high demand from many indy promotions thanks to his ability to make anyone look good. His size also benefits him as he is only 5'6'' and 241 pounds so he can pull out some more high risk moves than some of the other wrestlers on the roster.

The Big Problem

At the age of 23, The Big Problem is a promising youngster as he is a great brawler and high charisma. He has spent most of his career teaming with Land Mass and is also in the 'Gang Of Four' stable. He is the tallest wrestler on the roster, standing at 6'7'' and weighs 356 pounds.

The Masked Mauler

Mauler is a decent all rounder, although not too great in any category, and is a part of the 'Gang Of Four' stable. Not much to say about him.

The Stomper

Former Owner of NYCW, The Stomper is still the head-man in charge onscreen. Although he has more of the non-wrestler role, he can still get in the ring to fight.

Travis Century

Century is a veteran brawler at the age of 41 and is a decent brawler. He is a reliable wrestler, though, and can always be counted on to put on a solid match even though he won't put on any show stealing matches. He stands at a height of 6'1'' and weighs 272 pounds.


Whistler is another decent brawler, who gets by on his high charisma and patriotic gimmick. Although he is 43 and is showing the signs of age, he can still put on a decent brawl if given the right opponent. He weighs in at 313 pounds and stands at a height of 6'0''.

Wiley Steinway

Steinway is another veteran brawler on the roster at the age of 36. He teams with Coyote Dynamite and is the other half of the Tag champions, but he has been considered the best of the two. He weighs 311 pounds and stands at 6'1''.


Gang Of Four

The Gang Of Four consists of American Buffalo (the leader), Land Mass, The Big Problem, and The Masked Mauler.

Massive Problem

Land Mass and The Big Problem make up this gigantic tag team. Although they aren't that experience as a team yet, they can still dominate a match to win with their Mass In Transit double team move.

Wiley Coyote

The Tag champions, Wiley Steinway and Coyote Dynamite, make up this tag team. They are very experience as a team together and can finish most other teams off with their ACME Plan.


Since no television network is willing to give them a TV deal at the moment, NYCW holds a wrestling event every Wednesday. Ticket prices are only $6.00. The event is not televised in any way and the only way to see the action is to be in the crowd. This plan, however, has proved that it may put NYCW in the red with the lack of advertising and the small charge for tickets. They always seem to pull through somehow, though.

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Well now that you have been given the chance to see some details of NYCW, how about we take a look at the promotions it is up against?


World Wrestling Entertainment

The top player in the world even with the addition of SWF and HGC, WWE are a Sports Entertainment-based promotion run by the McMahons. WWE focus more about the angles and eye candy and size rather than actual talent or matches. They also treat their womens and cruiserweight divisions like dirt and barely care about either. Their top active star is Kurt Angle, but Steve Austin is the overall top star.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling

Started in 2002 by the Jarretts, TNAW is also a Sports Entertainment-based promotion. Starting out with weekly PPV's, they have moved up to monthly ones and gained a TV show on FSN. TNA often snatch up former WWE stars and push them, such as D'Lo, Jeff Hardy, Road Dogg aka BG James, and Billy Gunn aka The Outlaw. Instead of trying to be and do their own thing, they try to compete with WWE.

Ring Of Honor

Running as a Hybrid-based promotion, ROH is the most highly praised indy promotion in the US. They focus mainly on work rate and have the best talent the wrestling scene has to offer. They continue to expand and tour over the Northeast and Mid West in the US.

Combat Zone Wrestling

CZW ia a hardcore promotion that took the ECW style and took it up a notch. They have as much good indy talent as they do hardcore wrestling and they are owned by John Faretti.

East Coast Wrestling Alliance

Owned by Jim Kettner, ECWA are another hybrid promotion. They are never forgotten for the "Super 8", which has been a stepping stone in the industry, one of which is WWE superstar Paul London and TNAW star Christopher Daniels.

Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling

Operating out of British Columbia, ECCW is one of the larger Canadian indies. Closely tied with the NWA they occasionally run tournaments together. They also operate The House of Pain Wrestling School for up and coming wrestlers.

Full Impact Pro

FIP re-emerged this summer with an all new roster. FIP are the sister promotion of Florida All Pro Wrestling (FAPW).They are also the unofficial sister promotion of ROH.

IWA Mid-South

IWA:Mid-South is a promotion of contrasting styles, they are both one of the most violent and one of the most technically sound promotions in the US at the same time. They also play host to the IWA:MS Wrestling School.

NWA: Florida

Pro Pain Pro Wrestling

3PW are a hardcore promotion based in Pennsylvania. Owned by former porn star Jasmine St Claire, 3PW have had some big name stars wrestle for them. They combine former big 3 talents, legends and up and coming independent stars to create a great show.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla

PWG is an independent federation based in California that boasts some great technical wrestlers. It is owned by a variety of wrestlers including Top Gun Talwar, Super Dragon and Excalibur.

Pro Wrestling Unplugged

A new Pennsylvania federation run by The Backseat Boyz and Jim Duggan which boasts good range of talent in many different areas of expertise.

Ultimate Pro Wrestling

UPW is a rather medium sized company which has links to many feds including Zero One and WWE.

USA Xtreme Wrestling

Formerly USAPW, UXW is a fed based out of New York that boasts a large roster of great independent talent. It is often famed for putting on long shows often with 17 or 18 matches and lasting 5 or 6 hours or more.

World Wrestling Council

Stampede Wrestling

One of two promotions that are in direct competition with NYCW, Stampede Wrestling is owned by Ross Hart and stars the Hart family.


Supreme Wrestling Federation

Just a bit bigger than HGC, the SWF is run by the famous Eisen family and offer a more risky, edgier type of Sports Entertainment. They were once the biggest thing in wrestling, but they have faced stiff competition with the addition of WWE and the rich HGC.

Hollyweird Grappling Company

Started in the late 90's, HGC have managed to make it to the top of the ladder to compete with the likes of the WWE and SWF by using their major amount of money for help. Some of their hottest stars are Sam Strong, Liberty, and Tommy Cornell.

Danger And Violence Extreme

DAVE is nationally known, although especially in the Tri State, and is the favorite underdog promotion due to their willingness to take on the big three despite their limited money by using their wit and creativity. Their hardcore style also helps them, too, and their biggest star is Nemesis OD.

Mexico Pro Wrestling Federation

Controlling the Northern region of Mexico, they are considered the one with the best talent out of the 'Big 3' in Mexico, but they are also the worst financially. Some of their top stars are Spanish Superfly, Charron, Magnifico, and El Leon.

North Of The Border Wrestling

Controlling Eastern Canada, NOTBW is half of the 'Big 2' in Canada. They are run by and star the Stone family and they offer a traditional style of wrestling and have gotten popular by putting on great old school matches. Their big stars are Jeremy Stone, Sean McFly, Duane Stone, and R.K. Hayes.

Original Luch Libre In Extreme

OLLIE controls the West Central region of Mexico and they are the oldest & biggest of the 'Big 3'. Their top stars are Soul Taker, Jack Giedroyc, Nico Lopez, The Gatekeeper, and Masterico.

South Of The Border Wrestling

The youngest of the 'Big 3' controls the South Eastern region. They are the richest of the three and have used and still use the money tactic by outbiddnig the competition at every turn. Their top star is El Bandito, with Jungle Jack right behind.

Canadian Charisma Championship Combat

The alternative in Canada, 4C use a Hybrid style of wrestling to attract their fans while at the same time taking on the 'Big 2' in Canada, much like DAVE does in the US. They are still small, but they continue to get more popular with stars such as Calvin Dark, Barry Kingman, and The Canadian Gangsta.

Canadian Golden Combat

The dominant one in Western Canada, they have become popular with the Sports Entertainment style and with the DeColt family. CGC is the other half of the 'Big 2' in Canada.

Triple X Wrestling

Triple X Wrestling are trying to make their way into the market by offering a blood and guts product aimed at the blue collar market.

Vampire Zone Wrestling

The self-proclaimed 'outlaw' promotion, VZW offer a mix of wrestling-wild brawls, insane characters, and death defying stunts, and they intend to cause controversy when they run a show.

Wrestling Is Life

WIL intend on taking the 'Big 3' in Mexico, much like DAVE and 4C, by offering a different style other than lucha-a Hybrid mix of other styles.

Crash Course Combat

Mainly a training camp-type of promotion, CCC are soley responsible for the explosion for the talent in the Western region of the US for the past decade. Some of their current stars are Keith Vegas, Sammy The Shark, and Ben Williams.

Twenty First Century Wrestling

A new promotion, 21CW were once based in England and have moved over to the US as their main base of operations. They offer a cutting edge style of wrestling with quick action and short angles and they plan on expanding into other markets.

Rocky Mountain Wrestling

Based out of Colorado, RMW replace suplexes and slams with trash cans and chair shots, based around a garbage style. They are the other promotion that is in direct competition with NYCW.

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Since a lot of stuff happened in July, I might as well tell all of you what has happened. From signings to firings to television ratings, here is the July news-

I guess we should start with the WWE, huh? Well to begin with WWE's RAW broadcast had a little over 7,500 in the crowd. Their Nielsen Rating was a 6.0. Surprised people still watch RAW with all the other alternatives they could watch on other days, leaving their Mondays to spend time with the kids or get drunk...or both. They continued their little Spring/Summer clean up by releasing 'Boogeyman' Marty Wright, Jim Cornette, Justice Smith, Ryan Reeves, Mac Johnson, Nick Mitchell, Steve Lewington, Mike Taylor, Jillian Hall, Beth Phoenix, and Brian Black. Actually, Pheonix, Black, Cornette, and Reeves were fired. Ha, Cornette got fired for slapping someone around because they laughed at Marty Wright's costume for his Boogeyman character. Thank God Wright was released, too. Save us from watching WrestleCrap on television. They even let go of some important members of their staff, like Lillian Garcia, Tony Chimel, and Howard Finkel. Okay, so they aren't that important, but were will WWE fans be without the two ring announcers that had a fued with eachother and that Smackdown! guy? Anyways, it seems as though WWE is trying to trim down their development territory as they have released some more nobodies in it. Who are they? I just told you. Nobodies.

TNA made some signings and firings as well. Some of the people they signed are Johnny Smith, Xavier, Michael Modest, and Simon Diamond. You would think they would stop signing people and try to save some money, wouldn't you? I guess they saved some money by letting go of The Outlaw...Hmmm. Not much news for TNA. Not surprising, though.

HGC went on a little signing spree this month. They got The Outlaw after he was out of TNA, and they also got DDP, Randy Savage, Scott Hall,.and Kid Kash. They wouldn't be thinking of doing an nWo type angle, now would they?

Along with quite a few releases, SWF signed James Storm, Dustin Rhodes, Aja Kong, Mike Tyson, Mando Guerrero, Pat Miletich, Roddy Piper, and Bam Bam Bigelow. TNA really is losing some of there more talented workers. Oh well, maybe they will decide to finally stop trying to compete with the big boys and do their own thing...Yeah right.

The only news for DAVE is that they signed Ultimo Dragon to a written deal. Good thing Ultimo decided not to go to WWE. Maybe he will actually be pushed as a decent worker in DAVE.


Sorry that the news is so short. Both times I accidentily hit CLEAR ALL instead of just DELETE. Hopefully from now on I will pay attention to what I am doing.

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NYCW made three signings during the entire Spring/Summer clean up for many other promotions. The wrestlers they signed are Austin Lee, Hercules Jr., and Tim Westybrook. They are scheduled to appear at the NYCW event this Wednesday.

Speaking of which, a card has been put out advertising the matches for the night. The matches you can see are-

Joey Minnesota vs American Buffalo in a Non-Title Match

Wiley Coyote vs Massive Problem for the NYCW Tag Championships

Steve Flash vs Austin Lee

Whistler vs Roger Dodger

Travis Century vs Honest Frank

The Masked Mauler vs Tim Westybrook

Of course the card looks a little thrown together, but this is NYCW's first weekly event, since most of the time they put on monthly events.

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user posted image


Ticket Sales-$312

The Stomper opened up the show by greeting everyone in the crowd (like there was a lot) to the event and by running down the card one more time.


Tim Westybrook [versus] The Masked Mauler

Both men put on a little battle of the punches because that is what they did most of the time. Westybrook mauled the Mauler, though, with some stiff looking punches. I bet TMM wasn't prepared for an opponent like Westybrook, huh? Mauler could have had the match won if he connected with the Powerbomb, but he let Westybrook slip out and reverse it into a ddt. Tisk, tisk, tisk. After some more exciting punching, a wrestler by the name of Bio-Hazard came running out. Interestingly enough, he isn't contracted with NYCW. Anyways, he got into the ring and took both Mauler and Westybrook down with a jumping/flying clothesline, whichever you call it. Hazard then picked Mauler up, whipped him to the ropes, and nailed a Superkick to him. He repeated the process on Westybrook.

Winner-DRAW (40% O.R.)


Travis Century [versus] Honest Frank

Very good match. Well, as good as you can get with wrestlers like these. Century really lives up to his reputation and helped Frank put on a match that the fans loved. Of course this match was another punch-fest since both are pretty tall and heavy. Honestly, Frank should have been pushed a little more than a midcarder. New management should allow that to happen. Frank ducked the Big Lariat from Travis and nailed the Honesty Piledriver on him for the win.

Winner-Honest Frank (52% O.R.)


Hercules Jr. came out to the ring in his debut to address the crowd. He told everyone in attendance that he is here in NYCW to prove how incredible he is. He then went on to say that people may have heard about Hercules and everything he can do, but that all of that crap is nothing compared to what he (Jr.) is capable of and he will prove it in the coming weeks.

(37% O.R.)


Whistler [versus] Roger Dodger

Oooooh. A match that isn't all punch, punch, punch. Although Dodger is pretty bad, he got in some okay technical based moves. He locked Whistler in a sharpshooter and...that's actually about it. Whistler's best offense before actually winning the match was getting the crowd on his side by having them chant 'USA'. Whistler made Dodger tap to the Cattle Mutilation submission.

Winner-Whistler (42% O.R.)


Austin Lee [versus] Steve Flash

Excellent match. Both guys were more on the light side and both were pretty good all rounders. From huricanrana's to tornado ddt's and enziguris to sprinboard dropkicks, the match was very good. Okay, so I am overhyping the actual quality. It was a good match though. Lee tried locking in the Crimson Cloverleaf, but Flash shoved him into the corner with his feet. Flash got back up, whipped Lee to the opposite corner, and delivered the Flash Splash for the win.

Winner-Steve Flash (50% O.R.)


Massive Problem [versus] Wiley Coyote© for the NYCW Tag Team Championships

Hmmm....Yeah....Not that great of a match. Both sides tried putting on a good match, but it just didn't happen as good as planned. Both teams countered eachothers double team finishers, so I guess that was exciting...Actually, the most exciting part was when The H8 Club and The Prophet came running out and took all four competitors out after a lot of brawling. Afterwards, The H8 Club picked Coyote up and delivered a Stiff Double Back Suplex and Prophet nailed Land Mass with the Revelation.

Winner-DRAW (45% O.R.)


American Buffalo [versus] Joey Minnesota for the NYCW Empire Championship

Eh. An okay match for a main event I suppose. Buffalo just took Minnesota to the tool shed, though, and allowed him to get in little offense. When Joey did get some offense in he worked on Buffalo's legs by delivering dropkicks to the knees and chop blocks. It would soon pay off in the end. Buffalo had Minnesota in a sitting position in the corner and he nailed Minnesota with a really stiff kick. The ref checked on him as Buffalo just stoof back, laughing and soaking in the boo's. Out of no where Adam Pearce got into the ring and drilled Buffalo with a Rack Bomb 2 then left the ringside area. Minnesota took the advantage and covered Buffalo for the win.

Winner-Joey Minnesota (49% O.R.)


Overall Show Rating-45%


OCC-Yep. First show sucked. I am just trying to start the new portrayal of the promotion for now, though, so hopefully as time progresses the cards will get better.

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WWE continues to trim down their development territory this week so they can make room for talentless hacks and bimbos. Some of the wrestlers that are gone from OVW are Mike Mondo, Paul Birchall, Blaster Lashley, Daniel Puder, Alexis Laree, Seven aka Kevin Fertig, Matt Cappotelli, Johnny Swinger, Frankie Kazarian, Psychosis, Mike and Todd Shane, and Brent Albright. They even released persons on their active roster-Viscera, Joy Giovanni, Jonathan Coachman, Steven Richards, Jerry Lawler, Mick Foley, Chris Masters, Steve Austin, Christy Hemme, Khosrow Daivari, Michelle McCool, Marty Jannetty, Victoria, Rosey, Christopher Nowinski, Spike Dudley, Danny Basham, Maria Kanellis, Matt Morgan, Melina Perez, MNM, Candice Michelle, and Rochelle Loewen. Well thank God they got rid of some of those useless Diva Search bimbos, but they still release talents like Kazarian and Swinger and Puder... The rumoured reason why Austin and Foley are no longer with them is because Foley wanted to commit himself more to ROH and Austin didn't feel he could do much more in the WWE. Both wrestlers left on mutual terms. While on the subject of WWE, their Smackdown! event on August 8th had a little over 7,500 people in the arena. Some areas were taped off, as usual. The Velocity taped prior to it recieved an estimated 4.4 Nielsen Rating. The RAW broadcast had roughly 7,500 people in attendance as well, and the Heat program that was taped last week received an estimated 5.1 Nielsen Rating.

Well now that we are done with WWE, lets take a look at SWF. They have recently signed Lex Luger and Ricky Steamboat to written contracts. Some interesting news there. Their "Supreme Assault TV" show had a bit over 6,500 fans in attendance. Pretty good and almost up there with WWE. That's about it for SWF. Since there isn't much news for them or HGC, we'll tie them into one section. HGC's "Friday Night Live!" telecast had just over 6,000 in attendance. That's all.

Onto TNA. TNA have signed Pete Williams, Jun Akiyama, Matt Lindland, EZ Money, Carlos Newton, Chris Kanyon, and Frank Mir to contracts. It has not been revealed as to who signed what type of contract or for how long. TNA's Impact! had 3,000 people in attendance. Surprised that that many people like TNA? Me too! Their XPlosion show had a 0.6 Nielsen Rating, estimated of course.

Ollie's "Viva OLLIE" had only 610 people in the arena. Not too good for a promotion their size. Good news is they signed TNA star Abyss to a written deal. That should bring some star power to the promotion, if TNA knew how to push wrestlers INTO stars...Mike Awesome has also agreed to work for OLLIE, even turning down a contract from 4C.

ROH made a signing this past week as well-Minoru Fujita. Slow week for ROH...Kensuke Sasaki has agreed to work for NWA Florida this week...UPW have let go of Looney Lane, G.Q. Gallo, The Human Tornado, Lexie Fyfe, and Erica Porter...IWA-MS let go of Brad Bradley, Lexie Fyfe, Daizee Haze, Eddie Kingston, Mercedes Martinez, Dave Prazak, Mickie Knuckles, and Allison Danger...WWC signed a former WWE star, Kurrgan, and Ichiro Yaguchi...PWG signed Brandon Robinson...FIP, Hayato Mach Sakurai, and Mokuami Malta agreed to open contract deals...MPWF have gotten Heath Herring, Pedro Rizzo, and Semmy Schilt to agree to contracts...Mikey Whipwreck, The Amazing Red, and Perry Saturn have signed written deals with NOTBW. They had over 2,500 in attendance for "Monday Main Event"...Jack Giedroyc has signed exclusively with SOTBW

3XW have signed Jinsei Shinzaki, Heath Herring, Elix Skipper, Mike 'Calgary Assasin', Hector Guerrero, Brian Lawler, Mikey Whipwreck, Christian York, Chris Sabin, Devon Storm, Sean O'Haire, Sensational Dragon, Johnny Stamboli, Psychosis, and Gil Castillo to open deals...4C signed Quinton Jackson, Mike Awesome, Chris Candido, Mike 'Calgary Assasin', Gary Goodbridge, Christian York, Ernest Miller, Heath Herring, Dan Henderson, and Jeremy Horn to open contracts...Renzo Gracie, Christian York, Ernest Miller, Brian Lawler, Steve Corino, Michael Modest, Mario Sperry, Chris Candido, and BG James have signed open contract deals with VZW...WIL signed Chris Candido, Raymond Diaz, Mike Awesome, Mike 'Calgary Assasin', D'Lo Brown, Mario Sperry, Elix Skipper, Mikey Whipwreck, Ernest Miller, and Sensational Dragon to open deals...21CW have Hiromitsu Kanehara on their roster under an open contract deal...Justin Credible, Michael Shane, and Sonjay Dutt are on open deals with CCC...The Messiah has decided to work for UXW rather than CCC, and Sonny Siaki has signed an open contract with UXW...Stampede Wrestling's show on August 5th had 66 people in the crowd. WOW!

Andrew McManus has taken control of Rocky Mountain Wrestling, and with his recent actions, Air Paris, Mark Briscoe, Osamu Nishimura, and Tiger Mask IV have left the company. However, they have signed Mikey Henderson, Chris Bosh, Tommy Diablo, Gavin Quartermain, and Slyk Wagner Brown to open deals. Sponsors that have decided to sign contracts with RMW are Hoover, Bose, Google, and Movie Gallery...Strange sponsors.

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NYCW have announced the card for the next 'Featured Attraction' card. It features a big 4 vs 4 main event being billed as NYCW vs The Intruders. There is also a singles match billed as NYCW vs The Intruder. Here is the current card-

Gang Of Four (Buffalo/Massive Problem/Mauler) vs The Intruders (Pearce/H8 Club/Prophet)

Joey Minnesota vs Austin Lee in a Non-Title match

Hercules Jr. vs Roger Dodger

Wiley Steinway vs Honest Frank

The Intruder (Bio-Hazard) vs Tim Westybrook

Steve Flash vs Whistler

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user posted image



Ticket Sales-$306

The Stomper opened up the show by greeting everyone in the crowd to the event and saying that tonight NYCW would take care of The Intruders that ruined the night last week.


Whistler [versus] Steve Flash

Good match..Actually the best match on the card. Yeah, that wasn't a compliment. Flash was the one that saved the match qaulity wise, but Whistler helped get the crowd going. Had Flash not been there to hit moves like springboard clotheslines, spinning wheel kicks, and swinging ddt's the match would have probably sucked...more. Whistler got the victory, though, after sidestepping a Flash Splash attempt and getting him in the Cattle Mutilation.

Winner-Whistler (52% O.R.)


The Intruder (Bio-Hazard) [versus] Tim Westybrook

Bio-Hazard got some nice heat from the crowd. Then again, who wouldn't after flipping them off? The two put on an okay match I suppose. Hazard sort of helped the match with his technical side of things and he did work a good brawl with who he was working with. Westy could have had the match won when he was going for a Super Spinebuster from the middle rope, but Hazard reversed it into a ddt. Blah blah blah, Hazard couldn't get a pinfall on Westy so he resorted to low blowing him, resulting in a DQ.

Winner-Tim Westybrook (45% O.R.)


Honest Frank [versus] Wiley Steinway

Steinway proved that he is the better half of the tag champions in singles action. Of course we would have to see how Coyote measures up to really determine. Wiley used his weight to his advantage since Frank had some trouble taking him down, but Frank used his height to his advantage as well. In the end it didn't matter who was taller or fatter because the match still wasn't too good. It was close to the first match...Again, not a compliment. Steinway finished the match off by reversing an Honesty Piledriver into a backtoss and then delivering a quick Spinning Side Suplex..

Winner-Wiley Steinway (50% O.R.)


Travis came out to do a little mic work, which sucked too. He basically went on about how he is the most ruthless and brutal guy on the roster and that he will do anything to prove that to the great fans. He also said that his last name isn't there for decoration and that he is the Wrestler Of The Century. I don't know why, but the crowd sort of liked it.

(39% O.R.)


Hercules Jr. [versus] Roger Dodger

Good technical match. Well, as good as you can get between these two. Hercules used his brawling side a lot to show Dodger up, since he isn't that great of a brawler. Not much else happened in the match so I'll get right to the end. Dodger ran off the ropes and got taken down with a drop toe hold. Hercules then locked in an Elevated Camel Clutch for the win..

Winner-Hercules Jr. (35% O.R.)


Joey Minnesota [versus] Austin Lee

Nice match. Almost beat the first one for match of the night, but there was some bad spots, like both men almost getting counted out and some botched spots. Lee was able to beat the NYCW Empire champion with the Crimson Cloverleaf, though.

Winner-Austin Lee (52% O.R.)


The Intruders (Pearce/H8 Club/Prophet) [versus] Gang Of Four (Buffalo/Massive Problem/Mauler)

Another nice match. The crowd was a little mixed though. They were booing and cheering for both sides because they weren't quite sure who they should like or hate. The two tag teams on each side eventually fought with eachother and Prophet and Mauler paired up, which left Pearce and Buffalo to eachother. After a whole ****load of brawling and such, Pearce got the win after delivering a Scrap Iron Kick to Buffalo..

Winners-The Intruders (51% O.R.)


After the main event match, The Intruders continued an assault on Gang Of Four. Bio-Hazard came out and joined his four buddies and then someone wearing a black trench coat, black shirt and black jeans came out. As the five men continued assaulting the Gang, the guy with the trench coat got on the mic and made a very good speech that got the crowd booing the loudest they ever have. He basically said that NYCW as we know it will be gone and that soon he will run things.

(55% O.R.)


Overall Show Rating-48%

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WWE's Smackdown! show on August 11th recieved a 6.2 Nielsen Rating. The crowd was "packed" with about 7,500 in attendance. Damn. Sad that people still waste money on that shit. Their Velocity show had 4.4 Rating, their Heat show had a 5.2 Rating, and RAW on August 15th had a 6.1 Rating with an attendance of about 8,000. Not much else to say for WWE. Surprised that they haven't released the talents of Christian and Eddie Guerrero to sign shit wrestlers like Goldberg again.

HGC got a 5.6 Rating for Friday Night Live! on August 12th, with an attendance of 5,000. Their August Pay-Per-View on the 14th, entitled "Hotter Than Hell" had a 1.2 Buy Rate. In attendance was a little over 13,000. SWF's Supreme Assault TV got a 5.9 Nielsen with an attendance of just over 6,000. Good to see that their television shows are getting around the same ratings and attendance. TNA recieved a 2.7 Rating for Impact! on the 12th, with 2,500 in the crowd. The XPlosion broadcast had only a 0.5 Rating. Finally some releasings. TNA let go of David Young, Eric Young, Traci, Cassidy Riley, Scott D'Amore, and Don Harris. They released talent like Eric and David Young..Well I guess letting go of the shitfest known as Don Harris makes up for it. But instead of actually trying to save money, they go and sign Ryan Gracie, Yuki Kondo, and Sensational Dragon to contracts, with Gracie the only one on an open one.

The rest of news this week is basically ratings so if you want to keep some brain cells then stop reading now. OLLIE had a 3.0 Rating for Viva OLLIE and an attendance of 608. SW's Stampede Wrestling show was attended by only 67. SIXTY FUCKING SEVEN! Damn that is sad. Not as sad as NYCW's 50 or so people, though. WWC's WWC Aniversario was attended by 370. PWG's The Secret Of The Ooze! show had 462 in the crowd. DAVE's Attitude Adjustment show was attended by 3,400 or so people. SOTBW's Painkiller show was attended by 3,400 or so as well. CGC's Apocalypse Now! show had about 2,700 in the crowd. CCC's Dissident Movement show was attended by 390. They have also signed Cody Hawk to an open contracted deal. NOTBW's Monday Main Event recieved a 2.0 Rating and an attendance of around 2,000. Steve Blackman and Train have agreed to work for 3XW. Guy Mezger has said he would rather work for WIL than 3XW.

If you were at NYCW's Featured Attraction show last Wednesday, the 10th, then you would already know what happened. For those that weren't, though, at the end of the show someone came out and cut a promo on NYCW, which got some major heat. The man who cut the promo was James Vadnais, and this is what he said-

"Last week...Tonight...You witnessed history! For years I have sat back and watched New York City Wrestling. For years I have stuck through the wrestling, or lack there-of, they have put out. But tonight marks the night that the old NYCW's ways end. Tonight is where NYCW and all you fucking morons who follow them realize that there is no room in the wrestling world for these old fucks to bore everyone to sleep! No one wants to see fat guys with man tits wrestling with their oxygen tanks in the ring, and all of you who do ought to be beaten in the head with a stick, and not the ugly stick that you are used to! This...This around me is the future of this company. This is what is going to bring fans in. Fans that have brains to know what is actually good. And I am going to make this company see the future before it rises up and crashes back into the ground. Once I am fully in charge you won't see people like the American Buffalo or Land Mass or Wiley Coyote...You will see people with actual talent and people that have names that aren't associated to kiddy cartoon characters. You will see a promotion that isn't a joke. Yes, I did say once I am fully in charge. I saved money ever since being a little paper boy all the way to having charities and keeping the money for myself and I used that money wisely. Contracts are being written up and money is being paid. Within a few months I will be the proud owner of New York City Wrestling, and in the months while I wait you will see the plans I have to make this piece of shit a great promotion that people will remember. Not remembered for the best sleep aid next to drinking a bottle of Nyquill. Remembered for being the most innovative and eye catching thing any wrestling fan has ever seen! Last week us "Intruders" started our little reign of terror. Tonight we continued it. Next week and the weeks to come will continue it even further. You can bet your damn asses that New York City Wrestling will never be the same after we are through with it! After we are through with it, you won't see old men groping eachother and punching eachother every two seconds. You'll get to see things you could only dream of seeing but couldn't because this damn place is so strict! Come on. This place thinks that having a woman on the roster is too risky! That will all change, though. Everything about this place will change! Tonight is just a dose of what is to come. Me and my "Intruders" will make sure that you dumbass fans realize what good wrestling is. We don't give a fuck about you, as long as you are here to see us and cheer us and boo those senior citizens out of the building every week! All we care about is taking your money. You think these NYCW losers can beat us? Then keep comnig and watch them get their asses kicked every week!"

So I guess the NYCW wrestlers will be the good guys and Vadnais' Intruders will be the bad guys in all of this...How fun. Hopefully it doesnt shitbomb like the Invasion did. Who knows. Maybe after a while the fans will start to like Vadnais' Intruders and actually start cheering them.

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NYCW have released the next card for this Wednesdays 'Featured Attraction' event. Five singles matches have been booked, all billed as NYCW versus The Intruders. NYCW owner The Stomper has also said that he will publicly make a statement in reply to James Vadnais' comments from last week. He has said that he will have all NYCW wrestlers in the ring with him. Here are the matches that are booked-

American Buffalo vs Adam Pearce

Joey Minnesota vs Travis Century in a Non-Title Match

Nick Gage vs Wiley Steinway

Nate Hatred vs Land Mass

Bio-Hazard vs Austin Lee

The Prophet vs Roger Dodger

The Stomper has also stated that he is in talks with a few wrestlers to come in and help Tradition take out The Intruders. Those wrestlers will NOT appear this week, but they may next week.

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user posted image



Ticket Sales-$318

James Vadnais and his Intruders opened the show and "greeted" the fans to the arena and got huge heat.


Roger Dodger [versus] The Prophet

Decent match to open the show. First match of the night that was billed as NYCW vs The Intruders. Dodger dominated most of the match to get the crowd going and cheering and all of that and Prophet basically took the beating for a while. In the end Prophet picked up the win, much to the crowds delight, after hitting the Heaven & Hell. After the match Prophet picked Dodger up and delivered another Heaven & Hell as he screamed "NYCW Sucks!".

Winner-The Prophet (30% O.R.)


The Intruder (Bio-Hazard) [versus] Austin Lee

Good technically based match. This time Bio-Hazard dominated a lot of the match to get more heat. Every now and then he would slam Lee down and rest in the corner, flipping the crowd off. Lee started coming back a little later after grabbing Hazard's foot as he went for a kick and delivering a step over heel kick ala RVD. To the finish-Hazard went for a Superkick, but Lee caught his foot again and tripped him. He locked in the Crimson Cloverleaf. Hazard managed to escape by getting to the ropes, but as Lee got up he just flew his forearm between his legs to get DQ'd. Hazard spit on Lee before leaving the ring.

Winner-Austin Lee (43% O.R.)


Land Mass [versus] "The Intruder" Nate Hatred

Of course Land Mass dominated the match. Hatred was able to get some moves in like dropkicks and crossbodies (which failed) and things like that, but it really didn't do much. Mass, trying to play a heel, actually got cheered. No matter what he did he got cheered. Nick Gage came out and tried interfering, but Mass just whipped him and Hatred to the corner and nailed a double corner splash. He then delivered a Mass Implosion to Hatred for the win.

Winner-Land Mass (38% O.R.)


"The Intruder" Nick Gage [versus] Wiley Steinway

Gage just stayed in the ring after the previous match was over. Wiley had a good advantage since Land Mass took care of Gage a little a few minutes earlier. Gage still put up a fight and eventually got the upper hand. After some surprisingly exciting brawling, Wiley went for a Spinning Side Suplex, which Gage countered by slipping behind and delivered a final cut. He got out of the ring and slipped underneath it. He came out several seconds later and then went to the top rope and delivered a Frog Splash for the win. As he went up the aisle he lifted the front of his shirt to reveal a metal chest plate.

Winner-Nick Gage (45% O.R.)


Joey Minnesota [versus] Travis Century

Pretty good match. Century did his best brawling around while Minnesota used his speed to get away. Not much else happened in the match so I'll just skip to the end. Minnesota was at the top rope, going for a crossbody or axe handle or something, and Century bumped into the ropes. Minnesota fell onto the turnbuckle groin first and Century delivered a Big Lariat to him, sending him to the outside. The ref started counted and announced Century the winner by count out.

Winner-Austin Lee (41% O.R.)


"The Intruder" Adam Pearce [versus] American Buffalo

Very nice main event. The match lasted roughly 31 minutes, which might have been a little too long for Buffalo since Pearce had to carry him for the last 10 minutes or so. Both men showed the crowd a good fight between two men standing up for what they believe...Or something like that. Anyways, near the last few minutes Pearce and Buffalo nailed eachother with a double big boot, sending both to the mat. Pearce got up at the 7 count and grabbed Buffalo to his feet. He whipped him to the ropes, but got taken down with a shoulder tackle. Buffalo then delivered the Buffalo Stomp for the win.

Winners-American Buffalo (45% O.R.)


After the main event, the NYCW locker room came out and got Pearce out of the ring. The Stomper got onto the mic and cut a promo that the fans ate up. He just said that James Vadnais and his Intruders may have money to buy his company out, but NYCW would put up a strong fight to make sure that doesn't happen. After Stomper finished his little speech, The Intruders came out and got into the ring and started a brawl. The NYCW guys started getting the upper hand, but five wrestlers came out-Justin Sane, Threat, Carnifex, BJ Payne, and Eric Alexander. They started helping The Intruders, and soon stood high as NYCW was laid out. The event came to a close with fans leaving the arena and some staying to boo.

(61% O.R.)


Overall Show Rating-45%

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WWE got a 6.2 NR for the Smackdown! that aired on August 18th. A little after the actual tapings, WWE got in contact with Ian Freeman, Chris Candido, Maurice Smith, and Matt Stryker and have gotten all four to sign written contracts. This past Sunday was WWE's SummerSlam event where both brands came together to put on a crap card. The estimated buy rate as of now was a 1.8 with just under 20,000 in attendance. The RAW following the event had a 6.0 Rating and a little over 9,000 fans.

HGC had a 5.6 for Friday Night Live! and SWF's Supreme Assault TV had a 5.6 as well. SWF also held their August PPV this week, competing against WWE's SummerSlam. SWF's buy rate was 1.2 with just under 15,000 in attendance. TNA's Impact! airing received a 2.7 rating and they have also signed Harry Smith to a contract. They might bring him in and play him off as British Bulldog's son since he really is, but who knows what the hell they will do with him. OLLIE got a 3.0 rating for this weeks edition of Viva OLLIE. Their OLLIE Face The Hangman event was attended by over 3,000.

In WIL news, they have lost Tara Hike to VZW but have gained Danny Basham, Simon Diamond and Fedor Emelianenko. Their WIL Rip It Out event had a little over 600 in attendance. Speaking of VZW, Harley Race has taken control of the company. Many are confused by this as VZW is very high in riskiness, but maybe Race will turn it into a traditional fed. Due to this, Masada has left the company but Semmy Schilt has agreed to an open deal with them. The VZW Love To Burn event was attended by around 700. CCC was able to sign Frankie Kazarian for a few shows. Hopefully Kazarian can impress the company enough to sign with them for more dates. Stampede Wrestling's event had only 60 people in attendance. They should try advertising more if they want to stay in business and not end up like some companies...They have signed American Elemental, though, so that may help...

Onto the PW's and XW's...Petey Williams is now working with 3PW along with the other promotions he is working for. Their 5 Star 4 Way was attended by just under 400. Raymond Rougeau is working with 3XW, who have been taken over by Jim Crockett and signed a sponsorship deal with Wrestle-Crap.com, UXW's Meltdown! event was attended by 400 sad, sad people, UPW's Shock Wave event was attended by a little more than 400 even sadder people. IWA-MS's The Hero vs The Dragon show had 430 people in the crowd, FIP's Battle In The Asylum event had 290 in the audience, PWU's Epidemic Of Hate show had a little over 330 in attendance, MPWF's Take No Prisoners show was attended by over 3,400, and NOTBW had a 2.0 Nielsen Rating for Monday Main Event on the 22nd.

Both ECWA and ECCW were forced to cancel their last shows due to not enough interest being generated. In the process, ECCW have released Ice, Major Hardway, Aaron Idol, Amazing Halo, R.C., Chad Delafield, Bret Morrison, Theodore Rainbow, Andy Vineberg, and Michelle Star to save money. Instead of promoting out of the entire region they have been holding events in, they are now going to take a step down and only work at one place until they can get back on track. ECWA have released no workers or staff members since they are still financially alright.

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The next Featured Attraction card has been released. Two wrestlers are scheduled to debut in matches as a part of NYCW to face off against two of the new Intruders from last week.

Flyin' Jimmy Foxx vs Carnifex

Idol X vs Justin Sane

Eric Alexander vs Joey Minnesota

Whistler vs Threat

Tim Westybrook vs Austin Lee

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user posted image



Ticket Sales-$318


The NYCW locker room came out, lead by The Stomper and the new members of the NYCW roster. Stomper got on the mic and said that they have the upper hand not only in spirit but in number. He then went on to say that the fans are the greatest because they have forgiven people like The Gang (Of Four) and that by the end of the night The Intruders would realize that they are fighting a losing battle..

(64% O.R.)


Austin Lee [versus] Tim Westybrook

Not too impressive considering both still have years left in them and Austin is a good technician. But the crowd was still pleased with the match. Westybrook was relentless and barely let Austin rest or even stay on his feet for long. Westy had set up the Super Spinebuster, but Austin was able to get out of it by elbowing him in the back of the head. Austin then grabbed Westy and delivered a diamond cutter. Afterwards he locked in the Crimson Cloverleaf for the win.

Winner-Austin Lee (48% O.R.)


Whistler [versus] "The Intruder" Threat

Who the fuck in their right mind would think this match is good with an old guy with barely any skills? Oh yeah, we are talking about the NYCW crowd here. Threat saved the match a lot with his use of ariel moves and technical moves, like bridging german suplexes and belly to belly suplexes and even a missile dropkick from the top. Threat could have come out victorious if he didnt keep his attention on the crowd since Whistler escaped from the Dream Killer DDT and locked in the Cattle Mutilation for the submission victory.

Winner-Land Mass (52% O.R.)


After the match got over with a little tune started playing and The Intruders came out with THEIR new members. They got down to the ring and beat the shit out of Whistler before tossing him out of the ring. Vadnais got on the stick and told the fans to shut the fuck up and to quit whining. He said that they (The Intruders) do what the fuck they want, when the fuck they want. He told The Stomper that NYCW do have the upper hand in numbers and might by spirit, but that doesnt mean shit. They will still kick all their asses because unlike NYCW, they dont give a fuck about rules. He even said that if the State Athletic Commission doesnt want them using fire, they'll burn the damn building down just to put on a great match. He finished up by telling the crowd to take one good, long look at the NYCW logo on the mat because soon it will be replaced.

(65% O.R.)


Joey Minnesota [versus] "The Intruder" Eric Alexander

Joey's first match against an Intruder, and he showed Eric that he won't back down and will fight to the end. The first few moments consisted of both countering eachother's moves a lot with Alexander getting the upper hand for a while. Alexander delivered a big powerbomb and went to finish the match off with a Big Boot, but Minnesota grabbed his foot, tripped him, and locked in the Minnesota Leglock for another submission victory tonight.

Winner-Joey Minnesota (52% O.R.)


"The Intruder" Justin Sane [versus] Idol X

Not too good of a match. Both not being seen by the NYCW crowd was a factor, though. Qaulity wise it was pretty good, especially with Sane hitting some good moves, like a huricanrana into a ddt and a corkscrew body splash (Styles Clash) to the outside as X was standing. Later on X was leaning against the ropes and Sane jumped on the top rope, followed by sitting on it and backflipping and delivering a ddt. Sane was going for the end even later with the Insane Leg Drop, but X knocked him onto the turnbuckle groin first. He went to the top as well, grabbed Sane, and delivered a Super DDT for the win.

Winner-Idol X (47% O.R.)


"The Intruder" Carnifex [versus] Flyin' Jimmy Foxx

Another match that wasn't too well with the fans but better in quality. Carnifex took it to Foxx with a lot of forearms to the back and elbows to the head. Foxx retaliated when he was on the offense with various kicks and keeping Carnifex cornered in the, well, the corner. Foxx went for a Thunder Powerbomb, but Carnifex punched his way free and nailed a spear to him. Carnifex kicked into Foxx's side and picked him up. He whipped him to the corner and delivered another spear, followed by nailed a Head & Neck Suplex for the win.

Winner-Carnifex (40% O.R.)


Overall Show Rating-53%

OCC-[/b[This will be the last update until I get back from New Hampshire (20th/Next Saturday) most likely, unless I can get the news update made up then that would be.

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  • 2 weeks later...


WWE got a 6.2 for the Smackdown! that aired on August 25th, the same as last weeks rating. The RAW broadcast drew in a 6.0 rating this week. Smackdown! out does RAW? Wow. It is rumoured that WWE are trying to get Bret Hart to agree to make a few appearances for next years WrestleMania, but The Hitman has yet to respond on the situation. If he is smart, he will stay away from McMahon as much as possible for now. It is also being rumoured that loyal WWE superstar JBL is thinking of leaving the WWE. The rumoured reason is because WWE is bringing in young guys who barely know the business and making them into stars fast instead of sticking with the loyal guys who do know what goes on in the company. Sounds more like he is just mad that he may lose his main event push.

HGC got a 5.7 for Friday Night Live! on the 26th. SWF's Supreme Assault TV had a 5.6. Surprising news is that HGC and SWF continue to battle it out with eachother in the Friday Night War's, but the more they do the more slip down in the rankings. WWE is stronger than ever now that those two are taking care of eachother every week. One of them needs to pull ahead and go after the E so that they can show McMahon what war is really like. TNA's Impact! airing received a 2.8 rating last week. They held their August PPV this past Sunday as well called Love To Burn. It drew about a 0.6 Buy Rate and had over 7,500 in the crowd. In the most surprising news for TNA, Jeff Jarrett has LEFT the company and gone to SWF! This leaves TNA without one of its top stars, but I dont think many will complain. Some people are saying that Jeff's father, Jerry, even let him go to SWF. Will we find out the truth? OLLIE got a 3.0 rating for this weeks edition of Viva OLLIE yet again. In OLLIE's most surprising news, its owner, Joaquin Soler, has left the company! With that loss, OLLIE have come up with a board to run the company, and in doing so Toshiaki Kawada, Mark Coleman, Lorenzo Bianco, Domingo Castillo, Charlie Bruzzese, Mike Pop, Michael Hayes, and Stone Maniac are no longer with the company. Obviously it is based on the Board's personal feelings towards said wrestlers and staff. Hopefully this board is more good than it is bad..

WIL have now gain an owner in Francisco Lutteroth. With a new sheriff in town or whatever, Hachigoro Maeda has left the company due to pay cuts, which is confirmed. Anderson Silva has replaced him on the roster, though, so no big loss.

The rest of the news is all show information, so let's just make it easy for you dumbasses-

NOTBW's Guilty Of Everything PPV recieved a 0.7 Buy Rate and had slightly over 8,000 in attendance.

NOTBW'sMonday Main Event had a 2.0 rating.

Stampede Wrestling's show was attended by only 66 people. A company with great workers going to shit...

CZW's Possession show had 800+ in the crowd. At least they have people in the crowd.

ROH's Testing The Limit event was attended by a great 2,000 people. Well, a little more than that.

NWA-FL's I Wanna Rock show only had a little under 400 in the crowd. That's good...I suppose.

3XW's Danger Zone was attended by barely over 500.

4C's The Writing On The Wall show also had a little over 500 in attendance.

21CW's Kick Start event had an (un)impressive 300 in the crowd.

RMW's Revenge show...did worse that SW's. They only had 40 people at it.

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The final card for August for the NYCW's event 'Featured Attraction' has been released, and all of the matches are Intruder vs NYCW matches.

Joey Minnesota vs Adam Pearce

Tim Westybrook vs Justin Sane

American Buffalo vs Carnifex

Wiley Coyote vs H8 Club

The Masked Mauler vs Threat

Travis Century vs Eric Alexander

Flyin' Jimmy Fox vs The Prophet

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